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__ |
THE SUN is published every day in 1
»Vie rear and is distributed throughout |
M'e want to deprive Gomez of none ofj
If Sampson were not chasing Spaniards j
we would say he was pursuing fame. i
- „ |
Fon tantalizing purposes all the tor-:
pedo boats seem tole'ong to the Mos-j
miitr, Fleet 1
qmto Fleet.
Aumaiias v.ent out of fashion during j
.. f # -v „ i?i5»nWii Hi it Smin
the reign of Qutui Lliz«,beth. 1 it. p« *
has learned nothing from the past. 1
f the transport Gussie in
, , ,,
„ut her dangerous mission
the SUN
Clement H. Uongdon, Sole Owner.
Entered at the Wilmington Post Office
as Second Clans Matter.
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, No. 103 East Sixth St.
Mechanical Department, No. 103
East Sixth St.
Philadelphia Office Room 3, No.
911 Walnut Street.
Friday, May 13, 1898.
Good morning.
Ik Don Carlos doesn't hurry, there will
be nothing left for him to rule over.
his laurels; but we do want Havana.
The success
shows that there's nothing in a name.
L«»N(is thirty-four word
cable <jf instructions to Dewey was an ex- i
Well, let Spain send another fleet to
It won't be the first!
Thf Washington contingent of Itoose
' v, will Win its von-'
\elt s Lough bluets will begin its ven
turcsome exploits by travelling to 8an
Antonio, Tex., in palace cars.
fI , . , , , tl
T„K imlnstnous corrrepondent wl o
have heen reporting tlie tape \ erde
Squadron at various points in the At-!
lantic must have been working on space,
m _
... .
\\ Ai.TKit " EM.MAX, the newspaper cor-;
respondent, has again sailed in search of
the North Pole.
All he needed was,
engage Dewey,
time that Hies dangled around a bright
light to their own destruction.
Should ht; run across
A m mani:B oston man has induced the
wounded in battle. That Matanzas mule
st five Cuba of Spanish control,
* bv hurrah.
that Spanish fleet, he will, of course,
notify Washington at once.
rderthe immediati
War Department t<>
shooting of all horses and mules badly
il of his
died for the ir<
but it will not he do
must make no
istake, and to g«
great mistalo
prepared would lie a
Give the authorities all the time they de
n and munitions thev
mand, all the
need, and wait. Such movements can
not be luirried save in a great emergency.
We need not make mistakes,
think it likely that any serious
will be imi le. The men who a
will lead in their <
to their best judgment,
training and the experience.
nor fl»- we
: mistakes
ire to lead
way, am
Tliov have the
Elected l»y
\ <i nu
Councn'was hvM lasting and ^
following vaccinating phyzicians "'era
For Smitlicastern district, Dr. Emil
Hertcl; N-rtheastern distriG, Dr.Tho.naH;
Cook; Northwestern district, Dr. (teorgo
Steinickcn; Son.I,western district, Dr.l
Met 'aidlev. All were Democrats and
were elected hvone vote over the Repuh
lican nominees.
The citv treasurer reported $37,.'>30.42
balance in Fnion National Bank; $23,
park purposes; tax
Edmund Mitchell, *900, for 1897; E. M
Silvers, *300, for 1S97; interest ot monev
in Fnion National Bank, *121.32; S.
Adams, clerk of Municipal Court,
ported *331.03 received f, Lines, fere and
Vaccinating: Physicians
l he Democrat ic Mem hers of* t he
City Solons—Other
077.23 f.
costs for April.
Tlie Finance Coinniittee reported li.
U.30 overpaid taxes.
Bill of Board of itevisioii.
>0; Lewis* (
President Leach,
John I'. Dolan asked for $200 to
given Police ('oinmis.-uoners, and it was
The City Auditor reported that the
Citv TmiHurers books had been ex
amined by him and found correct.
The Council ordered that $l.l,71N.S3
be draw n in favor of the City Educa
tional Board.
< ii ubb, $250, and
• ) 0 ,
^ Bead Tjie Sun.
withheld by Hoggs, finally reached up
into the thousand. I notified the conn- 1'
sel for the defence to produce these ,;'
checks, and they said that they did not .
have them. 1 then had to rely on sec
ondarv evidence. Final!*, however one
of these checks was found. It called for
*230 and was dated April, 1897. I would
be glad to acquit this defendant, but I
do not believe that you can astheevi
deuce, I think, is such that it is beyond N
a reasonable doubt. , *a
After securing the cash for the first
*300 check, why didn't Cooper sav 1 will
make this up. I will remain an honest
man in a place where I and my father for
before me have alwavs tieen honored and «r
I looked up to in the community in winch
| I reside. The only thing that shows
1 the deficits is tiie individual budget of •
| the First National Hank from May lK9t>
sagarcs 1
poker or any other device used for the |
I :?Zn° n 0t th0USand8 UP °" U,,msal !
