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Clement H. Congdon, Sole Owner.
Bntered at the Wilmington Post Office
as Second Class Matter.
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, No. 103 East Sixth St.
Mechanical Department, No. 103
East Sixth St.
Philadelphia Office Room 3, No.
911 Walnut Street.
THE SUN is published every day in
the year and is distributed throughout
the City of Wilmington and the State of
Delaware by authorized agents. Sub
iflriptions should be sent to the publica
tion office by mail or telephone.
Saturday, May 28, 1898.
Good morning.
Bianco has extinguished Morro light,
and things look darker than ever for the
blockaded city.
The man who discovered sea serpents
has now gone into the "heavy-cannon
ading-off-the-coast" industry.
Count von Wa(.deuk, of Holland, has
entered the regular army as a private.
This is where noble blood tells.
i ,, v ...
It would appear that the New lork
„ „ , , , , * . i
Police Board can do a good deal of rough |
riding without the aid of Teddy Roose-j
As Geneml Memit will have ever be
As Geneial Merritt will have ever be
fore him the prospect of a wedding upon ,
liis return, w.t* mav expoct a sharp cam-!
miun in the lMiilinnines ,
1 B 1 11 !
Joe ( iiambeki.ain's wife is an Ameri-'
can. Next t<» marrying one ot her own
It appears that after all a good bit of
anxiety and nerve force was wasted on
the Oregon, she was never in danger.
countrymen it seems that she couldn't
have made a better choice.
Tin: policy of "striking inct
and remorselessly" is thoroughly in ac-1
cord with the customary habit of the
spring thunder-storm.
' Tun batting streak dtweloped by Mayor
Van Wyck and the
Police Board will put the war into the
second division if it isn't careful.
Dvatt'i' Now York
The House of Representative};
haye gone into silent session. Perhaps
it has come under the ban of the
censors or re:
IS to
lived itself into a strategic, i
, , ,
months weary watting and long chasing
after the I rend) amt Spanish fleets to i
bring off the Buttle oi Trafalgar. It isn't
alwavs ■1,1 oisv liroiiositioii . . .
' V • 1 1 sAtatan
enemv oil the sell.
the case
It took Nelson tw<
years and live
It is sometimes asserted by those win
ought to know better, that in
lynching*: are resorted to only i
of one crime which, more than an\
other, arouses the passionate desire fui
instant retribution. That ibis is not true
of Maryland was demonstrated Wednes
day. The crime for which the victim of
the mob was hanged in that State Wed
nesday was not that which is so often
alleged to be the only one which South
ern communities visit witli lawless veil
the South
geance. It was a flagrant and apparently
entirely unprovoked murder, committed
by a young negro in tiie course of a
street brawl. That it was calculated to
arouse great indignation in tiie comnnin
.. , ^, | . . i . i
ity is perfectly true; but that there was
any shadow of excuse for resorting to
lynching cannot be admitted. Those who
take the execution of criminals into their
own bands disgrace not only themselves
, , . . ,
but their State. I'liev forget that respect
for the law is essential to the preserva- 1
tion of society, and that the lawless ex-,
. , , , , ,, . i
wns ol a mob ol lvncliers are capable ot
eoiumitting. The lynching of the negro I
King at Salisbury is especially to be con -1
deuined, because there
edition of the law is as gn at a crime in
its way as any which the miserable vie- ■
US no reason to
doubt that punishment in liis case would
have been promptly and effectually I
Dieted out in the course of the criminal i
procedure of the county. The complaint
that the course of the law is too slow is 1
. ,,
sometimes entirely just, hut too often it !
is a mere pretext used by those who con- j
ccive of the law as an lnqilement of re-,
. . .
veii^e instead of an instrument ol pun
ishment and reform. The moral degra
dation of such scenes as that which oc
curved at Salisbuuv, an well as the severe
reflection they east upon the enlighten
ment of the .State and the injury they do
^Mlie good name of Maryland, are most
ort'ply to he regretted, especially at a
time when the whole nation ia peculiar
ly concerned in the opinion formed of it
throughout the world.
They Are Assigned to Guard the
duPont Powder Mills at
Carney's Point.
Special Dispatch to The Son.
