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Moisr at, December 15,1823.
Sneaker laid before the House a commu- part,
' from the comptroller of the Treasury, (j en
„mpanied with » list " ,hê vessels
ier of receids and expenditures, which appear next
,ave been due more than three years prior to
30th of September last; which several papers | 1Pen
•e laid on the table for consideration. «(ones
rhe fallowing resolution, previous y o ere whose
.Fuder, was ta en up. f ,p e u. State* thrown
requested to communicate to the Hmiae a plan est
the peace establishment of the United States. pf l f
Vas »greed to, nem. con. .
lr Poinsett submitted the following: he
icsolved, that the commit Mne diencv
s be instructed to inquire into the expeuiency
luthorising tl.e conatruction of ten additional on
jps of war. .
)n motion of Mr. Mercer, it was ynv.Jcholy
tesolved, That the Çommi c di of
r n C t,i Kl of instructing for the Midshipmen
the Navy of the United State«.
TiT.snAY, December 16, 182.1.
Mr. Crownshield, from the Committee on Na
affairs, reported a bill for the relief of Sarah ,
•rv mother of the late Oliver H. Perry i winch he
res-ad twice and committed. tell
lr Kent of Maryland offered the following a
olution for consideration. trass,
tesolved, That a Committee be appointed to
ihre into the expediency of making auch an *
aronriation of the public lands to the purpose out,
Education in those states to which no grams the
£ vet been made, as will correspond in a just rcnt9
bortion with the appropriations wind» may ««
C been heretofore made in favor of other states
nd that said committee have leave to report tins
D iU or otherwise.
Whinssbat, December 17.
llr. Cocke submitted tlie following, wliisli lies
the table one day of course :
tesolved, That the President of the U. States
requested to communicate to this House co
s of ill contracta for cannon, cannon shot, mus
s and other small arms, for tne use of the U.
[tes, which have been enu red into since the 1-t
January, 182U, and that he state whether no
for proposals was given for each contract in
newspaper; if so, ill what paper and how
ig before the contract was conclu led ; w ho are
eresled in each ostensibly or as seciel part*
, so far as lie may have been informed-or be
ve , inking
I In motion of Mr. Strong, it was ... relief
itesolved, That the Committee on Naval At- |{
.. he instructed to inquire into the expediency ■
selling the schooners and vessels purchased
der the act entitled " An act authorizing an
ditional naval force tor the suppression of pua
The House went into a rommitlee of tlie whole,
r. Condict in the chair, on the bill, supplemenl
toanact, approved on the third day of March,
e thousand eight hundred and nineteen, enti
d "An act providing for the correction of er
rs in making entries of land at the Land Of
The bill being amended, the Committee rose
d Reported it.
The House concurred m the amendment, and
e bill was ordered to he engrossed for a third
ading, ayes 86, noes 52*
TncRsiiAT, December 18.
The resolution yesterday proposed by Mr
ocke, was taken up for consideration.
Mr. Ivicks, of Ten. proposed as an amend
lent to strike out the last clause of the résolu
an 'begining at "who are interested in each,
itensibVy," Sc. and insert in its room the fol
Swing ;
> « Who arc the persons with whom stich con
tacts were made, and whether there nre any o
1er persons beneficially interested therein ; il
p, who they are, und in what cases, bo tar as he
iwy be informed."
Tlie amendment was adopted.
! Mr. Williams, of N. C.submitted the following*
! Resolved, That the President of the U. States
|e requested to lay before this House any infor*
nation he may have received, and which he ma)
ot deem it improper to communicate relating to
lie present condition and future prospects of the
> 00 «
■ Great Earthquake at Valparaiso.
