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VOL* 1. NO. 185.
Thousand Regulars
Invade the Island and Vol
unteers Remain Here.
In Twenty Minutes ^Heavy Fire
From New York, Puritan and
Cincinnati Silenced Them.
Special Dispatch toWBK Brs.
Madrid, April 28.—An official dispatch
from Manila, the capital of the Philip
pine Islands, received today says the
Spanish squadron, which lias taken up a
poosition several miles from Mania, is
still awaiting the arrival of the United
States squadron, tinder the' command of
Bear Admiral Dewev.
The governor's proclamation appeal
ing to the patriotism, honor and relig
ious prejudices of the Spaniards, and
otherwise inciting them to animosity
against the Americans is said to hate
bad a great effect upon the people, who
are alleg'd to be volunteering in large
numbers, eager "To repulse the enemy.
London—A special from Madrid this
afternoon says that a Spanish squadron,
consisting of nine warships sailed from
Manila on Monday last to take up po
sitions off Sugbig Bay. where they will
await tlie passage of American merchant
vessels for the purpose of capturing
t mi ^ ,
Wamiunutun, April 28.—The tSenate
military eoiiiiiiitiee today decided to re
poit a bill which will permit enlistment
t'f 10J-00 \ellow fever immunes.
The Treasury Department has ordered i
• tlie Safurnina, Spiinish. seized in Biloxi j
Harbor, to be released.
Under the President's proclamation
such vessels are allowed thirty days ini
which to leave port, hence the order of
ill Mil.
Subig Bav is north of Manila Bay and
a convenient waiting place.
Admiral Dewey's squadron which sailed
yesterday must
from Mir^bny, Clnini,
pass Sugbig buy and will undoubtedly see
the Spanish fleet and attack them there,
so that the first naval battle of the war j
may take place here.
' from any tource, on the
that the United States fleet has received
a check in the Philippine Islands.
as a rumor unconfirmed
B mrse today
Snt ui'nion Oi'ilered Released.
Haeo Sight,Ml, Temcrarlo Sails.
Ixkv West, April 28.— The missing
captured Spanish schooner Saco, with the
prize crew from the Terror has been
sighted. She had blown out of her
course. All on board are safe. Much re
lief is felt here.
Buenos A vum, April 28.— 'The Spanish
gunboat Temerario sailed yesterday
under stc et iiistriittions. It is possible
that thi Temerario has gone to join the
fleet that Admiral Dewey's vessels will
Hayti Will Recognize Treaty.
Pour Au Pitisru, April 28.—It is of
ficially announced that Hayti will ful
fill her treaty obligations to the United
States in regard to privateering, etc.,
during tlie war.
Giukai.taii. April 28.—Three Spanish
torpedo boats are cruising in this vicin
Will llfhlgn us Governor.
Atlanta, April 28.—Governor W. Y.
Atkinson today tendered President Mc
Kinley, through the Georgia delegation
.« its Congress, liis services us a volunteer.
The delegation will ask that lie be made
a .brigadier-general. If the appointment
is made, Governor Atkinson will resign
as Governor of Georgia.
Mot onion! s ol' Warships.
Sr. Johns. April 28.—The British
cruisers Cordelia ami .Pelican have been
ordered 1 1 New Konnluiid waters to meet
any| emergency Hull might arise if
Spanish warships visited this coast for
PaoviNiumiwx, April 28 —U. S Cruiser
Columbia anchored outside L ing Point
at 11.45 p. m.
MmicuvcrliiK tlie Troops.
Wasiiinoton, April 28.— Surgeon-Gen
eral Sternberg, of the army, lias received
applications fro in over twelve hundred
physicians, who have offered their ser
vices to the Government.
Ai.ijanv, April 28.—Adjutant General
Tillinghast announced at 5 o'clock this
afternoon that tlie regiments of the first;
second and fifth brigades would be
moved to Hempstead Camp early .Mon
day morning.
The second regiment of the fourth bri
gade will be moved to l'eekskill Satur
day night and the second regiment of the
third brigade lo the same place on Sun
' Regular Soldiers (,
Washixoto.v, April 2!).—Washington
and Chickaioagua park and one point
not yet made public have been selected
for the mobilization of the great army
that is being recruited.
It is not expected that the volunteer
troops will be needed in Cuba at all, but
they will be trained and held in readi
ness for use if needed.
to Cuba.

