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Patrick Henry anil Hilly Cowan.
The versatility of talent for which the
celebrated American'orator, statesman and
natriot Patrick Henry was distinguished,
îSÂSÎWÂtaOT 1 -»«;
on a trial which took place in the district
court of New LondonVirginia, soon after
the war of independence. During the dis
tress of the continental army, consequent
on the plunderings, burnings and dévasta
tions of Cornwallis, Phillips, and their
worthy compeer and brother general, the!
traitor Arnold in 1781, Mr.'Venable,
of the troops, two steers from Mr. Hook,:the
a wealthy Scotchman, who was suspectedjry
rfbeinn- a tory. The act had not
strictly legal, and on the establishment of
peace. Hunk, under the advice of Cowan,j'Tis
a lawyer of some distinction, brought an
action of trespass against Mr. Venable,
Mr. Henry appeared for the defendant,'weeping,
and conducted the cause in a manner
highly gratifying to his hearers, the un
lucky- Hook always excepted. After
became animated in the cause, lie had the
most complete controul over the passions
of his audience ; at one time he would
cite their indignation, and then vengeance
was visible in every countenance against
llook; a<rain, when he chose to relax and
ridicule him, the whole audience was in a
roar of laughter. He painted the Ameri
can army, exposed almost naked to the ri
sour of a winter's sky, and marking the|No
frozen ground over which they marched
with the blood of their unshod feet; "Where
is the man," he exclaimed, "who bail
American heart in his bosom, who wouldflike
not have thrown open his fields, his barnsjscene
his cellars, to have received with
arms the meanest soldier in that littlel
band of famished patriots? where is
man r there he stands; but whether an
erican heart bents in his bosom, you,
Jonathan's visit to a Wedding.
Did you ever go to a wedding >
■\Vhat a darn'd sight o' bussing it takes ;
When your mouth its as hot as a pudding,
They put so much spice in their cakes.
Sich playing and running, 1 never !
The gals all as neat as new pins '
I'd fairly lay out my old leather,
To catch'em and huss'em—by jings 1
Ro, rot'em, 1 always am cheated.
By gosh ! I will twig'em, l vum !
If 1 can't be more han'aomcr treated—
1 won't go a cortin, by gum !
Then I guess they will come to their reason,
If what granny says he all true—
If you'l let'em alone w ith your ti-azin,
The gals will come flockin tojou.
Beauty with all its charms combin'd,
Is but an idol of the mind ;
An empty show bedeck'd with pride,
A spring whence fancied pleasures flow,
A field where disappointments grow,
Or like a sunbeam dancing on the tide.
erican heart bosom, you,
tlemen are the judge." He then canledjluge
the jury, by the 'magic of his imagination, and
to tiip jilains around York, tlie surrender '
of which, together with the capture of|<?s
Cornwallis, followed shortly after the act jets
complained of. He depicted the snrren-| ( «
der in the most brilliant colours ofliisun-]
rivalled eloquence; the. audience saw be-:f>om
fore their eyes the humiliation and d.qec-he
tion of the British, as they marched out of,'*
their trenches; they saw the triumph that
lighted up the face of every patriot: they did
heard the sounds of victory, the cry
Washington and liberty, as it rung and mg
echoed through the American ranks, anil!»'"
was reverberated liom the hills and shmes|«
of the neighbouring river; "but hark!"
continued Henry, " what notes of iliscnril'ih'HS
are those which disturb the genet. 1 1 i. v,
and silence the acclamation of victory
they are the notes of John Hook, hoarsely
bawling through the American camp, /W/i'shrill
beef! beef!" .the
The court was convulsed with laughter;
when Hook turning to the clerk, said. « ne-''""'s
ver mind you mon ; wait till Hill,, Cowan
gets up, and he'll show him the la." But
Mr. Cowan was so completely overwhelm-ihrealeless
ed by the torrent which bore upon his cli-jour
ent, that when he .rose to reply to Mr. T
Henry, he was scarcely able to make ai.l
intelligibleoraudilile remark.
was decided almost bv acclamation. Tiled'":
jury retired for form sake, and instantly
returned with a verdict fur the defendant,
There is hut one sort of love, hot, like; 1
genuine coin, there are a thousand coun
terfeits ol it. True love is (minded on
teem, as it requires something more than | l'
personal beauty to make it permanent.
