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VOL. 1. NO. 240.
Shafter's Expedition Meets With
Little Resistance on Gaining
Cuban Shore.
the channel a.
Kemlorceilients tor Shatter
Special Dispute!) u.ThzScn.
Was.iixiiTox, June 22-Altl.ouglii no
dtsDutclies have been received at the War
or Aavy IXipaiMnents from Guantanamo
today. Secretary Alger said tins after-1
noon tlmt r laid sent word to General
Shatter to keep linn advised of the move-!
nients of the troops.
From this it is certain that tbe cable
is still o|ien, but Secretary Algerbelieves
that as General Shafter has not answered
his dispatches, the troops have not yet
been landed.
Tlieie is a great anxiety at tlie War
Department for news from the army,
and especially to learn that the army
The fact that
tile soldiers have liecn on the transports
for over a week, ttnd that the weather is
• excessively hot, makes the Department,
anxious tlmt the troops should at least
be put on shore where they can get
fresh air, for at night the transports have
to be darkened and all the hatches and
windows closed to keep in the light. As
soon ns General Shatter and Admiral
Sampson decide upon a landing place
the Witr Department^will be notified and
the movements oil land reported at once
to the Department.
The reinforcements for General Shafter
ordered from Camp Alger have already
started to Hampton Hoads. General
Duffield's brigade whs the one selected to
move first, atid it left Camp Alger this
morning for Alextnlria, where the sol
diers will take tbe boat for Hampton
Hoads and be put upon tbe Harvard,
General Garretson's brigade will leave
before the end of the week by the same
route, and in all probability tfiov will, as
stated, sail on tbe Vale. General Guy V.
Henry lias been assigned to the com
ntand of tbe brigade ordered to Santiago
to reinforce General Shafter. General
Duflield and General Garn-tson will
command the division, (jt-neral Henry
will probably sail with tin- last expedt
tion.' I
Sampson and Shafter Send Word
of Their Success.
American Ships FntfatftKl the Kneiny
While the Soldiers Were Reach
iii# Shore and One Man on the
Texas Was Killed-Camp
Twelve Miles West of
Hpccial Dispatch toTiiK itUN.
WASHINGTON, June 82:—Both the
War and Navy Departments tonight
received cablegrams announcing tlie
lauding ol'the troops of Shatter's ex
pedition nenrSantiago l)e Cuba.
The first dispatch came to Secretary
Alger at 4,:tO. It was dated 1'laiya Del
Kate, where a shore telegraph station
lias lice a established connecting with
the cable lo Haiti, and was signed by
Lieutenant-Colonel Allen of tlie Signal
The principal information it con
tained was that the debarkation
troops was in progress at Uuiquiri,
twelve miles west of Santiago.
Later General Shafter sent the fol
lowing dispatch: "Off Baiquli'i, Cuba,
<1 line
afternoon suecessfuI.
.—Landing at Daiquiri this
Very little re
Under tlie date I'laiya Del Knte, 0.50
this evening. Admiral Sampson tele
graphed tlie Seeretarj of tlie Navy as
0.50 p. in.—Secretary Navy, Wash
ington: "Landing of the army
progreoKiug favorably at Daiquiri,
There was very little resistance.
The New O. leans, Detroit, Castine,
Wasp and Suwanee, shelled vicin
ity before hind ing. Made a dem
onstration at Cabanas to engage
at tent ion oft lie enemy. Tlie Texas
engaged west Imttcrv for some
hours. She? had one man killed.
Ten Mihmarine mines have been
recovered from
Gu.intariamo. Communication by
telegraph has been established at
Gu untanamo.
has boon ilisembatketl.
Cubans Watch
Special Dispatch to Thk Sex.
Nkw York, Jane 22.4-The ICvening
San lias the following spejaal:—
Gaijritanamo Bn}',
UeCalla lais'n
inn allies since
Camp McCai.i.a,
June 20.—C'ommniider
high opinion of bit On
J their exhibition of emtra|le in aiding tlie
m marines to repulse tlie s aidants. Gen
I ernl Piedro Perez, who v sited the Cone
|, mander of tlie Marblela'iul lust week,
lias since been in constant communica
tion' with McCalla by nteans of runners.
Perez says tlmt tlie Spanish t roups arc
in absolute control of tlJ territory from
Santiigo eastward tolDaikiri, about
eighteen miles. Daikiri is on the coast,
and is the place where the smelting com
panies' works, piers, and mines are.
