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VOL.Jf. NO. 217.
The Commodore Would Enter
the Harbor of Santiago de
Cuba and Engage Cer
vera's Fleet.
1 Have Got Them and They Will
Never Get Home.
The Spanish Admiral Unable to Ex
tricate Himself From His Dan
Position—Much Gratl
Heal ion Expressed B.v the
United States Government
—Dewey Protects a
Spanish Captain.
Special Dispatch to TheSun.
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti, May 30.—
Following are tlie contents of a dispatch
received here from a correspondent with
tlie American fleet off Santiago de Cuba.
29—Commodore Seliley and the Fly
ing Squadron has the Spanish fleet
bottled np in the harbor of Santiago
de Cuba. By the most clever \
v iioeuvrlngtlieConiinodore allowed the
Spaniards to think he had left in dis
gust. They t ook the bait and ran Into
CominoiJore Schley
his morning, ar.d at «
the harbor.
moved down
o'clock, going close to the harbor, he
the Cristobal Colon, the Maria
Tcrcsa.nnd two torpedo boats. Hcbe
lievcs the entire fleet is there.
"Commodore Seliley has acted upon
Ills own information and judgement
for the past six dais, anil believes the
fleef- is there.
. Whole Spanish
riiingle of the
ami lie (lien
discovery of <lie -fleef,'
went to breakfast, sayitl
"I have got tlie
get home."
,'aiul they will nov
"Tim United Slates auxiliary cruiser
St. Paul arrived here ibis morning,
enf to the Mole St. Nicholas
and was
with dispatches. She captured a coni
ship, which was sent to Key West by
Captain Sigsbee in charge of a prize
The coal was undoubtedly fli
tended for tlie Spanish fleet,
believed there Is not much coal at
It is
Santiago de Cuba.
"Tlie officers and men of the Flying
Squadron are jubilant over the fact
that the location of the Spanish fleet
has Anally been definitely established.
"The temperature here is HO de
sin the shade and In the steel
turrets the heat is actually beyond
the (tower of Imagination.
"The American ships here are the
Brooklyn, Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa
Marblehead ami Vixen, an auxiliary,
torpedo gunboat."
Dispatches From Seliley.
Special Dispatch to The Si n.
Cafe Haitikn, Haiti, May 30.—An
American warship lias just signalled the
watcli station on the mountain near the
entrance ot the harbor, it is expected
that she lias despatches from Commo
dore Schley.
Cafe Haiiten, Haiti, May 30. —Later
it became known that the signalman had
been mistaken, for the approaching
vessel turned out to be a Clyde Line
steamship, which touched here to land
Cervera In tlie Bottle.
Special Disiwti-li to The Sen,
Port-ai -Pi'ixi B, Haiti, May 30.—Two
Italians who set- out from Santiago de
Cuba in a small boat on Thursday, May
19, and landed near Mole St. Nicholas on
the 22d, arrived here today, bringing in
formation as to tiic situation at Santiago.
The state of affairs there is critical,
particularly so because of tlie lack of
lood. A great many of the unfortunate
people, especially the reooncentrados,
are dying of starvation. Tlie whole
population is terribly discouraged ar.d
keenly desirous of peace.
Tlie arrival of the squadron under Ad
miral Cervera without food supplies for
tlie city deepened the general despond
The squadron lias disembarked 800
men, artillerymen and engineers, and
lauded 20,01X5 Mauser rifles, a large quan
tity of ammunition, and four big guns,
destined for tlie fortifications.
In spite of l he strict silence maintained
by the officers and crews, the general
opinion was, when the Italians left, that
tlie squadron would set out for San Juan
de Puerto Rico to '.and arms and ammu
nition there.
For several days the rain lias been
falling in torrents, and many cases of
yellow fever had broken out among tlie
Spanish troops.
spects] Dispatch to The Hun,
Washington, May 30.—The Navy De
partnient lias at last received positive in
formation from Commodore Seliley that
he has "seen and identified tlie Spanish
Wants to Make Attack.
fleet in Santiago harbor." In addition
to the bulletin given out at 1 o'clock this
morning, which stated positively that
Commodore Schley had seen and recog
nized the Spanish fleet in the harbor of
Santiago do Cuba, and had them safely
trapped, it is said that Commodore
Schley repotted seeing three Spanish
cruisers of the Vizcaya ty pe and two or
three smaller vessels. It is thought that
there can be no doubt that the fourth
cruiser w as there, but that Commodore
Schley was not in position to get a view
of it.'