i- »t- ,
Ixkv West, April 28.—The Sp'an ish
... 4 tvliil.li tins cnniimul hu I
Km.;'«: i ^.cffias'KH^ y 1 ^'
pulling up u sharp fight,'.S fhe iiclies.
prize ho turol iln* war.
8he wan from Cummin, Spain, bound
for Havana, -and carried a' cargo of pro
visionsiiuitl a large amount ot money for
i Spanish sold ers. Eight of lie/ crew'
j were wounded by shots from the Amer
ican vessels, ami her pilot house was
almost shot away. '
America's Best Ouniicis Alloai.
Wasiiinotox, April 28.—Naval officers
here are gtwitly eluted over tlie result of
yesterday's bombaidmei.t at Matanzas.
h prores, they say, that we bave the
1 ' ' duty here
ssignment that will
with state "oD
•» enlistment of volnn
vaniatoiuo'rrow.^" '"'' k 111111 b
Portugal is exiKded to declare neu
tmlity tomorrow, tlms t'ordiig tbe Span
ish fleet from Cape Verde Islands.
The present intention is to send an ex
pedition of five or ten thousands men
seasoned regulars, to Cuba on the first
pedition which will start from Florida
a short time and establish a base of
supplies and a permit ••cut seat of govern
ment for Ihe Cuba Gov rnineuf.
ill l
j <l0,ll ' ial slmfl01 '- 1110
army. The cruiser .Minneapolis sailed |
from Eastpt.rt, Maine, t.liis afternoon
with sealed orders.
This expedition • will be under corn
Fialll Spuniartls Wounded.
best gunners afloat. These
arc clamoring for
take them in action.
The War 1 Xipartment , is
considerable friction
Wasiiinotox, April 28—A full report
o" tl, e boinbarilment of Matanzas lias :
already reached the Navy Department!
from Adnnrai Stimpsoii, showing that he
effectively performed the work expected I
of hum , , ,
So for a* can be learned with the pre
AdmZnl^Zn „HH l"*,? 1 ,
inOM-rin. , ,,
nent several days ago that lie learned
Maten^tirr.T, ,T .'r , M,f
Matanzas that the Spaniards there were
itnprovlging coast batteries, and lie asked |
P *T'p(m the^sMwmous rectuiniaMulaiion
of tile Sieategv Biiar'l ' Vl ' 're- eiit I
finally K av " ,e ,x'n isHio,V and or e s r
wre y rent t A?t, rt l '^Sa.'ms , n
before" st to shell the w irks'ti e " w th
iardsVere raising This he I, s ,-ffe ■ «
atfv done! has t ff, ctu
U While it is' intimated at the \„vv '.
0 uiu. w is uiiunutiu in t,lx -'am [
'n n
tiiw but the prevention of establishing
fortifications, there is excellent, ground
for belief that the lam pa division ufj
o.tKK) men is to follow the Bed l loss re-1
lief steamer State of Texas into Matanzas
within tlie next few days.
On this account, it was considered m-j
advisable to permit the Spaniards to put
"P.-V'e. 1 .?* a r£ ,encl Y , . , i to
1 he State of Texas ^is expected, accord
ItoaNon 3Iaian/.as Was llombanloil. |
Special toTiiKSi N.
ing to the present arrangements, to go to
Matanzas on Sunday.
General Wade, ' commanding the
Tampa division, is expected in Wash
ington to-day for final conference with
the authoriee regarding his landing of
troops in support of the Texas.
The idea iN not to have him conduct
any very extensive operations, hut
simply to hold Matanzas us the centre of
relief, and a base from which to assist
Gomez, and the other insurgent forces, j
with food and ammunition. •!
The Battle ofMalan/.as.
Kky West, April 28. - At noon vcS-;
terday, the New York atid Puritan and
the Spanish shore butteries at Matanzas
engaged in battle.
The New York, Puritan and Cincin
nati sailed into Matanzas bay yesterday
From the bridge of the New York
nothing was to be seen, the batteries
being tarefully masked. The stillness
was'unbroken until almost one o'clock,
when there was a puff of smoke from
Poiilt Maya, on the east, and an eight
inch shell splashed the water near the
New York.
Almost instantly the New York im
plied w ith a gun of the same calibre.
Then, for fifteen minutes the cannon
ading was almost incessant, the New
York bringing all Iter guns into play.
