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VOL. 1. NO. 16.
Twenty Corking Hot Rounds to a
With the Mil
The Crowd Was
iiiingtoii Midget (Throughout
the Last Ten Rounds mill
He 1 looked a Winner.
Special to Tiik Sun.
Kino Sidb, Greunpoint Sixihtinu Ci.cn,
Green-point, L. I. N.Y..NOV. 8.-"Twen
ty rounds ttnd a good draw," announced
Ward after Johnnie Glynn, the
Wilmington midget and Casper Icon
New Y'ork had gone the distance and
showed up game and strung,
fight and Midget Glynn was strictly in it
from start to finish.
ntered the ring right on the
, Jack Daly, (Mori
behind the midget with his
to rub his calves and sponge
It was it
The men e
dot and in a bunch.
arity) was
strung men
his chest. Denny Leon, Casper s broth
, and Charlie White, looked after the
Yorker and Referee Ward on be
New -
half of the Club stated the Rules and
Conditions governing the match. ^
The first round was all Leon's. No
dodging this. Glynn kept away, and
seemed to be afraid of the gaff. He
waiting; foxy Midget. The second round
He rushed
Leon up several points.
Glynn; hit him; banged him, and it
a hundred to one that Leon would win
out. Third reuiul, Leon; fourth round,
Leon; fifth round, Leon; sixth round.
Leon. In tlie seventh Glynn took a new
a new lease on life; made a jab or two at
Leon and toed tlie scratch for whatever
might come his way. He dodged several
vicious half arm blows, and one terrific
The eighth round was a peach.
Glynn came up strong and anxious. A
rush, a clinch, and flien a minute of the
real tiling; another clinch, a breakaway,
a clean upper cut and a jab—then tlie
bell. It was Glynn's round.
In the ninth round Glynn again
showed his mettle. He had Leon on the
rop'S and Ixxit a merry tattoo on tlie
New Yorker's heart but without im
mediate effect, Later on this bit of work
showed itself for the Midget was the
better man every minute after,
after round showed Leon weaker, slower
and "going."—Glynn, stronger, quicker
Tlie crowd was with
and a-coming.
Glynn, They howled their betting
propositions and more than one good
was pushed aside because no man
wanted to bet against
mingtun lad, who was now doing all t In
fighting and looked the winner,
twentieth round was a desperate struggle.
Both men were good—good enough to lie
Leon was nettled by the
Glynn was full of;
and wanted to score a knoek-otit j
change of sentiment.
st possible. At the tup of the gong he J
rushed in anil landed a savage blow fair
His glove had been 8
on Leon's heart.
there Ix-fore; but Loon was game.
clinch followed. Then l/'on landed ui
corker on Glvnn's ear; another clinch; a
break-rhen the decision, "Twcnlv
rounds and a gooddraw." Whitey. ! 1,l8
A Mining IMant Fori'loseil.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 7.—Judge Henry :
[N. Blake, Master in Chancery, at I'llil
llipsburg, Granite countv, has sold all the i glln
property of the Golden Sceptre Mining ' 1
It'ompany, including mines, 100-stamp i !
i i 11 . electric tramway, water and town | lng
„ j hie
pile to J. M. Keith, of Missoula, nu
itsustec for the Reorganization Conimit
*ee, for $450,529.
The property w ill beoperated by anew
Htompany recently incorporated, eom
gjaoecd principally of creditors of the cor
Grover Cleveland, William C. Whit
My and ex-Unitod States Senator Hig
ftins of IX'laware, were interested in the
m company.
Rrhc stock of the Golden Sceptre Min
Eg Company is very largely held here in
Hliuington, where dozens of investors,
KH and little, have been induced to pur
|pse it. The company's property is
■torilk-d as a large body of low-grade
Hd, which lays fifty miles to the north
Hldofthe Northern l'acific railway. The
Ibense of bringing this land into a con
Hon for iqK'rations was far greater than
It promoters of the company appear to
Kve calculated for, and long before the
■nngements were completed the
Bnpany's funds and credit were ex
ftusli'il. The allnsion in the foregoing
Bgpalch to a Reorganization Committee
ftplics that some arrangements have
Ben made for continuing the company's
■erations under new management, hut
BirI those arrangements may be could
lot be ascertained last, night.]
Letters testamentary have been grant
by Registrar of Wills Crossan, upon
ho estate of tlie late Annie (irtibb of
Iranilywine hundred, to Eliza Jane
Will hi' Removed In Thirty Days by F.