This grateful information simplifies the
situation. The campaign will now move
on. It is understood that Commodore
Schley is desirous of attacking the Span
ish fleet, probably being satisfied by his
success in scouting that this would be
feasible. Secretary Long, however, said
this morning that the Department had
not vet decided to permit the forcing of
The expressions of satisfac
tion at I lie Navy Department are uni
His Fleet Demoralized.
tlie harbor.
8 .eclat Dispatch to The Sun.
Washington, May 30. —Definite in
formation has been received by tlie Navy
Department from Commodore Schley
that tlie Spanish fleet is at Santiago lias
caused tlie utmost satisfaction in Con
gressional circles, and tlie general feeling
is that there will be no further delay of
aggressive and decisive operation.
The idea that it is possible for tlie
Spanish Admiral to extricate himself
from his present position is not enter
tained, nor is there any apprehension
that it is in tlie power of Spain to relieve
That it was Admiral Cervera's hope
and Spain's intention that tlie Cadiz
fleet should be sent to join Admiral
Cervera is not doubted, hut it is feared
now that this plan will he abandoned,
and that tlie Cadiz fleet w ill not appear on
this side of tlie Atlantic.
It would he regarded, as a subject of
congratulation should tlie Cadiz fleet
persist in a purpose to relieve Admiral
Cervera from ins distressful situation.
Fleet in a Bad Way.
special Dispatch to The Sen.
New Yoke, May 30. —Tlie British
steamer Laughton, which arrived today
from Curacao and La Guayra, iH char
tered to run on tlie Red D Line, this be
ing Iter first trip. Captain Hodgson
brought information confirming the re
cent reports of tlie Spanish fleet which
put into Curacao for coal and provisions.
He also brought photographs of tlie Viz
caya ami Infanta Maria Teresa, which
anchored a short distance from the
Captain 'Hodgson says the ships' bot
toms were very foul and covered wjtli
long grass. They stood high out of the
water, owing to their lack of coal, and j
tlie boatmen of the harbor said that the I
sailors of the cruisers were in need of j
food, having been put on short allow-I
at.ces for some days before arriving at!
Curacao. The opinion was unanimous
that tliev were in no condition for
speed. '
Troops For Santiago.
Special Dis. at Ti to The Sun.
Washington, May 30.—It is reported
on good authority that tlie embarkation
of troops for Santiago was actually be
gun at Tampa today.
This morning the greatest activity is
manifested in tlie War Department. It
is understood that military operations
will he begun at once. The expectation
is that a sufficient force will be landed
in tlie vicinity of Santiago to take pos
session of that end of tlie island, which
is entirely isolated from the .Spanish
army with Blanco, and that Santiago
will be reduced and the Spanish fleet
captured if tlie vessels are not destroyed
ami abandoned by the Spanish Admiral.
This movement will not be regarded
in the sense of a general invasion of the
island of Cuba, and a comparatively
small force in that section would enjoy
immunity from attack hv Blanco's forces
around Havana.
It is still the purpose to take posession
of Porto Rico before the general invasion
of Cuba nnd the attack upon Havana. It
is believed that orders to this effect have
already been issued, though that cannot
be asserted positively.
Very early this morning the Secretary
of the Navy and Secretary of War were
at the Departments and ii number of
cipher dispatches were sent from both
Departments. It is understood that the
transports are all ready to carry the in
vading army, uml that the army to land
in Cuba will be embarked anil start on
To Convoy Transports.
8l»ecittl Dispatch to The Sun.
