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THE atitfc SUN,
Clement H. Congdon, Sole Owner.
Entered at the Wilmington Post Office
Second Class Matter.
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, No. 103 East Sixth St.
Mechanical Department, No. 103
East Sixth St.
Philadelphia Office Rodin 3, No.
911 Walnut Street.
THE SUN is published every day in
the year and is distributed throughout
the City of Wilmington and the State of
Delaware by authorized agents. Sub
. scriptions should be sent to the publica
tion office by mail or telephone.
Tuesday, June 7, 1898.
Goon morning.
Speaking of bottles, it would appear
that all tlie Spanish ships have a fond
ness for port.
American women may
Parisian fineries, but tlie French shrug
habit is not so easily broken.
A frozen wail from the Klondike tells
ns that numerous disappointed gold
Eeekers want to gc to Cuba. Fortune's
immunes may not be proof against the
Cuban variety of yellow fever.
The coast fisherman is now engaged;
in dropping a fine to the newspapers,
■ly *• * *1 diino
" h 1 !
a certain
. . I
Captain Przybylowitzez is recruiting a
company of volunteers. What a nice
"The glops That Pass in the Night"
come back and repass a good many im
aginative coastwise people in the broad
Orr in Raven worth, Kan..
trocha that name would make.
A Chicago mob chased a bicycle girl I
because there was a suggestion of Spain i
in the red and ye'low coat she wore.
.... . . , , , ,
When the fool-killer gets a spire moment i
. . . ,
that mob should receive Ins undivided ;
Spain* is said to be about to ask for.
But she will make a mistake if i
ehe looks for it through intervention of
the European Powers. That resort was
tried long ago, in vain. The trial will
■will be no more profitable now. It is i
—lit, ,i,p I'niipa umips at lVnr
XMth the bulled Hates she is at *ar. j
It is of the United States she must sue,
for peace.
_ , ...
The loyal and enthusiastic support
given tlie Government by our German 1
citiaens in this war is plainly manifested j
cm everv side.
It is oniy necessary to j
city'where the Germans lire totnvbu" |
one of tlmir mtriotic devotion to the in- '
terests of our common country.
, , . ,
war lasts twelve months it will cost the
country $(100,000,000. Chairman Gan
non speaks with the authority of an ex
pm, and $000,000,000 is a great deal of
money to come out oi the p ickets of the !
taxpayers. The difflcultv of devising 1
1 - e
Chairman Cannon of the Committee
on Appropriation estimates that if the
methods of raising revenues t
'et the
expenditures seems to be ah
as the difficulty > f paying the taxes will
lost as great
iay be that the talk about "pop
tnor" and its coercive effect on tl
lar cla
President. I lie I 'ubinet, and Congress lias
Home element of truth in it.
but 11 mso
who indjnlge in such remarks ought to
remember that they are condemning,not
excusing, the statesmen whose actions
say have
What punishment, for instance, could be
inflicted by yellow journals or
people upon that unnamed Cabinet ofii
ntrained and ill-i
•ho is quoted as saving that lie
opposed to sending u
equipped troops into Cuba, but it is ii
possible to resist tlie popular clamor?"
f . 11
I nless he is willing to seek personal or
party advantage at what he considers
impossibility of
peril to the Nation, the
which he speaks does not exist,
the worst that can happen to
dent or the members of either house, as
So, t<
the Presi
. . .
a consequence of res.sting pressure from
what they call ignorace, is deteat tlie
next time they run for office. The fact!
is, when a man in office declares he has
been forced to net unwisely, lie is simply
trying to evade responsibility which lie
is paid to carry, and is preparing an es
cape from tlie consequences of a personal
incompetency uneasily realized.
Anotiiuk form of cruelty which is pro
fitably practisedfor the sake of fashion is
nothing more or less than tlie manufact
ure! of real kid gloves, the skins for which
come from France, Italy, Spain, Mexico
and South America. In France the cruelty
is revolting. Great care U taken in raising
the kids and they are sewed in a cover to
keep their skin in a perfect condition of
softness. The kid grows, but the cover
is not changed. Untold pain Is inflicted
the little animals, till they writhe in
the torture of the unyielding jacket.