C. Arthur.
In one month every trace of the wreck
of the old Delaware, which'lies in the
Christiana above the B. A 0. If. I!,
bridge, will have been removed,
sals were opened for its removal ten days
ago by United States Engineer Smith,
and sent to Washington for approval and
instructions as to awarding the contract.
The bids submitted were as follows:
F. C. Arthur of Philadelphia, $385, to l>e
gin the work in 10 days and complete in
30 days; Charles Smedley of New York,
$2,500, to begin in 10 days and com
plete in 40; Atlas Dredging Co. of this
city, $575, to Itegin in 10 days and com
plete in 30; .1 L. Mill, o Camden, N.
.7., $707, to begin in three days and
complete in 30; J. C. Ross of Lewes,
$741, to begin in 20 days and complete
in 30; Charles W. Johnson of Philadel
phia, $350, to begin in 10 days and com
plete in 00; John J. Williams of South
Chester, Pa., $018, to begin in 10 days
anil complete in 10 days.
The contract was awarded to F. C.
Arthur, No. 805 North Twenty-sixth
street, Philadelphia, his bid being the
lowest. Under the terms of the contract
the work must be completed in thirty
An Interesting Paper Read at the
The Methodist Episcopal Preachers' As
sociation convened yesterday in this
city. The most interesting feature of the
meeting was a paper on "Should Our
Church be More IX'inocratic," read by
Rev. W. W. Sharpe.
Among other things Mr. Sharp' rec
ommended equal representation of lay
men in general conferences. But perhaps
the most impirtant suggestion advanced
by the reverend gentleman was the limi
tations of the terms of the bishops, and
the election of presiding elderfc with co
ordinate powers of the bishop.
These are all suggestions of serious im
portance to the association, and the en
tire papers was heatedly discussed by the
members. The discussion brought forth
some sensational remarks from the visit
ing divines, as tlie acts of tlie Presiding
Bisiiop of tlie late Methodist Conference,
held at Chestertown were open to criti
cism. It was thought be several speak
ers, that tlie manner of electing a bishop
should be materially changed.
Rul ter wort li Wants toQiilt.
Special to Tiiu Si x.
Wasjiinutox, 1). Nov. 8.—Ben
Butterworth is a sick mail. He wants to
resign 1 1 is fat job as Commissiener of
Patents ami take a much needed rest.
He lias communicated this desire to Presi
dent McKinley and his formal resignu-1
tion may he looked for any hour.
8 fX't'ial to I in: Sun.
Ati.antic Cm - ., Nov. 8.—The Hotel
Warwick on Si nit li Carolina avenue near
A Blaze at Adamic.
l,, ' iW ' 1 '- was damaged by fire early
"""' nin h', t0 lllu extent of $3,000.
! 1,l8 '"' a, 'Co mnpk-.
It is evident that the authorities are
letermincd to punish violators of the | a,
Warrants fori
Violated llio (Janie Law.
glln "' a "" "' this state.
' 1 "' arrest of Joseph Ryan, Edward Bick
! ,,,vi ' r ,,ni1 Ka '"'i "* Yorklyn, hav
lng *" 1 " P* ,Mvd the hands of C'onstii- J
hie William Bowen, he proceeded to j
•I've them. After some little ..hie the
officer cooped his men. They were given
it hearing before Magistrate Sa
day morning and each offender was fined
$5 and costs, amounting in all to $12.25.
Referee Rodney's Award.
The award in the ease of John Baizlev
vs Bierce Gould, the late sheriff, and the
Baker and Whitely Coal Company, of
Baltimore, was filed yesterday morning
in the prothonotary's office by Joint H.
Rodney, referee. He gives the plaintiff
$441.42 for the seizure and sale of the
steamer Esther Cranmer at the instance
of the defendants. Levi C. Bird looked
after llaizley's interest and Hoffecker A
Iloffecker represented the defendants.
Chief Engineer of the Moscow.
Nicholas Simin, chief engineer of the
Moscow, Russia, water works, and
daughter, Miss Olga Simin, arrived in
this city yesterday. Mr. Simin is making
this visit to America with the view of
inspecting tlie water works and filtering
plants of different large cities, as upon
his return to the Old World he proposes
establishing a new system in Moscow.
The distinguished Russian is tlie guest
of Mr. anil Mrs. T. G. Sellers.
On account of the bad weather, Me
Daniel, Goodley and Damphmnn did not
start from Washington to New York for
the record n >w held by Lieut. Wise.
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Serious Result of Altercation Be
tween Two Colored Boys.
