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[Oh. 1. NO. 28.
Some Memlters Think They Have
Bewi MiglltPO.
Tlie Silver Serviee ... '*>vi
lalion Provokes an Angry Eon
lent ion al Last Night's
The usual quietude of t he <'ity ('oi
Hurting was interrupted last
]i ,i debate incident to the utlendauce
i, and it ended
lefinite action
• Council at the presentation of the
silver lemonade howl to the Fuited
Nates (iunboat WilmingP
in the Council taking no
as to how they would attend t he services.
President Leach called tlic Council to
f the
The report of the
,ider, and the regular husines
city was disposed of.
committee having in charge the placing!
of a new heating apparatus in the City
Hall was rend, stating that Hie work was
f Councilman O'Neil the
tin motion
plant was accepted.
The mayor and Council received an in
citation from the Plnenix Fire Company '
to attend the seventy-second anniver- j
gary of their organization on December
;i, at which time a new truck will he
housed. The invitation was accepted
and the Council decided to attend.
Several bills offered by the police com-1
mitee were allowed, and the clerk read J
the City Treasurer's report as follows:
Balance in Union National Bank to ac- ;
count of current expenses, $50,325.50;
National Bank of Delaware, $|ti,7Iii;
First National Bank, $lli,71f>; Central
National Bank, $l(i,71<>; National Bank
of Wilmington and Brandyw ine, $1(1,71(1;
Total, $12(1,180.50.
Spc'cial fund for park purposes, $2.'!,
75. The city auditor confirmed the '
The finance committee, after inquiring
the claim of Robert Adair, attorney,
for Slid alleged to lie due Benjamin T.
Wilson forever paid taxes ..tended
tliat the claim should not he paid and
the council so decided.
('lerk Morrison then read a letter from
C. W. Edwards, in which the City Coun
cil was invited t
:it Wilming
, (1 (|| . a
olliciuiIv attend the
services of the presentation of a stiver
Innonade bowl to the gun!
/ob!e\ Inovi
Hie Council at.pt the invitation and at
tend, and liis motion prevailed.
uf the Eleventh
Mr. Smith,
asked Imw the Council proposed mat
ti ml tile ceremonies, and that inquiry
arks in regard to
Mr. O'Neill
led toll few heated ret
the celebration generally,
said emphatically I lmt he
vote to have anything
He stated that the Hit)
'infill not
Hie affair.
t'oiincil shoitlil not play second fiddle to
any organization, and lie believed tint
• h . ,, , ,i„.
the matter ol presenting tlie gilt to the
gunboat ought to have been in the hands
of the Mayor and Council. Mr. Obrriy
tried to explain to Councilman D Neil
that the invitation came from tin'general
committee to the Council in all due
spect to the latter body as a distinguish! d
organization and that the Council would ,
be treated as honored guests. !
\t this point Councilman Smith arose
and told the Council that he did notcuie
wl,ether he went to the ..
services or not, and lie did not cate
wliether the gunboat Wilmington
given a silver lemonade bowl or not. He
thought that tlie City Council hud been
snubbed in this affair and treated in a
n -
It was the greatest outrage ho said t hat
ltail ever been perpetrated on a nninici
■d to him us though
most disgraceful manner.
pul body.
the general committee did not want the
It seelin
Council to attend the services,
llealy continued in the same strain and
also thought that the Council Imd been
badly treated by the general cominillce.
Mr. Leary came to the committee'*
and said that the condition of
smciI in tlie opinions of
affairs as exprest
Mr. O'Neill, Mr. llealy and Mr. Smith,
"this liinlv
was not the ease.
sitiil .Mr. Ijetiry
a vear in which to tnl
hud over
a suitable
a.-tton in regard to |iresealmg
gift to the gunboat,
which to take control and
i iitiif arrultgeint'iil*
uffair, lint they were
t lull, a eommitti e from
•Hed wit II lh*'
ivticeiiL and
Ullage 11
'll III
tla* subscribe's t'»
active, and
the present fund lias 1 me
red for a suitable celebration,
have arrang
find fault
" right l<
and ileserve just
tlie (VilliifiI has
with that f i >ni n i il I if
the ti'eatment that
has liven an
■I at Hie City Hall at
A motion to mi
1.30 p. m. oil tlie I wenly-Hiird anil pro
ceed to Opera House was defeated.
