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Clement H. Oongilon, Sole Owner.
■aterwl at the Wilmington Post Office
as Second Class Matter.
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, No. 103 East Sixth St.
Mechanical Department, No. 103
East Sixth St.
Philadelphia Office Room 3, No.
911 Walnnt Street.
Bianco's last letter to Gomez was a
'»« l«»,vl<mlra «*». -a
only a contempt turns kick ftom the man
to whom it appealed. Bianco must now
]>e able to nee his finish without the a.cl
of a spyglass.
Madrid that Weyler
. , . '
ot the enormous fortune
while in
command at Havana. This may ex
, • i ,i i , „re,tnli «mts tiJ
plain why the desperate "retell wants to
return to Cuba for another campaign.
THE SUN is published every day in
the year and is distributed throughout
the City of Wilmington and the State of
Delaware by authorized agente. Sub
scriptions should be sent to the publica
tion office by mail or telephone.
Saturday, June 4, 1898.
Good morning.
Tx is astonishing how eager the nations
of continental Europe are to prove their
affection for >!ear America. The sudden
ness of their conversion is almost sus
Twelve thousand mules, costing $1,
200,00:}, have been bought in Missouri
for the use of the army. Any Spanish
attempt to rout that outfit will en
counter a particularly stubborn resis
It is reported in
that he made out of the
Those itiellow-liearted peace shunters
in Philadelphia who set t a gushing letter
of condolence 31111 approval to the Queen
Regent of Spain n JiV have a little war of
their own to look after. They went
...... 1 , , , bo.-n
huntii.g for trouble and appeal to have
found considerably more ot it than they
excellent teas.,..
wan to 1.
ist be some
Tiikuk 111
maintain cable
for allowing J»ianc
co mmunication with I'urope.
the bombastic old Spanish commander
would have been cut off long ago.
thing for everybody to keep in mind just
now is that th * folks at Wa hnigton
know exactly what tiiey are doing.
melt of France as
Fkanck, at least s
is represented liv her venal pi
cuting everv imaginable evolution to get
of the
. .. . i .. 1 1 ,i.„
ences to the gl rv once sl.aied, ai d t
love which should ever linger between
the lands 0. Washington and Lafayette.
.if we rr-!
ark into the good graces
United State
We may be forgiven, ho a ever
gard France's first thought as hot *i'ici re
thought, and the aftertn light
thought inspired by policy. At any rate,
Americans have found out that la gloire
is not our idea of glory, just as they have
long known that 1'amour is not the
American idea of love.
foundation for the complaint that the
volunteer troops at the i
Whim; there is probably little
>r n<
iliiliziug c imps
3 sill plied with foud which is insufli
int in quantity and poor in quality,the
uter is nevertheless one which de-.
serves the immediate attention of the
The country ran
means to do so, but it is possible that in
the hurry of assembling a vast army the
commissary department lias not yet
,w„lnn,.rl nmm iWn..» ,,f useful
developed its piopci degree ot useful
When the organization is per
military authorities,
afford to feed its soldiers well and it
fected it will be found that the present
American Armv is the best fed and the
, . *, 4 ,i „i
best equipped that eve; marched uganifet
an enemy.
