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YOL. 1. NO. 42.
Delaware Electric Railway Com
I pany To Re Incorporated.
Passenger and freight road
Will Have Rouble Track From Clay
mont to Beltnar With Branch
to Georgetown.
An element has appeared in Delaware,
whose purpose is to stimulate the com
mercial interests of this State and to
construct a line of railway from border
to border, thus giving the citizens an
other avenue of communication with
and transportation to the outside world,
and thereby materially lessening the
peoples outlay of money for passenger
and freight accommodation. The cry of
this element which will prove a potent
factor in facilitating a larger and cheaper
passenger travel and freight transporta
tion from and to this State is
"Why should the people of Delaware
pay enormously for their travel through
the State? Why should they pay larger
freights than any of their neighboring
A Philadelphian, representing large
New York interests, who will build an
electric railroad throughout the entire
length of the State, has prepared a hill
authorizing the construction of the same,
and it will lx; presented at the coming
session of the General Assembly.
The movement is backed by the power
It represents mil
to make it a success,
lions of dollars and is managed by the
shrewdest business men of the country.
Last week K. II. Kain,of Philadelphia,
representing New Yolk interests went to
Hon. B. A. Hazel!, of Smyrna, i
of the General Assembly from
Creek Hundred and leader of the lloust
of a bill
and showing Mr. llazell a copy
to incorporate the
"Delaware Electric
laid before the
Railway Company,
Legislator a detailed account of the pro
posed organization,
•apitalizatioii, pur
■ and extent of the said electric oum
pi ISI
As before stilted,-1lie company will he
apilalized liv New Yorkers, with also a
Man v
part interest of Philadelphians.

Delawareans have signified their willmg
ness to take shares of stock in the com
pany and will be glad to welcome the
r cominonwca'tli.
new enterprise t
The bill provides for the incorporation
Delaware Electric Kail way Com
of the
pany," and in it they arc give
electrie. railroad
to construct an
with double tracks, t
Pennsylvania and Delaware State line
near (Jlaymont, Del., through the State
to Delinar, Del., w hich is situated exactly
the lower State line, thus covering
extend fn
the entire State.
At Harrington the road (hall have a
branch running across the State
The line shall touch at
Claymont, Bellevue, Wilmington, Farn
lmrst, New
Aliddletow ii,
Smyrna, Dover, Camden, Felton, Har
rington, Farmington, Bridgoville, Sea
ford, Laurel and Delinar.
At Harrington the branch shoots off to
Georgetown, touching at Alilford, Lin
coln City and Ellendalc.
Trains running over the road shall con
sist. of six cars or less and the company
shall have the right to carry passengers.
But the most important feature of the
hill is tlie fact that it empowers the corn
freight trains over their
pany to run
The company may transport- all kinds
of freight. They may introduce refriger
ator cars, which will thus enable them to
carry all perishable freight and by so
doing the new line will in every way be
a thoroughly.dor
Again the bill provides that the Del
aware Electric Railway Company shall
have the power to connect its i ai 1 1 - .ad
lines in this and i
neighboring States,
are stipulated in
Various other powers,
the bill, which will enable the Did a-1
ware Electric Railway Company
the people of Delaware good accomoda
tion in passenger and freight service.
to Ik* derived
to give
The great advantage
from the advent of this new railroad line
within tin* State borders will he the of
spoliation prices.
feet it will have on tri
In .speaking of the advent of the rail
several of the inter
road in Dolawar
catetl New Yorkers said that, the nui
struction ol railroads in any
a sign of Oiimiiicreial progress,
extensive facilities for the traiisportiitiiiii
of the interests of the commercial world
necessarily increase the amount of trans
portation, because, being aide to get his
produce tothe city markets for a cheap
rate, the producer makes an clfui't to
bring about- a larger production than lie
otherwise would.
Representative Hassell lias not as yet
consented to introduce nr father tlie niil
r hill nt the coming session of the
understood that
eoimtrv is
Legislature, but it is
several other Legislators have been seen
' and it is probable that the bill w ill be in
the bands of one of them at the opening
of the General Assembly.
Used Bed Clothes as u Hope, But Were
Inlitrcd oil the Wall.