From Daikirieastwaidtotiiiantanamo,
Perez says, the insurgents hold the coun
try. Perez says tiiat he has the strictest
orders to prevent the junction of
Spanish troops at Guantanamo and San
tiago at all hazards. He assured Com
mander McCalla tiiat the forces driven
from Guantanamo and Caimanera
not reach Santiago unless over his dead
body and those of every armed insurgent
in the district.
Third Manila Expedition.
Special Dispatch to Tin: Sun.
Wakmixoton, . June 22.—The third
Philippine expedition, consisting of
ships and (1000 men, will leave San
Francisco next Monday. General Mer
ritt and his stuff will accompany
army, and will have quarters on
The Citv of Pueblo was turned over
the War Department' today, but will not
be reedy to sail with this expedition.
case she is ready two days later she will
load and overtake the other transports
Iomiov r„n„0') TP,. Mudi-iil rnw
spondem ofThe TimTs savs
"KIDiariode Barcelona one of the
most important of U e pr vinci ! news!
papers, tr„lv , ,L' the i nmediate
conclusion of^ace" « e"&
delay raises the nriee at which Deaceis
obtainable a id t le American' resmmees
are sticlt that even if aH the American
squadrons are destroyed Spain oiHit
Te^eeranhsavi «""»—* ° f
«he t wVM°wna1n e ii' , STOi'ii < ^IMieiw)st'Se'
conies untenable. " ' ' ' " r
Humors as to abdication are quite
baseless. It is said however, that Km-!
peror Francis Joseph has recently written
to the Puj,,' on the subject of interven-1
t10 "' .
The Madrid correspondent of the Stan
Nobody except Ins followers believes
tliat Don ( ailos can do more than to dts-1
tmb the peace of the realm and to ag
gravate the difficulties ol Spanish finance
so long as the present monarchy and
dynasty are supported by the army, the
navy, and a majority of Spaniards, b it
undoubtedly he might become a power-.
ful adversary to any other regime sprung
upon the country by revolutionary
parties, as, unfortunately, the reorgani-1
zntion ol the Carlist forces all over the
peninsula has been too much ignored by
the Madrid (iovernments of the past
twenty years."
savs' 6
(iencnil Cnlixto finroin nf the Unhsin
a,,,! T «nl.UvWt teM.niral Ntm?,"
on board tlie flaesiiil) New York oil Sun
dav brouelit to tor -ulni'riil tbi- imnort
ani '.tew "that^ tbe Sw, is m ms o w
'General l'anda second in connnand to
C'antain-Generai Blanco were nianhiiu)
in a large bodv to reinforce-tbeSnani'irds
at Sauliau-o ' ' '
-,.j' j 2, ', . . .....I ,. I
Garcia's command are said to be so dis-:
tributed as to cut off General l'amlo's
approach. At anv rnte l'atitlo will have:
to tight everv ineli of bis wav. and tbe
American troops are likolv to'l'x* landed
and aItlu , k t |,,. Spanish troops at Santiago
bl .f, )ri . p tlm |„ am i b i 9 f lircea r( , ac |, there.
Coilgl'CSS May Adjourn Sooil
s luoTl|| , Sl . N
Wasiiinotov, June 22.—Congress is
looking forward to an early adjourn-'
The opinion is very generally ex
pressed ot the Capitol that the session
will close-bv the end of next week. I'liis
opinion is based on the belief that the
light over the I lawaiinn resolutions will
n(,t extend beyond the first part of next
There is scarcely anything besides the
Hawaiian resolutions to occupy Congress,
a| m not more than two or three days
would be necessary to clear up every
Hung else. All the important war mens
t"? 9 have been disposed of and the few :
mmor matters reimiiniug can either be.lt
u| tl of the way without any material j
consumption of time or be left without
action. I
The conference report on the Iiidiini ]
Appropriation bill (ms been agreed up-,n ;
by tlie conforrees of the t wo Homes mid j
requires only the formal approval of
Congress, tin tbe Distrii t of Columbia j
f'. ld ' la ' f imdi ;)' Civil Anpropriution ,
nuts there nave ocen partial agreements
and the remaining differences can hr dis-'
posed ot any time in one day. j
This leaves only the General Heflci-;
oney bill, over which there D no eon-1
trovers,v and wlueli c.n be passed by the
Senatej in a few hours, if ani adjournment;
is in sight, mid agreed on in coiiferenee. I
A Sudden Death. |
,, , .. , . ;
D^ ! i;iw""*,,l la
f. a ;,,' ';'v s (V a i , C l! ;
, 1 ' ' 1 ' t nil et, tins i
John Boss of Xe. 102 Fills worth j
avenue, was stricken with puraltsis at I
his home yesterday after. aid » as '
removed to the Deia vara 11 .spiral in the
Pluunix ambtllati-e.
