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among the churches.
, _, , , r . !
«■ Stephen's Lutheran t Imre r - j
nail street above Seventh, the Rev. Fred
erie Doer, pastor. 10.:«), morning ser
vice, "The Design of Action;" 2.1->, Sun
♦lay school; 7.30, evening service, ser
moil bv Seminarian Samuel (i. Trexler,
from the Lutheran Theological Seim
nary, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Ftee sit
"n?, 9 ' „ AU "! elCOI11 M C1 ,,
The Rev. Anna 11. Shaw, who J* J 1 1
Convention riow lieing held at the Cen
turv Club. She is known as one of the
leading women in this cause and one of
the greasiest of women preachers.
Grace M. K. Church, Ninth and Wash
ington streets, Rev. Henry Baker,pastor.
Morning sermon, 10.30, by Rev. H. \\.
Ewing; Sunday school, 2 p.m.; Kp
worth league, t!.4-» p.m.; evening ser
mon, 7.45, by the pastor, subject, Man
Union M. E. Church, Fifth and Wash
ington streets, Rev. J. D. C. Hanna, pas
Morning sermon 10 30 by
Mrs. Alina H. Shaw, one of the greatest
women preachers in the country. Sun-1
day school 9.30 a. m. and 2 p. in. Ep
worth League, 0.30 p. in. Evening ser
vice, 7.30 p. m .Sermon by pastor. Sub-1
ject : l ush. This is the second
series of sermons of the five elements in
Sermon* to Ire Delivered and Services
to be Held Today.
St. Paul's M. E. church, Seventh and I
Market streets, Rev. YV. L. S. Murray,
pastor. 9.30 a. m. and 2 p. m. Sunday ;
school, 10.30. Preaching, Subject: Per- j
fecting Faith, 7.30 p.m. Song service
by the choir illustrating scripture and
ped poetry. 1W0Y.P.S.C.K.
5th under thi wsuio's of K gsv^d Nf
jr n„. ,* Hi« mSfiect will be "Cliarae-•
t"ra (Im-Xr "
°i;ev I D C Hanna will lecture at
Union i'i lurch next Tlmrsdav evening;
April 2sth on "Cuban War." Proceeds
lor'benefit of the Epworth U'ttgtie of!
that ciiurcb.
Second Baptist Church, Ninth and
Franklin streets, Rev. F. F. Briggs, pas
Holiday, April 24. Morning service
i-r. -Or.iiiE' i - niiiiii! '.'.lie.
First Methodist Protestant Church.
Seventh and YY'alnut streets, tow. George
Subj ect C ' ^Sufferer Wearhig a (Town!"
d^r' rwT'm ? ; venina * *nm'n -oi
h, FSf San lt ci,:,re.r West st.
above Eigntli liev. Alexander T. Bowser,
minister. Sunday April 24, preaching liv
siihi* a , t 9e *'*1!nnk'infii^t! ^ 11 ip'* Hh'ivht s, t'
subject. Looking to the Hiiglit. t u
vice at KUoo clock. All seats free. 1 be
public cordially invited.
Trinity Church, Delaware ave and
' " si ' lvi " es y«!
Eighth Street Baptist Church, Kev. II.
C. Jones, pastor; preaching 10.29 a. in.
and 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School 2 p. m.
~ . ,, ,, .
Calvary Baptist Church, f ourth and
trench streets. Rev. Elmer \\. Powell,
pastor. Services 10.4.> a. in. andf.4 >j
p. m.
Harrison Street M. E. Church, Seventh
and Harrison sts./liev. Ralph T. Com
sey, pastor; preaching 10.30 a. m.; Sun
dav School 2 p. in.; Epworth Ixague
B.4'5p. m.; evening sermon 7.45.
Trinity Church. Delaware avenue and
evening ser-i
life—l'lan, Push, Pluck, Patience and
Sunday School.