The absence of Harvey J. Think and
James Murphey, who escaped yesterday
from Kent county jail, was not dis
covered until about 12 o'clock. Sheriff
Shaw was away but arrived in a short
Murphey was serving a three years
term for burglarizing a Farmington
store. Think had assaulted an officer at
Harrington and was in for IK months.
Thg two prisoners removed a sheet iron
casting from the window of their cell
which is lined with iron. The casting
was fastened with seven bolts, which
were all sawed off, making an opening
eight inches wide. Tearing the bed
clothes into strips, the escaping men
used them as a rope and by that means
scaled the wall. Blood was found on the
wall and it is thought the men were in
jured in escaping.
The police all over the state have been
notified to look out for the prisoners.
Rumors Thai All is Not Right at
Smyrna Electric Plant.
Special to Tiik Sun.
Smyrna, Dec. 4.—Tlie electric light
question is still agitating the citizens of
Smyrna. The recent accident at the
eleertirc plant lias caused a great deal of
comment and the end is not yet. The
skilled mechanic ... the Westinghouse
Electric Co., of Pillsbury, Pa., has been
working night-and day with Secretary
Anthony and Engineer Jackson, hut it
SU(,,,1S 11,111 the damage to the plant has
not yet. been repaired satisfactorily to
City Council. Last night, although it
was given out that the electric plant
was in proper condition and the break
had been repaired, yet the lumps were
■ i if t he
like tallow candles and mu
liglit lamps held in reservr
chants had t
accident. Rumors are living thick
fur ::
land fast and interesting developments
sure to follow. The town is already
sit a heavy expense. Thu plant is not
paving and the ('ity ('
called upon to sett le an important and
all absorbing quest ion.
or .Johnson
Lkwks, Del., Dec. 4 — Coro
| lust ii'gjit 1'H'I Win. Hiley, Alfred Riley,
Archie Luckw.MHl. Alex. Lockwood, four
negroes of this town, locked up charged
with having caused the death of Cephas
Miller, the negro who died at the lockup
. mm(ls .g
ceived at the festival riot Thanksgiving
night, and who was charged with having
Shot and killed John E. Lockwood, col
ored, on that occasion. The jury which
held the inquest on the body of Miller,
were in secret session for nearly four
hours lasl night, and as the result of
their finding the above arrests were.
made. The proceedings of the jury were
kept private, they having passed a reso
lution to that effect-, but enough has been
said to show that in the opinion, of that
body, Miller received his wounds fight
ing in self defense, and that-they doubt
that lie was the man who fired the shot
which killed Lockwood. The two Lock
wood's are the sons of the murdered
man. Our citizens are determined to get
at the bottom of the affair and cause the
real offenders to he punished. It is said
t hut
deuce already in.
here Thursday night, from
re arrests will follow on theevi

Board of Health's Weekly Beport.
The number of deaths and their causes
during the past week are as follows:
Accident,]; apoplexy, 2; Bright's dis
ease. I; bronchitis, 2; consumption, n;
croup nictiiliranmis, 2; diphtheria,
enteritis, I; erysipelas I; heart disease,
1: hypertrophy of liver, 1; monition, I:
old age, 1: paralysis, 1; pneumonia, I;
I; making a total of 32.
i > ( *at 1reported,
17; female, lo;
white, 2S; colored, 4; adults, 19; minors,
week 1X9(1, 19 deaths.
correspond in
JV.itliH reported, white, 40; colored, 4:
j, IS; e
•ported, white, 19; colored, —;
sponding week 1S99, '9.
Middletown News.
r time the advisability ch
to pay its debts.
At a meeting of the Townsend Board
ing the Y. M. U. A. haw bet
Tlie diivetm-rt met Ia^t night and decided
and eud *;r.or
(,, continue the Assneiat i«
of Health last night the followingoll'ieers j
\ Scott •
•reelected : President, \\.
secretary, \Y. M. Smith.
Steward Jones was yesterday arrested
for drunkenness by officer Gunn. He
was fined #1 and costs.
The Fire Department of Chicago has ,
organized an indoor baseball team.
Frank Campion is managet.
Democratic County Executive
Committee Meets.
First Thursday in February the l>ay
Appointed for the Convention to
Revise Fleet ion Rules.