A ciinimunicatioii from C'bief Julin I',
Dolan was read. The chief reipieslei
that a driveway he made at the (ity Dal
with entrance on King street, which
would allow the patrol wagon to tip-;
i proach tin* |Milieu Station with Home dc
! greejif m
! persons
j prove
Many times, lie said,
were brought ill, who could
•ir innocence; als
in made disgraceful scenes on
women wl
Market street; also men who were lientt
j ly drunk stud had to lx* carried all the
way from the street to the station.
,lri '"" :i - v " 1,ich wol,l, ' ,l "' i |i,,rnl
wagon to come up to the station house
dnnr would eliminate all these undesir
al) |,. M .,. lieH sin a not allow a curiot is crowd
to gather around the oflieers and their
The letter was referred to the
committee and the council nd
Sombrero and Lengthy Locks (Town
a Preaching Cowboy.
fhere is a new preacher, or rather two
preachers, in town, dust in Robert Kiev,
heller known as the cowhov preacher,
arrived in town vestordnv afternoon,
| anil, after wearing a hoarding house,
i preached tin* ..ing sermon of a series
which he intends todeliveron the streets
of Wilmington,
' lists of a mtlier peculiar sort in as much
j as they preach no particular creed and
do not tielieve tlmt the man with no
Botli Mr. liiee and his wife areevange
than anybody else,
Mrs. Rice began preaching at the age
"f 11 in Sam Jones' meetings in Toronto,
Canada, and her husband lias been
preaching since lie was 17 years of age.
They will hold services at iSixtli und
for several days to come,
Dupont Post, No. 2, G. A. R„ held a
snpiter last evening at its quarters, Ninth
and King streets, which was highly sue
cessfuI in all respects. There were about
otM) tickets sold, and all present at the
supper enjoyed stories told by the veter
ani in (lie reception room. The commit
tee wishes to thunk their friends for the
success of the supper. DuPont Post in
tends holding a series of receptions dttr
■lmreh connections is necessarily worse
Market to-morrow evening and probably
DuPont Post Supper.
and addresses by prominent men will in
given. No admission will he charged,
bu |.t collection will lie taken, when those j
present can give accordingly. The col-1
lections made at these receptions will lie
used in defraying some small expenses !
of t lie post.
ing the winter months, in which music,
both vocal and instrumental, recitations,
M..1I..CHN I'l.o.i.rv Afire.
Special to inn srx.
I'liii.AiiKt.fill.t, III., Nov. is.—The mat
v„ I >7 w th .. ,,rcet was
,.\o. i.w .Non.i ■ iinjiii .mu, w.i.
part kill v destroyed bv fire to-night,
.I' Fuck A
tress and bedding warehouse
•civil they
l-ere disc
When the Humes
ay. and owing to the
veil under
inflammable natureo! thee:
intents, four
■ -minded in quick succession,
than half the available!
is wen
bringing more
lire serviee of the city to the scene.
f the firemen :
subjection und j
nrevented t ie possibih v of aeonllagra
1 1 ' ' 1 j ■ . , "
Hot, The loss ,s matted a s. S nn
building uml stock and is full) msiitid.
The prompt
brought tin: Haines
t 1
Shot His Father, Killed Himself.
Special to Til!'. Six.
Bunion Hauhoh, Mich., Nov. is.—
Henry Kaminerer shot his lather at
their home this afternoon anil ' hen ret f
fire to the house and killed Imnsell. Jits j
father was rescued from the lire, hut,
died later. The tragedy followed a qua,- ;
tel o\ei mom \ m.itti i.
Breaks I lie Murringe Hceord.
