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The Wilmingtonian, and Delaware register. (Wilmington, Del.) 1824-1825, July 22, 1824, Image 2

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oily read of it in poetry, where it is allied to
love. She feels as yet uo privation : slieex
periences no want of accustomed couve
nienc.es or elegancies. When we come par
ticularly to experience its sordid caresitspal
try wants, its petty, humiliations—then will
be the real trial."
" But," said I, " now that you have got o
ycr the severest task, that of breaking it to
her, the sooner vou let the world into the se
crot the better 1 he disclosure maybe mor
tifying ; but then it is a single m.serv, and
soon over, whereas you otherwise suffer it,
in anticipation, every hour m the day. It is
not poverty, so much as pretence, that liar
nasses a ruined man—the struggle between
a proud mind and an empty purse the «.w))- |
mg up a hollow show that must soon came
to an end. Have the courage to appear poor
ÇJ'dy™ disarm poverty ot its sharpest sting.
On this point I found Leslie perfectlypi e- '
pared. He had no false pride himselt, aim |
as to his wjfe, she was only anxious to con- ;
.orm to their altered fortunes, I
Some days afterwards lie raked upon ;
!". e V *!?? cvcm "S- lie had disposed ot j
us dwelling house, and taken a small cot-,
tage m the country, a few miles from town.
He had been busied all day ,n sending en
furniture. The new estai bshment re .m.red ;
few articles, and those ot the simplest km 1.
All the splendid furniture of his late red
dence had been sold, excepting his will'
barn That he said was too doscb' axwd
ated* with the ideaof hersdf! it belonged to I
thc little story of their loves ; for some of j
the sweetest moments of their courtship ,
were those when he had leaned over that in- I,
stmment and listening to the melting ton-s.
of her voice. 1 could not but smile at tfit,
instance of romantic gallantry in a d rating |
He was now going ont to the cottage, ■
where his wife had been all day, superm- j
tending its arrangement. My teelings had |
become strongly interested ill the piaigre-.s ! (
of his family story, and as it was et coing, 1
offered to accompany him.
He was wearied with the fatigue;: • f the ,
day, and as we walked out, fell iiib'.t ill of .
gloomy musing,
11 Poor Mary !" at length broke \
vy sigh, from his lips.
"And what of her," asked 1, "fi.:.-:
thing happened to her."
"What," said he darting an impati
glance, "is it nothing to be reduced to thi.,
paltry situation—to he caged in a u.i: • rahle
cottage—to be obliged to toil, alnu st, i 11 '.a.
menial concerns of her wretched habit.
1 !
■ i
Has she then repined at the change t* • ;m
" Repined ' she has been nothing but sw-. ct
ness and good humor. Indeed, slie
in better spirits than I have ever kn«»v.
she has been to me all love, and tendirhcs*
and comfort
less treasures ot excellence you possessed m
th «dh 0l hn"'mv fricn.l if .nu „„„.n, V
nt tin. con am w-rr nv v V tbi.d- Ul
at tlie cottage, were o\or, I tliink liould
then he comfortable. But this is her first
(lay of real experience; she has bven int.sw ,
diicetl into a humble dwelling—she has been 1
employed all day arranging its equipments j
the first time looked around her on a home
/JnW KÎÂlllù"
exhicsted Mini snii-ill-ss brordin- over ..:
cxiiaustcn anu spuuiiss, niucuuv, util a
prrapectot future poverty.
Xhere vvasa degree.,1 probability in t.m
Ï1 Inïiînn J ^ ^ >
ccl on in silence.
After turning from the main void, up a
narrow lane, so thickv shaded bvfovp.,the,:..
as to give it a complete air id Veclushm, ■•,
came in sight of the'cottage. It v„s lmmhle
enough in its appearance ior tli- m.ist pa.- 1
toral poet, and > ft it had a plv.ism-.» «u 1 •
look.—A wild vme hart ovei rim, me end wall
,l ptötusion of iuliaçe , a lew ^ lie-, s t u< a
their hranchçsgracctully over il ; and I ob- '
served seven, pots ol flowers tastctully ,1« ■ ;
posed about the door anu oath, grus. pi" , '
ill trout. A small wicket gate op, "• d ■.'pen '
a footpath that wound through some •nsih
here to t ie door. Just as w o appro;,,■ d. •
welicant the bound ot ir.usir---L •, u* g'-i-p- _
cd my arm i we paused and hsteneo. 1. vas
Marys voice, m.a style ot tue no
ng simplicity, smgmg a little an- cl vv.„ ,
her husband was pecu burly fond.
He stepped forward to h ^mo«iKIv i
His ttJp made a nidse o the "n v e w 1
bright beautiful face glanced out of the win
«low, and vanished-! light fimtstep was I
heal'd_and Marv rame Irinnim» 1
meet us. She was in a prett!ruraldress ,d
white ; a fresh bloom was on'hcr cheek : her :
whole countenance beamed with smiles—I
had »»ever seen her look so lovirlv.