The environs of Santiago, however,
present peculiar difficulties for the land
ing of an invading force,
harbor entrance, even with the forts de
molished by yesterday's attack, would
be foolhardy, the narrow inlet still being
full of mines. Outside the entrance, on
either i-ide, the cliffs rise al
tously, making it next to impc
make an ascent,
more than thirteen feet draught approach
Less than
To attempt the
jst precipi
ible to
N'or can vessels of
anywhere near tiie shore,
eight miles to the east, however, is a
sheltered inlet, to which the mountains
either side gradually slope, and where
the depth of five fathoms is maintained
up to a few hundred yards' distance from
the sandy beach. Into this bay flows a
good-sized stream, which, being followed
to its source, would lead directly to the
rear of the city of Santiago. This is un
doubtedly the point where tiie United
States troops will be disembarked for the
attack. A junction will doubtless be
effected there with Garcia's insurgents,
who will i rove invaluable as guides to
thi rear o* the city. How many days it
will take to get our army in position be
hind and around Santiago city,
whether it is already there, depends on
the topographical and engineering diffi
culties to be met with, but it is sale to
predict that the next light we hear id at
Santiago will be a sea and land battle com
bined, in which Cert-era can only escape
destruction within by flying into the
terrible tire of Sampson's and Schley's
fleets, waiting outride for their certain
prey. >
A grand sea turtle lunch will be served
tonight from 8 to 11 o'clock at the Hotel
Lafayette, No. 508 Market street, of
which Michael J. Sharkey is the pro
The Citv Council in sitting as a Court
of Apjeals on taxation did a thriving
busiuess. Many complaints of over-as
sessment were heard and adjusted. The
following is a summary of tlie principal
actions taken.
Mrs. Sarah Houseman's house on W.
Front street was reduced from $1200 to
$1000; lot on Gay street irotn $100 to $50
and house on School street from $400 to
$1)00; properties of Hugh Fenuegan,
George Wilhelm, Jr's., house on Second
and Chestnut streets from $800 to $000;
Mrs. Sarah Hilliard's property on West
Third street $700to$ti00; one house on
Young street and one on School street
the property of Mrs. Alice Bradv were
reduced from $1200 to $1000 and from
$600 to $500 respective!'; Henty Wil
helm's house Second and Delaware ave
nue was reduced from $2000 to $1700;
Orion Carrick's house on South Fifth
street from $1700 to $1000; the estate of
Samuel Etchells from $5000 to $1000;
house of William Pedrick South Third
street $000 to $500; the assessment on the
houses of the James Brady Estate was
adjlisted as follows, three frame houses
on Young street $1800 to $1500; two
frames on School street. $1200 to $1000;
house on Ninth street $000 to $500; John
Mahoney's properties were lowered as
gfes SR
$700; lotion Seventh street near railroad
s.oo to $(.00,
The brick house corner of Harmony
and North bront streets, was reduced
from *'.,200 to $2,0(K), and transterred
' f of Rosanna Trues to;
Mary Ellen Truss. The assessment of
i4 ,jo on the stable of A. M. Hitter, was
considered but no action was taken. As
sessor Israel Hidings's stable was added
t0 l |st "Tth a valuation ot $2(X). I he
co(jrt !M ]j (mrnei j j. lst night.
sixteen thousand bushels of oyster
shells are being placed uponthe road lie-!
n here and Wilmington within the
Ncw Castle.
c , lllie g,-oiiml up by the pa.
the I'nttil bed will be inline condition,
The Road, Commissioners
work cutting down tiie hanks and nmk-,
drainage 8 elUU , rs . x , 1(f dirt removeil
| je j n g thi
f this: citv.
Holes and ruts at
being filled in and when t!
are still
11 upon tUo
hollows are being leveled an 1
possible. Though the bicyclers leave not
T? '3
av :
(j K . r,»ad.s will be greatly benefited by the
if st, John's
At a recent met-ting
Lodge, A. T\ A. AI.,
liceis were elected:
the foliowim
William F. llushebeck,
Worshipful Master; Thomas J.
Senior Warden;
Junior Warden.
Todav will i
all probability
vind up
the shad lishing sea;
and alter this period are of very little
uud I'G value.
Numerous hog pens are being reno-1
vated and removed from within ti e city
| 111) j, s> jjy order of the Board of Health.
The places where they were located will!
be thoroughly disinfected lay copious
applications of lime.
