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THE aite SUN
Clement H. Congdon, Sole Owner.
Catered at the Wilmington Post Office
as Second Class Matter.
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, No. 103 East Sixth St.
Mechanical Department, No. 103
East Sixtli St.
Philadelphia Office Room 3, No.
911 Walnut Street.
TilE SUN is published every day in
the year and is distributed throughout
the City of Wilmington and the State of
Delaware by authorized agents,
■criptions should he sent to the publica
tion office by mail or telephone.
Thursday, June 9, 1898.
Good morning.
If Admiral Dewey gets all the swords
now being selected for him, lie will cut
a very wide swath.
Tun war is having a distressing effect
on literature. Very few score cards are
being sold at the baseball games.
ArTF.ii all, when it comes to a matter
of heroism, the American Navy is full
of such men as composed the crew of
the Merrimac.
The Gladstone story, the Sampson
storyette, and the Schley episode are
cavorting wildly through the newspapers
paced by the Dewey anecdote.
It is alleged that young Mr. Loiter ol
Chicago made about 810,710 each day
during the past fourteen months,
bank of Spain is looking
voung men like Mr. Loiter.
for progressive!'
enough to
venture the assertion that when the
news of Hobson's achieve
the White House the President was aj
merrv Mac.
Nobody has been
Mil leacnea
People should nor he surprised
off in
rs suddenly aiipear at
W.* have a lot of fine!
Sandy Hook,
cruisers made to go
fast, and they do it.
The loyalty of foreign-b
who have taken the oat Ii
of allegiance to
f . .... . . , i , , •
fymg indication ol (lie strong hold this
country takes upon those who once taste
the privileges of its freedom and pros
the Enited States is a particularly grati
Senator Woi.c.itt of Colorado, became
i mV,*
Allul ls
unnecessarily inflamed at Senator A1U
of Nebraska, and though Mr.
supposed lo bo a bounding
always anxious for a fight,
response to the Senator frot
■e dignified performance. Mr.
Allen did'not charge that the members
of the Monetary (
his speech in
was the
to Europe lust year squandered the
money appropriated l'o t
declared that the failure
mission was foredoomed ;
•xpenses, hut
d that the
money it cost \va- thrown away,
it was. The journey didn't bring tin
And so!
'• 11 1118,1 "
inlcrnation.il or any other soil
e Icngl
of bit
No doubt, ill
embers 0? the conn
fission wore hornet
and earnest.
Bv the way, h
vabout the
the loathly rneanne
letters? If men
»f stealing private
ory serves, there
van a
deafening outcry back somewhere in the
Spring when an epistle written by a
Spauisb diplomat to bis friend fell—with
some assistance—into Cuban liaiuls and
then was made public. Is it so different
from American spies t
. .
purloin the
letter written by another Spanish diplo
mat to Ins uncle,and for the Adininietra
tion authorities at Washington to pub
lish it broadcast as soon as they have
utilized its sacred contents? \Ve failed
to understand the horror which was ex
pressed in many quarters
Cuban* resorted to this evidence as an
adjunct of open fighting in the field, and
it is equally mysterious to
cranky correspondent so far as noticed,
has taken the trouble to condemn in a
"letter to the editor" our own officials
for employing t lie same scheme.
when the
why no
Tun: House of Representatives yester
day agreed to the Senate amendment to
the Sundry Civil bill, providing for the
improvement of the harbor of Wilming
ton. The success attending the passage
of the amendment is greatly due to the
untiring efforts oi Congressman Handy,
who fought hard for the interests of his
Wilmington constituents. The appro
priation amounting to $200,000, is a just
and generous one and by it the people
will soon be in a position to boast of a
harbor that will be a credit and a benefit
to the city.
Charles Beckett is visiting in Boston,
Edward Ball of Milltown, was in this
city yesterday.
Jerome B. Bell and wife have returned
from New York.
W. F. Duffy of Franklin, N. If., was
in this city Tuesday.
Today is Founders' Day at the Chil
dren's Home, Kiverview.
John.T. Pyle of West Chester, was a
Wilmington visitor Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCormack, of
Philadelphia, have been visiting in this
W. T. Powell of.the U.S.S. Cincinnati,
was the guest of Stansbury Murray, Jr.,
William H. Foulk has been granted a
permit to make alterations to No. 1711
Rodney street.
