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L. 1. NO. 182.
ssed by Congress Yesterday
Afternoon and Promptly
Signed by the Presi
dent Last Night.
Text of the Message Pre
sented to the House.
esigndtion of Secretary of State John Sherman Takes
Effect Immediately and Judge Day Appointed to
the Vacancy—Rich Prizes Captured by
the United States Gunboat Wil
mington and Other Amer
ican Cnrsers.
It I'orrcspi ndonce to Tit u Si x.
uses of Congress today, in accord
Mil the recommendation of the
■esident in the message trails Knitted
lay, unanimously passed a declara
nt that war has existed lietwcen the
ilted States and Spain since April
he hill was signed by the President
light al If.lSo'clock. only Secretory
ter Dclng present.
Rieoilore Roosevelt I lie Assistant
tetory of the Navy, has tendered
resignation lo take the position of
plenum Colonel of a regiment of
reernilcil in tlie
;li riders, to lie
ky Mountain region,
ling wilder tlie proclamation of
President, the Secretory ol - War
implied tlie governors of states
territories the number of troops
furnish under I lie call.
I w as l
[dor the allotment Delaware is lo
• regiment oCinfantry.
lisli i
le place of inobillzulion is Wll
gton, where tlie
camp to drill anil become tongli
•ecrults will go
force of regular troops w ill prob
y land in Culm within a week,
he number and tlie place ol land
>• are mil disclosed.
trial tu Tin: Hex.
WASHINGTON, April 25. — Tlie
use of Representatives today took
it one minute uiitl forty seconds to
formal declaration of war.
was great enthusiasm. Not a
cast in opposition,
t lie declarat Ion
s a
gle vote was
; Pillowing is
(bill declaring that war exists Im
tlir United Stales of America
h tlie Kingdom of Spain.
|e It enacted, etc.
first—That war tie and the same is
[eby declared to exist ami that war
I existed since the 2tst day of
lil, A. D, I HUH, including said (lay,
the United Slates of America
Ihn Kingdom of Hpuin.
1)11(1—'That the President of the
(I States lx- amt lie hereby Is
led and empowered lo use the
I land and naval forces of the
■ States ami lo call Into the
[service of the United Slates tlie
[of tlie several States, lo such
I os may lie necessary to carry
pt into effect.
jr n short detail llit' Senate Coin
Foreign llrlul Ions agreed to
ft the War hill as passed hv the
(view of the meaMtres so taken, and
a view to tlie adoption of such other
tires as may be necessary to enable
j carry out the expressed wiil of the
ress (if the United .States in the
ises, I now recommend to vottr
rablc body the adoption of a joint
ition declaring that a state of war
I between the United States of
lea and the Kingdom of Spain, and
I speedy action thereon, to the end
kc definition of tlie international
[of the United States as a belliger
Brer may be made known, and the
Blurs Morgan and Turpie agreed
I report of tlie House war dec
ion. hut they reserved tlie right
lend in tlie Senate. They tvanl u
tuition of the hllligerent rights
r ('ulmns.
The President's Message.
Wasiuxotox, April 25.— The President
today sent to Congress the pillowing
message, recommending a declaration ol
war against Spain:
To tlie Senate and IJouse of Represent
atives of tlie United States of America:
I transmit to the Congress for its coil
^TwilfhTte Imbed states AlVnister
at^Iadridfandi^hroitglf tlaflutter,"wiUi
the government of Spain, showing the
Hr,2;; Sff.rsr
forces from Chiba aim Cuban waters, and I
■ • it • i . .. a. . , i
uireectmg the President of the Lnitd
States to use the land and naval forces of
the United States to carry these resolu
,, ... • . ,, •
turns into effect. I
l pon communication to the Spanish i
Minister in Washington the demand)
which it became tlie duty of tlie execu -\
tive to address to the government of;
Spam in obedience to said resolution, the I
Minister asked for his passports and;
withdrew. The l nited states Minister
at Madrid was in turn notified by tlie
Spanish Munster for Foreign Affairs that!
the withdraw! of the Spanish represent!}-1
tive from tlie United States had termi
bated diplomatic relations between tlie
two countries, and that all official com
municatinns between their respective
representatives, ceased therewith.
