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Those Indian Depredation Claim*—The
Case of Simeon Kemp The Draft
Dogs of Belgium.
(Special Correspondence.1
In these days, whon tho mention of
millions of dollar* bus ceasod to startle
the eye* of newspaper readers and when
stories that do not contain the seasoning
of a dollar mark are not considered stand
ard, it is small wonder that a recent
case filed in the supremo court of the
United States should have failed to at
tract notice. Tho caso is that of Simeon
Kemp, a citizen of Texas, who in 1891
secured a judgment against tho govern
ment in tho court of claims for $2,000
for tho loss of certain property destroyed
by tho Comanche Indians. Tho amount
in itself is insignificant, but a legal
point that is involved in the decreo of
the court of claims applies to some 4,000
other cases or claims against the govern
meut, amounting to $10,000,000. j
The case has been appealed from the
court of claims and has been advanced
for hearing on tho 0th day of December,
when it will be presented and argued
before the supreme court.
Four Thousand Similar Cases. :
The statute of tho United States
which guaranteed indemnity to persons
Ling property at the hands of tho In- :
dians provided that a person who lost
property should present his claim to tho j
proper Indian agent, together with his
proofs, and that such agent should niako
demand upon tho tribe of Indians whoso
members were charged with the depre
dation for satisfaction. In this caso and
in some 4,000 other eases now pending
in tho court of claims this demand was
nover made. Tho United States and tho
defendant tribo of Indians claim this
should be douo before tho claimant
would have a right to recover. Judge
John G. Thompson of Danville, Ills.,
assistant attorney general, who raised
this question, lniH perfected tho appeal
and will present the matter and the ar
gument to tho supreme court whou tho
caso comes up for hearing.
A Washington Gift Horse.
"Probably there never was a gift
horso so thoroughly and persistently
looked into tho mouth," said an official
at tho capitol, "as was tho iron safe
and its contents which were presented to
the capitol during tho centennial year
by Mrs. Deems of Brooklyn. Tho safe,
n few weeks after its reception—and
congress lias never yet formally received
it—was pushed out on to the eastern
portico and remains there yet.
tho law governing such matters the ar
chitect of the capitol has no authority
to give it house room,
er, covered it with boards,
keeps it safe from inclement weather.
In the early part of the centennial year
Mrs. Dooms conceived tho idea that it
would be tho proper thing to have all
persons holding high oflu-uil place* to
sign a document »' ym V ■ t t posi
tion hold by them, all to he dated July
lie has, liowev
and thus
4, 1S70. In ndditi' n to this s
.......-s of tlio
locked up in
that the safe
ed all signers t.
piliotographs wliii !i v. cr
tlio safe.
Her d,
v vv
1 cued until July 4,
rant took kindly to
11 started out tho list of
lid thi' members of hi*
should remain un
l!)7(i. President <
her intention
signatures, a:
cabinet and the great
senators and repro • ataiive.s ii
that day
if the
md hundreds of
Hum:)' :b
d i ;:d oilier officials, tlio
justices of tho United Stales supremo
and tlio local courts',tiLtl UnitRl States
judges in all pm
handed in their
accepting the gtft, to which conditions
of no kind except that it be Kept sa e y
were attached, for Mrs. Deems gave tno
safe and all her labor in connection
tsm^ittlefsoL'e one foraot to'do so
'Z I t ct o tho capBo could do
.mthi™ iiw than to haw it lifted out
HH^if tboSitscon
tents sient for 100 yenrs ou the outside,
There it is today md not one nerson in
every 10,000 persons who see it from
day to day knows or ever heard any
thing of its history, for no sign or any
thing else indicating the content* of the
safe will he allowed upon it.
The Draft Dotm of Delirium.
Cu March 19, 1807, an instruction
consuls in Belgium,
nv, th i Netherlands and
ctbig then, to report
',["s ns draft, animals iu
Iti of the country also
nd photo
Death's Work In Twonty-two Years.
"At tho proper moment and without
lunch ceremony tlio big in it safe was
locked, tho signatart s and photographs
having previously been iuc
tight copper boxes. All who were about
the capitol that day were allowed to
put their autographs in tho safe, aud
with tlio others mine went in. But 22
yours liavo passed, and nearly every
whose autograph went into tho
eafo has passed away. Sonic ouo prom
ised to get congress to puss a resolution
led in air
was sent to the
France, Or'
Switzerland. <:n
upon the esc ' I <1
their respective districts. Hauvey John
son, cntnail at Antwerp, writes that the
draft do:
11 owncl by peas
"to town" fit taim itrawn by their own
dogs, and when there crista a surplus
of dogs they arc Vn.vght to tho city on
"market day"" gml sold.