Private, Owen J. Sheridan, "f Co. II,
from Camp
already many nets
• on the raek;
The sliatl have now nearly all spawned
;l II( ,,
H. V.,
Tunnel] yestenluy.
a visitor here
■ us
Municipal C<
sailor, bad
n and was
imprisonment of six
Judge mil in Municipal
*ning. (iusto as-1
Saiiorwine, at her
st street bet ween Front and
»n Thursday evening
*n arrested bv Officer Scott Itad
application of the
< instilve
iusto, a Swed!.-1
) imposed on hit
yesterday m<
sail 1 ted Mrs Caroline
| lome nn \v €
1 strei't*.
anti "'-'u
J'- Jl , ' ct ' Ul
.1 nl,n Pratt, charged w
Martin Wynn, was held in $100 bail fur
a hearing tonight.
Kearney ('. Hitch, accused of riding a
1 bicycle foster than tiie law allows about
o'clock on Thursday afternoon on Dela-1
ware avenue between Jefferson and Van
Dm'en streets,, was fined $5.
Harry L-wis, charged with riding a
; bicycle with out a light, wasalso required
t0 pay a fine of $5.
1 •
itli assaulting
John Joyce and Samuel and Frank
Keiidig, boys, who were arrested about 2
0 clock yesterday morning by Sergeant
j jUoaBi noar -: t . V t*ntl. anil I*ombar«l
streets, were arraigned on the charge of
stealing cigars, tiie property of Hugh
Mitchell, who keeps u lunch house at
Seventh and Poplar streets. Joyce was
held in $200 bail for the Court of Gen
eral Sessions and Agent Stout, of the S.
P. C. ('.. was directed to look into the
case of the Kendig boys and report.
John Gwens was fined $1 for drunken
tfui'Lin & Hollirgsworth Company,
Tiie Philadelphia and Reading tug
and the Old liav Line Steamboat Ten
nessee will be launched about the middle
of July, but the affair will be strictly
The Niagara, Howard Gould's yacht,
is all completed excepting the painting
of the hull. The live large launches
were completed yesterday, two of them
will be run bv steam anil lhey will prob
ably be put aboard today.
Work on the United .States Torpedo
boat Stringharn is getting along nicely.
Owing to the tact that all the side pieces
have to be inspected by the Government
olticiais, the builders cannot get as
quickly as they would like to.
The larger part of the heavy work is
completed and the light work will soon
be commenced.
f|H re,.
Anti-Saloon League Meets.
The Anti-Saloon League held a meet
ing at Union Church, Fifth and Wash
ington streets, last evening, at 8 o'clock.
Quite a large audience were in attend
composed principally of ladies.
Kev. Ralph T. Coursey, of
rison Street Church, delivered it stirring
address on teniperanee. Miss Sallie
Shaw, Miss May Taylor and Miss Lillie
Irons recited, and "Aunty" King read
strong article in defence of the temper
Kev. Ootirsey rendered
mice cause.
"The Star SDangled banner'' in a man
ner that thrilled the souls of his listen
The chorus was sting by the
audience standing. The pastor, Rev.
J. I). C. Hanna, presided and pronounced
the benediction. A short business meet
ing vtas held after the conclusion of the
church meeting.
T he Day at Camp Muntchaiiiii
Several hundred persons from Penn
sylvania, New Jersey and I>elaware
visited the camp at Montchanin yester
day. Many bright packages to the
soldier lads and spent the entire day
with them,
, ,, . , ,, _
. and Mrs. Truchler, of Honey
^™ ok - la > vlmted 111 thl8 clt >' on T1, » rs
• •
Miss Mabel D. Carey, of Winchester,
"as the guest of friends in the city yes
M \ and Mrs. F. G. Caldwell, of Phila
Appliques of white taffeta in floral
designs, on allover chantilly lace are an
exquisite novelty,
Jerome B. Bell of the Sunday Star, is
j,. New York State for the benefit of his
| lca , th .
, ,, . .. ^
rl,t ' Delawan- ( onstruct.on Company
'•»* ceased haul,ng sand to fort Mott for
" 11 '
.lann's I>. titcen of Holmesburg, la.
formerly ot Wilmington spent Thursday
in this city.
Turnkey Little of the police station
who has been ill for some time, was at
the police station yesterday.
The boys are all in good humor
since the carload of shoes arrived, tiie
captains of each company have been
busy getting the sizes for the bovs.
