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Entered at the Wilmington Post Office as Second Class Matter.
THE SUN is published every day in the year and is distributed throughout
tin* City of Wilmington anil the State of Delaware* by authorized agonts.
100J Kast Sixth Stnvt.
No. 911 Walnut Stnvt.
Good morning!
This city needs a modern hotel.
Next Thursday week will be donation day at the Sunday Break
fast Mission.
Help it if you can.
Scripture alludes to the beauty of brethren dwelling together
The members of Olivet Church should read and reflect.
in unity.
The east-side streets are in a littered condition and need a good,
out-and-out cleaning to be followed up by numerous other
doses of the same medicine.
Six men are candidates for the mayoralty of greater New York.
After the election five of them will be anxious to explain the horri
ble corruptness of modern politics.
The Christian Endeavor Convention, in Baltimore, has attracted
Endeavorers from this city. These conventions are recog
nized as being among the most important religious events of the
century. > _ _
The government contractors having charge of the dredging of
the Delaware seem to have discovered the secret of perpetual mo
tion. They dig the mud from one place and dump it in another.
When their present contract expires, they will be looking for a job
to haul the mud back from the place where they are now dumping
it, to the place where they first got it.
The sad death of young .Brear, the unfortunate cyclist whose
*kull was fractured in a collision with a street car, should be a les
and a reminder to wheelmen in general that in the streets of a
city, riders cannot exercise too much care. A rapidly moving
bicycle cannot be readily or quickly stopped. The dangers of fast
riding are therefore quite apparent. The young man who lost his
life was perhaps quite as careful as hundreds of other riders about
Wilmington. ^
When the report reached Madrid that General Weyler's admir
ers in Havana were desirous to f tendering him a farewell ban
generally believed that the Madrid government misunderstood the
matter and supposed the Havana contingent had offered General
Weyler a bank. As the Spanish government requires all stray
banks for its own financial necessities, the reason for the order is
There has been much adverse criticism regarding the conduct
of an individual, name unnecessary to state, who recently borrowed
$17 from a local pawnbroker on the security of a pin worth $1.
fact, said individual lias been called harsh names, involving asper
sion's upon his integrity. As, however, he agreed to pay the in
terest on $17, when he borrowed $17, the transaction seems to have
been a mere bit of financiering. We respectfully call the attention of
Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan and the other members of the Union Paci
fic syndicate to the existence of a young man in Wilmington whom
they could use in their business.
The awkward whispers that Colonel Ezekiel T. Cooper, formerly
of Dover, has gone to Honolulu to capture Mr; Boggs, formerly of
the First National Bank, Dover should be silenced at once. Colo
nel Cooper has merely gone to Hawaii to inspect the country at
the request of the Hawaiian government. Everything was gotten
in readiness for his visit, presumably, and even an old volcano,
which hadn't turned a wheel in years, began to "erupt" when it
heard he was coming. Colonel Cooper's return to the land of the
free and the home of the brave is awaited with much anxiety by
official circles at Washington as the latter will be governed
altogether by his report in deciding whether the Hawaiian Islands
shall or shall not be annexed to Kent County.
orders were at once cabled forbidding him to accept it.
It is
"One reason why we advise specific advertising as better than
general is because of its two-fold results. You get immediate re
turns; you know whether or not your advertising is effective; and
you get all the general benefit you could possibly derive from gen
eral advertising.
You can not trace the results of general advertising except in a
If at the end of a year, or a number of years, you
general way.
have been successful, it is fair to assume that your advertising has
been of some avail.
O11 the contrary, if your advertising deals with particular items
to be taken at once, you can see an immediate effect or you don't,
and according as you realize immediately or otherwise you are able
to judge of the effectiveness of your advertising."—Dry Goods
Hon. Thomas F. Bayard'is now reported on his way from Europe
to represent a British syndicate in New York, and it is added, his
salary will be "at least equal to that of the President of the United
States." All patriotic Americans will resent this as a piece of
Anglo-Saxon impertinence,'wljjcli should at once bemade the sub
ject of international correspondence. Isa British syndicate to
be permitted to pay its New York representative a salary equal
to that of the president of the United States without having first
secured permission to do so from Secretary of State Sherman ? Not
much. Ati investigation is in order. Let Lord Salisbury be com
pelled to give bail tor his appearance. As to Mr. Bayard he seems
I to have "caught" 011.
The next time the British lion gets his tail in the door crack,
there will be a slatn, and don't you forget it.
, . — -
Winter is coming and those who haven't gone to the Klondike
to take gold, can stay home and take cold.
There is a lot of maudlin sentiment being wasted* upon thei
unemployed." Any intelligent man who really wants work can i
get it. _ _
Local merchants would do well to make a special window display |
for the Saturday night crowd on Market street. No better adver-!
tising scheme hos been devised than good window displays.
The Street and Sewer Department has expended quite a sum of
money in repairing roadways in the business section of the city.
This is right. Every dollar spent to improve a road is*we 11 spent.