" My dear (ieorge, 5, cried she, " I am so
glad you are come ; I've been watching an I '
watching for you, and running down the ianc.
and looking out for you. I've set-out a table !
under a beautiful tree behind the cotta;.;,:;
and I've been gathering some of the inest de
licious strawberries, for I know vou ave food !
of them—and we hat e such excellent cream
—and every thing is so sweet and still heie
— Oh !" said she, putting her arm within his.
and looking up hnglitly in his face, "Oh, w, '
shall he so snug !"
Poor Leslie was overcome.—lie caitgl.
her to his bosom—he folded his arms aiouud .
her—lie kissed her again and again—lie •
could not speak, hut tlie tears gushed into '
his eyes. And he lias often assured nie, that
though tilt world has since gone prosper- «
ously with him, and his life has been al, up
py one, yet never has he experienced a mo- .
nient of such unutterable felicity. |
How sweet is the exercise of social affec
lions: they are halm, which, mingled in the
hitter cup of grief, allays its harshness and |
subdes its vem ni. No human being ciui he ;
perfectly miserable so long as he can enjoy |

" Admirable girl !" exclaimed I, " you r.ul!
yourself poor, my friend: but you never
were so rich—you never knew the bound
Why is it that the most fervent lev. bf-|'y
comes mere fervent by brief interruption and
reconciliation ! and why must a storm agitate
our affections before they can raise the high
est rainbow of spare ? Ah! for this reason ii
is—because all passions feel their object to be !
as eternal as tlicinselv es, and no love can ad
mit the feeling «hat the holoved object'should
die. And under this feeling of inperishahle
ness it. is that we, like hard fieldsof ice, siiock
together so harshly, whilst all thc while un
der the sunbeams of alittle space of 7Ü years,
we are rapidly dissolving.
the sympathy ot one kindred soul; and c i
when that is denied, the Christian km s |
there is an ear open to the sorrowful Sighuigs j
of every afflicted heart. i al
..-v_ : = I )
.V yWuAWvVY. |
£ ___ to
<Q d on Plant*.—T \q | of
sulphur in a piece of muslin
P •«£* with this the leaves of j
^ *7,*»"'of riant* should be dusted, or
' , * » , m thcm bv 111C ans of a
" swansdown pu!T, oreven hv adredg- K
common »» ansu. »««i , . °
liavo repeatedly been '
* ,,f thenowei lui influence of sulphur
whole- tri«>e of insects in
vegetables. Sulphur has I
^ 'I - t!u . health of
^ hfc| „ ^„.«sprinkled; and that ' pi
, trocs in particular, uere n markahb
! ,.,j |, v p xml •n, il to absorb it. It :
j ' j , likewise observed, thn. the it r-1 ed
dure and other healthful appearand were
perceptibly lucre.<••!, for the (juantity of
| |OV 4imts and leaves formed subsequently
„„nation, an.i lening .... sulphur on •
. ' , ^.ved as a kind of rompar-;
, . { 0 „ t (lis , t: ..
at , ulmllati ' n oni ! .,| ( | 1 .
... ... , . ,,
,irj ' j.' ,., . ' !
' ■'"* 1
the summer season, !• t it he nth. 1 ; 1 ■">'»„ I
''' :a '' !>' •" 'V " Î ''"" t "'a i rV^of
V"' ^ l, 1 i
• ?j ft.,'^emti toti donut !
"> , t

it may be thrown on them by means ot a.
common swanstlown pufl', or even by a dreilg- j ly
injr box.
Fresh assurances ha\e
rcceiveti of the powei fut influence of sulphur
against liie whole tri.ie of insects v. liich in- : t
fest atul prc\
been f
nil to pro:
as the sa;
!•■ any et the yo'iuç
,u U , out of the same,
«>f t'iv plant
' hoots
«.-/ tlie great d-n
'uiririf of ni ni :
i: C.:
A'Miv:.: 1 to tile 1 OU iit 1
*om litry.
h e, more business
si;oo i\ifromu
mds his ttnrrr % lie I
h if ytjtj. j
ad it i.,
■ms «• ;
i heuhvai school
does. lb- eomn
ofth" huh ', and luu;«*i s/?<.