The following is a circumstantial ac
pB 11 unt of the great Earthquake which oc
Ijlurrod at Valparaiso, on the 19th of No
■Hi'tnber 1822, as related by a gentleman
B'li'i was there at the time; although it
place some time since, yet many ol
Hu' details are new, and highly interest
M " The weather, this evening, was re
i^Biarkably pleasant, and not the least thing
[^■ccurt ed, which could be considered as an
f^Bitlication of the dreadful earthquake
^^B'hich laid this city in ruins. I had scarce
retired to bed, when all at once the
^^Bouse began to shake violently ; the plas
^Ber ilew about in all directions, and the
^^■urniture was thrown down with great
^■orce. I immediately sprung up, and not
Bjfcithstanding the darkness, readied the
'^■uter door, after having been throwndown
^■everal times. The door was lot ked, and
.^■oudd to tny misfortune, the key fell out.
^■terc then, was I, without a light, locked
'^■p in a dark entry, and expecting every
Hnomelit that the house would fall, and bu
Hy me beneath the ruins. With presence
[^»f mind,surprising even to myself, I stoop
^^tl down, and to my joy, laid hold of the
After I left the house, I was still ig
'^Btorant of what course to take, when l per
..^•eived a light in the court, and followed
:-^|hc direction of it, reached the street in
alety. Here, all whs consternation and
tproar—the ground appeared like the
'vaves of the sea—the air was filled with
lust—and the inhabitants were flying in
'very direction. By this time the first
hock had ceased, lleing almost naked, I
''^Jurnetl hack to get my clothes, but had
carcel v reached the house, when a second
hock commenced, with less violence,
b.t^J'otvever, than before. Having, at length,
htained nty clothes, I went to the beach,
'itli the view of getting on board the ship
-there were cracks on share of width and
lepth sufficient for the insertion of a man'»
" The ship, although lying in 20 fathoms
of water, was singularly affected by this
phenomenon, her guns lifted from the
deck, asifby nmgic—and the vessel ap
peared as if she had struck on the rocks,
the earthquake had continued much
'■longer, our decks must have been stove
through, the guns carnc down with such
"The native inhabitants, for the most
part, fled to the mountains, but the resi
en { foreigners took shelter on board the
vessels lying there. On going ashore the
next day, I observed that a small budding
scarcely Six yards from our house, had
1Pen completely covered by the dirt and
«(ones which fell from the mountain, at
whose base it stood. Our house was not
thrown down ; for it was one of the strong
est in Valparaiso ; but was so much rack
pf l f (|iat it did not appear worth repairing. na
Captains of vessels which arrived after
he parthquakp> rema rked that they fre
ouentlv saw lartre shoals of fish lying dead have
queiiliy saw targe stioais ii n»u iyn 0 rl.e
on t h e surface of the water.
"Among the sufferers by this melan- ilen
event, was an Irishman, who having t | e
acquired a lar»e fortune by commerce, had In
that day, retired into a new house in the sia,
country f At the time when the earthquake
occurred, his two children were sleeping, al
aicouch in the corner of the room,
other on a mattras» in the middle of
, _ . . , v ere thus I vine a beam
he floor. As they « ere thus lying a Deam u
tell across the couch, and crushed it t0 ists
a tnms, while another fell upon the mat- p
trass, and overwhelmed it with th® ruins,
f they were both dug
* r and restore( l
out, not in the least hurt, and restored to
the arms of their almost detracted P a "
rcnt9 .
«« Hut to recount every particular of
f ,, / ' me bpyon(i are
tins awful event, would carry me u yuo ^
llm ' ! ! su,llcP ** <0 «W' ™ at Sh0CkS ,
were felt more or less, for the »pace olL
three months."
T\\uvsdv\>', Wceru. 2.5,182&.
At a meeting of tlie citizens of Wilmington,
convened pursuant to public notice
the 20th inst. at Smith's Hotel, for the purpose of
inking into consideration the means of affording
relief to the distressed Greeks, Colonel Sannst,
|{ my wa5 cal|ed to tl)e chair> and w . P

UnonsoN, was appointed Secretary.
The Meeting being organized it was, on motion
of John Wales, E-q.
