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~W'TT ,^ri'N~C3' r T 1 01Sr,
Entered, at the Wilmington Post Office as Second Class Matter.
MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT, No. 100J East Sixth Street.
PHILADELPHIA OFFICE, Room 3. No. fill Walnut Street.
THE SUN is published every day in the year and is distributed throughout
the City of Wilmington and the State of Delaware by authorized agents. Subscrip
tions should be sent to the publication office by mail or telephone.
Good morning!
This is about the right sort ot weather for defective flues to get
in their accustomed work.
The best wish for the Princeton and Yale football players, who
are on edge for their great encounter to-morrow, is that they will
make as fair and manly a fight as was waged through to an even
finish in Cambridge last Saturday.
Secretary Bliss reports a probable increase in the cost of pen
sions for next year of $5,000,000 to $7,000,000, though the cost this
year is above $140,000,000. Nearly a third of a century after the
close of the war he finds 200,000 pension claims awaiting action —
a number greater than the largest army actually put into battle
during the war. So much |for reckless, demagogic legislation,
seeking votes with the most demoralizing of bribes—a pension bait.
It is a question in the minds of those most seriously interested ;
whether or not the passage at this time of the anti-silver resolution
such as that of the Delaware Bankers' Association is in any way
useful. The free coinage issue is not dead and perhaps is not dy
ing, but to fight it when it is not making any particular stir, is
merely to revive what many hope will be a dead political question
before the next campaign. Those who arc opposed to the free coin
age of silver may, therefore, do well to consider the advantage
raising the question themselves, when no one else is raising it.
JlTST a week ago the United States Court of Appeals at St. Louis
held that a boycott by labor against capital is a criminal conspiracy.
Now an Illinois State Court at Chicago has decided that a "black
listing" by capital against labor is equally unlawful, and has
awarded a "blacklisted" laborer $21,666.33 damages. If the boy
cott were sound in law, then the blacklist would also be sound,
But these courts, dealing out even justice, have declared the truth
that blacklist and boycott are equally odious, equally hostile to
democratic institutions and ideas. It is fortunate that these two
decisions came so closely together. The object-lesson they present
will not be lost upon either.labor or capital.
It is announced that the President does not expect to incorpo
rate in his message the recent correspondence with Spain. The
papers are to be accessible to the Foreign Committees of Congress,
but not to the people. Why not ?
cealment. It is reported that Spain asked to have the correspond
ence withheld for the present for political reasons. This is not
enough. The citizens of the United States have a right to know
what their servants at Washington are doing,
ger that the performance of the Administration is not in line with
the sentiment of the people. Hello, there, John Sherman ! Here
is a chance for you to take a hold stand. Such a proceeding might
be of use to you.
There lias been too much con
There is great dan
It is to he hoped that the reports are untrue that Brazil is will
ing to sell some of her warships to Spain, provided she can obtain
security that payment will be forthcoming when it falls due. Un
der ordinary circumstances nojobjectioujcould he raised with justice
11 a transaction of this character between the two nations.
would he a mere matter of business.
But the situation is not an
ordinary cue; on the contrary, the conditions arc such that the pro
po->L*d barter on the part of Brazil would not, to say the least, be
calculated to exalt her standing as a member of the American fam
ily of States. What Brazilian could see without blushing his flag
give place to the standard of Spain on the ships of his country, and
look without indigiiatipn at their gnus pointed against the heroic
n 1 tn i *
patriots of Cuba struggling to throw off the rule of the Spanish
What amount of money could compensate for so imlcl-.
ihle a stain on the honor and character of his nationality?
may have no use for these ships; she may need the money invested
• ,1 t . i i i r i r i rr if f
in them; but it would be far better for her to suffer the loss, what
ever it may he, than to indemnify herself at so great a sacrifice of
honor and principle as the suggested sale would inevitably carry
witli it.