\ ear.
ivh it he
! ; lie i lises hi » e
him a
. not hri•
!> •.i year indeed th
. lie meets
l i more A v v
„ a
r of : 'ale ;
A - l 'renclî kirn', a
i" ne
.. (;
• u .un more//v ■
i"uivl t'l
he mak
d «;•
•are t-» lie fo.
it a i »
r v a '
hi., bu sine s nnre than lii:s diversion,
do, but make « ;
.eahh and fortune, whi.!
ether eonth
ai.lujre to
b< .« t
others do ; 1: •
if me
in the kinjrdom
tu.ui ;
VC i f i*
iv ra
i a ;
not w ith stsu
;m [ / !r urf.^t <■<
Hi stem - ;
him : lie 1
pers fatal tu otiu
walks the better f
•r hu
u », and tin
IK* can be.;
o;:r lad. »oin,
. It
Ittive vv.ieli fix ; '.•>
pleases. j
_ ]
A Sl'V AMOSfi i HK PIUATLS" j l "
Tlie fidlowiiv interestin ' information v,-.;. ! "'
' 1 •* ' . »
tro.u an Amène-..., w home u nos, ty
1-d to tr,.ve| ... the /■/,:„■/ ;J Cuba, too,,
'.enp and .,1,1am all necessary mfia ....i:.ou
>'e'»|HV'm:g tue ir.de •' . .
taverns and got bdo conipàny the sam el
evening with l'epe and AiPom-, both expert |
■ ..,,,
,, , ,. ' , , . . \
. 1!lsw .,pvrralions'«'li'at 1
Ouv : ,t„I hv l'iev in«- that f 1ml been in i
• * j ... . . . u
Jy •>»'«' lr ' uk ' 'V" *
»»«! re, .Mimmi-fidmu. 1 bey said h'-T ,
•' ' V"" 'f!'T ! ; a
•> P« ice m-n and to. epos... lb, WM d..l.;.r»,,
1 IrimK, mid -ht i„i m ws i. •!«■< mg
• , , : tM
;■) , » ^ 1 •• |
. ■: 'V .
' ; • ; ',! ' Ä 7,'d , l!
; P ' " ; ! | . !' l .' *'"2
, ' ; 1 ' 1 ' ul 't" ]
' • '
' ^ L'^to, 'hot?' „R1, -r \Ve
• "d , ki.V b,dv tV end ô-eèd ,„d
_ l _ • . • ^ y-e •rr'vi-4 ,
. ' v V ij',.i"'',,,;., '
A It fi -.''■«•I >•' ,
• - ; | !
rV »irn-r va'ufil b" iiî t !' t „ii'bt f i- e
i -d terioos cm'verh - ", ,„ïow ' mk plam- wblî
1 the not. l,ou:.e „ff,- - r respecting the in- !
t'-oduetion and celling of the goods; final!;, it
I -s agt,,, innreasu his com,..mien, as,
'the visks ;uul troifl.'U* v. d'C jrr;-.it.L*r than usi'.- 1
the seaport towns were much su.- j
: d In \u,vrican and F.nglish craizer.-.
In the m mng the schooner armed, and ;
it* cu.cjiu lumisc* otdeer, with the*/sbcr.iMn :
d^-jjarted. \\'e still remained on the (slantl, j
' l:| i*l ue-.t morning observed set eral s.,il, bm
< " ,i ' ' u< ''- 1 ut ■» the Keys mad • signals ;
! «•*»' they ere convoyed by armed ; - .„Is. |
l'"';r days litul elapsed, when early ia the |
nn ram;; they mane a signal tor a sail, \\ , j
! S' 11 under wcigii and ga\ e eliuse. ft pro; e,l |
)° l); -' an American brig; the crew embarked .
tllc Hain; L «ut and abandon »! her: they up- j
pxared to he about U in i.umber. We sent a
' h«iat, took pos«essi«zi ,»f tin- prize, sailed im-1
mediately lor the I sud, and hauled her up u j
:xv.all r;\ er. i.'uring tue night, :»U m !, n vu.i e ;
. »-N* 1111 hoard to ransack her, hut could fin,! j
• money; she was load:,1 with coffee, which
' v ' ; ' s hmdvd on the beach. The papers were
'jl 1 . destroyed and burnt; thc clotliiug was !
« di'> »led among Ute first plünderet « : some of;
marked 1. B. 1 was v.rv desirous of
. going on hoard to ascertain lu-r name and tin
| v 1 " cu »e irom, hut wa . not ordered;,
i did not show anv anxiety for tear f
\b:,.|t j
; ..«.ripped her■ of what
ml staved in tlie heads
.Cited toe bags on which j
marks, one of which was :
; upwards ot ■
• S ,r "? 'Vr
|, . ... ■• ls '''»patched w.tli a
Hoard Ml Which there was painted NO. an.
pul up m tlie mp ot a tree. 1 then tumid
that they had a regular line of telegraphs
by which means they could obtain assistance,
when required, ot mules and men, to trails
port either themselves or their booty. They
dispatched a man to the post ofl.ee; lie re
turned the same evening with letters, in
which they received information from some
respectable mercantile house; and officers
| of the government, of the an ival and depar
; ture ot vessels, and Commodore Porter's ar
| rival in Matauzas, and of an Iviglish ami a |
most in ;t
mow h!fvtl
J i,n,
u s un
t.i ifl V
tii.v. tin* Hulv V "1* M
ati-st orid».* utul tho »v»
nioiv /tit
old s

, that he c.t
est ». iivy

of ... IX
UV li :
mt. siispii fia. in their minds,
after lias i
ii "''if'
! * ' ^ CVi ' AorV.