Washington, May 30.— There appears
to be no reason now why tlie military
invasion of Cuba should* not begin as
soon as a sufficient number of troops can
be equipped for the campaign. It was
with deep gratification that tlie Secretary
of tlie Navy last night received a mes
sage from Commodore Schley that finally
removed from the field of conjecture
any question as to the location of Cer
vera's Spanish flying squadron. The
CommoiUre's telegram was brief, but to
the point. Tlie text of his despatch had
not been given out, but tlie substance
lias been made public. Tlie Commodore
said that lie Hail sighted tlie Spanish
fleet in Santiago lmrbor. The Depart
ment construed his words to mean that
the officer had himself with his own eyes
seen Cerveru's fleet, and as near as can
he learned this gratifying spectacle was
beheld by Schley yesterday morning.
It is believed that Sampson, confident
of Schley's ability to hold tlie Spaniards
in Santiago harbor, is now rapidly pre
paring to convoy the military expedi
tions, tlie start in" of which cannot be
much longer deferred. Sampson lias
reinforced Schley's fleet with some of
the best ironclads—tlie Iowa, for in
stance—so that there was no question
of his overmatching the Spanisli in point
of force. The Cienfuegos blockade,which
was not abandoned, but was temporarily
weakened to sensure tlie safety of some
^ 1
of the blockading vessels from attack by
the Spanish flying squadron, will now be
re-established in all of its old rigor.
General Miles is prepared for instant
action. A special car prepared for the
commanding general and his staff lies on
a siding at the Pennsylvania station here
ready to start whenever needed. The
general himself refuses to tell when lie
will move, but there are signs at the
army headquarters this morning that
indicated an early departure, possibly to
Sclilej's Deport.
Special Dispatch to The Sun.
Washington, May 30.— At 12.30o'clock
this (Monday) morning the Navy De
partment received a dispatch from Com
modore .Schley announcing definitely
that tie had located Admiral Cervera's
Cape Verde squadron in the bay of
Santiago de Cuba. The Commodore
states that he lias seen and recognized
the vessels of the Spanish fleet.
While the naval officials have been
morally certain for several days that
Cerevera's squadron was in the harbor of
Santiago, the official announcement
from Commodore Schley was received
by tlie officers on duty at the Depart
ment with intense satisfaction. Assur
ance is now doubly sure that the Spanish
fleet is bottled up, and that the cork is in
the bottle
Will Be Forced to Fig lit.
Special Dispatch to The Sun.
Key West, Florida, May 30.— The
Spanish squadron is anchored in
tlie harbor of Santiago and tlie problem
remains for the commanders of tlie
American fleet to dispose of the enemy
either by corking the bottie or by forc
ing tlie long, narrow passage and smash
ing tl>e strong Spanish squadron at the
anchorage its commander lias chosen.
It has been the opinion of Rear-Admiral
Sampson that Admiral Cervera would
seek either Santiago or Cienfuegos
naval refuge and base, and tlie
nient of the American squadron lias pro
ceeded upon this basis.
Strong and effective as are the Span
ish ships, representing as they do the
flower of tlie Spanish navy, every argu
ment in naval strategy compelled Ad
miral Cervera either to seek tlie shelter
of the close harbor of Santiago or return
to Spain, and lie chose to make his
stand at Santiago.
Admiral Cervera will have to accept
battle at once. It is confidently
pected that a hard blow will be struck
within three or four days, and that the
result will be known to the world at
large at tlie expiration of that time.
as a
Hongkong, May 30. —The British
j second-class cruiser Pique has arrived
I here from Iloilo and Manila. She re
j ports all quiet at both places,
The Spanish garrison at Iloilo numbers
100 men and the place no defences. The
foreigners there are sate,
Supplies are reaching Manila plenti
fully from the surrounding country.
There is no panic at Manila.
The Spaniards are working upon the
fortifications; but their guns are old and
useless and they are short of ammuni
Protected a Spanish Captain
Special J)isj*atclu» to The Sun.
,., . . ,, , . . , , .