The Patliians whom the British encounter in the war now in pro
gress on the northwestern frontier of India are always worsted in
, . •
tlie encounters that take place during the day, hut they get their
innings at night, making rushes in force upon the British camps
under cover of darkness, or creeping"up singly close
On a recent occasion
to get good shots with their excellent rifles.
they poured some io,ooo shots, it was estimated, into a camp from
the adjacent hills, killing a number of men and animals. The Britisli
device for revealing the presence of the enemy is to build bonfires
some distance off from their camps at night, or burn flashlights not
unlike the so-called "Roman candles - " When the enemy's po
it is revealed
sition is at a distance of one or two thousand yards
by means of "star shells," or rockets, which illuminate a wide area
for a few seconds. The latter method is sometimes employed if a
rush is expected, even when the enemy is supposed to be compara
tively near. When the Patliians—a general name
Orakzais and other tribes of the Maidan region—are once located by
means of the bonfire, flashlight or star shell, the Maxims do the rest
General Lockart's army, it may be added, reached Tirah, its object
ive point, by November 5, and the hostile tribes began to submit.
Many of the Orakzais and some of the Afridis, though unable to
fight a pitched battle, keep up a guerrilla warfare, attacking con
voys, cutting off foraging parties and firing into the British camps
or the Afri-lis,
at night. They have long-range rifles and are good shots.
The proportion of officers picked off has been very large.
local dots.
Ix'on ConirelI, of The Philadelphia
Record spent the day in the city.
Joseph Hill and Clayton Harrison, who
have been visiting in Chester, have re
turned home.
The engagement of William A. Mnyne,
of DuPont street, and Miss liny nurd of
West street is announced.
John G. Gray received from his
brother-in-law, Janies Ross, a dozen line
, . , ,
birds yesterduv morning.
St. Paul's Church will be formally |
opened on Sunday next. A special w l 'I
vice will bo held at 10..50 a. in.
The engagement has been announced
f Eighth street and
of Richard Jones
Miss Bcrnittc of Washington street.
I The Klktou. Md., Methodist Episcopal 1
| Church has invited the Rev. A. S. Mow
, bray to return us pastor next conference
The schooner Adele Rail, built at Mil
ford in 1SP0, has been
Wright and a company
Mr. and Mrs. Edward (iibson pr
sented to Eden Lodge last evening a cake
for which the members return their
,1,1 * 0 | ||
nf 1'hihnlel
* arils mvmu announcing the
1,11 1 '" lM
•" Iu '
ut St. Jnlin's
•Iniri'li, mi Tliunksgivilig at
7 ]'. M
Miss Emiiui Manuel wnsclcnninggloves
witli gasoline. tin* liquid took fire :
was painfully burned about tin*
hands and arms.
Isaac Dillon has a decided limp in his
He stepped on sonic loose stones
recently, his ankle turned and
was sprained severely.
Wednesday bv Vicar-General Lyons,
Madame A. Atigclini, now of Lonum,
of|Nuly, but formerly of this city, will lee- ■
,n " "" 1 1 " ,,u
.James F. Curran, lender of St. Peter's
Pro-Cathedral choir, and Miss Mary
Linnev were married in the Cathedral on
school hall of West Presbyterian Church.
Turkeys are bringing from 15 to is
cents per pound dressed ill the street
market. The commission merchants are
f flu.
fri "" to c< nt8 ponnl *
Capfnin John West, formerly
tug S. A. McCanlley, has been appointed
master of the government, tug at League
tHlanfl Navy Yard and has
,llltKS of ,lls position,
The Street and Sewer Department is
preparing to macadamize Twelfth street
* ' *
trom .Jefferson to Madison. Work on
Tat nail street between Eleventh and
Twelfth is already in progress.
assumed the
The I'ho nix Eire Company received
word yesterday,that the Armstrong patent
'('turned from
Buffalo, where he has been working ditr
collar and harness were shi;i|ied. They
■ to lie used with the new harness
made by AIIh-h Jacquot, of this city.