Members of the
Washington and
Phoenix Fire Companies went to Read
ing yesterday.
John I. Whelan has been ordained a
deacon at St. John's K. C. Seminary in
Brooklyn, N. V.
One of the piers on Eleventh street
bridge was slightly damaged Tuesday by
being struck by a scow,
George Rackett has removed from New
Castle to Wilmington, having secured
employment in this city.
Herbert N. Fell, general agent of the
Mutual Life Insurance Company is in
Chicago on a business trip.
If. M. Flagler's private car No. HO is
undergoing repairs at the shops of the
Jackson & Sharp Company.
The Wilmington Bicycle Club will not
hold their monthly races on the Wil
mington and Kemiett turnpike.
A handsome new house lias been com
pleted, by Daniel Dohl, at the southwest
corner of Fifth and Lombard streets.
Building Inspector Cassidy lias granted
a permit to C. Lewis (fray for an ad
dition to No. 207 East Thirteenth street.
Next Sunday, Santa Maria Council,
Knights of Culunibus, will ga to Balti
more to assist in instituting a new Coun
A patriotic festival will be given on
Friday and Saturday evenings in Odd
Fellow's Hall, by Pocohontas Tribe,
No. 1.
Letters testamentary have been granted
late of
William li.
on the estate of Sarah J. Pro
Christ ii
1 a
Miss Alice Hanna, daughter of Rev. J.
D. C. iiaiitia, badly sprained her arm i
yesterday by falling from a pair of
i stilts.
Harry P. Joslyn and Herbert L. Rice
if this city graduated yesterday from
( Peniisvlvania Law
the l.'niversiiy
The Delaware and Atlantic Telegrapl
land Telephone Company
: 1 1 J . . i
consignment <>. unproved (jpiiiatuig ap- j
uvea a!
ias re
I paratus.
I Bishop Coleman will preach the bacca
1 laureate sen
feumlay evening
ai Cheiteli
at the
ham, Pa.
, moti
'men and conductors
| ployed by the Wilmington City Uailway
puny have donned then summer
The Wilmington Citv Directory and
Oazateers, puhlisned by the
Wilmington Advertising Agency,'
I been i
i S. E. Tarbutton iias been granted a 1
permit for aiteraiiu
| lng ou t . rum Btim
lmoil Hotel,
The religious work coi
i V. *M. (J. a. will
! ing, and the reception ci
• ouiid- 1
s to tne Ira
adjoining the (iiand
P i may
inmiee «.
! The Hags on the public schools are at
j half-mast, out of respect to the memory
I ol Hilaries Baird, late president ol the
! Boaru ul Kducatmn.
I brought to ner Lot
j lTinudclphia hospital,
Mrs. William U. Mahler lias been
ms cit v, h
■ i
■ trcauiioiii.
Register of Wills Cr<
•G letters tesli
the estate 01 1
late id l'eaeader Hundred.
an yesterday
Hilary to i'.lizaoeUi
Jelfei ion Davis liutler, of the Eame
lb.se I'lrcO
was pivwiilcd with
by l iiarivs A. rAviflg, deputy
Sew l astle count v.
The slabie at No.
! which wa
rm Church
..'d on Miurdi... .
: will he repaired, the permit having
, granted to diaries II. Tindall.
'Hie Bayard Legion Democratic club
will exteinpt l'roi
dues all
Uei - 11
the service ol the I'niled Stales, as Jong
as thev re
am m swell service.
ill be given at the
ladley C. Kent, Nu. 1411
next Friday evening, by
,1 .Mrs. i.
! Bi'oui
1 th
Board ul li
.1 lllllUl
opathie ilos
Hie privileges fur June Hitli and .1 ulv
; -Jib of the Wuwuset Driving Dark will be
I " l,ia , at t ,ll btic uueliun at the park on
I y.' 1 , 111 ' uu ' IMUU1 h Juue l.Jtli,
at 2.30
. Iransier tug No. 12, built by the Pusey
j & Jones Loinpaiiy for the -V V'., N. It",
j and 11. K. ii. Company, will leave
wharves ut tier builders on Sat
New York.
day for
nas White, a brakentan on the B.