A carload of rations is expected in this
afternoon. The main feature of the day
was the dress parade and gum d mount
in which all the troops toiik part. Two
strangers were stopped last night at the
dvPont woods, but they were let go after
they proved their business in the woods.
J. A. Hopkins of Milton, Del.,
this city on Thursday.
Mrs. Rebecca Bartlett of this city, is
the guest of friends at New Castle.
The quarantine steamer Pasteur ar
rived at the Pueey it Jones yard yester
was in
Tl e Field (Mill
>f the Natural History
i', "ill visit Griffith''*
11, near Wooddale, to-day.
Society of IKdawi
On next Sunday the lffiv. F. I*. Harris,
at Scott M. K. Church, will preacl
temperance before the \V. V. T. 1'.
Mrs. Jane Boone and daughter, Miss
Kdith, who have been visiting friends in
this city, have returned to Frederica.
tosh-able' material
It is best to
rorthti summer traveling gown,
can cl
than black brilliantino.
no more
leave the dress uiitrimined.
A concert will be given i
St. Aline s
»ii June 2-St ji and 29th, for the
benefit of the parochial school, which is!
in course of construction now.
('h uro 1
Blouses of tuckud violet or pink taffeta
are the latest sueeesses in separate
Corded white taffeta is also ex
eecdingly effective and chic.
Trade in flour was very tame and re
liable quotations were difficult to obtain,
in view of tiie unsettled condition of (he
wheat market. Demand was limited
ami confined to small lots to satisfy
actual wants. .Spot Bran was quiet but
firm under small supplies. Desirable
Hay was in fair request on a basis of
quutaiions and receipts continued small.
moderate but ample supply
ere unchanged. Refined
Commerce ami Finance.
• was m
and prices 1
Sugars were firm, but trade
was quiet.
Provisions sold fairly in a jobbing way
on a basis of quotations. Wheat was
nominally (pioted the same as yesterday,
$1.10 for cash and June No. 2 lied, but
there was no trading and offerings were
exceedingly light. ()ther home markets,
however, were strong and L 0 .
Cables showed an advance, but lack
supplies checked business. Corn options
were dull but steady up to the close of
the call. Cables were a shade lower and
exporters did nothing. Local car lots
were quiet and without important
change. Oats in car lots
lute de
Grain Movement
Receipts at Philadelphia:—Wheat, 5,
i;t>. Corn Oats V> 4SO llnl.
IJ2, Lora, J80,2 W, Oats, U,48°. Baltt
more—Wheat, l!8,0lil; Corn, 1411,775.
at Philadelphia:—Wheat,
*1,499; Oats, 11,898. Haiti
more—Wheat, 14,171; Corn, 410,520.
Butter ami lOggs.
The following are the official whole
sale* prices recorded yesterday at the
Philadelphia Butter and Kgg Board:
Solid Packed Butter.
Separator Creamery, extra.] 7
Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
Imitation Creamery, extra.15
do firsts.
do seconds.
Ladle-packed, extra
do firsts.
do seconds.
were steady
with offerings ample for the very moder
and. Cotton was quiet but
^ DpHi^nta
1,->43; Corn
Print Butter.
Creamery, extra....
do firsts.
do seconds.
Pennsylvania and near by.
Western, strictly fresh.
Western .
Southern, .
Butter firm; Eggs firm.
The masses will have what
they want, cost what it may.
High-priced medicines have had
their day and the poor and af
flicted may now enjoy the bene
fits of carefully prepared, pure
remedies at practically nominal
prices. The physicians con
nected with Louisiana Specific
Laboratory have prepared a num
ber of standard cures which are
offered to the public at the lowest
prices convenient with pure
These standard cures cannot
be b night of druggists, By send
ing your orders direct to the
Louisiana Specific Laboratory,
Lake Charles, Louisiana, you
are sure to receive pure, fresh
drugs properly compounded and
carefully packed.
In ordering the following
standard cures please give the
number of the remedy nedeed.
