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OL. 1. NO. 216.
An Important Dispatch Re
ceived by the Navy Depart
ment From Commo
dore Schley.
Admiral Sampson's Ships Will
Make a Descent on Havana.
JK£M'sxr h *jSi sb
Santiago de Cuba that Commodore
Schlev^can do what'he pieaseswi'tllhim
^the^h^fe^ 1 ^
h?, S / r K h ' , ha ' |l )H " 11 la readj andiagir
for the bombardment A great army .3
C? tK kt ' !ldCSCentat " ,iale ' er
Thire wdllblf no need for delav in get
ting SaniDsonreadv HisphinHam flfled
rmrifilm flnill.flv? Irm! u»n,
strinned for li/i'tine Transimifsi
reaiiv to coiivev" siillicient soldieis to of
feet a land g and Id a ha»e of onera
sf/.u ti H i hold a base ot opera
a Ct i ve Smts A I the H Les
sarv munitions 1 S of war are at hand"
u „ and
for a quick descent. ... .
Hie air of uncertainty winch lias,
vanished. Evidently they now tee
their way clear to decisive action.
When Sampson arrived at Key West
today lie wired fully his knowledge of
conditions along the Cuban coast, and
also sent suggestions as to the best
methods of procedure.
His dispatch started all the depart
meats connected with the war into un-1
usual activity, and, oncoming from the
President tonight, a high official said:
"You'll hear something drop now, and
it will drop hard."
WASHINGTON, May 20 —At a late
hoar tonight n dispatch was received
at the Navy Department hum Com
modore Schley slating in positive
terms that lie liad llie Spanish fleet
bottled up in the liarhor ol Santiago
dj Culm.
While he was reasonably sure of
in former dispnlches this one con
tained the very ini|H>rtant informal ion
that lie hail seen the Spanish licet in
the harbor anil had recognized it.
A lint lit* royal is expected within
very short period between tlic two
Wasiii.votox, May 29.—The Navy De-.
partment received information today
which f »r the first time relieved official's
for the Iast1^ a dayfand satLied "hiun
on two vital points—first,
American fleet under Commodore Sclilev
was outside Santiago harbor, and, second,
that Admiral Genera's Spanish fleet is
inside that harbor.
This information came from private
sources which naval officials regard as
thoroughly reliable. It is from the same
source that gave the Navy Department
the first information, almost a week ago,
that the Spanish squadron was inside of
This source of infer
SixTlul Cispauli to Tin: six.
j Wasiiinoton, May 29.—The Navy De
partment to-night received a dispatch
from Commodore Schley, who arrived
off Santiago on Thursday morning, Tlie
dispatch was not given out.
A report was circulated that the Navy
Department had stated that Schley re
ported that Cervera's Spanish fleet was
'bottled up", at Santiago. On inquiring
at the department late tonight it yyas
stated that no such information had been
iven out and that it was a "shameful
Secretary Long was not at depart-1
mic-11 o'clock and he could not be found.
•In appears, therefore, that the mystery
as to the Spanish fleet continues.
Charles D. Smith, an engineer, who
was employed until recently for six
years at a place a short distance from
Santiago, and who is very familiar with
that city and its harbor, but who is now
in Chicago, has just made a statement in
these words:
"I am certain that the largest Anieri-1
can warships cannot pass into Santiago
Bay owing to the winding entrance,
which will not allow a long boat to go
In connection witli that statement it is
interest i irg to read tlie one made at the '
Iuforin .ition Received.
Slu'Ciul Icsi'Utch to The Hex.
tlmt tlie
Santiago harbor,
mathm lias proved itself reliable thus
far, and for that reason tlie news re
ceived to-day was accepted as conclu
Schley Hear:! From.
The Harbor Guarded. I
.-«*."•£.. i
^mainly inside. But nothing certain is
, k ,'"'" na8 tn " ,p <'ommunica.io„ which
X: d - 11 ...
auxiliary ^rMser''Harvard^ wldcli ar
rived here this morning, lias important
digpotc , 1(1H for th( . na " a , anthoi'itk's at
"'ushingtoii |
. T1 ',° Ass , nciatt 'd Pi ess dispatch boat I
V and * v . tn,,k 0,1 l,oai(1 a m ©8 B Pnger with j
(l,y P a tcbeH cabled to Consul Dent here 1
i?, r ^ansmlssion to the American fleet,
T lie Dandy left Port Maria on the north I
c ' ,a! ' 1 ,,f last "ighl. The nies-!
nonger ,s an oflicer of the Navy Depart-1
" u '" 1 nnd il l * llnders t°od lie has dis- ]
l> a "'hes of the greatest importance from
Commodore ScTiiuv.
