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Christmas Pianos.
HE GOOD and quite unexpected demand for the finest and newest styles ot PIANOS has exceeded our expectations. We have been compelled to duplicate our orders and
hurry on the goods to keep our stock full in all styles.
We have it.
We have it.
Do you want a $500 Piano?
po you want a $400 Piano ?
Do you want a $300 Piano ?
Do you want a $250 Piano ?
Do you want a $175 Piano?
We have it.
We have it.
We have it.
i A
All new with the latest patents and improvements, and all fully warranted. A lot of Square Pianos, made by Chickering, Haines Bros., Meyer, and other makers received
in exchange for uprights, are marked $25, $40, $55 and upwards, according to quality, all newly regulated and in good condition,, and all must go to make
days to select the most prized of all
A few more
Christmas Gifts-=A Handsome Piano.
A visit to our warerooms will be a pleasure, whether purchasing or not. Our full line of Violins, Guitars, Mandolins, Capitol and Olympia Music Boxes, Edison Phono
graphs aud Eagle Graphophones will be found interesting. Our terms are reasonable and our prices the lowest.
710 Market Street.
Wilmington, Del.
lnAVttuuEiiF a nAn1 '
That is the Talent and Public Did.
The Bookies Had a Cinch.
Tlie talent and public had u hard road
to travel yesterday at Iron Hill as only
one favorite crossed tlie line first. It
was a gay day for the bookmakers, and
helped to swell their hank rolls consider
ably. Jockey Burns and Campbell were
tlie lucky boys to receive the $59 prize
given by Ihe' books. There wore eleven
on tlie fine and had plenty of business as
money was very plentiful.
Following are the summaries, entries
and selections:
First Race—Four and a half furlongs.
Buccaneer, 10!) (Cunningham), 5, 2 and
1, first ; Fedora, 10!) (Dwror), Watch
Charm, 112 (Ellis), 20, 3 and 4, third.
Time, 1.02|. Lottie F., Larissa, Little
Jim, T. W. W., Recover, Lawrence P.,
also ran.
Second Race—Five furlongs. Taunton,
112 (Narvaez), f>-5 and 2-5, first; Sister
Ida, 10!) (Johnson), 10, 4 and 2, second ;
Checkers, 100 (Ramson), 5, 7-5 and 1-2,
third. Time, 1.10). Pontifix, liofide,
Lulu B., Burdetta, Traymore, Tlie Mite,
also ran.
Third Race—Six furlongs. Ninis, 107
[Campbell), 15, 0 and 3, first'; Bessie
Browning, 112 (Johnson), 8-5 and 3-5,
second ; The Mantaun, 110 (Lynch), 5,
8-5 and 4-5, third. Time, 1.25. Charley
McDonald, Desbrosses, Harry C., Prince
Pontomac, Speedy, also rail.
Fourth Race—Four and adialf furlongs.
May Pinkerton, 10!) (Foster), 10,3 and 1,
first ; Leonidns, 10!) (Campbell), 0-5 ami
2-5, second ; Sira, 10!) (A. Dorsey), 3, 1
and 1-2, third. Time, 1.02. Bessie Ab
bott, Hint, Bird of Freedom, also ran.
Fifth Race—Six furlongs. Fred Train,
112 (Burns), 20, 8 and 4, first ; Walter
O, 112 (J. Moore), (i, 2 and 1, second ;
Vermont Bradford, 112 (Cunningham),
8-5 and fc-5, tliirtl. Time, 1.20!. Oak.
Claurece, Bragaloiie, Gorinda, Tiiurless,
also ran.
Knlries ilir Today.
First Race—Five furlongs; selling.
Claude Hill, O'Hoarn, Lida Woodlands,
Tarheile, Ivcnnio Thatcher, 112 each;
pt, 110; Hades, Tim Hurst, Joe
Huyimin, Grandma, 107 each.
Second Race—Six and a half furlongs.
LaSalle, Miss Loyal, 110 each; Calibre,
Atlantic King. Ostracized, Nordud, Belle
of Australia, Jersey Boy, Moiidaniin,
Destiny, 1 5 each.
Third Race—Four and a half furlongs.
Sherlock, 115; Meadows, Medico, Krause
Harry Bennett,
Archie, Jonah White, Will Fonso, 112
each; La Getona, 07.
Fourth Race—Six furlongs; selling.
Busirus, Torneka, Pulitzer, Equity, Mil
Stoeckle's "Select" Xmas
Beer Pure and Sparkling.
dredD., Mohawk, Tribute, Belisarius,
Roebuck, 112 each; Mr. Waverly, 107.