Edward Earner has just
large Iron Works,
ing llie j,asl year in a
He has to-day accepted a position at thy
Pusoy & Jones Co., in tin* boat building
Shields Library Association will give
ite thirty-lifth annual reception in Turn
11 all. Thanksgiving eve., November 21th,
Is.'7. This reccption has always been a
very pleasant event, and ii will he no

llli ' li| uc.
y ;l
n wlm Inis I:
with Dr. :i
I Mi's. C. E. Joyce for s.
davs iviiirncd vesierduv fnun Richmond,
a store for
l he Japanese Pair ('<*. Sii
ill return
!<• Richmond i
t ime
S( ' S
"' ' "
given bv the second commiss
The I bird commissi'
in Hie
>f condemnation
>f the right
of way for
Silverhi.. sewi
■i' through llir pn.|K'i'ty
if.MissMarv Bill inici'vicwcil llic pivmi
reslerilay ami made a
award of
iiitcriiilly less than tlia
Antonio l , 'era<h. a
:ss years, while
n "' k li,llln fi 1
foot. It wounded suul Iractured the hone,
|| ( . W!ls taken to the h-lawni-e Hospital
where the wound was dies,
single mail aged
vi irking lit I lie Bellevue
tiuarries was injured bv a fifty pound
the big fee uf his lift
I by Drs.
i )gle and Joyce.
ll is flic earnest request of the cum
in charge of t hi giiiilio:il Wilining
l,!lll( l U1 ' 1 Knit all who uish to attend
1,1 . M )"* , l"'", .
mission at- once, as the liiniinerislunil
e, ,M. Iloopes, Willard Saulshurry,
I 'rest on Leu, L. If. Morrow, or Mayor
of ad
Mr Lear may receive subscriptions.
(!|7' . j,, ( j „ : n , ,
he was tin
,l "'
I Icnnsmii
severely injured
in West
■stinted before lie had alighted, and
•o\\ n, sustaining an injury to
A physician is in
• in regular
•at Seventh ami
Tat mil I streets.
I'rcshytcrinn cimitili, will lie opened
next Friday evening with religious ex- 1
•reises. The |n*ople of the ehiireh will
furnish the building. Robert Rruee will
instruct the young men of the neighbor
I in gymnasts and is now furnishing
a gymnasium on the third floor of tin
Tlie Mission ut I'mnt and Orange
streets which is under the care of West
Brooklyn, while cleaning windows this
morning at No. 153 Wortli street, fell to
the sidewalk anil was killed. He fell |
Flllllge to Belli ll.
Nkw Yoiik, Nov. It).—William I'ojie,
thirty years old, of No. 311! Reid avenue
i even stories.
Commerce and Finance.
Tin; Flour market ruled sternly, and
11 here was o particular pressure to sell,
but the volume of business was insignifi
cant, buyers generally holding off. Feed
was in small spot supply, and held at
former rates, but there was little inquiry
except for choice stock. May was freely
offered at former rates, hut demand was
! , ,, , ,,
'of quoted rates. Kenned Sugars were m
, * . .
! moderate request and firm. Provisions
| HohJ in tt j oW)in|? way within the range
'I quotations. Wheat opened strong, in
sympathy with bullish speculation in all'
domestic grain centres, influenced by
higher foreign advices, and the call ad
vanced 2c. over Inst evening's rates. Ex
slow, except for No. 1 and choice stock,
which sold moderately. Straw was quiet,
I with holders anxious to sell on a basis
1 port inquiry wan fair, hut bids were gen
orally Im*Iow a workable basis. Corn
options opened firm, under a good in
Iquirv from exporters, but the call closed
about the same as yesterday's final rates.
meal car lots were strong, under scar
( 'k. v * Dudo was (piiet. Oats in car
lots were in meagre supply and firmly
held, but demand from jobbers was light-.
Cotton was unchanged.
lint ter and Eggs.
The following arc the official whole
recorded to-dav at the I'hila
dolphin Rutter and E«
Solid I'arkcd lliittei*.
i*rv, extra.
. \ U„ |:,
.12(s 15,
do see.
Imitation Civatnerv, extra.is
lo lirsts.
lo seconds..
. M" 17
Ladle-paeknl, extra.