SjK'vial to Tin; Si n.
St. Joskimi, Mo.
Nov. 18.—John J.
vr a hundred years ot age,
> Mary Henderson,!
•ilv to-day.
was married to Mis:
aged i7, in litis < ■ .
lieved to lie tlie record for the marriage
II,,Hi an. in exeelleiit
It is he
oi old peopa
The Bo,tv '
Bive,•.(.„. ..In Be^den, <>•
er Clmniller held an in
11:*|III, V t of'
■'.tiMiia; .-wiling oil the body of
Joint Katie, the workmati wit
Iv injured among the. shafting at'tlie
A Vet
I h'u
I d. alii vas ri nderi'il,
The i
Steele w
ill prohahiy !■• held b
I' HT • W
•ill also t!••:
'I'li,* l,iHI!„i
lie < hui.-LD
ing in
in M.
Nichols ' 1 'ii. of P 'oti
t ] |,v the books and
The ell
papeis led I" H"'
Ml III in I mi'iipe.
w ,
aM ,t j! j H „„t settled tlelinilely
w | lt , n , u . w ill sail,
Special lo Tin; St x.
i' intracy to the
Xi:w Yota:. N v. Is.
gi'itenil report. J. I'- M.'t'g;
this (-omitrv. He lias
i- not on bis
it left
Stihscrilx' for Tin: Sex.
Want Rays of Grace and Silver
Coinage Abolished.
Delaware Delegate^!o^llie^Aiiicrican
Bankers' Association, Chosen.
.| , 'ree ('oinagi
(Micers t'liosei
of Silver Denounced.
The third annual meeting of the Dela
ware Bankers' Association was hel
terday at the rooms of the Wilmington
ritib at No. RiOti King street.
liv 111 u'cloek in tlie morning, the out-1
and by
u fq,^ vll financiers
were arriving
o'clock, the hour at which the con veil
dub house was well !
_ ........... .
I with itank presidents, cashiers und |
' <(l i K , r „||j ( . 0 , K .
' Tin. Itunk-ers' Assoeintion is an ini-1
i pencil, the
p,.riant organization, having been organ- i
ized to promote the general welfare and
usefulness "I banks and hanking institu
tions, and to secure uniformity of action,
together with the practical benefits de
rived from the discussion of subjects of
importance to the hanking und commer
cial interests of the State of Delaware.
One especial object of the association is
to secure the proper consideration of
questions regarding the financial anil
commercial usages, customs and laws
which affect the banking interests of the
entire State, and for protection against
loss by crime to banking institutions.
The meeting yesterday recommended
that a bill he passed by the Legislature
of this state, abolishing days of grace on
This attitude lias been adopted
by associations in neighboring states.
The election of officers for the ensuing
| ( , rm resulted as follows: President,
l»lrilip L. Cannon of Seaford; vice-presi
,| entj George 8. Capelle of Wilmington;
Hecro t a ry and treasurer, John 11. Dauby
Wilmington; executive committee,
Philip L. Cannon, Preston Lea and
Edward Andrews:
( | 1( , total number twenty-one.
members are the New Castle County |
em-itv Trust, and Safe Deposit Company
Two hanking institutions were added
'inbers, thus making
The new
to the list of
al Bank of Odessa, and the Sc-j
. I
of litis city.
Tll ° f " ll "' vi,, K " aH i
Resolved, That we are opposed to
five mi nunc of silver, uiul to any debase- j
incut of the currency; Hint we believe;
that the true interests ot the country will J
'" A ,"" 1 s, ', l ' v, j l 'V'? Vm".'.'"'Y. rlY. .'.I'/fibv
g u | ( | standard, winch will pieserxe out
linaneial integrity and future welfare. |
the inceting adjourned and a
. . J . .-.I
luncli was served to the* members ot the ;
elected !
A! 2.
at which Associate Judges,
Spruani'c and Boyce were present,
,|nhn li. Smith, of Milford, was
the American Bankers' As-;
a delegate t
social ion meeting, with Joseph L. Gibson,
0 f Odes
sa, as alternate.