Tlie position of Spain being thus made
known, and tlie demands of tlie United
States being denied, with a ^Complete
rupture of intercourse by tlie act of Spain,
I have been constrained in exercise of the
power and authority conferred upon me
by tlie joint resolution aforesaid, to pro
claim under dale of April 22, 1898, a
blockade of certain ports of tlie north
coast of Cuba, lying between Cardenas
and Bahia Honda, and of the port of
Cienfuegos, on tlie south coast ot Cuba;
and further, in exercise of my consti
tutional powers and using the authority
conferred upon me by tlie act of Congress
approved April
clamation datei
1898, to issue iny pro
„..,i •)•• |S9S, calling
carry into
f April 20,
clamation dated April
for volunteers in order ft
effect the said resolution
1898. Copies of these resolutions are
hereto appended.
I commend to your especial attention
the note addressed'to the United States j
me note uuuivsseu to tne i niteu mates : t
Minister at Madrid by the Spanish
Minister for Foreign Affairs on the 21st I
instant, whereby the foregoing notilica
tion was conveyed. It will be perceived
therefrom that the government of Spain,
having cognizance of the joint resolution
of tlie United States Congress, and in
view of the things which the President
is thereby required and authorized to do,
respondu by treating the reasonable da
mauds of tlie government as measures of
hostility, following with that instant and
complete severance of relations by its nc
tion, which by the usage of nations ac
companies an existent state of war be
tween sovereign powers.
assertion of all its rights and tlie main-;
tenance of all its duties in the conduct of
a public war may lie assured.
Wiu.iasi McKixi.kv.
Executive Mansion, Washington, April
25, WHS. is
In the House the President's message
was ordered printed and referred to the
Committee on Foreign Affairs by the
Sn«ni«h Plmr On Its IVav
1 ■ w
Washington, April 26.—It is said mi
officially that the Navy Department lias
received news that a Spanish fleet is on
its way toward the North Atlantic coast,
The fleet is reported to be led by the bat
tleship Pelayo, one of the most power
ful of Spain's war vessels. Then there
are four torpedo destroyers, three tor
pedo boats and two cruisers.
Sliernmn I let ires
Wasiuxotox, April 25.—Another resig
nation from the Cabinet occurred today,
when the venerable Secretary of State,
John Sherman, handed his resignation
of the
speciaf meeting of the Cabinet called to
gether at 10 o'clock. This resignation
will take effect at as early a day as may
be convenient to the President. When
it takes effect Mr. Sherman retires from
public life, after a service of over forty
years, embracing the House of Repre
sentatives, t he United States Senate, the
Secretaryship of the Treasury and th$
Secretaryship of State. The reason for
the resignation is the condition of the
Secretary's health, which is now im
paired as the result of years of devotion
to tlie public service and the arduous
labors of a lifetime, added to age, the
venerable Secretary being now within a
few days of 75 years of age.
iershin to the President at a
Judge Hay arrived
Asiatic Squadron is ltendv.
April 24.-The Asiatic
squadron will sail earlv tomorrow with
f.,i| All nreniimtions to Mint end
have U-e.'i perfeVted by Commodore
fleet will sail direct for Manila and will
Judge Day Will Accept.
Canton, April 25.—
from Washington today, lie will accept
the position of Secretary of State if nom
inated by tlie President and confirmed
by tlie Senate.
It is known here that Judge Day made
a great business sacrifice when lie ac
cepted the place of Assistant Secretary of
State. He lias not felt that he could' af
ford to take a Cabinet portfolio, but uu
dei present circumstances, however, it i
not. believed that he feels that lie ought
to decline.
Two ( apt ii red Schooners.
—Tlie gunboat
Algonquin arrived last night .with two
prize schooners in tow. They were both
train Sagua la Grande and hound to Ha
vanc. The Sofia, one of the schooners, lias
a huge cargo of sugar on board. The Can
dita. the other, a cargo of charcoal.
The Wilmington captured tlie former,
l'he Dupont took tlie latter.
Kkv Wkst, April
" r
ditreffi" oints'lms receivJti
0o,n -
- pi la „i „
I /,***. M
, i c onsrn >' i Mains from .Manila,
... . ..
ti ght the batteries to the westward ot
I Morro Castle fired mildly at the block
i ading smmdron at a range of six miles.