. 16
Western, strictly fresh...
di> firsts...
do seconds...
Print llultei*.
(* r .
do firsts....
do seconds.
.2W* 21
lVnnsvlvania and near
Rutter, linn; E
Crain Movement.
;s, linn.
Receipts at Philadelphia:—Wheat!!,-,
4Hi; Corn, 54,508; Oats, 81,870. Ship-1
ments from Philadelphia:—Wheat, 50,-;
.",22; Corn, 122,100; Oats, 7,100. Receipts
at Haiti more:—Wheat, 77,882; Corn, 80,
211; Oats, 5. |
You Will Never Fail.
Bv calling on Professor Weil, who has !
had thirty years cx|>uriencc as an opti
cian and is highly reeommended by
those who have patronized him. He is
"" w P 1 ?*'/' N "' Market
street, with an entirely new stock i
givatly reduced prices. (Jive him a call.
Itreuks the Marriage lleeord.
Special to Tiik Srx.
St. Joskhi, Mn. Nnv. 111.—John .1.
, over u ImniiiYil years of nge, ,
was nmrrictl to Miss Marv Henderson,
ilged 77, in this city to-day. It. is he
lieved lo lie the record for the marriage
of old jicnplc. Both are in excellent
Never heforo have wo had such a fin
•ollcctioii of Pianos from all the Jx'sfc
linkers and at such prices that most any
». Sen what v
one can huv a pi:
do at L'ohclc
before buying elsewhere.

Ite linnet! To-morrow.
The remains of William Henry Nichol
were found floating in the
m Wednesday, have been
taken from tin* ranks of the unknown
('lirisl in mi
dead al the Pnltcr's field and carried in
the residence of his brother-in-law, Eher
^ • Talley,
Perry's lintel, <.n the
cord pike,
hirh place tin
w ill he interred in Ml. Iln|R* (V
al o'clnek Sunday morning.
MutineeroviTV day.
Refill'll of l lie favorites—
CoMKIlV ( (IMI'ANY AMI ( illAMlt llW.'lll'XI'UA.
Week cnnimcnciug Muxhav, N<>
venilier I5lh.
Saliirdav . . . ".McKenna's Flirtation"
Saturday. . . .
. . . "Charity Rail"
Moving pictures by Lilian's Cineo
graph at every performance.
Admission—It). 20 and fill cents. Seats
reserved without extra charge.
Dry Goods and Notions
Underwear and Hoiscry a Specialty.
We alno give trad ing stain pH. AH good h
H old at the In wont market- rates. No
use going in town for your dry
goods. Call and see us.
Indies' arjd Celt's (jfe.
105 E. Fourth St.
Oysters in all styles.
Game in season
Roast Dinners 25cts.
Phone 843.
Two Big Performances Daily
Thia Week.
| Admission to all
The Phenomenal Western tenor
(treat ..cuts of Illustrated Songs.
Sixteen Other Vaudeville Lumina
ries Appear.
10 and 20c
Dealers in
No. ii Hast Eighth Street,
Wilmington, Del.
- Eleotric Physician,
Han removed his office to
Wilmington, Del.
To gel good fresh lisli and the (incst
oysters, cleanly opened, and the liesl
to si tut 11 went corner Eighth
1 streets, or call plume BOO.
, having retired fr
the restaurant business, gives his whole
attention to haying anil handling imtli
inghiit t lie best oysters, eliiins and fresh
lisli. He makes ii s|>ccialty of opening
ovsters on i in If shell at vour home.
and .h IF
Mr. A. II. Ainsc
S. W. Cor. Eighth & Jefferson,
Phone 309.
BAER S10E HOUSE, 407 ling St.
Cheapest Shoe House in Wilmintnn.
Shoes that were once |2 now (ISc. Hoots
and Rubbers of all kinds and prices.
Ij. I. BAKE, 407 King Street,
Tlte place you want to buy
802 Market Street.
A inscow receives his oysters from all
1 1 h• celebrated hays in the country.
J* ami lies dealing here can rest assured
, , .
that their
•slurs arc always fresh or
money refunded.