{ Gentlemen, Mr. Cooper tells von that j 1 , 1
I it was in March or April that Boggs j,
commenced to worry over the decline in
Now take Boggs' story, he states that
j three days after the first transaction they "l
were worried I >on't you think they wme [or
coined wnen the call came for
j $1,000, $2,000, $3,000,_$l,o00; don t you ! J.
think they were worried before the fall.
j Now follow these men and say which of I
i ^WllWle 1 ^'Zore^are i ?»
I l '„' J ,i;?T } ' | to
| will 1 uipatt non) tiic tuitn. I
I^t us look at what they say in de-.
fence, "ho are the people cal ed as w it- ]
1 ne8Ses ? who are the l a '°P le ' gamblers, tH
some of them, others not gamblers, you ; V.
! know them—others governors, chancel- H
j i ors an( i other gentlemen who came here i
to test if v to his honest v and intoeritv ■ of
* t ' , 1 ,;/ 1
1 u'msaetion. A man mav be honorable, ; »»
upright and true one day and the next ! sk
in he mav fall and commit a crime which!
,, ,i„!< 1 1 ,. iiui pniimmtiii v I« t Ii*it 1
» \aL p!m- I
islied-? ' |
mm Mil I
Continued From Pane One.
ing hack with all the power that learned
counsel can give him, and sooner or
later this man must take the punisli
of which he is undoubtedly
Now take the checks.
i Gentlemen, I have endeavored to pre- j
gen ^ Cllfee j n all its devious ways. I
i I have done my duty gentlemen. I don't j
! care whether you convict or not. He is I
j charged here with using money to the
| detriment of this this bank and to the j
I detriment of the stockholders. You!
to j must remember gentlemen that the rights
of these people are to be protected and
that the transgressor should be punished
i for what I say he is guilty now.
I I thank you gentlemen for your atten
j tion and ask at your hands a conviction
1 of the defendant in the manner and form
von-' in which he RtandH indicted. Lnited I
| States senator Gray, said, with the sub
migHion of your honor and gentlemen of i
i the jury. It is not a pleasant thing gen-j
| tlemen to be* compelled to appear before
! a jurv to defend a client, against ail
o 1)dj ( in ' cllarge .
| ] 5 uti gentleman I am glad that the lie
At-! fendant in this case saw lit to tail on me
in this hour of his trouble. I came here
I as his friend and will remain his friend
to the last. I have known of his career,
cor-; and , a||1 , K . re todlly , gentle
of that von believe him an innocent man.
•n, t<»
I do not believe that Kzckipl l. ('oojicr
is guilty of the charge against him. You
•ailed 011 to' say tiiat these
checks were fraudulent. \Vhv we ad
mitted that he
the here today to say tharlu* was used by
. William N. Bogg< to commit acts which '
itc did as a friend, lie never intended
to deny these checks; he admitted them
and owned up that he had destroyed
them. We don't want t«» l)*ai
part of this case blit what is the truth.
W hat if you do have them, we admit
ted them, but what w did object t »
■ and using Guoper
lorso eheeks f„r l,G.
as the individual ledger that was reek
What other
it It falsehontl a
I lies
nice is there in t In
>f t he statement
de- going through the role <
thev ,r '
of W. N. Boggs'
•f checks, dating
1 vi,i
N«»w just ohs rve the action of Boggs,
Ii.-* dealing
he gots Iniii to
we Boggs', sake, and ga >5
('nthbert iV <'
lead ll, id Pliiladelplda
liis f n love of speculation.
And the stocks went down and they
n. Mr. Boggs told
thought stocks ,
them to
•clef ti
going d<
kept on
Mr. Cooper that he
looked favorable to give his checks and
would look aftet it, and they ex
led these transact!
l»y , believe' > What did the respected presi
dent of the First National Bank do? Did
they suspect him?
reason he was i
enormous defalcations and use Ezekiel T.