If taken in time one supplyjwill
effect a permanent cure.
, .
I4 Neuralgia
j ng 6
k* Malaria
l6 Diarrhoea—Dvsenterv.
17 Female complaints (fully
«tite vnnr r«ei
' vuui usci.
Nrtne of Cure. * Price.
1 Headaches
2 Fevers, Congestion, Inflam
3 Coughs,Colds,Bronchitis. 12c
4 Dyspepsia, Heartburn.
Stomach Pains.
5 Diseases of the heart.
6 Hoarseness from colds
singing, speaking.
7 Constipation, chronic or
8 Rheumatism or Rheu
matic Pain.
9 Catanh, cold in the head,
T „_
.. /-v-i*
11 General Debility. 16c
t , \*I),q-a. TPfiiiti-iriiT
12 Aerve diseases, requiring
Tonics and Stimulants. 18c!
13 Worms, fever caused by
T or ,
r- nr
0 OC
18 Male complaints (fully state
your case).
tg Scrofula, Iilotclies or Pim
y „| es<
20 Kidney Diseases.
21 Sore or Weak Eyes.
22 Dropsy.
21 Ulcerated or Sore Throat. I2C
Gq Piles, Blind, Bleeding or
25 Group |[email protected]"Use tins and
call in a doctor instantly. 20c
26 Gonorrhoea, t It r e e-d a y
28c !
16c 1
27 Eczema.
28 Tonsilitis.
29 La Grippe, Influenza.
i|,„ pfl'
3° level.
Address all orders and communi
cations to the
LakeChatles. Louisiana.
or ti
•an photograph anythin
•o. Wo prop
follow cllroctions
hoiuioals, cl
ith this o
f photography. It will 1
■ present for
rso If. Pro
Lots of fun
h vo
•d plates only 25 cents ]>or do/.on.
for 2 cents. By
il 81.00.
1 have a (li viuu for tuniina lmisi
ry siinph 1 . No springs, tin
i W
cither \v
a l'cculiar movement. jk*i
« 1 only 91.50 by mail. Here
chance for agents. Remember, it is my
ventlon, my own patent, my <
ll manufacture,
• own territory and my <
n price.
Craig's Common School Question
Book with 8,500 questions and answers. "
mail 81.15.
"PROS* AND CONS." an outline of de
bates on the publie questions of the day. Send
for Pros, and Cons. By mail, 1.15.
want to post yourself on bimetallism, tanking,
Postal Savings? By mail 35c. These took* arj
my own production. Address,
A. H. CRAIG. Muk vonago, Wis.
Do you
JLfV/V/ly, mg Outfit
Free. Enclose 4c. in stamps for particu
lars, catalogue, etc. Address,
Metropolitan Importing Co.,
Metropolitan, Queens Co., N. Y.
class operators are in constant
demand. Salaries from $40 to $100
a month. You can secure a chart
giving all necessary information and
correct alphabet for 10 cts. Address
the New Jersey School of Telegraphy,
River and Union Sts., Wildee-Barre,
H The onlv safe and Always
V for Ladles. Accept no wo_
W serous Imitations. Pave money and guard
m health by taking nothing hut the only Kcnu
W f. 1 }?. original Wilcox rompmiml Tansy
J Fills, In metal boxes heating shield trade
f mark, prl.« f2.W>, all druggtMs. Pend 4 eta.
tw Woman*s Safe Guard, smi-ndy mailed.
MS loath Eighth fttrrei, Phila., Pm
reliable Relief
rthless and dan
Situation or help advertise
ments in THE SUN will be run
tor 25 cents until either have
been secured and ordered out.
C OY—17 year, of age. wishes position in .tore.
Ailtire-s "F, 8 cn office.
W ANTED—Would like to porehase a good
second-handed breech loading shot gun. Give
I'Hce anil full particulars.
Address "J'
Sts OyricE
WANTED.—Exjierfeiieed shoe-maker. Address
or call at 707 Church street.
WANTED—At Shirt Factory, Fifth and French
streets, Operators and Experienced CUB Tut tiers.