I'kxnsurove, N. J., May 27.—The sec
ond battalion of the Second ltegiment,
Pennsylvania Volunteers, consisting of
Companies A, C, F, if and K, arrived in
1'ennsgrove yesterday at 4 o'clock to
guard the dul'ont powder mills on Car
ney Point, one and a half miles below
this town. They left Pompton, N. J., at
10.33 in the morning, wne v they had
been encamped. All the boys were in
good condition, excepting two, who were
slightly indisposed, but wh o will soon be
on duty again. jHBVJUMi
Although the citizens had only a few
hours' notice that they were coming this
afternoon, thev hurriedly got enough
sandwiches and coffee made to give them
a treat on their arrival, which was
highly appreciated by them, as the cold
storm had made them chilly traveling
in the cars for six and a half hours.
It made the boys smile when they
found they were so warmly received,
and remarks were heard that "this beats
that the rich butter and coffee turned his
liead, and that he did not believe he
could stand that kind of feasting long.
After eating their luncli they marched
through French's excursion grove, to
Sheble's Grove on the north end of the
town, where they will camp during
their stay here, as it is a tine location
along the river front, partly shaded, with
about two acres of parade ground.
One company will be detailed each
night to watch the powder mill, below
the town. Their camping ground is
only 300 yards above the steamboat land
ing. The town is in holiday array, with
flags flying, and the citizens are much
pleased to have the Pennsylvania boys
with them, as is shown by the warm
welcome given them.
Their guard duty is not so hard as at
Pompton, as the powder mills are along
the river and there are no rocks and hills
to climb, nor lonely woods to stand in
on guard duty.
The troops occupied ten passenger
coaches, and were given rations all
along the road from Camden to this
place. Lieutenant Colonel Dechert is in
command of tiie battalion.
One fellow told his chum
may guard the Delaware.
The tliree Western Pennsylvania regi
| lllents — t ] ie p-, iur t e enth, Fifteenth and
Eighteenth—on duty at Mount Gretna,
Pa, maybe ordered East to guard the
Delaware harbor against a probable in
vasion by the enemy. (iovernor Hast-1
ingH 0 f Pennsylvania, thinks this would
, be the propercourse for the War Depart-1
ment to pursue. lie furnished Secretary
, Alger with an exhaustive report of the
! exact naval and military condition o( the
I Delaware Bay from the Capes to Philadel
phia. The Governor accompanied the ;
report with a recommendation that a re
giment of troops lie stationed at Fort!
Pelawarc, on IVa Patch Island, another
. . . . , ,
at tla* battvrv at Delaware City, and a
t " h ' d »* M ""'
Hold Appropriate I xercises
iiicinorut ion ol* Memorial Day.
Programs Uemlered.
Patriotism and t*nthusia«m went lu
in hand yesterday in the public schools
throughout this city when the scholars
honor oi
laid appropriate exeieises
Mt morial 1 >av.
hieh the exerci?
All of the i«
:ere held were handsomeiy decorated;
with bunting, potted plants and cut
i ll iwers. The programs rendered were of
! more than usual interest,
and friends of the scholars attended in
large numbers.
The High School held their exercises !
- ill
a,ul ivli " ,ves
in the morning, beginning proinptlv at I
po'clock. < tne.d tl.J^imiaeBsivf fea
to i tines at this school was the "Roll of
Honor." Thin included the calling of
the nanie of every student wlm is or has
,. lllistwl j„ t |te service of his conn
trv. The rank held and eompanv or
' • vessel they belonged D* was placed !
011 u *hidd provided for the occasion.
A tine musical and literary program 1
was presented and concluded with pa-'
triot *c addresses bv l'residcnt Charles,
l"i"d "t OKLoa'd o".d"cat""i and s ' i
t he children of school No. 7, held their
cxerciK»8 111 tiie Aiklituiium U'Merday
... It was decorated in Ameri
can and Cuban Hugs and bunting,
each la*v and girl carried a small Ameri
flag. The program follows.
s i
tlmVii,iV-; l ,!; : J, h, ;! 1 .m l ;J^V. ,
.DupiU in No. 1 room. '
1 ?
the Fhi
• : The.'."
tlic Klai, r ," Harry Andre
to \}"'i
Margaret Bn
e «iranth}
. . 1
" la tilnits I
■ Country's (ll.