lolasst's, tliv V set

i on fa
1500 in the whole.
win ah
An olii' cv
' • : c enormous amt. of #200,000
| ,,i wlt h more rapidity and
j t | ian that of the government. They
i al ® H j- ac ' t sn WL .]'j un i tc ,\ an <l trained, that
I ) 1k ... ,„ )L . n iy violate not only the laws of the
| land but the laws of nations,and bid defiance
to the world. Since tliev have been deprived
| of the slave|trade, they'have turned their at
tention to 'this lucrative business o| 1 n at V
j which seems to he their delight, and m which
the officers of the government participate
from the highest to the lowest ; either direct
K or indirectly, and which it is made their
i „j v( . f ar< fluv by giving
' them coasting license, awl enable them with
that protection to bid defiance to our cruiz
irs. This cloak t-> cover their vill.my, they
I sav, is done in retaliation on the Americans
fi,;-their pernicious principles oi free Inde
' pi „ dent representative and popular govern- I
mcr.ts, whirli tliev have had the audacity to
: disseminate in the new world, and thus cans
ed the indept mb -neu and separation Irom the j
nun her cuuniry of many highly valuable col-i
m,; .», contrary to th- honour, interest, and |
dignify ofliis Catholic Majesty. I
....... Tllüm
1 Vj ,• 1 k . ' f 1 ,no - •
Ku k, ot Ue bug 1 anopiact Had. mou, da
'-•* i
" Nkw Oai.uxs, June !ä, 1851.
Oa C> • atternorm "I the tfitli May, v. It j
r j s s . K froai the highland
Matanz,e. we saw lU.-eo sail : one a ship
standing off shore, and a brig and schooner
>• At snuse. the schooner
j ly
that protection ^to
: t vs.
r. she came into our wake
ami c numenceil bring j
. .. half past 0 came with- :
in kail an t said ne was a Colombian mail o( ■
v.a: - . KiDwin.; ili'u pirat* !»;i(l former!'. i ; i-.
fc '-d this neigliborlioo I, v.e were the more '
sj/i ous—we .iii ssveuii in k ui iM.M .„i . .,
. ...1 ,» •, t ' « c « , t in r hri"'_th-kt wr
..mi iKiiiOii 1*1 oui '-»Hi. in Mt
« n-- sc'ii'v nrool rit «nir
ineiiiis to insult I
q om . elVort'; to cm - 1
ans, he fimpu nüv !
s to heave to_v/e ■
v.t,U knowing that no ï
.,iv nowi rful at to 1
j*o\.kioii ui u
a r the spirit, of those l had ,
I,, u ■„ .... Sl . Ilt I know i
IM.U ..a- S,1 1, 1 I.now i
bat at list, liber pass-I
e tunes, lie.peremptorily to.d
' ' !l ", S , LM " 1 I
illmg to disperse ,
we huvmj*; vip
hanlmin hound t r» the
ad ue.tred us cons.
►.•• l her t ) he a 1
At p V. :
pretty dose to us,
muskets at
md at 1
the n
wf.nM tçix e
lvnilty ». h
aim evei
carter, but.
e. xvere Ann i
M'U".' III!';
a n und us anti ordered
■r u«* enu'd e\u r !)*.
a dam)
n-mer n*>
-t tro u
w 1
me M
bout /»u bo -rd. Not he::
•uy ?.)• u by : ndiny my bout,
a:, iiisdulv tosend Ills, and knowing that '
li -uli il d
;)!-•;» iliiilii •• lose the c oiUsnini. of n.v \esse
; !
v n m \ la ud :. t:ls i should in all
■■ - ji iv i. working i i'i ., I dul not com
ill his retj-iest, h
, . , i
to >\ e. Je
, , as 1
It ;v. t > I citfiiuul tn nve it v. tue best »(.van
'.•> "c, heim; ileter.nim .1 vat.ter to «lie in «'•—
Jim. e ot my own li.H-ity and those a.-oWitl tue,
tum bis. ly t., submit to wliat I then suppos
l " 1 l' U '" tc w,l ° woaUl iieiU.iT iv px". age
"' f! .
.\s «ilton as lie na*: •: us wo I:t }.*. he lurhts
t , , )Vl ., V :l tl.e wmk
,. f , iuh . f „„ V) ljllt ulw!l , . H surui
0 .„. iVi( ., uliv ' liarurU . r . ' fiml
Hw shots at usât (iilTVtvnt tiu.fs i suppose
V a: ' ^ l ^>' n 1 "V''- 1
| 5,,, . .
too do* -V lu, I . ..l.Jlie gave us m . pivot
\ S'jn. or loa ; turn, (eighteen pounder) loaded
1 wiUl !ï ,V"«' lr w ' ) 1 . l5ch » h " 1
i ?' va . v î''"'', h "* u " r nu '" il ' ' "?B*
u i v *. 1 iiiiiiug, now, tluit no iJort < t mine
woulilconviuce him .rfmv friendly .«position ,
, rimr.u-tcr, and thinking 1 bad received
; a gross insult. 1 determined to convince him .