France alone makes more than -4,000,
But, ter
000 pair of kid gloves a year,
rible as this is, and abominable as are
all of the many revolting cruelties prac
tised to satisfy human vanity and hu
man desires, calling attention to any one
of them or to all does not lessen the
shame of the slaughter of birds. Notin
an excuse for the kid glove
anv sense as
cruelty,but rather to show the more* forc
ibly tlie wrong in the aigrette traffic, it
ight be pointed out that the kids thus
tortured and killed at least never knew
Kach kid is
freedom as does the heron,
tortured and dies and bis skin is used
and sold. The heron is shot, and a small
part of its feather utilized. A whole fam
ily of voting ones gasp for food until the
breath of life goes out. Added to this,
the herons are rapidly becoming exter
minated, as are many other biids whose
feathers please woman's refined taste.
Victor Hugo once said in a letter to his
wife: "I, for mv part, think that pity is
a law as much as justice; that goodness
is a duty as much as probity. Whatever
is weak has a claim on the goodness and
pity of whatever is st rong. The animal is
weak, because it lacks intelligence. Let
us, therefore, be kind and pitiful toward
itl Doubtless it was the first duty to civ
ilize man on the side of man. The task
is already far advanced, and makes ad
vances every day. But mail must be civ
ilized also on the side of nature. Here
everything is to be done."
With the physician all's well when
many are sick.
J. \\ aggaman, of Washington, D. (.,
was m this city gunday.
Frank Rupert is the guest of relatives j
jin this city.
Tlie swimming pool in Brandywine j
Park was opened yesterday. j
Senator Gray has returned to Wash-1
ington, ' j
B. H. Miller of Philadelphia, visited
in this citv on Sunday '
llnwnrd nt niHl'limll, will '
Miss Mabelle ( alien ot Milford, is the
guest of friends in this city.
The low crowned hats with Hat Aha
tian bow 8tv | es are ver y prettv. !
T • ,. •, , • ,, . .
Mrs. I. 1 arkjns preaclied at tlie l mon j
Christian Mission on Sunday.
Thousands of persons are daily visit- at
The Delaware gaengerbund picnicked | p
on Sunday st McComb's Grove.
■' .... ....
Mrs. Aron Hayes Dill of tins city, has
* n S l^n ks in this city,
MissKate Parsons, of Dover, is the j
guest of friends in this city.
. . .. , , , .
Miss Jennie keigwire, of Philadelphia,!
vigiteJ friends in t 1 lis city yester day.
been the guest of re'atives in Chester.
Miss Sadie Dixon of Galena, Md.TTs , 11
visiting her aunt Mrs. Green of this citv. !
1-onr o'clock \ caper reryices
Kl "' 1,11 ' lmdllV al ' ' iU1 8 K C ' 1 ""' c k I
Miss Margaret McNair of Milford, is j
bej enter " ined by f rien((s in this ,. ilv . !
T| ° fllrnigllingg flJ1 . H( „ vard ,. (inld '. R i
yacht, Niagara, have arrived in this citv. P
:cre be
Air. and Mrs. New
^p e of relatives near Elkton on
an J. Da vis was
SnhhatIi school will iri V o its
j —-nreion to Wood,and Belch on i
| A dre^'of summer silk will -.surely be j
' H ? g !; nemlly use . f r ul that secunng 0,10 lfc! !
w oi th some sacrifice. i
A trolley ride will be given on June j
22, for tlie benefit ot hind fur aged and
indigent Red Men.
The Y. M. ('. A. wheelmen made the i
first run of tlie season to CVntreville!
mid back on Saturday evenin''. !
Jefferson II. Locates who has been'
visiting friends at Kent countv, Md., lias ! ,
-turned bom,., ' j
! > One ot the newest ideas is a skirt of,
1 "P 6 , I'^neh batrete, either pale blue, .
pink or scarlet.