HI p. in.;
vices 7.30 p. in.
•Twenty-seventh and Market streets. I lev.
tieorge H. Trill, pastor,
vices. 10.30a. in. and 7.4o p in., con
ducted hy pastor in charge;
school, - p. in.; Y. 1*.
Wednesday evening service, 7.43
Divine ser
('. Iv
liethel M. L. Church, Walnut near
Sixth street.
Sermon bv oast
PriviT mextimr u -i m
l,j>u lt " sm',,1
' U
. , ,, . .. ...
H ashiiigton stieets hei. A. K ""Ijjj' 1 '
rector. Sunday School 9.30 a. m. Ser-1
Rev. J. I£. Milligan
Divine services 10...U
Sunday Sel.I 2
p. in. Christian Kudeavor 7 p. in.
St. Stephens Lutheran Church, Tat
null street above Sevent h. I[ev. Frederic
Mimin' services |i).:in,
|.; eiiiii'- ser
1 street,
•. 1D.3D a.
Christian Kndci
School 2.30 j).
7310 |>. m.
('ulvarv I*. K. Church. Third ami
vices and sermon 10.3(1 a. in., and 7.30
p. m. Seats free. Visitors welcome.
Olivet Presbyterian Church, Fourth
Slid Broome streets.
(>. !>., minister.
a. 111., unci 7.42 p. in.
Doorr pastor.
Sumlav School 2.13 p. in.
vin*s at
Delaware Avenue Daplist Church, cor
ner Delaware avenue ami West street.
Uev. Win. A. Walling, pa.st.or. Sunday,
10 30 a. in., by the pastor.
I'reaehing 7.30 p. m., by Mrs. Anna II.
Shaw. 2 p. in., Sunday school. 0.30 p.
, prayer meeting. Monday, 7.30, pas
meeting. M.00, Class in
Weduewdiiy, 7.4*), prayi.
7. C>, (F. meeting.
for s
Dihle >tiulv.
Seals free.
Church of the New .lerusalem, Dela
uml Washingt
Uev. Philip 11. ('ahell, pastor.
10,30; Sunday school. 0.1 "» a. m.;
•veiling service,
Si. Michael's F.piscopal ('luiich,Adams
and ('lies!nut streets, Itev.
Mom. rector. Morning prayer, 10 o'clock;
sermon, 10.30 a. in.; Sunday school. 2.3
j). in.: evening prayer choral, with ad
dress, 7.4*) j). m.
Cnion Christian Mission, Fourth f;nd
streets. Class meeting, S-ui
. m.;
<1 \„<ln u' ( I mch Soiithfid cm
' r l,,h shii.iov .in>pi< ivv
^ Mmri'v d'D nrtor Ser*
... | 4 <|i|i||'i\
I m, l •» !, in '
' : | . . ..
.N(*rth Laptist nnri ii. N*rvices, iu..»o
,..m. ami,. I.' p.1,1. I.ihl,; sch.s.l. 9 a.
Sumlav selit m»I
day. P.-'I0 a. in.:
experience meeting, 3.13 j*.
service, 7310.
and 2.30 |
. Yu
vice, 7 p. nV
Seventli Day Adventists meet in lied
Men's Hall. No. ulu Shipley street. Nab
bath school every Satimlav, 10 a. m.
Other services, II o'clock. Bible lecture,
Handay afternoon 2.30 p. in.
Bethany Baptist Glmrch, Rev. (). G,
Bnddingtim, pastor. I'rcaching, lO.JO a.
. Sunday school, 2 p. m. Evening sel-!
vices. 7.4'>
Judge Ball went to
M. F. Havdon has returned to Milford
from tWg cVtv
.... , _ •
A horse is not unstable because he is
out of the barn. .
Joseph Dallett is the guest of relatives
in West Chester,
„ T 1)arl | ett of j -lWe ll, Mass,
{jjj s c ity yesterday.