Spaniards Cry for Peace.
Special Dispatch to The Sun.
PhihIo Held in Check.
.Sik-HhI Disputfli to Tin: SI N.
i Nkw Yoke, June 22.—The Evening
Sun's special dated < ff Santiag
Mrs. Herbert tv a.-a t'ormei' lesident of
Wilmington, ami she tvas paying a visit
here. She was sittii.g on 11 .»•"|o.reli talk
ing to iter Imslmii'l wliea she fell over
and expired before lie coaid read, r Iter
any assistance.
The deceased was '7 y< ars of age and
lias a number of relatives in this city.
Striekeo Willi Paralysis.
United States District Attorney
Vandegril't .Made the Opening
Address to the Jnr v .
I -
! All the testimony to be adduced in
j case of Thomas S. Clark, who is charged
' vith aidil, g and "betting William
*** '«•«»« of the Fin* National
Bank of.Dover, was concluded yesterday
^ lllf, rniiig in the 1'nited States District
I Court and Joint Biggs, counsel for
1 defendant, was presenting his prayers
"rSSti&AUornev Lewis
3;^"' Vandbgl ' ift
]„ lr insr bis argument to the iurv
score( , f- nited ,4 ates Senator , J iic )
! K 0 |li ns Kenney Amos Cole Charles
J!utU . r and William K. Cotter, who
is'ared as witnesses for the defense
1 AH of he said were under
idictmentin the Inited States Court
| aidi and abeWing in the . . of
bank and all of them, he continued,
testified in Clark's favor for the nurnose
| of closin tlie prison doorH before the
fendant ? ou , d enter the prison.
I 1
moaning session.
Court convened in the Federal build
i ing at 10 o'clock yesterday morning and
| William X. Hoggs, who had been called
in rebuttal by the government, again
took the stand.
, He was asked by Mr. Riggs wlietheror
' not the cheek given him by Clark
• was not lor a poker debt. Mr. Boggs
! replied in the affirmative.
Was Thomas 8. Clark at the depot
ppointment the day you left?" asked
Ir. Riggs.
"No, sir," replied the witness. "He
just happened to he there with some
land buyers who were going away on the
8 " in G n f p,
"alter M. Boggs, of Philadelphia,!
brother of William X. Boggs, was next;
cailed by the prosecution
He said that after William X. Boggs'
departure be (tbe witness) went to Dover
«"d found the 55:52 check among
papers left by X. Boggs. He alleged
that he retained the cheek to Clark on
-V'giwt M. 1«»7, at the latter's solicita
tton, Clark saying be bad paid the money
to >|.w- "W , . .. .
" itness exhibited a duplicate of the
|7 ck ' which he said lie hud made, and;
als !' a lH , u .' r " hlcl he saul had been
»'* hint by t lark concerning the
letter. Mr. \ andegrift placed the duple
cate check in evidence. Mr. Vandegrift
asked the witness whether the letter re
ferrt'd to the check.
"lo the check and other matters,"
witness replied. The letter was placed in
evidence by Mr. ('andegrift. Witness
was not cross examined.
Former ('ashier John II. Bateman,
tvns called, with reference to the foreign!
exchange bonk of the F'irst National'
Bank, for I St);). In reply to questions
by Mr. Vandegrift lie said that on
(October 12th, IMP!, there were two
cheeks, one for Si >00 and the other for
$.'!()l), which were sent to the Farmers'
Bank. Mr. Yamlegriit placed the book
in evidence.