IlKsotvcn, That the Rev. Ralph Willislon,
Doctor William Gibbons, Rev. E. IV. Gilbert,
Major Caleb P. Bennett, Rev. John I'otts, Isaac
Jackson, Col. S. B. Davis, Janies Latimer, Jr.
William P Brobson, Joshua G. Brinckle, John
Wales, James Canby, William Warner, E. 1. du
Pont, and Eli Hillis, be appointed a standing com
mittee, whose duly it shall be to receive such aid
may be contributed by their fellow citizens to
wards tlie relief of tlie distressed Greeks; to
correspond with such other committees as may
be appointed in relation to this subject in the
different cities and towns of the Union, and to
an address to their fellow citizen» in aid
of the benevolent object in which they are en
Kzfloi.vr.il, That five members of tins coinmit
ee shall constitute a quorum to transact any bu
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meet
ing he published in all the papers of the borough.
S. U. BAV1S, Chairman.
W. P. Bnoimos, Sec'ry.
A meeting of the above committee is requested
at Smith'» Hotel, on Saturday evening, 27tli inst.
at 7 o'clock.
Tite following is an extract from ait eloquent and
pathetic, as well as just appaal of the Messenian
Senate " to the Citizens of the United States."
« We possess in you, friends, fellow -citizens,
and brethren, because you are just, humane, and
generous : just, because free, generous and lib'
ral because'Christians. Your liberty is not prop,
peit on tlie slavery of other nations, nor your
prosperity on their calamities and sufferings. But,
on the contrary, free and prosperous yourselves,
you are desirous that all men should share the
same blessing : that ali should enjoy those rights,
to which all are bv nature equally entitled. It is
von who first proclaimed those rights t it is you
who have been tlie first again to recognize them,
in rendering tlie rank of men to the Africans, de
graded to tlie level of brutes. It is by your ex
ample that Europe lias abolished the shameful
anti cruel trade in human flesh ; from you that
lessons of justice, and learns to re
nounce fier absurd and sanguinary customs.
'This glory, Americans, is yours alone, and raises
you above all the nations which have gained a
name for liberty and laws.
"It is for you citizens of America, t
tltis glory, in aiding us to purge Greece from tlie
barbarians who for four hundred years have pol
luted the soil. It is surely worthy of you to re
pay tlie obligations of tlie civilized nations, and to
banish ignorance and barbarism from tlie country
of freedom and the arts. You will not assuredly
imitate the culpable indifference, or rather the
long ingratitude, of some of the Europeans. No!
the fellow-citizens of Penn, of Washington, and of
Franklin, will not refuse their aid to tite descend
ants of Pocion, of Thrasybulus, of Aratus. and of
she receiv
Capt. Burns, of the brig Warrior, from Rio
Janeiro, is tlie bearer of despatches from Mr.
Rodney to the Secretary of state.
Bv tlie arrival at Baltimore, ontliel7tlt ins. ot
the schooner Blucher, Capt. Smith, in 33 ds. from
Cadiz, wc learn that at Lite time of her sailing, the
French were putting naval stores for three years
in that city. Tite place was garrisoned with about
three thousand men. The Spanish men of war,
dismantled and
is they arrived from sea, were
laid up. No Spanish troops were suffered to
A French frigate sailed
tinder arms in tlie city,
from Cadiz on tite 5th of November, with a Spa
nish Governor for Havana, and to bring home the
present one Tite same arrival brings despatches
for government.
The number of deaths in the City and Liberties
of Philadelphia were, from the 6tli to tite 13tli inst.
95 ; of wltidh 22 were from natural Small I'ox.—
From tite 13th to tite 2Jill, there were 114, and 20
from Small I*ox.
CONGRESS.—Our summary gives the proceed,
ings of both Houses of Congress up to Friday.
,-as trans
that day no business of consequence
acted, when they adjourned to Monday.