All. railroad, was taken sick on Tues
day at the yards oi the Old Ferry .Mills,
and was removed to his home, No. 502
Maryland avenue.
The Boll iwclI and Sellers Kindergarten
School, ut No. 1301 Rodney street, held
its closing fxjrcises yesterday nioniing
on the lawn of Mrs. (J. Wesley Weldin,
Kiglitli and Broome streets.
On Friday night, Presiding Elder
Watt will hold quarterly lovefeast at
Asbury Church. On Saturday night lie
will conduct quarterly conference and
will preach on Sunday morning.
Col. John T. Layfield, representing the
Delaware railroad, and Harry Morris,
representing the Maryland division of
tiie P., W. <k B. I{. R., attended a ban
quet by the Order of Railroad Conduct
ors in Philadelphia last evening.
The work of grading Pennsylvania
avenue is about completed and a large
force of men are at work grading Union
street below Pennsylvania avenue. Lin
coln sti-eet is graded to the level of Penn
sylvania avenue. The crushed stone
used on these streets makes them very
convenient for cyclers and vehicles.
A patriotic entertainment and national
tea will be given in Calvary Baptist
Church tonight for the benefit of the
South Side Baptist Mission. The follow
ing excellent program has been prepared:
Vocal solo, Mrs. Quinn; instrumental
solo, MiHB Roomer; "Our Flag," by nine
girls; vocal solo. Miss Mary Johnson;
instrumental solo, Miss King; march;
recitation, Miss Hessie I'auley; vocal
solo, Mr. Gray; solo and chorus. The
room will be decorated very artistically
with miniature emblems of the national
Commerce ami Finance.
Flour was weak and unsettled, under
general anxiety to adl ami hick of dis
position on the part of jobbers to oper
ate. Spot bran \yiis very scarce, but
quotations were wholly nominal in the
absence of demand, Hav was not much
in request, and prices were weak, though
receipts continued moderate. Straw
moved slow ly at former rates. Refined
sugars were in moderate demand and
firm. Provisions sold in a jobbing way
on a basis of quotations. Wheat was
firmer under higher Liverpool cables
and a bullish speculation in the West,
i Iffcrings here were light, and, in the
absence of transactions, cash and June
No. 2 red were nominally quoted at
si.osm 1.10. Cover options on call were
unchanged from last evening's quota
tions, but nothing was done on specula
tive account or for export. Local car
lots were dull and barely steady, with
tuoderate but ample offerings. Oats in
car lots were dull and weak under m >re
liberal offerings. Cotton was unchanged.
. Grain 3Iovement.
Receipts at Philadelphia:—Wheat, i,
more—Wheat, 44,253; Corn, 217.603;
Oats, 12,14(1. Shipments at Philadelphia:
—Wheat,2,230; Corn, 238,80S; Oats, 10,923.
Baltimore—Corn, 25,714.
Butter ami Kkrs.
The following are the official whole
sale prices recorded yesterday at the
Philadelphia Butter and Egg Board:
Sol id Packed Butler.
Separator Creamery, extra.liij
Creamery, firsts.
do seconds.
Imitation Creamery, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
Ladle-packed, extra.
do firsts.
do seconds.
Print Butter.
Creamery, extra.
do firsts....
do seconds.
Pennsylvania and near by.121
Western, strictly fresh.12,1
Western .11
c.-ni ix/,,,,,
oournern, .
Butter firm; Eggs firm.
5000 Circulars 6x9 for $2.00,
1000 Business Cards, $2.00.
1000 Envelopes, $1.25.
1000 Bill Heads, $2.00
1000 Note Heads, $ 2 . 00 .
1000 Amateur Papers, $6.25.
1000 Letter Heads, $2.50.
5000 Labels (not gummed),$i.5o
5000 Gummed Labels, $ 2.00.
Delivered Prompt! Work Right
Cash With Copy Every
Diamond Printing Co
100X-103 E. SIXTH ST..
Wilmington, Del.
JrculafH Judiciously mailed 8l.no. Ship
'repaid. -quick results from Western
»uth Broadway,
. R. Ji. Killy, 9
St. Louis, Mo.
Rnbbar Stamps
Cheapest and best
house in America
Send 10 cts. for sample any wording.