Mr. Bateman said that in tbe cash
items of May 14th, I StiG. the entry was;
in the band writing of William X. lloggs.
was in relation to the McGontgal
check. He was asked by Mr. Vandegrift
to see if be Could find a record of a 5250
Clark item. He said ho bad looked for.
a draft of Thomas S. Clark's from l'iiiln
delpbia between .May lltli and 22d. 1,Stilt,
and bad failed to find it. Mr. Vande
grift offered the exchange book between
May lltli ami 22d, 1.Stilt, in evidence,
They were admitted.
Mr. Btggsasked witness by whom the
IfliOO and 5t:5tH) cheeks of October 12th,
189J, were given. Witness said he did
not know. Mr. Biggs then exhibited
the telegram in relation to the alleged;
Clark draft and asked witness what it
was. Mr. Vandegrift objected to him
answering. Witness said the telegram
did not bring to bis mind any recollec
tion eoncenintg tbe draft.
"Tlmt is tbe cash book von have
Mr . "W^k'^ '
"'«••*, «I', »«s the reply.
-'The draft would lx-on the colleetion
book, would it not?"
t es, sir, possibly,
"lluve you the collection book here?"
"Xo, sir."
Mr. Bateman said it would be an tin
usual proceeding, however, to enter tbe
receipt of. the draft upon the collection
7 k ' ., ,, , , s, ...
"Mr. Bateman. asked Mt. higgs.
"looking nt 1110 writing land ink on
the telegram, does that throw any light
on this question?" This was rule il out,
Mr. Biggs then asked witness whelliei
the red ink refreshed Ids recollection.
"Not my recollection, strictly speak
ng," he replied. Mr. Vandegrift oh
Roundly Scored During
Course ol' His Remarks.
PrOHOciitinj' Aitorm\v Slates
United States Senator Richard Rol
lins Kenney and Others are
Guilty of Tellin<r Wliat is
Not the Tint If.
jected. Then Mr. Biggs asked the
whet her his inspection of the
ink on the telegram refreshed his
lection w ith respect to anydmft.
"Not my recollection," he replied.
don't remember."
"Was Thomas 8. Clark's account
charged with 25 cents at that time?"
' I don't know."
"Look at the book and see if there
such a charge about Mav loth
IS «>."
There was no reply.
Mr. Jtiggs said Clark's account was
duced from 71 to 4li cents about
time and in* wanted to know whether
that reduction related to the draft.
Witness said that on May IStli,
Clark's account was ciiarged with
, |
'Is that the same charge referred
in the telegram.' Mr. Higgs asked.
I have no recollection of It," witness
Does that writing represent the entrv
I do" t recollect.
I) d you make the entry in red ink.'
, ..
( ho s writing is it in/
"Dill you ever see the telegram'.'"
I don t recollect.''
Mr. \ andegrift strenuously objected
to the method of procedure. Mr. Biggs
8 ? idl "' -"' as l ' nd ? av ,° rin g »? «">^'antime
the ll ' e of Thomas S. Clark, to
effect titat he received the telegram from
N. the hirst Xartonai Bank tn connection
« >> <;' a ' ^ d ™»' " l.ich Clark
. ■ , aae ',. , LL
Tbe it,dge called attention to the
the j tliat ' hen ' " as a charge of 2o cents.
to " V® 1 a J nounfc corresponded with
^ ^ T
" th ''
wlu '' "^'^gfwa! iliadeto ('mi'cel
| '^Mr!* Vamiegrtft 'objected'"to "hfques-1
be' tion - lie was not sustained, however,
j and the witness said such a proceeding
I was usual. Such papers are cancelled
! with clleck *'
! "Would the draft be entered in the
! cash book or the book for collection?"
! ? lr - Bwgs »ske(l. Mr. V.ndegrift "b
; jected and Mr. Biggs put the question
i *_l'! s wav: "It Thomas S. Clark-should
: ^ rlI1 8 il draft 0,1 Cut-libert & Co. f«*r col
j lection, would it be entered on the cash
| book or colkction book?"
''That would entirely depend upon the
j circumstances at that time."
"If Clark brought a draft signed only
j by himself would it be accepted?"
j "it must be signed ,by another on
' dorser."
"What is the date of the paper (tele
"Mav Ifitli, 1890."
"Was that a telegram received at your
| bank?" Mr. Vandegril't objected and .Mr.
; Riggs asked: "Was that paper received
| at vour bank?"
j "I've no doubt it was received, judg
ing from the marks on it."
I "Then the pajx j r must have passed
J through your ban k?"