I** 1 ' 1 1 Match tolHKSrx.,
Maui in, .May 20.—It is officially an
nounced that the Spanish reserve squad- j
Jon, commanded1 hv Adnural Camara,
has left Cadiz. Bt foregoing to its des-1
tlliall ou, the squadron will manoeuvre
probably tor several days in the open
sea, atterwards limneiiiateiy sailing for!
*'"* ' nilippine Islands, Cuba, or Tunis-,
h»». a» the government may judge most
opportune. J lie squadron is understood
to be composed of ten to twelve vessels. I
- |
same time at Key West by the captain i f
the Spanish steamer Catalina. This ves
sel was one of those seized as a prize and
taken to Key West. It was released yes
terday and the captain is now a tree
man. He felt greatly pleased over the
release and today told a correspondent of
the Washington Star that he did not be
lieve that Cervera was at Santiago, add
"I am as familiar with Santiago harbor
a j I am with my native port of Santan
der, Spain. Tlie approach is narrow,full
of difficult heads, almost inaccessible for
battleships and large cruisers,
would have to pick their wav in single
I oar At 1 kinck. Ilnyti, May i.9.—It
c, roles here that the
-punish squad i on has left Santiago de
i,! , M Ac^mling 0 ti!' Tremrt whi^Tn'
reached this place a* German slenmer
wiljJ^XKoifbilard has nm'lhe
blnck " d " " nd entorcdthe nf lla ' a " a
Off to 1'Ili 1 i]>|>ill( A s.
S| , u( . h , 1 .. . <
ti.m „ ' /u ') l "' V *? •T7 r, '" v ? |,e ^"
.. ^ if ! e i* v ' (J,l ' ra *^"'7 •«> the
1 1 ppiiies mis started. i esterduv
,l '" 1 '"! n K < '.an-lesti.i. made Hs second
10 ^ ,J ire Island Navy ^ard,
(11 "J 1 a, V ,,ll,1 ] , t , °n and other mu-1
nitlon 0 ," al Gie use of the gallant!
were responsible for the delnv in the!
departure, have been tliorougfdv over
hauled. With them every oilier hit of
apparatus aboard the ship has been over-!
looked and tliere is nothing now to in
terrupt tlie long journey'to Manila save
the necessity of a stop at the Sandwich
Islands to renew the coal supply. By a
judicious use of coal on the first stage of
the journey, Honolulu should be reached!
by the Charleston in seven days. Al
lowing one day for delays incidental to
unfavorable weather conditions anil one
da y to l 'oal, tlie second slage of tim
journey should be begun by June 1 and
tlie Charleston should steam in past Cur-1
regidor Island and join Admiral Dewey's
fleet in the harbor of Cavite bv June 20.
flie cruiser passed the lighlsliip after
a (ivo hour rmrshortly after noon. Cap-!
ta '» Glass then took a soul!iwesterly
course, steaming at about ten knots.
Wd 1 'colors flying the last sight of the
*hip was seen from the decks of the
Manchester, which .was. steaming into
tlie Golden Gate after a safe journey
f rum Callao. Tlie seven thousand miles
journey before the crew did not dismay
the men in the least, for they gave tlie
Manchester a great salute anil a cheer as
they hade farewell to tlie last American
da 8 Giey would Bee for thirty days,
Dewey Needs Munitions,
Hono Kong, May 2!).—The United
Stales auxiliary cruiser Zali o, which ar
rived here at midnight yesterday, re
ports that Hear Admiral 1 tewey it short
of provisions and ammunition.
The liavilo-Manila cable, it is said,
was cut by the Americans on May 23.
May Seize (he Carolines.
