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Jas. H.Wright,
The only Clothing Store
Where You Get
Wilmington Trading
With Your Purchase.
Trading Stamps
The only Clothing
(Former manager of Hamburger's)
Eighth and flarket Streets,
. Here's the Place to Do Yonr Christmas'Shopping!
Reefer Coats and
Coats and Vests for Men,
$2.50, S3, $3.50, $4.00, $5.00, etc.
Pantaloons for Men,
75 cents up to $6.00 ami $7.00
We are Showing the Greatest Line of
Suits for Men,
$4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, $10, $13, $15, etc.
Overcoats for JVte n >
$4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, $ie, »12, *15 and up. j
Ulsters for Men,
- $4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9,10,12,15 and up. |
Our Staff of
Salespeople, Etc.
Alfred Willing,
(formerly of Hamburger's.)
Harry P. Mitchell,
(formerly of Hamburger's.)
Lizzie Henderson,
(formerly of Hamburger b. )
John Clark,
(formerly of Ball's, Elkton.)
Edward Cole. Harry Pierson,
Thomas B. Ridgwav.
Nathaniel Bayne,
(cutter, formerly at Boston
House, in charge of Gus
Boys' and Children's Clothing
Suits from #1.50, $2, $ 2.50, $3, $3.50 up to the very finest fabrics at $7 and $8.
Overcoats, $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4 «P to the very finest fabrics at $12 and $15.
Nobby Astrakan Reefers, brown, blue, black and green, $2.50 up to $6.50.
Nobby styles of Vestee'and Blouse Suits, 3 years to 8 years, $1.50 to #8.
Gloves, Collars, Cuffs,
Shirts, white and fancy,
50c. to -1.50.
Silk Suspenders, 50c., 75c., and $1.
Satin Suspetiders, 25c., 506., 75c., $r
All colors.
Nobby Holiday Neckwear,
25 cents and 50 cents.
Smoking Jackets,
Jersey Jackets, $2.50, $3, $3.50.
Cardigan Jackets, Macintoshes,
#4 up to $15.
Umbrellas, 75 cents up to $5.
Largest selection in town.
Wilmington Trading Stamp Co's Stamps;
you get those stamps with your purchases.
Green Trading Stamp.
The only Clothing Store in Wilmington
James H. Wright,
Eighth and Market Streets.
Wilmington, Del.
agents Mantc&.
Senci your address at once and
secure agenev in vour town for
"BUG-MITE." The King
Roach Food. Kills Cockroaches,
Ants and all Bugs,
stamp for postage.
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Send 2c.
Nat. Client.
High Grade Agents!
Men and Women of wide exper
ience, of proved ability and unques
tioned integrity can learn something
of importance by sending a
scription of themselves and a resume
of their experience to The Packet Sys
tem, Bishop Building, Philadelphia,
full de
American Derby
Theje has never been
such a Winner
for Agents.
You Can Buy Exclusive
State Right fo> $25.00.
The American Derby,
Metamora, Mich.
The American Derby,
Beading, Penna.
The American Derby,
No. 422 Marshall Street,
Richmond, Va.
For our New Book.
The Book of Secrets",Sells on
Vrile for terms. R. Lusnv, Vinton,
agents Mantel)
AGENT 3.51 1-2 5th St.,
Jersey City, N. J.
SUN wants Agents in every
city and town in the United States
to secure subscribers and advertise
ments. Most liberal terms offered
competent persons. Address Business
Manager, THE SUN, Phila. Pa.
ft AGENTS on unoccupied ground
Reputable, pushing, Salesmen. Ap
ply, P. O. Box 1371 New York.
The Agents Herald
The Public Herald
We will give One year's subscrip
tion to THE SUN and Ten cents cash
for one copy of either THE AGENTS
bearing any of the following dates;—
1876—January, February, March,
April, May, June, July, August, Sep
tember, October, November, Decem
1877— Januaw, February, March,
April, May, June,July, August, Sep
tember, November, December.