The prices are 25, HO, 35, 40 and 45
cents per quart, alsi
barrel nr any other way.
sold by hundred,
Be sine anil order through 'Phone No.
673, and send orders in early.
We deliver oysters free of charge, to all
parts of the city.
game in season, Inhalers, crab
meat, terrapin and all Hie dclacics of the ;
season can he had at all times.
If yon are in
need of money
call at Harris'
stablished Licensed Loan Office
where you can obtain from $1.00 to
$S.oooon all goods of value at a low rate
of interest. All business strictly confi
dential. Also an assortment iif unre
deemed pledges constantly on hand.
HARRIS, 12(1 Market St., Wilming
ton, Del.
WANTED—50 hoys to sell the Sunday
edition of Tiik Sun. Biggest sale , >n
record last Sunday. Mon-profit. Aiinlv
103 East Sixth street.
WANTED—A l'a|sr Hanger,
WANTED.—Agent to take orders for pat
ent basin-holder. Call C. F. Rhine, ,:;ii
E. 4th St.
Mu.-t I,.
SINGLETON, ft 14 Oral.
Wanted a Man
In every town in Delaware, legitimate
Paving Business, with responsible eon
cern. Apply at once, Box 8 Phi la.. I'a.
Women Wanted to sell Brassine. Lib
eral contract. A sale at every door.
Brassine Manufacturing Company
River and t'nion Sts. Wilkesbarrc, I'a.
WANTED.—A good girl for house
work, apply
S. W. Cor. Del. Ave. and Jackson St,
WANTED—White girl for general
. housework, apply
I40S Harrison stm t.
Leading quick lunch and oys
ter parlors is
No. 3 East Fourth St.
C. R. Holt, Prop.
Edwui'd Krause, ITopilolor.
S. E. COR.
foiirth and Orange Streets.
Stables attached and Free Hot Lunch
all day
Heaters, Stores anil Grates.
Our stock is selected especially t
please the FAMILY TRADE.
Geo. w. BosK 4 Sets Go.,
Manufacturer and jobber in
Fine Havana Cigars.
Give ua a call and try our band made
Cigars. We sell them wholesale and re
tail at the lowest market rates. Hex
trade a specialty.
206 JHarket St.
Wilmington, Del.
Headquarters for
StyirtS, tll)d6rU/^3r ;
Sweaters, Overalls and Neck
wear. Knit Jackets made to
order at Ready Made Prices.
216 Market Street,
That makes the Vara and Espana brand
annfacturo. A full
atonal at the store
line of smoker's
No. 840 ORANGE ST.
No Quinine.
No Poison
Positively cun's Malaria, ('bills, l ever,
Dyspepsia,' Khc
atism, pains in (lie
joints, hack or :
' part of the body, ll
^D'aigthens tin* blood, invigorates the
•rves. Try it to-day for that tired, lun
iid leeling. Each package contains 10
Price, lOcts.
*ent to any address
At Druggist's or
See this Spare for Christmas Goads.
We deliver free of charge orders in city.
GEO. MARIS, 711 Market St.
farmer's - Restaurant.
_ Are you hungry ? I f so, stop at. No. 12
East, Second Street. Yon call get agood
Roast Dinner. Beef, Veal, or chicken.
Oysters in all styles, 15 and 25
Board by the Meal
' week.
Also Luilg
Mrs. Harms Scarbor.
Delaware College
Offers a Winter Course of instruction
[ii t«q»ies pertaining to Agriculture and
llortleultlire, beginning Tuesday,
Ith. Tut.ition 1'ree. Circulars describ
ing the Course sent free to every one
applying to
(«!•:<>. A. IIahtku, J'ft'sident,
II. Risuoe,
Professor of Agriculture.
Newark, Del.
Groceries, Teas, Coffees and Spiel's at
the lowest rash prices. With every $25
worth of goods we give you a hands..
present free of charge. Over a hundred
different articles to select from. Call and
sec us.
N. E. Cor. 3rd & Madison Streets.

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