A youngling ready to work cost from
$18 to $20. Tho highest utility is at,
tained where two, three, four or fivo
dogs arc harnessed abreast and placed
iu front of the cart, which they draw
■s if they woro horses. It is in this way
nts ('"tno to town with
in tho
ro l.'ciifi
ant farmer.'
thattho p
thoir vegetables nml flowers
morning, and iu this way they return
in tlio afternoon, seated in their carts,
happy and smiling when they have been
able to sell their loads, and in this con
tontment tho (logs seem to join as thajr
trot briskly along toward home. A team
of three or four of theso dogs can draw
600 or 000 pounds for several hours.
Card Schofield. I
Bead the Sunday Sun.
A heron shot at the Solway fishery
had 87 yearling trout in his crop—a
goodly number surely for ouo meal. An
other, shot on another occasion, con
tained 25. I have often watched the
birds when engaged in robbing the
ponds and have seen one under such
circumstances put itself into almost ev
erjr conceivable position; running ex
citedly to and fro, with outstretched
neck, beholding thousands of yearling
trout in the clear water of a pond closo
the pond—which is about ono foot per
pendicular above the water and grown
over with grass he grasps the grass,
(,r anything ho can lay hold or, with
0110 (which is doubled up, the tar
HUS being in a horizontal position or
nearly so), and with the other leg in
the water and stretched to the full he
fff 1 * 118 a footing if ho can. Quo wing is,
iolded to his body, or may bo drooping
a Httte. while the other is outstretched
over the bank and is used as an arm for
Riding on. lhe breast of the bird is m
the and there he remain* motion
ess, With his beak very near the sur
«*o»gh hoBd 18 drawn back a
ntu,, '
by, and suggesting a good deal of tho
ludicrous. The trout are just out of his
reach, hut ho can seo them, and ono ris
ing to tho surface now and then, almost
within his roach, seems to send him
half frantic.
At last his "plan of campaign" is
settled, and, slipping over the bank of
Witli thousands of fish near ho has
not long to wait before one comes with
in his reach, and dexterously, with his
head well submerged, ho seizes his luck
less victim, losing his balance in doing
But never mind! Tho capture has
been made, and the heron calmly swims
across tho pond some 20 feet and flaps
out on the other side. —Knowledge.
Heroic Abolitionists.
Tlio story of Calvin Fairbank, the
fighting abolitionist, who spout fivo
years in the Kentucky peuitontiary, with
almost daily terriblo floggings on his
baro back—with anywhere from 20 to
100 lushes at each flogging—and then,
after being liberated, went to freeing
slaves again and was kiduapod and
sent back to 13 years more of confine
ment and floggings, recalls tbo many
simplo heroic deeds of that day. When
over wo get hold of an old underground
railroad man wo feel ourselves in a
time of prodigious heroism. Tho negroes
who ran away from slavery invited suf
ferings worse than slavery.
Think of the man who had himself
boxed up as a corpse in tlie south—in
Florida, tho listener thinks it was—and
shipped to an address in the north. Ho
had sonto scraps of food in tho coffin,
and tho corners were loose enough to
let in a little air. But the box was
squaro at the ends, and there was noth
ing to show which was tho head and
which tho foot. Often (he negro, al
^ dKl(1 with tho ri , i( , confinement,
, u{t , ( ou hiti fuco , au ,i once In:
wag stood " (m his hoart , tbo box being
leaned up against the side of a freight
building, tin feet curl up!
tlie man began to suffer
course. II
this position. Non:
reveal himself and

ry soon
gony, of
felt tiir.t he would die in
:tsr. Ho would not
back to slavery,
Any death would bo prefcrablo to that.
Bo lie kept still till ho swooned away,
and when m xt, he came to liimself lie
nnd liis eoilin wore on a moving railroad
did not get out of box
train. And ii
until ho arriv
Massachusetts.—Boston Transcript.
•filiation in
id at liis
. , . . .. ,
Every country lias what it deserves.