The report of the guns could be heard
-\ on board the New York,
At 7 o'clock this morning the Detroit
I gave chase to a large merchant steamer
that was live miles to the northwest
promptly invest it.
Some of tlie vessels will lie detached
and wiil steam south to Ilo-Ila, 200 miles
distant, on the island of Panay.
An engagement is considered certain.
It is expected that it will take place
within the next ten davs.
During last
The vessel steamed tip furiously and
m ade a desperate effort to escape; she
was overhauled by tlie cruiser in an
hour, when, coming within range, tlie
Detriot sent a five-inch shot across her
Tlie New York was then coming tip
fast astern. She mistook tlie Detroit for
another stranger in mist of early morn
i„ g a »d banged a couple of shots in front
0 flier.
The' captured vessel was a handsome
two-masted schooner, tlie Catalina,
hound from New Orleans to Havana
w ith n general cargo, which, witli the
vessel, is worth $(XX),000. A prizo crew
from the Detroit was put on board and
orders were given from tlie flagship for
her to proceed to Key West at once.
This is the richest prize yet captured by
tlie squadron.
As these despatches go ashore all is
quiet at sea and tlie night passed without
mishap of any kind.
j to be felt, sailed around Scotland in order
escape Spanish warships on the look
ts in all proba
The Paris Safe.
(it.xsoow, April 25.—It is reported here
that the American Line steamship Paris,
for whose safety some anxiety was said
: t
to escape rqianisn warsri
I out for her, and that slip
bilitv safe,
Must I,onic English Ports. 1
London, April 25.—The officials of the
British Foreign Office expect that the
London "Gazette," tlie official organ of
the government, will publish tomorrow
evening a formal notice that tlie war
ships of the belligerents, Spain and the
United States, must leave British ports
w'ithin twenty-four hours.
The document, it is added, is long and are
complicated. It contains clauses cover- as
,n g the case of vessels which are unable war
to leave in the stipulated time owing to j
Tlie authorities of tlie British ports man
have already been notified that tlie order! leer
is about to be published. I
Possible Intervention tlml
' j
London, April 25.—The Berlin corret- \
pondent of tlie "Standard" says he
learns that Great Britian and Germany | G
w j|| not join in anv Intervention in!
Spain's behalf. Such action may lie 1 ll
taken by Austria and France, and prab-; New
ably Italv. soon after the first collision,
even if it is quite indecisive. I
Everything Arranged for the
National Guard of Delaware.
Closing Scenes al tlie Armory
Prior to the Departure of the Sol
diers for the Encampment at
Middletown. s
The armory building was a scene of
activity last evening.
Final preparations were being made
by Adjutant General Hart, Lieutenant
Chaytor and the other officers, for the
trip to Middletown this morning.
Twenty of tlie National Guards left
at Midnight for Middletown to unload
the tents and other material that had
gone ahead; also to make what arrange
ments are possible to receive the troops
on their arrival this morning.
Dr. J. L. France w ill go as surgeon of
the camp with tlie rank of major.
Dr. France succeeds Dr, Lukens, who
resigned some time back.
A continual string of the troops were
in evidence all through the evening
bringing in their grips and baggage.
Quite a number of ladies were on tlie
outside awaiting some sweetheart or
husband and it was a common occurence
to hear a sob amongst them.
The feeling amongst all the boys seems
to be one of determination and that they
will endeavor to make a good name for
themselves if they are called to the
Several squads of "raw recruits" were
on tlie .floor tlie entire evening going
through the drill. Some learn very easily
while others find difficulty in keeping
step andplacing the gun on tlie proper
Tlie troops leave at 8,13 this morning
for Middletown where they will gofer
practice in field duty for at least two
weeks. A good many of the boys look
«PO n the trip as an outn.g bufXbey wt"
ln r ( , plent) of work.
It is the intention of the officers to en
force * trict tliHcipline daring the whole
There will be about 700 men in camp.
In tlie event of the boys being called to
the front, Delaware's
volunteers is 341; the ot
will be allowed to go if they so desire.
Tlie camp will be known as "Camp
Ebe W. Tnnnell."
Tlie Wilmington companies will march
to the Philadelphia, Wilmington A Balti
more railroad station in time for the X. 13
o'clock train. The line wili be headed
by Tol. W
Lieut. John
James L. France, surgeon; Capt. Robert
Bonington, judge-advocate and Lieut. H.