Gcoi-uiii Proliitlils Foot Ball.
Special to Tub Sex.
-Tito Senate
Atlanta, Ha., No\. IN.
to-ilay passed the House bill prohibiting
foot hall in Georgia by a vote of 34 to 4.
'j| )( . )n( . ll(m re now goes to the Governor
un ,i will probably he approved. Should
u no , 1h ._ it w ill probably pass over his
yu((l| f,„. j, i, as t |ic necessary majority in
b()th Jl(HISt . 8 .
Glcrjjy anil Lully Meet to Discuss the |
Good Things of This Life mill
Tlie Semi-Animal dinner of the Church ,
uf tlie
the Next.
, , ■ • ..
held last etening in the
Century ( lull. There were about eighty-1
live present, including the guests. The!
tiiemliersliip of tlie flub is about one
hundred. The 1111*1111 wan nni* tlmt could
not lx; Murjmsw'd, and consisted <if many 1
Wlerthe menu had Ix-en flisj
»f hpeecheH wv.tv made 1
»f Delaware
i'i Hints
Club of the Diocese
C "'" ''
cussed a number
ws: Historic Fpiseopate,
nf Delaware; Duties and Privi
, Rev. Charles S. Ahu
I Few Rev
leges ol Lay
!>.; Pulpit a
ell; The liarly Annals of
th. ('Imi'i'li lit Dcluwaro, Rev. Ernest
'Smith, D. Ik; Church Finunei 1 , Rev. ('.
T. Drady.
'Hirers of the < 'luuvli ('lub of
are: President, .1. A. El leg*
M. D.; vice-presidents, J. J. Ross, Dela
ware Clark, ('buries A. Cook; secrela
and treasurer, Francis G. DuPont; ex
ceutive eoininiltee, F. T. Canby, David
Lindsnv, K. T.
W at'iief,
Wiley, William Penncwtll.
ship fiiiuiiiiltee, (ieni'ge A. IJliutl, Jiilm '
8 . < hi die, Waller tCurtis.
Hlmi'kev lie teats Goililaril.
Stii'cial to Tin; Si x:
S.t.x Fiiaxi iseo, Nov. 18.—In a litely
contest this evening, Sharkey defeated
Ike Goddard before a small audience in
the sixth round.
Kepeated Derisions to That Efleet by
Court h Everywhere*
Interest has recently been aroused in
this state in the question of license
charges, as fixed in different counties
and municipalities, and the attempt is
•ii force these ordi
repeatedly made t
nances, despite the faet that practically
. nt'tliem is void, and hundreds'
rverv om
of t hem have lx*en declared void. There
Ijeen a
lias, in fact
known which,
•ourt of competent appellate J
to a
been attacked,
did not result in overthrow
in everv Suite in the
ing the iirditnince.
I "nion these laws have
and in every Slate they have been over-j
thrown, and whom the State courts have !
I K ' n '*l'ted them to stand, the Federal
Courts have invariably
decisions magistrates •
against them.
Despite all thes
" f inferior jurisdiction, and tlioir ofheers
persistently disregard the decisions of
ihe superior courts, and continue to oil
a |
f"™ those ordinances, to arrest agents,
awl to punish them precisely as if
decisions upon the subject existed.
The broad general principle has been
maintained in its integrity, that only
Congress can impose a tax where the
goods sold in one state were either man
ufactured in or brought from another
sttite. It may be that these magistrates
are ignorant of the decisions upon tile
subject, though this scarcely seems pos
The general wording of these decisions
is almost always the same. It is in effect
that in eases where any person is solicit
ing for the sale of goods in any state in
which these go:ids are not manti
wliich the firm
or establishment selling the goods
is not established, the business is inter
state business and can only lie regulated,
taxed or licensed by act of Congress un
der the provisions of the Constitution of
tlie United States. For instance, in
ease which arose under the laws of Ten- j
nessee, the Supreme Court of the United ;
States said'
or in
"It is strongly urged, as if it were a
material point in the ease, that no dis
crimination is made between domestic
and foreign drummers—those of Tenues
Lee and those of other States-that all art*
But that does not meet the '
ordinance of the !