Thisisa commonplace, but it seems to
mo that we constantly forget this com
monplace. Wo have only to look around
at any moment, to tee what we have,
iu order to find out what wo deserve,
The difficulty is to ascertain what we
really (lo have. It seems oasy, hut it isl
extremely hard. Try your hand, gentlo
reader, on anything you like—ou your
religion, on your press, ou your litora
ture, on your science, ou you? freedom,
ou your education. You will bo sadden
ed by what you discover, but you will
be consoled; to the world
now a gto p toward, then half a step
bac kwurd, yet it advances. Meantime
wbat you k av0 got, that you deserve;
that, aud no moro; you, I mean, a* one
° f tb ° p0 ° pU '' UOt y0 , l J " S } ' 0urself ' N "
doubt you a "J "T™ " 8
<leal more—Walter Besant.
Il " " d'J'to'hStoSkS
alwo, ahvuyH ready to ^Hidor
8 " rontemno
,jeu . cflt ° . . .1 t i L
SioX L Lprovcm^t of future
gcneratious . He () P . US his purso to the
nee( jy i grants his money and his best
coungels to the sorely pressed, grudges
neither time nor thought to the consul
oration of tho necessities of the least
distinguished of his associates, and it
jg on record that ono actor, noted for
bis careless, prompt liberality, ou being
UH ked for a subscription of 10 shillings
toward tho funeral expenses of a stago
carpenter, thrust his hand into his
pocket, pulled forth a sovereign, aud
1 -tainly; here, bury two
London Truth.
What We Der.ervo.
ga id, "Y
A Gem of Pompeii,
Tho most beautiful house unearthed
in tho buried city of Pompeii is called
tbl , j onius Yittiorium and belonged to
tlio noble family of Vitti. Instead of re
moving tho marbles and bronzes and
portable articles to tho National museum
a f Naples, everything has been left just
Bg it was found, and tables, pictures,
tessellated floors, statues and fountain*
c i og od by the government with glas%
j] ms aftoniing protection from tho ele
meals uud the vandal proclivities of
many tourist*. Exquisite mosaics and
g t a tuary may bo soon, aud the rich ool
0 f the walls are marvelously brll
jj an t w heu one considers that nearly 19,
centuries have passed since the painting
first done.
aud ornamented walls havo been in*
Job Printing. Give us a irial.
"Have a care, sir!" she criod, with
menace in her tones. "Have a care, girl
You may go too far with me!"
Drawing her regal figure up to Its
full height and throwing her queenly
head hack with an imperious poiso, she
turned her flashing black eye—flashing
w * tp true American spirit, the spirit
that springs to warm, pulsating life
whenever prido or dignity is threatened
with attack—fall upon the cringing
creature who eowered before her, and
in ringing tones again cautioned him:
"Havo a care, sir! You may go too far
with me!"
Thumbs Up!
^ delicious story is told at the ex
j )C11 £ 0 0 f all j n g emi o. She was at a din
ner j )ur ty. It was her first, and she was
| jravt .iy hiding tho fact that she was
U( > rv0US# With the ices small cakes cov- J
ere( ] w jth pink sugar were served. Tho
ma jden surveyed tho plate when it was
j )ass()( ] to her and saw a solitary cake on
ko hoarsely growled.—New York Jour
With his whole bearing Indicative of
foiled, baffled malevolence, the car con
ductor rang the boll.
" Well, I guess dis yere's yer street!"
„ , „ i .
he farther side covered with chocolate. ;
"I will take this, " she gurgled sweetly
and essayed to take it up. It remained,
however, firmly fastened to the dish. A
flutter of attention spread through tho
company. All eyes were fastened on her
and hors in turn upon the chocolate
The sable waiter rolled his eyes
and grinned. "Beg pardon, miss," ho t
murmured, "but that's mine." Then ho
shifted his thumb.—Toronto Globe.
Somethinfr Wrong
"This coffee does not seem quite
ri-lif dear " said vouna Mr Hunni
moon' to tho best little bride in tl.o
w "r if f i n( , sn 't " renlied his inex- '
perienced little wife'with tears in lier<f
voice. "And I can't imagine what is the
matter with it, either. It is the first time j
r i a
I ever made coffee, dear, and 1 m utraid
T , , __' „ mu,* eocie
I'vo done something wrong. The seeds
l.ne jten ui m b'l u ' ' '
but they just won't get so t. W hat do
you suppose is the matter? -Pittsburg
Chronicle Telegraph.