Fiftli Race-Four and a lmlf furlongs*;
wiling. Blue Ribbon, 115; Fox Glove,
Wampum, Red *Bird, Jr., Farragnt,
Queen of Berlin, Finellcn, 112 each;
Kos.sm.an, 110; Mabel, Dr. Jim, 107 each.
First Race—Prompt, Tim Hurst, Lida,
Second Race—Atlantic King, Ostra
cized, Destiny.
Third Race—Meadows, Modica Harry
Fifth Race—Rossmau, Dr. Jim, Red
Bird, Jr.
Puildock Points.
Wliitey Horsemeyur had his usual
little bet on Tlie Mantuan, out on tlie
limb, where the cherries grow.
Doc Shultz had all his friends down on
Larrissa, they still have their tickets.
Our old friend Bill Rhoades is again
on the block. Good luck to you Bill.
Dink Davis and Hack had a good bet
on Buccaneer, but lost most of their
winnings hack on .Sira aud Tlie Miuitaun,
hut Dink managed to save enough out to
buy liisi dear friend, Mr. Frost, some
more ice cream, that lie might sleep
quietly and not annoy tlie man on tlie
top fioor.
Johnson rode a very poor race on
Bessie Browning, as lie got her shut off
at least a half dozen times. She was
twenty pounds tlie better of anything in
her race.
Lawrence P. is rounding to her last
year's form, and will win a race very
Jack White had a large commission on
Taunton, but lost it all hack to Bessie
When are the talent going to have an
inning? The way tlie favorities are
being howled over is getting monot
Ninis went to the post at 20 to 1 yester
day, even though she beat all of the same
horses the other day witli the exception
af Bessie Browning, but still you could
get 4 to 1 third; sumo body must thought
they laid something on her.
Harry llandfieid had a swell bet on
Hurry C. for to show he tried to get even
on Leonidas, but May Pinkerton spoiled
his chances; never mind, gel out on
Medina today.
Diek Baker lias lmd good luck with
his new purchase Bister, Ida, as she lias
been second twice at long odds.
1 'nor Harry Andcyson had more hard
luck yesterday, as lie won a good bet on
Buccaneer bui, lost his ticket. Now that's
what you get for going around with tlie
gang, 'nights. You can toll Delaliunty he
better look out or you will all got a load
of shot some night instead of a chick.
'Pliomas Dycer had a swell Ijet on Tlie
Stoeckle's "Select" Xmas
Beer is Pcriection.
Mantaun and was making a lot of noise
rooting him in but it done no good, he
got even on Oak as lie didn't think he
had a chance with five pounds ove r.
Tommy Cavanaugh had a swell bet on
Bessde Browning for the position.
/ack ^ cashed on Kred Trttill . H e
likes long odds for his money.
Benny Lyons went down the line on
the Mantaun.
Bob Fitzsimmons had a good day as he
was seen in line several times during the
Taunton is about the best two-year-old
on tlie outlaw circuit.
The representatives of the Prospect
I Park track, near Baltimore, are trying
to arrange a meeting for that track, com
mencing on New Year's Day.
"Dan" Honig, the owner of Magnet, is
afraid that lie might break down if he
startl'd again, anil wants to place him on
some good breeding farm.
Representatives of the Kentucky Rac
ing Association will attend the meeting
of the Turf Congress, to arrange dates
for the Lexington spring meeting.
George Covington's good liorso The
Swain is under the doctor's care. The
middle tendon of the near foreleg is in
bad shaiie and the horse lias been fired
and laid up until spring.,
Nashville lias announced racing dates
for 1898. A ten days' meeting, from May
2 to May 12, will be hold. Nashville
follows Memphis.
In future the judges at Oakland, Cal.,
will not necessarily place disqualified
horses last, reserving the right to place
them in the summary wherever they
rnay deem it justifiable so to do. This is
a departure certain to cause unbounded
comment, lieing a radical departure from
all precedent in the premises.
James H. Mackey, of San Francisco,
Cal., manager for J, B. Haggin, met his
employer in Lexington Saturday. They
went to Elmendorf Farm to decide on
what improvements arc necessary. Hag
gin lias received his deed for the farm,
and he wi111 begin to make extensive im
provements. He said that he will re
move many of his best horses to Elnien
dorf in hope of breeding a great per
former. Haggin will remain in Kentucky
until January 1 superintending Elmen
dorf improvements.
Notwithstanding the prospects of the
defeat of the amendment that would
prevent racing in Ne\y Jersey, it is not
likely that there will ho racing in the
State for a couple of years, if then. Leg
islation would have to be secured and
this means a complete reversal of New
Jersey polities. All the defeat of the
amendment does is to make it possible
to get legislation if the proper men can
he put in office to grant the requests. In
other words, racing in Jersey is a matter
of politics, pure and simple.