Recitation, ' Papa's Letter.'
Iti-cltation .
siiiL'in*'. '-Tramp, Tramp. r l ramp."
Rwitatjons.Eight pupils i
to K( ' ci,a,i °i IS .Pupils i
siiwing. "Rally 'Round the El
i Aildress...Willu
No. 2 r
N»). 4 room
— Bertie Lv
>l "' h I
ll. Illake
I'ublie school No. (> was liandsomelv j
decorated with flags and bunting, and I
1 the following program was rendered by!
ex-, the scholars yesterday afternoon: |
I "Saluting tin* Hay..IhoSehool
, "History el Memorial Day.".Allan .inciien
singing, -star Siwngled ilaitner,".Sellout I
. i Beeitntlon, "Oui i'oiimry,".IVnrl Booker I
ot singing .Battle i ry of Frewlmn." .seimoi
I bhilogue, "Beautiful, 1'imerful, (dorlous Hag.
-1 Keeltatlon, "The ulilldren'siilTeriiig,''
■ *

Millie Coyle, II,,mini Mi \
llHlpll Save, 1
to Hecitation, "Memorinl Day,".Florriu Howell
gnig, " Mnrcliiiig Tlirough Georgia."
a-itmion. "Ohl Glory," .Helen Sa»e
n Johnny Comes Marching I
, "Memorial Duv.". Tillie Metiuier I
f the ocean."
Shall We Honor?" j
I'-llen lulwards
•nee Golulerg
j, 1 ,"
I singing. "Who
i Kocdtath
Recitation, Win
'olnmhia. the <ic
is 1
Recitation, ■•I.itt 1,■ Nan. . o
it ! singing. "Tiamn. Tramp, Tramp.' 1
j KerftStion' "AineriVa""''
re-, singing. T,
Recitation, •
...Mattel Berger
..Louis Atkins
the old ( amp Ground.''
•arrie Ilertel
'Muiued Drums." ..
Recitation, "Home Sweet Honit
Muufiiu Collins
Dialogue. "Our (V»lors,"
Bear] Booker. Helen Sasse, Lola Parsons
Singing, "Buttle Hymn of Republic
Singing. "My Country 'Tis of Thee."
Mr. Schall
the graphophonc.
Miss Lizzie Wlndhh
Address by Rev Dr. Schall, pastor of First Pres
byterian Church.
Programs of a« equally a patriotic na
ture were rendered by the pupils of the
other schools and in some of them the
picture of prominent generals and ad
mirals evoked prolonged applause.
With a modish cut and a few dressy
touches, a grass linen gown may be
made to serve one on comparatively
dressy occasions.
Miss Mamie Dixon, of (ialena, Md.,
lias returned from a pleasant visit to rela
tives in New Jersey.
The Alumnae Association of the High
School will give a musicale in the As
sembly Hall on Monday evening, Mav
30th. '
A large contract to manufacture some
engines for foreign parties has been re
received by the I'usey & Jones Com
One of the main points in favor of
grass linen as a summer material is its
adaptability to all occasions.
Mrs. Alfred Heck, of No. 1327 West
street, is entertainiug Miss Ethel Eng
land, of Camden, N. J.
A certain airiness and grace distin
guishes the finest fans this year.
ltev. Frances B. Short lectured in
Bridgeville on Thursday evening.
James W. Bonder has returned from
Miss Graham, of Mt. Washington,
Baltiiuore countv, Md., is the guest of
Mrs. M. F. Corkran, in this city.
A flag will be raised this afternoon at
4 o'clock on the large flag staff that 1ms
been placed on the factory of the Ameri
C 8 r, o te- n° m T. any ' „ , v
The C. Miller Thomse property at No.
(KM Market street, which was offered at
public sale by H. L. Evans & Co., on
Thursday, was withdrawn because of
inadequacy of bide.
The first barge of the Delaware Con
struction Company was successfully |
launched on Thursday.