Extract of a Idler to the Editors of the Ralli
more Patriot, from a member of tlie United
States Senate, dated Washington, Dec. 17.
veil, on the
in will take
„ . .
na | m rc8 ulent there
' b Smthwa, 29th Sept. 1323 past
The affairs of the Greeks go on well-they wird
have had some important successes in
rl.e fleet« have remained idle alt summer Titel 0 ' 1 *
,.Jh. Wlt , 'by the last accounls.'at Miihuve
ilen ' e The Greeks will be too wise to risk a bat-whereall
t | e with him; not to be beaten, is victory to them ;■«■
In my opinion they have more to fear from Itus-ja"*
sia, than the Turks. The misnamed
al , his m0 ment, in my view, a more powerful die
combination against the rights anti liberties of ment
mankind, than ever before existed. The English t, '
appear more inclined to befriend ihe Greeks than w
u nation{ . , JHt l 1>elieve this feeling ex-P«*
ists m()re Wlt |, the people, than the government, "f
p 01 . mv , )ar t, since the affair of Naples, f have set
down tlie English Ministry to he perfectly in ac
cord with the despots of Europe. There is yet,
however, too much of the spirit of liberty in the 1
^ ofaup ancestop a|)()W them to indulge
their opinions, without much camion. It is n< *
reported that the Russians and Turks have ar- he
ranged their differences; and as the Persians (who
are sail to be entirely under tl.e influence of^nch
^ havp raa( , e peace wi ,h the Turks I an, ma
, inclined to believe this report: and no doubt it is
eU|e(lam I)n „, lie legitimate brothers and cousins. *'«•
Iwhat the Greeks are to submit to. That Russia
will ever wish to see them an indépendant na b "
lion, 1 never can believe. o
1 underatand that it is firmly hebe'
very best autliority, that Great ltrilai
tlie same stand that the President lias in his Mes
sage, a» to the interference of any foreign power
between Spain and her Colonies. If F.ngland is
honest, then with our assistance, neither France
nor any other power can find troops to accom
plish their object of subjugation. It is so much
the interest of F.ngland, that I should expect she
would act with vigor on tlie occasion."
A Frenchman, (who seems to he a very intel
ligent person, from the conversation which w.
had occasionally with him in the Commercial .1 n
Literary News Room) was committed to jail '•
Friday last, on a charge of stealing bank notes ii
the house of .Mr. William R. Stuart, in this place
He is genteely dressed, and, if we were to judge
by his appearance, we would have suspected him
of almost any thing else than the crime with
which he lias been charged. He gave in his name
to the magistrate who committed him to jail, as
identical with one of the greatest men of the pre
sent age in Europe, to whom he says he is close
ly connected by blood ; and produced papers,
which he said are genuine, from Joseph Buona
parte and other auspicious personages, to prove
hjs relationship.
Since writing the foregoing, we have been in
formed by the gentleman who is engaged as coun
sel for the prisoner, that he has no doubt of the
authenticity of the papers.
We have ascertained, thaMhough the means
of Madam Riego and family are very narrow in
deed, they have never bee,.'in a necessitous situa
lion, strictly speaking. They were deeply af-j
fected with tlie mask of sympathy for their mis
fortunes, evinced by the offer of subscriptions. *
Pecuniary want does not it seems add to their
distress; but their disconsolate state will be ea
sily understood by all, who are possessed ofthe t
least feeling. Should the French governmentj
lend itself to the attempt to take away the lifei
ot this unfortunat patriot, no language can do
justice to its cruelty. We take this opportunity
of stating, that this heroic man is not one of those
who have profited by the political convulsions in
this country. The fortunes of himself and family
have suffered a total wreck.— [Mon*. Chuox.
In consequence of the defalcation of the
Receiver General or Lower Canada, to the
amount of 96,000/. the Governor Generali
took upon himself the responsibility ofj^|
grrvntin"; loans upon the military chest to.
supply the necessities of the civil govern-j
ment. In a communication to tlie iegisla-j
ture he states that there Î9 no reason toj
expect that the deficiency will be refund
ed by the British treasury, and that the
province will have to sustain the loss.