Hail Iteen Quarreling' all Huy and Met
in tile Evening—One Threw
■tricks anil Received Rul
lets in Rel ill'll.
Special to The Sun.
Seaforu, Del., Nov. 8.—Burt Boyce
and Arthur Adams, two colored boys
aged 15 years, have been quarrelling all
day. This evening, as Adams was going
to bis home, Boyce met him and threw
several bricks, one of which struck
Adams, when the latter drew his revol
ver and and tired two shots, one taking
effect in Boyce's side and the other in
his right arm. Boyce was taken to the
drug store where Dr. Charles Carter ex
tracted the bullets. Adams was arrested
and taken to Georgetown this evening to
await the injuries sustained by Boyce.
Impressive Ceremonies at His Late
Home at Milton.
The remains of the late cx-Governor
Ponder were laid at rest yesterday after
noon at Milton with very impressive
ceremonies. Rt. Rev. Leighton Coleman,
bishop of the diocese of Delaware, had
charge of the exercises, which were held
in the Church,of St, John the Baptist, of
which the deceased had been a member
since childhood.
Several prominent Protestant Episco
pal clergymen were present and each
spike in beautiful words of the true
Christian life of the ex-C'overnor.
The funeral was hugely attended by
prominent persons from all over the
state, among whom were a number of
members of tlie New Castle county bar.
Some of tlie mourners, of whom there
were more than 200, drove 50 miles to be
present at the funeral exercises. Inter
ment was made at the little Episcopal
cemetery at Milton.
Tlie hotels anc stores were drap'd in,
mourning for the event. The services
were conducted bv Rev. J. Leighton Me-!
Lain of tlie ' Episcopal Church,!
assisited by Bishop Coleman, who
road the commitment at the grave.
Toe pallbearers were Governor Ebe
\V. Tunnel!, Judge Bnice, Dr. Ilinitn
Burton, ex-Shoriff ('. T. l'urt.eil,;
William Denny mm John F. Sanlsbury
of Dover, J. C. Hassaril and Captain j
John G. Fisher. A special train was run
over the Queen Anne railroad to aceon.
module those attending from a distance.
The directors of the mud attended in a
body and alsi
Farmers Bank in Georgetown, and of the
Kent County .Mutual Insurance Co. of
Dover, in both of which corporations
•ot'iior Bonder was a director. All;
the prominent people i f the stall' were :
present. Ex-Mayor Austin Har.ington
of Wilmington, Willard Saulsbnrv i i
of the!
Wilmingtan, Ex-Cover William T. Wat
sin. Ex-Governor St ickley, Ex-Con
gressman John B. Bennington, Ex-Ci
g 'essoin 11 John W. Rniiscy, lion. John
W. Dorman, Ex-Attorney John Biggs,
"»'l Register of Wills W. I'. Causey were
a, "" n " l' 11 '" 111 ' town was
ddl ' d "'**b people'from the surrounding
Special to Tiik Si x.
Twiski, 20 years
count it.
An Old Pupil.
Nov. 8.—Frank S.
if age, recently applied
to the principal of school No. 1(1 for ad
mission to the primary department, the
teaeher doubted whether to admit soold a
..- "i ....
d..a,W ttal • 1... J. ""r „
must be aumittcu. .
Tlie Gas Lease Goes.
Special to The Sun.
Philadelphia, Nov. 8. -Sixty scats
will be vacated in City Councils in time
for its next General Election. Sixty
statesmen will seek re-election at the
hands of the people who hare just been ,
bilked to the tune of $12,5(X),000 and
who are about to be robbed of their gas
plant. Besides this they are in line to
give up their water works and nearly
gm up tneir water works and nearly
everyone of the sixty men now up for
re-election will in all probability be af-i
forded a splendid opportunity to explain a
his vote on the Gas lease; and his v w
, ... I
on tlie water snake as a proposition in ,
T V „ v o ... . ,
,' I 'J" V' 'I !* , , ? t0 ' " 1,0
***" nickeraon^ a llnf ^t 1
^ra' en a l v'l ,H n 't '
fun. resting easily and Ins early recov-; (
am ted ' W8 ° n " 0t " p
' 1
Albert Riiyee.Sliot by Diekei'snn,Rest-'
ing Kasily at His Home.
Sjx'cial to The Sun.
School will he Closed Half a llay Nov.
SHril for Presentation Services.
The Hoard of Education met last night
in regular meeting with a fulbattendunce
of members. There was much business
before the Board of routine order.