Climax Stamp Works, Box Tor, Bel
green, Ala.
riroillure Samples,etc., distributed through
uliutllului "Id for richest mill most densely
1 liopulated parishes ill the State
Guarantee satisluetory results. J. w. McGraw
Mansfield. La.
(jlfi A A Made from f>0 Cents. Rumple, etc., 50c.
Ifio-lfU J - Hammond, Pleasautvllfe, N. J.
—You ought to have the latest deci
sions on this subject. Send One Dime.
Tub Sun, Randolph Building, Philadel
phia, Pa.
given, tile Symbols are aDSO
, , ,
luteYy correct. Holy cake IS
The only religious pastry.
Every ingredient is named in
the Bible. Even the direc
tions for mixing are found in
the word of God. Christians
everywhere should be inter
ested in this marvelous recipe
The verses in the Bible are
a delicious pastry that should
be served in every Christian
fannl y and a * every religious
feast. Verilv is it taken
' y
from the Book of God. A
printed copy costs a dime"
Address: The Religious Ex
change, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Business and
Address neatly
printed on 125 each, 6:}, high cut en
velopes and note heads to match; also
one pint of best black Ink. All the above
sent, prepaid for only $l.oo, cash or
postage stamps.
Full line of samples for H cts. in stamps.
S. P. Seawell, ,1\ M., Bensalem, N. C.
\\ 111 k tor wages Wilt n \ oil can
go into business ior yourselt
and earn a great deal more
money. Particulars for a 2 cent stamp.
Carlisle, I'a.,
0 I 2 printed envelopes, 22c.
,.l ou.ilitv ™:,| <„„„ I
Kl quality, post-paid, Miniples
tree. Send postal. Ira Miller, O'Slianter,
3000 , s:
und r. (>. ■.
'. School Tc
v ,w '"A"
ihir price
... . . ..-1 you the
-1 four-ilfthV""' thectwt
. I'. SEAWELL, I'. M.
I'uifl for only 50 cash with
of advertising.
. N. ('.
Guaranteed bv
DALE 00., '
Ottawa, Til,
C orns positive cure,
mail 10 cts.
of Rooks.N
yali: Nov
w i
ELTY < <).
ale Realities i
tail. Address NOVELTY nr
treet Brook ly
ist of
I fox 162 Laurinh
r. N C
If you want lost of
letters, offers, etc. Send 2c.
stamp for name in Reference Guide
which is sent publishers, seeds men, etc
Westbrook,- Mo
WKNTED- Information concerning
Lie whereabouts of James Hardy, of
Donegal, Ireland who left home in 1891
for Australia; any information will lie
gratefully received by bis sister, Kate
Hardy, 1208 Locust Street, Philadel
phia, i'a.
6000 men wanted to fill Gov't.
Service vacancies this year. Only
common school education needed
or most places. $6000 to $2,500
falaries. Dates and locations of
next examinations and valuable
information sent FREE on re
Wash, D. C.
mertcan and Cuban Flag Stick Pins,
Silver or Gold, 30c. doz. samples 10c.
by mail. Quick Sellers, Rig Profits,
Postage Stamps taken. B.. FOX,
Wholesale Jeweller. 1K4 -55, St.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Gummed add re
others all
of Agents and
•r the U. fi. for 50 cents.
4 flf|(j circulars Judiciously mailed 81.00. Ship
1VUU prepaid. iig-QuIcK results from Western
buyers. R. B. Killy. 9 South Broad wav, St.Louis Mo
Confidential c
•spondents every
where. Male or female. Jnelose
stamp. Capital Detective Bureau.
Albany, New York.
7T1IE following is a reproduction of a imst.nl
VP recently received from a down cast hustler.
Mr. Lord was formerly located In Philadelphia
and knows the agency business from A to Z
Parties who are Interested in agency work will
do well lo immediately correspond with Mr
Lord.—E ditor.
Deaii Friend:
Are you open pi an agency oiler!
1 want an agent in your locality to work on
salary or commission. I will give you a 8i0 ap
pointment, and forfeit Wi if you 'do not clear
8150 a month. If you are Interested, enclose 20
cents to cover mailing expense, for full particu
lars, contract and two samples, the regular price
of which is 60 cents. All sent fully prepaid.
As to iny responsibility, I refer you to the
Mayor, Postmaster, Express Agent, or any business
house. If we do not hear from you at once, I shall
not hold the position o(ien to you.