She drew in to within 11,000 yards of
thefoitson Point Bubal Cava, on the
west, while the Puritan deployed to the
east and engaged Point Maya with her
small, but ponderous battery.
It did not takeMong for the Yankee
gunners to locate the land batteries by
the smoke of their guns, and, as streaks
of newly turned earth showed where the
work Itad been recently done on them.
After the range-finding shuts Itad been 1
expended, the American fire began to do j
execution. Almost instantly from the
Hash from the gun a column of dirt and
mortar would rise from the low rampart
of the batteries as the 250 pound shells I
exploded. j
The batteries, whose lire with eight- j
inch explosive shells was at first spirited I
began lo lag as their guns were damaged I
or dismounted. Three a minute with the
precision and accuracy of a machine, the J
New York threw shells into Bubal •
of one explosion \
had barely fallen upon the doomed fort j
before another squirted upward. The j
punishment was terriffic, and the Span
iards apparently were prevented from |
the debris shower
getting tlie range of tlie warships. |
One shrapnel shot whistled over the ]
New York, but most of them fell short or ,
went wild. !
The I'uritaii was all the while shelling .
Point Maya with sullen persistency and -
| the Spaniards were tearing up the water i
around her; but not bitting her once.
nrouiiu iitfr; uiu nut mixing ner once. !
The Maya battery was more powerful
than Rubai Cava, but npthiiig could
withstand ihe. twelve inch guns as they
spoke twice m each revolution of the
l unlian s turrets. . ,
At this time the Cincinnati was seen
signalling for permission to come into i
Chip J mtd'X'^S i^te m c£ g
ramr' 1 'i ul'b azed twt w th tre nend ms I
ra nditv as i" to i "ke m for lost tie i c
T! e ai'iswe from shore wras Em ing
feebler^' n le-s fivqnen and fimdlv at !
[be end Iif uv tiiTv* minutes ' eea»etl 1
Vnother s ana H ttered on the New
vEaiultlm \ ,r' ie X alsobecaum '
-and tin J K ''
Bit M.iva tiiok one more chance, and ]
' sin s inrli wimm! wnitofiillv hut wild-1
■ an . mill slit l sped spituiiiix, DM wild
y, toward the Puritan, fbe, Puritan j (
tra.iie. u taelte-inch gun fght- below ,
the I alloon of ... which told where . s
I he shore shut came from The aim was
womlerfni; the shot apparently striking
theexa-t point sought. Up in the aft
Huy feet Hew tl i*t and debrn, and no
one yet kimwH anything of the gun and
her crew.
As tlie warships drew away ex -ept for
rents and scars where the batteries had
been, the landscape was as quiet-ns when
they steamed into the bav. No one was
in sight, but Bubal Gaya and Maya from
''•being formidable had been tendered
harmless. ' T ie dis:tp|ine on the New
' or a ami 1 untan was perfect. The gun
CI ' e '\ , L' V ;'' 1 ., ,.,,t 11>raC i . i'J 1
i-vnhV ' T ™''nn ,w'
r g ° b " X2,V There was no cl.ee .n-.
ri '>' proceeding was mott buss r
" The cmcusHion of the meat mins was
'•rtW'TfTv y , I
to rDe HMgl.'llv a each^hM ten i
would |
Zn\.» forl-indiii'rtnsls !!!,ilii,ro n„m !
fi.nnjdable tb uT mn^Ueis •mil 9 ij , 1.1 ;
| pints it lit, lean.cl.
| silent,
WasiiiMitox, April 28,-The great I
: slroke made by Admiral Sampson in de-'
stroying the battenes of Matanzas. j
Orders were today sent to him w.illi
I instructions to retain the advantage
gained in I be battle of yesterday, is to be
ma ntarned.
, llu ■» furthermore ordered to prevent
of guns and any other
work attempted outlie Matanzas forth

| Dlsposnl ot I lie Philippines.
t-'y April 2N.-Naval |
I "Ificers-belteve that the Spams , squad
r °" at " ,e 11,11 PP'" e "I' 11 '**11 an
P - ri ' y , , t,le A , merlcal ' 1 ,rel ' ! , "
th P r ? ,s a "'"''v much speculation as to !
« 18t ou 8'*'tok'done with the islands by
when captured by'the United Slates.
'. « lk '"8 thinks tl,at they ought et
[ 0 be sold for enough monev to pav the
•"< war, wluVother
Senators are certain that they will prove
valuable to a very large degreu.