taxed alike.
difficulty. Interstate commerce cannot bo
taxed at all, though the same amount of
tax should he laid on domestic coin
ire, or that which is carried on solely
within the Slate.
lnjitlier eases, decisions to the same,
wore rendered. In n ease tried
the State court at Rockford, ill., it

was decided that an
city of I'olo, imposing a tax of $50 on
..-i,,, i.... l- lUHi.tru f<.»> o-ntifL in
pernnis who took onions 101 goous in
that town and delivered the goods them
selves and collected the money, was !
void, and tlmt cities laid no power !
an ordinance. •Similar
Millet sue
decisions in Kentucky, Maine, Maryland
New Jersey, New York and practically
•other state in the Union. In the
recent decision the Supreme Court of the
United States held that "every tax on
inter-state commerce is a burden on that
commerce; and, when imposed by a state
law, without the assent of Congress, as
in this case, it is illegal, and the law im
posing it is obnoxious to tlie federal con
stitution, and for that reason null and
void. No state has any independent
right to piaee any burden upon legiti
mate commerce between its own citizens
anil those of other states, nor to curtail
that commerce in any degree.
In a case tried in the United States j
(Vmrt in Tennessee, damages to j
the amount of $5,000 were given in favor
a solicitor named Singleton against the
ol 'iity of Hawkins for false arrest under
the law requiring the payment of a priv
tlege lax to do business.
0,1 ^ onr ^ 1
,,ut was stricken with paralysis on Sun
day night. Chief Justice Lore in noting :
Amos <». I t»rwood Dead.
Amos (1. For wood, of Clayinont died
'clock at the Gibson
Mr. ..I
was summoned to act on the grand jury,
Mr. Forwuoil's niisenei' at the opening
if tlie court, expressed the sym
pat by of Hie court and t bn jury ami bis
nl v will he taken tot "lax moiit for inter - 1
personal reg
if lit.
.John Ow<*iis Hurl.
Special to Tii:
Nov. IS.—A ten
ran away I bis
11 \i:m
longing to .1«diii Rutl
afternoon, colliding with and deinoli>li
ing a carriage standing along the street
and narrowly missed miming
Owens, w I
'er John
as l vying te get his team
.at uf the way.
Gobi I'..,in Ansi i'll tin.
SjH'eial to Tin: Si x.
Sax Francisco, Nov. 18.— The steam
hunt Mariposa lias arrived from AuJ
straliu with two hundred thousand
pounds ia gold consigned 11 Hie English
French and American banks. The crop
prospects in Australia are excellent.
Tilt* Wilmington Roys Play a
Good Game of Hall.
It Was a Goixl Game to See and the
lineal I toys Put l'|) an K.V
eellent Article of
l oot Ball.
it was a beautiful day for foot ball, and
" f "''r cit .y- m "U
the Catholic High School of I'hilnilel
the High School team
phia took advantage of it and lined up j |
at Union street grounds yesterday after-1
noon. Alt.. the visitors greatly ;
outweighed the locals they did not play |
as good a game, and it was no disgrace j
to our boys to lose, as it was weight that
beat them and nothing else.
The game was very interesting to the
onlookers, as it was full of many bril
limit plays, among them being the run
ning of Adams and Bulger for the visit
ors; in fact the hitter's 80-yard run was a
pretty piece of work. For the local
boys Simmons made the best gains, and
his 20-yard rim around right end was
very fine.
Our old standby, Grove, stopped the
visitors from making many gains by his
phenominal tackling. Gouert, Lingo
and Captain Huxley also tackled very
well. In fact the whole Wilmington
eleven played a great game.
The following w ill tell the reader how
the game was lost.