Cooper, through the confidence that this 1
^ I *W Tit a'V ''(Vn'
"'era ,, ., jfliuA bezi |
Emil » iVpo'ivVl.Ln It,!, "vV loel "^'held
ffe"WlOT liSi « '
1 ' , V . , '. „ . r „ es l ,ec
i Ses ,>t ™ ( o!
and ! * gWc fiiin their clieck for ilOtKI lf !
J , i r „, ^ 11
7 ; A " tndictment i ere charging :
| ,J V , v V I !" 8 "™ k , '.'ahM'.ieet, i
$23,- W,tl1 '
collections,'J 5 '!• tl | ,la '
M , a 1 ,ob )try ' ,he unfor - 1
1 " , H , T', 0 , '""""i" 8
S. pl ?f "M'Vi " " " ' 1,1,1 « ,<! c,,rtain :
and |
I'mG? tVhvdiilK V' '! !lH .'"V. l v e
' "by dal Buggs comi'hack. No
" 10 . .y s bi,< | " " ll "; itl tla ; < ^) )l, f tatloa
American jury, convict a man on evi-1
(lence like that? I say no. Which state-1
ment is true? Which is most consistent
with the antecedents of two
('ooper's, and IViggs c;

• eightcc
Y\' I nit did the directors
S ft
1 ,;
t went v
' No, and through that
enabled to commit this
mi. I say
here with the
intent, the intent, the intent, gentlemen,
to impugn K. T. t'ooper, and Boggs is
certainly a seducer of honest men.
Senator (irav concluded his address to
the jury at 5.15 o'clock.
New Castle County Cases That Will
. ... . » „ *
Go Before the Higher Tribunal
of Justice.
rp, u-iiit.i, n il! Pt.n.
vene'in June will be'called upon to pm
upon several cases from the sop'not
"writ of errer was iasned Wednesday
fJ'yrjJ^Sd'aDtho^rwIrd'^ii^Orec-we of
*° ^ cCw-ell s e WilmTng
,;' -„ l ,. 1 v 0 '.k^o Rai |'r<>ad O,, many
. , ' . * , . ' !> 5 '
'"S'" *J' 1 ", f t |, e u e -
^Uhewho is rep
fvisenatorAnaHnv HiJins
Albert Con'stable annealed' Senator
United^ates^ltetrict Atturnev
\.™\ f ..mresent 1 the defendant cor
and gnft ivpresent the defendant cor
*a similar writ has heen issued for the
^ recofd in the case of
o"£ n . g o pt vs tlsePullman PalaceCar
v WBliam S Hfiles is'attorney
for t |, niaintiK ,nd Lewis (' Vandegrit't
«r the plan t.tf and Eewis l. \ ano.grut
Yiiirvin the Sunerior Court rendered
- ■> ■ f orn^for the l.l-iintiff on
' J ?' ' b ; , 1 new Con
'V ,?, pffret „ tun. 0
^ ft"^nd v. |
William S. 'llilles and la.hurn Chandler |
, 1 ,*," 4 SewVr ^k'partmcnt' has * 'retained
j, obert(; narnlan ex-city solicitor to
make the argument ' j uil e. |
ti.o involved in tliiu p we is
™^not fie citv bv reislatire
"l iet ''* r S"Li^'r ,4u! ns bii! v
[or ' t „ e condition of its sidewalks and
. rocnnusiliilitv nnon tlu» abut
J. n . ' '
J?. ^ i„,],i that that re- :
jbi |P j ]i u p,i|it v was inherent 1
?» the cityf a" U ?Ky !
to keep the sidewalks in passable repair, |
mul fiiilure of that, dutv carried with it
Vli „ (li ,, K Hahilitv.
\ previous act nf tlTe Legislature had 1
tH ;V'V;V P fi f V e ,i e citv < f t! at ahilitv
V. fs ^dd .lmt iu-ooh T. Ouin nU'r I, '
H w.said that-Josepti L. uu » nur, .ii..
"as instrumental in wc'» f, Pj' $ '!
of the act ill ciuofction, and that bhoitl> i
afterwards a man fell on the pavement 1
»» f ^ nt of hi « ol,ice und fracture(l hi8
sk ;v'' . ( , . . . ,
1 nderthat law the relatius the 1
niiui sued Mr. ( arpenter as the owner ot i
abutting pr,q,eHv and he had to pay j
several hundred dollars damages.