W ANTED—A man of ability to represent a
firm of high standing; must have small
capital for goods carried. tv. H. Kelley man
ager, Gibson House.
■util street
ANTED—Situation for coachman u house
work in private family. Addreat S07 Tat
■\lTANTkO—50 boys to sell the Sunday edl
T" Hon of The Sun. Biggest sale an record
last Sunday. More Profit. Apply lffi East Sixth
"'ANTED—John Jackson, frrmerly a butcher
In Great Hamilton Row, Blrmingnam, England,
who many years ago went to America under the
name of Janies Johnson, and traded for some
years as cattle dealer in Kansas city. Jackson
(if alive), fs now entitled topropertv in England,
information to WILLIAM JACKSON (brother),
Shakcsticar Villa, Sparkhi \ Bin'niugham, or
THCRSFIELD <fc MESSITER Solicitors, Weilnes
bury, England.
• 103 E.
er need
small Jobbers anil eylinder press. Apply
Sixth street. None but experienced feed
WANTED—By an experienced man, pos
press-feeder. Address "D" SUN OFFICE.
WANTED:—Position wanted by indus
trious young man, willing to do any
thing for a legitimate living. Address
12 Sun Office.
WANTED— Four business girls to work in this
clt >'- Can make from $2 50to $100 a day. Apply
between Band 11a. m., today at No. 1117 Ea*t
Thirteenth street.
|VirANTED;—A whitegirl for general house
* work, must be tidy and experienced. Apply
at No. f,21 Van lturen street.
- —-
AIDNTED A half-grown white girl for house
VV work. state wage*. Address p. o. box
,62 ' elt »
W ANTED-Married lady c
private IxKiks for women. 613 King street,
8 a. m. orf. p. m
new household article just out; sells at
Lafayette Hotel. f>08 Mar
every house. Callt
ket street.
t i 1 iuniI
11 Brass! tie.
r door. Bt
I North River
■n to
contract. A sale at
Manufacturing Company,
Wilkesbarrc. i'a.
Good rcferenci
»ig lady, pos
S. A. G. this nllit
p 10 !!
f, ' r I'xlgiiig- «»r suilalilu for olhccs for iloctoro
dentist. I
Mark. ! >tn
\V A NTED—To 1
>r 'o h. p. electric motot
F. Rlbbans. 105 E
first ciiis
i s
ware. Legitimate, )»a>
tovn in Dela
Box 8,
rcsiionsihle concern.. Apply at f.nce
Philadelphia Fa.
\LE—A first class
Apply a
212 West Fourth
rt&jFJI I HUNT 10003x5circular;!
WWr ,7 l I 100 words or le*« send
II I I I ' r an • ' ^..1
*■ >OU -)00;mail balance With
ours and insert same copy
* n 0,lr pNper for 30c. silver, provided
von give us your word that you'll mail 10
circulars we send you to 10 advertisers
as you write them. r_
Twelfth .Street. Athens. Texas.
- ... „
lexas Pub. Co.,
Send 2r.
If you want lost
tffers, etc.
stamp for name in Reference
which is sent publishers, seeds men, etc
Westbrook, Mo
WH NTED—Information concerning !
tie whereabouts of James Hardy, of.
Donegal, Ireland who left home in ism I
*or Australia; anv information will be
grateful] v received bv bin sister, Kate i
Hardy, 120S Locust' Street, Bldladel
phia, la.
6ooo men wanted to fill Gov't.
Service vacancies this year. Only
common school education needed
or most places. $6000 to $2,500
falaries. Dates and locations of 1
next examinations and valuable
information sent FREE on re
Wasll > D ' C -
Young Men
do you want a
position on (lie
railroad. If so, I can help you.
must be between 174 and 54L Unclose
12c. for terms, postage, etc. Address,
James L. Wilson,
Dept. Street, Maiden, N. C.
TTI1E following is a reproduction of a postal
VI* recently received from a down east hustler.