Portable Gas.—A late London paper
notices tlie starting'of one of tlie regular
coaches at eight o'clock at night, bril
liantly illuminated with portable oil gas,
amidst the acclamations of a large con
course of people. The experiment, it is said
has succeeded beyond the most sanguine
expectations of the projectors.
The warehouse of Messrs. Rochelle and
Skifl'antl a house owned by Mr. Burthe and
occupied by Mr. Norton, gt New Orleans
were destroyed by fire on tlie Util. ult.
Loss from 15 to 18,000 dollars.
Suicide —A young lady, (Miss Stephen,
28 Orchard steed, N.York) on Friday even
ing last deprived herself of life by taking
laudanun; it is supposed to have been in
consequence of disappointed love.
Greek fund.— The Students of Yale
Collage have subscribed for the use of the
Greeks, five hundred dollars, which they
have transmitted to William Bayard, Esq.
Chairman of the Greek Committee at New
Upper Canada. —The House of Assem
bly ol upper Canada has passed a resolution
that an address be presented to His
Majesty, praying such relaxations in the
laws of the empire, as will authorize the
introduction of tea and other articles,
direct from India.
Meetings had been held in many of the
towns in the Island of Jamaica, to oppose
the interference of the mother country res
pecting the slaves.
The sum of 8381 has been collected in
Albany for the relief of the sufferers by
the fire at Aina and Wiscasset
We understand, says the National Intel
ligencer, that Commodore Hull will be
instructed, by Government, to pay a sltori
visit to the Sandwich Islands, at as early
a period after his arrival in the Pacific
Ocean, as the public interest will permit
him to be absent from the Coast of Chili
The Frigate United States,
which is the Flag Ship ofCom. Hull, will
sail from Norfolk in about two weeks.
and Peru.
The election of the Rev. G. Richard, (a
Roman Catholic priest, as a Delegate to
Congress from the territory ot Michigan
is contested by Major John Bidtllo.
The number of deaths in the city of Baltimore
lor the week ending Dec. 1G, was 25.
JVVw and Useful Establishment.
THE Subscriber having seen for many weeks
past frequently applied to for information as to
wird Real Estate wa* for safe m the borough, its
ltomdia.|"eighbmirliond, or the surrounding country, with,
' 1 * being able to give the desired inf rma'inn.
opened a PUBLIC RF.CORD or UF.filSTF.lt
bat-whereall those who have houses and lots for Safe
Rçntin the borough of Wilmington, or house
1 t: ' rms for Sale or Rent, or in Shares, in the
die Register. The great benefit tins establish
ment may be to those who have houses anil lands
t, ' *: <; " t or dispose of, and the accommodation it
w 111 be tn such as want to purchase, or rent pro
1 be to all is timely thought
"f 1 "« 1 adopted, and is probably the firstevidence
,he benefit to be expected from the content
p'ated Canal, as the application for information
«bout property m Delaware, would not otherwise
« presumed be so frequent. The expense of
describing and registering in a neat, amp e man
n< * r all real estate whether houses or lands, will
he but trifling, say 50 cents for each property for
or T^nt, and for examining the Register,
of^nch promises to contain much valuable infor
ma ion, only 121 cents
Iwery attention will be paid to the purchase
*'«• sale of real estate—and Deeds, Bonds, Mort- 1
?'Kes and every necessary written dncumentwifl
b " executed with accuracy and despatch. (ETA
o ofeas.onal gentleman well qualified to inspect
. deeds, and examine the records ot tne courts
is engaged— and ihe subscribers believe the es*
Ublisbment win he a useful r >ne—it i9 at least
mder that impression, offered for public encou
Agents for tlie Wilmingtonian.
St. Georges, •
New-Ark, -
Middletown, -
Cantwell's Bridge, C. Tatman, P. M.
Smyrna, -
Dover, -
Milford, -
Dr. d. N Sutton.
. Mr. T. Benneson, P. M.
- Mr. T. Harvey, P. M.
Jacob Pennington, P. M.
- • P. Connelly, P. M.
- Samuel Wise, P. M.