With officials of the Administration, if
however, the moral effect of their cap
ture is given more weight than anything
It is believed that Spain, after losing
the Philippines, will be more disposed in
i to yield Cuba than before, and . thus
bring the war to a close.
Sj cciul I»Ts]mtch lo Thk Si n.
Admiral Sititipsoii.
Another Blot tin the Escutcheon
of State anti City By
the Militia.
Disgraced—Another blot on tliees
of cutcheon of the State of Delaware, and
another blot on the majority of the
proud and patriotic peoplefof the city of
Such in brief is the dishonor thrown
upon State and city by the action of the
officers and men of Company K, of the
National Guard of Delaware, when to a
man they returned to their homes in this
city yesterday afternoon front Camp Kbe
1 W. Tunnell at Middletown,
j At»4.5tJ o'clock yesterday afternoon
one hundred men wearing the uniform
of the militia i f the National Guard of
Delaware, alighted from a train at the
I p., \V. A B. railroad station,
j "They are ordered to the-front," was
j the first thought of the persons who wit
I nessed the scene, but sober second
I thought came when it was noticed that
the boys in blue were minus the rifles
J that they Itad carried when they left the
• city oh Tuesday morning.
j Not a word was spoken and as the
\ men silently fell into rank and took up
j their "silent" march towards the ar
j nioryat Twelfth and Orange streets, it was
surmised that some unfortunate accident I
| pad occurred at the camp. |
Amid the plaudits of hundreds of per- j
And Now Designated as Tin
Soldiers By Citizens.

You Can't Play hi Our Yard anti the
Poor Reason Assigned By a Wil
mington Company Returning
From Camp File W. Tunnel 1
Minus Arms.
| „,,,,. ni. ......uieua ui per-,
] sons the men marched up Market street !
, to Eleventh, to Orange and thence to tlie j
! armorv, and it was only after a half |
. hours 1 ' wait that the assembled multi
- tilde learned of tlie cause.
i When tiiis became known, however, i
..... .|
! the "boys" were not received with the 1
hearty cordiality that was expected and !
more than one curse was hurled at the j'
heads of the supposed "men'' who ardt
now designated as "Ini Soldiers."
, At an eaily yesterday morning the
mi.itia were mioriued that now was the !
i Hmt . to enlist under the United States j
g T mme,U ' f w , - ' , I
I LA.n.pany 1;, of Wilmington, under
i c P'"? Jlina C ' a > ,ta " 1 111 b !P"" a "'
" le lo , lw l , '! nd lu U,e , cal1 """ «''ery ,
! "'? 1 " lbe !' v >" tlie muster
1 10 tnchuling t-be officers.
t '" l '' l: ' ny A "ft* 111011 al >d 24
' i L t *i ,,,stL ' a 4 - V ,v11 '
'' :1 refused to sign a gqvernmeiil muster;
] lo ].... i.. .q ,
Gtliti tou^mn'et! upoi.od to a like i
CX [ e nt, but tin- cinnax was cupited wlien
j ( , |ptu ,' n ,, 1{lUall) of Cou.pany K,
, v f UWJ j tu enliHt lo go out of the United
. s , B
, us ' . ,
^hM^c^l] MeELVdi'
S^Uiu'oVMDmt^o' f 11
Lieutenant C*. W. Dillon,
The demand waJ ijeremptoiiIv denied i
by Colonel I. P. Wickershum, co'iiiiimnd-!
ing officer, ami Lieutenant Gordon, of!
the I'nitod Stales Annj. -
Wlieu the refusal was made the men |
would net enlist, and at a signal from
Colonel Wickershum they were relieved I
„f their arms and equipments and I
ordered to leave camp by 2 o'clock yes- \
terday afternoon. I
When the disgraced band, together i
with a number of Hie members of tlie J
Kcgimellta | R ift . anU |, nim Corps,
r e^ht-tl the armory they were meUDv!
Mai ' ,r < - :i " tis - '''•'' rllilill K "llit-er of the j
I '"lie,Tit Ids usual forcible man,icr,stated I
i ,hut llu ''' um ' il «'"* dishonor|
| ; liui ..
! alia "'e i-ity last evening
; ibei\* was luiiUly one iiciwon who
in eon, mci.tlaliou of me action ot Ihe I
Imen who it'is a,Itge.l have showed the j
i "white feather" and are now* eallttl,
i "till soldiers."