Khaki is about the sturdiest, most i
wear-resisting fabric among the season's ,
novelties '
llaiTv Mnjee wl
been visit in
here has returned to his home at George-1
Mr. and Mrs. Join
Delaware City, bare been visiting friends !
P. Belvilie
t j,j s c it v.
J. II. I''.gnu,
gistered at tlie Clavton House on Sun-1
if Cliarleston, S. ('.,
L.Pettingill preached
j at Second Baptist Church on Sunday j
ln "'
Tlie Rev. W. W Sharp, of Wesley M. ,
The Rev. Willii
eve 1
on Sunday evening.
; The board of m
dale Home held a
imagers of the Minolta-'
E. Church, preached at Klstnere Clmrcl
'Ctiug at the Inline
j H' }on contemplate
white dotted net, by all
| wit |, f r j|| g x
society man
yesterday afternoon at I o'clock.
making a gown of
means trim it j
satin ribbon.
Maurice Tvson Ellicott, it prominent
f Baltimore, Mil., is being
entertained by friends in tiiis city.
i Miss Margaret Foracre
has returned ho ne after a pleasant visit
. to relatives in Ofay ton.
, The Rcv Bll ' nnard oi ,. 1 , i | iuk ,, 1 , hia>
| occupied the pulpit of Rodney Street
Presbyterian Church on Sunday,
| The strawberry festival held for three
' 'lays and evenings in duPont Post rooms,
for tlie benefit of that organization,
closed Saturday evening, having proved
moderately successful.
of this L-ilv,
Herman Botiimn lias completed ton
I years' service as chief of records of
1 jbenape Tribe, I. 0. R. M.
A pretty lint for a girl of ten is a rough
straw sailor with tan crown,bow of straw
braid and curved quills.
John S. Hoffeckerand William Morton
have been elected members of the board
of stewards of St. Paul's M. E. Church.
The Building Committee of the Board
Education will meet on Wednesday
evening to consider new High School
The steps lending from Washington
street to Brandywine Park driveway
were pul in use for the first time on Sun
William D. Williams lias been granted !
permit for the erection of two two
etorv dwellings on Harrison street, near
Maple, at a cost of $2,400. j
James \v. Agnew is a candidate forj
the Republican nomination for county ■
assessor in the Second Assembly dis
l)r. Pettingill's Union Bible Class for
men and women met last night at the Y.
M. C. A., and it was followed by a talk
"Bible- Dispensation."
The monthly meeting of the lfilles W.
T. U., will be held this afternoon at
the residence of Mrs. Anna M. Haley,
A fair for the benefit of the the restor
ation fund will be given in Old Swedes
Church on Thursday and Friday even
Senator and Mrs. (i jorge Cray and
Miss Cray, of this city, spent Sunday
with Mrs. Richard G. Cooper, of New
On Wednesday the Women's Home
Missionary Society of the Wilmington
district will meet in Mt. Salem M. E.
Samuel (Jreen, who has been to
Charleston, S. C., in the interest of the
Jackson & Sharp Company, has returned
Andy Sclnjliski was last night removed
from No. 115 Market street to the Dela
ware Hospital by the Phoenix ambu
lance, suffering with appendicitis.
George N. Maris, who has been organ
ist at Grace M. K. Church for several
years, and also leader of the choir, lias ,
presented the trustees his resignation as
F. Blumenthal & Co., for the erection of
large storage shed between the large
warehouse at Water and Orange streets 1
and the wharf, which will cost $11,000. !
leader. '
Tlie Anal game in the Wilmington ]
Whist Club's billiard tournament will be
played on Wednesday evening by El
wood Jackson and William Hastings.
William B. Austin lias contracted with 1
Lewis W. Brosins read an interesting
p.mm- on "Ferns and Their Fruit" last'
night at a' meeting of the Society of
Natural History of Delaware, in the!
Friends school house.
A large plate glass window in tlie!
north side of the store of tlie Capelle j
Hardware Company, at No. 212 Market
street, was accidentally broken yester-!
Frederick Krapf, a member of St.