Beauty of person is like an annual flow
er; but beauty of the mind, like a per en
ial one, lasts for more than a season.
Too great a disparity of years is unna
♦ oral in wedlock ; if a man be double
age ol a woman, old age overtakes him
v/nman ill, unless she throws aside her!
prudence because he takes reason as his
«rinde. 1 he most sensible men are »«»me
times awkward in courtship hut
. • ,i , ', ,
most in the mamed slate ; they despise
affectation, and had radier censor« thatqcase
flatter. In short courtship, we rail fornijpoor
no judgment of either tlie aHectiou or me
rit of a person, length of time most evince
, ,, ,, , i.i . . . , ,
both. Remember, but tin not try the old
proverb, marry in liaste, but repent at lei
sure. The most unhappy mari iagt s are|
the monied ones, ami parent» often renderlcourt,
their own and their children's lives mise
cable, hy puretiading them to tnarrv for
convenience instead of Lve. Sincerity
too soon—eight or ten years may he ex
cused on the man's side—the half of it
the woman's is intolerable.
A sensible man seldom or never uses a
,„,1 in*.».«.»., ...
«r« always sufferers alter marriage. A hia
set of fine word* and compliments, too»- lie
ten deceive the fair • but a true lover will
ten deceive tne Idr , our a uue
sooner tell lus dulc.nea her foibles than
flatter her imperfection*.
«dear! my friend,only one word. This
aunt of mine is so troublesom, so prymg,
watchful there is no bavins a single
momento one self' Every where at the
same moment sarret kitchen. cellar :
sweeping,"rummaging^ bustling:--Susy I u
where arc von? Where's the girl goner
Always out of the way when she's wanted!
V sauntering dandlin'*, idle, good lor no
'thing— -Su» Y ' Why, what's become of the
„„•Jjit * *
" One moment's patience, my dear aunt.
Here she comes—I hear her foot upon
the stairs—old as she is, she moves with
vouthlul alacrity.—Just upon me ; but the
door's fast. She don't suspect me of this
work. Can fewn that l was asleep and
heard her not.^Asleep at this time of day !
'Tis well if I escape with a few slaps. ' I
do not mind 'em, nor her neither, behind
her back. Poor dear aunt! She means
well, and I love her after all—that I
'Tis undutiful to keep vou knocking so.
Well, just while I I „.Vink-.. i.I.W
a hole, and pocket my papers, then I will
admit her-' Hey ! What! dear aunt !
Yes ! What's the matte ? Plaguy sleepy :
can hardly open my eyes!—poor df-ar
aunt ! thy niece is a naughty girl. The
older she grows, the better- l
So! I have a few minutes before it is
a'quite dark—She will miss me and set out
most of my tune : And yet ... tins hur
of fingers and spirits, I forget every
bcenjtlnng. I cannot collect my thoughts and
of put them in an order to he understood,
well I have a pretty good stock ot
cheerfulness, and yet I doubt my bravery
is mere pretence. To keep tnysell Iron,
defendant,'weeping, [ laugh, in general I succeed
pretty well, but sometimes the tide will
ebb. Just now I feel that my heart is very
he.heavy, and this mostly happens when l am
alone, l think: tis then that my frantic
gaiety vanishes, and I cannot keep mvsolf
ex-Jrom fetching now and then, deep sighs,
She is coming! No. 'Twas a false al
arm. Nobody but Ranger posting into the
garret. Foolish cur! So many whippings
a as thy mistress hath given tliee, yet still
unbroken of this habit ! This alone is an
ri- eternal source of uproar and discontent,
is the scrubbing-lnusli at rest,
the|No sooner is the scrubbing-lnusli at rest,
than the quarrelsome brute, running
on some inoffensive passenger of his own
anlkind, raises an hubbub. Scores of curs
himself run from all quarters to the
barnsjscene of action, and join their claws and
opendeeth in worrying the unhappy stranger,
I'cn to one but in their eagerness they fall pi
tbejmit among themselves, and Ranger com
Am-!mnnly lias the worst ot the battle.