Yours truly,
CuMBEiiPAND Mills, Me.
T For the stage paying 825.00
weekly. Send 10c. and addres
;«> envelope, 8. H. Lingcrn, 706 N. 6th
Bt., Philadelphia, Pa.
Situation or help advertise
ments in THE SUN will lie rnn
for 25 cents until either have
been secured and ordered out.
B OY—17 years of age. wishes jssitlnn in store.
Address "F, scs Office.
W ANTED— Would like to purchase a good
second-handed breech loading shot gun. Give
price and full particulars.
Addles* "J"
Si n Office
WANTED.—Experienced shoe-maker. Address
>r enlist 7 07 Church street,
W ANTED—A man of ability to repcent a
firm of high standing; must have small
capital for goods eairicd. VV. H. Kelley man
ager, Gilson House.
"\4TANTED—Situation for coachman v house*
VV work in private family. Address 807 Tat
nall street.
W ANTED—SO tiovs to sell the Sunday edi
tion of The Sun. Biggest sale on record
last Sunday. More Profit. Apply ltd East Sixth
WANTED—John Jackson, frrmerly a butcher
in Great Hampton Row, Birmfngnatn, England,
w ho many years ago went to America under the
name of Janies Johnson, and traded for some
years as cattle dealer in Kansas City. Jackson
(if alive), is now entitled to properts' In England.
Information to WILLIAM JACKSON (brother),
Shakesriear Villa, Spark hi . Birmingham, or
THCKSFIELI) i MESS ITER Solicitors, Wcdues
bury, England.
small jobbers and cylinder press. Apply 102 E.
Sixth street. None hut experienced feeder need
WANTED—By an experienced man, position
as press-feeder. Address "D" SUN OFFICE.
WANTED:—Position wanted by indus
trious young man, willing to do any
thing for a legitimate living. Address
12 Sun Office.
WANTED—Four business girls to work 111 this
city, Can make from 12 50 to*3.00 a day. Apply
between it and 11a.m., today at No. 1117 East
Thirteenth street.
W ANTED.—A white girl for general house
work, must he tidy and experienced. Apply
at No. ti21 Van Buren street.
W ANTED—A half-grown white girl for house
work. State wages. Address P. O. Box
1152, city.
i WT ANTED—Married lady canvassers to
Yy private hooks for women. 613 King street,
sa. m. or 6 p. m
YirdNTED—Women to sell Brassine. Liberal
VV contract. A sale at every door. Brassine
' Manufacturing Company, 51 North River street,
, Wilkesbarre. Pa.
new household article Just out: sells at
every house. Call at Lafayette Hotel. 50S Mar
kr: -tn-, t.
s cashier.
young liitly, uositii
1 I'u ft* re
s, A«hli
.. this office.
h A.
D/H me
„ , , tVl , , ,
; .leiuist j— Miiik.H st vfM M 1 < <K ' to1 01
i ,1( n,l ' t ' *— 'huKtt sUict.
\va\TF h—To Imv ii > or V h n pirctric »»"/,!
heh, tetclnss 'etmdi.fon,'at^a UiwTriew
! F. Ulbbttltt. 105 E. 2nd St.
for lodgi
\V A
r( , s T "

are. Legitimate, paying tisiness
Apply at cnee, Ii
in Delft*
■ry to \
r.nsible co
Philadelphia Pa.
•lass Ladies' Bicycle
212 West F( •
1 7 \OR SALE-A first i
deep, $15. Apply
Young Men
do you want a
good paying!
position on the
i, I can help you. ,
must be between I7J and 34J. Kncl
12c. for terms, postage, elc. Address
James L. Wilson,
Dept. Street, Maiden, N. C.
Yoa Can JVIake
The Sourest Vinegat
trifling cost. No fruit ;
lately harmless. Send
receipt. Address,
ever tasted at a
110 acid ; abso
25c. silver fo*
No. 109 East Main St., Van Wert, Ohio
PRINT 1(100 3 x 5circular;
100 words or loss, send
you 500;mail balance with
ours and insert same copy
in our paper for 30c. silver, provided
you give us your word that you'll mail 10
circulars we send you to 10 advertisers
uh you write them. lexas Pub. Co., j
Twelfth Street, Athens. Texas.