... Ik
Washington, J >. C., May 29.—The
country must not be surprised if a new
naval and military movement is set on
foot soon. f lhe President lias under ad
visement a project, which is understood
to have a most influential backing in the
best quarters in the United States, to
which not a breath of suspicion of "jin
goism in the ordinary sense could attach
ior the seizure of the Caroline Islands, a
dependency of Spain, about 300 miles
east of the Philippines, from which we
have had much trouble during the last
few years through the persecution of
American Protestant missionaries by the
Spanisb hierarchy who la/e assumed
control ot the islands, and 111c dentally
to t his the Spanish Government's re
fusal to recognize a Consul whom we
sent there, the only ground for his rejec
tion being that be was a kinsman of one
of the missionaries whose property had
been destroyed.
Utilize Balloons.
r .id!It could be done w ltbqut any great
1 sk or danger to the persons in the air
811 "' _
Off Sau Domingo.
Pout ac Pkinc k, Haiti, May 29.—A dis
patch received here from Monte Christi,
on the north side of Santo Domingo,
reports that a Spanish squadron lias
been sighted near there. It is believed
to Ixi Admiral Cervera's fleet making its
way to Porto ltico.
Hie dispatch, however, lacks confirma
Spanish Neeil Food.
; ssffaswsr r*
piymmms for vessels carrying provisions
to Oita and Porto Rico.
Spies Becoming: Bold.
KtAgsr, Fla, May ffif-An limn
the Cuban cause, says that the doings of
»P««wh spies here are becoming so
| notorious that it behooves the authori
I tms at Washington to take immediate
j f 01 . 1 ® 11 In j! ie njatter.. Uieae men, he says
1 h \ M meetings nightly. Their meeting
places are known to the public. One of
I blew >•" not tar from the Ooverment
'['servat.on and tile Marine Hospital,
the other being on Petrona street. The'
] authorities here have/ repeatedly been
cmhioned of tiiedoings of these spies, but |
the Ooverment does not appear to place
an v confidence in the information given.
- B
8i*cial Pispatch toTHESux.
Kkv West, May 20.—The correspond
j ents, Cliarles H. Thrall and Hayden
Jones, who had been imprisoned in
Cabanas fortress at Havana for two
weeks, are again on American soil Col
onel Cortijo, brother-in-law of General
Weyler, and Surgeon General Julio with
their soldier servants, captured on the
prize steamer Argonauta, were exchanged
lor Jones and Tlnall off Havana last Fri
day morning.
New Yoke, May 29.—A Kev West
special says that General Blanco told!
the two newspaper men, when lie re- i
l ' a T d , tlK '"'' tel1 General Miles to I
f e '"/ P '.'u' n°!. r J len aild ammunition, ■
deall,'" '
tlie very

! M.uuuD.Muy 29.—It is announced that!
J the Spanish torpedo boat destroyer Ter
^ r,,r ,m " " ITiv '' d <«• San Juan de Porto
, Hico, having evaded the American war
ships which won* watching for Tier
. , .
AlllCI II <111 r lCtvt lit Cllvitc.
]p )N( . g 1)V(1 y, T ,
Vilo ^
1 Ha; American ships had
' T 111 ? d L>l < ln 4 ^ 010 ' w iele Spanish gun
'"'l 1 ( ano is> supnosexi to be, is in cos
• \ Agmnaldo, the insurgent leader,
i - H " ldl tile insurgents between the
! lcan8 and lle •■'l>anmrds.
Cumin, Columbia,May 29. — Adispatch
i (rent Dominica Leeward Islands,reports
| tliat cannonading was heard to the
j southeast of that Maud last night.
j _
Tliinlr^ I0G»ot H
1,,IUKS 11 " e I "»» LStapefL
' Sixielul hlsi«teh to The si n.
i r... . -i r „„
I... a l iv.'iporanh"' i !! ','" , lc '
..i t-nite the P .,,il T :
the whereabouts^ of th. s?vmGi!'''i s'''
ImwlZ i, T "l"
o-rvera wa^renortP.I t i,°', 8daj '
de Cnbn and Snl l u mO k'.'5 u
that'wi y 1,11 Klv "cstfor
..-i-J '
Terror at San Juan.
Cannon Roomed.
ie next morning I learned
tlie squadron was b mnd. and was
ablqd to follow aboard tlie British sliip
Premier. Since then we have been en
gaged in a fruitless search fur tlie Span
ish in the Gulf and tlie Caribbean Sen.