In icph to the Spanish attempt to win
" ver o Agmnaldos men. the insurgents
are said to have informed the Spaniards j CU8
that they are neutral and will await j
J-M? 1 f' u, it>oat Iol Can°, vvhieh j
captiired the American bark Saranac, | two
loaded with coal and owned by William [ tll0
Smipson Jr of New Aork, has left
I'oilo and gone to the Samoangan River, j
It is asserted that the Spaniards re- I
leased the Saranac,owing to tlie fact that!
she hoisted the British flag prior to her
Tlie Americans have captured the 1
Spanish gunboat Leyte, which was at-J
tempting to run dispatches into Iloilo. 1
A steamer is reported to have landed
ti,000 rifles at Cavite, for the use of the
insurgents. ;
The Spaniards have offered $25,000 re
ward for tlie head of Aguinaldo, the in-1 const,
surgent leader.
Tlie Governor of Hong Kong lias pro- ing.
hibitedthe United States auxiliary gun
boat Zaflro from taking war stores to the
American fleet, blit he lias permitted her
to ship "officers' luxuries." The Zufiri
sails from here for Manila today.
Rear-Admiral Dewey has informed the
authorities at Manila that he will hold
them responsible for tlie life of the Cap
tain of the Spanish gunboat Callao, cap
tured by the United States fleet. Tlie
Spaniards have been threatening to
shoot him for surrendering, although
confronted by tlie whole American fleet.
All the American ships are at Cavite,
in Manila Bay. Salt provisions are plen
tiful, but fresh provisions are not obtain
able. There is no sickness in the Ameri
can fleet.
1 when
I for
! her
..., I
M AsniNorpN, MayflO.— The State De
partnient mafled to GeneTai Merritt Ins j
exhaustive instructions for the govern-1
nient of the Ph rapines. These em
body not only full details for tlie control
of the military and naval forces in estab- ">"<<>"
halting I "fled States sovereignity over,
the Philippine group, winch were pro- i Gav
pared by the War and Navy Depart-,
inents for incorporation in the instriic- ;
turns, but are understood to clothe the
commanding General with greater dis-, « Pf
crotmnnry powers than have ever up to took,
this time been granted to an agent ot
this (lovermnent. hxcept in hi« re I a
Uu a. '/W'r, u> 1 ; 4 . Willing
d t n m JJfp 1 when
, Ml n mt * C '""
Ti l if su I m " m - and
Jp n ;i .. r '. 1|{ n 0 J S b ™ r f Vt 7 puffed
evidence that the United States intends ,
^ 1 . 10 ^ P " nent c " ,llro ° t u> !
lHiui.uH. .
Gttvf> ITn liriirht niinsii j
wave L JI Tx Iff III Lliase. !
Key West, May 30. — Tlie unknown uy_one
steamer supposel to lie a Spanish aux.il- i bridge
iary cruiser, sighted by the Wilmington tl> e
ana Bancroft albout fifteen miles off Key
Merritt Is Supreme.
West early on Thursday evening, was
not captured. The Bancroft gave up the
A Leaking Prize.
Kny West, Fla., May 110. —The British
steamer Kestormed was brought in here
this morning under her own steam by
prize crew. She was captured while
trying to put into Santiago de Cuba with
a cargo of coal. The steamer was bound
from Cardiff to Porto Rico. As the lie
stormel came in I lie British Hag was fly
ing half way down her mainmast. She
was leaking loudly.
Wilmington's Police Force Inspected
by Their Chief, Pol ice Commis
sion and Guests.
The efficiency of the Wilmington police
force was warmly commented upon yes
terday morning after the semi-annual
inspection iiad been held in the couit
room of the city hall.
When Wilmington's finest appeared in
the court room the members of the l'o'ice
Commission, Messrs. Lawson, Hart and
Pyle, were seated on the lower platform
with Chief of Police Dolan.
On the platform were seated the fol
lowing invited guests : Mayor McLear,
President of City Council Leitc.h, Cnun
cilrnen Kane, O'Neill, Robinson, Fisher,
Watson and Oberley, Bailiff Ryan, Milk
fnspector McEvilly, Dr. Edgar C. Joyce
and the members of the press.
The men were divided into squads of
ten each, in charge of the sergeants, and
they wore white lisle thread • gloves and
upon the left breast of eacli was a bou
tonniere of red carnations.
^Captains Chambers and Kane in
spected the revolvers, manuals, whistles,
blackjacks and bracelets, and after this
had been completed the sergeants were
called upon and explained the condition
of lights, fire alarm boxes, patrol boxes
and the condition of the streets and
pavements of their beats.