; William Hulk 11, a member of Co. A1
I said he went to Middletown to plav i
soldier, unit not r act and therefore I
j when it come time to act he came home, i
Another member of Co. A. said that
the boys tl'd not get enough to eat and
insteau of real armv tint v it was more i
like camp than a plav house. i
Adj,limit General'Hurt, when seen, !
-state.. Hmt he had Hist all heart in semi
inguivgi.it to tlie from, but Major L
j Curtis thought different and told Gen. |
Han. so and to prove It lie enlisted!
twelve men last night.
| When the men arrived tie.,. Hart kept j
ev." v man „ Heir company room and „
tukl tl.un. t was a d sgrace to the state j
! , " r . tlw 1 "; i 'f 1 1,1 , lMla a,ltl j
! .mleivif the,, o relim, .their rfn.forms J
by eigl, „ clock las evemiig I
art staled he had not as yet re- . .
et i.ved the exact number » ; t those *«■
turned and as soon as lie did he would
give them their disci,urge.
Lieut. (Jordan, l. s. A., said it put j •
him in mind of a strike in a lactory, und
if that is the kind nt bloixl we hud in
Delaware lie did not think much of it.
Major Curtis, who is recruiting officer,
thought it was a disgrace to the State to
have snob a set of chicken-hearted men
in tlie National Guards.
Williord Suulsbiiry, Esq., is authority
fort lie statement that Governor Tunnell
expressed disgust at the action of the
Frank Hoffecker, Esq., did not know
what to think of such conduct on the
part of men who were supposed to pro
tect their native State..
Col. A. L. Ainscow was also justly in
dignant and designated the men as
•'cowards" and "poltroons" and should
have not only have been drummed out of
camp, but tlie city as well.
Two of the colonel's men will enlist to
day, they being Harry llill and Claude
others are thinking of the same thing,
but if they do enlist Mr. Ainscow will
hold their positions open until they
In all classes and walks of life there
was only one topic last night and that
was of the cowardice displayed by men
who of their own tree will had enlisted
in the State militia and when the time
came for action'were "afraid" to face
the result.
Following is the personnel of Company
F. better known as the "Irish Brigade"
every one of. whom lias enlisted under
the goverment.
Captain, John F. Brennan; First Lieu
tenant, Simon P. Doherty: Second Lieu
tenant, Stephen Flynn; First Sergeant,
Patrick Brennan;' Sergeants, Micheal
Flynn, William Kerlin, Peter McLaugh
lin, James Brennan; Corporals. David
O'Brien. John Walsh, Charles G. Kelly,
Frank Chestnut, Philip J. Butler, John
J. Brown, William Farrager, Patrick
Privates—William Boyle, Edward
Boyle. Joseph Kerrigan, Joseph Can
ning, Richard Kovne, Michael Dinneen,
Patrick Galvin, Frank Lynch, Martin
Leonard, William Murphy
igle, James MeColgain, 1
,,,, . _ .. ... .
I 1 '. e r "ster of Company lx, which lias
| so dishonored the State and brought
j 5 V? nle ,r> 1 ie Clt - " ilmington, is as
I n e r O'NeiM *
Inn.es A Oninn 1W i> when.,
Itevhlo^Edward'Burke," Jam^Mnnfi
Theedo'ts Travers. AuKnst ds Steven
' " I M S ??.
Knit J ' ' u
iii'Im' m'V' V ' aid, LI wood
V?re y r'K B
' t^ r i'in nf'i'f j 'cii "finin' j
7. i . ,i t I , ', '-Cliofield, j q
Edward Tatnall, Nathan Baker, B. -I
Sweencv, Daniel MeColgain, Clarence K, 1
*«» .1...... i T... ix xf . . , . '
I.' M vll i' "i' m vi Ai 0 ! -' 8 , 1 ', ' Ul'iJ I
• ' ,<N ; bb ; ^ !
Berry, Georg - Marshman, " . B. Hat- j
field, Job . Homing l-, Jones Jere- j
* '
llairy A. " eldon.
, ..
| ...
Captain. L.E.Rutan; First Lieutenant,
M. Dillon; Second Lieutenant, L.
i Sergeants. W. IT. Emerson, W, F. Hall,
V nSnv C t n M?!S, '!