gen-!'"g. bleeding, mud-besprent.he flies for re
canledjluge into the house, rushes to the stau»,
and stops not, all dripping as he is, till lie
' taches a corner r.f the garret and scratch
of|<?s himselfa bed among: the rugs and blank
jets belonging to the poor girl that tills our
( « a *1 ie Rl p -
Then comes my aunt. - A trail of mud
be-:f>om top to bottom! The whole work to
done over again!' Every epithet ot rage
of,'* heaped upon the dog. ' Where ,s the
villain r \\ here are—are the girls.- \\ hy
did they not keep the street door shut
ofTnonghtless hussies ! Slaving from morn-here
mg till night, to keep things Jit to be seen,
anil!»'" 1 «>1 *«> be done over again. That nasty;hnt
retch ! If there was hut a little care tn
ken—If Susan or Molly wav worth a far
iliscnril'ih'HS :—but they are always gaddin„.
v, ..r sauntering—Susy ! where's the
?.«whip, /'//give it tn the wretch !'
<'i* "'*(• mounts into llio garret. I he
/W/i'shrill notes of my aunt are mingled with
.the yelpings of the culprit. Down he
comes headlong, throwing in his haste tenl
ne-''""'s more mud about him than was there
After him. my aunt. Into the kit-jm
eben she comes, and throwing herself halt
overwhelm-ihrealeless into a chair, she exclaims, ' All;
cli-jour and Molly's fault. No care: let eve
T thing go to destruction.'
ai.l The dog she will not part with.
rnl| ld not sleep a wink if tie did tint fie at
Tiled'": kitchen door. Nothing could lie sale a
uniment. Every thing ot val.y would be
»"dr", and we and she would lie murder-
ed. ' Have not I a thousand times order
ed you t>< keep the street door shut r You
like; 1 ''»/«'*''»« creature you ! But I'll make you
mind me' I hen she lulls to heating the
mind me' I hen she lulls to heating the
cs-|unhappv girl, who, with eyes streaming,
| l' al "'s clasped and nplilted, in tones that
tress ! dear Mistress! I will never do »n|and
more. 1 did not leave the door open
indeed 1 didn't.'
Fie upon me! Why do I revive these)''»
the'"lions scenes ?*Yet such, mv Iriend is tbei
"'c that I lead. Here she comes indeed !
..Cannot add a word more at present.—
, TITn
her! A judge, xvhu lately travelled the north
his west circuit of Ireland, came to the trial
ol :\ cause in winch most of tl.e local con-of
shitiejsequences of certain demagogues in the
-ii. ■ - i
tieighhoi hood were concerned : it was the
thatqcase ol a landlord's prosecution against a
fornijpoor man, his tenant, for assault and bat
tery, committed on the person of the
secutor, by the defendant in tlie préserva
, , • r t •' I iii . I
old Don (d his only child, an innocent and
(beautiful girl, from ravishment.
are| When the poor man was brought into
renderlcourt, ami potto the bar, the jirosecutordiave
appeared, and swore most manfully to ev-|by
for erv article in the indictment. He was
cross examined by the jurors, who were
tf "* «"»•
-» « ? *5
hia story ; lie pleail.-niia » . ( ' i ' |h|
lie pleaded not to the I n , ,.
heart. The jury found him not guilty.
j j rnraS ed ; but the sur
1 .M «»ur iwu e B.
K uttered a shoot of applause. The us
judge told the jury they must go back t»
theirjury-room and
ter, adding he «as surprise
presume to return so infamous a verdict.
The jury bowed, went hack, and in a quar at
: ter ol an hour letnrned. when the foreman.