.. s£a ; !mll nvr" wasnot to he i
treated tlms with impunity—an,l according- '
ly I bm. mr long twelve ami all our.,,,
„msketry, which so sickened him that fie
kr;>t oft untill day liglit. Our torce being .
Mlua. apimrem, be came within hail, and said
he would semi liisbout-i answered he ought,
provided he did not send miu.y men m her.
Hi., coni .lining three men and an oi- ;
' accordingly sen-, am! one of my
l»j«»v.-n^is w.it on Imard the schooner. On i
, * 1 ' b« i«itormud me that all our shot,
' went into liis main-boom and below it—but i
, tn,....- w mdd not acknowledge that any one !
! «•«» wende, h It being represented tlml the !
'"P*' ,iH w " s si, ' k - 1 «*««. u « use ot wine,
^ i
! - i
From the Conn,.,dir,it Mirror.
.,. hl; ( .„ mnmilirati , m avhirh follows is no,
1 , |
j t c^ n, • 'n s fo immm
bv a wn
; , ' who (fouls in matters of fact '
: ' ' ' ' "
j Mr. !>;t tou—-T he following tacts related
to me, a i'ew week» ago, by a high Sheriff in
; an adjoining state, it would seen, confirm the
| remarks made ia your last paper, respect
| ing tlie dis, ised appetite of persons habitua
j ud to .tiring driv.k.
| Thu Sir. rill' bad a writ of attachment a
. gainst a M r.-, of , with instructions
j intake jiroperty, and particularly a pair of
a oxen, owned by the deb's îr. He accordingly
went to the hou*e of Mr. , who was not
u j nt home. His wife living enquired of, in
e ; t.irmt-il the Sheri« that her husband hurl sold
j the oxen a long time before, for provisions,
uhlch they had consumed, and that she had
not had any meat in her house for six weeks,
! and that lier family were then destitute of
of; bread, or even a potato,:—the only article of
provisions in the lions- being a piece of
;, hecso, whirli had been given to one of her
« liildren.— This drew the attention of the
f Sheriff to the family, which lie found consist
j ed ot husband and wife, and seven children,
the eldest of which, about twenty, went on
crutches, one of his legs having perished,
'1 bis son had learned to get out stuffs for
j chairs, and did much in that way towards
: mainvrining the family I le had then on
ot ■ lim.d, prepared tor market a considerable
,,U " 'I y ' , .'.'"T 0 tUe Sh ? n ' 1,:V1 , e,l , on ' »«'"■•
a considered his duty req.nred, and then went
away tor a team t,. remove them. At even
mg he returned to the house, prepared to
take away the chair stuffs, who!, L found
the father, Mr.-, had returned home
The children being now ready for bed, all;
huddled down together on a hunk, drawn
in out from under another bed, there being but
two for thc whole family, and these in the
same room, there being but one room in the
house, and that a log hut, the sides ba.llv
matched, and the smoke curling up by the
a | side of the log wall, to,d its lyoUtby a
l»»w this 'wpaiTcl my litt !• • F :•<■
liulc through tlie roof, which i.i other places
weir not sufficiently tight to keep the wea
ther from their children, who lay with their
clothes on, ami without any bed covering.
The Jtoof mother did not know well how tu
n/iare the chair r/uj/«. Her lame son was
her dependence. She said he prepared some
of his work some time before, and they sold
it and bought some grain, and her husband
took it to mill, and got it ground, but on his
way home, he stopped at a Tavern, and stay
ed'there and drank till the tavern keeper
took the whole Hour to satisfy his bill and
her husband came back without any thing
to make bread for her children —drank !
g, lar Circumstance.—'VUv following ex
tr a ô r din:iry c.rc urn stance 1ms been conumi
nlcaU . tl to ns, and authenticated by the most
, ctaI)U . MltUoritv: A few days ago, at
I K( . I 1 nWk him,.-, tin- attention of these«
vallts was excited by the appearance of a
C(mim , m duel., at the kitchen door, (plucking
j lir rather screaming in a most unusual manner.
| t was i tnowu to have been hatching, and
| | iun Wlltl supposed to be the occasion of the
I clamor. Food .ras are ordingly throw» to it,
but instead «feting, il seized the s. rvant
Jgirl Ira her apron, ami pulled it with some
• ot.c' The girl, tl.rough probably surprise
fimi liaril ■ of the. animal, shut the
i , , . , . ,
" ,l<1 j ll "' h
j ' ", ,,,u< ' l < '•[' • '■ o,,. door
th.s ir.aum rand continued heating .it the dooi
with it,hill and wings a'tne. the no
»me ot ihr lanusot the house. He demi
:■ a little wav f.om
, . i.i
tiedoor, tue tank c< . ad its l.mse, a al w.a -
j dl'-'d on w .to. .msul-v; ,n . p-nuoatow.i.