The festival and literary entertain- j
rnent given on the 13th instance, by
several classes of the Sabbath School of
West Presbyterian Church netted about j
White India silk makes a charming|
""'IK delightfully
with C_
The organ factory of John Brown lias
been closed, as it was impossible to ob
tain the necessary wood.
The regular monthly meeting of the
W. C. T. U. was held yesterday after- 1
noon at No, 100 West Eighth street.
In tiie Jewish calender the Feast of I
Weeks began vesterdav.
, r ,
Miss Lizzie Harper and L. Innckle;
were married on Wednesday evening at :
the home of the bride No. 820 Madison
On Monday a new time table will go
i„ l0 effect „„ the P., W. & B. Railroad,
T v ,
\v'ii„D n ?tenvilii '
~ '' * ,
H. K >eek, of New Wk, registered
at the t laytnii Douse yesterday.
Mrs. Green and Miss Sadie Green, of
; this city, who has been visiting relatives
in New Jersey, has returned home,
bishop ('olotnan went to Dover yeefcer
, day to attend tin* commencement ex
a e rclf-eB of tbc C'oloivd Students' Collcgf
"*• «>■»•
James II. \\ right is suffering with tiie
II. C. Conrad, of this city, attended
the Colored College commencement at
Dover, vesterdav.
Professor A. E. Khoades, lectured be-, g
1 fore the Machinists'Association on draw
in the Smith building, on Thursday
Miss Annie Y. Ford has returned fr
pleasant vi.dt to Salem, N. J.
Com merer and I 'ii
i a lice.
! attention fr«
Tlieiv was no improvement in tla-do
, imill* bt-ititr xlow ami
iinsatisftxc'toi'y. Mill limit- wum nnmi
'! ul ,! y ,! l . n ,fi l a i u! i?l ';-V l) '.*t-BtoekB;
«<Tt! available Di("2.>t'. lief barrel below I
,tlnw, ami consequently received most
buyers. ' Spot Bran was
I lirm . with demand eitnal to the limited j
Uotings. I lav was in small supplv,
of with a sleadv demand for all desirable 1
of stuck at full prices. Straw was quiet and
unchanged, with ample offerings. lie
lined Sugars were in fair request and
or linn. I'rovisions sold fairlv in a jobbing ;
! way on a basis of quotations. Wheat iS !
this market is exceedint;Iv scarce, the J
1 stock only aggregating -13,000 bushels.
pa-' and most of this is controlled by ex
porters and local millers, l'riccs. there
s ' i ^'b^eKI'on a"SS i'l .'lOhVl'itA'for '
cash and May No. 2 Rod in export ole-1
vators. ( urn options were dull, but I
showed no important, change up to the i
and'close of the call. Cables were weaker
and export demand was light Local
cur lots were quiet, w t h moderate offer
lugs at former rates. (tats in car lots j
I were barely steady, under a slow de
s i maud from jobbers but offerinirs wore 1
, ;'*ii | y moderate. Cotton advanced l-'hic
' per pound.
and for FI
Grain Movement.
1 Receipts at Rhiladelphia:—Wheat, 4,
I olfl. Corn, 171,*7*; Oats, 57,037. Balti
more:—Wheal, 1011,520; Corn, 200,1)75;
10,572. Shipments at I'biladel
Corn, !),744;
Wheat, 130.
11 )ftt8
h I phia:—Wheat, (id,425;
i Gate, ll,03s. Haltitnon
057; Corn, 3S,970.
j „ .. . ..
I n,, " er ""•* ''-««*•
by! Tiie following are the
| sale prices recorded vesterdav at the
...... ,,
1 bdauelplua Rutter and F.gg Board:
I „ , ...
I Solid Packed Butter.
•fficial* whole
■ Separator Creamery, extra.Hi
j Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
I imitation Creamery, extra.]4
do firsts.
do seconds.
I r .. , ,
Ladle-packed, extra.
j firgtg.
do seconds.
Print Butter.
Jreamery, extra.
do firsts..
do seconds.
Pennsylvania and near by..
Western, strictly freBh.
South western.
Slmlhern, fresh.
I Butter firm; Egga firm.
I New York—Butter firm, 10); Eggs
Irm, 12(5)124.