No Rattle of Chips.
"What are those fellows doing in tho
next room""
"Playing poker."
"Nonsense! I haven't heard tho chink
of a liiessed chip all tho evening. "
'No, they have tho latest style in
chips "
Plain Dealer,
"What's tliat?"
"Thu rubber tired kind. "—Cleveland
Pleased to Comply.
-i A long suffering tailor recently wrote
one of his customers as follows:
LEAK But —Will you kindly semi tho amount
of \ our bill mul oblige V
To which (lie obliging delinquent ro
Yours respectfully.
Tho amount is £8 8s.
wo oughtn't to never begin a journey
btforo breakfast.
Weary Watkins—Does it have any
advice for ns blokes that has to make a
journey tp find tlio breakfast?—Indi
nuapolis Journal,
ImpousiblQ In His Case.
Hungry Higgins—I seo tho paper says
sHy For Them.
What's the necessity to bells
No Heoei
ou bicycles anyway?
Kelson—None that I can see. Tlioy
can run people down just as well with
_p nv h, lr v (too.tto
^ mem. ^""'1 " '•
According to Darwin.
Simkins_Softleigh is trying to traco
p; s genealogical tree.
Timkins—I'll bet he will find a mon- ,
key on ouo of tho branches.—Chicago
j^ows. 1
' - '
Athletio Expression. |
[ j :
I j „ in
" a=a * //w/l.
advances,_ 0^- ' f~\l IA
-/ ,
i/V W \ '
S-iVwil 1 /
LJ^\\ WM S l/J
\ I'm
Jtf W >JJ
"putting the shot."
-New York Journal.
Those Jealone Girls.
"Minnie says when she takes down
her hair It reaches the floor."
"It does if she happens to drop it. "
—Ohio State Journal.
# "T
At the Concert. §
Why on earth aro they encoring this
Perhaps they see a s o wa s
V™*™ ~ Pl ck M ° Up '
At n :3 0 P. II.
Tho Slangy Yontl,-Everything goe*.
Tho Sleepy Girl-Yes, everything
else.—Somerville Journal.
Many rarely Ann ('fusions
To Anita I've Indited,
Quito content with her nssurnneo
That she "really was delighted."
And 1 fannied that hIio valued
All my verses ns n treasure;
ifully preserved than
Thnt sho
With enthusiastio pleasure
my Illusions
(Which, I own, I take most coolly).
I discovered that Anita
But dispelled
Mode an idiot of yours tntj.
For my rival lately showed me
Thut, indeed, with him she's smitten;
Showed me poetry she'd sent him—
Twas the stuff for her I'd written!
#Edward Jeidell In New York Sunday World.
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The Latest Modes In Hairdressing.
Shell Combs - Being Up to Date.
Things Women Want to Know.
_ _.
The modes of tho season as regards
coiffures have declared themselves with
distinctiveness. The styles are effective
. . ,
and to the uninitiated seem difficult of
attainment, but women have every aid
to easy hairdressing provided by shop-;
keepers and professional hairdressers.
There are patent fringes and coils, in
deed entire coiffures, which insure a
smart effect at tho minimum of trouble.
Tbero are fringes made on an entirely
being without any founda
tiou, so that tho natural hair can bu
drawn through and blended with it ill
a perfectly imperceptible manner. It is
finished witli light tresses of naturally
waved hair, to mingle with tho wear
cr's own at tho sides and back of the
head. The coil, which is a separate ar
raugement from tho fringe, is dressed
and mounted in ouo of the several new
There are many clever contrivances
which assist in dressing one's own lmir, .
Ku, ' b ' tnr exam I l]o ' as tho pompadour
" U ' Tlli9 *** "rcular frame, fight and
elastic, over which the hair is combed
a la pompadour.
The prettiest tortoisd shell combs to
the side and back have some of them
" eut9 attached to the combs, and
there are others through which the
. . . .
loops of hair are drawn. There is evi
de] P ly # fw gpanish combs ,
which aro now of modified form, butare
larger, and there aro
^ ne « ll0W E Lped ones, highly
ornamented, for the nape of tlie neck
and for side combs. Tho chief novelties,
however, aro jeweled pins and brooches,
inserted in the full dress coiffure, so
P rettil y waved and twisted, quite on
tho top of tho head, a mode wo derive
from Paris. There is a new back twist
with pretty wing shaped pins mtro
duced in the coils. Tho powdered coif
fiivo is worn to a limited extent. 1 _
d in accord with current
vi ith tiio addition of tli" nowder.
cl'ul adjunct to hiiirdn
waving tongs, by means of which tho
desired undulations may be inquired
without tlio aid of a professional hair
hair is dre
mg is
Up to Date.
