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Kent and 8usaex Happenings Briefly
Hakrisoton, Del., Oct. 21).—George W.
Dennis, charged with robbing Matthew
Goslin, Jr., of this town, of $14, was'yes
terday sentenced to receive 15 lashes and
to be imprisoned in the county jail one
Several of our citizens owning teams
are talking of going to Cedar Beach to-1
day to try and pick up some of the oil
reported as being washed ashore in bar-!
Special to Tits Sex.
rels from tlie wreck of the Francisco R.
_ , , , . ,
The trotting races scheduled to take
place yesterday at the Harrington Dnv-1
ing Park liave been postponed until Fri-1
day of next week, on account of tlie!
• ...... .
mu 1 \ 1 mu ltion I) t 11 tnu
David Hudson living near town, had
the reins stolen Iron, off Ins horse which
was hitched along the main street last
m jf b " „ ,
Miss May Jones has been appointed:
. , . " , . , ' .
teacher 111 the primary department of
T , , 1 .Hi
the Public School at Houston, and will
take clmrge November 1.
Wilbert Swain, who has been ill for
several weeks witli typhoid fever is re
ported as being much improved.
Miss Edna Reed is visiting Dover
Dr. C. C. Cole, of Dover, was in town
yesterday on business.
John Applebaugh of Altoona, l'a., an
employee of tlie N. Y., P. & N. K. R., in
their boiler simps at Cape Charles City,
Va., was drowned this morning in the
Chesapeake bay. It is supposed that he
lost his life by falling overboard, owing!
to the darkness of the night. His body
was recovered.
Tlie underwriters
Special to Tiif. Si x.
Milford, Oct. 29.
have appeared on the scene at the short*
where the oil from the foundered hark
Francisco II was being taken away in
great quantities and are li ving to pre
vent the remove! of ii. Just what the
outcome will lie is hard to tell at this
time, as the parties inning the oil in
possession claim the underwriters have
no autlmritv to show whv tliev can ure
vent it.
Squirrels are reported very plentiful.
Some of our sports bagging 15 to 20 at
one day's outing.
Preparations are Iring made for the
Union Republican primary call for nom
inating delegates to the Dover Conven
tion to be held on Thursday next.
George S. Adkins, of King, Adkins &
Co., Philadelphia, paid Milford a visit
yesterday, where his many friends and
relatives were glad to see him.
Harry and Reese Layton, of Bridge
ville were in Milford on Thursday.
E. Call and wife are in Philadelphia.
Miss Helen McKitn is in Philadelphia
for an indefinite time.
Mrs. Ruth T. Carlisle is spending a
few days at Farmington among relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hume spent
Thursday at Georgetown with their
daughter, Mrs. R. P. Davis.
in Reedy s Hall lor permanent orgamza
vc is in 1 M dialled pi iia.
Miss Etlilli R<
The Milford Assembly meets to-night
Janies Welch is in Wilmington to-j
jiertaining to tlie order
national delegates at their late eonven
tion which was held in Springfield, III.
A. K. Reynolds is in Pciladclphia on
tion after a delay of several days, caused
by being overflowed with the high tides.
. ... .. • .
313 r< Miirk('t streeb * We have stHl* 2()0
Call at
Dki.mab, Get. 2!).—To-day the sun
struggled from behind tlie clouds which
have enveloped us for a week and shone
for some time.
on busin
of 1 . O. G. F., of which lie was one
The shirt factory lias resumed ojK'ra
pairs gold filled glasses tor 5l)c.
1 nice.
The prospect for l etter
weather has revived business, and build
ing and such other out-door work as was
interrupted by tlie protracted rain storm
lias been resumed.
Mrs. W. A. 1'eck of Pennsylvania is
the guest of tier sister, Mrs. John F.
Mrs. H. J. Thompson is visiting rela
tives at Erie, Pa.
Mrs. E. E. Dunn left to-day on a visit
to her daughter, Mrs. George K. Thomp
son, at Cape diaries, Va.
Mrs. William B. Sirman is visting
Marion, Md., relatives.
M. M. Hill left to-day on a short visit
to liis son, C. W. Hill, of Holmes, Pa.