William Saulsburv, of Dover, was in
tlli , , itv Thursday.
poit .. this city.
You can shoo a hen lor nothing, out tt
costs its life to dress it.
Mrs. Marry Bullin and son have been
visiting at New Castle,
j. p. Ford of Lewes, registered at the
Merritt House yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs John G. Orav are spend
illg a W eek at Atlantic city. '
^ anJ famj|y will renl0V e
f™, Newport to this city,
John Seaman has been granted his
first naturalisation papers.
T. YV. Downes, ot Bridgeport, Conn.,
was in this city yesterday,
Miss Laura Willets, of Georgetown, is
Gk- guest of friends in this city,
nws it take a sUt , hon kev , m |ock
Ule d , j0r o£ a haunted room?
, _ . . . . ., , „
Jacob E. Morris, of lewis visited re
latives in this city on Thursday.
W . O. Norris, of Charlestown. \\. \ a.,
•» registered at the Clayton House.
Harry (riven. of Wilmington, has been
visiting P. II. Bratton, at Hoekessin.
Mrs. Walter B. Daniels and son are
guests of friends in Philadelphia.
g MJ. Armstrong of Philadelphia!
Tl »' Neptune Social Club be d its
tL ' m, ' a,Ill,,!l1 l ' m 'I ,IK ' n "> r uni Hall last
Thirty-four car loads of soldiers passed
through this city on Thursday night for
the South.
William M. Way, of Little Britain,'
Pa., lias been visiting Wilmington
Miss Minnie William, of Centreville,
Md is the guest of Mrs. John Chapman,
villo, hi.'. Ims hfvn tl„. gugi -f Irii'mis
in this city. '
Mss Laura Price, of this city, spent
S atNew uV"'
Miss* Mary l-iorao„, of Milford, has
been the guest of her brother Dr. F. F.
IlenKin, of this city.
The circular ruffles, which aie the at-1
tractive feature in a circular cape win it
f>on-fr. .n.
The most pronounced ho on record is
that of a young man who asserts that he |
likes his girl'ssmall brother.
State Councilor Joseph it. Clark, of the
have hLnVishing in tT.Vs*clt'V.'' r,Hl '" r, '* Ml
Tlmrsdav atthe office of Architect Rice 1
,' " , " ' '" , J1 1 '
A phonograph concert and . tereopti
coil lecture will lx' given tonight at
E p W o rth M. E. Churclf for the benefit of
,|,c chmvh.
. . .. ,
Sergeiint-Majoi; Patterson, of the Sixth
- s - Rivalry, who has been stopping in
tins city has been ordered to rejoin Ins
The Delaware Construction Company
is sending 14s carloads of small stone lo
.' I >;' 1'elaware battery. Ia-I,.w Delaware
. ie'orge Camplxll* and Joseph Beard,
of the Ninth ward, have entered the

was in
me in tlie
An oliiiil'ig Lives AVilhinit I'oml
YValcr foe Tivcnly-Six Days.
Tlx famous Dr. Tallinr has a rival in
v'l-'aii-lxM County. .... whose achieve
meiits the once ... fasler of .he
world may well consider.
Tlx doctor's rival is not a man of
.-cience. and even Ins parentage is ot
doubttul origin, and his association re
p m |j au -a by a considerable part of tlx
population nl the wen Id as contuininal
The iaisiotih* 1'anlield taster, news of
j whose wondrous deeds hare just reached
this eitv, savs a ( olumhus paper, is ill
| hog, and is the property of William
Kirger, of Kovaldom, Kairtield ('ountv.