I u venerable old man, thus addressed the
bench: «Mylord, in compliance with
your desire, we went back to our jury-Vestals
room ; but as we fourni no reason to alter
nur opinions or our verdict, we return ..
in the same words as before—not guilty. i
We heard your lordship's extraordinary
language of reproof, but we do not accept
it as properly or warrantably applying to
us. It is true, that we, ourselves, indivi
dually considered in mir private capaci
tie*, may be poor insignificant men; thcre_
! fore, ill that light wc claim nothing nut ol
I this box above the common regards of our
humble but honest stations; but, my lord, t
assembled here as a jury, we cannot be
doJinsensible to the «'^t aml cons ,tut,onal
so. importance of the department we now till.
i.I.W f-l. «T T,'S'.
as ynu are, by the law and lie com
! «.on, not only « " n ;* n f P* r * . |, sheets
: judge between lt S. act'
the oflended and tl e■ offeni er, I u *•
in a situation of still gteater confi .
l f,,r Kp r, "' ,n . *** .l' 1,v . ,hp • nr .
is people against tl.e possible J ' > M '
out judire, passion or cm mption ot In. bene .
these walls. I lor my ow n pai t, mig^t pos
sibly measure my respect bv joui privat
and virtues ; but the moment I am end -
m this place voiir private character 1« i -
ot visible ; for it is ... my eyes, veiled
your onicial one, am to open conduct
that only can we ook.
1 I hisjury my lorl, does not in tli s bu
sines, presume to ofl -r to t int bench the
smallest degree of disrespect, much less
ol insult; we it that respect one tribu
ol insult; we pay it that respect one tribu
nal should pay to another, lor the coin
moo honor of both. I In* jury my lord,
.did not arraign that bench with partiali t y,
prejudice, infamous decision, nor yet with
influence, passion, corruption, oppression
or tyranny ; no. we looked to it as the
mercy-seat of ro ally, as the sanctuary
nl truth and justice. Still mv lord, we
cannot blot from our minds the records of
;^ school-books, nor crace the early in
outjscriptions written on our intellects and
memories Hence we must be mindhil
that tnonarcl.s and judges are bu feeble
mortals, that tyrants have sat on thrones,
and the sanctuaries of justice have been
polluted by a 1 lie«sillian, a hrraggs and
pi Jellnes. i Ihre was a fi own J rum tlie
f/<* hench re-assume,l emplace, cy.]
I say, my lord, we have nothing to do
,-jWith your private rlmrarter ; we know ym,
morn-here only in that «f j'.dge, ami as such
»» respect ynu: you know nothing ol us
nasty;hnt as a jnrv; and in tint situation we
should look to you lor reciprocal respect,
because v.e know of no man,however high
his titius nr his rank, in whom tin* law or
" N-iv my lord, I am n pimr mail, but I
im a free born «uhjnct nf tbo kimidnm nl
1 1 «land, a free member »I the constitution :
nay, I am now higher, for you must know
that I nin the representative thereof. I
therefore claim for myself and fellow jur
ors, the liberty of speech : and if I am re
fused it here, ! shall assume it belnre the
penple at the door of this court-house, anil
tell them wbv I deliver mv mind there,
'.instead of delivering© at this place. \lien
the const.lution would warrant He pee
j«w,ptmn of an unprovoked msu t towards
he 'be ribnoal in whom the people have vest
ed the dearest and mod valuable privilege
he »''ey possess. I belnre said w« do not a».
sl,me ine.eminerci , but, in the ssrrtd
character ot n jurv, we should be wanting
kit-jm reverence to the constitution itself, ,!
did not look <o the i nspect of every
All; *•*»• • égaies 1 H s ' 'ire my
»rd. sworn to give a verdict according
«*>p consciences, and the best of our o
She!|*inions, on the evidence before us. l e
at have, in our own minds, acqu-tted mir du
ty as honest men. It we have erred we
are answerable, not to your lordship nor
to that bench, nor to the king w ho placed
vnu there, but to a higher power, the Kint.
or Kinos !"