: JbÇ l ,1:l f ■ I I; II m o loi a shot t w,.y
■ but haijng no in. a what U wndd In at, and
l iOS s * , *; i 1 • ** ••»•*» .1. i « .1 « . 1 1*1' t « . w
' male curios,tv. »ns returning to the Imu a ,
». / ■ . ,
-trtutrr violence tliiiu ever.—hhe detirmim'd
o . . i..,.,
tf» s*:i* the end ot this, and l«i.!e■<! her silei.l
I companion, who led the way, to a sunken
1 watering trough in the park, in which much
! to lier astonishment, she found t wo ducklings
■ apparently but a d.iy old, in the mud, from
ï whicli they were vainly endeavoring toe: *r
1 { 'ntc themselves. Thev were inmicdiateU
' • • i-.r
, released, to the appareil, sat,slm lion of the
i mother, who, n a verv singular manner, had
i • ■
ms mid tin Hi- ot au id. -pi in,,.— La ,.
,/"•/ • _
I Ki-rrrini ■ .•.• mu i
, bl tt r LUHA.sc, AN MILL.
The ]x,or
• rt pul\cd i
;iin M-i/etl the y,irl
1, v. lit n ii. ;
was re-op
with il bill, :u:d pulled her, with in 'i ( used
The foliowii,;'; account of a Subtrvrane;
Mill, i. riven by a gentleman in a connu uni
! cation to the Ivditor of the Southern Patriot,
iin Irish paper,
i .
t* ]hiving seen in ;« late pajM'r, «»f your's ;m
1 extract from another pap»*r,which stated the
discovt ry of ;m vxtrti-.rdiiiiify sahtenanenus
mill in Coi k. I take tliii oppuiiuuity of rein
ting the pniticulars. The mill alluded to
w 1S discovered i. it ! ■ in nhont two miles and a
halft-, the west of this town, on the lands of
lAoultu-tl. til- pioperty -.1 the Uev Mr. Bruce,
.. » .;i .» ♦ 1 . -, r »i, •« \ . t-i-in
..L •'' "a J"• Ji\ e it ru : r V
g th t he b ed oV'â «càît- rivul^ w ch t
„ ,1!!/ ' k a né • U !' !
tt.is lit« le mill in motion. After digging!
n.anu'k"Induced them to do, they met with
dälVn.aHtil^ce^h'Z i"a «ate^
«■>„, loan appeal an, e ii esu, mu uasvaitoi
soundness; beneath tills was iuund a consul
prahle quantity of the like coloured mould,
intermixed in many places with a few com
pressed cakes oi lieatli, which m like manner
contMiu(':l mi h nevtcctl' st itc Onoiu'
, ..ide'm' this d scnei-xd 'ap.ntment, openinr
t)a w dtl. of ; I „ t • IVet , ■ u d , f -
. , t * „(>•• 'I * tan lu W Î, ill—ton
i ""line m ivensfim'.'those ,'f ,l, c Zw
' « H)l |V ,. •• si.-ice iutt •! 1 -il
our.,,, Oi • u:,ri was somewhat larger than tint
n,;^.,a receive the u::e! .f the smaller mills
. i,, AV j nust .. 'i'lie apartment uliovo mention-1
od was boarded on both sides, and likewise
beneath ; between both lofts was also found a
!,mg beam of mouldering Irish dale v.iiich up
; „„ inspection was found to have been pci fora
tc d from one end to th- other; this, it is
i t0 bu MI ,, I)0Äl . ( « was used as a pipe or duct
g,- ion gin g tu Mine part (t the machincrv.
i |p t tie doulif r.:,n he entert:, ineil hut that this
! dilapidated n,ill must have been one coeval
! xvittl thc towers which (as the Paper
„„vs) hav so greatly puzzled all enquiry, mid
i it was one const!,.,ted for maLng that
i »•*>••»'; the account ot which is only
! lil ! K ! t ' <l <1 ' , ' v ' 1 lj > tradition. s. o adopt this
c^'fo Ä ^
| i ui, m-m uic tiiiuimiu ., oi iiL.mi w mui u i
! Î!""' 1 " «vimpressed estate buried a midst
''V ' , ' single ,i" l-sto„e being on
i t (o'"»U moie th. 1,1 which, tradition says,
j the- Danish peuple never used in the making
j ^ lrtt drink, the art ot which is now totally
| J 0Et - « liv0 convenient to the place, I
I ' ,l ' ve * r,u ' an npporuur.ty of saving thus much
! 1111 t! >c «object; and 1 should (cel _ happy that
the account may prove interesting to your
ie.nl, i s, the pai ticulnrs of which you may
dri ; end on to be most true.