"Monday morning we came up with
the American ships off Cienfuegos, anil
learned that Commodore Schley believer
(hat Admiral Cervera was in tlie Cien
fnegos harbor, but owing to the nature of
the port it was impossible to learn from
the sea whether this information
"The American squadron, which cm
sisted of ihe battleships lie
sichusette, Texas, Brooklyn, .Marble
b ®? d ' '-^V, a , nd >, Du ;
P°m, n»aintan*ea a close blockade ot
the entrance,
"The topmasts of three or four largo
ships could be seen in the harbor over
the promontory which conceals the en
trance, and it' was believed that these
were the Vizcaya and the other
under Cervera.
"On Tuesdav evening the Cuban insur
gents sent a boat with positive informa
tion that the Spanish fleet was not in
Cienfuegos harbor; and just after sunset
Commodore Schley's squadron sailed
away southeast, bound for Santiago de
Cuba. **
"We followed in the Premier, and de
spite a heavy gale from the southeast
kept in touch with the squadron until 4
o'clock Wednesday. A severe rain soiuiIf
then hid the vesse.s, and when it cleared
we found they had altered their course
and disappeared.
"We stood along toward Santiago, but
as the gale increased in severity and our
supply of coal and water was danger
ously low. the Premier was obliged to
Fridiv^'ffik. WhC,V S "°
After losing losing touch of the fe st we
sighted the f mted States gunboat Hawk,
with the news that the Spanish fleet
under Cervera was not at Santiago. Jam
afraid there is little cliance of meeting
the Spanish fleet. 8
"The probabilities are that Cervera,
after discharging ammunition and sup
plies for Blanco at Santiago, put out
again, run down the Caribbean to Me.
Unique and gat out into the Atlantic Vv
Cf ... ,,
Startling Rumors.
Social Dispatch to The sun.
barding the town after theViemv''s ships
were destroyed. The reportemaimted
„ ^ ** the Navy
been in battle. Ao inhumation or any
to indicate tha a ba tic has been
i?. ,?!,') 1 .o'th/ vnJv He'" 1 ' aS beCtl re '
the Na\y D epartment.
Merritt 111 Coillimilld.
8l m-l»l Msiatch toTHFSrx
s „ ...
H tt who wi I mmomnrtTK f "
who will command the American
hitheil'lmmrrers^infilifei v «Mi ab i.' S f ,ed
5? , ,5,.', f ' i ' a 5'
t el. iiehid a long conference with
MajorG.-nerai I )f.s, but wili not divulge
any of Ins plans tor the future.
the volunteers now encamped there un-!
derhiaeyes a t all times. He will en
force strict discipline in the camps from
"ow on.
Captain C. L. Hooper has received in
structions from Washington ordering
him to proceed to Manila by the next
transport to assume command'of the cut
terHngh McCullough, to succeed Cap
tain Hodgson, who is ordered home. 1
it is not expected here that the trans.
port fleet of five vessels, which will
make up the second expedition to goto
Manila with reinforcements for Admiral
w ill get away for at least ten

Army Appointments.
• Wasminiitox. May 211.—The* President
trmy nominations
j yesterday sent tl
| to the Senate:
j To be Major-General nf Volunteers—
j Matthew C. Butler, of South Carolina.
To lie Brigadier-Generals of Volun
teers—James It. Wales,.of Texas; Nelson
Cole, of Missouri; William C.
To he Assistant Adjutant-General,
with rank of Major— M. F. Bell, of Mis-1
, j
Gates, ot
To be Assistant Quartermasters, with
the lank of Cupluin—Frank Squire Polk,
of New \ork; Aidoh \V. Kimball, of
To lx. Commissaries of Subsistence,
with the rank of Captain-Wamer Harl
risnn,.of Ohio; Charles Filet Cabell, of
Virginia; Josenh N. Duharrv, Jr., of
lVniisylvania; Winslow S. Lincoln, of
To be Chief .Surgeon, with the rank of
Major—Frank .s. Bourns of Ceorgia.
he Assistant Adjutant-General,
with tlie rank of Captain—Theodosius
Botkin,of Kansas; Frederick J. Kountze
of Ohio.
To be additional Paymaster*—Fred. T.
Jones, of (Jh'o; George F. Pickett, of
Virginia; Newton C. Foote, of Ixinisiani:
Brewster C. Kenyon, of California;
George II. Kay, of North Dakota; Kd
wa'd S. Fowler, of New York; James S.