*•■*!*'• W «|» ord.lued lo ll,.
charge of a Lutheran Congregation at
Elizabeth X. J.
, , , . , , , .17
.Cards have been issued for the mar
riage of Miss Clara B. Boyce and John
\y. i jane . Tlie ceremony will be per
formed on Wednesday evening, June 15,
at No.iilii West Third street, by the Rev. :
J. D. C. Hanna. " 1
An unknown tramp was run over be
tween Chester and Ridlev Park on tlie
p \v. & B. R. R. and liad both legs cut'
off and bis litn smashed in He was nut
uu .uiu Iim Hip OIIUIBI eu 111. lie wan I'm
on a stretcher and taken to the .Chester (
Hospital in an unconscious condition. 1
Mail Fatally Hurt.
11 is thought that he will die.
(fobert Dounev, aged 17 years, had an
epileptic fit at !• rout and Union streets
yesterday afternoon and was removed to
his home No. 4011 Lombard street in the
P atr0 ' wa S on -
Had an Kiiilcplic Fit.
Commerce and Finance.
Trade in Flour was sluggish and un-1
satisfactory, and the market was weak I
^ S^lyffimlt^^u^t, and j
weak. Straw was unchanged, with de-,
mand and offerings moderate. Refined 1
Sugars were in good request and firm.
Provisions were steady, with a moderate :
jobbing business. Wheat was depressed !
the call was Jc. lower than Satur
Uay s final rates. There was general
speculative pressure to sell, due to lack
01 supporting demand from exporters
, lml "idically lower cables. Offerings
ftl? "JSfi.ef \c.
bearish speculation in other home
krts .
Foreign advices were lower and
'export demand was unsatisfactory. Local
car lots were quiet and barely steady,
Gats in car lots were easier,under greater
pressure to sell and a light demand. Cot
ton was quiet but steady.
Grain Movement.
Receipts at Philadelphia:—Wheat,
18fi; Corn, Bill,744; Oats, 1-1,701.
more—Wheat, 41,870;
Oats, 15,748. Shipments at Philadelphia: |
j—Wheat,00; Corn, 202,580; Oats, 10,580.!
230,531; i
-31,248; Oats, 25,000.
Ilutter ami lOjigs.
Corn, j
The following are the official whole-j
sale prices recorded yesterday at tlie j
Philadelphia Butter and Egg Board:
Solid Packed Bill ter.
Separator Creamery, extra.1«)
Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
Imitation Creamery, extra.15
do firsts.
do seconds.
Ladle-packed, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
I'rint llnllor.
Creamery, extra.
do firsts.....
do seconds.
Pennsylvania and near by.12
Western, strictly fresh,
. 11
Southern, .
Rutter firm; Eggs firm.
New York—Butter firm, lfic.; receipts,
13,900. Eggs steady, 11 receipts,
The masses will have what
they want, cost what it may.
High-priced medicines have had
their day and the poor and af
flicted may now enjoy the bene
fits of carefully prepared, pure
remedies at practically nominal
prices. The physicians con
nected with Louisiana Specific
Laboratory have prepared a num
ber of standard cures which are
offered to the public at the lowest
prices convenient with pure
nrp ns rat inns
These standard cures cannot
be bought of druggists. By send
ing your orders direct to the
Louisiana Specific Laboratory,
Lake Charles, Louisiana, you
are sure to receive pure, fresh
drugs properly compounded and
carefully packed.
In ordering the following
standard cures please give the
num b er of the remedy uedeed.
ir , . .
If takeu 111 tlme one SUpply.Wlll
effect a permanent cure,
3 Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis. I2C
4 Dyspepsia, Heartburn,
Stomach Pains.
5 Diseases of the heart.
6 Hoarseness from colds
singing, speaking.
j Constipation, chronic
acute. .
8 Rheumatism or Rheu
matic Pain.