Miss Arabella Johnson,
ant teacher at No. 21 school, presented
j her resignation and the same was rct'er
! red to ihe committee on teachers.
fourth; assist
money, patience, and a skillful teacher
fill introdne
■ When the ipiestion of establishing
vocal music in the schools was taken ti|,
(a question which has been agitated by
tlie Board for some time) a communicr.
tion from T. Becker was read stating that
irv to the slice
was lie
tii hi of vocal music.
1 he committee on new buildings was
.. ,
instructed to have the cellar at No. Hi
cemented. The teachers' tables at No.
17 have been re-covereil and a flag is to
he purchased at No. 7. A. G. McCaus
land asked for an appropriation of $75
with which to make some needed repaiis
at school No. 111. It was granted. The
new building committee was authorized
to furnish a counting table at No. 7, at
an expense not to exceed $7.50.
Robert Johnson, colored, appeared be
fore the Board, and stated that he had a
daughter who was thorough - competent
to teach school, in fact more so than
some who were applying for the same
position, anil that he asked justice at the
hands of the Board. It transpired that
Arabella Johnson, who had resigned her
position as teacher, was also Mr. John
son's daughter, and when it came to a
matter of justice, A. G. McCauslaml
tho ght that J ilu soii had been shown
quite a good deal oi justice.
President Baird said that some of the
teachers were reticent in preparing their
pay-rolls for the month and the Board
decided that any pay-roll not ready by
the first day of the month should be left
over until the following month for settle
The Board received a communication
from Alvnn R. Morrison, chairman of
the Board of Trade committee on the
presentation of the gunboat Wilming
ton's gift,asking that the school children
be granted a half holiday upon tlie 23rd
of this month, to enable them to attend
the presentation services to be held at 2
The request was
I ^ iat da ' -
K rante d.
. T,le trea8urer submitted a rep.rt, as
1 1,a,ance no " bui,din 8 fu,ld • #17,018 4(i
: liala,luu t u'ient exp'nses fund (1,030 23
Appropriation from city conn- ^ _
interest on deposit, Union Na
tional Bank.
i Horace G.Rottew, negro school
tax.. . . .
34 80
2,550 00
210 57
Appropriation from State . .
Dividend from State school
l\ v amount paid teachers
: P-Y amount paid officers and
$110,075 01
ex I'ExnmitKs.
. .$10,850 55 '
1 , 00 , is
030 05
janitors . .
By amount paid for repairs. .
By amount paid for I
stationery ....
By amount paid for manual
By amount paid for fuel ac
count ..
Ics and

. 3,587 53
05 45
By amount paid for supplies .
By amount paid to free library
By amount paid for mi
neons .
li 10
1 ;;i)
500 40
■ • UH CO
... 1(K . -
• •
By balance fund for new build
. . 17,018 40
lllgs, etc . .
Bv balance fund for current
exienses .
$00,975 91 i
JS2T * m
K „„ k u „ m v WM . ,
kills an( j George B. Wilkins, three-story , f
brick buildingon Seventh street between;
Sprttce and Bine. 1
Harry Yerger to Sarah E. and Wilbur |
L. Sassee, piece of land on Thirtieth;
street near Tatnall. Amount of cousid-;
oration, $000.
Propeply Trau^l'ers.
(>Htim Land and Improvement Com
, )an y t „ Marion N. Wood, Twenty-fifth
, „ , ... , • ., ' . , • .
"'^"ngton. Consideration,
n . o a .
s - Lnglami, trustee, to Equita
ble Guarantee and Trust Companv, four
« f a , , r T
a Kolxrt - SaDU101 and Mary Logan toWi!- l
j' T' 8 1 i
on Robinson street between Spruce and
, 'i,„ r ,.i,
Special to Tiie Bun.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 8.— Cracky Boyle his
Germantown, to-night fought a 20- tin*
round draw with Harry Stiles, at tlie on
Trenton Athletic Club. Boyle was right
f,,ll . v entitled to the decision.
v ,• . -7-, ,
btvn . glvt ' n b - v Alton "'- v
buries B. Evans of an.application to in
°Weacomp a ny to teknownasthe ed
claware " al1 Pa P cr Mi!ls Company.
Groeky Hoyle Fights Styles.
Alllinitl >' "M I HI.!
Philadelphia Ward W irkcrs in
the Pen.
People of the Quaker)
Philadelphia, Nov. 8.—The first step 1
j {„ a Ht . r i llg ,,f sensational political plays
Tlie Decent
City Are Aroused and There
W ill he Merry Hail -s
Special to Tim Si n.