" Ah, if you did but know th- pain and fo
' tigue of assembling such a party, you would
j pity the fate of the master of the house."
j Such was the remark made tame by nIv
1 friend Mr. B-, who the evening before hail
j a ball, or rather a soiree dansante, as it is
agreed to use that term, although anv that"
1 but good fi rench. " It is thirty vear's " ad
! «led Mr. B-."since ï begun to entertain
j friends at my own house. At that period no
! thing was easier. A .ingle ; iolin was enomrli
for the dance; and the neighbouring -
keeper was happy to assist"niv cook in pre
paring supper. 'But how diflerent now-a-1
days! A hail is a state-affair. Two or three
days arc scarcely sufficient for the prépara
lions. The workmen are all artists, and
I Heaven only knows thc deference which it is
necessary to pay these gentlemen' Thev
turn the house out of the windows. First
comes the unholster attended bv five or ci
assistant. C m// ,ny loi s'o ff° hefo
hinges: removes my furniture in order to
substitute rnorhes o-,vl..mls of ..
card tables- pierces all my curtains'\vitl
hooks : displaces the portrait of 'mv unit
I which for furtv^yearehadneterbeen/onrh^'
'ed • and desnatches mv noor lilmnw im
min-ct Theprofessor of^culinarydeS 7
! vu Èar v called thl cook lSÄf 0,
1 tint he^cannot operate in mv kit dtxl . a . ri y s
| U lntoCsto"!!a»d Tam Coî^Â
Cliarltvilie, April 27,
..vei n
construct a pantry in my roach house, q ,
director of the orchestra, who no longer nia,
country dances, hut who executes solos, ; j,
sures me that he should he disgraced'if i
were known that lie consented to he pl aci , ( j
on the ground, between two doors_ami ri .
(|uircs me to build a gallery in my salloon
Finally, at (i o'clock in the morning, w i K .,j
all is over, and I want to go tohed, 1 canfind
neithei\my bed nor my night cap, and aill
obliged to bivouac in an arm chair on theta
of battle among the fragments of supper, tin'
expiring lamps, and the cards with which the
floor is strewed. [ Purin Futur
! THOMSON'S ISLAND.—'The following
extract are publiscd from a letter to the v»!,
; U) i\s of the* Baltimore American, dated
Thompson's Tsi.and, June ?'), ],sy^
" F.very thing in this quarter is at prêsêic
tranquil, and piracy is completely umler the
weather—.so that it is only necessary occasion,
ally to shew a force in Havana or Matanz.i
to keep them in order. Although 1 haw
nothing important in a naval point of vieu x
communicate, yet you will he gratified t u
learn that at the present moment, this j.
probably the most healthy spot within tl»
tropics. The citizens, oflicers and men, sta
tioned here, enjoy generally excellent health
and there has not been a ease of yellow
malignant. fe\ er since September last. , ;
disease of last year was produced bv arum
hiiiatiou of causes which vvill never occur : ■
gain. Amungtliosc may he enumerated tl.
want of housesto protect those on shore iron,
the excessive heat of the sun, and lirai;
,h,lt !" vv:iil , llt V' is wtts0,, . ü ' *. !ic
Un: harassing uiul archums îicrvicc m w if
- ,, K . .jHcei-sund men weiv engaged ; the ' '
,,j ll( . M ,nal, for thc| reception „ fa,
^ am[ s { (()vs „ u . ^. (lv| ! il(in w| V!'
WV( .. tUc beac}., imtiU they In'
, ^ massnf i fjrnijitiui» of du* most del etr
, ■ „fl eers, who re-pec , V
, iuivc roiiimandtd tm sluiiv this veur. 1
1 ... , ,, - . .. • 11
paiiltht* strirtf-.t :iUfiitiori to tlic *h, hr
', . . , *
j 1 . ,K V * .V ,nn ^ -*' 1 v ?
J ' 1 h 1 < r amma nia.ic i y mg .moat is ce.