! Mr. Kirger is'a well-to-do farmer, mid
his story of the enforced fast of one of
Ids slock hogs for twenty-six days with
out food or nater, can be relied upon as
•ks ago Friday," he said, "a
straw stack standing in my barnyard.
heeomiiig undermined liv the work of
the stock, fell over. 1 had twenty-live
head of shouts in the lot at the time,and
the following day. Saturday. I turned
itlier lot to prevent them
asting the straw. Wc did not count
the shouts when we moved them, and
'did not discover that there was one
"We passed through I lie yard where the
straw pile was Joealed, a dozen times a
(l aVi and there were no signs of a pig to
i x ,' se( . IL Thursday afternoon I took a
man and we began hauling the straw
•ay, and after renioving sedeial Iliads 1
a pig wiggle out
from under the straw and stagger off.
■•The pig had liecti under Hie pile for
ju-t twenty-six days without fond or
1 water. As soon as released, the animal
to eat .the barnvard offal, and up
them in :
was surprised to see
i^aretl very hungry.
"When the animal was confined he
neatli the stack it weighed possibly
eighty pounds, and when it was released
I Thursilay, after a twenty-six days' fast,
if 11,1,1 ,nSt ,ullv ,,,rtv l>oumls of 'its flesh,
Tlie animal hail lived during the entire
time, which, considering that it was fat
when it was imprisoned, is not so re
tuni'kable, but how it could live under
all that straw for that length of time ami
, av(l no Wlltel . is a mystery.
.q.; v ,, n Tanner, thv great, hail all the
anted, while the pig went
, wilier Ik*
without either food or drink.
unimtil is getting along nicely, and I see
no reason why it should be any the
worse for ils enforced fast."
Mr. Kirger says that tlie animal was
j buried Ixincullt some four or live feet of
straw during the time of its imprison
! ment. amt the wonder is that it sue
ceeded in getting enough air to keep it
I alive.
A l.unjt llceoixl of Cruelty, Tyranny
and llobltery.
Spanish deviltry in Cuba began the
day wire sighted the island.
According to Mr. Keith Johnson, F.
li. G. S., Spain found there Home $400,
000 aborgines living in a state of happy
tranquillity among themselves, worship
ing a great and Beneficent being and
cherishing belief in the immortality of
the soul.
Before 15(10 (i. e., fifty-eight years
after the "discovery" I the original pop
ulation had vanished from the island.
In ISIS French privateers reduced Ha
vana to ashes, repeating the medicine in
1554. For 150 years thereafter Spanish
"honor" was kept trembling like jellv
for fear of attacks by the English, French
anil Dutch. All nations hated Spain
and not one had escaped the results of
her insolence, greed and cruelty.
In 1702 Great Britain, with the aid of
her American colonies, sent 200 ships to
Havana, capturing the city, the entire
island and a spoil of near IR,1)00.000. Un
luckily for civilization the treaty of
Paris in the year following restored
Cuba buck to detested Spain, it is evi
dent that only the mildest protests
should he heard from
England and
France at the impending castigation.
Neither of these countries acted on half
our provocation, yet both dragged her
thoroughly in the dust.
Succeeding the British occupation of |
17112 only one of Spain's Governors Gen-1
»' rl11 llils "side docent history for himselfj
land for the wolfish peninsula styling
herself the "mother country." This was ,
, Governor < icneral Las Casas, who ruled
: for quite a period from 1700.
He promoted useful pubic works, I
stimulated trade and strove hard for tlie |
ST rmto/him al^ Wan'd'* 1
Un, Domingo
Since Las Casas not a single Governor ,
(leneral has proved himself competent to
rule in a civilized way or to fully subdue j
[ periodical revolts against Spanish tyran
ny an.tgim , |
.", V* mJ'yL *!', | ■ >aln ] i
, '* ' id , but . pain..h clironi
| have loaded thelrTaro*wiU.^"VhmW lV
| ia ,| m . ( ; ( ., ie ral C'amnn s of recent niemnrv !