Mre. Carrie Bryan and family have re
moved from this place to Philadelphia,
which city will he their future home.
Girl Rivals in Deadly Fight.
Bibminciiiam, Ala.,
Barnes and Bessie Thomas, two sixteen
year-old cotton factory operatives, who
met at a friend's house at a social last
nigtit, quarreled over their mutual re
gard for the same youth. Tlie Thomas
girl advanced on tlie Barnes girl with a
pair of scissors. Miss Barnes through a
lighted lamp at her adversary. Tlie lamp
exploded and the burning oil enveloped
the unfortunate creature. The gathering
fled in horror. Miss Thomas was burned
to a crisp before rescue came. Her mur
deress is in hiding.
Get. 29. —Ella
The UrlgieWtlnilt fight on the
flnt page.
Continued From Third Page.
army of trainers and attendants. All of
these men are in the employ of a tin*!
company that has not heretofore indulg
ed in the racing game, but winch intends
to devote a good deal of its attention to :
such matters this winter and during next
season. J
Billy Hollett with his pacemakers may
trv j 01 '. t | 1( . rucor( ] between this city anil;
p>i, ver to-morrow. i
Caleb M. Shettard lias resigned as C 011 -
gu , of thp lx , la „, m , Division of the L. A.
, , , .1
the wheelmen of this vreinitv lose one of
their best men,as Mr. Slieuard has worked
Mthm f(ir ewrv int that wi „ of |
ny advantagl . ^ those who nw thej
bicycl( , 0 ne of his highest ambitions I
has been to get "good roads" in this
.... ,, , .. . .
vicinity. Mr. Sheuard earnestly desires
, . , , ,
tb at they elect tlie gentlemen selected
. ... , • ,
by the nominating committee which are j
as follows: For Chief Consul, William
T. Bndd, of Wilmington; for Vice-Consul, i
Willard Hall Porter, of Wilmington; for
Secretary-Treasurer, Walter D.Busli, Jr.,
of Wilmington; for Representative, Edw.
G. Walls, of Smyrna.
W., on account of the presureof business 1
in Mr. Slietiard's resignation
William Martin, the American rider
who lias been having so much success in
Australia for tlie past two years, lias rid
den, according to the cable message re
ceived from the Antipodes, a straighta
way mile on an asphalt track in 1.1!) 3-5,
but as J' 1 * tbl ' ,v a,v 110 particulars as to
"bether lie was paced or unpaced, or
hod a cyclone behind him.
Edward H. Ten Eyck, amateur sculler,
arrived in Toronto, Can., Get. 20. accom-;
penied by his father, J. A. leu hyek.
^ Haitian met them at the station and
took clmrge of tlie visitors. Aoung Ten
Eyck visited the rowing clubs and met
many local celebrities. He was presented
handsome diamond studded
locket. Alderman Sheppard was chair
man, and made a most felicitous speech.
Ned Hanlan, Harry Piper, Harry Good,
Harry Tlmrley, Frank Nelson and others
made speeches
knowledged tin
Young Ten Eyck ac
gift in suitable terms.
Diamond Dust.
Manager Selee thinks that the All
America team, now playing the Balti
more's, is one of tlie strongest ever gotten
together. Selee says that if President
Yon der Abe had that team located at
St. Louis he would make at least $100,000
during the first season.
James A. Hart, president of the Chi- i
cago Club, was the first of the club otti
ciuls to want the Temple Cup abolished,
and when he made his objection to it
known about a year ago then- was a cry
against him all along the line. Hart,
came in for any amount <of unnecessary
censure for saying anything against the
cup. This vear things are different, and
* • , ...
others are now talking as Hart did a
President Hanlon, of the Baltimore
club, does not expect to make any
l . bangl , s j„ t) K . make up of his team next 1
year ago.
season, other than to add several pitchers
to the stock now on hand. It would be
Hard to see just where an improvement
C ould be made in the nine outside the
j pitcher's position. That is with the nta
, renal that could bo obtained.
1 This year little Willie Keeler led the
major league's batting list. For tbe two
years prior Jesse Burkett held that proud
position, while Duffy preceded him the
y t . ar before. All of these cases knocks
in the head the argument that big men
always make the best batsmen. There
were times, however, when the big men
bad the call in the make up of the teams.