The bench was dumb, the liar silent;
but approbation was murmured through
the crowd : and the pour man was order
ed to lie discharged.
To illustrate the extraordinary virtues
»n|and independence displayed by the above
!lju*'.Y. wuuld require niore than ordinary
talents : suffice it to ":iv that it ought to
instilled into the mind, and the lesson
p ngraven un the heart of every man, that
! j«*® n*3y be prepared for the exalted station.
Job wishes that Ins adversary had writ
» .t . J , ..
,e . n a ^ ,Hk ' P r !' bahl v f, ' r thp consolation ,
ol cutting it up in -ome Quarterly or Jeru
Salem Review. Allusion is also imide in
the Scriptures to the library of the Kings (
con-of rersm, as well as tu one built, by Ne
hemiah.— Ptolemv I'hildeiaphiis had a col-,
I c I ' , , .
lection of 700,000 volumes destroyed by ,
a Caesar's soldiers; and the Alexandrian Li
brary burnt bv the Caliph Omar, contained
pro-400,000 manuscripts.
What a combustion of congregated brains
I .1 ■ ,■ . , "
—the quintescence ol ages—wisdom of a
world—all simultaneously converted into
smoke ami ashes !—l'liis, as Cowley would
said, is to put out the fire of genius
ev-|by that of the torch; to extinguish the light
of reason in that of its own funeral pyre ;
to make matters once more tiiumph over!
2 ï~
vu „ „ ,« i „,„1 ii,. hunum fatully
,. . , • - N ,,f action, and opera
mite l i I , . 1
n.o always upon tl.e nmr ma'ei .1 N. som
|rrivpuat „„ impassable acme wlrn-h leave
us nothin, to do but to ring the change!
ipun antupiity.
III. | shion
A young ladv ol high l u 'li .mil l..s ,im,
at Rome, but nnlortnnate y engaged m,
,he number of Vestal V irgina. «»came in
volved in a J'l snare ,v a Une wdnr I
dropped carelessly loin Her pen. l " F
jury-Vestals were allowed great > honor and
gn at liberty: and tins lad v had |»«bablj
been pleasantly entertained by some mar
i \m\ friends, limn whose demeanor she had
formed a very favourable idea of wedlock.
Actuated by some motive, she wrote on a
scroll, in the ecstacy »I spirit—
„ ;)it i,*,,,,,. br.<»e I I would 1 were brhead.rl
Hut ii were monstrous clever lo be we.ldnl.
The verse was „„happily found; and hei
|,,-ind writing being known, she was accused
g | iav i nR incurred the pubishment due t,
t | )nse w ho disgraced tlm ten pie of Vesta.
|,at ofbnrying alive. Seneca reports the
argi;inellt „„ both sides, but does nut give
us t | ie leaU | t .
DANCING.—The t!hine*i* have odd
When Com
idea» of this amusement.
\nson was at Canton, the officers of the
Centurion had n ball upon some court ho
liday. While they wer« dancing, a Clii
nese, who very quietly surveyed the ope
ration, said, softly, to one of the party,
» Why don't you let your servants do this
for you ?"
In full tide of successful Ki'Jieriinptlt.
AST week in New York (litre was a grentj.lanics
this plan—next Saturday there!""'
J drawing
will be another in Philadelphia.
Why when the public desire it—If those only who
intend taking tickets will come forward and will
put their names without even pa\ ing f'»r them at
present, so that we can judge wlut we have to
uoi'K or depend on,
Jl positive day of Drawing
And ilie Scheme of die
Last Class...New Series.
For completion of St. Peter's Ghurch, is positive
to tli*-»e of New York
Iv super'«
And the following Prizes,
I .
a©©© 1
Tn Prize» of $10. i In smaller I'ri/.e*.
Justice cannot be even handed
would «lot keep the managers so long in suspenct
—hut next from increase of sales we hope to an
the j,uhli(
AlIt,—Y xskke Donm.r..
The Delaware l.nlt'ry will, they say,
Soon be •lone and over,
Sn Inste— a licket i;et to day.