The game started by Bulger kicking off
to Lawton, who ran it back 10 yards;
Simmons gained 5 yards round right end,
Middleton no gain. Huxley, at tins
stage of the game, fumbled the ball,
but got it himself; Lawton was then
forced to kick to the visitors, fumbled it,
and Lingo fell on the hall. Simmons
made 5 yards and Lingo 2 yards, and a
w»'ai p tackle by Megill forced Middleton
lack 2 yards, lluxlev then worked the
quarter hack kick, hut the hall did not
go 10 yards, and the visitors got the hall.
Brown took the pig skin around right
end for 15 yards, and a brilliant tackle by
Groves stopped Adams from gaining.
The locals then got the* ballon downs
and, they failing to gain, Lawton kicked
and McLaughlin fumbled it and Gouert
got the ball. The Wilmington hoys still
failed to gain and the visitors got the hall i
on downs. Bulger then gained yards, j
hut the rest failed to gain and Adams
was forced to kick and lluxlev got the I
Simmons circled right end
yards and
Dirued around and made 20 yards
a criss-cross and was tacked
or a sum
,'""'Y ° n
prettv hard bv McLaughlin. Hie < atlio
. , .* , i
IC Ihgli . chool got the hall on downs. |
Dulger was given the ball h,it(irovcs|
*t''l'I*'<l him from gaining. Adams then
kicked and llitxlay made a free catch
and was given 15 yards for being tack-.
led. The locals made a few onslaughts I
and failed to gain; this compelled Lawton
kick and the visitors then had the
ball. Bulger failed to gain as did Adams
and on the next play Adams gained 5
yards around left end. Time was here
called for the first half. Score, 0 to 0.
The second half opened by Huxley
kicking off to Ecock, who ran the hall
back 5 yards before being downed.
Adams failed to gain, and Bulger went
through right tackle for an 80-vard run
und a touchdown; lie also kicked (lie
goal. Lawton kicked off to McLaughlin,
who failed to gain, on account of the
sharp tackle made by Gouert andllux
ley. Adams tried right end for a gain of
yards. Bulger gained 8 yards through
right tackle. Bulger failed to gain be
cause of a slmrp tackle by Gotten,
visitors then fumbled flic bull and Miil
The locals lost 0 yards
a fumble before Huxley got it, and
Lawton from the i
lluxlev I
dleton fell on it.
had pass to
centre made him lose 8 yards,
then kicked the ball, and McLaughlin I
l il ''" ,l '* l,al ' k 111 . val ''ls.
gained 10 yards more,
ball to the 4-yard line, and after a few i
short rushes Adams took it over for a
Bulger A
This brought the
touchdown, and Bulger kicked the goal.
Lawton kicked off to Keoek, who ran it'
Bulger gained 5 yards i»(!
hack 7 yards,
nrotunl tight end;
yards through right tackle; I at Igor lail< d
Adams then gain 'd 5 vards
Selirii'l/er gained 8
illi'd h
around i ight end.
id t lie game was
Following is the line up.
II. S.
(' || v iif
Icii tackle
left guard
( a
right guard A. (iallaglier
lit tackle (< lallaglti'T m
Megill I
right end
quarter hark McLaughlin
left half back
.Middleton ,
Simmons j
Touchdowns. Bulger, Adams; goals, Bttl
if I it lialfliaek
fall i a k
Selli if 1 n 1 '
Referee, ti. Prentiss; umpire, li. W.
Mel lannell; linesmen, A. i lartnianii and
I'vle. Time, 20 and 15-miimte hit Ives.
gcr 2 .
He Will Speak to the Mayflower De
scendant» at Their Annual
Meeting Next Monday.
1'iULAPEKmiiA, Nov. IS.—The Society
Mayflower Descendants in theCoin
of Pennsylvania, will <in
Monday evening next hold its annual
meeting at the Hotel Stenton, at which
Thomas F. Bayard, former Ambassador
England, will make an address. He
will give some account of the recovery of
Bradford's History <>f Plymouth Plan
tation, a fac simile copy of which will be
exhibition at the meeting.
serve for the
There will Is- an elect ion of otlicers to
The follow
ensuing year.