Nrtue of Cure.
r Headaches
2 Fevers, Congestion, Inflam
o Catarill, cold 111 the head,
p ,■
11 General Debility.
12 Nerve Diseases, requiring
Tonics and Stimulants. l8c
\y onns f ever ca , lse d K v
them *
114 Neuralgia, Neuralgic
Female eomnlaints (fullv
17 female compla ins Fully ,
State vour easel. 30c
.o M a 1 e eomnlaints ffnllv state 1
S -Male complaints (iull> State j
your case).
[9 Scrofula, Blotches or Pim
20 Kidney Diseases. 10c'
2r. Sore or Weak Eyes. IOC j
Dronsv T
rr 1 . j e rei . '
2 3 Ulcerated or Sore Throat. I2C|
., '
24 Piles, Bund, Bleeding or \
- - ■
15 ]\Ialaria.
16 Diarrhoea—Dvsenterv.
5 oc
25 Croup fitS"'Use this and
call in a doctor instantly. 20c
26 Gonorrhoea, three-day i
220 I
I 9 C

27 Eczema.
28 Tonsilitis.
29 La Grippe, Influenza.
30 Hay Fever.
AMkSS a " "i COmmi,ni '
cations to the
Lake Charles. Louisiana.
BC/Kft Dip/nO|fD$.
Weary, wretclied women wake lip
wonderfully when they take Black J)ia-jl_
monds. They need them.
Worn out men with throbbing brains
and aching pains need Black Diamonds, j
One of these tiny discs taken after each i
They strength- !
on the heart; nourish tlie brain; build up
j tlie body and bring health and happiness !
j to the women and men who use them. ,
Blat;k Diamonds bring vim, vigor and |
ien and women. J
meal will work wonders.
| U you "feel bad all over" take Black
Uiamondg. The price is only25cents.
SQf'Yon can buy them only of tlie
sole owners. Address
i virility to
Ike BlackDiamond Company .
In one ofthe dozens of business had
we can find foryo.t than in anything
else. Genteel, for either sex, at home
or traveling. Particulars FREE
HfiPWe will insert your name and
address in our SALARIED POSI
TION Manual, for 10 cts. a full year.
May be worth hundreds of dollars to
you Write at once. Address
Woodford City, Vermont
The only safe and alwavs reliable Relief
and dan
for L
crons imitaMi
•rtlile .
noney and nuara
■ health by taking nothing hut the only kenu
W jne and oiifrlnal Wilcox Compound Tansy
f Bills, I11 metal boxes liearlnK bideld trade]
} mark, pri,:e ^2.00, all dniKRiHs. Send 4 eta. r
for Woman'sHafe Guard, securely tnailea*
WILCOX NPKnili <o., „
928 ffioutli Eighth street, Bhlla., P«r
Accept no i
: ms. Pave
Situation or help advertise
ments in THE SUN will lie rnn
for 25 cents until either have
been secured and ordered out.
WANTED— At Shirt Factory, Fifth anil F
itreett, Operators and Experienced Cull Turners.
B OY—17 yeans of age, wishes popiti
Aildress -*7' 8t N Offic
io store.
WANT KIT—Would like to purchase a good
second-handed breech loading shot gun. (Jive
jiriee and full particulars.
Address "J"
Bin Office
WANTED.—Experienced shoe-maker. Address
r call at 707 Church street.
W ANTED—A man of ability to represent a
(inn of high standing; must have small
capital for goods carried. W. H. Kelley man
ager, Gibson House.
W ANTED—Situation for coachman \c house
work In private family. Address 807 Tat
nall street.
W ANTED—50 lioyg <o sell the Sunday edi
tion of The Sun. Biggest sale on record
last Sunday. More Profit. Apply 1CT: East Sixth
_i_ L
WANTED—John Jackson, termer!y a butcher
in Great Hampton Row, Birmingnam, England,
who many years ago went to America under the
name of James Johnson, and traded for some
years as cattle dealer in Kansas City. Jackson
j i if alive), is now entitled to property in England.
Information to WILLIAM JACKSON (brother),
Shakpspear Villa, Sparkhi \ Birmingham, or
bury, England.
small Jobbers and cylinder press. Apply 103 E.