Events Pulled off
Two Interesting
a t u le Track Before
^ .
uwow Horse * ,esn '
A small crowd attended the opening
races at the Hazel Dell race track, which ,
were given under the auspices of the j
Hazel Dell Turf Club yesterday after
The events were hotly coi.tested and ;
Billy pressed Torn close in both heats
trotted in the 3.00 class.
i In the 2.35 class, Trixv Wilks, Dr. ti.
and Cecil were pretty evenly matched
and finish of the race was prevented by
the storm which arose after the second 1
The next, matinee rare will he on May
Lovers of
flu* summaries
•f vusterdav's events
) g. PaLice Slab!.*.
Billy, v e.IIill .
.e M. 1- III.
•I.r« -ok
bonaiiif. b
. Blink.-.
1 1
j! ,j!
Ruby' -
1 via*.:
:. Keen
xv Wilkes.^* iii.sutlTonl..
veil. i.
g. Pa lari' s
. p
tlie liay
■c.qm'd a g enter part of
Nana good ret,res were
ion varil rail,/. ' " <l ' la 1 le< at tlll!
The men aje' Mi,, impatient to he on
the move and reports of the movements
of the volunteer army are eagerly
awaited. No official information as to
Yolunteei's and Slate Troops Pass a
l iievmittul Day.
Ivxaininat ions
Trxv.r.i.. Middletown, Mav 12.
•i ,.
•\emiiii 0A\
, .
Examma i.m» were era,turned during
the day and many ot the reeraits am
g hom Wdaungtim and other points
('out imieil.
S; -ViHl Di>j»ab'h to I
—The 1 nit -d States Volunteers
, n . nid H'opliy '
t lie atterimon.
made bv tin
The work of mustering t lie state troops
into the i'nited States service will he re
ed to -1 uorn.
Bide practice and trials
| "tWliSStt DtaStaeSS
"^'held yesterday morning at the residence
' of K'****^ Ke" Hubert Watt.
Twenty-one churches were represented.
I'restdingelders' salary «as fixed at
! """ lu tl,at il l,as f ' ,r *■>>« la *t
two years. The following committees
: W ere appointed:
i K.stimating Committee-Sheriff Wil
Ham It. Flinn, W. II. Foulk, L. T.
' Grubb. W. E. Davidson and George W.
1 Joseph. 8
Co.mnitteeon Barsonage-L. T. (irubh,
: W. It. Flinn and W. II. Foulk.
Auditing Coininittce-J. II. Tallev,
Ad.n ; Peoples, W. -doves and T. ,L
Advisory Committee on Parsonage
1,'arnilure—Mrs. W. II. Currv, Mrs. W
1I. Foulk and Mrs. Taggart. '
tllL * breaking of camp and orders to move
was to be had to-dav.
Meeting ol' District Stewards.
Attending u Convent ion.
Dr. and Mrs. I„ II. Ball of Faulkland,
Dr. anti Mrs. John Palmer, Jr., and Dr.
and Mrs. Switliin Chandler of this city
have gone to Wheeling, \V. Yu., where
they will attend the convention of the
Medical Association of Baltimore ik Ohio
Railroad Surgeons.
Delaware College Commencement.
Assistant Secretary of State John ]!.
Moore lias accepted an invitation to
make an address to t he graduates of
Delaware College on coininencement clay,
June loth.
The baccalaureate sermon will l>e
the'i.Jtln U?e
14t!l , yi uU;km dav amlthe ..citce
«£«' *», exercises ate to be held on the
Thegreduatingclasseoneistsof Edward
»»•>«* llellings, George Edgar Foulk,
Mugl. M. Morris, John T. Mullins, J.
Vance Craig, George N. Davis, Lewis R.
Springer, Jr., Ktlwin Krause, Joseph F.
Brewster and Km.net L. Tosney. Messrs,
Morris, Mullins, Craig, Davis, Krause
and llellings have been selected to speak,
Mr. Heilings being the valedictorian,
At the class drfy exercises, which will
COIIlmence at 3 0 - c | 0cU in the afternoon
on the l:ltli, Henry Litt.eton Constable
will be the class orator; Edwin Krause,
cla8S ■'istorian; Edward S. Iiellings,
class poet; Iz-wis U. Springer, Jr., pro
P het - • I " Be P , ' "'.Brown, hit, will he
cIminnan the exercises.
The Atliemean Society will hold its
exercises on the evening of June 14th.
r " R - s P ri "g er , -Tr-.will make the society
»'*dress and Edward S. llellings the
i sxas»j«w«:
| Jr _ wj|| )>1 . t . side .
| Goverll „ r8 - Portraits.