Billv Hamilton, the clever little centre
fielder of the Boston team, is not appre- j
dated by some of the Hubites. He is,
accused of 1 icing a record player. Tliis
may or may not be so, but then* is one
thing that can tie said in liis favor, he is ;
the best run getter in tlie major league , 1
and runs count in victories. !
Herman Long, short stop of the chain
pion Boston team, will manage a bowling ;
alley at Boston this winter. i
McIntyre, who played second base on
the Wilmington team and on last year's 1
Koading team, lias been hold over next
year by Denny Long. He will leave this
city for liis home in Indianapolis next I
week, to spend the winter.
Tlie Australians in the first of the j
cricket matches, commenced yesterday, j
with tlie English eleven, headed by Cap- i
tain Stoddart, where all out to-day for!
409 runs, of which number Hill sccred
200 .
At tlie close of play to-day tlie Eng
lishmen had scored 263 runs for three
wickets, of which the Indian player,!
Prince Ranjitsinglii, scored 137,
Miss Parker Not Dead.
The information received by this paper'
yesterday that Miss Flo Parker, who was !
at Sliellpot Park this summer, is dead,
was not correct. Miss Parker left Phila
delphia on Saturday last for Syracuse,
N. Y., to fill an engagement.
Window, plate and all kinds of glass
at Builey <fc Mammcie's, 15 E. Fourth
Miss Marion Kane of Camden is viait
ing friends in this city.
T. W. Galleher, general freight agent,
and Assistant Stevenson of the B. <St 0.,
were in town yesterday inspecting the
Company's plant.
Richard 8 . Darrah, of McCabe & Dar
rab ' carriage manufacturers, has re
turned from a business trip to New \ ork
" here he received a large contract,
The body of Miss Ida C. Rodinger,
who died of consumption on Wodnes
lJa >' at Xo - !)1 ' ' s P ruce stlwt > was re
moved yesterday to Gettysburg for
Tlie Rev. F. G. Merrill gave a recep
' i,J » bis Bible ( ' lasa at bis residvnee,
year-old son of David Connell, of 1206
West street, had his left shoulder disk,
cated yesterday afternoon while playing
, . . , , , ,
A complaint lias been made about tlie
, . ; , . , , ,
doings ot a number of boys about the

corner of Delaware avenue and Scott
street. Every night they gather there
and create a disturbance.
r -r v ,
aims ae, - ". > ' lnt ' 'J' 1 .
si ing 111 y some hi i ii nng. u
OfficerMiclriefBurr' ' ' lU U " j
iui . k i.u
The funeral of William Everard Lov-|
Lincoln street, yesterday even
'« hich a sumptuous supper was
Josepli Poulsoii Connell, a fourtccn
Tlie British steamer Rubenstein, which
was disabled in the recent storm near
Capo Henlopen, arrived this morning at
the Harlan and Hollingsworth Company,
where slie will undergo repnirs.
The Delaware Truck Company has re
moved the old Smythe Post flag staff
from over tiieir former quarters at Third
and King streets. The fastening had
become insecure and the pole was a
Tlie Reformed Episcopal Church of the |
! Covenant lias extended a call to the Rev.
James Todd of Toronto, Canada, and
tlie probabilities are that lie will accept.
He preached very acceptably at tlie
1 church on Sunday.
A coal oil lamp upset Monday night!
about 11 o'clock at the residence of
ell, who
Thursday, aged !) years, took place yes
terday trom tlie residence of his
father, j
W illiam T. Lovell, at No. !)l )0 West
Seventh street. Interment was made in
Riverview Cemetery.
A man giving his name ns Thomas
Jones fell and cut his head on Delaware
avenue last night at about 7.30 o'clock.
Tlie injured man was taken to a near
by drug store, where his injury was
dressed and then taken to his home.
i Ait stained glass made and repaired by
Bailey & Mainmele, 15 E. Fourth Street,
. , . , „ ,
satisfy actual wants. Iced was steady,
, ... . . .
with ample offerings for limited inquiry!!