1 was made to-night when four Fifth ward I
. , . , , , , , . <
Heelers were arrested and lucked up in
,, . , . .. „ , . ,
Central station on Bench warnin'sissued
j by Hon. James Gay Gordon, Judge of
the Court of Quarter sessions sitting as a
'uniniiiting magistrate.
The men are charged with election
frauds and it is said that warrants are
out for the arrest of ten or twelve more.
Tlie ease is shrouded in it great deal of
mystery but it is stated around town that
the opening of the ballot boxes for
counting of last Tuesday's vote showed
such evidences of outrageous frauds that
the judges decided to sit as committing
magistrates and issue warrants for many
of the election officers.
It will be remembered that the Fitth
ward was the one in which a very large
majority was counted for the loan bill
steal although the Republican boss of
the ward boasted for a week or more
that he w:ts determined to turn in his
, workers against the bill, and everybody
has been kept guessing since as to what
means were used to bring about the great
c! tango.
It is generally agreed here to-night
that these arrests are but feelers for the
big men behind the scones. That the
Loan Bill was passed by fraud is an open
secret. That the men who passed it
mean to divide the spoils is a sure thing
and Judge Gordon's stand in the matter
i i a long way from a merry jest.
Judge Gordon is a man of nerve.
Whether right or wrong he stands his
ground and no man dare question his
motives no matter what methods he may
adopt to gain the pjint he seeks. No
man in Pennsylvania politics has made
stronger lights against gr ater odds than
this same James Gay (Jordon and if lie
elects to raid "the gang" the new county
prison will need another corridor forth
w j t jj
In the face of this fight is the peraecu
lion (?) of Agnes Kin - in whose brothel
more than one scheme to steal has been
j in
i cut
hatched, For years, too far back to ro
Oill, Agnes lias kept opm house for poli
ticians great and small, and Agnes was
always "next" on any deal that had a
dollar in it for "good people," as she
ciiose to designate her friends. At this
late d.iy her neighbors discover that her
house is a nuisance and Agnes stands in
lire to d > t loc. if J tdgc Gordon con
' tim.esto jail her friends. At her hearing
t -day before Magistrate Cunningham no
c . u d of raev sloi'ie.-were told bv ti
sufiering neighbors, who admit that Ag
nes' joint was an all right place up to a
few weeks ago—but that's another story.
Money 111 John S. Rossers Hands Gar
nisheed by U. F. Burt rum.
The suit of Benjamin F. Bartram, vs. ,.
Daniel W. Tavlor, to recover $200 which !
ih alleged t,'. have been settled bv the 1 1,1
late firm of Heald A Co., has been' sent | ""
to the upper court. The case came up in ' *
Magistrate Kelley's court yesterday and :'
j The
! the
the magistrate gave judgment against |
John S. Russell, secretary to the Muni-1
cipal Commission, as garnishee, for the j
, LVjllijim 8. Hill,, ,,,,,, J, I d
f or jj r . x U yl„ r . j
The question raised was as to tho liabil -1
ity of Mr. Russell in his official capacity, 1 trv
as secretary to the Commission under tho! 100
attachment, and whether, in this cap- "
ac ity, lie could be garnisheed. Conse- u 1
quently the case was appealed and the 1 T
point will he argued Ix-fore the higher 116
tribunal. The money which was at-1
I now.
tached was part of Mr. Taylor's share of
the compensation of the Municipal Com
mission for services in drafting a char-1
tor for the C'itv of Wilmimrtou anil the 8
• , '"''"'Bb'a ami ttic;
'attachment was laid in Mr. Russell's,
l mn ds at the time the money was in,
cl,ai « a -
Jolm T. Ewing was arraigned before j
Magistrate Kelley last night on a charge j lady
of disorderly conduct. The warrant was J her
issued on October 30th, at tlie instance of
his lather, Charles Ewing, who said that , was
tin* boy was Ix'yond his control, and that - was
on the night of October 29, lie became '
intoxicated and abusive. When lie re
monstrated with him the boy threw a given
bucket full of beer at him. When the | being
constable attempted to serve the warrant
Ewing had fled, and was not apprehend- him
ed until yesterday. In default !.f ,x'ace be
bond lie was held under arrest. and
Wholly Insensible lo Pain and Be
comes Hypnotized When Hazed
at Fixedly.
X !■:« York, Nov. 8. —The most extra
jordinary case ever known to science is
j now miller treatment at tlie New York
! TIoKpital. It is that of a young girl who
j s who y insensible to pain and who falls
nt i a hypnotic trail
the moment any
person looks straight into her eyes.