*av that he is not thus pilloried. ' 1
vivnv mvciidiiig Spni'n 'i'livl fi'iii 1 4'p ■..
soldiers of Cuba, and though Jed by her;
' *H'st eommaiiders the rebellion was still i
' The appalling loss of men and monev !
j ^' lhl "'{'.Rf Vtm-'s exeersls the i
". l *. exliibited to the Cortes in libfp, as i
! b^b2 : f!"sSnS"a!m th"
lessness of Spanish dominance of the i
A foul and insensate disregard of sani
tnr . v ,a " s has made Spanish ( uba a
'nennee to the I lilted States since the
day we became an ...dependent peop'e.
,,""1'ms'Vo '. r' UI ? l,1 . dt V' t ," ,ltn " e . l . v
. m;s S J«Mhe dp'l.v effluvia which Hoats
1„. ... l, xpulsi n trom Cuba
.... .. f . ,
Intlic lii.uti of education a starless
night, hangs over the whole ot ( uba.
Illueracv is universal. Mr. Keith John
stun, in his report estimated even «.
i fA ..f , ull .i 10 „ £ . 1n niuwi'
f ! l,at <jnt ()t I* ■ Ud V s 1(M) ' (MK)
» let erer educuhm of mv kind
•< ' id vtu r d uc.tioi .Ian h |'!
stint a has continued for a cemurv n
| iftl h J |
- , fr„' jJ j, ,l ^u ? t ". ,
Hll ,\'. r , H ,' s .. as ' t , ip Spaniards conhl'
I ila^oftlxn!!'" 1 Iif'i^l"the" , Engfish
Government induced Spain to quit steal
I-".. . iii Him—i "vi'ri :
1 1
»,««• .. i , . ,, , ,
oil:,. (Kill slaves; iii* 1x73, ^STjKill, "aiid^hi
IS-G„ 199,um. IMS a land of . )Ilik .„ ,
slavery now.
In IS70 ollicial figures, according to I
the Loud
The foregniug facts—and they are facts l
hev,„„l contradiction, dark as ihev are
give hut faint intimation of the cruelty, I
venifiitv and imb-cilitv which have '
characl'erized Spanish rule from the <l)'.v
ihat the galleons ot Columbus dropped
anchor at Santiago. 1
To abate' I his colossal nuisance and to !
disinfect the Western Hemisphere ...
so odious si prcHcuct* in a dutv that tin*
American Kepublie can n<> no- 1
| gleel. ' °
,\ .. . . s.oi v !
There is a citizen of Cleveland who can
add a very pleasant story to the volume !
df LincolniaHti. He, with his four;
! brothers, all young nil'll, was in the Fed
1 oral Army during the war, and one of ]
t he brothers, nineteen years old, after a I
, particularly fierce eainpaign, found Mm
self in a Washington military hospital,
llis mother came from Cleveland to do j
what she could to aid him. lie passed
the crisis of his illness safely, and when !
he was well enough to he moved the
mother went lo the While House to ask 1
ids discharge from the Army. She had
no letters of introduction, but her simple
story was enough. She saw the I'resi-1
dent, and in his kindh way he (|ues- :
tinned her. She told the story of her j
five soldier hoys, and when she had
finished, he stepped to his desk and ;
wrote an order for tlx young man's dis- j
|>liiirge. , , ,
lake Hail, madam, he said, and'
'get your hoy. Then bring him here. |
I want lo talk with him.''
lh; gave an orderlo a Bgcretary, the |
President's carriage vias brought round, 1
ami the mother rode away to the hospi-!
Tl "'" H,, " llM '' . . ' V l,cre !
lode back to the White House,
they dined.
Later on the President handed the I
im'ther two railroad tickets to Cleveland 1
'and a doemneiit s-dting foitii that it was |
his (the President's) wish that the
young man should lie given a position in \
1 the Hovernment. service whenever he de-1
Hired it.
I*"'' nearly a third of a century that
"art ime stripling has hel.l an exeelle.it
nfiiee in the Treasury Dejiartmcnt at
Central I'reshyteriaii Ghiirch, Sunday,
April 24. 10.30 a. in., prencliing by Rev.
