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A. L. Ainscow,
802 Market Street.
Everything Strictly piyst Class.
X. E. Cor. Third and Market Sts.
Wilmington, Delaware.
SETS OF TEETH, $5.00 and $8.00
- - SI-00 up
. . 75 cents.
50 cents,
75 cents.
75 cents.
tad Filled wath Gold
g-n Filled wltb Silver
Filled with Amalgam
Filled with Cement
Filled with Granite
Gas Administered.
Wilmimon, Del.
No. 619 Tatnall Street,
Jamaica Rum, per gal., . .
Holland Gin, per gal., . .
Blackberry Brandy, per gal., .
French Cognac, per bottle, .
Italian Brandy, per quart, .
Scotch Whisky, per bottle, - i 25
3 00
3 w>
2 00
1 50
1 00
$ 75
1 50
J 50
1 5°
1 50
3 00
1 50
Claret, per gal.,.
Port, per gal.
Sherry, white, per gal., . .
Canadian Sherry, red, per gal.
Muscatel, per gal.
Ginger, per gal.
Catawba, per gal.
Genuine Imported Champagne, per
qt. bottle, $ 2 . 50 ; in pint bottle, 1 50
Chianti, per pint bottle, . .
Marsala, per pint bottle, . .
Annisette, per gal., . . } . 2 00
Imported Vermonth, per case of 12 qt.
bottles, 57.00 per case ; $ 1.00 per bot.
Domestic Vermouth, per case of 12 qt.
bottle, £ 5.00 per case; 75 c per bot.
French Chartreuse, green and yellow,
per bottle.
Ex't D'Absinthe, per bottle, .
Benedictine, per quart, . .
Sosolio, sweet, per bottle, . .
Fernet, per bottle, ....

x 00
1 50
• 1 75
1 50
No. 1 Monogram Whisky, per gal., 5 00
No. 2 Rye " "
Gran-pap Whiskey, per gal , .
Imperial Whisky, per gal., .
3 no
2 00
1 5°
25c 50c
An absolute necessity for every crop.
An illustrated book which tells what Potash is, how it
should be used, and how much Potash a well-balanced
fertilizer should contain, is sent free to all applicants.
Send your address.
dERMAN KALI WORKS, 93 Nasinu St., New York.
3^A33IN g !
The marvelous cloaner. The only cleaner. Instantaneous, Thorough,
Perfect. To clean Brass is ft fine art.
Every other cleaner on tlie market today either stain the woodwork
nround the brass, scratches or smears. Urassinc cleans the brass perfect
ly and stains nothing. It is the greatest preparation in the wot Id for
cleaning brass. It requires no labor to clean brass Mth Brassiue. Mere
ly cover tbc brass with Brossine and wipe it off again and it is as clean
md bright as it was the dav't, was burnished at the factory.
Brassine costa One Dime a package. Agents are simply coming
money handling Bassine. Street men are getting rich handling Brassine.
Brassiue sells at every door. Think of it You can clea 1 - all the brass in
ordinary house perfectly iu five minutes. Specinl terms to Agents.
River and Union Streets, Wilkes-Barre, Penna.
is worth after
That's what every bushel of
a , p being ground on our
il Scientific Grinding Mill
Here'j something entirely ncwi a 2 to 4
aSpSp 9 hone Mill. Vc call it DOUBLE ACTION—
Vff V both plates revolve. Grinds Ear Corn and all
n grains for feed. Other styles and sizes. 2 to 50 h.p.
TNEF 00 SMF 6 . CO. Springfield, 0 .
Wilmington, Delaware.
Grand Wax-work and Cham
ber of Horrors.
Proprietor and Manager.
I Open daily from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M.
Remember these are not pictures but
are life size wax figures representing the
different punishments and modes of ex
ecutions and are as natural as life. These
figures are direct from Paris and are as
fine as any in the world. Have been visi
ted by the Clergy in every City.
Afternoons especially reserved for
Ladies and Children, so as to avoid the
rush at night.
Don't miss it'
The Sight of a Life-time,
15 §0515
For Tea Cents of any kind of money
we will send you
The Florists Secret.
You will never have a failure with your
plants if you follow the one si mplo di
rection we send you for Ted Cants
Do yon want your plants to grow.
Send a Dime.
The Flower Show,
Ncr 318 Muench Street,
Is about as netr perfection as 50 years
of Lamp-Making can attain to. It
burns kerosene, and gives a powerful,
clear,white light, and will neither blow
nor jar out. When out driving with
tt the darkness easily keeps about two
hundred feet ahead of your smartest
horse. When you want the very best
Driving Lamp to be had, ask your
dealer for the " Biots."
We Issue a special Catalogue of this
Lamp, and, if you ever prowl around
after nlght-xall, tt will interest you.
'TIs mailed free.
6o Laight St., New York.