> «""» ,H "" 1 " m '> « '" ' k -
. . , . .
i he «government extent to it that ostein »
! . , t . , . ... , reonlr, "
" V 111 s,mi ~ 1 •" s 1 «I'"«;
lrenll.il position with regardjtn New Oric
; M()1>iUs Pm.saeola and the Havanna, gives it
1 a derided advantage, over any other parti;
I thisTerrilory—ami in event of a war, it fonts
; with the Havanna, the Ivey of the (iul;.]i .,f
Mexico. The surface of the Isiaml is r.varlv
This place has the advantageof a mo.:
•''■excellent harbour, and from its hr.alily j.
i defined to he a place of importance, should
i flat, as there is scarce!) any perceptinU* ilii*
JtTcnv.e 1,1 die ch:\at!on. 1 lie seil so l.r.r
I have had an opportunity c-t c xamiiiingit,i*:
ji rich vegetable mould, about three feet deep,
! interspersed occasionally A\itli limestone—
there are several extensive ponds of fresh
. water, which for nine months in the vear
produce excellent water. There ace'also
! several large mid some aisallcr salt water
a .. 0 mls
I beacon has been erected on Sand Kcv,
which hears about S. bv W. from the Island,
' ,• . . . * , , :
! ' ' l f nine miles, and serves as ahma
! the easlwanU vessel
! I ! v a f ' the hanuocs,
pükrcd to the \\ 'est w-ml nmkh'g'hke uVdl
^ Walls' mäÄ^wnVap'l'
Ä"' ^
tlie point, keeping it tl little open on tnc star
hoard bow_ riussimMhe reef von hav.. g i
.j. futliom water_afterwards G mid?
fathoms up to the anchorage—give vvhif
j heads, on the S. \V. point the birth of a mil,
' . . i , i, if • i l* •*
i tm fl,!' ,'ff H oundmg tun in ••.
- ; i ' I , , . • , ,
I ™ l KV" \\\ l f' ml " ,u . cu 7 ,,, S thc harbmi
I , U ^'^ ^"' l * " ,T> '" "T
-il ! 1- • 'i >l 1 • * } ' ''"/c i/ V i-apowufi.
' -.ltmMvttrU N F _ S \V '»
!. lt "'o alteuiaU,) Is. 1..—J>.
PHI ATMS.— The New Volk «Mette
a i »ays ;-We learn by the ship Manrhestct
1 Packet, from Can.pcachy, that the British
1 brig Prince, of Liverpool, from New Orleans
is in going into the Island of Camron. gotol.
! the Bar, mid licit over into deep water, when
she was boarded by pirates, stripped and
robbed of all her cargo, and all hands mar
demi!! A British man of war brig sailed
the next day from Laguira in search of then .
H was perfectly tranquil at Campcach.
when the Manchester Packet sailed. Th
I ■ H. »ehr. (.rumpus, Lieut. Com dt. !«••>
■ u ' 1 ' s ' ü «d on t iv 14th ult. (or Aliaiaio»
number ol the coloured people of Plillade.
phia assembled ut Bethel Church in tho''
Ivon thc 6tii inst. and passed unaniiu'. iiy
tin* following resolutions, the Rev. R. Aik*
I being in the Cdiair.—
llcaolvrtl. That ivc do approve of tliepr
posai» of President Boyer; also, heartily fo
cur with him in the heliefthat theemig'rai'i
u, the Island of 1 1» "ti will be more rc1v;,i '
! <),, vioiufiiv about • i Meek ( sal ./tl- -
New York Meri-iii'ile Vt'vL- ri er' -hh,.I •
is 1 èr of tq c . ,, yam j- ... Y . / j u , Nt
' the v lcivi'-it the hr -v sH • • mi we re-r
1 1( , t, t V t ..'m,'' .• , i'.'" l , tu .'\,.
1 sun :i vouuir lady • hr t -
ado'nted dam foer ôf V,- '
of New York' The ,,r, '•
■ • -mu»,
I fc
and it was feared v uuld not -un ive
I lured man -. • > i ' . '
; denliallv tbem' V!!' .'the ,? ■ ■' nè- /.is win. ■
in tlm reach of ti/! . fo u. ! 1 he forv.ani
is cabin was mu bfo rod ' d/'nass/rer wh «
was in it esc in.., t Ti) accident a;.
è mod to fo unt n ^ 1 • ïhÆ-r wt«
r , ai .umom la do—tnc !><» ->
ÄÄÄr ! Ith u!cuK^
le ! j Id fi uVhn v'f - v alle r
. 1 , t told that the s det) solve».
In "if 1 *"1 ll,,ic ' t:,!; .plosion took p!Iirw ;
l' 0 '!" 1 conjecture that can anse, is -
^stance wa. drawn to it Iran '
■ oastructeu the passage. 1 lie exph
h, °' 1 was l'°wpriul, the boiler being -wis' 1
and torn to pieces-lt was thrown a cousid
s ! era, >lw lieiglit in the air, and fell m a diri •
| „X w^S^K U ' at " wl " :1 '" ^
The above are directions fin
i genus to us than to the Colony in Ah
It was also on motion.
Retained, That a Committee of twcnfj
appointed to dev ise and adopt, such measiy .
as s'iall or may he deemed most expedier
tor the promotion oftfi. ■ aboie objet ivl.x'■
"ugly was dene.
ly vein's of
Peter V. Ledyar-'.
r of the boat,
on the wharf wit.da ;
w is severely scales»'
n ! M est
Was Stm,(bug
•t of thc L tat.
v f
Prc • '
as oi

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