And then we'll lire in Clover.
Then Yankee Doodle hasle away,
Before the Drawing's over,
Hope the Cash will freely pay,
And then we'll live in Clover.
Croat Washington we all do know
Will ever live in s'nry.
XVhen he got Cash lie made a dash,
And giin'd ins country's glory.
Then Yankee Doodle, o.
Our Congress men love money too,
We trust they will not baulk us,
But guard the right to freemen due,
Nut spend their 'iine in C metis.
Then Yankee Doodle, etc.
The l.awvers sure are dull and Hat,
And have llrir doubts and qualms, sir,
But understand your case qnile pat,
When Bank notes press their palms, sir,
Then Yankee Doodle, elc.
The Doctors loo, with care and skill,
Will cure all your diseases,
Ami for the Cash send in their bill —
Thus Money all folks pleases.
Then Yankee Doodle,etc.
•ill plniij'h and sow,
The Farmer, l»e
And reap—Oh that's the dandy—
For when with wheat to mill they go,
Their Cash is sure and handy.
Then Yankee Doodle, etc.
The Chesapeake Cnvd, they say.
Will though mir stale soon glide, sir,
Blest he the hay, it Hows ibis way,
Our profit ami nor pride, sir,
Then Yankee Doodle, etc
Since Gold and Siialm then, is rare,
Lets uluerand try to nick it,
We'll Hy tf» Hohe, and quit despair,
To buy a Lottery Tick- t.
Then Yankee Doodle, etc.
In tlie above unexampled Lottery,
May he gained for 47i CENTS.
Whole Tickets,.S4 75
Half Tickets,.
Quarter Tickets,. 1 25
Eighth Tickets
.. . r . .. . .
Purchasers of Packages cf tune tickets mav
, uve Ht , tl „ leBfl c ^ t> VIZ .
()ne p ac g a „ e 0 f M j ne Tickets
in n ' Packa?re ,,f nine Half Tickets
( ,„ e Packa ,? e of nine Quarler Tickets' 7
9 .
col-, © n 'y J d'>'l- U Çts. P er ticket—156 cents per
half ticket, and on v 78 cents tor the quarters, sal
by , Ue prizes to be drawn will be depended on
Li- the balance—all over to be the properly of the
fortuna'e advenluivr
Neglect ami lose lids great opportunity, and you)
may never In. vesechanndi.r ^
" * Cash purl fur Prizes as soon as drawn. ,
a According as the tickets get scarce, ihe price
will advance—you had better therefore apply at
tlie office this day if possible,
over! Jan. 15, 1 s-ji.
.. 2 57
S]©ÎPIS & (D(D 3 S
LUCKY OFFICE, lYilmington, Del.
J 8— t F J
».y g,^
V„ H. Hrinrkt-. enreer .rMarkrt & q„„,
>V,Ilium MTmillcy, ttran.lvw.K-, imril .01 u ri ,,
nlm M'l.fi.v, No 58 market street,
No . lin , na , kl ., K , rci . t .
U J, n „^, t «market «*,,
w. Tatum. 81 market at.
' ulkl> '''iTpjItlADKI pan
... Mendenh.ll. N». M Marîc. suce,.
'tiehimlson Sr Bmi-ail, No. till, Market «trm
OuPcnstv.r,- S,
oil n, ( ^
, lrt . eU . 5
Millinery and Fancy Store.
\nn llaily, Markot street, near Kennen r«ii*|.
Grocery Stores.
lame« h Samuel Brown, 8 High street.
Clement and Gordon, corner of Market and Ke
lames Brown, corner of Shipley and Second itj
luseph C. (iilpin, 46 market street,
losiah II. (iilpin, corner ol Market and Thinly
"e'er Horn, corner of King-and Front streets
M ises Morrison, market street near Front.