1878— February, March, April.
1879— -February, March,April, May
June, July, September.
1880— August, November, Decem
189 a—February.
Do not scud any dates not named nliire. Ad
Randolph Building,
Phila., Pa.
Station O,
mn Money—If you want to make
mil a stake se " medicines. We
offer exceptional terms to responsible
agents. Louisiana Specific Labo
eatory, Lake Charles. La.
| Justness Opportunities.
In one oftlie dozens of business that
we can find foryo than in anything
else. Genteel, for eithtr sex. at home
or traveling. Particulars FREE
tor We will insert your name a
address in our SALARIED POSi-i
T10N Manual, for 10 cts. a full year,
May be worth hundreds of dollars to
you Write at once. Address
5 . M. BOWLES ,
Woodford City, Vermont.
,,, uoTHTun omvvt
1006/2 PRINI ED EN\ EL
opes, 22c. Good quality; post
paid. Samples free- Send pos
tab Ira Miller, O Slianter, Pa.
Young Mon
do you want!
a good pay
_ ing position
on the railroad. If so, I can help
you. Age must be between 17)4
and 34)4. Enclose 12c. for
terms, postage, etc. Address
Maiden, N. C.
Easy Money for Agents.
Best Inhaler made, sells like wild fire.
60c; sample and particulars for 26c.
Lasts oue year.
Buckeye Novelty Co ,
Box 270.
A splendid assortment of clip
pings, covering every conceive
able subject, gleaned from
country weeklies, town dailies
and other publications, offered at
reasonable prices. Names' and
addresses furnished. Mrs. H. J.
Clark, Wilkes Barra, Pa.
6000 men wanted to fill Gov't
Service vacancies this year. Only
common school education needed
for most places. $6000 to $2,500
salaries. Dates and locations of
next examinations and valuable
information sent FREE on re
Wash, D. C.
Business Opportunities.
100 Envelopes.
j work guaranteed.
' 5
Good No. 6 white envelopes
with your name, business and
address pKintedon and sent post
j paid for 30c. 25 tor 10c; 509 for
Good stock and good
Size ; 3 j x
100 good manilla envelopes
for 25d; 50, 15c; 26, 7c.
100 Letter heads, 5)4 x 8)4 in.
1 with your business printed foi
for 45c; 250 for $1.00; 500 for
$1.75. Sent postpaid to your
acdress> 2C sta taken for
amounts „„der 10c; above the
j amoun t send money order in
coin. Address
John W. Hann,
WAunet, Chase Co., Neb.
Editor and Proprietor of The
Wauneta, Neb. Breeze. Esta
blished in 1887 by its present
Wonder ol
Century. Weird, Marvelous, Authen
tic. Sent anywhere for One Dime.
Address The Religious Exchange
WilkesBurre, Penna.
f;Box, j 77, Ridgville, Ind.
list of nn
lucky days
10 cts.; very curious, been handed
down for generations- only by chance
they came in my possession. P. C
your addtess,
and 10 cents of your noney, n* d w
will send you a package of the best
pens you ever used. THE AMER
CAN AGENT, Boylston, Ind ana.
to Walker, the penman, Bishop
Building, Philadelphia, Pa., will
bring you samples of the best
ens on earth. You pay the
ostage, he does the rest.
Latest Styles In Trimmed Millinery.
Becoming Picture Hate-Path
ions In Jewelry.
There are toqnes and toques, bat
the new shape is altogether different
from those of last year, boing larger and
more important. The shape is modeled
on the hat in which King Hal is gener
ally represented, but it is with a differ
I 1 ?
cnca Adapted to ladies' wear, the vel
vet is formed into many folds at the
brim, and the trimming is often ar
ranged in a point in front.
The sable toques with large upstand
ing yellow and gold osprey are very
charming indeed.
There are some pretty bridesmaids'
hats in white velvet with white feathers
and osprey and red roses. The toreador
very mneb enlarged is a shape that
takes well. Many of the large hats are
exceedingly pictoresqne.