Mr. Washington Hastings objects to the adoption of the proposed
new city charter and says the system of city commissions is far
superior to that of an elective council. As Mr. Hastings is a mem
of one of the commissions, his opinion on the subject is necessarily
The chief of police advises the levying of a tax on bicycles, the
The sugges
proceeds to be invested in a good path for wheelmen,
tion as to the path is all right, but why tax bicycles alone ? As
bicycle riders help pay for everything others use why should not
all hands help them in turn? Besides this, half a dozen Courts
have already declared bicycle taxes to be unconstitutional.
Every grade crossing in the city limits should be abolished
forthwith. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company has no more
right to maintain a nuisance than anybody else and certainly no
individual could hope to establish and maintain ten or a dozen
death-traps in any part of Wilmington.
Now the silver service for the Gunboat Wilmington is an as
sured fact, let arrangements be made for its proper presentation
with appropriate ceremonies. The day when the service is delivered
the commander of the vessel should be a local holiday and Wil
mington should shine in a blaze of glory. If properly arranged,
thousands will visit the city to witness the ceremonies.
The bicycle is soon to have a competitor and a good one.
Road-skates capable of making fifteen miles an hour on a fair
road have been put on the market and the demand indicates that
road skating has come to stay. One concern in London sold five
hundred gross of skates at retail last month and rinks are being
erected throughout the Kingdom for the promotion of the sport.
Each skate is equipped with a leg guard reaching to the knee.
When all the men live out-doors more the world will be the better
for the change. Good roads gentlemen ! good roads.
The dangers of annexation, concerning which the papers
of this country have been making so much ado of late, are vividly
illustrated in the case of Greater Newark. That youthful and
inexperienced suburb has recently incorpoirted into its limits
everything in sight. Brooklyn has been taken in, churches and
all; Long Island City, including Mr. P. Jerome Gleason, has been
added to the funded debt; the Bronx, has been pocketed, with its
bronchitis. But these acquisitions are giving it no trouble. It
little old Staten Island that raised hob. Unbeknown to the
politicians one of the contents of Staten Island was Henry George.
Mr. George was "layinglow," waiting to be annexed; and scarcely
the deed done than he sprang forth, a full-fledged candidate
Mr. George's candidacy is causing a portion
for the mayoralty,
of the hard feelings with which New York's politics are beset at
the present time.
It is well to call the attention of all statesmen, local and national,
to this awkward affair.
ciple, but in particular cases it is apt to prove disastrous.
Hawaii, for instance. Suppose it were annexed, and Mr. Dole, or
Mr- Killikinnick, or Queen Lilioukalani were to come to the front
candidate for the office of deputy collector of the port of Wil
Annexatiou is all right as a general prin
as a
mington, Delaware? What would the great and good authorities
at Washington do about it ?
Friday night on a gang of young
The police raid made
bruisers, who, with two lads, were assisting in a prize-fight in a
stable in Filbert street, presents the prize-ring question in a new
and dangerous light. When Corbett and Fitzsimmons fought in
Carson City, the result there was that the youthful population of
that decaying town started forth to win similar distinction in the
in earnest—which is more than can be
That they were
said of the adult gladiators in all cases—is shown by the fact that
in a school room where fifty-three male scholars were assembled
there was counted on one day seventy-six black eyes, while other
contusions on view were as numerous. The young rascals emulat
ing the prowess of the champions and copying the example of the
victor, had thumped each other in the region |of the heart with
such violence that it is also related there was no breast that did
not bear the colors of war. The battles were waged with sucli
ferocity and pluck that the gambling fraternity of Carson took
interest in the flower of these youth and made matches,
which were fought to a finish and excelled in dash and
spirit the greater contest of the professional business.
Finally the authorities interfered and locked up a lot of the young
rascals, breaking up the evil practice by such discipline, reinforced
by more-effective penalties applied at home. Nevada has herself
to blame She invited the prize fighters into her borders, having
repealed the laws that interfered with the practice of their profess
ion there, and it is but natural that she should thus have imbued
her youth with the spirit of the arena. But what has Philadelphia
done ' Surely there are no prize fights under the guise of contests
of manly skill being held in this city ? If there be such, then it is
not strange that Percy Pagan, aged 14, and Dan Rodden, aged 15,
should wish to settle the important question of which is the better
man by trial. It is an encouraging sign that they were not per
mitted to reach a decision, and their arrest was quite proper—if
they were fighting. The police obviously thought they were, and
they locked them up. Now Magistrate South has dismissed the
case 011 the ground that there was no evidence of a prize and he
would not therefore enter into the question of the fight. The
natural conclusion is that on this decision, so long as the stakes are
not apparent, fighting is no breach of the law and victory may sit
the brows of those that claim her.— The Philadelphia Times.
If they want to fight whose business i s it anyhow ?
• ft?
HT/ilS is a most desirable combi* r {ion 1
* Lantern, either to carry around m t
yowr hand or on your carnage
- - driving.Jor which Id
convert ieut
re supplied,
bright tin
t hick is he /1
try distr: bu
holders a
It has a
reflector, ■
steadily b
ting the flood cf hgh
| handy device fo\
at: ug globe 1 to
and turn 1 , uhu
lochs both glob
uhere in -' /
|i long. It has a l ull
' ere lens on
/or ated plat
distinct fro\
—J making it xi
ferior to the ordinary bull's-eye glo
a spring to slip over carnage dash.