Hay was in better supply, and, under a
light.demand, prices ruled weak and low
er. Straw was quiet and unchanged, witli
1 moderate offerings.
Commerce ami Finance.
Puii.Ai>Ei.rin.\, Ocr. 24), Flour continued
firm, in sympathy with the lccont'ad
vance in wheat, but buyers held off, lim
iting their purchases to small lots to
Provisions sold in a
jobbing way on a basis of quotations. Ite
fined Mugars were quiet and steady. Wheat
ruled firm up to the close of the cull,
which an advanc of jc. over last evening's
rates, due to higher cables and bullisli
speculation in all domestic grain centres.
Kxpoit business was restricted by the rise
Corn option was dull, but ruled
firm at the owning, in sympathy with
the advance in wheat. The call, I
showed no important change
evening's rates. A fair export demand
I mv vailed, but bids were generally too low
t° permit of businc
* n small supply and firm, but ruled quiet.
<Ja ts i» car kits ruled linn, and offerings
" t>re ""'T " loderat « bllt all >p!« tor the
d y ,imnd ' Cotton dedined 1-lli. [wr pound,
Grain Movement,
from last
Local ear lots were
teceipts at Philadelphia
(150; Coin !), 8 S 4 ; Gats 39 ,795; < Shipments
from Philadelphia:- Wheat 72,543' Corn
80,882; Receipts at Baltimore;- Wheat
48,776; Corn 98,413; Gats 62,570; Ship
'Rents from Baltimore:- Corn 34,488;
<latH 50,000;
Wheat 121 -
liuttei'mid Eggs.
The following are the official whole
sale prices recorded to-day at tlie l'liila
dolpliia Butter and Egg Uoard:
Solid Packed liktter.
Separator Creamery, extra.
Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
.i 6 r«J 7
anitution ( reamery, extra.
tbl brsts .
do seconds.
('"dli'-puckt'd, extrn
do firsts.
do seconds.
Egyptian Money Orders. !
... ,, .... j
Wasiiinoton, D. C., Oct. 29.—The post
office department has completed arrange-!
ments for the issuance of money orders i
between tlie United States and Egypt,
A similar arrangement witli Russia is
Print Rutter.
Creamery, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
Dennsyl vania near by.
Western, strictly fresh.
Butter, steady; Eggs, firm.
Women Wanted to sell Braasitw. lib
eral contract. A sale at every door.
Brassine Manufacturing Company
River and Union Sts. W ilkesharre, Pa.
WANTED— Two Hustling Job
Compositors. Apply today at
this office.
Wanted a Man.
In every town in Delaware, Legitimate
Paying Business, with responsible con
cern. Apply at once, Box H Philo., Pa.
Bay Blie Used Magic.
HillSdai.e, N. J., Get. 2!).—Mrs. For
rest Wynne, is under $2(X) bonds to keep
the peace and appear before the Decem
ber Grand Jury to answer to the charge
made against her by Mrs. Cyrus Davies,
that she threatened her life. Ostensibly
Mrs. Wynne was hauled to court for
making boastful threats that she would
cut tlie hearts out of various persons
persons and mutilate others by cutting
out their livers. In reality, Mrs.
Wynne's neighbors say she is a witch,
claims to be the daughter of tlie seventh
daughter, and that she lias been the
cause of more trouble than anything
totliat ever happened to Hillsdale.
When tlie witnesses were giving their
testimony Mrs. Wynne kept up a liar
rangue in the court room until threat
ened with imprisonment if she did not
keepstiU. She was too much excited to
do that, and insisted on calling Mrs.
Davies a wretch, when Justice Angel
jumped from his el.a.r and declared he
would raise her bond to double the
amount, which he did, and told her if
slie said another word lie would send her
the lockup.
Mrs. Wynne turned white, and seemed
about to go into a tit when Mrs. Davies
testified Mrs. Wynne had told her slie
could call a curse on any one she wished.
Justice Angel made a special mention of
this in Mrs. Davies' testimony, and said
it would have a good deal of _weight!
w j (b t j H , (j rand Jury. Mrs. Wynne's
j H,n ' Adino, was placed under oiGO for
carrying firearms.