Cleland's Shoes are the right shape.
Stoeckle's "Select" Xmas
Beer Quality Unexcelled.
Careful Bridge Repairing.
Master Carpenter J. L. Smith, of the
P., W. & B. railroad, and his force of
men have completed repairs to the rail
rord bridge crossing the Susquehanna
river. There arc 130 trains crossing this
bridge daily, but so carefully was the
work planned that not a single train
was interfered with.
No. 0 West Fourth Street.
On Christmas day turkey lunch will
be served from 11 till 12 o'clock.
Cleland's Shoes arc right up-to-date.
The Finest Decoration
in the city is at tlie Lafayette Hotel, 50.3
Market street. Through the kindness
of Mr. Thomas Johnson, of Reed's
wharf, Virginia, two large cases of holly
aud greens were received. They are
considered the finest in the city. The
decoration bears inspection.
Next Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock
the stockholders of tlie Masonic Hall
Company will meet and elect a hoard of
directors. No dividend will be declared.
It is likely that there will be two or
three new directors elected.
Christmas Gifts that are useful at
No. 0 West Fourth Street.
On Christmas day turkey lunch will
be served from 11 till 12 o'clock.
Miss Bertha Sprague, of Boston, who
lias for tlie past few mouths been tlie
guest of tlie Misses Bacon,returned home
yesterday. She will return again in
No. 0 West Fourth Street.
On ChriHtmas dnv turkey lunch will
be served from 11 till 12 o'clock.
Clcland can fix up a nice present for
your friend.
No. 0 West Fourth Street.
On Christmas day turkey lunch will
b served from 11 till 12 o'clock.
Siioes are appreciative gifts,
land about it.
See Clc
Avail Yourself of This Opportunity.
Prof. Weil, scientific optican, 313
Market strvt, Wilmington, will offer
from December 15th to January, 1st gold
spectacles and eye glasses for $3 a pair.
Positively during that time only. Prof.
Weil will examine your eyes freo nfid
adjust the glasses by a scientific method.
Stoeckle's "Select" Xmas
Beer for Tour Table.
Commerce and Finance.
Prices of Flour were well supported,
hut demand was of a hand-to-mouth char
acter. Spot Bran was in moderate supply
and firm, with a fair inquiry for choice
stock. No. 1 and choice Hay were in
fair request at former rates, and offerings
were moderate, but. medium and low
grades were abundant, and weak. Straw
was dull and freely offered at the late
decline. Refined Sugars were strong
and 1-lfic. to jc. higher, but ruled quiet
at revised quotations. Provisions sold
in a jobbing way on a basis of quotations.
Wheat opened firm, due to higher Liver
pool cables and bullish speculation in
the West, and the call closed jc. above
last evening's rates. There was, how
ever, little inquiry from speculators
exporters. Corn options were stronger
on call, due to light offerings, the rise
in wheat and higher Western adviceB,
but speculators were indifferent and ex
porters had no workable orders. Local
ear lots were quiet, but firm, under small
supplies. Oats in ear lots were steady
under moderate offerings, but demand
was light. Exporters were indifferent.
Cotton was 1-1 Go. higher.
Butter and Kggs.
The following are the official whole
prices recorded to-day at tlie Pliila
delpfiia Blitter and Egg Board:—
Solid Packed Butter.
Separator Creamery, extra
Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
Imitation Creamery, extra.IT .
do firsts.
do seconds.
Ladle-packcd, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
• 12(5)13
Print Butler.
Creamery, extra,
do firsts.
. [email protected]
do seconds.
Pennsylvania and near by.
Western, strictly fresh.
Blitter, firm; Eggs, firm.
Grain Movement.
Receipts at Philadelphia;—Wheat, 10,
801; Corn, 112,005; Oats, 21,337. Ship
ments from Philadelphia;—Wlieat, 2,
Corn, 151,502; Oats, 77,41)2. Ro
Wiieat, 32,244;
Oats, 37,317. Shipments
eeipts at Baltimore:
Corn, 235,0
from Baltimore: -Corn, 334,309;
Water-proof Shoes at Cleland's.
No. 6 West Fourth Street.
On Christmas dav turkey lunch will
be served from 11 till ]2 o'clock.
Stoeckle's "Select" Xmas
Beertbe Peer of Beers.
Palace of Illusioni
And the Wonderful Ex-Ray.
Infernal Regions
— AND —
For gentlemen only.
419 Market 5tj
Pennyroyal Pills
Stoeckle's "Select"
Beer a True Tonic.

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