No. 29, Market-street
Dee. 18.—14
No. 93, Market-street, Wilmington,
The 7th & 8th vnls. of Lae Cases' Journal
of the Life of Napoleon.
By William Tappan.... Brice 25 Cents.
Why should I sigli wtien Sorrow's cloud,
Gathering, obscures life's little day !
Also just received and for sale.
TEUS'BOOK OF PRICES—! he Wilderness,.
Spectre of the Forest, Hogg's Three Perils
Women, together with a general assortment of
JyJ us ic, School, Blank and MlSCella
* '
neous Books, and Stationary.
N. B. The ladies are particularly informed,
t | iat j s, has just received a handsome assort
ment 0 f Coloured Papers, Gilt Paper and Edg
ings, Gilt Spriggs, &c. &c.
Dec. 18.
No. 39, Shipley street, Wilmington, has constant
ly for sale a general assortment of
Cust, Shear, Crowley, Blister and
Country STEEL, .
ofj^| sn( a g. ener „| assortment of NAILS, FARMING
UTENSILS, &c. which he will dispose of on
reasonable terms.
N. B. Superior RAZOR STROPS for sale,
12 th mo 11th, 1823. 13 9t
j'cjt*HfS ancient Institution is again open for the
reception of Students in the various branches of a
on very moderate terms.
Lutin and Greek Languages per Quarter 00
The higher branches of the Mathematics ,
Natural and Moral Philosophy , Jistro
nomy% - •
Reading » Writing, Arithmetic, English
Grammar , Geography, Composition,
Reclamation, &c.
The Subscriber, prateful for the encouragement
lie has already received, hopes, by strict attention
•othe deportment, id literary improvement of
his Pupils, to render the institution, in every re
spect, worthy of public patronage.
. 6 00
4 00
Dec. 11, 1823.
Ws CKttTtrr, That the above named Gentle
man has produced satisfactory testimonials from
Middleb'try College, (Vermont.) of his literary
iitainments, and do cordially recommend bint to
,mblic patronage.
E. W. Gn.nrirr,')
John Brincklx,
John Rumskv,
Robeiit PoHTsn.J
For Sale at tile Subscriber's, South side of the
Lower Market.
lbs. of Buck-wheat Meal of tlie
first quality,
360 lbs. ot Lump Butter,
300 lbs of Flax,
9 Bushels of White Beans,
10 Barrels of No. 2. Mackarel,
200 lbs. of Rhode Island Cheese,
200 lbs. of Tow Yarn for Thread Carpet chain or
Codfish, Sperm, snd Common Oil, Mackarel by
the barrel and half do. Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and
Molasses, Beeswax, Rappee and Scotch Snuff,
Smoaking and Chewing Tobacco, Powder and
Violins, Fife», Flutes, Clarionets »ltd Flagiolets,
Music Books for tite above instruments—Violin
Hows, Strings, Screws and Bridges—Clarionet's
John Wright.
N. D. A Tobacconist Press and apparatus lor
Nov. 20—10—9t
Done at tltis Office, with accuracy and despatch
N. U. CARDS printed in tlm neatest maimer.
J'rices of produce [at the Brandywine
Mills .—Corrected weekly.
Corn, new,'SO—-old 08 per 571b*.
Oats, - -
Mi dungs -
EC 00
1 15
3 00
Last Class...New Series.*
Positively to he drawn in A FEW WEEKS, as thfe
Law authorising the Lottery will expire on
tlie 2d of February next, so that no
nd *tis
time is to be lost,
ÛÛÔ© !
J In prizes of 10 & 4.
In prizes of SO.
In this beautiful lottery, a package of Tickets
comprises all tlie numbers in the wheel. And
should the High Prizes he among them, must
draw 16,18 nr 00 dolls, at least ; so that the full
price of 4 (lolls. 75 cts. per ticket, or 42 dol. 75 ct.
the package, will lie dispensed with to encou
rage enterprise, as tlie prizes will be sufficient to
pay the balance ; all over, will he tlie property
of the owner; for the better security of whom
the tickets will be lodged in the Wilmington and
Brandywine Bank. The certificate from the hank
to be held by tlie purchaser, and the following
Cash payment only required:
Whole Package, 30 dolls.