To bo tip to date wo wear tho uew
cst tliihg, read the newest honk, see tho
newest play, speak tlio newest slung,
all without any false prudery or incon
venieut propriety, which is quite out of
date. Honeymoons are out ef date, and
you don't lose more than 24 hours of
society—such a blessing, for, us every
ouo knows, an up to date girl does not
marry the man she loves, seeing that
he could not keep her iu the state ueces
S u-y for up to date society. An up to
dato husband, however, is delicate iu
his feelings ami does not object to his
wife's friend* having the run of tho
One woi-d more as to being np to
date. You will have to rememhor that
the wheol revolves at a rapid pace. Wo
b " Iry °"' " Ud What "'" B " P t0 dat ° y f
^ U «**?■ / ready the
fldtl ° crowd bas «*d of the new
ty i, wautiug. W t aw Ural ul tenvoa
ly twins and princesses am* butterflies;
we nro sick of ^ omen cyclists and lady
golfers. What is up to date society to^
do to keep np its appetite for nove! y
When the Engagement Is Broken.
Tho etiquette of today demands that
if any engagement bo broken off after
jj j lag bot , u publicly announced that the
girl's mother make her friends and ac
qnniutauces aware of tho fact. All let
^ ers an( | presents that have been re
ceived by either of the Dances from tho
other should be returned, mid the bride
eloct shouW return hor engagement ring
as well. If the wedding i» so near that
gifts havo Imgnn to conic in from friends
on both sides, those gifts should also be
returned with letters of explanation.
» ' T ° uIdb ° in th « w «nvt possible taste
o keep the presents when tho reason for
thorn is at an end.
Things Women Want to Know.
Narrow ruches of luce uro supersed
ing the black chiffon frills used to edgo
tollurs, epaulets and rovers.
Tho English bride's traveling dress is
invariably gray lined with heliotrope
Karo and expensive nro pear shaped
pearls. The demand is largely in excess
of tho supply.
White cloth skirts are considered
very chic to wear with the fancy blouse
waist for semieveniug dress.
Roman sash ribbons are employed
very prettily for vests, and also for
Bashes ou tea gowus
'Tlie Sunday Sun for one cent.
Recruiting OGcer Gave Him a Middle
Name - The Rattlesnake on the Plank,
Eloper's Eloping Girls.
^ great many curions facts connected
with tho nanl0 s of vcturans 0 f tho late
war are developed in the work of the
c j v jj service commission, which in fre
q ueu tiy called upon to certify in regard
to the gl . rv j ce 0 f soldiers who seek to
,, utcr t jj 0 classified service. This work
o( the cum mission develops the fact
that ono out of every eight soldiers
who enlisted in the civil war en
listed undor an assumed or partial
uamo, which frequently makes it diifi
cult to identify them now. A curious
caso has just come to light. It appears
that A. L. Holmes, when he enlisted,
told the recruiting officer his name was
"A1 Holmes." The officer wrote the

. |
"My uamo is Albert
namo A. L. Holmes.
"No, that is not my name, " protested
the recruit.
"Well," replied tho officer, "I will
give you a middle name." And ho pro
seeded to write the recruit's naAio Albert
Lincoln Ifolmes.
"You will never be ashamed of that
name, " the officer remarked as the re
cruit stood speechless.
Binee that day ho lias been Albert
Lincoln Holmes.—Washington Star. .
Tho Rattlessiako on tho Plank.