. 105
Hoi to Start a Factor;
Is the subject of a prize com
position that will appear in the
soon; and will suggest the best
articles that can be manufactured
in small country towns with
small capital; how to begin their
manufacture and the best method
to establish such a business.
The publishers of the Seaside
Visitor, abright, sparkling and
entertaining monthly, have of
fered prizes for three best com
positions on that subject, and
the three best articles contrib
uted will be published.
side Visitor into 100,000 homes
it will be sent four months free
to every person that will send
four one cent stamps to pay ex
" Arnrt?n'r> e
tile SEASIDE VISITOR a first-class
advertising medium, and should
send a trial ad. A four or five
, , , '
1,ne ad - Will be inserted at the
rate of ONE CENT A WORD for
each insertion. Addre c S
Machias, Maine.
Men who observe this sim
ple precaution are absolutely
sa f e against venereal infection.
No appliance; „ 0 medicine; no
mkc. It never fails. Sent any
where for One Dime. Address,
The Quaker City Institute,
Darbv Pa
" '
p tt; . ;r . Tf
fastest cutting knife made. If
you will never be sorry.
C . W . SITTKKI A >75 Washington
street. Auburn, N. Y.
I #
Jl^ Bool( of S^er^ts
4 4
Write for descriptive circula*.
. . . , n „ 1 • . . t
Agents wanted. Sells on sight. Every
man wants a coi>y. Start in while
the field is clear. Fortunes in it for
live atrents -Vddress R Lusbv \ov
elty ^Dealer, ViS V^ (Mention
this paper)
l ■ f E will put your uanie and address in
yjj THE SUN Directory for 10 rents
You will probably receive a full re
turn for your money within a month in
samples', magazines, pamphlets, etc., etc.,
g ent out bv publishers, manufacturers aud
jobbers who are ever anxious to get in
hjiich with bona-iide agents. Adtl/ess
Directory Department THE SUN, Han
dolph Building, Philadelphia, U. S. A.
L AI >ItS do vou want a xactus
ii'om the prairies of Neb.
small round Cactus with a hand
some bright red blossom.
., p, 1 , .. ,
grows wild on the Xeb. prairies.
I will send one postpaid for 150,
-> fnr 1 cr 4,ld,-oco 1 \\7 T4 A V\T
2 »or 2 5 C. AfldtessJ. W. 1IAN N,
Watllieta, Neb.
— - . ;
, . _ .
YOU Cafl MfikS
-r7 1 ,
.% N,nre '? \!"W evtr "»*f d a
J ,rl "J n 8 cnfc U No friiit* ; no acid ; a bs°
11 Diirniless. N-nd Inc. stiver to*
rew, l®' -'odress,
No. 109 East Main St., Van Wert, Ohio !
_ --I
a Alt A
wAiVlLllv A
Yon cun pliotogrniih anything, Instantaneous'
' cm" ITa! 1 'Mlnw Em
j few!." thUuaemU Um leam'Vh. ,'m
,,f pl^tofrnii.hy. Jt willU* a ni-e present for i
1 vs,< '' l Io Vy \ lt «p now# . yoursdf Piv
I?MtE"ByUifSir*"" 1 :
t is a r
>iu leaves while :
I have a device for turniim
playing, very simple,
No sprint's, turns leaves
_ way—a ]ieeuliar movement, perfect con
struction. and only 91.50 hv mail. Here is a great
chance for agents. Remember, it is
vention, my own patent,
my own territory and my
. ,
manufacture, I
Craift's Common School Ouestion
... ."»
for DriK. mid Curm, By mail, 1.1, V
want to jioKt yourself on himctallism. lmnkfng,
Dostal Savings? By mail AV. Thwu t-jok. *rj
rroduction. Address,
a. h. craiq. Muk-vonhgo, tv,p
n j n ice.
I'lioti igrapli
ing Outfit
Free. Enclose 4e. in stamps for particu
lars, catalogue, etc. Address,
Metropolitan Importing Co.,
Metropolitan, Queens Co., N. Y. |
CIKF MIIQTAPHT and my catalogue I
der the sun, for 5 cents, for (>osta ge' rte 11 ' 1 "® un " |
Pliiludclpliia, Pa.
Box 158.
u/. . i^ou/£,
BOX 30(1.