T. A. AleCurdy, D. D. Subject: "Superior
Excellence," J2 tit., Sabbatli School.
0.4") ]>. in., I'raycr meeting of the Y. 1*.
S. ('. E. 7.4ii p. tn., preaching by Rev.
T. A. McCurdy, I). I)., subject: "('ailing
Tilings by Their Right Name.
Ten Tliniisantl "Small Bolt Ion"
Ordered ft»r "Stvlllwater nil IV
Patrons in (Iaivsoii.
There will be a warm time in Dawson
City when "Swiftwater Bill" Gates
ceives his first consignment of 10,000
bottles of California chamnugne.
The doors of his new "Palace of Amuse
ment for Gents and Ladies" will swim
with real old fizz, and the size of the
average head on the Klondike will aj>
prnximate Andree's balloon.
For months, "Swiftwater" has figured
it, the Yukoners have been yearning for
a gentleman's drink. "Forty rod" of
the most ferocious brand lias been the
nearest approach to it so far, and, as is
well known, "forty rod" is not a drink
for a ladylike gent in the new diggings.
After the river opens lip this year
"forty rod" will not lx* in it. "Swift
water's" first cargo of sparkle will have
reached Dawson then, and the festvities
will lx due.
F. B. Mulgrew, traffic manager of the
Alaska Transportation Company, made
the deal for the champagne with the
Klondike!'early last week and his breath
was taken by the lightning rapiitity of
Gates's arrangements.
Mulgrew called on him the dav before
he left for the 1101th to see about sliip
ping some goods, provided a market
might Jx found in Alaska for them.
Mulgrew had already agreed to send
a0 inc light wines to St. Michael to parties
holding a Government license there, and 1
h,,. sought ought "Swiftwater" to trv to
st .|| him a stock of wines for Ins Dawson |
resort, which is to furnish the river city ,
"Barbary Coast" pleasuers within a few
"I've got some good California cham
l T,?,■
"Ten thousand bottles, ''replied Mul- j
with thoughts of staggering his
ijuestioner. |
"Make it a hundred thousand and I'll
'sign mid paydown," was the cool re
This was Bill's idea of quick business
j, e wtl s difaap])ointi*d wlu»n inforineil
,ll:a il w,ml,Jil H'"« si b!eio lill so vast
an i'rder. So tlie paper was drawn up
i"", 1 , ! ^' lt ,Vr'L£ \ 1 'l
l 1 '" I 1 ""' S' 1 ' "I 1 "" i 1 "'
"'"f: „ •, ... t . , ,,,
allt ' tl| „ (lt j sumilvand be sure of ,t. I
^ '^Viw'i^v "u.'u'l
g mxl J '
toll yon the follert- have got little
>«» tor me if r get there living light I
J 1 ]! t< ',, ■'d
-i,.i„injnrne will lie'liere sn„n •o„i 'hS!,,/'!
k ,' ( , m 1 n ||, to g„ round.'" '
The transaction involved over $100 0(M)
|, nd a Idle the lawyers were preparin''
f,'" 1 cun t la et ft i 11 kont . m i n-ist! n- 11 irU
he would lx "short' 1 with less than UK)
'"Vlxn'he had fi..-.llv affixed his name
t | iat mstdc ink blots on adjacent things,
he said: "That means #100,01)1) for me
d fhe eternal gratitude of every
, ,, ® i,.„ ,n„ i „ ,
1 k
" n , ' ... „ ,
Life s dull unmigli at the best in that
countrv, and it would be a-shame if
tlle bo -' s ™n't get a gentleman's drink
when they've got l he dust to pay for it.
11'"' g">"g ln s ''t tlx bull rolling in Daw
son and I'll bet a thousand ounces that
Mure the winter's in champagne will
,,K> ,ml - v ] *' yor W *''"1 1,1 '*«•• j
"''''lawson's going to be the greatest!