' ! [TW"
" hatis it/
"It purports to bo a telegram from the
First National Bank of Philadelphia to
the First National Bank of Dover."
"Wliat does it say?"
"Philadelphia, May Hitli, K. B. Cut It
■ bert & Co.—250 refused."
In reply to a question from Mr. Yande
grift, witness said lie had not testified
; that it was in relation to it fc'.it) draft
| of Thomas S. Clark, but he admitted!
j that it contained a charge of 2o cents to
| (ashler Moms of the Farmers Bank
of Dover was called by the government,
He said that on October 12th, 1S!I3, bv
reierring to the books he found a record
of where 52,001.25 was credited to the
; First National Bank. Among the
j items lie found n check of JJIK) of ,I. L.
F'ord and a $ti0l) check of Samuel \V.
i Hall. The credit and check books of
j the Farmers Bank were offend in evi-j.
! deuce.
"To whom was the S'00 check made
payable?" asked Mr. Biggs.
"Self," was the reply.
' T i whom was the siitio check of Mr.
Kail made payable?"
"Any other endorsers?"
"None shown on this book."
William X. Boggs was again culled to
. the stand by -Mr. Vandegrift. Head
milled that lie wrote wluit was on the!
telegram in red ink. The telegram, he
said, referred to the second check on
Cuthhert it; Co. The first one, tinted
May Htli, was paid by him on liny lltli,?
out of the funds of the bank, (in May
14th Clark told Him be bad made a sale,
and about that tine lie put in a draft for,
collection and not to pay the other:
check. The draft came back unpaid. It
did not. go through the cash book, but I
went through the collection book. Had !
itlie draft been paid, lie understood, be i
was to apply it to the first check of $250, I
dated May Sth. The draft had tm tela
t ion to the second check.
W. K. Stockier of I'biladelpliia, who I
took tbe stand, exhibited a bill of sale of i
the horse Brooklyn, from Thomas S.
Clark. Tlie paper tins dated October 9th, !
1891! mid some writing on the buck Octo
her 14th, IH9J. The paper was put in
In reply to Mr. Biggs, witness said lie
bought tlie horse from Clark and got
from It ini the papers connected with the
horse. lie knew nothing about Butler
having u lien. Mr. Biggs offered m evi
dencc a paper to show that Butler had a
claim on tbe horse.
"Do you own the Imrse now, or is it
dead?" Mr. Biggs asked.
"I don't know wliat became of it,"
was the reply. .
In relation to the bill ot sale W. X.
Boggs said be witnessed the sigmit .re of
Clark on the bill of sale.
FI. 1). Page, representing the I'iiiladel
phia office of K. B. Cutlibert A Co ,
identified the coin-of a letter which was
Continued on Page Two.
Say Law Governing Call
Will Check Trading in the
Stock Market.
i, |
to nailKCrS rOPCPfl to Change
Methods ofDoillg RtlSiiieSS.
. -
Must Pa} . Money OI1 Ca|| L , anN
tionnl to tlic Regular Per Gent..
Courts May be Called Upon lo
Dotermine on Several Para
graphs in the Act.
,• , . . j| | .
iii cieHt i !
C/kw -hboP beV
^ , "," "
' ,' n n imposts
a^cT o^s e ma.le chiefly t, „t
i"" 8 .m e, fl,® rt,
, _ the mittor is of
wKK^'S^ tttS
tUtafe IpfeaSirlg 1 in^„z!
| 'Alicrwistui'anat !'glrt'or!!n d'e'IimiXor
SZ"d^la?ion, MdV eaeS!°re!
i ! lewa l of the same, for a sum not exceed
»'S «* «U-wo cents; and for each
tionai *100 or fractional part thereat
ex " 88 of ® 1()d -. tw '.' .
The contention is that under this
; graph coHateni' notes are certainly
' ! , l 1 l ' ded '''il.',?, 1 '' | nea ns that the, borrower
1 " * W »r'° »P f,a f »'«>. *« '" aa
d ."j™ regular i rate ol interest
charged. The broker s customer,
JW |}"\ t,u *I
: the *100,0 ,0, wi he obliged to pay
per cent, under the new law, that is
I,ie burden should be entirely shifted
1 customer's shoulders.
; A he second paragraph, if held on
«ame collateral, will more than triple
! tax imposed bv the first paragraph.