The special meeting of the Democratic
County Executive Committee, which was
petitioned for by over 100 Democrats,
took place yesterday afternoon.
The first Thursday in February was
named for the meeting of the convention
and the election of delegates will take
place on the preceding Saturday. There
will be sixty-two delegates to the con
vention, twelve of whom will represent
this city and five from eacli hundred
outside as provided by the rules.
The rules now in force will need to be
completely revised and many of them
will lx; wiped off the list as under the
new constitution they have no applica
tion. For instance where formerly the
county had one representative and one
senator, it now has five representatives
ai dt.vo senators.
The primary election law also has been
so completely changed ts to materially
alter the present situation.
Then again, what is known as the
"row offices," that is the county offi-j
eials who were formerly appointed by
the Governor, are now elective, and
their election must now be provided for
bv the new rules.
Sea ford Sayings.
Miss Nellie Brown gave a party to her:
friends on Monday evening. Guests
Georgetown, J anrel,
At 10 o clock
■efreshments were served in the dining
were present fr
liridgevillo and Seafood.
ri join.
Miss Emma Lord entertained most
of all
charmingly at her home on Market street
Thursday eve
! kinds were indulged in until 1!
j when the guests were invited t<> the din
; in:*: room where a beautiful collation was
Mr. Elmer Collins and Miss Lillian
w( , re , imr , ii.a n t the M. I*. I'aram
j ^ 0)| Wodmwhiy evening by Rev. S. ,1.
J '
. . •
Fhe Txtvy Court has made anappropn
a'.onfortheroadH in this vicinity ami
no "' *** P ut m "' v ' cli '* S
{ lt,nn *
An ait social was held last evening at
the home of Mrs. Geo. \V. Emery on
I Pine street. A very interesting program
consisting of singing, recitations and
dialogues was rendered, after which re
fresliiiient-s were served. The proceeds,
was for the benefit of the new Ai. E.!
At a meeting of tlie A. O. U \V. held
on Thursday evening the following of li
cers were elected for the ensuing year:
James B. Robinson, AI. W.; \V. J, Stew-1
art, F. ; F. A. Shipley, • 0.; Dr. H. F.
Porter, Rue.; N. II. Brown, Financier;
J. F. James, Receiver; George \V. Brown,
Guide; Clarence Donoho, I. AV.; AV. AI.
Russ, G. AV.; Dr. II. F. Porter, Trustee;
AV. W. Donoho, Representative to Grand
The Christian Endeavor Society gave
an entertainment in the AI. I'. Church,!
on Wednesday evening. The subject i
w as Temporal!-e.
and reading w as finely rendered,
church was crowded and the program
was thoroughly enjoyed.
was lifted for the C. E. window in the
new Methodist Protestant Church.
The music, recitations i
The I
A collection
Miss Mary O'Neal is visiting friends at
Mrs. Joseph Warbled, of Wilmington.
is the guest of Mrs. George W. Donoho,
on ('•
Miss Minnie Williams i
friends and relatives in Salisbury am
el! street.
D. Taylor, < f IVeston, is
Miss Mattie Legates, of Ciayt
if.the week.

ighter, Mrs. M. F. Trout.
Leer, of Baltimore,
Mr. and Mrs. Yu
uf Mrs. K.
Greenabmun liave returned home.
^ ^ " Ml,n
i'U'denek ('utility, Md., is tlie guest ol
her uncle, Kev. A. D. Dick.
visit in
Mrs. Lida Matthews and Miss Alice
Kinder have returned from a
Philadelphia. ,
Fifty-two men answered the call for
candidates for the Columbia lacrosse |
Ex-Captain Starr, of the Harvard
lacrosse team, is organizing the team.
The Best Places and How to Beach
As winter is fast approaching and the
different bodies of water in the vicinity
of Wilmington will soon Ik; frozen over
it might lx: of interest to tell of the dif
ferent places where the best skating may
be found and the most direct way in
which to reach it, and as the coming
winter promises to be a severe one, and
the majority of the Wilmington people
are fond of skating, they will find the
following places, which are distributed
in such a manner, as to be convenient to
all parts of the city.