Established in 1840 .
Paragraphed Pointers From
the Tnrf.
A Kcsiuiia of the Latest Doings in
Athletics Indoor and Field
S|miHs That arc
Self Defence.
Prn.A 0 Ei.rniA, Pa., Oct. 25, 1807.
Tom Williams of Australia proved a
worse 1 customer than Charley McKeevor
bargained for at the Winter Circus to
night McKeover out pointed the Austra
lian as far as science was concerned but
Williams is a fighter and a tougq and
game irmna ml in a finish fight would be a
hard man for McKeever to whip.
McKeover knocked Williams to his knees
in the first round, and in the sixth lie
dazed Williams and it looked like a
knock-out, but McKeever waste wild to
to land another blow and Tom stayed
the round out and was mixing it up at
the call of time.
Croekey Boyle defeated Andy Rambo,
Frank Farley and Eugene Rowan fought
a draw, Fred Woods defeated Tom Beck
with, Joe Dougherty and Young Smyrna
of Chester boxed a draw that was full of
The management of the new Tulane
Athletic Club, of New Orleans, arc in
hard luck. First they had a fatality in
their arena, and now the match bet ween
Kid McPartland and Jack Everhardt lias
been declared off on account of Jack be
ing seized with yellow fever. The man
agement lias been indiscreet in trying to
pull off boxing matches during the prev
alence of an epidemic of fever. McPart
land and his Northern companions are
worse, for they were foolhardy in going
South at this time. They will be fortu
nate indeed if they escape with their
What a bigoted chump "Macon Mc
Cormick must be. He is the only man
in America who don't know that Fitz
simmons bested Corbett. Can it be that,
he is on Vera's pay roll?
Johnny Glvnn of this citv lias been
matched'to fight Casper Leon of New
York a twenty-round contest on next.
Saturday night in New Y'ork.
Jim Corbett lias till to-day to answer
I'etcr Maher's challenge to fight. But
he is not likely to reply, and if he does
not Peter will take on Gits Rnhlin, the
western heavy weight.
There is no doubt lint tlmt Kid McCoy
and Dan Creedon will conic together to
fight for the middle weight champion
ship of tlie world. Honest John Kelly
will pull off the tight in Montreal, on
November 19.
The \\ arren Football team, through its
manager, A. W. helak, lias been trying
for a number of years to get a game with
the strong West Chester team. TJu*
manager of the West Chester team wrote
Mr. Selak that they would play the first
game with the Warren at West ( hester
if they would pay their own expenses
and receive none ot the gate receipts, and
they would come down here on the same
terms. This looked like a flim-flam, awl
the Wairen management wanted each
team to post a forfeit with some response
hie person. The West Chester team
agreed to a 825 forfeit, but that is an
other foxy move of'the West Chesters'
manager, for if the Warren goes to West i
Chester they do not get a cent, and the
other team gets it all, and they can easily
afford to lose the forfeit by not coming |
here to play tlie return game. If the
manager of the West Chester team means
business let him post a forfeit of 8200 in j
responsible bands, anil the Warren will j
do the same. Then the people of W il- j
nnngton and West Chester will see a ,
gamethat they have always wanted to!
Fool Imll
The Killikiniek fontlwll team, com - 1
posed of Germans, will line up agiiinst j
the strong Ariel team at the Kiverview j
grounds on Thursday next. The feature :
of the game will lie that the Killikinniek i
team will give their signals in German.
Vennsylvaina will lose two of her best :
football players next year. They are |
Captain Minds and Jackson, the crack
half-back. Bovle may and may not
plav. If he does plnv lie will more than .
likelv lie elected captain [
An effort will be made next year to I
abolish tlie t ry for a goal after a touch
down. It is also proposed to give five
points for a touch-down, four points for
a goal from the field and two points for
a safety.
At the Y'ale-('arlisle football game in
New York on Saturday, tlie Yale girls
wore violets and the ( arlislo girln won—|..
well, there were no Carlisle girls. A*
the feminine sympathies were for the I
Yale team, the Indians never got so
much as the sniff of a violet.
IJTlie Wilmington lligli School foot-ball
team will play the Media High School
team on Thursday next at Union Street
('apt. Iluxlev of the High School them
hack hi the game on Thursday
and will be a great help to the team.
A real live tramp was seen in New
Y'ork yesterday on a bicycle. Ho wore a
ragged bicycle suit, bis wheel was about
to collapse, and on bis arm was the tra
ditional tin can.
Frank Starbitck Imp gone to Lewisburg,
Pa., where he will live in retirement for
while at least. The suspension placed
on the conqueror of the groat Mich
oel still stands, and until it is raised
the middle-distance champion
ride on road or track, so he might just
as well live easy as to be spending money
and working hard in training. It is
probable that the new match with
can not
for Thanksgiving Day will be
declared off.