Sixth street. None but experienced feeder need
WANTED—By an experienced man, pos
5 press-feeder. Address "D" SUN OFFICE.
Position wanted by indus
trious young man, willing to So any
thing for a legitimate living. Address
12 gun Office.
ANTED.-A white girl for general house
work, must be tidy and experienced. Apply !
at No. 621 Van Buren street.
WANTED—Four business girls to work in this
city. Can make from 32 50 to $3.00 a day. Apply
between Hand 11 a. m., today at No. 1117 East
Thirteenth street.
1 rnnH nsfaram
j Good rtfcrcn.
wanteii-to buy a y t or h. n ok ictrlc motor;
j o.'iGKtilban^'lOj'E 8 2 nd^at.' Ut
fic'—~--— -—
' \1 TANTEU-a man in every tovn in Delft-1
»V iy»re. Legitimate, paying t isinens, with
' responsible concern. Apply at cnee, Box s. 1
\ piiiindelphta Pa.
TVrAN'TED-A half-grown white girl for house '
^V.work. State wages. Address P. O. Box
W ANTED—Married lady
private books for wome
6 m
canvassers to sell
. 613 King street
, .
ii. m.
t V new household article just out; sells at '
I every house. Call at Lafayette Hotel, 508 Mar- !
j ketstreet. JOHN D. WILEHER. '
\NTED—-Women to sell Brasslne. Liberal ,
Manufaetmlng i
I Wilkesbarre. I'a. i
young lady, iKisitioh as cashier. 1

- :
R<)(>MS 1
s, Address
S. A. G. this office.
I for lodging,
suitable for offices for doctor
422 Market street.
, ,
low price.,
; T^OR BALE—A fii>t cla*s Ladies' Bicycle |
, 1" cheap, $15. Apply a 212 West Fourth i
i street.
lliril I PRINT 1000 3 x 5circular:
Uy nil 100 words or less, send
VV !■ L>L> yo,u 500;mnil balance with
1 ours and insert same copy
j in our -paper for 30c. silver, provided
you give us your word that you'll mail 10
circulars we send you to 10 advertisers
■ as you write them. Texas Pub. Co.,
Twelfth Street, Athens. Texas.

11 votl want lost ot I
offers, etc. Send 2c.
for name in Reference Guide
is sent publishers, seeds men, etc
Westbrook, Mo
W Jt NT E D —Information ci mcerning
t.ie whereabouts of James Hardy, of
Donegal, Ireland who left home in 18i,l
for Australia; any information wifi be
gratefully received by his sister, Kate
Hardy, 1208' Locust .Street, Philadel
phia, Pa.
i 6oo °. llleu wanted to fill Gov't.
! Service vacancies this year. Only
'Common school education needed j
! or most places. fbOOO to $2,500
, falaries. Dates and locations of
| next examinations and valuable
J information sent FREE on re
Wash, D. C. ,
Young Men
do you want a
position on tlie
railroad. If so, I can help you. Age
must be bet ween 17.J and 341.' Enclose
12c. for terms, postage, etc. Address,
James L. Wilson,
Dept. Street, Maiden, N. C.
7THE following is
Vk recently received from.
Mr. Lord was formerly located i
and knows the agency business fr
Parties who are interested in agency work will
do well to immediately corresjiofid with Mr.
Lord.— Editor.
inction of n postal
cast hustler.
A to Z
CT.Miinni.AND Mu.1.8 , Me.
Deaii Fiiienti:
Arc you open to 1111 agency offer?
I want an agent In y,
salary or commission, 1 1
nr locality to work on
, , , , . HI give you a $70 am
nd forfeit ftiO If you do not clear
month. If you are Interested, enclose 20
rente <0 cover mailing expense, for full partlcu
ntrs, contract and two samples, the regular price
of which Is ISO cents. All sent fully prepaid.
As to tny responsibility, I rc'
Mayor, Postmaster, Express'Agent,
bouse. ] f we do not hear from
not bold the (Kisltfon open to you.