Hon. Thomas F. Bayard lias accepted
an invitation to accept for the State the
| portraits of former Governors, which are
to be presented bv a committee ot the
Legislature, at the State House on Than
dav afternoon, Mav 2<(th.
Governor Tunnell will preside an.l
bistorical atldresses will be made by
City Solicitor Henry C. Conrad for the
: ^' ev> ' Castle Comity Governors; Judge
1 'lames l'ennewill for those from Kent
! county, and prolmbly C. W. Wiley for
| tHofe from Sussex. . . j W
Hepresentative Benjamin A. Ilazell
will make the presentation speech, and |
1 ,ie will be followed by Mr. Bayard. 12
The pictures will he hung in the rooms [
' at the State House.
'! Cenlury Cluli Olftcers.
i * j
1 The members of the New-Century y
jCliib met Wednesday afternoon ani |
elected these .itheers for the ensuing I
1 year. 1 lesident, Mrs. Marv S.1 lowland; ■
i tiret vice president, Mrs. Laura .
j Webb; recll vice president, Mrs. Mary «
M. Crosby; recording secretary, Miss!
Margaret II. Sliearnian; corresponding i
secretary, Mrs. Jessie T. iietts; Federa- i
tion secretary, Miss Edith N. Gawtlirop;!
treasurer, Mrs. Harriet K. Betts; mem- i
i<ors of executive coinniittee to serve two I
years, Miss Mary II. A. Mather, Mrs.
Josephine E. Gilpin, Mrs. Rachel M. G. I
Vandegrift, Mrs. Margaret T. Hill, Miss |
| Emma Worrell, Miss Alice D. Smytlie,
[ Mrs. Sarah A. Sellers.
The Remington Machine Company of
; this city lias completed the building and
erection of an ice plant in the hold of
the yacht Niagara, building at the ship-..
yard of t he Harlan <k Ilollingswortii Co., | (i
for Howard Gould of New York.
machine is capable of a capacity of three i
1 tons of ice daily. It will be tested under
the visioA' ,,f Avlor I
of the Remington Co., within a 'lew j
lee MMehiue Completed.
The directors of the Wilmington City I
ltiiilwnv ( onnmiv In vp ( .,i|l f »,l f.... , 1 .' i
, ; V,', \ i
;; payment of tin* M a slum* remaining tin
' ' on the par value ..f the stock. This "
Call For Money.
1 paid
,j! instalment. iii payable June 15th.
Commerce and Fimtiien*.
l'D-iii whs Hull, buyers either Imkling,
lift Ilf operating in small lots to satisfy ,
■ants. I'll,vs wi'i;,. misittlrit
anil declined L'oc. p<*r barrel,in sympathy
with the drop of wheat. Spot Bn
('Hire, linn, ami ill good request,. Thciv
was u stvaily outlet at full prices for the;"'
limited receipts ot desirable I lav. Lve
Straw was str.uly, will.. ami i
xU'i'i'tc. Iii-lim.,1 Sugars wen
IVovisions sold !
evening s ,
Njieculation was ile
all domestic grain 1
s were lower, and exporters did not,
manifest much interest. Corn options
opened tirm, due to stronger Western '
advices, and the call adv:
with moderate offetings and
foreign demand. Later advices, however,
of Hwil!1 . f n „a other home n.arkclK
L()l . a | | ()ts w ,. lv , irlll . ()al , in car
tlll! j lots, were firm, under iimiled offerings, j
on j
j Hte adv. 1 '■
[ "'
to I
«tuiet and unchanged,
fairly in a jobbing
12. V'* and 111
ip. -a. was ,c. helmv last
Ni , 2wli Mav ,|,.| iv ,,,. Vi
nominally quoted at 8l.3Sf»r 1.40, i
absence of trading.
cjlU „,| v be-nish Ti
; ^tlarngl, offer!ngs 1 ,ere were li'dit
('ubU'K B
av on a basis

a UV
( >ats, :!i,t»4K. Baltimore:—Wheat, 90,000;
Corn; 289,837.
„ . . , lri „ I
i Keceipts at Philadelphia:-—Wheat, 5,- 1
2°8* Corn 4U*>* Oftts 17 0HG Dll
I . ' ' 7 t ' Uat8 ' Bal
j timore:—Wheat. 54.731: Corn, 284.705*
o/'/to- ci- .