The only »ofr and always reliable Belief
for Ladles. Accept no worthless ami dan
gerous imitations. Have money and guard
health by taking nothing but the only genu
and original Wilcox t'ompouml "aaag
_ i metal boxes bearing shield trade
] mark, pri.» |2.ao, all druggists. Send 4 eta.
for Woman 1 s Safe Guard. sec-u-rely mailed.
*M ftoalb Eighth Street, Phila., Pm
I lie
Pills, in
Situation or help advertise
ments in THE SUN will be ran
for 25 cents until either have
been secured and ordered out.
B OV—17 years of age. wishes position In store.
< / Address "F, Hcn Office.
WANTED—Would like to purchase a good
second-handed breech loading shot gun. Give
price anil full particulars.
Address "J
Si n Office
WANTED.—Experienced shoe-maker. Address
or call at 707 Chureh street.
WANTED— At Hhirt Factory, Fifth and Fiench
streets, Ujterators and Experienced Cuff Turners.
W ANTED— A man of ability to reprrvnt a
firm of high standing; must have small
capital for goods cairied. W. H. Kelley man
ager, Gibson House.
nail street.
ANTED—Situation for coachman v house
work in private family. Addresi 807 Tat
W ANTED—50 boys to sell the Sunday edi
tion of The Sun. Biggest sale on record
last .Sunday. More Profit. Apply 10! East Sixth
WANTED—John Jackson, formerly a butcher
in Great Hampton Row, Birmingnam, England,
who many years ago went to America
name of James Johnson, and traded for some
years as cattle dealer in Kansas City. Jackson
(if alive), is now entitled to property In England.
Information to WILLIAM JACKSON (brother),
Shakespear Villa. Hparkhi t, Birmingham, or
THCRSFIELI) Al MES8ITER Solicitors, Wednes
bury, England.
under the
small jobbers and cylinder press. Apply 103 E.
Sixth street. None but experienced feeder need
WANTED—By an experienced man, position
as press-feeder. Address "D" BUN OFFICE.

WA NTEI >:—J'oSuitin/'Wanted by i
trious yobng rjlaij, AvilliniJto dot
tiling for/X legitimate lj
12 Sun Qmc
WANTED—Four business girls to work mtliis
city, (.'an make from $2 50 to $',.«» a dav. Apply
Ik. 1 tween 9 and 11a.m., today at No. 1117 Ea*t
Thirteenth street.
W ANTED.—A white girl for general house
work, must be tidy and exi»erieneed. Apply
at No. 621 Van Buren street.
"IIT"ANTED— A half-grown white girl for
I >Y work. State wages. Address P. (
152, city.
O. Box
W ANTED-Married lady eanvassers to sell
private looks for women. 613 King street,
I # »• or 6 p. in
new household article just out; sells at
••ry house. Call ut I,ufavette Hotel. 508 Mar
.any, :,l Nurtl, Kivc"rt!?"
ket street.
"VIJ'anted— Women to sell Bwsine.
▼? contract. A sale at every d(Kir.
Manufacturing comj
wilkesbarre. Pa.
u ., VTn , .. T i, . /, v .
\ N 1 K 7')f mjA'I. 1 '. A'-ED L/Dl
"ii. a.
wantE n
as cashier.
. —
I W <» C < >MM I .\1( \VI INti It()()MS
Iur ° nlm
8. A. o. this fifliec.
iidied. with or without lioard; hum ).«• in or mm
the bus!
-f the city. Address U. H.'
for d<
• ! . ; li. j». eleetrhvmotor;
iw price.