The mast popular place is Brandy
wine creek above Washington street
bridge in Brandywine Park, known as
the "Old Barley Mill." This is a long
stretch of water, and is safe, as it varies
in depth from two to five feet. It can be
reached by going down Adams street to
the Park.
At Rising Sun dam there is a large
pond which will accommodate many
hundred people. This place can be
reached by taking Delaware Avenue cars,
and transfer out the Rising Sun line.
Shellpot crack and flats is also a large
and popular place, but not so safe as the
others, owing to the swiftness of the
tide. More accidents have occurred at
this place than at any other. By taking
the Fast Eighth street cars it can be
Sellers' dam, near Shellpot Park, is an
excellent place, as it is sheltered by a
heavy woods and freezes very quickly.
This is one of the first places that skating
is found.
The artificial pond, built in Shellpot
, Park last year by the Wilmington City
Electric Railway, is a very popular place
for night skaters', as it is illuminated
with are lights. It is readied by the
Rivcrview ears.
The marsh in the rear of the 11:
,,, n ^
Hollingsworth plant is in the winter
f , (H>at . ( i , mil ; s a | arg( , safe p I fU e, as
: jj, varies in depth only from
f c . L q_
it t . an |,(. found.
q'] a . bath house in Bramlvwinc Park,
to three
liv going to the foot of West street
at the .laeksi
street, entrance
very easily be turned into an excellent
which fancy skating contests!
and private parties might he held.
rink i
Tuesday last was pork butchering day
Six were slaughtered, and among
were Some line porkers for their
... .
!l S L 3 M' 1 weigh a thouKiml
The funeral of Mrs. John Porter t
place on Wednesday afternoon last. Kev.
„f stanten, a former
, t( lav|11 , m( M E. Church, ami
Rev. F. B. Dougherty, the present- pas-!
tor, officiated. Interment took place at
j., b ardy Cemetery. Four members of
„ f tlle Wilmington fire company's
wm . pall bealvra . H cr husband is a
I1K . Illbcr of thc saille cnmpanv, Harry
J IjIJWOi 0 f Third and Poplar streets, of the
al)Hve city> was the umtertiikir. This
estiniiable woman will he missed by those
who knew her, as she was always cheer
| ful througliout all of her sickness.
Joseph II. Ottey, who lias been quite
sick, is able to he about the house and to
eat his throe square meals a day. Joe
j don't like to be housed up; it is against
| his grain.
| Jack Shute and his brother Bill go to
j the well-known stone quarries at Qtiar
■ ryville every morning. John runs one
of the locomotives, and Billy is the con
doctor of the train.
Sam Jones Hero.
Sam Jones, the popular lecturer, last
i night appeared in the Auditorium to a
I large and appreciative audience and do
livored his favorite lecture on "Get
There and Stay There.
Ilii* audience was much larger than
, . . . ,
was anticipated, owing to the inclemencv
. ,. , , n lir • ,
ol the weather. Dr. \\. L. !*•. Murray,
of St. Paul's M. E. Church, in introduc
ing Mr. Jones, said: ' I introduce Sam
rt. He is from every pi
I turn hii
n loose."
veil for an lmur
ies held his audience
whj occupied
Tin isc
seats ui the stage were Dr. W. L. S. |
Murrey, St. Paul's M. F,. Church; Kev.
. Hannah, l nion M. L. ( liurch;;
Itev. Ezra Tucker, Axlmrv Al. E. Chtireh: |
E. White, SilverhookJ;M. E.
Church, and Kev. J. K. Milligan.
Mr. Jones will jm ueh in Union M. E.
J. D.
(Imre i todnv ;it .'I
The lminngerrt of the Yale
navv have
announeed that the conference with Cor
nell and Harvard will take place earlv
week. A survey
ing t hat t h>
I race will he submitted
by the New London Hoard of trade.
River, win
for a 1 1 i-eoneei
•re is ample roon
Delegates from Yale and Harvard may
! visit the course, however to satisfy them
selves on this question before inviting
| Cornell to take part in a triangular race.
THE HUN. Head it.
Intense Excitement Over Revival
Work Ends in Farnhurst.
A Colored Inmate of the State Asylum
Creates a Stir by Wildest
Sort of Music.
Elizabeth Wright is mad.
| [She is a colored [woman of about 30
years and has been a prominent figure in
religious circles. Her piety was intense
andjat times it became almost maniacal in
its fervor.