Oats, 2(>,(nL). 8hipments at Phlladel
Dliia—Wheat 4 «0°* Corn U99 r. 9 „.
pimi. uniat, - 4 ,hu-, Lorn,
Butter ami
The following are the official whole
sale prices recorded yesterday at the
Philadelphia Butter and Egg Board:
.h>(" T»
Separator Creamery, extra.17
Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
imitation Creamery, extra.13
do firsts.
do seconds.
Ladle-packed, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
Oreamery, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
Pennsylvania and near by.10]
Western, strictly fresh.10.1
Southern, fresh.
Butter steady; Eggs quiet.
New York—Butter steady, 17c.
ceipts, 4,103; [Eggs steady, lOICpllc.,
receipts, 10,470.
, , . ,
W ANTED:—Position wanted by Indus-,
trioiis young man, willing to do anv
thing i'or a legitimate living,
12 Sun Office,
wanted— Four tiunincss girls to work in this i
y ity * fan make from$ 2 r>otoctoou <>y,
B ' todfty at 111
'\irANTED.—A white airi for
f> work, muKt tic* tidy amtexiicriuncvil. Apply
« No.Van m,re„ street,
Situation or help advertise
ments in THK SUN will lie run
for 25 cents until either have
been secured and ordered out.
B OY—17 yeurn of wishes position in store.
Address "F, Sun Ofttce.
WANTED—Would like to pinvlmse a Rood
sc'cond-h»ndt'd breech loading sliot gun. Give
price and full particulars.
Address ''J
Si n Office
WANTED.—Experienced shoe-maker. Address
or call at 707 Church street.
WANTED—At Shirt Factory, Fifth and French
streets, Operators and Experienced Cuff Turners.
XITANTEI)—A man of ability to represent a
▼ V Hnu of high standing; must have small
capital for gissls carried. VV. H. Kellej man
ager, Gibson House.
ANTED—Situation for coachman v house
work in private family. Addrese 807 Tat
W ANT ED-50 toys
tion of The Sun.
last Sunday. More Profit. Apply 10T East Sixth
to sell the Sunday edi
Biggcst sale .in record
W ANTED—A man In every
ware. Legitimate, paying
to^vn in l>ela
t isiness, with
Apply at cnce, Box 8,
resjKmsihle concern.
Philadelphia I*a.
WANTED—John Jackson, formerly a butcher
in Great Hampton Row, Biriningnam. England,
who many years ago went to America under the
name of James Johnson, and 'railed for some
years as cattle dealer in Kansas City. Jackson
proitertv in England.
(if alive), is now entitled to
Information to WILLIAM
Shakestiear Villa. Spark hi \ Birmingham, or
THl'RSFIELDdc MESSJTKU Solicitors, Wednes
bury, England.
small jolilHTs imrl cylinder cress. Apply 1CK) K.
Sixth street. None hut experleueed teener need
WANTED—By an exi»enenccd man, ]iosition
is press-feeder. Address "D" hUN OFFICE.
general house
ANTED—A half-grown white girl for house
work. State wages. Address P. O. Box
(i - *'• Ki,jl
111 or
8treCt '
W ANTED—Married lady canvassers to sell
jirivate liooks for women. C13 King street,
8a. m. or 6 i>. m
new household article just out; sells at
every house. Call at Lafayette Hotel, 508 Mar
ket street.
ANTED—Women to sell Brassine.
contract. A sale at every door.
Manufacturing Company, M North River street
Wilkesbarre. I'a.
WANTI'II—Tnluiv II v nr 1 h „ trip irmt/ir. :
s. 1(0 K. -ml St.

SALE—A first plus* i niiis' nifvpi..
neap, #15 Apply JV Jl/West S
Just to introduce our popular
magazine, SPARKS, into SOOO
i ,t • y} ...
new homes, tills month, we Will
i ... 1 ,^ 1 , „„„ r ; , ^
" end ll a wllole > ear for only 20
cents. Now then, if you send
.i ill (
us the names and addresses ol
five friends also
we will send '
vo| , i )no] . s fr -
, y0 1 D00ks nee '
Sparks. South Wareham, Mass,
7T Dictriof
the;"' ma P
n f r)c»la wnro
i unaware
The STATE SENTINEL of Dover is hav-!
! mg prepared and will soon he ready to
deliver a New Map of Delaware, giving
ilie boundaries of the Representiltive and
, Senatorial Districts as provided bv the
New Constitution. SI.10 will secure
this valuable Map and the State. Sentinel
lor one year. 1 he number is limited;
1 subscribe at once. New subscribers will
receive the paper the balance of this year
free. Address, witty remittance,
j Tuts Sun, Raudolpli Building, l'liiladel
... ^
The State Sentinel, Dover, Del.