Our line of Lanterns ana Lamps U
extensive, a Catalogue of -ut.n.n ...at.
free upon app'tcatton. ;TJ
_— '1
R. B. Dietz Comp,.::
fO Laight Street
new vo:?:
r.stabltsnrd in /SjO
"nth. They mute no ih-kuMt, contain no poison ^ HW
fati. 80M by 1 (rufgiita •••rvwhara or tenth* mall. I artle
alan (tenUd) ilUOl 8FBC1V1C €•„ FklU* Fa.
The only religious pastry.
Every ingredient is named in
the Bible. Even the directions
for mixing are found in the word
of God. Christians everywhere
should be interested in this mar
velous receipe. The verses in
the Bible are given; thesmybols
are absolutely correct. Holy
Cake is a delicious pastry that
should be served in every Chris
tian family and at every religious,
feast. Verily is it taken from
the Book ot God. A printed 1
copy costs a dime. Address: The 1
Religious Exchange, Wilkes-:
Barre, Pa.
Do you want $1500 of it? That
is the first prize to be given in a
Grand Contest inaugurated by
the National Recorder, a large
weekly Washington newspaper.
In order to advertise The
Monthly Herald, the people's
popular paper, we will send von
both papers one year, and a cer-1
tificate entitling you to compose 1
for the above mentioned prizes,
The National Rc
for 75cents.
colder alone is $1.00 a year. At
325 HAY WIN,
it is next to impossible to com- j
pete and not win. The contest |
is a simple word puzzle, such asi
any child can work out. Con-1
test closes November 1st, 1897 . |
Send at once and receive the two 1
papers, containing Music, Liter
ature, Science, Art, Invention,
Stories, Comic, etc., together
with full directions regarding
the contest, and the certificate.
Address all communications to
New Brunswick, N. J.
Heart Disease
* Kills Suddenly,
but never vltliou l fair winning. By an
occasional fluttering, a perceptible palpita
tion, shortness cf breath, etc.; in many way**
is tlio victim fully notified. But hi* friends
are ignorant,arid the warning is dlsri
until loving i
dazed by another sudden death.
' My wifesulfered years with hearttroutile
which the doctors called jncurubla valvular
coagulation of tlio heart. She took 3 bottles
of Dr. Miles' Heart Curo six months ago,
and has not su 17cred since. 6 iio sleeps well,
and is like
Eatcs arc shocked aul
cw person altogether, and
says Dr. Milos' Homed 1 03 arc gold to Vicr
V. B. Jackson, 701 S. 27tli St., Omabr, 2Seb.
1-or sale by druggists
first bottle will benefit, or money refunded.
Dr. Miles'
Heart Giiire
Restores Health
Piles or Hemorrhoids.
Fissures & Fistulas.
Burns & Scalds.
Wounds & Bruises.
Cuts & Sores.
Boils & Tumors.
Eczema & Eruptions.
Salt Rheum & Tetters.
Chapped Hands.
Fever Blisters.
Sore Lips & Nostrils.
Corns & Bunions.
Stings & Bites of Insects.
Three Sires, 25 c, 50c. and il.cr
•oMbydrufasiu, or Mai |k>«-—U onnoelptof price
Mb, III *1
Of course you don't mean
to have a bow-legged child
nor do you want your big,
handsome boy to walk with
his toes turned in or his knees
splayed out—or worse still—
knocked, now; do you ?
Why not start right? Its
all in the shoes you buy the
baby. If the shoes are right
all is well. You will feel
better if you know that they
are right. See to it that you
o «/
. - . . • 1 ,
get them just right.
Several firms carry right
shoes for babies. We have
no other kind of shoes to sell.
None for men ; none for
women; none for children
but just shoes for babies.
Let papa,, grandmother,
nurse or the lady next dooj
hold Precious under the arms.
Rest the pink toes and pointed
heels firmly on a big-enough
piece of stiff paper, draw a pen
cil mark around the feet just
as they are. Don't leave that
little bit of room, but outline
the feet exactly AS you find
them, mind you, each of
them, for they are not alike;
us the piece of paper,
tell us whether baby is a boy
or girl, and we will make a
p a j r 0 f shoes that you will
> J
know are just right.
right keep them and we will
keep the dollar. If they are
■ , ■ , , , , , ,
not just right send them back
with a new drawing and get
Send a dollar bill with the
order. If the shoes are just
another pair, or, if you ask
y 0Ur dollar. Write to US
if you want to know anything
about babies. We are women.
Tbe ;Baby Supply Co.,
Wilkes Barre, Pa. f
-------- - _ -
k 1
arc the new standard of bicycle
quality. A beauty of line, aq ex-' M
quisiteness of workmanship, nnj fjj
ease of running never known in! "S
bicycles before. SIOO.
Middletown Cycles
are the usual $SC0 kind.
$60, $50, $40.
Catalogues freo.
r.CRCESTMCrCLt MIC. CO., 17 Murray St., K.T.
r.ul.rir,: lIMIt.
r, .1 f.in.
The modem stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.

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