V. I). Bootes, quartermaster, all on
horseback. Tlie staff w ill be follow ed by
the First Regiment Band which offeree!
its services for the privilege of escorting
the militia to the station. Next will
come the Uegiinvutal Fife and Drum
At the head of the battalion wiil be
Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M. .Steven
son and bis adjutant, Lieutenant Harry
Colton, mounted. Tlie order of the com
panies w ill be C, A, K and F in ac
cordance with tlie seniority of their cap
The detail for guard duty is ns follows:
Officer of the Day, Captain E. E.
Rogers, Co. II.
Officer ot the Guard, First Lieutenant
C. SI. Dillon, Co. K.
A, 3 men, 1 sergeant; Co. If, 3
men; Co. C, 3 men, 1 corporal; Co. E, 3
men; Co. F, 3 men; Co. G, 3 men; Co.
H, 3 men; Co. I, 3 men, 1 corporal; Co.
K, 3 men, I corporal, two musicians.
The steamer Republic, which recently
left winter quarters at tlie wharves of
tlie Harlan A Hollingsworth Co., is to
run on tlie regular Cape May route this
summer, and will not go into tlie govern
ment service, as had been anticipated.
\V. W. Ward, Sr., and William dow
ser, local ship carpenters have been
ordered bv the government to go to Kev
ion for
ihers of
ickershnm, accompanied by
M. Dunn, adjutant; Major
The flag lias not been flying from the
staff at the Shields Library Building
West Sixth street because of a broken
ptilly at tlie top ol tlie pole, Tlie pole is
to be taken down in order that re
pairs may be made.
The Order of United American .Me
chanicc will keep the flag flying over its
hail in this city until the war w ith Spain
is over.
Tlie a
pprentice boys in the machine
saops or the Harlan A Hollingsworth
Company have a large flag strewn across
several windows in the front of the shops
which front on the railway tracks.
One carload of marines passed through
this city yesterday morning in a car at
tached to the Atlantic Coast Line ex
press bound for the navy yard at Brook
lyn. The men were in good trim and
anxious to he placed in active service.
The alacrity and willingness to serve
Uncle Sam in tlie war w ith Spain L not
confined exclusively to the militia, but
are to be found in tlie Police Department
as well. Ever since the first elation of
war was heard desire to serve the United
States in war lias been the sole t ipic
among the peacegimrdians.There is not a
man on the force who would not volun
leer to march to the front. During the
intervals when police matters are dor
intuit, war talk is on, and the interest
tlml the officers display in the conflict is
proof of their willingness and patriotic
to do battle with the dons,
Feelings were so aroused this morning
G |nt a proposition may be laid before the
commission asking tor the same privi
ll 'ges accorded by tlie commissions of
New York and Camden, N. J., to the
police should they go to war. Captain
Chambers, though his age would bar
Police Would Go.
him from enlisting, is willing to go to
the front, and so is Sergeant of IVliee
Captain of Police Kane, it is said, is
seeking a commission as an officer in a
volunteer regiment. Captain Kane would
make a splendid officer, lie is the best
trained man on the force,and his general
knowledge of men and things, beside
having gained a suitable know ledge of
military tactics, would make him a leader
among the volunteer officers. Should the
Police Commission agree to allow all
policemen to enlist with the understand
ing that their positions will be retained
for them, many will go.
Bids Opened For the Two Story
Addition to No. 17 School—"Long
I.lve America.
The Board of Public Education held
their regular meeting last evening and
opened the bids for tlie addition to No.
17 school and for flagging around the
High School.
Tlie report of tlie treasurer ivas read as
Expenses for 1897.
■Five per cent, increase for
Amount Received from
Council for new buildings 20 000 00
Estimates received from
State fund.
$140 026 21
7 031 30
15 000 00
$182 657 31
125 000 00
9 000 00
(i 500 00
9 (XX) 00
4 775 81
6 381 50
20 (XX) 00
2 000 00
For salaries.
Books and stationary.
Free Library.
New Buildings.
Manual Training Supplies.
$182 657 31
A motion for a flag anil pole for No. 23
school and that tlie janitor receive an in
crease in wages of $25 per year begin
ning Marcli Inst, was carried.