The suggestions made by the sergeants
in reference to the location of lights were
noted by Clerk Kelleher and these were
subsequently given to Chief Dolan for
tlie consideration of the Police C 0111 -
During the inspection, Captain Cham
bers. Sergeant Evans and Officers Shields
and Maloney were complimented for
their clever piece of work on Sunday
morning when they captured Samuel
Blumberg, tlie Philadelphia murderer.
\yijen tiie inspection was over, tlie
entire force was reviewed in the rear of
tlie hall and a picture of tlie group with
tlie patrol wagon and mounted police
was taken by Photographer Bucher.
Cigars were then passed around after
which the men were dismissed and tlie
jail ami police headquarters inspected
by the commission, council and invited
Trusty Jury Discharged Without
Rendering a Verdict After Being
Out Two Days.
At the opening of Court of Oyer and
Terminer yesterday morning the Trusty
jury was was still out.
Tlie court continued in session all the
morning with recesses from time to time.
District Attorney White
asked that tlie jury be brought in. At
torney White and Deputy Cooper held a
consultation, both feeling that it would
be impossible for tlie jury to agree upon
a verdict.
At 1 o'clock tlie jury filed into the
court room and through* their foreman
stated that they were unable to agree.
The court- expressed a regret at their
inability to come to a conclusion and
discharged them from further attend
ailce> Trusty was then remanded to the
CU8 tody of tlie sheriff and taken to New
Castle. It is probable lie will he given a
The Trusty jury were out about liftv
two j 10urs alu i during a greater part of
tll0 time Htood ]0 to 2 for acquittal.
Jurors Qeorge B. Ward and hi Rov
Roberts'were the ones who stood
throughout for conviction,
John Welsh, colored, was arrested last
evening hv Officers Kane and Pearce
while engaged in a light at Beatty's
Walter Trump, Charles Jones and}
Thomas Barton were also arrested last I
night for disorderly conduct on tlie |
At 1
Colored Men Arrested.
All will he given a hearing thin morn*
Got What They Deserved.
A lady and gentleman were walking j
up Market street yesterday afternoon, |
when they separated, the lady waiting !
for a car. While standing alone a mini- j
her of young men used insulting language !
concerning her and were soundly
thrashed bv James S. Moore who was I
passing and'heard their remarks.
Memorial Day at Townsend. j
">"<<>" to ihksi.v .
Iownsexi., May .10.—Hie Memorial
Gav exercises held here were on a more t0
elaborate plan than ever before in the
ory of the place. This morning John
^nimise raised a large^ flag with , bt
Pf , lte Hor " c ™enig
took, place at 1 attune Patk. j
Fisherman'* Luck. j
Charles B. Mackay of this city, was
Willing for herring yesterday afternoon
when he lost his balance anil fell in the j
Brandv wine creek near the Baltimore ■
and Ohio railroad bridge. He was of
puffed out hv one of his companions. j
'__ 1
Eve Gut. j
• |
An Arabian whose name could not be
ascertained was cut over tlie right eye|day,
yesterday afternoon, by a stone thrown ! of
uy_one of tlie notorious Third street j a
bridge (ping, The man was removed to
tl> e Delaware Hospital in the Phoenix i
Ambulance. 1
by a
('amp Life at Middletown Becom
ing Monotonous to the First
Delaware Volunteers.
Pay Day and Conrt Martial to Be
Held Tomorrow.
Soldiers Will Be Leniently Dealt With
for tlie First Offense—-Many Vis
itors at Montclianin and Car
ney's Point-All Need Shoes
and Clothing.
Special Dispatch to The Sun,
Middletown, May 30.—Quite a num
ber of Wilmingtonians paid a visit to
the First Delaware Regiment of Volun
teers, in camp here, today. Ill a num
ber of instances tlie boys received sub
stantial tokens of regard from their
latives and friends, and that they appre
ciated the kindness of the donors was
shown by the smiles that crossed their
The understanding here is that tlie
men will be paid off by the state on
Wednesday as the loan bill has passed
tlie Legislature and the money will be
available tomorrow.