i.i i ,
— You ought to have the latest deci
sums on this subject. Send One Dime.
t United States A book of two hundred
I pages, containing a catalogue of ationt six thous
1 and newspai>ere, beinf? all tiiut are credited by
l HV,.^ n, / t ' r * c '?'* 1 Directory (December
edition for 189/) with having regular issues of
1 - ()00 tuples or more. Also separate State mare
of each and every State of the American Union,
naming those towns only in which there are
ssued ne\ysrmi*ers having more than 1,(XXI eircu
lation. This book (issued December 15,1897) will
be sent, TM»stage paid, to any address, on receipt
of one dollar. Address, The Geo. p. Rowell Ad
vertising Co., 10 Spruce St.. New York.
A TREATIES on the horse and
his diseases by Dr. BJ. Ken
dall. Price, postpaid ioc,,
regular price 25c. It is a pa
per covered book of 90 pages.
Addrers, J. W. HANN.,
Wauneta, Neb.
A New Field for Advertisers !
is an page 4
col. monthly.
J Guar a n teed
circulation of
1,000 copies monthly. It reaches people
who you have been unable to reach. Low
rates given advertisers during the months
of Oct., Nov. and Dec. Send for rates.
Address The Echo, Wauneta, Neb.
The Echo
10 cts.; very curious, been handed down
for generations, only bv chance they
acme in my possession. P. O. Box, 177,
Ridgeville, Ind.
WA.VfKD—Energetic Hai ms, either ,-er. cii.n.
strtelest investigation. Addu.s
KMOiiT -Iri formation wanted ot children
Mrs. Jam- Knight, formerly residing In HroolUvn
Address WALTER COLLINS, a«! Washington
street, Jersey City, N. J.
MK 8 . ADDIE GRAMBHI'KII.—News of imuor
lance. Any one knowing her address notify J
370 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y. '
INFORMATION wanted —Daniel E. Daven
port, formerly of John E. Gowen and Co., con
tractors, or his heirs, will please communicate
with WILLIAM Z. McKINLEY, 189 Herald
Downtown, New York.
Fl'EKKTNKR, ROHEKT—if Robert Fuerstner
son of ZachariasL. Fuerstner, will communicate
with I'latzek. 8trook and IlcrzoK, 320 Broadway
New York city, he will hear of something to his
IF Michael C. Walls, born in Rail!ntra, county
Donegal, lreland M uo\v about 4uyears of age, sui~
posed to t»e about New York, would communi
cate with his cousin Michael Flood, Rossvile
street. London berry, Ireland, he would hear
something to his advantage.
INFORMATION wanted of Rosanna
Reilly, (domestic.) l'lease send address
to tiO Convent avenue, New York city.
IF Frederic Richardson, late pro. cricketer,
Wood lion mgh, Notts, England, and Montreal,
Canada, will apply to H. O. H.. 7f«2 Lafayette av.,
he will be gladly received. Cuban lepers please
BECK LEY, 190 West Broadway, New York eitv.
INFORMATION wanted of Clare Duval bv his
lister. ^ J. DUVAL. 151 West53rd,
New York City.
If Theodore Hummed,
Horb, Wurtemberg, who
Ingen in February, lh'.KJ, will communicate with
Post Otlice U>x 183, New York, he will hear
of something to his advantage. Information in
regard to him will be thankfully received.
Western papers please copy.
of Entlgen, OU'iampt
left his home in Moess*
ANY information from Dontery Margaret Knud*
Flindt. wife of C. J. H. knudsen Flindt,
would gladly received. Please address 110
3d avenue, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted of the whereabouts ot
John Collins, last employed as stevedore. Ad
dress MARY PHILLIPS, 910 North 8th st., Read
ing. Pa.
IF Frederick II. Deepe will send his address to
the undersigned, lie will hear something to his
advantage. GERMAN Y, 218 Herald, 23d .St., New
«York Citv.
HOWARDS. HUDSON, formerly of Brooklyn,
please send address to ACQUAINTANCE, 157 Her
ald Downtown, New York City.