It was proposed that ull schools be no
tified to raise their Hags every day in tlie
year until otherwise ordered.
Tlie bids were opened for tlie two
stsry addition to No. 17 school and read,
and tlie mutter referred to the building
committee with power to act.
The bids were as follows: William J.
Brown, $3,199; P. Chandler, $3,489; A.
S. Reed A Brother Co., $3,390; A. Eck
man, $3,207; W. C. Guthrie, $3,340;
Hubert Cassidv A Brother, $3,493; Wil
liam H. Fouik A Son, $3,137; B. F.
Shakespeare, $3,873; S. E. Tarbutton,
$3JV47jJilackwell A Johnson, $3,249.
Hie bids for the resetting of the
Hugging in cement and relaying of the
pavement around the High School were
Francis Poyt, $35; James C. Adams, $51,
and A. S. Reed A Brother Company,
$36.99. This was also handed to tne
building committee witli power to'act.
A communication from Daniel Ross,
of the G. A. R., asking the board to par
ticipate in tlie parade on Decoration Day,
was referred.
When tlie bell of tlie Town Hall
sounded at 8.15 announcing that'Presi
dent McKinley had signed the declara
tion of war, Dr. Shortlidge asked where
"Coxey's" army was, and tlie President
of the Board arose and said: ' Long live
"Tlie Farmers' Bank at George
town is holding worthless paper
today given for cash that was
paid out for Democratic votes
during the last ten years."—
Jerome B. Bell, in the Sunday
Pliariiiaccut teal Meet ing.
The Delaware State Pharmaceutical
Society will hold its annual meeting at
Smyrna on May 5. The program for tiie
occasion embraces an address of welcome
by N. F. Wilds, of Smyrna; an address
on "The Progress of' Pharmacy," by
Professor Culbreth, of Baltimore; car
riage drives through the park, and an
elaborate feast at the Delaware House.
Wilmington druggists will be represen
ted by John M. Harvey, H. K. Watson,
.1. J. Gallagher, N.. B. Danforth, H. R.
Bringhurst, F. W. Fenn, Owen ('. Spear,
J. II. Spriiance, Dr. H. R. Sputance,
Garrett S. Smith, Clifford Mediation, /.
James Belt, W. T. l'oo'e, W. C. Taylor,
E. Hoffman, T, B. Cartniell, Joseph P.
From New Castle—J. T. Challenger.
Newark—Dr. ,1. B. Butler. E. Frazer.
Delaware City—W. A. Jester.
Smyrna—Dr. . J. W. Clifton, W. F.
Dure, Clarence Raymond, J. I'. Hof
Dover—'inward IWilkinson, ('. D.
Sypherd, E. Clark.
Milford—J. Y. Foil Ike, Dr. Marshall,
T. F. Hammerlv, Cecil Mnlliken.
Seaford—H. L. Wallace, F. A. Shif
St. Georges—E. F. Sutton.
Pennsylvania society will be repre
sented by t wo delegate 0 .
E. Furies.
In the Kpipyartls.
The three-masted schooner Sarah E.
Ward, of Savannah, tin., has arrived at
lie Jackson & Sharp Company with a
cargo of yellow pine boards.
The large ship Glarnig, from Glasgow,
Scotland, yesterday morning arrived at
the wharves of tlie Harlan & Hollings
worth Company. Later she was placed
in the dry dock and will bo scraped and
Work on the ferry steamer Sylvan
Glen which is being overhauled at the
yards of the Pusey & Jones Company
progressing favorably.
Tlie trial trip of the Niagara w ill take
place next Friday. >
Transfer tug, No. 12, living built by the
Pusey J: Jones Company Tor the New
York, New Haven and Hartford railroad
is rapidly nearin
boilers luive been p
work of fitting up yet remains.
Stenographer Hardesty and William
Lynam went to Dover yesterday for the
purpose of attending Court which opened
g completion. Tlie
iluced in position and
to I
Thomas S. Clark Held by the
Grand Jury for Aiding
William N. Boggs.
What They Knew of the Looted
Dover Bank.
Tlie Grand Jury Discharged Until
May 10, in Order to Allow United
States District Attorney | Lewis
C. Vandegrift to Push the
Cases of the Persons
is S. Clark, real estate agent of
as yesterday afternoon indicted
by tin-grand jurors of the United States
District Court for complicity in tlie loot
ing of the First National Ba'nk of Dover.