All bills are to he paid by check, in
order th at there will be no hereafter
about receipts. It was thought that the
expense of the encampment to tlie state
would reach something like $18,000, but
it was stated by an officer yesterday that
the state would have to bear less than
$15,000 of the expense. This is gratify
ing. as it was thought at first that the
entire $80,000 appropriated would be re
No word lias been received as yet from
the government as to w hen the men will
break camp and be sent to tlie front.
All are anxious to leave, as they are kept
in very close confinement in camp, none
of them being allowed to leave the place.
At times tlie temptation is too strong
and the boys take French leave, and
when they return here from a visit to
their homes they are placed in the gqard
house as deserters.
On Wednesday court martial will be
hild for the trial of a lot of these of
fenders, but they wifi be leniently dealt
with this time. Should it happen again,
however, the chances are that they will
he imprisoned for tlie full term of their
enlistment or two years.
Todav inspection and regimental drill
was hefd for the first, time in two weeks,
as rain has heretofore prevented the
boys in blue from going on the field.
Some of them, however, were excused
from this duty, as they are minus shoes
and sadly in need of footgear and cloth
ing. ft is expected that this will be
remedied in tlie near future, as the gov
ernment is expected to send tlie neces
sary supplies in a few days.
Tlie First Battalion, Second Pennsyl
vania Volunteers, guarding tlie du Pont
powder mills at Montclianin, was the
magnet that drew many Philadelphia
and Wilmington visitors to that point
They were courteously received by
Col. John Biddle Porter and his officers
and shown around the works.
I n tlie afternoon they had the pleasure
of witnessing guard mount and dress
parade. Like tlie Delaware Regiment
some of the Pennsylvania bovs also are
almost barefooted.
caeset's POINT.
Many Philadelphians yesterday visited
the Second Battalion, Second Pennsyl
vania Volunteers, Col. Henry Deshirt
commanding, at Carney's Point, N. J.
The officers and men were kept busy
explaining how tlie explosion of Satur
day occurred, where one man lost his
life and two were injured. Battalion
drill was held in the afternoon and was
witnessed with pleasure by those
j Old Glorj
! Kail road Office and Pusey &
Jones Company.
riling to (lie Breeze at a
i Memorial Day was celebrated at the
f Yardinaster C. II. Cantwell of
j office . .
| the f'> " • ^ L- railroad, Third and Rail
! road uvenue, yesterday morning by a flag
j raising. Fully 500 persons witnessed tlie
! ceremony and the exercises as rendered
were very interesting.
I Superintendent W. N. Bannard of the
Maryland Division unfurled the flag,
wliife President of Council C. M. Leitch
j sang "The Star Spangled Banner." As
! the flag was unfurled 500 small flags fell
froln itH f 0 ids. * Cannons boomed and
the whistles of several locomotives added
t0 t!ie din. Superintendent Bannard,
Yardinaster Cantwell and E. M. Hoopes
delivered interesting addresses. A mini
, bt . r of girls sang "CSlun.hia, the Gera of
the Ocean."
j The flag, which was 10x20 feet, was j
I purchased by the employes of the yard i
j amt trainmen. Among those present
were: Superintendent \V. N. Bannard, \
Trainmaster Frank Carlisle, Assistant!
j Trainmaster A. J. Ilvland, Division
■ Operator J. N. Kales. General Foreman !
of Gar gimps W. II Lungren, Yard-1
j master C. IL Cantwell and Assistants
Joseph Ilunl.am, George W, King and j
j Howard Simpers. I
| At the closing of the works of the'
Pusey & Jones Company at noon yester-1
eye|day, an immense flag was raised on topi
! of the office, while the employes, led by
j a special choir, sang "The Star Spangled
Banner." The enthusiasm which at- \ of
i tended the affair lias seldom been
1 equaled. '
Patriotic Wilmington Pays Fitting
Tribute to the Memory of
the Soldier Heroes.
Resting Places of All Veterans
Strewn With Flowers.
Tlie Impressive Ceremonies at the
Cemeteries Conclude With a
Parade That Excites Much
Enthusiasm Over the
Route Taken.