Mr. J,ord was formerly located in Philadelphia
and knows the ageney business from A to Z
Parties who are Interested til agenev work will
do well to immediately correspond with Mr.
Lord.—E ditoii.
Cumberland Mill*, Me.
Are you open to an ageney offer?
I want nil agent tn your locality to work on
*nlury or commission. I will give you a S-Xi ap
pointment, and forfeit 850 if you do not clear
8150 a month. If you are Interested, enclose 20
cents to cover mailing ex|>ense, for full particu
lars, contract and two samples, the regular price
of which is 60 cents. All sent fullv prepaid.
As to my responsibility, I refer you to the
Mayor, Postmaster, Express Agent, or any business
house, f f we do not hear from you at once, I shall
not hold the position open to you.
Yours truly,
Pile anl1 m Y catalogue
l ----- ..... - ..U<1E. of everything un
ter the bun, for 5 cents, for postage etc.
john Hicks,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Box 158
WANTED—Energetic agents, either sex. char
xcter must bear itrietesl investigation. Address
41N office.
KNIGHT—Information wanted of children of
Mr*. Jane Knight, formerly residing In Urmdtlyn.
Adilrcs-j WALTER COLLINS, 313 Washington
street, Jersey City, N. J.
MRS. ADDIE URAHBRim—Newi of impor
tance. Any one know lug her address notify J„
m Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted —Daniel E. Daven
l*>rt, formerly of John E. Gowen and Co., con
tractors, or fits heirs, will please communicate
with WILLIAM Z. MCKINLEY, IS!) Herald,
Downtown, New York.
FUERSTNER, ROBERT—if Robert Fuerstner
son of Zaeharlas L. Fuerstner, will communicate
with l'latzek, Htrook and Herzog. 8790 Broadway,
New York city, tic will hear of something to lita
IF Michael C. WnU», bom in Ballintra, county
Donegal, Ireland, now ataut 40years of age, sup
posed to be about New York, would communi
cate with his cousin Michael Flood, KossviMe
street, London berry, Ireland, he would hear
something to his advantage.
INFORMATION wanted of Rosanna
Reilly, (domestic.) Please send address
to 60 Convent avenue, New York city.
IF Frederic Richardson, late pro. cricketer,
Woodlsirough, Notts, England, and Montreal,
Canada, will apply to H. O. S.. 762 Lafayette av.,
he will be gladly received. Cuban papers please
BUCKLEY, 190 West Broadway. New York citv.
INFORMATION wanted of Clare Duval by hi,
lister. J. DUVAL. 161 West 53rd,
New York City.
II Theodore Hummel, ot Enliven, Oberampt
Horb, Wurtcmberg.-who left his home In Moesa
lugen in February, 1800, will communicate with
Post Office box IKt, New York, he will hear
of something to his advantage. Information In
regard to him will be thankfully received.
Western palters please copy.
ANY information from Dontery Margaret Knud
aen Flindt. wife of C. J. H. Knudsen Flindt
would gladlv be received. Please address 110
3d avenue, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted of the whereabouts oi
John Collins, last employed as stevedore. Ad
dress MARY PHILLIPS, 910\North 8th st., Read
ing, Pa.
IF Frederick II. Deepc will send his address to
the undersigned, he will hear something to his
advantage. GERMANY, 218 Heruld, 23d St., New
York citv.
HENRY H. GRAY.—Information wanted about
Henry rf. Gray, of Toronto, hist heard of i
HOWARD S. HODSON, formerly of Brooklyn,
please send address to ACQUAINTANCE, 157 Her
aid Downtown, New York City.
ith Simonda
of 1W
Mfx- < <>-. Long Island City, and living at Ed
wards' Hotel, Greenpoint. Address CARTER,
HUGHES ik DMIGIIT, % Broadway, New York
TO the Baron
Avenue Hotel, <
Yon Alv
■orner of
.leben, late of Fifth
d st., and 5th ave.,
y requested to
wis, Solicitor, 20
Ariyoh^ knowing
and commuiiieating the same will Ihj
New Yorki-Yo
e particular!