""">"8 e ainp ill the world and there s
in ,
mv l'alacc <*i Amuseincnls and Ladies i
and (ientlena'ii's IMacc of Rest. It's to I
lj f * l ! t ' grandest place that ever a leg was !
.daxO" or a gentleman bought wme for
" 1 '7 X w l, , BriW f 1 :ll " es ' "/ Niipu, is "lie n!;
l ' 1 " 1 '"'"l 7 "r ' gS lT " !
bl> r !."' 'V K vl, ' 1 ''e houghl more
l|MI " . K ' hn - 1 , - 1 '
'mall erwk'full "' ''
"' llUU 11 1 i
—" I
^lattsiiew Kelating to Cttsmiliies |
. ompmn oy ■<. ...
I'ou-e. j
L. G. Funse, president of tlx Fidelity
Mutual Life Association of Philadelphia, i
who was for some time Consulting Artu
arv for the Army Oftieers' Association of
the United Stales War Department,made '
an investigation of war casualties and j
mortality from the records of that do
partment. beginning with IS07 and end
nig with 1K93, which are of general value i
to life underwriters.
ills figures showed that, at the time of:
the civil war, the population of the
United States was 31,433.000 and the j
number of insured only (10,000, repre-,,
sentiug some !filSt>,lXK), (Kit) insurance, so
that less than oue-liftieth of the popnla
lion carried at that time life insurance, I
while the average amount of insurance
txr capita of the whole population was!
loss than Sd The Union and Confcdcr
ate armies, lie says, aggregated 4, (XX),OIK) \
men. Among' this number . Iv
about three-quarters of I percent, was
Today, according to Mr. Funse, the
insured population of the United States
is apjirrxiinutely one-Hixth of the whole, |
including all classes of companies, while 1
the average amount insured per capita is j
r„ r wlio atJavtdlablc Stilltary 'T !
vice, and fully one-half of that nt.mlx.-r
carry life insurance.
During the civil war tI k* percentage of |
deaths in the Cnion Army for the four
years amounted to 15.4 per cent., while,
m civil life it was 3.4 per ce..^. '
In regard to the effect of the changed
conditions upon the attitude of life |
underwriters at the present time, Presi
dent Fm.sc'says: "A life insuratice e„in
puny shnnld bonne nf two tilings: it !
shnnld either add a stun to its premiums!
at all times sufficient to over war litut-'
ards, which would require an addition of
about $1 per thottsand yearly, and whicli 1
should constitute a war 'fund, or it i
should incorporate in its policies a safety j
jitSK, 0,1 SSAiS; :
to those who engage in active service in 1
ease of war."
The largest and finest stock in Wilmington, both new
and little used.
UPRIGHTS $ico, 120, #140, #160, $175, $200, &c.
Easy terms, $5. $6, #7, $S and $10 per month.
ORGANS $15, #25, $35, $50, $60 and $70.
50 Pianos to Rent.
■ V
A complete assortment in stock, also a large list of
Made by the Elgin Watch Co. The finest
wheels extant.
820=22 Market St.
they want Cost what it may
• , r • , , '
High-priced medicines have had
their day and the poor and af
flicted may HOW enjoy the bene
fits of carefully nreoared mire
j- . ' )■ R ,
remedies at practically liOUlllial
prices. The physicians con-!
nected With Louisiana Specific!
Laboratory have prepared a mini
offered to the public attlie lowest
prices convenient with pure
Sta r n i lal ' d . CUre * C ' Mm f
be b «gl't of druggists- By send
"'g VOID orders direct to the
Louisiana Specific Laboratory,
^ake Charles, Louisiana, you
are sure to receive pure, fresh
drugs properly compounded and
rarpfnllv rvirkpfl
, * J • c ,, •
1,1 ordering tile following
Standard cures please give the
£ onTstim'i^witi
fill ITT) fr.TTPlf T1TU1TNITP
1AJVD A Uljlfl 111 1111111
r Diseases of the heart.