Yours truly,
ifer you to tlie
or any business
1 shall
you at
FALSE MUSTACHE of everything u\d
der the sun, for 5 cents, for postage, etc.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Box 158.
HV ANTKD—Energetic agent*, either jex. Char
acter must bear strident investigation. Addrcw
41'N office.
KMUIIT—Information wanted of clilldrvn of
Mrs. Jane Knight, formerly residing in Brooklyn.
Address WALTER COLLINS, 343 Washington
street, Jersey City, N. J,
MRS. ADD1E (iKAMBRI'SH.-New* of iinpor
Any one knowing her address notify J,,
376-Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted.—Daniel E.- Daven
port, formerly of John E. tiowen and Co., eon
' actors, or his heirs, will please communicate
1th WILLIAM Z. MchlNLEY, 189 Herald.
Downtown, New York.
lTKKSTNER, ROBERT—if Robert Fuerstuer
soii oi Zacliarias L. Fuerstuer, will communicate
with I'latzck, St rook end Herzog, 320 Broadway
New York city, lie Will hear of something to his
Ib Michael C \\ ails, born in Bullintra, county
Donegal, Ireland, now about 4uyears of age sup
posed to be about New York, would communi
cate with Ids cousin Michael Flood, KossvJHe
street, Londonlierry, Ireland, he would bear
something to his advantage.
_ INFORMATION wanted of Hosanna
willy, (domestic.) Please send address
to 60 Convent avenue, New York city.
IFFrederie Richardson, late pro. cricketer.
Woodlxirougli, -Notts, England, and Montreal,
U, . H - !'■ s " 7« Lafayette av.|
copy 1 be 8 ' received. Cuban papers please
Krrk-1 1 sv 1 w B ? L E * N a K111 d 1 y write GKO.
BLLXLEY. 11)0 west Broadway, New York dtv.
INFORMATION wanted of Clare Duval by hi*
8 * ster - J- DUVAL. 151 West 53rd,
New York City.
IfTheodore Hummel, oi Entlgen, Oberampt
Horb. Jt urtetnberg, who left Ills koine in Moras
Ingcn in February, 1890, will communicate with
Post Office box 183, New York, he will hear
of something to his advantage. Information in
regard to him will be thankfully received,
ft estern jiapers please copy.
AN Y Information from Dontery Margaret Knud
of C ', H- Knudsen FUndt
would gladly be received.
3d avenue, N. Y.
1 ATION wanted of.the whereabouts oi
jonn Collins, last employed as stevedore
dress MARY PHILLIPS, 910 North 8th st., Read
! ing, Pa
Please address 110
' thlfunSlgueib he"?fl'ear'SSn'ethi'nR^'w!
advantage. GERMANY, 218 Herald, 23d St., New
, . HOWARD 8. HUDSON, formerly of Brooklyn,
| please send address to ACQUAINTANCE, 157 ller
i aid Downtown, New York City.
HENRY S. GRAY.—Information wanted about
Henry b. Gray, of Toronto, last heard of In sum
when a bookkeeper with Simonda
, U ' 11, frei'^ ci L" , |'i < I V,ln't ty ' Add toss'' CARTER
i gg ,H " 90
1 .2HS' 011 Alvensleben, late of Fifth
J veu V. e "V te i: turner of 23rd st., and 5th ave.,
; New Yorki—\ouare particularly requested to
: communicate with J. D. B. Lewis, Solicitor, 20
1 Bucklers bury, London, Eng. Anyone knowing
; the address and communicating the same will be
l rewarded
, . , , , , anted of Ellen Pyne, mar
Jed John Lurke in North America 50 years; lived
: ast 14% Bowery street, New York.
i LLDUIG LAKD3HUT will ft-arn of something
-o Jus advantage by calling room 602, 93 Nassau
street. New \ ork city.
* bouts of Mari
' ' children.
s to the where
nets, wife of Charles Thais or
Address E. W. SPANGLER
York. Pu,
INFORMATION wanted concerning Matthew
Christie, last heard of December 9; will be tfiank
SJ 1 ..vrereiuil by his brother, DAVID, box 488,
white Gains N. y.