Ciuarter, 7 dolls. 50 cts.-Eighth, 3 dol. 75.
Half, 2 dol. 37j
Half, 15 dolls.
Single Ticket, 4 dolls. 75 cts.
Quarter, 1 dol. 25 cts.-Eighth, 621 cents.
Prizes in tlie last class, received as Cash.
Why what have we here, come hither my Kate,
Here's a lottery sanctioned they say by the state.
To be drawn'in Five minutes, and Prizes so
That surely my dear, they'll yield one to content
Here'* one of Two Thousand Five Hundred alone
The twin ofthat sum would deck out a throne,
Besides Thousands and Hundreds, Tens, Fifties
and Fours,
Would keep us our lives, had we children in
Indeed John, the scheme's rich and Higli Prizes
And just at this time I'd be glad to have any,
For 1 want many things—Pshaw ! don't look so
Tlie " little tilings" l want will not cost a prize.
Now one of these Thousands I think would just
do, *
The Eight Hundred and Fifty, my love, I'll
leave you—
Indeed I'll have luck, as I'm quite in a fidget,
Oh that's a good soul, how I long for a ticket.
But atop-, take care where you purchase my dear
For many have labels with " Tickets Sold Here,"
Do John, go to Hope, he's both lucky and Fair,
From him buy a ticket, and be sure have a share.
fin d find it convenient
of And I wdl be ever your dear and obedient,
For Tickets and Shares, app y
g '
LUCKY OFFICE, WUmingtan, Del.
Oct. 16,1823.
No. 98, Market-street. WRmington, Del.
fei ESFECTFULLY inform their friends and the
4ÎS public generally, that they have commenced
the above business, and offer the first quality of
Morocco at the lowest Philadelphia prices for
Cash, suitable for Bookbinders, Saddlers, Hatters
Coach and Shoemakers, who will find it to their
advantage to call and examine them.
N. B. WOOL suitable for Hatters and Spianers.
03*An APPREN TICE wanted.
October 16, 1823.
Of almost every description, Manufactured and
sold by
At his long established stand. No. 60, Market-st
Wilmington, (Del.)
J. PEPPER offers his sincere thanks to a
jjJO generous public for the large share of bu
siness with which he has been favoured, and begs
leave to remind them that he continues to devote
his time and attention to the above branches; and
has at all times an assortment of Silver Plate,
Silver Table, Tea, Dessert and Soup Spoons,
Plated Castors, Candlesticks Bread-baskets, &c,
together with a large variety ot
Jewellery and Gold Work,
All of which he will sell at bis accustomed mode
rate prices.
He will give the highest prices for old silver and
gold, either in cash or exchange. Sep. 18—3m
I NFORMS his friends and the citizens of Wil
mington and its vicinity, that he intends open,
ing an Evening School on tite first of November,
at his School Room ; where will be taught Eng
li h Gr imnptr, Spelling, Reading, Writing and
Arithmetic, and hopes to gain tlie appprobatian,
of all those who may call on him for instruction.
N. B. Young men who wish to obtain a know
ledge of Navigation, will be taught at tlie reduced
price of Eight dollars per quarter -, if required
they may obtain Lectures ontheLunars.
Wilmington, Oct. 16, 1823. 5—8t
, i
Brush and Bellow s Manu lac tory.
p EORGE W. METZ respectfully informs the
xJT public that he lias removed to No. 5, High
Street, soutli side of tlie Upper Market House,
at which pl»ce lie keeps a general assortment of
BRUSHES & BELLOWS, in all their variety,
winch be will sell on the most reasonable terms.
Country merchants and wholesale dealers can
Ite-upplied at the »hurtest noiice, • ' d (he
lowest prices, Sept. 18—(f

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