The girl is forewoman in an underline!!
factory, and lor professional reasons Dr.
Charles E. Nammack, who l as charge of
| her strange ease, refuses to give her
I name. She goes alxmt her business as us
ual, but she lias absolutely no feeling in
1 any portion of her body, not even being
aware of the fact if she should handle u
red-hot object, until she sees the flesh of
her hand burning. She must avoid meet
ing the eyes of all she comes in contact
with or she falls into a state of complete
I catalepsy, from which she is witli much
difficulty revived.
The girl appeared at the outdoor clinic
conducted by Dr. Nammack a month
ago. She explained that she bail been
treated with hypnotism for a needle
prick wound received four years ago and
the treatment bad left her in a most ex
Antipathy to the United States Be
cause of Sympathy for Cuba.
Y " RK ' 8 --C a P tai " VVil ' iam
Wyndham, who has been transferred as
Bntwh C,,n8ul at Clncag ° lliWr . tlm, °
years service in a similar capacity at
Barcelona, Spain, was a passenger on La
Bretagne, which arrived from Havre to
day. After spending a week with rela
tives in Philadelphia lie will leave for
his now post at Chicago. He said:
"The feeling in Spain against the
United States is one of great bitterness.
There have been no demonstrations in
Barcelona or thereabouts within the last
year against the United States, and the
Spanish Government is taking care that
there shall he none. Tlie bittern.'sr,
however, is very marked, [ articularly in
Barcelona. Before the Cuban warBnrot
Iona, one of the great manufacturing
centres of Spain, prospered chiefly in its
trade with Cuba and Manila. The war
in Cuba and the l'hillipin • Islands bus
cut off this trade. Barcelona has lost the
best and must lucrative market she en
traordinary state.
"The moment I looked her stead
ily in the eyes," said Dr, Nam
mnek to-day, "she became catalep
tic, and it took several hours to
restore her to her normal state, I then
discovered that the girl presented tho
first case of complete anaesthesia ever
known to the medical profession, When
not under the influence of hypnotism the
young woman is absolutely insensible to
needle without producing the smallest
impression, and a feather pushed down
her throat produced no sensation what
ever. She could only tell when she was
being burned by the sight of the scorch
ing flesh.
"The girl's other senses are perfectly
normal. She can see and hear perfectly,
but if anyone gazes at her steadi y she
becomes wholly cataleptic. Her limbs
become rigid and they will remain in
whatever position they are placed."
The girl is engaged to be married, and
for this reason she is most anxious to be
cured. Her sweetheart now cannot look
in the girl's eyes without totally hypno
tizing her, and the courting must be done
back to back.
IVc pricked tier evebull with a
, , , . . . , , . ,
0nl >' mlc - tlllrd l1 "' lut,K ' r -
1,1 hor fac 1 tont ' 8 .
"" rkln? ' and thc >' 011 ,vduml A "
* vw 'I 10 man l ,,tact,ln,, « c " ,,f S '. al "
stmtiar commercial prostration.
The Spanish cannot understand wl:y
the United States, a friendly nu
tion, should allow so many fili
expedit ions t > get away
are now
|»c*,. TI- Ih»u, *
d "™ 1 l' bl,t, ' r 1 . ..
were no symptoms of anger against the
Minister of lhe stat0S to ,1,at cn " n -
trv ' The Spanish were
100 " mch al)Horlx ' J 1,1 what General
" u " df,,rd ' y" 111, Mimster, might say
1 d . d "' I . h «* rd no talk there of war
T ,he Unl,ed State8 ' S l >a,n l a " " !jt
116 " Wmy , to wa 8° a war A "
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not tlunk there ih lunch danger of that
now. The UarlistH would not stand much
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owr,u,d 1,1 Spam."
a chance of gain as tilings are now
Serious I'or Isaiuh.
Isaiah Bonzo, who was arrested by of
ficer Murr on Sunday night, had an ad
ditional charge laid against him in Mnn
ieipal Court yesterday morning,
lady love, Mary Hinson, said he stole
her pocket book containing $7, and as $7
dollars were found upon him when lie
was searched anil Mary's (moke! book
was found (imply in tlie yard,
He hud previously only had one
charge, that of trespuss, but the evidence
given before Judge Bull resulted in his
being held for tipix-r court on three
charges, any out
him a long term if convicted
indicted on charges .
and attempted inurdc-.
if which will cause
He will
if robbery, felony

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