HENRY s. GRAY.—Information wanted about
Henry S. Gray, of Toronto, last heard of in sum
mt* 1 ' °f when a bookkeeper with Simonds
Mfg. Co., Long .Island City, and living at Ed
wards' Hotel, Ureenjjoint. Address CARTER,
HUGHES tk DWIGHT, 9(1 Broadway, New York
TO the Baron Von Alvensleben, late of Fifth
Avenue Hotel, corner of 23rd st., and 5th ave.,
Sew Yorki—You are iiartieularly requested to
<»®"uiiieate with J. D. B. Lewis, Solicitor, 20
Bueklersbury, London, Eng. Anyone knowing
the address and communicating the same will be
INFOKMATION named of Elli'ii Pyuc, mar
H'DWKl LANIisItl'T will lean] of something
^Y"tn' ! tv.'" lli, ' ,! r<X>,U ^ * Ji "" U
INFORMATION is wanted as
the where*
About* of Maria Theis, wife of Charles Theis or
their children. Address E. W. SPANGLER
York, l'a,
INFORMATION wanted concerning Matthew
Christie, lu.st heard of December 9; will he thank
fully received l.yhis brother, DAVID, box 48.5,
White Plains N. v.
ineokmation '.vimu'it of Liman ue Muro
and heirs or Flunk *
executor. 22 c. \\v
1 id I John De Muro. Address
st 136th St., New York City,
* > ' TO " lllil ' " ml Tr,,i '- I'a^rx plvane copy.
NAM \ ( ARLAN—Came irom Birmingham,
Engluml. in 1872: entitled to i»ro]ierty; liberal re
•vaid for proof «.f deatti. Address GEO. A
*MYTHE, (Viunsscllor at Law, UOArnes Building,
.SHOfLUthte meet the eye ot unyof the ntla
Ives of Catherine or Benjamin Hough, formerly
ot » f:»ita(f, MR. EltEDERlCK
wharf New York,
DANIEL MfLLKiANor Cornelius C'arli>n, dl«
charged irom Co. l|, 9th U. s. iniantrv, March 18,
io, 1 ,'. m ,lt ' fl f rs '" 1 fi-fra-'ks. Mo.;entltied toi.rop
heo. a^smythe! t'oiinseite^ItUw. imaSI
Building, Boston, Mims,
JO.shl'lI HI NNIS—A native of Russia, known
s Joseph Ennis, is required to eonununi
rate with his brother, Major F. Hunnis. Ht.
Petersburg, Russia, or the Consulate General of
Russia. 24 State street. New York.
WANTED—Rotiert Bruee Davidson,
die late David Davidson, Wi-i ter, Con par, Angu«
Scotland, or any of his children. Address DAVID
DUNCAN it SON. Solicitoi
Dundee, Scotland.
INFORMATION wanted of the descendants of
Henry Caldwell O'Neil, who, i
lieved) resided at 37
1845 (it is be
. . . . Centre street, and also of
me.dependents of Alexander McClure, who, in
189.5 resided at 134 Henry street, both of whom
owned or had some interest in premises Nos. 90,
92. 94, and 96 Mulberry street, in the city of New
York. FKKDKKICk BELTZ, Counsellor at Law
111 Broadway. New York eitv.
MAGGIE HARRIS—Information wanted of
whereabouts of Maggie Harris, who was employ
ed in , May, 1897 at My West 70th St. Please com
municate with COLE& POTTER, 63 Wall street
New rork. '
»hin J iSL^ tin ' "'ho ^'ft the English navy
?ii P iJ, Lllero P| lon H,lout :{ 0 years ago, is still liv
wmii4nfizi n / ,t !j er ' , Jane Mertin (nee Bransell),
SSSJ?. /.{Je to hear from him. Communicate by
gg Ryereon St., Brooklyn, New
LLOLNE SMITH, formerly nf Arena, Wig., Inst
heard from in New York, employed In a restau
rant. will hear something to his interest byeotn
mimicnting with KKKSE & CAKTEK, Attorneys
Dodgevllle, Wls. 1 '
INFORMATION wanted ot Cornelius Sheehan,
son ol Patrick E., kirn at Ids East 47lh St. eltv
left home, 7(if) East lf;;d st., In lstiz, tor Denver
Col.; last heard from him in April, 18112, from
Denver; was going to Stockton, Cal.; father a in)
mother dead; come home tn John. Send anv in
formation to John j. bhkkhan, 735 East'Had
St. Western laja-ts please copy,
JOSEPH BAY'LESK. slinn, brunette, worked
Carteret, N. J., (Colwell's iron works), left 1895.
ISM "XsWlSfti ,uu> ' llv -
'cured. Ohien- *
r»t Ointment
will do it.
Price, One Dollar.
Egyptian Pharmaceutical Company
Camden, N. J.

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