E. I. Rogers of New Castle has the dis
tinction of owning the first bicycle
bought in the United States.
Tlie bicycle war is on between chain
and cliainless wheel makers. The chain
wheel people assert the other kind of
wheel is no good, and the chainless
people say, behold, it. is ! Wait till the
public get hold of them and then we
will know which is which.
Women should never use rat-trap
pedals as there is great danger of them
catching in the skirtH and throwing the
rider. Rubber pedals, with toe clips, am
much better.
Tom Talk.
The fastest mile trotted this season and
tlie fastest ever trot led by a 4-year-old
gelding oil his first
was made by the .Mon
ingteli, Ky.
The Singerly race track did. not open
yesterday as was expected, on account of
the weather. The track will open on
Wednesday'next if nothing happens.
Janie T., two-vear-old record 2.14, is
one of tlie heaviest winning trotters of
1807, her winnings amounting to 810.
Albert B. Evans, turf correspondent in
Pennsylvania for tlie Turf, Field and
Farm, was married recently to .Miss
Laura Wheelen, a daughter of a well
known Canadian sportsman.
Elloree was taken very sick after her
race in the Ashland Purse at Lexington,
and at one time her life was despaired of.
Ladv Geraldine, 2.204, a two-year-old
filly, by .Constantine, stepped a mile
over the Lexington, Kv., track recently
in 2-174.
George H. Huber, the baker, has
purchased the pacer Billy West. On
Saturday last at Belmont lie ran second
to Democracy. It is probable that he
will be brought home to-dnv.
public appearance
k in 2.08) at Lex
Roil. Gun and Boat.
Tlie season for shooting rabbit and
quail on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
will soon be here. In Talbot county
this year the quail are very plentiful.
James Hurlock, Charles Ilurlock, C.
Connoley and 8 . Low were contestants
in a shooting match the other day, in
which James Hurlock came out on top.
ShuflTeboard and Bowling.
E. M. Hoopes of this city won first
prize in a bowling contest in Harlem,
N. Y. A paper of that city, speaking of
the contest, said that Mr. Hoopes was
simply fine.
Tlie bowling contest which is taking
, ....
phwe at the Young Men's Republican
Club is one of the most exciting that lias
ever been held in t his city. Messrs.
chandler and Wilson are tied for first I
place with F. D. Lackey a close second. |
The playing to-night was very close andj
F. D. Lackey and II. C. Chandler |
played t wo games, Lackey winning the
first by the score of 800 to 285. But j
('handler turned tlie tables in the sec
oml game by winning in by the score of;
285 to 2!M>. G. S. Woodward won from
E. Waite by the score of 800 of to 251. j
There are twenty-four contestants and|
they each are to play twenty-three games. 1
p„|] ( | W i n g ) s tlie number of games won ,
, , . , ,, , ,, ,
and lost bv each man: Meliafty, won 2; |
lost 2. Quigley, \\<>n 0, lost 2. Ham- \
by, won 2; lost 1. Lackev, won 8 ; lost
K T Byt>) wnn 2; lost (1. Billanv, won ;
. ,, ., . . n. ] os t o
-» 10Ht -> "on u, iosi main,,
won 0; lost 3. Rudolph, won •>; lost 4. j
l»vle, won 0 ; lost 0. Knox, won 2 : lost |
a * sterling, won 2; lost 4. Chandler, i
- , . , , , _ , „ , ,
won o; lost I. Woodard, won u; mst 4.
Beegs, won 1; lost 4. Brown, wonlost
Kemp, won 1;lost 2. Mode, won 0; j
| (|S , Pennington, won 2; lost 1 .
. , , " , ....,
" m,c ', """ ' 1 * ost " , ' s
lost 1. Wentz, won 0 ; lost 1 . Howell, j
won 0 ; lost 0 .
i'ool and Hilliard*.
Edward McLaughlin, champion of;
Pcnnsvlvcnin, ami Ora Moruingstar will
p | nv a ' n exhibition game of billiards in a
rooin at Fortv-sccond street and Broad
wav, New Y'ork, during the week begin
Tlie game will be 14
'5(1 points each utternoon
evening. MeLaugli.iii i* to play
shots ill balk-hue and Mormugstur
J'ing Oetoher 2
hicli balk line,
il,1( l
Jockev Ctinniiiglitim eflrmi Hill and
.j white pluvial ten interesting games of
p(lo l at tlie'Hotel Jennings vesterdnv
„ nl i r, V( . games,
. . .
* 'hick Neel, the cliaiiijnoii Jock oi the
outlaw tracks, and a tedow mck-named
"fl" h .", ims ll '" ,v|mlmi ""
°' , u ' f #,i '
| ir, ium . tja■ -J
"W 1 " lil 1,111111 ■'
l 1111 ' 1 '
„ w ,„ l!tl make a great halfback
, , .
if they could get some one to take Ins
place at end.
an with tt cue
ks. w« re seen nt I bird
yesterday playing
Spurt in.if. Xu: i s.