"Mortgage or pledge of lands, estates,
i ,,r proiiertv, real or personal, heritable
I or movable, whatsoever, where the same
s baH be made as a security for the pay
,nt * nt ol any definite and certain sum
•nonev, lent.at the time or previously
| due and owing nr forborne to be paid,
* x * ,n S payable; also any conveyance
any lands, estate, r property wliatso
, evt *L.which shall be intended only
security, e.ther by express stipulation
! wedine onv'tlioiH'lml '■ nil -mT exceed
\ iveUtng one thousand md .lot.exuetling
1 one thousand hve hundred dollars.
twenty-live cents; and on each live bun
tired dollars or fractional part thereof
j excess of fifteen_ hundred dollars, twentv
hve cents; provided, that upon each and
every assignment or transfer of a mort
S a S e ) lease, or policy of insurance, or the
r «'>« wa w «? nt ' f ". all [ W**
tnent, contract, or charter, by letter
8 ,f al ''P d " , r y 1 8lla, 1 l
and paid at the same rate as that tm
posed on tlie original instrument
N '" a of tin brokers interpret tins par
agraph as meaning tlml an ...
''tx ot S>0on $100,000 is imposed upon
j collateral deposited by a broker foi'a,
banli loan, making tbe collateral note he
K'ves a promissory note as well as
pledge ot proixirty, s i tint G *.sid 'H tin
hank interest he pays the obligation
s'-**- , .
1* seems to be agreed that the tifMt
intended to include col lateral notes, blit;
that the second is not so intended, f
n "t unlikely that the courts may be
called upon to miss upon certain sec-:
lions of the Act w liich seem to tax
Mnnsarl ions ot the nature justdescribed,
i tl'Tli'lllV'tl III.' ITII
' ' Lit A A ft Dr, \ III.
< '"l- Robert L. A. (Vof'ton, a l)eln-!
witrian, Ities Alter a Hrief'lll
... ... ...
ness a w nsti ugton.
''reel'd Pisiati-h to Tin; srx.
Wasm i notux, June 22.—Col. Hubert L.
A. Cmfton F. S. A. p'tired died here
,• „
' ^ " a J,,l 't tunes..
He was up) united from Delaware as
Captain of the Sixtientli Knited States
Im'aiitrv at the breaking out of the civil
, ... ... .
u ' l ' " 1 otstuictton
throughout. In s ilittes and was brevetted
[Major and Lieutenant-Colonel for con
spit-nous gallantry a, the laities of
a . "
11 ' ' ' 8 " d t hiekamauga.
He " Hs stationed at F'ort Sheridan,
near Cl icago d iring tliegmi railroad
strike an t played i n in portatlt part in
. . . . ' . ,
s'lppreisin.; the riots there. He wasre
tired a year or so ago. Funeral services
will be hold her- F'riday and the inter
ment will take pin v at Wilmington.
Who Is Commissioner.
B it It sides linve tiled i-e-lillrutes at. the
otli.-e of the i lei k ot the concern-1
ing the elec.i.iii for ..! .'ommissioiicr
in District Xu. M, Mt. ('iilm It was in
this district tlmt t wo elections were held.
One return eei lilies the elect ion of C. J.
Horrigan us
the other the eieelion of Stephen J
Armstrong. 1'tiless the two sides com
momi-e tlie iliso-te w'I Imv,. t„ t„,
P ,| j I . '...
>ini-sii tier, and
to tlie Saperioi
''The Farmers' Bank at George
town is holfling worthless
upon which money was raised to
buy Democratic votes for the last
ten years."—Jerome B. Bell, in
the Sunday Star.
Swoons at « Railroad Station When
Unable to Bid Her Son
. Mrs. Frank M. Gooding, of No. 1912
Hutton street, Brandvwine village
swooned at the station of the I* W A
Ji. railroad yesterday forenoon, owing to
her failure to bid her only son, who was
enronte to Tampa, Fla farewell
I terday at noon from Brooklyn anil 'the
. mother had waited for three days at the
station, anxiously ins. e:ting every train
for a sight of him.
him to step liere but as^it 'whirled" past
the station she caught one glance of her
buy, the flutter of white handkerchief
I and the words of
- and that was all.