Finally she became uncontrollable
when the frenzy seized her and yester
day she was removed to the Delaware
State Hospital forjthe Insane, at JFarn
The physicians are of the opinion that
her mania lias developed to such an ex
tent that it bids fair to become chronic.
From songs of the most ribale charac
ter she is moved to singing hymns of the
church to which she belongs.
Strange indeed it is to hear her :
"Nearer my God to Thee,
"Nearer to Thee !
"Nearer Thy cross I cling,
"Nearer to Thee I"
Then a prayer—fervent, wild, hut
earnest no doubt.
A moan or two,then she sleeps awhile.
A fitful rest seems toj inspirejjronewed
energy and renewed ardor. '
Her singing is weird. It is wonderful.
Untutored in music and unable to read
she manages to get the air right and the
words are so nearly correct that the
euphany is perfect.
Her voice, uncultivated of course, is
>t and although her wails'are'decid
and monotonous, they
j edly annoying
i have a singular fascination that holds
! one as if in a spell.
use is almost hopeless.
! l m
She lias been for weeks a constant at
. tondent at a local revival service and her
! condition is presumably the result of the
>aeliing and the teaching heard there.
Daughters of lf><*
Ini ion Request ail Observance
of the Act.
rati fy
Delaware was the first
state td
the Federal constitution, and the Datigh
wish to
r .
j tinnlu ,sa, > 11 ,u 1
' <»g< «™c* rooma. - tha
I al1 tc-m-hors in the public,-,am!
I*?"* ".•ho »J« Mmittgliout the Mate
j'' 1 (1 '°ft a s mit turn on t u <a>,
"«• matruetion «• «>etr pupils n, regard
J 1(1 lll( ' organizatnm oflmr government
1111(1 tl,c •M 1 ™ (,f lh, ' t.inztltutten. _
,m 11,111 (l "- v > T'K-sday, Decernbur i,
tlie first step should he taken towards
outlining £a well-defined study of the
local part of tlie foundation o 0111 gu.it
national government, t is nqxH t in
all schools m Delaware in u mi in nr
tors of the American Rcvoluth
| call attention to the fact that Tuesday
e hundred and tenth
is the
i n, ' xt
the request of the Daughters of the
American Revolution.
Y. M. C. A. Auxiliary Meeting.
A joint meeting of the Board of Direc
tors and the Ladies' Auxiliary of the A'.
AI. C. A., was held last evening at tlie
home of Mr. Alfred Gawthrop. No. 1101
West street-. The object of the meeting
was to devise plans for furnishing the
I moms of the Y. AI. C. A., which have
lately been enlarged. The new front
I that- is now being constructed, is nearing
completion, and it- is hoped that thejnl
teratioiiH and furnishing of the rooms
1 will lie completed in time to have a house
opening during l hristmas week.
The exact time has not vet been de
. ,
termined upon,
. . . * . .
, for having entertainments at
. ,
that will Ik* attractive to young men, and
it is als:» purposed 'to inaugurntcYiluoa
iional classes.
Plans are being
i* rooms
Sporting Notes.
Dr. Paul Neuman, the brilliant duellist |
. m d swimmer, suffered defeat at the !
hands a
expert of the New York A. in a 190
y:ircl scrntcli swimming race at the Atli-I
j 0 tiy cluh uf I'hilmlelphiii. Tin
orthv |
doctor was not fn t he best
having recently bee
arm. W. 1*. Kiigler, a swimmer well I
known in this eitv,
poisoned in the
finished n good |
A. ('. Kriiiizelein,
>1 the ('hieago A. A., |
n student at the Universitv of Penn-!
■yl villi la, will he a com pet it
' in the IKK)!
ards low litirdle handicap at the New
Jersey A. ('. carnival. Kranzi'lein is oik
of the finest built at hletes in America, |
and almost comet* up to the k
e inception of an athlete.
The managers of the Yale navy stated
last night that word has Ixvn sent to
Harvard regarding a conference to settle I
tlie details of the Yale-1 larvard boat
Hoiitine Business of Superior and
General Sessions Court.