Richmond, \ a., Oct. 29. —U. .1. lorn
an independent Republican candidate for
the Virginia Legislature, is probably pre
tenting tlie most remarkable reason for:
his election ever adduced before in a
Declaims that it takes a ras
cal to catch a rascal and keep up with
liis tricks.
Mr. Terry says that his general reputa-;
tion for "ways that are dark," is well
known, and lie thinks that tlie people
might as well elect one as their rcpresen
tative wl.o acknowledges his short-com
ings in advance; that whenever lie lias
been caught making moonshine whiskey
he lias invariably paid the Government's
The people, lie claims, have tried so
called honest men long enough, and lie
amid Ik 1 public policy to make
• who makes no pretence,
thinks it 1
a changet
hut has the courage to own up to liis
Early Blizzard Causea Death.
Dexvkr, Col., Get. 20.— Two Rock Is
land trains that left Kansas City, twen
ty-four hours apart, arrived here to-day
within a few minutes of eacli other.
They were delayed near Limon Junction,
where six miles of track were covered
with twenty feet of snow. Wires were
down and for forty-eight hours the
whereabouts of the trains was not known,
At Elbert, Col., during the recent bliz
zard Mrs. Laura Hunter was frozen to
death. Slie had left her home to visit a
Near Monument, Col., John ltoacli
was found frozen in the snow.
neighbor and was overcome 300 yards
from her home,
Mrs, llorrowc'x Legacy.
Brooklyn, Oct. 2!).—Mrs. Alsap Bor
rowe, daughter of the late Austin Corbin,
wants the legacy he left her of $08,000
paid to her forthwith. By marrying one
of the principals of the Coleman-Drayton
scandal, slie incurred tlie dislike of
1 ,
her mother, brother and other executors
nt the will, and they made answer before
tlie Surrogate that there are now
funds available to pay the legacy. They
add that tlie affairs of Mr. Corbin are in
a mixed condition nnd cannot he I
straightened out for some time. Other
legatees interpose, too, and say Mrs.
Borrowe must not tie paid now unless
their claims are settled. She avers that
the stocks held are rated far below their
true value.
Glass cut and beveled to any shape;
mirrors mndetoordci. Bailey & Mam
mele's, 15 E. Fourth Street.
Delaware Game Protectors.
Tlie Delaware Game Protective Asso
ciation held its annual meeting at the
Merritt House Thursday morning. Tlie
accounts for the past year were passed
nnd the following otficcrs were elected:
President, Alfred D. Poole; Vice-Presi
dent, J. Danforth Bush; Secretary and
Treasurer, I. >'. Mills. E, N. Hutchins
rt-eiected State detective and it was
resolved to vigorously prosecute all vio
_ , '
at ™ °* t ( game laws. Tlie next
*"ceting of tlie association will be held
on the second Friday of next October.
Subscribe for The Sun.
Fall* at the New Telephone Building
at Sixth and Shipley Street*.
The big "stiff leg" derrick used for
hoisting building material to the upper
floors of the new Delaware and Atlantic
Telephone and Telegraph Company's
building at Sixth and Shipley streets
collapsed without warning yesterday
afternoon about 5 o'clock. The appar-;
atus had been in operation during the 1
whole course of construction, and was
considered un unusually strong one.
During the afternoon stones weighing
nearly a ton had been hoisted from the
street to the third floor and swung into
position. At the time of the accident the :
derrick was standing idle, and there was
nothing to explain its sudden collapse.
In its full almost the entire centre panel;
of tlie building was knocked out to a I
level with the floor.
No one was passing at the time, and
the muss of bricks and sash did no other \
Dally better from New York Stock
N(w Y obk, Oct. 21).-The market
opened exceedingly dul , and ratl|er
skiadv on goni() little bu ■ b th
trading element. London was inclined
t0 sell, but found but little market. A
degree of uncertainty prevailed as to the
out come of the coming local election, ow
illg to the denth of the labor leader, and
trudr , rH wure inclined to hold aloof and
await developments. In the afternoon ses
Hion prices hardened and tlie short inter-1
e st bid up stocks and brought about a eov
er ing movement at the close. TlieC., B.