F. Riblia
is. 105 E. 2nd Si.
|,|lllll<u 'i' ll > 1 '
___ . ........
mn I PRINT 1000 3 x 5 circular:
Wh I I 100 words or less, send
; II t ■■Ib you o00;mail balance with
ours and insert same copy
1,1 '"'. r P»P** r fl11- 30c. silver, provided
von give us your word that you'll mail 10
circulars we ... you 1
as you write them.
twelfth Street, Athens. Texas,
nir 1 MUI
DIu letters offers etc
! stamp for name in' Reference Guide i
Kh ™ W * t '" t P nb, '| 1 ^ ptc
1 \\' ' m
"estbrook. Mo
, .
vv A , 1 Inforination concerning
"TT 0 .'"*, 8 " Ila r <lv ; " f
S l. ijl 1 J 1 '' ];? me
i .V ' It V J- * V ! i? f V i ! at l< w,I J r ^ !
grateful 1\ lecmved by bis sister, Kate
: A 19 * Locust
I LL. ' '
TANILD A man in e\ei\ tom in Pela
nasi Vl -'eia'ieeni U \if- ,i lv'',o I ! > ." IW p U '"
"""■ Al , h Jt
r ,,.
i SALE—A first dais
'licap, 815. Apply a
212 West
si rue t.
o 10 advertisers
Texas Rub. Co.,
want lost of,
lie. :
in-|6ooo men wanted to fill Gov't.
I *
Service vacancies this year. Only !
common school education needed 1
o, most places, (6000 to $s, jcx,
next examinations and valuable !
information xpnt PR FT? n,i vo
- IlI0rIll "t'0 l ' senI; " K l'.f. on re-,
A,INN aVCa At-.X. .! T V '
Ynnnrr Man ll ° you Wlint a
I (Jlllly lYI R ll s 0 "' 1 paying;
! I , UU 1 I, & 110,1 position on th!
railroad. If so, J can help von. Age
i must he between 174 and 344. Enclos
12c. for terms, postage, etc.
James L. Wilson,
| Dept. Street, Maiaen, N. C. |
TTHF following is a reproduction of n ms tR i
Vk recently received from a down cad hustler 1
Mr. Jgord was formerlv located in I'liihttlcii.iiin 1
.ii Fin end:
Are you opi»n to an agency offer?
1 want an agent in your locality to work
salary or commission. 1 will give you a $50 ait
iK.intment and forfeit $50 if you do not clear
If A. ou ar(i hiterested. enclose 20
eentn to cover mailing expense, for full particu
lars, contract and two samples, the regular price
of which Is .K) cents. All sent fullv prepaid
As to my responsihllity, 1 refer you to the
V?S na , fite r, Express Agent, or any business
house. If we do not hear from you at once. I shall
not liotd the |positinn o|g*n to you,
Yourt; truly.
»*enti. either *ex. Chxr
JCNoBlce be * r ,trlt ' t< * t Investigation. Artdreaa
KNIGHT—Information wanted of children ol
Mrs. Jane Knight, formerly residing In Brooklyn.
MRS. ADDfE GRA.MBKUSH.—News of iropor
tanee. Any one knowing her address notify;},,
87(1 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted.-dlanlel K Daven
1*011, formerly of John E. Gowen and Co, eon
hlahelrs, will please communicate
with WILLIAM McKINLEY, 189 Herald,
Downtown, New York.
FtEHbTNER, ROBERT—if Robert Fucretner
j^ttcharias L. Fuerstner, will communicate
with Tlatzek, Strook and Herzog, 320 Broadway,
advantage litJ ' * ,tar ^'^hing hi*
IF Michael C. Walla, bom in Balllntra, county
Donegal, Ireland, now abnuttuyears of age, aup
|xtaed to la* aUnit New York, would communi
cate with hU cousin Michael Flood, Rossvile
street, Londonbcrry, Ireland, he would hear
something to ids advantage.
INFORMATION wanted of Rosanna
Peilly, (domestic.) Please send address
to 60 Convent avenue. New York city.
IF Frederic Richardson, late pro. cricketer,
Wood borough, Notts, England, and Montreal,.
Canada will apply to H. O. S.. 762 Lafayette av.,
he will be gladly received. Cuban papers please
BUCKLEY, 190 West Broadway, New York citv.
INFORMATION wanted of Clare Duval by bit
«ster. j. DUVAL. 151 West 53rd,
New York City*
If Theodore Hummel, ot Entigen, Oberampt
Horb, Wurteraberg, who left his home in Moess
ingen in February, 1890, will communicate with
Post Office box 183, New York, he will hear
of something to his advantage. Information in
regard to him will be thankfully received.
„ Western inters please copy.