Harvey, of Florida; William II. Thrift,
of Iowa; George H. Sherman, ot Illinois;
lolin II. Townsend, of Missouri; Charles
Albert Smylie, of Virgin'a; Daniel M.
White, of New Hampshire; JulinM.
Sears, of Tennessee; Winlield M. Clark,
of Pennsylvania; James \V. Dawes, of
Nebraska; James Caiiby, of Colorado;
Otto Becker, ot Georgia; Louis Knapp
New A'ork; Samuel I). C. Hays, of Ci
rado, and Beverly Waugh Coiner, of
Miss Sarah H. Beach is the guest of
friends out of town.

, of
T,,oS,nal1 Political Dodgers and Dis
° rffa,,lzers wni Not Sing "After
the Ball is Over," But In
stead That Ballad of
"Johnnie Git Your
When the "Git-Together" Club
Kails fo Meet anti Elect
At the Luxuriously Appointed
Apartments on King
,, , ,
, U°in tie deserted appearance of the
''^quarters . of the "Git-Together"
8 " »#» the "Git Out" alias the Lincoln
e a - ) ea "*7 °". Saturday evening, it
<I ult « evident that no meeting of that
woald be pohtical disorganization" was
held. aUHaflW
Tl,e Ille f'"K was to .be gheld for the
leaders of such a "powerful" organize
tion failing to materialize on such an hn
portant (?) occasion. '
Tlmt they will get there, goes without
! e;l - vi,lg - aml Died & Co., will have all
^ ^
an excuse to the effect that "Freddie I
dear. Pm called a^T" wouldG.
down and that Mr. Bach and l,is imi- ■
mate constituents must formulate a better I
reason than that for their non-appear-!
ance. 11 |
The supposition that Fred and his I
other "trollev-dodgers" were afraid to ■
the music as there was every indict I
tion tlmt there would be more ' than a 1
"tempest in a teapot" raised if they had i
appeared, and the chances were that the I
band or dissatisfied disorganized would I
„ot have rendered "" ft f ?he BaH W,«
r ,i i i ".' lb
V t, !! nK badad °* Johnnie, lot ^ our j
They were all cocked and primed to j
hurl a bombardment of questions at ;
Dred & Co., and it is supposed that I
some one had the nerve to tell them of
the broadside that awaited them.
Another meeting, however, may he I
I>'»^ibly held on next Saturday night
and the indications point to a hot time
with the elements in favor of compell-1
' n K the "Git-Together" Club to "Git
Gut" of politics unless they can give
positions to some of the hungry office I
seekers and if not they will have the j
ultimatum sprung on them of sinking
into the stage of innocuous desuetude
from which they sprung.
Heard Testimony.
j Hiei liil Pcsiateli
a The Si x.
j Diiviai, May 29.—Chancellor Nicho 1 -
| son yesterday heard testimony on the
j application of Attorney General White
; for a rule to show cause why the Oom
j i wercial I
ujington, :
I doing busines.
Testimony was given showing tlie
value of l he assets of the company, while
I f'mlrn A^hniSm^ 6 "* "'" S l,mt
| L " t l L ^ f Chienno
j » 4 */i t i ° i »• r
"ho chafes that
L" a . K# 0 '" 1,leH "> "ie company
; "" " 0ltld ess.
lsurance Company, of Wil
liould not he prevented from
through a trust
Quiet Day al Camp Tuniicll.
Siwrial Dispatch to The Sex.
Miimi.ETowx, May 29.—Very few vis
itors were at Camp Fbe W. Tunuell to
day owing to tlie tact that no special ex
cursion trains were run from Wi
Thu reason for this was that on last
Sunday a crowd of toughs from Wil
mington raised a fight on the return
train to tlmt city and threatened to do
the same thing today.
The boys are very' much elated over
tlie fact that they are to be paid on Wed
nesday. On tlie same day a court mar
tial will he convened at Camp Tunuell,
and over lifiv men will he tried for
drunkenness, disrespect to officers and
Kodney Street Presbyterian Church
Quartet rendered a sjiecial musical pro
gram al tlie Y. Al. C. A., 1007 .Market
street, yesterday afternoon.
Bishop Monaghan will administer the
first communion and comfirm a large
class of girls and boys at tlie Pro-Cathc
dral next Sunday.