. 1 be strain to which she had been sub
"• JV^. d «'»« too great for her to bear and
i' fbc leU in a dead faint at the feet of Iter
££2* *'«' T ** »er She was
( lesuscitated and eubsecptentlv removed
i to h « r botne. Mrs. Gooding'had pre
* k I iwcd a basket full of good tlW« for lier
1 y °i n U,K * ^ ,e8e ro ^ eci away unnoticed
' StS^T
! Front ami L'nion^et Company Can
not ^ Co " rt
ltules Not \et Adopted,
Peter L. Cooper, Jr., appeared before
in Chancellor Nicholson at Dover.un Tues
' (la .v last and upon petition of Kdwirt P.
Williamson and Nicholas Spieles, prop
erty owners in Brandywine hundred, ee
j cured a restraining order preventing the
Front and .. street Kail wav Com
! pany from laying tracks upon their
Tiie ground taken by Mr. Cooper in
| asking for the injunction was that the
if proposed road was not an extension of
to the line but practically a new road,
The injunction granted bv thechan
eellor will not prevent the commission
appointed bv the Superior Court from
])ertorming its work and condemning
the land through which it is proposed to
run the line, but it will prevent the put
ting down of any rails,
Upon application of Mr. Cooper Chun
eellor Nicholson also granted the petition
! of Minnie Harris for a restraining order
1 preventing the collection of a judgment
obtained before Magistrate J.A. Kelly.
As yet the .Supreme Court has not
adopted any rules for its government but
it is probable the rules when adopted
» d " ^-ernlugVhe
( ourt ol Furors and Apja-uls wit
; few modifleutions.
John Cloud, While I rank, Routs Hia
I» the Municipal Court yesterday
morning the case of Oscar De Braiitu,
charged with obtaining money under
was continued until this
, llorn t 11Ki bl , desiring to employ counsel.
i John McCall, charged with drunken
m . gs was sentenced to pav a fine of $1
! aild ' C(lg t H
At last evening's session of City Court
; ^ be catse* «,t (iooiato Walker rluir ed with
lbt . | a ieenv of a laprube from Joint Con
wav, was, at the teiptest of Assistant
I «>. l |iciti> r Calmon dismissed their
lll( evivU'itce to convict, liini.
I ,J, mas Deck was found drunk and
j aHleep along tlie railroad and was sub
j uct a jj;> alld ( ., lgtg
Charles .Miller drunk, was lined $1 ar.d
J C0S ( S
Wifl.'um Litvin fell asleep on the steps
i of the Gables and was found bv ollicer
! Black. lie received SI mid costs!
John Man love drunk and disorderly
| was fined SID mid costs. John Cloud got
b j a usual " Tuesday ni*ijit .■-kale on a'lid
Went iiomean,i.-;.i'.tcu lo ci.an the liotse
' out, bv breaking all the furniture and
i beating bis will-! Ilis w ife swene that lie
! broke up everything in the bouse and
be-at her. and that sin- would not live
with him' any longer, lb-was made to
pav a ... Sit) and costs a.id to furnish
a ix-uce bond of t2i)li.
-pi,,, ,. a se of william Cox, Klim-r C x
and Holx-rt MeCtten ehargt'd whb the
larcettcv of a'boat was continued until
Sattirutiv morning.
Tlx, evidence wiis u it strong enough U>
conviut Arthur It loins -a who tvaa
charged with the Imccncv of two oars
mid lie was dismissed.
William and llenrv Donstelle two
glll;ll | bllVg ciau u-d w ith breakin
j llt , „ ( j, b j n a!ld st( , l .|j,|,, a dock an
several other ifttcles.
tinned uni it Saturday morning,
Tin-llev. W. II. Itunford, who was ap
P"*' 1 M !' Kebjiion M. K. Church
at the Ins session ol conlereiice,lutsre
sign m that charge, presumably on uc
count of ill health. Ilis successor has
'V* * x ' en llllllK 'J, bill it is thought l're
' l ' d ' ll B Elder Watt will appoint the Key
A k "- Z0 • > u\'is.
»d-bye mother,
Wife and Breaks Up Tilings
The ease was eon
>1 inisier Rcsiuns.
.Medten 1 Society <Utlrers.
The Board of Medical Kxiuninerx of tlie
Homeopathic Medical Society of Dela
ware, met at the Clayton House yester
day morning and elected Dr. E. F'. An
derson, of Dover, president, and Dr.
Charles M. Allmnnd, of this city, secre

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