1 <7 V, V ™ i iv i A * i>
! V bcnr *', Charles Dickerson, . h.
j' ° 1 ", e - s ' , . i
ardt V lva 'r ' ; a "w f j V" lUdfi er'I ''c !
H se l 'ni rk I F II Chal' !
j b p !>' t, pw'ov G F I
! Vi- V F-imnolt lMV Grc. n !
j T (ini',. \ fiSrV 'mITd'
I B. I lolton. 1 H. D. Ingle, A. G. Jeffe,">f
W . -f, Jordan/C. B. Janes, W. J. Kirn, j,
< i. II. Leech, 11. F. D-wis, J. S. Lowe, i
, n. R Lvtle, F. McGovern, W. II. Mill- ■
r U . Mecbem, S. F. McMullen, F.
S. Porter, A. F. Pvle. 11.8. Perrv, B. !
Iv . Purrv, B. 1'ufabf, W. E. Butb. L. M.
' Saunder, II. Sharp, R. W. Smith. II.
Tazewell, F. Tibbct. C. Venables, N. M.
H U 1 H ' V 1
i s. \\ eller, H. M. Watson, James Coniv, j co
r r . fpn ( ,|;s (ieoree lefferis loaenli 1'
|Cm. k '
Um/o Ward lewis Green lames'
Alonzo aid, J a. vus Gwn, .mines .
Brown, Ezekiel Hall, Hczekiah Brown,
b' ilMam Xe,K,, V ^ *7*' *""* T ' 1 f
f 11 f„r the ofltceis.
William Worrell Shoots HlmscT in
| '
Imppy Life.
I William Worrell aged "S rears of No
I «I1 Washington street killed iiimse'f
\ yesterday afternoon, about 5.110 o'clock,
I by sending a bullet- in his brain, In the
i sleeping apartment of his home,
J The young man was half demented
and lived with his widowed mother at
the "hove rcsident'e. Deputy Coroner
j Chandler ... an inquest today.
I TilP FlimifM'S Bflllk lit (WOrge
fotril is liolflill^ WOI'tlllPSS paper
«n <•«.• .. . votes
Ittst ,HI .V 1 *#**."-
J.-nime B. Bell, ill til.* >S fill (111 V I
I Still'.
j .
Will Goto flic
John Guthrie, of this city, will join i b -
Theodore Roosevelt's regiment of cow-i
i hot volunteers, lie has already applied !
I anil received the following replv; |
i "Vavv Depaitmeiil WashiiiKli'et \pril
"7 IMI8 8 in
•M„|' in Gulhrie No I'D" King street
i Wilmington, llel
i "Mv DEtu Sra- Don't von think you
! are a little too old for such servlet? 1
otherwise your record Would make you
L neculiarli good man. 1 wish I could No
| ".^"tt ' "
"Very sincerely yours uml
"T i* if i hkki si-r"
j Ml , lillWllie w ill go'to Washington
„ k lk . served through the cam
j , „ f , he West, from 18115 to 18(18,
j under General Palmer, and is one of the
J Hlrviv ,„. s th( . K ;, lt j Ml i, Kenrnev
I massacre, lie is also one of the holders
. . ... llie dnl for ..rated marks
nmnslup at 2(10 vartls. He was born in
, 1 , , • , , ,
vtws old
j •
A Lost l,cli cr.
A letter addressed to Dr. Edmund
Canby, in cute of Thomas Cook A Sons,
Geneva, Switzerland, was found in a
gutter yesterday by n news boy anti tlie
writer can get same bv calling at police
station, Captain of Police Chamber* now
1 holds it.
Captain Charles DeSoto Will
Enlist Volunteers
Those Desiring to Join Requested to
Call at the Store of the DeSoto
Brothers at No. 715 Market
Captain diaries DeSoto, of the firm of
DeSoto Bros., cigar manufacturers, of
No. 715 Market street, this city, has de
cided to organize a company of volun
teers fur the purpose of assisting the
United States n; Iter war against Spain.
Mr. DeSuto is a Cuban by birth and a
naturalized citizen of the United States,
lie is also a veteran of the ten years' war
which was waged against his native isle
in 1878, and intends to do ail that is in
his power to form a company and take the
men to Cuba to engage in the warfare
His intention is to avenge the deaths
of the Maine heroes.