Citculars mailed to well-to-do farmers for
?1.50. All fresh names. J. W. McGraw
Mansfield La.
l | f E will pat your mime and address in
\XJ THE SUN Directory for 10 cents
You will probably receive ft full
turn for your money witbiu ft mouth in
samples, mngnziues, pamphlets, etc., etc.,
seat out by publishers, lmmufncturers aud
jobbers who nre ever nuxious to got in
touch with bona-fide ngents. Address
Directory Department THE SUN, Ran
dolph Building, Philadelphia, U. S. A.
LADIES do you want a Iaetus
from the prairies of Neb.
small round Cactus with a hand
some bright red blossom,
grows wild on the Neb. prairies.
1 will send one postpaid for 15c,
2 for 25c. Address J. W. HANN,
Wauneta, Neb.
class operators are in constant
dbinand. Salaries from |40 to $100
a month. You can secure a chart
giying all necessary information and
correct alphabet for 10 cts. Address
the New Jersey School of Telegraphy,
River and Union Sts., Wildes-Barre,
t is a
Grand Union Tea Agent traveling over
80 miles of territory will distribute
or deliver samples at regular rates.
Reference furnished. AddresB,
FRANK S. WEST, Dennyville, Maine.
WANTED— Energetic agents, either sex.
acter must bear strictest investigation. 4
SUN office.
KNIGHT—Intormatlon wanted ol chlldn
Mrs. .lane Knight, formerly residing In Him
Address WALTER rol.LJ.Ns, ;nu Washil
street, Jersey city. N. J.
MKS. ADDIK (i RAM BKU8H.—News of ij
taucc. Any one knowing her address liotil
;J7«i broad way, Brooklyn, N, V. ;
INFORMATION wanted.—Daniel K.
port, formerly ol John K. Gowcu and Co.,1
tractors, or Ids heirs, will please common]
with william ■/.. mckinley, im> hJ
Downtown. New York. 1
son of /.acharias L. Fueivtner, will coniuuiti
with 1-latzek, Htrook and Herzog, 3*20 Broarj
New York idly, he will hear of something I
advantage. • 1
IF Mlclmcl 0. Wails, lorn In BalUntra, cJ
Donegal, Ireland, now alwiut 4u tears of a gel
ix*ed to he ubout New Yolk, would Comil
cate with his cousin Michael Flood, RoJ
street. Londonlierry, Ireland, he would I
something to his advantage.
INFORMATION wanted of Rosa
Reilly, (domestic.) Please send add
to 00 Convent avenue, New York cit'
IF Frederic Richardson, late pro. crick
Wood borough, Notts, England, and Monl
Canada will apply to H. O. S., 7112 Lafayettd
he will he gludly received. Cuban papers il
copy. '1
FLORENCE O'BRIEN—Kindly write <1
BUCKLEY, 120 West Broadway, New York q
INFORMATION wanted of Clare Duval byl
dstei. j. DUVAL.'151 West otlrdj
New York I
If Theodore Hummel, oi Entlgen, OberaJ
Horb, Wurtemberg, who left Ills home In Mil
Ingen in February, 1890, will communicate y
Post Office box 183, New York, he will j
of something to his advantage. Information
regard to him will he thankfully receD
W estern pajiers please copy. j
ANYinformation from Donte
sen Flindt, wife of U. J. H. Knudsen Fit
would gladly lie received. Please address
3d avenue, N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted of the whereabout!
John Collins, last employed as stevedore. J
dross MARY PHILLIPS, 910 North 8th Bt., Rel
iug, Pa. j
HENRY S. GRAY.—Information wanted at
Henry S. Gray, of Toronto, last heard of in s
mer of 1893,
IF Frederick 11. Ileepe will send his address
the undersigned, lie will hear something to i
advantage. GERMANY, 218 Herald, 23d St., Nl
York Cltv. j
HOWARD S. HOBSON, formerly of Brook
please send address to ACQUAINTANCE 157
aid Downtown, New York City
... , , bookkeeper with Simo
Mfg. Co., Long island City, and living „t
wards' Hotel. Greenpoint. Address CART
GHES 61 DWIGHT, 96 Broadway, New Y
TO the Baron Von Alvensleben, late of I
Avenue Hotel, corner of 23rd at., uud 5th i
New ^ orki-You are particularly requestec
communicate with J. 1>. ii. Lewis, Bolidton
® lu * k v, London, Eng. Anyone kiuv
'rewmdevf "" d the same wi
INFORMATION wanted of Ellen Pvne,
led Jolm Iiurkein North America 50 years;
last 24U.J, Bowery street, New York.