Included with new importations is a
Sappho toque in cerise velvet, trim
med with a lace aigret and feathera A
toque in beaver colored velvet, with a
fully draped crown and brim, turns up
sharply on one side and is supported un
derneath by a quantity of parma violets,
which form, in fact, the whole side of
the toque. Very charming is a gray vel
vet toque embroidered in silver and
plentifully trimmed with birds and a
rouleaux of velvet.
Conspicuous among the picture hats
is a velvet one in the new capucine
shade. The brim is edged with white
laee, and there are velvet rosettes nnder
the brim Another pretty large hat is
made in soft beaver in a beautiful shade
of castor, the shape being one which is
exceedingly becoming. The brim is
turned up a la Gainsborough and caught
s-'f •
against the side with folds of orange
velvet drawn through a buckle This
buckle also holds in place a long ostrich
feuther in the natural colorings, wliicu
is arranged to droop very effectively
over the hair. Round the crown there
are other folds of orange velvet and at
the side a number of long ostrich feather
plumes gracefully arranged
The New filoomer Leugina.
It is surprising what a change has
come over our women folk since they
who object to the regular bloomer or
other bifurcated garments have taken
to the short skirt The principal
objection to the old bloomer was its
lack of neatness, it is true that a few
women looked well in bloomers, but the
general opinion was that as a rule they
were a Hut failure and about us attract
ive as football trousers. The new
bloouier legging lias a distinct style of
its own, says a writer in the Pliiladel
pbia Press. A skirt is to bo worn oyer
it to the knee, but below the legging
part ends in a sort of gaiter, covering
the stocking and shoo and serving the
double purpose of protection from cold
and dampness. The upper part is not
bulky, and the lower part fits the leg
snugly from the knee down. The gar
ment is generally made of jersey cloth
because it clings so well to the figure,
Black is the most serviceable color, but
dark blue and brown aro always to be
relied upon to produce good effects One
fair Philadelphia bicyclist has had a ,
pair of the new bloomer leggings made
entirely of chamois leather which lias 1
been stained a soft tan color Another
pair made by the same dealer is of thin
dogskin. .As every bicyclist knows, there :
is an advantage about having a garment
of the sort made from some kind of
This not only protects |
the knee from bumps and bruises, but
saves the garment from being torn dur- j
tougli material
iug a fall npon sharp stones.
Fashions In Jewelry.
There seems no limit to the diamond
combs, huir ornaments and jeweled ai
grets with which women now adorn I
their heads whenever they don evening !
gowns. Tbo most attractive decoration
for the hair is a diamond ornament of
broad iucliuutiou aud glittering surface. I
Failing the real gems, women can
fall back on the imitation jewelry, for
happily, according to The Jewelers'
Circular, the setting of the imitation
stones is executed with so much oare
aud taste that tho least valuable be
comes an artistic ornament.
Harriots In Turkey.
There is not an old maid in Turkey.
Every woman marries at least once,
and divorce aDd the remarriage of wid
ows aro common.
Counselor O'Brien's Legal Examination.
" Major McKinley " as a Punter.
They Filled the Hole.
Counselor Bill Brien tells the follow-'
ing story of how lie passed his examina
tion as connselor at law and obtained
his license: "1 bad my papers filled out
and walked over to Judge Joe C. Gill
to puss my examination and have my
papers signed. It was in the forenoon,
and Judge Gill, who was an ardent and
successful turfman, bad Orphan Girl in
training for tbo Maxwell House stakes,
to be run at Nashville, and Brakenmn,
who was thought to have a pretty good
chance of winning the Merchants'
stakes at St. Louis, both races being set
down for the same day.
"I walked into his office with my pa
pers in my hand, and looking up pleas
antly the judgo greeted me as follows:
" 'Good morning, William. I under
stand yon want to pass your examina
tion and be a lawyer?'