It was with a united spirit that a great
people turned its thought yesterday to a
solemn and grateful remembrance of the
valorous men who died that this mighty
nation might not perish from the face
of tlie earth. None were there to breathe
of a North or Soutli for war against a
foreign foe had welded into invisibility
any traces of a line of demarkation, and
all united with the throb of a single
heart beat to give a nation's sympathy
for tlie noble and brave men who hail
fallen in battle.
The patriotic people of Wilmingt
also nobly responded and paid their
tribute to the soldier dead. Tlie day
dawned clear and bright and as early aa
7 o'clock in the morning scenes of
activity were noticeable at tlie post
rooms, where they received hundreds of
flowers for the decoration of the graves
of those heroes who have long since re
sponded to the call of their master and
had been reverently laid away in their
last resting place on earth by those who
had been with them on many a bloody
field of battle.
After the flowers had all been received
details of tlie veterans inarched in com
pany with firing squads to tlie cemete
ries where reposed tlie remains of their
departed comrades.
Smyth Post, No. i, decorated the
graves in Asbury, Old Swedes and River
view burial grounds. Commander Wil
liam Douglas was in charge.
(hi Pont. Post, No. 2, mid its. annual_.
visit to the dif Pont, burial '^rhtinaTBcr**'*'
adorned the grave nt Admiral S. F. du
Pont. They also visited Green Hill, Mt.
Salem and St. Joseph's cemeteries.
L. Pierce was in command of tlie party.
Grant Post, No. 13, in charge of John
Bullock, carried flowers to the new
Cathedral cemetery.
Phil Sheridan Post, No. 23, headed by
Commander Caleb Woodrow, had the
decoration of tlie Wilmington and
Brandywine cemetery graves in charge.
In the"afternoon a detail, led by W. J.
Irwin, visited Lombardy cemetery.
Tlie Sheridan Post was accompanied
by SMS school children and headed by the
Brandywine Fife and Drum Corps, on
its visit to the Wilmington and Brandy
wine cemetery.
Prior to the parade in tlie afternoon a
slight shower succeeded in allaying the
dust in tlie streets and when tlie line
of march was taken up Old Sol was
again smiling on tlie hundred of persons
that lined the principal thoroughfares.
Tlie parade moved promptly at 3.30
o'clock in the following order.
FIRST division.
Platoon of Police.
Marshal Daniel Ross.
Chief of Staff General Peter B. Avars.
First Division, General William H.
Bentz, Commanding.
Department Commander Robert Liddell
and Staff.
Thomas A. Smyth Post, No. 1, G. A. R.
William H Douglas. Commanding.
Admiral S. F. du Pont Post, No. 2, G. A.
R., L. L. Pierce. Commanding.
Appomattox Camp, No. 2., Sons of Vet
erans, Captain Frank P. Gentieu,
Boys' Brigade, Captain William Haley,
Jr., Commanding.
second division.
Major Frank Nealy, Commanding.
Mayor Henry C. McLear.
City Council and City Officers.
Board of Education.
Chief of Police and Police Commission.
Water Commission.
Board of Health Commission and
route of the
A Bishop Honored,
Cardinal Gibbons on Sunday an
nounced the arm hit l ent bishop
Alfred A. Curt isms vicar general of Z
Archdiocese of Baltimore to till tlie
vacancy caused bv the death of Mon
signor Edward MctfoJgan.
Bishop Curtis has been living at the
cardinal's house for some time and has
been a willing and efficient worker. In
appointing him vicar-general the cardi
naf it is said has carried out a plan
formed when the resignation of Bishop
Curtis from the diocese of Wilmington
wos acccpled-that of giving him the
appointment whenever a vacancy oc
~ ... „
State Board or Health Meeting.
A regular meeting of the State Board
of Health will be held at the Clayton
House, this city, today, and important
business will be transacted.
subjoined :
French streets
parade was as
•tli and
down French to
Third, to Market, to Eleventh, to Dela
ware avenue, to Jackson, countermarch
on Delaware avenue and Eleventh street
to Market and dismissed.
At all points of the route tlie veterans
were enthusiastically cheered, and not a
single accident occurred to mar the
pleasures of the day.

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