\u liltr Murphy, 16 West Front street,
loin» Ui^e, Brandywine, south side oftliehri'nH
S.iimicl sippinjçton Go. 5, West Front
Simiiet Stri«ud, corner «ifi'roiU und Orange su I s
. •orge Williamson, 9 High street. m
{iclinrd Williams, corner of King and Quemnl
ienrg.» Winslow, corner of Broad ami Kiii}/yjH
.1 hn Wright, south side of Lower Market, r«l
Ki g street. » '' '
Apt'thecarics aiut Druwtçists. I
.Joseph Bringhurst, 8.5 market street. f
II. K Harrison, h <'o. 26 market street. H
viargaret Johnson, 8H market-street. |
Boot in id Shoe Manufacturers,.
Theophilus Jones, 2 7 market street.
Valentine M*Neal if Son, 86 and 100 MaikeU
.William M'Ncal, King street.
*jJamea Grubb, 12 F»n**t Front street.
grentj.lanics Simpson, 19 West Front street.
there!""' 1 '""* "hue, 80 Market street
( humas > irden, (Ladies Shoemaker) corner
High and King streets.
Merchant Tailors.
Thomas F. Curl, 17 Fast Front street.
Peter O'Daniel, market street, near Water.
John Powell, 17 maiket strut.
, 87 market street near High.
l-.iur. WIN
Hotels and Taverns.
Iievi Bailv, Fugle and Monument, Maiket stret
near Kunnett.
William G. Dorsrv, Black Horse, Front street
Joseph (iilpin, . n ,9 market street.
Henry Uichards, lower end of Market ptreet.
Henry Uichards, lower end of Market ptreet.
Soap and Candle Manufacturers.
Ci.clirau h Adams, corner of Orange and Third
liiirnard k Bainton, Market street near Kennt!
h Ituv, corner of
and Quern streeU.
I .
Saddle & Bridle Manufacturer.
Josiah Briggs, corner of market and Second*
John Ituchey, 99 market street.
lohn Wright, south side of the Lowet'twtNw^
Samuel Askew, Kennett road,
riiomas Newlin, King street, near Queen.
Watch Maker.
Charles (Viby, 77 market-street.
Silver Smith and Jeweller.
Henry J. Pujipcr, 69 market street.
Hat Warehouse.
I e y is R imfor 1, 50 nvirket street.
Stephen Fo.isal, 25 market street.
Isaac. G. J.«<|ut'tl, 3 Fast Higb-st.
Cabinet Warehouse.
■lohn Ferris, jun. Shipley street between Sect
ami Third streets.
Tobacco and Segar Manufacturer
lohn K. Bluck, 14 south si<le of l^owerMarkc'.
riiotms A. Starrett, No. IÜ7, Market sircet.
Wilmington and Philad. Packets.
Sloop Mary Ann, Gap«. Poinsett, Bush's tullirf*
Fame, Capt. Wells, Market street whar
Sarah Ann, Capt. Scout, Stapler's whai 1
Miller Dunott, Bread and Biscuit Baker, N u ■
Shipley street, above the Market.
John Wright, Musical Instrument retailer, SOS
side of the lower market, near King slrcec
Thomas C. Alrichs, Fancy Hardware, I'j"'
Sheet Iron .Manufacturer, corner of »'«i
and Second streets.
.Jacob Alrich, Machine maker, corner of Sli p
and Broad sts.
' PH
Brush and Bellows Manufactory,
r ., . , ... .. • .*,„ m *ili
f •(h('' . : •- r " p, !, ct 1 ll Ia \o' q I' -
public that lie has removed to .**>• •
f.,r|Sireet, south side of the Upper Market IF'
«t which place he keeps a general assort"' 1 :®,
|UWU'SHF.S St HEl.l.OWS, in all their
which he will sell on the must reasonable
^ l.psimni;'* i'"' 1 , 1 o Kl "' u ? r !r n 2«? l , l ini'i(-e L sud si 1,1
, nesupplieu at the shortest notice,
lowest prices. Sept. I»' 1 '
fj |v
Û à
iPiMïîtrasi® v
iDone at this Otlice, with accuracy and desf 1 "
ratest n'»" ne
X B. fl Uins printed in Ihr ue

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