Mr. Clark is charged with tlie viola
tion of sections 5209 and 5440 of the
United States revised statutes, the
as William N. Boggs and Col. E. T.
The charge against Mr. Clark is that
of knowingly and unlawfully and fraud
ulently aiding and abetting'William N.
Boggs in securing $4500 from said bank,
for his (Clark's) personal benefit.
The checks honored by Mr. Boggs for
Clark are placed in tlie indictment
follows: October 17, 1893, $300; October
31,1893, $175; November 18th, 1893, $95;
December 12th, 1893, $197.15; June 23rd.
1894, $140; July 0th, 1894, $50; February
12th, 180(5. $50; May lltli, 1890, $250;
May 19th, 1890, $2."i0;. November 13th,
1896, $.50.
Immediately after the presentment had
been made to tlie court, United States
District Attorney Lewis C. Vandegrift,
arose and asked that tlie court discharge
the jurors until May 10th.
Asa reason for this Mr. Vandegrift
stated that, he would be unable to attend
to any of tlie other Boggs cases until tlie
three now in hand were disposed of.
Judge Bradford looked at the matter
in the same light and discharged tlie
jury as requested.
As was intimated in Tire Si x of Sun
day last, Ernest H. Ball, assignee, and
John Nugent, bookkeeper for tlie firm of
E. B. Cuthbert A Co., of 30 Broad street,
New Yo-k, appeared.
They were in tlie Grand Jury rom for
only a short time and it is understood
that these two missing witnesses will
again be present when the jurors rec< n->
venc on May 10th.
It is not known whether the name of
United States Senator Richard Rollins
Kenney was mentioned bv these two
gentlemen, lint tlie supposition is that it
was, but to what extent could not be
The witnesses in tlie case of Mr. Clark
were T. E. Ross, Hugh Dunlap, Edward
D. Page, Harry A. Richardson. J. H.
Bateman, Irving Boggs, Ezekiel Cooper,
R. R. Kenney and Ernest II. Ball.
Immediately after the retirement of
tlie grand jurors, Levi C. Bird, on behalf
of the counsel for Ezekiel T. Cooper, an
nounced that he would not make a
motion to quash the ( ooper indictment
or Hie a demurrer, but that his client
would be ready to go to trial next Thurs
day morning on tlie plea of not guilty.
A Quint Week.
The Levy Court will be in session
every day this week in accordance with
a law passed bv the General Assembly.
The purpose ot the sitting is to receive
appeals from tlie Adams tax assessment
and make changes as to tlie capitation
In view of the fact that tlie Adams tax
assessment is unknown so far as tlie
general public is concerned, theamendid
act not vet being a law, it looks as if the
court will have nothing to do with re
gard to it. As to the capitation tax, tlie
legislature has not filially acted, and
consequently it promises to be a quiet
week lor tlie court.
A Brutal Assault.
An altercation took place yesterday
morning at tlie Diamond State iron
Company, between Charles Cuff and
Alonzo Davis, colored. Both men were
engaged in shipping iron,when accident
ally Davis' leg became caught between a
car and a pile of iron. 11c blamed Cuff
for it, mid received a blow on the head.
Davis, witli tlie blood streaming from
his head, went to the office of Magistrate
Kelley, where lie swore out a warrant for
Cuff's arrest.
Star Spangle 1 Banner.
M - hen the news that tlie declaration of
war had been signed by President Mc
Kinley readied here last night Thomas
Heatlicote ascended to the roof of tlie
Water A-itch Fire Company's house and
played the "Star Spangled Banner" on
O er 590 jxr inns were pre
sent at the tune and they joined in sing
ing the glorious song amid cheers anti
waving of lmts.
his cornet.
Another Happy Man.
Hey. Flynn officiated at a very pretty
church wedding yesterday afternoon at
St. Patrick's Church.
The contracting
Clara M. Katz and
both of this city.
The groom is well known here, having
been in business for a niunb r of vears.
larties were Miss
orbert J. Casliell,
Mrs. John Concnnnon, who has been
visiting tier sister, Mrs. Samuel Taylor,
in this city, has returned to her home at
ICennett Square.

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