... unred of Lillian Dc Muro
pvU'P. 1 .^, °. r tm ", k John De Muro. Address
E\hU loK, 226 West 136th st., New York City,
Syracuse and Trov. Papers please copy.
NANCY CARLAN—Came irom Birmfngbam,
H4iglaiiii, in 1872; entitled Wj prarerty; liberal re
I ward for proof of death. Address OEO. A
sMYTHh, Counsellor at Law, lie Ames Building
' Boston Mass.
. SHOULD this meet the eye of any ol the rela
i UatluTine or Benjamin Hough, formerly
1 RP4K t n C iln r Lr,S gl o 1 /' MB v FREDERICK
BEARD will be pleased to see or hear from them.
Address British Steamship Energia, Market st.
wharf New \ ork.
, DAN IFF MULLIGAN or Cornelius Carlan, UIb
?SS rKe .'f f « m '"'.j 1, ,Jth u - 8 - infantry, March 18,
1881, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; entitled to prop
gS; I?r proof Of death. Address
SSuiw. 1 B™ton b M^, miSe1101 at La "' 110Aulea
j lh yta£ t T £^d , ttR£ 1 £? < wriS 1 c5S ll ? "S™
ftothmd, or any of bfs cliildrcn.'Address' DAVID
* So5f. so Ucftcx. Dundee. Scotland.
JOSEPH HUNNIS—A native of Russia, knnin
bere as Joseph Ennis,,is required to emnuiiiii
cate with Ins brother, Major F. Hunnis, It
rite is burg, Russia, or the Consulate Generdr
Russia. 24 State street. New York. . T
"P tw ! nf Dw descendants ol
Henn Caldwell o Neil, who, in J84S (it is be
Ueved) resided at 37' Centre street, and also of
the descendants of Alexander Mcuiure, who, in
189.1 resided at 1:11 Henry street, both of whom!
owned or had some Interest in premises Nos. 9(0
K. 94, and ytl Mulberry street, in the city of N»"
Vork. F KKDLRICk BELTZ, Counsellor at Lua
111 Broadway. New' York dtv /
MAOOIE lIAVRIS—Information wanted oi
whereabouts of Maggie Harris, w ho was employ,
ed in May, lh9i at 119 West Toth st. Please eom
New York) ' J0LK ' 4 ''OTTER, C3 WaH su°"t.
shin BeillmS,™' 'ri 0 . 1 ?? the FuKi'sb navj
fmr 1 hi. HI. ? 101 ' n , ,J,)Ut 80 years ago, is still liv
511.1 a-. R ' r ' 7 1 " 10 ,-V'* rti " (nceBransem,
letter with ! "Im",? 1 hlm - Oommtinicate jk
York ' *' L ' A '' 1W K5erson st -' Brooklyn, Nfew
El f.KN h SMI 1II. formerly of Arena, \Vie„ last
beam from in New York, employed in arcstau]
rant, will hear somethin)' to Ids interest by com
munient ;* w th REESE & CARTER, Attorneys!
Dodtfeville, Wig.
INFORMATION wanted of Cornelius SheehanS
son of Patrick K„ born at 338 East 47th st c-ltvH
left home, 730 East 143diSt., In 1892, for DenveVl
Col.; Inst board from him in April, 1892 fro/1
Denver; wasgoinx to Stockton, Cal.j father aJM
motberdcad; come home to John. Send anvil]
formation to JOHN J. SHEEHAN, 735 East 141 SI
St. Western papers please copy, III
JOSEPH BAYLE8S. short, brunette, „
Carteret, N. J., (Colwell's Iron works), left
sorrowing wife appreciate knowing bis faU
dead, BAY LESS 441 West loth. j
tor In jirivate family by a young l/#A
morals and spiritual training mid ex/fifcj
ention, and a former school teacher ofvjnl
balury wanted fs small. Address this offiij
offie? t0T ight ' loueeli rei 1 Ing. Adress ilM

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