1 & q, earnings gave a better tone to the ;
Grangers and led to fairly good buying,
mid at the close, fractional gains were
miulo throughout the list. The favora
ble news of tlie day was the excellent
statement issued by the C,, B. & Q., for
the month of September, showing the 1
gross earnings to have been $1,250,000,
increase, while the net earnings were
»»,«», ,.i w ,
damage than to smash a few boards in
the fence used by billposter Jackson.
The street was roped off until the der
rick was removed, wiicn it was found
that tlie breaking of an iron strap at the
head of tlie stick was responsible for tlie
q q
fadies' Celt's Qafe.
105 E. Fourth St.
Oysters in all styles.
Game in season.
Roast Dinners 25cts.
Phone 843 .
Major A. Smith's Cafe.
Brsnkfnsts niul Suppers are as excellent
as his famous nnlWounteous 25ceut ltou.t
Dinners in lih remodeled and liowlv
e '' ,,i P ' ,e ' 1 ,e9tuuraut '
12 a Harket St
Delicious Coffee, elegant Quick Lunch,
Oysters iu every style, Baked Beaus, Fish
1 Cak<*s, etc, in. basement
ca |]
/n 0 flEV> /T) 0 |<EV?
If you are in need of money
°Jd established Licensed Loan 1
1 Office where you can obtain
from $ 1.00 to $3000 OH all
goods of value at a low rate
All business
strictly confidential. Also an
assortment of unredeemed
pledges constantly Oil hand,
126 Market St
Wilmington, Del.

,, , , , ,
Give us a call and try our hand made
(*j garH . \ Ve sc l! them wholesale and re
tail at the lowest market rates,
Manufacturer and jobber in
Fine Havana Cigars.
206 fflorket St.
Wilmington, Del,
Do you want a knit jacket <
or a sweater? If you do, call
on us. We make any color or:
any size to order.
Overalls a specaltty.
That makes the Yara and Kspana brand
of cigars. His own manufacture. A full
lino of smoker's material at the store
No. 840 ORANGE ST.
NUihaou muiMnL 1
.— ,
E. R. Todd, of Now Castle, was In Wil* i,
mington yesterday. j
Overcoats $13,50 and upwards,
200 Market Street.
Wilmington, Delaware.
.Saits and Overcoats strictly all wool.
Made to order.
Suits $10. and upwards.
We warrant all our garments to give
satisfaction and tit guaranteed.
Has opened a new and elegant
0lBapSto „ ot
Every day this week
AC fiOtlftly D 6 V PfirfOrfflaDCfi.
,, . .. ,, . , .
20 Repn ' gentat,ve b l** lalt ^
See tbe
Tlie Worlds Champion Gymnasts.
Julia Kelly
Romer and Colette
John Hardy
Wills and Barron
Wiilet and Thornies Comedy Co.
and others
Best show in town
10 and 20c
at tlie lowest prices
For the Stylish Ascot Tie, go to
713 Market 3 t #
Wilmington, Del.
305 Market St.
I Where he will be glad to re
ceive hiB old friends in the ftiture.
10 Doses in Every Pack
Dr. Askew's letdiche Cure
Each dose a cure.
If your druggist does not
get it send us your order,
her 10 doses. ' Price 10 cents.
Sixth and Walnut Sts.
Wilmington Del
IS §0515
For Ten Cents of am* kind of money
we will send you
The Florist's Secret.
You will never have a failure with your
plants if you follow the one simple di
rection we send 3*011 for Ten Cants
Do you want your plants to grow.
*end a Dime.
I h© FIOW 0 r ShOW,
Nn- ;tlH Munich Street,
Chinese Punishment.
It was in tlie late war between China
and Japan. These are tlie Chinese spies;
they; are marched through tlie streets of
l'ekin by u Japanese officer, then their
heads are cut off and stuck on top of
bamboo slicks, as shown in this tableaux
Wilmington, Delaware.
Grand Wax-work and Cham
ber of Horrors.
Proprietor and Manager.
Open daily from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M.
Afternoon* especially reserved for
Ladies and Children, bo as to avoid the
rush at night.
Don't misa if
The lighter a Llfe-tlnif,

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