,. S f ()J , ^j i0 j r suffrage: For governor,
('Iiurlcinstgno Tower Jr.; deputy gover
is the ticket submitted to the niem
('luvrlcss \ Brinl(*y*
' lmui kikkIvs; historian, J. Granville
Olcott Allen; captain,
treasurer, James
Leach; secretary, Edward Tobev Stuart.
following will also Ik* voted for for
board of assistants: Edward Clinton
Ebcn Francis Barker, E. Otis Ken
Arthur Hale.
l)r. Murray Lectures to Students.
Yesterday afternoon Rev. W. L.' 8.
Murray, pastor of St. Paul's M. E,
Church, addressed the students of the
Wilmington Commercial College and
School of Shorthand, on the subject,
"Little Things of Big Importance,
that on every hand little things lead
great tilings ? That there is still more
worlds to be conquered.
The faintest beginnings lead to the most
fabulous results. Avoid with care all
mistakes. Pay the strictest attention to
details—to all little things, because the
balances of your future are so delicately
poised, that it needs hut little to turn
them both for evil and for woe.
Little vices, like the madrepore which
penetrates the great oak and turns it by
degrees to dust, will so honeycomb
characters that all wortli will be de
Load Game Out Wrong End.
Lewis Wertz and S. E. Tiuss of New
Castle, had an experience a few days
that will make them extremely care
how they monkey with a gun here
Wertz had an old-fashioned muz
zle-loading shot gun and armed with this
ancient fire arm he went gunning for
bunnies. When he fired the left hand
barrel exploded, blowing the butt of the
barrell to shreds, smashing the lock into
fragments and leaving the stock split and
smashed out of sluq>e.
.Wertz's arm was cut severely, and
face from the Hying metal.
The fragments are on exhibition in the
window of the Lafayette House and
passersby wonder wlmt smashed the gun.
An enjoyable and pleasant reception
held last evening at the home of
Daniel Lowder, No. 417 East Seventeenth
street, in honor of their guest, Miss
Addie Hughes of Atlantic City. During
evening vocal selections, comic reci
Truss received several small cuts about
tlelil a Deception.
ions and dancing was indulged in by
present. At midnight all entered
spacious dining apartment, where an
unusual large assortment of luxuries
spread before the guests.
Those present were Miss Cora Taggert,
Helen Taggert, Katie Burns, Gertrude
Burns, Susie Carter, Maine Kenney und
Messrs. John Snyder, John Braunstein,
Braunstein, Miller Turner, Paul
Taggert, Harry McClane, Elmer Klund,
cnee Chambers, Will Devine, George
Two-Masted Schooner Ashore.
Special to Tut; Sex:
Nkw York, Nov. 18.—The marine oli
servorat Sandy Hook reported lute tliis
afternoon tlmt a two-masted schooner
aground on Homer slmal. She was
displaying the American ensign with the
down in her rigging. Name as
mid lie made out was Lugano,
from the life saving station
started to lift' assistance.
Took u Day Oil".
Frank Shaw, night clerk til Beckett's
"I 11 '"' M'Herikiy m liltingnw shout
cotton-tails. The iiilibits
liatileil to Sixt ii :
ill lie
n |"s
•range sttvels this
and ilisti'ilaiti'il to his
vas taki n
as too lilli, to liedisliilinted.
• as ii
caniiK* friend, lias
I'ceivcd a
in vital i< u
to il Slllll|l
a is rej ast
rabbit pot-pir ■
lb M.
Jimmie Michael
-Jimmie Miel.ae^
In re
Ii Id
an ived
I le » ill eniiplele tr;iinin •• In re
with Stallutfli in
big mutch
Will Maniilaelm*e Gold.
Special to Tin: St x.
tin too, Nov, IN —l'rofessor Bt'iee an
lniimeeil to-day tiiat lie will eommenco
itis initi
of gold fixi

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