" 'Yes, sir, that's what I'm here for
this morning. '
"'Were you out at the track this
morning to see the horses taking their
'"Yes, sir.'
" 'Did yon see that Kentucky crack,
Lelox, and my mare Orphan Girl work?'
" 'Yes, sir. They both went a mile,
and you know the track was a bit slow.
Orphan Girl finished up strong and
swinging all through the last furlong in
0:47, and Lelox was all out and had the
boy kicking him in 0:47 ) 4 - '
" 'I reckon my mare has a pretty
good chance for the Maxwell?'
" 'It looks like a certainty. Lelox is
all she has to beat, and he's as good as
done already. '
"'What kind of a plan would it be
to send Alcock to St. Louis with Brake
man for the Merchants' stakes?' ,
" 'The horse is good now, and he has
nothing to beat over there. Land him
in St. Louis all right, and it's as good
as a walkover. '
" 'I think I'll send him. Let me see
—ah, I thought I was forgetting some
thing. We forgot all about the exam
ination. Hand me your papers, Wil
liam, and see me sign them. ' ''
Counselor Bill walked out with his
duly attested license, and a short time
later Judge Gill won the Maxwell
House stakes and the Merchants' stakes
with Orphan Girl and Brakeman.—New
Orleans Times-Democrat.
Moving " Major McKinley."
As a punter Major McKinley would
shine on any college football team in
the country. The " major' ' butted a full
grown man over a wire fence the other
day. Having thus finished the game,
the sportive buffalo bull walked demure
ly into a box car and started for his
former home at Newport, N.H.
It was Keeper Morrison who played
the role of pigskin at Van Cortlandt
p; i r k. xho herd of buffaloes sent to the
park two years ago by the Austin Cor
|,ji t estate was being shipped back to
,j )e reserve. The city grew weary of the
animals and induced the estate to take
t jj em a way.
Five hours were expended
loading S!l buffaloes iuto six cars.
Major McKinley, the boss of the herd,
balked at the outset, and Morrison said
he would lead the big beast. Instead
the "major" led Morrison to the fence
and punted him through the wires,
bruising him badly in several places.
Tbo keeper remained on the other side
of the fence.—New Y'ork Journal,
Twins, Quadruplets and a PostofHce.
Postmaster E. T. Page of Redwater,
Tex., will bo retained by this adminis
tration, and all because of quadruplets
ul ^[ twins iu his family Eleveu years
yg,, j] U was given the postoffiee. but
w heu General Clarkson became assist
an t postmaster general iu the Wanama
ker administration an effort was made
to replace the postmaster with a caudi
g a to of the Republican party. Many ap
plications for the place were filed, but
p a g e appealed for retention, citing that
his w ife had just presented him with
bouncing quadruplets and that twice
before twins had been born to them.
xbis settled the case, General Clarkson
holding that that was sufficient for
xho case has now come up again and
a number of candidates have sought the
p i ace> But Pago has again protested
that the successful raising of three of
tho quadruplets and two sets of twins
entitled him to some consideration aud
st , n t photographs of three of the quadru
p i c ts, now almost young ladies. Assist
iu t Postmaster General Bristow confer
re( j w ith Postmaster General Gary, and
t),o two decided that there should be
no chuugo m that office.—Exchange.
They Filled the Hole.
When the pedestal of the statno of
Blair which Missouri has presented to
Statuary hall was standing in that,
] la n the other day awaiting its bronze
figure, some one noticed that iu tho oeu
ter of tho stone block was a small,
square bolo. Tho Missouri delegation
was presout to watch the placing of the
statue, and one of the congressmen,
fishing through his pockets, found a
cent. He pot the coin in the square
hole, and also deposited a bit of paper
with his antograph.
The example was contagious. Every
membor of tbe delegation put in a cent
aud Ids name, some curious bystanders
did likewise, and by the time that the
statue was plaoed in position there was
almost enough copper in tbe pedestal to
sheathe a ship. —Washington Post.

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