' , i .i the members of Company lx,
' • city, returned in disgrace from
L.....p Kbe \V. Tunnell yesterday after
noon and marched up Market street,
flaunting their dishonor in the faces of
thousands of residents, the war spirit of
* 'aptain DeSoto revived and lie then and
ll,ere decided to raise the company and
Pj^iy wipe out the biot placed on the
" ..j wi „ g0 ' to the front immediately,"
was heard to issue from between his set
lips, and "I will organize a company"
were Hie concluding words heard.
Mr. DeSoto has already mapped out a
j plan of action and all voidnteers are re
j q Ue8te d t, ; crt i| a t the store of the firm at
tw <ri,-,. n ah,.ve
1 ,, • .
31 r. JJehoto w ill be assisted in raisins
I fiat company bv Ins brotliers Kalph and
! Antonio*! feSoto, also Cuban patriots and
j resi(U , llts of tllis ' t . it f()r yea rs.
j M Ktllph ],,s 0 t„ still intends to stick
statement made by him a few
we eks ago, and that is tl.at he will desert
family, relatives and friends, enlist in
the service of hi* adopted country and
do all in his power against the' cruel
machinations of Spain.
'Leads to the Arrest of David and
■ I •
i Chicken Thieves,
! State Detective Witsil, yesterday ar
! rested David and Joseph Griffen,' col
I ored, at their homes at Townsend for
! chicken stealing. He was assisted in
am-fiiig the men, who bear the relation
fit,I erand son, by constable Van Hunt.
j, l ^* u the evidence 'adduced at the
i living held beloiv Npiire I "'lxenii it
■ waarhown that the thieves had been
•»« D-'.'Uty for years
! * ,e . v were captured throngh tlie ef
'"P Hf"';?- 1 " l »'
whose l.enmry was robbed about three
1 ,. , i;
j co :*\'. ,un , (1 " l> ' ,niM '
had left the chickens,
Both burglars were remanded to New
. default of *200 bail each
... otiauii m uuu tain
1 f '"' C °" rl "
weeks a;
iiizcd Ihe trow of a game
while passing a
ne, at tt hit'll place they
lie i
Oi-dci-s Motlllletl.
On Wednesday following notice relat
ing to tlie navigation of the Delaware
river in the neighborhood of hurt Dela
ware, where the submarine mines for the
defence of the river are planted, was is
sued front the office of Major Raymond,
the United States engineer in Philadel
phia, who Juts charge of the De'aware
river defences:
In compliance with instructions re
ceived from the secrelarv of war, section
1 of the regulation for the
tion of the Delaware rivt
vessels, recently issued froii
is modified to read us follows:
1. No vessels will be allowed to pass
through the channel on either side of
Fort Delaware during the hours of durk
Yessels will be permitted to pass
during daylight, between 4 n. in. and 8
During ihe interval of darkness
Tot approach within three
'ale naviga
by fi iendly
this office,
p. in.
vessels must
miles of the fort.
As first issued, Hie regulations prohib
ited navigation at Fort Delaware lie
tween sunset afni sunrise.
Faiii'a Sold.
The bill of sale of the Clyde Line
steamer Funila, wliieli Inis been bought
b - v Claw' - W. cl",pin of New York
has ( bet ' 1 ,' roi, " rd,a "f, tbt ' 11 l,a ^ P 1 '. 1 *
s built m
lstt . h , at " ' , J', !■ ', ■ , ", i ?
, i sV,- 'in',l,,rah
in breadth of lx amaml sfut m dipth
K>U '
.7 ...
Ehih-jmiI lialn.
At Green llill Cemetery yesterday tho
remains of the lute Henri' Cuvemler. of
No MM West Ninth slrcrt, wet
Beiatives ami friends in large
uml a delegation uf memlx-rs nf-.,rnndv
wine Isido- 8 \.,
18, I. O. C). F„ at
Alice B., tlie 4-year-oid daughter of
Sir. and Mrs. Thomas ('avenuer; was
buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery at
II o'clock yesterday. Bov. tt. Irving
Watkins officiated.
The iviiir.ins of Thomas D. Webb were
privately interred in Wilmington anti
Bmndyw'inc Cemetery yesterday after
noon. Services were held at the resi
dence of bis son, William P. Webb, No.
505 West, Ninth street-, and were largely
attended by relatives and friends from
this city and West Chester.
Consul Sfunuel A. Macallister and fam
ily have arrived from Barbadoes.

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