"During a cyclone at Indianola, Tex.,
years ago, " said Captain Jenkins, "Jose
Barctti, a Mexican, who was clinging
to a plank, was driven out to sea. To
his horror ho found tho other cud of the
plank occupied by an immense rattlo
snake. As soon as tho snako observed
the Mexican he began to writhe and coil
in an odd sort of manner and apparent
ly to make attempts to reach the poor
fellow, whoso hair was then standing
0 u end. Tho hours went by. The snake
kept up his antics, but for some reason
did not got any nearer the Mexican. The
-ing that he would
i:ni> of tub plask with firs
KVES W.\i:n ON Till! liATTI.Kli.
unfortunate fellow was afraid to leave
the plank, k
drown, and at tho same time bo was in
horrible fear of me eting death in a moro
terrific manner from snako bite. Ho lay
on tbo cud of tho plank, with his eyes
fixed on tl
In fact, they both
tlesuako and found that it had jammed
its tail through a small knothole in tho
Tlie immersion of the buttons
eyed cadi other, and this they kept up
iuntil midday, win n a fishing smack
came along. Tho sailors killed the rat
I ,lallk - , ,
of the rattle in tho salt water hail caused
them to swell, -and lio was uimblo to re
niovo liis tail from Jheholo. To this for
tunate circunistaneo tho Mexican owed
ii is life. "—Now Orleans Times-Demo
difficult to go to sleep nights. I stopped
at tho host hotels and usually hud fino
rooms aud good beds, but there seemed
to bo something tho matter. Ono day I
mentioned tho fact to a friend, who
said, 'Got a clock.' I always have a
clock in my room at home, and I am ac
oustomed to the sound of its ticking. It
is curions how silent and strange a room
may seem without it. That was what I
wanted, a clock,, and I bought one.
Now when I go to my room iu a hotel
usually tho first thing I do is to put my
clock on tho mantelpiece or tablo. It
ticks away bravely, a friendly and fa-;
miliar sound, and I go to sleep without
any trouble whatever.''—Washington
Star. _
Good Hearted Foetal Clorko. ;
A pared containing flowers, without
pofitaf , 0 nttBcIlcdi was dopes- ,
a ,„a„ M o.,, it l» «al lo lhe dead
, ettep ofylco> bllt tho c i crks surmised
tbat tbo fl 0Wfirs wero intended for a j
f uliera j alK i took up a collection among !
themselves *e: that.tho pared was scut
011 18 way ' V1 ^ ay ' '™ I
u, j t< "; 1 '' y . p „ 1
^, ho '!^ d tb ' ei " ^Ln tlio^aK-M 1
, .' k b , , . ' ' } ir i, V 1 1
? u -1 1 "" ' 1 "' . '
tnew but a tew cents at tno most.
. , p, . G ., I
T , . r , . }' n « ' 1
t auomx imuliu is .1 a ^ uncy^ man ,
" ulKxl ' b ' pt '', 1 l 'T d "! i rillv I
rt;t I wm, .p,I I
a ' "" 'J . ''' V' r[ ' ' 1 , ( i, -it 1
10 , 'If t'.e litter^^Iiu-scdll
a ' " ^..^.cutnl 'for mar
>. „ dlilll . . lv , 0 ... „„ Sloper*
r ' uni " iUi j ug.d 9, ,-ml Patty, aged
^ Old man Sli p-, r has given up liis reg
ular work new and sits all day cu tlio
hack fence nursing n shotgun.—Mel
bourne Tablo Talk.
Clock Ticks For Insomnia.
"For several your;!," said a enmmer
rial traveler, "I found it extremely
Tlio Gallant Cordons. j
:f the last achievement in
"gallant Gordons," Black,
ivs: "Not tho least of the
Speaking '
India of tho
and White s:
aphudid anccdutcswith which the Gor
dons have enriched military history
comes to their fellow countrymen this
morning, and tlio uamo of tho piper!
whlJ) b hot through both feet, sat aud
played his friends on to victory will
j UU g bo a cherished memory. Let your!
boys hear that story. They will be the 1
better for it.
Tiie Sunday Sun for ono cent.
The bicycle as well as the Bible now
forms a part of tho missionary's outfit
About 2,000,000 canary birds are
nnally bred in Germuny and sold fat
j... qqq ooo
' '
French railroads earned $10,850 per
mile last year, of which 51.0 per cent
was used for working expenses.
° ne of Yal ° 8 footba11 P ll, 5' pr8 18 ■
theological student who preaches to tt
suburban congregation every Sunday.
A Massillon man has planted 40,000
frogs' eggs in a pond near that place,
and the citizens look forward to a lively
Fontainebleau's great grapevine pro
duced 7,6-72 pounds of grapes this year,
which, when recently sold at auction,
brought in $7)5.
i r j s |, donkeys aro being sent out in
large numbers to South Africa. Five
thousand pounds has already been spent
j tbroo count jes alone.
A breeder of Charlestown, Md., has a
pair of golden fawn rabbits with ear*
that measure 21 inches from tip to tip
and drag on the ground.