Held in the Grand Opera House
and Addressed by Promi
nent Persons.
Arrangements All Perfected for
Today's Celebration.
Graves to be Decorated and Salutes to
Ixi Fired This Morning—The
Route or the Parade and
Organizations That Will
be in Line.
iaUiav^rvices^ld bi'tlmfi^ > H m0P '
' -t^dire alk-n on at 4 3rf ^°",k
v 1 / i liTn M v Smyth
I Sheridan P™?'wq 1 °ri A ,°' ?' Pai1 -
1?' 4 f'u , 2, ' 9V ea Sumner
: L colored, and Camp No. 2,
and f .,„ d d 3
headed hv/he ?n UW, a at 4 ' 5 '
iw 1^1';! ' e P " , ■,. „
Past Department Commander Liddell
dn^Vuirswake,/^™ 01 " 68 and intro '
: 9e,t ; ctl01 1 18 ' a. 8 dld a chorus of male voices
" nder . the dl «-Ction or Prof. Clymer,
During the addresses many references
?.ver Ciibatmcl the Philippines, but that
wouid he plnnted m tfie very heart of
at .....
il'«as profusely decocted
"'th the flag of the nation and ntimer
A. K. Posts flags.
f^legatwns from different postsat
^ n . ded , d ' v ' ne pl terv . | ces
A8 ? ury ^ ,urc V
Among the prominent people who
?°™P>ed seats on the stage were : Wash
'"S 10 ", Hastings, Colonel A. .1. Wood
"l 1 "!' C ?, lon V 1 Adjutant General
" t,u ' (7 ' A - M- Kiley, W. C, Maris, J.
S' M ? rt ! J n - n ' a l >,a !" #('ook of the
: St ' c,in | l Pennsylvania Volunteers sta
tl " ned n ? ar IVnpsgr.ive, C. S. Arbnckle.
"• A - KllioW - M - T - J>»nneiibeiy. Mavor
McU>ar Slieriff Flinn ex-SheriW PMilin
with a
last night at -
; The decoration of the graves with
I flowers will take place this morning and
salutes will be fired by squads from the
different posts.
I Smyth Post will decorate the graves in
Asbnrv, Old Swedes and Kiverview cem
eteries. Commander William Douglas
will lead the detail and tiring party.
duPont Post will decorate the graves in
the duPont burying ground, tireenhiil,
I Mt Salem and St. Joseph's cemeteries.
j L. L. Pierce will command the detail,
Grunt Post will decorate the
graves in
tlie new Cathedral cemetery, John Bul
lock being in command.
Post, witl
mander, will decorate tlie
graves in the Wilmington and Brandy
wine cemetery. In the afternoon a de
tail, in eharge of W. J. Irwin, will visit
Lombardy cemetery, where the graves
will be decorated and the usual salute
Phil Sheridan
Caleb Woodrow as com
>9 o'clock tliis afternoon the
parade will take place and ail organiza
tions participating will report by that
time as follows:
FIltsT 111 vision.
Platoon of Police.
Marslml Daniel Boss.
Cliief of .Staff General Peter B. Avars.
First Division, General William H.
Bentz, Commanding.
Department Commander Robert LiddclL
and Staff.
Thomas A. Smyth Post, No. 1, G. A. R.
William II. Douglas. Commanding.
Admiral S. F. dn Pont Post, No. 2, G. A.
It., L. L. Pierce, Commanding.
Appomattox Camp, No. 2., Sons of Vet
erans, Captain Frank P. Gentieu,
Bovs' Brigade, Captain William Haley,
Jr., Commanding.
The first division will form on French
street, right resting on Fourth.
Major Frank Ncalv, Commanding.
Mayor Henry C. McLear.
City Council and City Officers.
Board of Fdncation.
Chief of I'olice and I'olice Commission.
Water Commission.
Board cf Health Cmmnission and
Tilt 1 second divisiiiii will form on
French street, right resting on Fifth.
The column will move at 3.30 p. m.,
over the following route: From Fourtli
and French streets down French to
Third, to Market, to Fleventh, to Dela
ware avenue, to Jackson, countermarch
on Delaware avenue and Eleventh street
to Market and dismiss.
I'usey and Jones Company will obscryo
Memorial Day by closing at noon today

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