Liwtun plays a great game at full back
being a g"'d kicker and g.
backer. But he must step the habit
stepping when about to lie tackled.
Simmons is a hard tackier and a great
line bucket 1 , and lie also lias his eye i n
the ball.
'f :
McDannoll of tlie Warren is tlie Hard
est man on the team to tackle.
Cornell's College A. A., which wits |
organized in 188ft without n cent, now
owns property worth 825,000. Foot ball
is the only self-supporting sport at the | •«■
Captain Prentiss can run an end and
buck the line with any of them.
James Devine or Harry Lee
Badly Cut.
In ' His Last TaleJHe Clainisjjto
Have jBe.-n Slalilied^aud
Robbed by Fellow Ho
boes in a Car.
Some queer things happen in the
West Yard sometimes and railroad men
are used to them, andean usually guess
pretty close as to the cause. Last night
however, produced a mystery. About
half past 10 o'clock a man was noticed
staggering about the yard, and as Be
seemed in a fair way to be injured by
Some of the trains that dodge incessantly
up and down the many tracks, the men
investigated. They found him bleeding
from numerous cuts and stabs[and other
wise cruelty mangled, lie was in a piti
able condition, but refused to give his
name or any information regarding him
self, and accounted for his injuries by
saying that he had fallen off a train. He
did lint want to be helped, but seeing his
conditioiijitjwus.thought best Jto bring
him to tiny city, and hciwas*accord inglv
put aboard a shifter and.brouglit to the
P., W. &jB. depot. Tlie officers of the
patrol were notified and took him to tlie
Delawnre^II ospital.
According to the story lie told the offi
cers his name was James Devine, of 28
South street* Brooklyn. He came in on
a south-bound freight about 8 o'clock, in
company with five other men. He
claims that he does not know them, and
says that, finding that he had some
money in his possession, they tried to
force him to give it up. He resisted, and
in tlie melee he was cut several times.
He was finally worsted and robbed of $2-4
which lie claims to have had, and
pitched out of tlie car in the West Yard.
His story may or may not be true.
The general impression among the rail
road men seems to be that lie did not
tell the truth.
It is certain that his injuries could
never have resulted from falling ofi
train, unless he fell on the points of two
or 4 ,rte knIve8- 1 1B left arl11 ™ gashed
am * eut 11 terrible manner, and a gap
ing wound extended diagonally across
his left breast.
As to the story of his
having 824 it seems very unlikely that
lie should be in possession of any such
"""h as Ids whole appearance was that
of an unusually dilapidated specimen of
by the time lie recovers,
, , , . ,
It was tumid at the hospital that at
least two of his wounds were serious. Dr,
the man's low physical condition was
* •
againt him. W hile, the woiiiub vere
being dressed the initials "H. i
but insisted Unit tlie rest of his
The Operator at a Station Control
the Movement ortho Cars,
YVasiiixotox, Oct. 25.— Consul Morris
,. M o,., t „ , hl . .
0 ' ! ' .
Department a new invention recently
the hobo, although investigation will
probably be mode by the police authori
ties and the facts of the case arrived at
Joyce who attended him stating that
noticed tatooed on the left foiv.i i uno
when asked what they were for, t. e man
admitted that his name was Ha \ a
was true.
tried mi the State Railroad of France,
mid which is intended to check and stop
trn j ns . Tin 1 device is operated from the
puts the brakes immialiatelv in action.
station, and placed 25rt yards away, will
stop tlie train before it reaches the sta
ll is fastened to the rails, and
when in oixmition catc
hanging from the ]ia*sing locomotive
which causes nil air valve to open and
In coinurtion with this device it*another
which connects the grade
with it in pitch a manner that the pates
catnici he opened without t lie bra he from
the track is in operation.
crossing gates
Wants Him* Oiplnnni.
OttAM.K, X. J., Oct. 2*1
MisH (dace
Xi!cs is siiinuf tn cnmjx^ the governors • f
the Orange Training Sclu 1 for Nur.s. , s to
ss Niles paHHet .1
refused u di
111 .
ill examinations, hut
pi,min owing t
patients. The plaintiff is said to he ad
dicted to verse writing, but as she is not
accused of reading her poetry to patients
the charges may lie withdrawn.
y former
Mrs. Henlinaii's I-'iltleral.
The funeral of Mrs. Catherine Herd
man, who died of typhoid fever, will
tnk '* l'J a,r from 1,l,r llUo residence, No.
"05 French street, at ft o clock this
'""filing. High mass will bo celebrated
Stl I '» trick ' H Ch " rcl '' aml inu '" m ' nt
made at the New Cathedral Cemetery.

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