An American company is making es
timates of the cost of a cablo road from
the City of Mexico to the sulphur de
posits in the crater of Popocatepetl,
A doctor says that in society one may
always tell the girls whose parents have
risen from the humbler class to wealth
by the superior quality of their hair,
Several eases of bloomers were among
tile booty taken by tramps from a freight
oar at (jhillicothe, O. The police are
hat tho marauders
puzzled to know
intend to do with tho garments.
The camphor trees of Japan, China
and Formosa are beginning to fail, and
tho United States government lias tried
the experiment of growing camphor in
Florida with encouraging success.
The little island of St. Helena is said
to he tlie smallest diocese in the world.
There is a bishop, Dr. Thomas Welby,
whose annual salary amounts to only
$900. There aro also three clergymen.
Two new asteroids have been discov
ered between Mars and Jupiter by M.
Oliarlois of Nice, bringing the number
discovered by bim up to 80. Palisa, the
Austraiu astronomer, has discovered 88.
It is a well known fact that the tops
of all such high buildings ns the Eiffel
tower will sway under certain condi
tions backward and forward, often to a
distance of several feet out of tho per
A unique organization, called the Au
tumnal Btraw Ilat association, has been i
formed 111 Boston. Its object is to per
suade men to wear straw hats after
Sept. Id, provided tho temperature
makes it justifiable.
The great bridge at Montreal, 7?000
feet in length, built to accommodate
railroad tracks, two trolley lines
and two footpaths, is to bo erected by
contractors and mado of
American materials,
Tlio public schools aro tho means of
savifig a great deal of property. It is
said that during tlie vacation tho
school children ef America destroy,
Wilh ta or damage'property of various
kinds to tbo amount of $1,009,000 a
Switzerland's bears were supposed to
chamois hunters in
be extinct, but n
tho lower Kiigadino recently shot and
that another es
secured one, and
This will add to tlio cx
caped them,
citomeut of nicuntaiu climbing in tho
in \ irgiuia to
fresh and sweet, and the air is laden
w th balmy odors. The water la
thought to possess
Tim Penny Press of Middletown,
Conn., says: "Walter Sneed pumps tho
(lrf , au i u gt. Stephen's church, makes
| b( ) fi res and keeps the schoolhoaso in
order, peddles two newspapers and has
a position to fill at certain hours of the
,t a y j n tho postoffice. He is about 14
years of age.
jjt' 0 . "
Tho Yankee has been headed off by a
New ZjR j and Bl]1 [ In freezing
meat t k 0 k eat liugers at tlie center and
often ruins tho whole. But a hollow
cylinder may now bo driven alongside
tho bone. Through this tlie freezing
agent passes, and the joint is frozen
The Loadoa now.japir thal ha. bem
dropping tho letter "u" in words like
labor aud color aud -spelling "program"
without the "me" is now overwhelmed
with protests from readers against thi*
f orr « uder ° a dclaorall f A " e "
J5 1U - 1 ! 1 , Bpe 1DR '. nc n c ., e y ,? 1
th ? ^ ^ W
tr oc<1
Alt Last Hebron (Me.) horse provoa
bis wit in thiswise: Two nights in
succession tho nag slipped his headstall
off and pushed an inner door iu the sta
b i 0 ape n and slid the outer railroad door
with his teeth and went into the field
Architectnrn and Building says thcro
is nothing about t-lio Dismal swamp
create miastna. _ -
"All ii
certain medicinal
That hoy will succeed iu
and helped himself to grass. Ho was de
tected by the prints of his teeth ou tho
crossbars of tlie door.
Mr. Harmswortb, who defrayed tho
expenses of flic Jackson expedition in
Franz Josef Land, lias declared tlmt ha
will send two ships to the arctic re
gions next season aud keep an expedi
tion in the arctic regions till a complete
map can ho made of all tho accessible
parts of tlio north polar world. Tho
Jackson expedition has cost him $200,
000 .
According to M. Riddcr, beets aro
weather prophets. If tho winter is go
ing to be hard, they close tho entrance
to their hive with wnx, leaving only an
imperceptible hole. If it ls going to bo
fino, they leave it wide open. A bee
cannot go ontside at the temperature of
freezing water without fear of death.
Acoordiugly, if bees closo their hive* in
October the winter is likely to to
Bead the Sunday Sun.

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