The will ease of Michael Kane, after
week's trial in Superior Covrt, went to
the jury yesterday morning at 10.30
o'clock. Chief Justice Lore, in charging
the jury stated, that they must be satis
fied beyond a reasonable doubt. Michael
Kane was at the time of making the
will of sound and disposing mind, and
the evidence given to his habits and con
ditions at other times, must only be
taken as a guide in determining the state
of his mind at the time the will
made. They were also to decide whether
he had sufficient mind to know that he
was disposing of his property, and to
whom he was giving it.
of the matter of influence, and said
man may be properly aided, and assist
ed, but in order to show undue lufluence
it must appear that such influence
tually prevented him from doing what
he desired to do and deprived him of his
free agency.
The jury retired at 10:30 and one hour
later returned with a verdict sustaining
the will. Judge Ball for the opponents
of the will asked that the jury be polled,
and each juror replied that he so found.
Four ballots were required. The first
stood nine to three in favor of the will;
ten to two on the second; eleven to
on the third, and the fourth was unani
mous for the will.
In the ease of Frank A. Mitchell
Richard .1. Guthrie, et al., judgement for
plaintiff in the sum of $1(10 w'as granted.
The case of James A. Kelly vs. the
Republican Printing and Publishing Co.,
was discontinued, having been settled.
The case of the Prudential Insurance Co.,
vs. Anna Carroll, p. b. r., was discon
lie also spoke
Settlement was reported in the case of
D. M. Osborne A: Co,
vs. William A.
Discontinuance was announced
in the appeal case of Allan
hi vs. Jones.
case of the Port Kennedy Slag
Company vs. Frank A. Mitchell wa
ei >n
an affidavit;
if material wit
notwithstanding J.
Whiteman's objection ti
alleging the absence
nesses. William S. HilleH
Mr. Mitchell.
Argument, was heard on a motion to
luash the return on a writ of li fa in the
sheriff's sale case of Mary E. Voshcll, of
Thomas Cuvender,
Harry Fimnons represented
Mrs. Voshcll and Peter L. Uooper, Jr.,
Mr. Cavender,
brot her.
At Goi
raJ Sessions
Court yesterday,
up two
Deputy Attorney Cooper took
nou-sup]iort cases,
niond Alnrpliy w in
of desertion for the past two years. He,
.Murphy, left- for London, England, with
out providing for her child and it
sitated her working as a domestic,
says during his absence of tw
received hot one letter from him and
when he returned on October 30 last, she
arrested him. After both had gave their
evidence to tlie court, they then made
an amicable settlement, in which they
shall live together, and the
continued till February term of court. *
The desertion case of Air. Richard
Tierney against her husband was settled
by Air. Tierney being directed to pay $8
a month for the support of her and her
child, and to make the first payment
January 4th, and to give security for
One of Airs.
uccus -J her husband
years she
■ase was
Wedded for a Month.
Airs. Tallinn Ellis
whether she is a widow, grass or other
She was married in Hagerstown, Aid.,
on November last by the Rev. AL Swain,
to J. W. Ellis.
wants to know
On Monday, November 22, in Farring
ton, Delaware, her husband showed her
a telegram from his employers, the
Ranch l'ortrai Comyrey, of Chicago,
who ordered him to rep, r. a. once, and
in (espouse to which he left her_wil limit
further explanation.
From that time nothing more was
heard from Ellis until Friday when a
telegram was received fn
As. .1. The telegram informed Mrs. Ellis
that a full explanation would be given by
letter as to his
hut thus far nothing lias bee
ions a
limit h,
the missing husband.
She received word that her husband
was in Dover bn November :
and not
hearing from him she went t
hunt him up. lie was not there and the
lover to
Grange actions,
it'c is :it it loss In explain his
Meanwhile she is still
in Dover. Mrs. Eli is' A
ily live in Snow
here her mother eomluetrt a
Hill, Md..
*. She met Ellis about
boarding In
two years ago and m spite of all
ii h him mid was married
e pastor of the Preshyleria
gerstown. Md.,
men! iojicd.
Mrs. IHI is is of
'cry pleasing addrcHH
and has succeeded in arousing a {.feat
leal of sympathy.
Yesterday it was reported that he was
i* 1 Wilmington, but a telegram to hissup
posed address in this city failedjo locate

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