. . _ ill learn of somet
to his ad vantage by calling room 602, 93 NT
street. New York citv.
aliouts of Maria Tlicis
York, Pa,
anted as to the
, wife of Charles The
Address E. W. SPANGI
„ . . , anted concerning Matt
Christie, last heard of December 9; will he tin
{ally rm'iu'd by his brother, DAVID, box
White Plains N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted of Lillian lie >|
a | i;l helix nr Frank and John lie Muro. Ad(l
EX Eel TOR, 226 Wert 13lith St., New York
Syracuse and Troy, l'aiiers please copy. 1
NANCY CARLAN—Came irom Blnnlmi!!
Eiigland, ai 1872; entitled to projierty; litieral
proof of death. Address GEOI
SM VI11E, Counsellor at Law, 110 Ames But'dl
Boston Mass. I
SHOULD this meet the eye ol any of the »
elves of Catherine or Beniamin Hough, form!
ov, D t ?. ck (n r f' England, MR. FitEDERi
BEARD will be pleased to see or hoar from till
Addross.British Steamship Energia, Market!
wharf Now York. j
DANIEL MULLIGAN or Cornelius Carlan, I
charged from Go. If, 9th U. S. infantry, March!
1881, At Jefferson Barracks. Mo.; entitled to in]
erty; litieral reward for proof of death. Adds
B t iV'i A ' ^ITTHE, Counst'llo! at Law, 110 As
Building, Boston. Mass. ^
JO.SEI'II hunnts—A native of Russia, kml
S ,la,hTil ,l k 1 « w ? ,uir !? 1 VJ comm l
Peierebui*. Uiistda, m iJk^mu^oSSSJ
2-J State street. New York, ■
W AN 1 ED—Robert Brui'o Davidson, u sol
the late David Davidson, Writer, Coupar AI
Scotland, or any of his children, Address D
DUNCAN & SON. Solicitors, Dundee. Scotla^J
INFORMATION wanted of the deseendar^l
Henry Uildwell O Nell, who, in 1845 (It isH
lieved) resided at 37 Centre street, and nl./jV
thedescendents of Alexander Medure, wli/i ■
189o resided at 131 Henry street, both of
owned or had some interest hi premises XoslH
S' 9 ,' 1 ' "SAWI Mulberry street, in the city of'H
York. F KEDERIck BELTZ, Counsellor at
111 Bioad way, New \ork citv.
HARRIS—Information wanted®
whereabouts ol Maggie Harris, who was enuA
ed in May, ls«*7 at 149 West 70th St. Please »
New York. Wit " C0LE&1, °™R, 63 Wafi shS
•bin mltwS 0 "' '\ h0 . lef ' 'he English navy
fr,„ a . ,lou ' 80 years ago, is still liv
lng, his mother, Jane Martin (nee BranselD
letter'with !° » ei iii ro { 1 hlm '
York. 11 L ' A " 104 Ei ' enson 8t -' Brooklyn, New
EUUF.NESMITH, formerly of Arena, IVig last
mril from In New York, employed in a restau-
-- .v111 bear something to Ids Interest by com
LN'FOHMVTION wanted of CornelJus Sheehan
soil of Patrick F., lorn at 338 East 47th St. city
left home, 735 Last 143d St., in 1892, for Denver
Col.; last heard from him In April 1892 K
Denver; was going to Stockton, Cal ' father an®
inotherdead; come home to John. Send anv tn
formation to JOHN J. SHEEHAN, 736 Ea»t l43d
St. Western pajiers please copy, M
& hv -
tor In private family by a younir la<Tv of finJ
morals and spiritual training and excel&nt ediw
Sain™ A?r.^ a i'i riner ?, 0,1001 teacher of reputation)
Salary wanted is small. Address this office. 1
office 8,0r ght hoU8ekoe I ,ln »' Adress H. C., BlS

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