6 Hoarseness from Colds,
s R | leu , nRtis]u
__ ,
9 Catar.h, Cold .11 the head
3 Coughs,Colds,Bronchitis. 12c
4 Dyspepsia, Heartburn,
Stomach Pains.
Name of Cure.
i Headaches
2 Fevers, Congestion, Inflam
singing, speaking.
7 Constipation, chronic, or
or Rheu
matic Pain.
I 5 t
to Col.'ci
q i i) e l,;i; tv
v r
12 Nerve Diseases, requiring
J Ollics and Stimulants. iSc
13 Worms, fever caused by
J '
'4 Neuralgia, Neuralgic
.J. r
15 Malaria.
16 Diarrhoea—Dvsenlerv.
..A it. 11
17 1 aIe complaints (fully
State votir case). j
,g Male complaints (fully state
e^°r 1 iii ■ '
19 Scrofula, Blotches Or I'llll
Kidnev Diseases
" !U JJiocasch.
21 Sore or Weak Kyes.
^2 Dropsy. 16c
nicioitoJ m- gn™ 'l'l,-«.t
z 3 Ul cerate (to raore 1 liroat. I2C
24 I lies,. Lima, Bleeding or
Prouti BJVV-IIse this oiiri
' . ' ,wul
call ill a doctor instantly.
26 Gonorrhoea,
-7 xACzeilia.
28 Tonsilitis.
2 q La Grippe, Influenza. m c
' ,, »•* , . /
3° ,la > level. ipe
miT/p IHTTP1I TIT 'fllTlir
I A K H I H Kill IN tlllUIr
llillU J llLtlll III tillUli
a HHresc oil nrflera ond
AnnrcSS au orclers jntl COllinumi
nations to the
l b r e e-d a y
2 Sc
fi„« ^ •
r< -* lie( >> *°T RiieuinatlSlii in
all its form tf . Neuralgia, Group,
Sore Throat, Tootliaee Mend
I* ,. e ; also reitl9ve (>oitre,
(thick neck. Every bottle
guaranteed or money 'refunded
t\„„ _•> ,
Bcsponstble, energetic agents
wanted in every county and
state in tlie United States Ad
Magnetic Uni.
nient Company, Oleail, N. Y.
U. S. A*
Lake Charles. Louisiana.
Latest, cleanest, most eflfec
T ,
The only religious pastry
p . , .
^ ei 7 ingredient is named p
tile Bible,
. .
tious for mixing are found i
e 'eiywliere should be illte
iu t,lis "aivdous recipt
th, ve rscs Biblc
, , ,
g^en, the symbols are abso
Even the dire<
the word of God.
lately correct. Holy cake
1 a delicious pastry that shoul
be served in every Christia
family and at ever3' relio-iou
Verily is it take!
from the Book of God. ,•
printed copy costs a dimj
The Religijms H.j
change, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
15 ^ 05 J 5 N HI^ OTt, Ji
1 Kj U I v yj
»* illOJi J
ane 1 1 /% j .
nl\L I (Jy H V |C | I
Have „ a 1
W&JZ™ brotl Jf r "hoitalav]
or Tobacco? ^
to have
For Ten Cents of nay kii
Hi '
in cm
we will Demi y m
The Florist's S$cre
Yon will never have
ft fftilurej with
plants if you follow the one i
reotiou we send you for Te
t mplo di.
Cants i
Do you want your plants t grow. J
Send a Dime. I
Flower pho
•dH Mnouch Strit,
. -p
We will send you one mor P
ment securely and olninlv
r °>* ten dollars H
cure anv ease fit,. , W '
nr • ? Me of habitual drt
I at 6 poisoning. The
ca " administered with th,
s t
!My i
the quakei
I 1 tenth
U" J M ''

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