■ate with J. D. B. Le
Bucklersbury, London, Eng.
led John Burke in
anted of Kile
Pyne, mar
North America 50 years; lived
eet. New York.
'0 his advantage by calling rt
itreet, New York citv.
ill learn of something
602, 93 Niisbau
ilsjiits of Maiia Theis
their children. Addi
anted as to the
.vile of < harles Theis or
INFORMATION wanted concerning Matthew
Christie, lust heard of December 9; will be thank
fully received 1»V his brother, DAVID, box 485,
White Plains N. Y.
anted of Lillian De Muro
ml Joint Do Muro. Address
; West Lilith St., New York city,
ov. I'ajiers please copy.
EXEufTOK, •£
Syracuse and 1
NANUY UARLAN—Caine from Blrtnlngltani,
England, In 1»72; entitled to projiertv; liltetalre
Aaro for proof of death. Address GEO. A
SMV THE, Counsellor at Law, 110 Ames Building
B°istou Mass.
rives of Gather!
if stock)Kirt,
H'et the eye ol any of the rela
: or Benjamin Hough, formerly
BEARD will he pleased to see or hear from them.
whai'fNew Yol'k. 81 ™" 81141 -Market st.
danikl mulligan or romt-iiuisrariaii di 8 -
charged from Go. H, 9th U. S. infantry, March 18
iS. 1 .'. m JefT J ?rson bto prop
SuSSt 0 J[®
Buildini;, Boston, Mass.
JObEI 11 HI NMS—A native of Russia, known .
here as Joseph Ennis, is required to eommuni
cate with Ins- brother, Major F. Hunnis, .st.
Petershiirg. Russia, or the Consulate General of
Russia. 24 state street. New York.
, h 'yf^7oi!,7h I ^\ tx L r , t . Bru( ', < ;. !' n 'i'!*oii, a son of
Scotland, or any of hi*'ehllUre"'Ad 3 ri*i'DAll?D
DL ' K CAS * B0N ' So ' idtl „ s '^
information wanted of the descendant, of
Henry Caldwell O'Neil, who, ill IMS (It is be
the descenilents of Alexander Mecinve"\id!o° il!
iwmd^! t hJL!i!!e"!,t5 > e*!in t !:ii™]L h 9 ' 0 L:''
VO,I' a! Liuv!
Ill Broadway. New York citv.
MAGGIE HARRIS—Information wanted of
whereabouts of Maggie Harris, who was emiiloy.
ed In May, 1897 at 149 West 70th st. lMease com
Ne U w York <:0LEi TOTTER, 63 Wall streS,
.idn Ma i tin ' who left the English navy
snip Bellerophon about 30 years ago, is still Hv
niotiier, Jane Martin (nee BranseU)
would like to hear from him. Communicate Hr
fork " 11 L ' A " lai Ryereo11 St '» Brooklyn, New
EUGENE SMITH, formerly of Arena, Wis., last
heard from in New York, employed in a restau
rant, will hear something to liis interest bv com
municating with REESE <Jt CARTER, Attorneys,
Dodgevtllc, Wis. 1
INFORMATION wanted of Cornelius Sheehan,
son of Patrick F., bom at 33S East 47th Ht„ city;
left home, 735 East 143d St., tn lstr>, for Denver
Col.; last heard from him in April, 1892, from
Denver; was going to Stockton, Cut.; father and
motherdead; come home to John. Send anv in
formation to JOHN J. SHEEHAN, 735 East 143d
St. Western papers please copy,
JOSEPH BAYLESS, short, brunette, worked
Carteret, N. J., (Colwell's Iron works), left 1895 .
sorrowing wife appreciate knowing his fate, liv
ing dead. BAYLESS 441 West 19th.
tor in private family by a young lady of fine
morals and spiritual training and excellent edu
cation, and a former sehool teacher of reputation,
balary wanted is small. Address this ofti
rooms for light housekeeping. Adress H. C., Hum

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