ANY information from Dontery Marg?ret Knud>
len Flindt. wife of C. J. H. Knudsen Fliudt
would gladly be received. Please address 110*
3d avenue, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted of the whereabouts ot
John Collins, last employed as stevedore. Ad
dress MARY PHILLIPS, 910 North bth st.. Read
ing, Pa.
IF Frederick II. Deepe will send his address to
the undersigned, he will hear something to his
advantage. GERMANY, 218 Herald, 23d St., New
York citv.
i HOWARD S. HODSON, formerly of Brooklyn
; please send address to ACQUAINTANCE, 157 Her
i aid Downtown, New York City.
HENRY 8. GRAY.—Information wanted aliout
Henry 8. (iray, of Toronto, last heard of i
bookktrper with Simonds
Mfg. Co., Long Island City, and living ad Ed
wards' Hotel, Greenjtoint. Address CARTER
&DWIGH7. % Broadway, New York
; mer of 1893, when
TO the Baron Von Alvensleben, late of Fifth
Avenue Hotel, corner of 23rd st.. and 5tli ave.,
New Yorki—You are particularly requested to
Jnininunieiite with'.I. D. B. Le\\i>, Solicitor, 20
Buckler.-Gory, London, Eng. Anyone knowing
the address and communicating the si
2 will l»e
LUDWIG L.ANDsiict will l«u
to hi> advantage hy calling room
Jtrcct, New York citv.
INFORMATION wanted of Elhu Pyne, mar
^<-'.1 Johii Binkein North America60 years; lived
1 \ork.
of something
02, 93 Nussau
A Ol
. the where*
1 hei.H, wife oi (Tiarleo Theis or
York, l'a,
v v
lrora Birmingham
w „ni for' proof' of 'aVath. '"AcMren geo' A
SMYTHE. Oouaiellorat Law, HoAmes Building
i Daniel mulligan or Cornelius Carlan, din
Ji" 1 ^
ertj; lilK.iul ryuard for proof of dvath. Address
^'VTtlE.uiuuwlloi at Law, no Ames
Building, Bo s ,»a, Mas.,
WsEI'll HFX.XIk-A knmvI1
wte iJitli S' taliheV AtK* f'
! Petersburg, Russia, or the'CoiiKulutt^Uenipkl %
Russia. 21 state street. New York. r i 1 *
INI'ORMATION wanted eonceraing Matthew
V h ,l' islil '' V'-t heurd of Den-.. a; will he tlmnk
"eeeiied l.y liis tirotlier, DAVID, Uix ts5,
White Dial ns X. V.
and hfirs
Lillian Du Muro
„ • loank and John De Muro. Address
E\h< T TOR. 226 Wot 136th St.. New York City,
Syracuse and 'J rov. Papers please copy.
SHOULD this meet the eye ot anvot the rela
lives at Ualliirlae or Benjamin Hough, formerly
B„o W .'. ck 'M r . 1, P* 1 ". 1 "*- -'"i- IBEDKKJCK
BEALD will he pleased to see nr hear from them.
Address British Steamship Enema Market
wharf New York. b iaiku
: —
I WANTED—RnLcrt Bruoo Davids. «
the inti-David liayidscii. Writer, o.upu,, Angus
J':','!, 1111 ' ■ " r of his (diildren, Addiess Ii' \'lii
Dl.NUAN w son. Solicitors, Dundee, Scotland!* 1
! "L l SJS' l> 1 1 wa C (i't <1, ia
1 the (u4™dw!t^ J'j
! 111 Broadway. Neiv York citv, tLaw ,
MAGGIE llAf.'RIs—Information .
whereabouts of Maggiu lhirri» who °*
' ed ln May, laa; it tw tVm, 5 n emI,,0 7
wmdd UkeTo'hear m Unl11 ('■«' Bransell),
. '
| information wanted of comeiiu si
I ?°o n 11 '" tr i i :- k F lM,rn « aw East 47th Btdt?:
Col ^K'luard^mm^mm' !" for laoirer!
1 n,.,,'e,.v V, , 2. . 1|1 A I'rtl, ISlij, from
1 w ^° ,n ^ l ,° ^h'^'kton, Cal.; father and
ing deaih
-o^Glllghlhou*™^ Adrc'i H F ffi

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