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Indications for today are rainy
weather and ft-eeh easterly winds, in
creasing toward evening.__
Clement H. llongdon, Sole Owner.
Entered at the Wilmington PostOfflce
as Second Clsss Matter.
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, No. 103 East Sixth St.
Mechanical Department, No. 103
East Sixth St.
Philadelphia Office Room 3, No.
911 Walnut Street.
THE SUN is published every day in
the year and is distributed throughout
the City of Wilmington and the State of
Delaware by authorized agents. Sub
scriptions should be sent to the publica
tion office by mail or telephone.
Tuesday, October 4,1898.
Good Morning.
"Suspend Judgement!''
United States Senator Quay and three
other prominent citizens of Penn
sylvania were arrested in Philadelphia
yesterday and held in substantial bail by
Magistrate Jermon. The charge preferred
against them is Conspiracy. It is alleged
that Senator Quay had numerous illegal
transactions witli Cashier Hopkins of the
People's Bank, who committed suicide in
March last. The bank was robbed of
$509,000 by Hopkins and his accomplices
whoever they may have been.
At this writing no detailed statemen t
has been made by anybody connecting
Senator Quay with the plundering of the
People's Bank. No evidence incriminat
ing Mr. Quay has been offered either in
the courts or the public prints. The
shortage of the bank waB promptly met
by its president.
The arrests were made by direction "of
District Attorney George S. Graham the
affidavit having been made by an attache
of his office. The public will do well to
suspend judgement until some definite
data has been given out for their consid
George S. Graham is not a man
who would lend himself to a dastardly
political trick such as this would be,
should the necesiary evidence not be at
hand when wanted. George 8. Graham
is the foremost prosecutor in the United
States today and lie makes few if any
mistakes. In due season Mr. Graham
will present the facts in hip possession to
,, n j i rx of
Kenney is sure to he recalled and di*
cussed. lor obvious reasons The St n i
has not and will not comment upon ;
Mr. Kenney or his trial until a
jury has passed finally upon the merits
ol the case. There is one act, however, ci
that must not bj overlooked. Senator
Quay has been arrested upon a very j
grave charge on the eve of his campaign
This nrresl whether i„.
for re-e.ection. This arrest, whether he
be guilty or innocent, will surely count
a jury and the public can then properly
pass judgement upon the guilt or inno
cence of Senator Quay. Until this is done
let judgement be suspended.
In this connection the case of Senator
could not have any effect upon the com-;
ing election in Delaware. The evidence l
against him was published in the col- i
,L.jii,;. „,i., L i
umns of this newspaper many weeks be- e
fore his indictment and arrest. There is ,
a bare possibility that Senator Quay's!'
arrest is a political trick but no siine I
.... «SS ,l« sto. MSS
importance to the arrest, indictment and i
The early movement to erect a fitting
monument to the memory of IIou.
, r . ,, ...
Thomas Irancis Bayard is in every way
commendable. There is one thing to re-,
member in tlie erection of a memorial
He wagarraan an(1 a
Levi T. Mans requests us to say that
tlie statement in tlie ,S'»i ulwj Jleruhl,
which is copied by tlie morning Si n,
that lie did not get a vote in the district
over Third street bridge, and that lie
was counted out for Mr. Yandever, is a
lie from beginning to end. On the con
trary, he received 31 votes, and lie is
satisfied that the count was correct, j
Mr. Mann intends to be a candidate
against his chance of success. .No facts
in support of tlie charge against him
liave ever been published anywhere.
Not so with Mr. Kenney. He had no
campaign on hand; he was not a candi
date for any office; his arrest and trial
trial of Senator Kenney.
"Sug[)end judgment!''
to Bayard,
monument to his memory should be pro
portionately great.
in 1900, and lie believes that when
he receives a greater number of
votes than any other candidate, he will I
be declared tlie nominee for the office of
coroner. The Democrats who are writing
about tlie Republican nomination are a
set of scalawags and invariably tell
downright lieB when they will serve
their purpose better than tiie truth.
Neither Messrs. McDaniel, Stidham,
Bradley or their friends, will be misled
by their vile misrepresentations and
they will not militate in the least against
the election of Mr. Taylor for sheriff.—
JJaili/ Republican.
The Sun reprinted the Mann article
published in tlie Sunday Herald, credit
ing the same to tlie Ihrald. There is a
great difference in "copied
and "re
printed with credit given.
to know this except the editor of
the Republican. No responsibility what
ever is assumed for articles reprinted in
this paper where credit is given,
would be an excellent idea for the Repub
lican to consider the relative meaning of
"copied" and "reprinted."
We haven't the slightest reason for
believing that Mr. Samuel Bancroft will
address the tax payers of New Castle
county at the Bijou Theatre next Sunday
evening on "The Levy Court as 1 know
Can your book-keeper convince you
that your advertising lias netted you a
profit since January 1st? Can he show
you that every dollar you have paid out
for publicity has returned with a six
cent growth upon it? If not your adver
tising appropriation lias been spent un
wisely. Advertising has reached the
place where it is recognized as a learn
able profession and a profitable one. The
average merchant is too busy watching
the details of the business he knom to
master the details of profitable publicity.
It is this fact that enables advertising
experts to wear diamonds and fine linen.
Wilmington has a reputation of being
easy money" in the advertising world.
Nowhere else are programs, cards,
dodgers, folders, posters, hand-beoks,
guide books and souvenirs more liberally
patronized than right here in Wilmiug
ton. They may have been good mediums
for some advertisers. Did they pay you?
Can anybody advance a valid reason
for denying the mothers of \V ilmington
proper representation on the Board of
in Spell Court.
Spell Welcher.
At the Public School.
Sammy Bancroft, stand up:
Spell Maladministration.
Spell Mismanagement.
Spell Crooked.
Spell Contracts.
! Spell Levy.
. x> i a
"The l 1 armers BaUK at
,, ... • lirti/iiiwr
Georgetow n 1S holding
worthless paper .upon which j
11 ' 1 ;
money was raised to buy
Democratic votes tor the g
Ternme VI !
tlrioiiie x».
. . . .
The commissioner of common schools
of Ohio writes to the citizens of Dela
ware t . hat women have proved valuable
i n many localities in that Btate as mem
; bers of school boards He says that an ,
effort to repeal the act giving women this
well" for'the people oftl.is
ci ty to study the law which commis
sioner Bonebrake encloses in the follow
j '"8 letter.
. C'oi.uMiits, Ohio., < >ct. 1,1898.
Enrrnu The him, Wilmington, Del.
Dkau Sm:-Your letter of September
29th, asking for an expression of opinion
upon the admitting of women to the
Boards of Education in this state is re
On April 24th, 1894 the General As-'
sembly of Ohio passed the following
Bell. Ill tlie Suiluity StilT.
last ten years.
KfCni't to llepcal Kdueatioa
Law Failed,as Women Were
To secure a voice in school affair* to j
l ' IL " women ol Ohio on equa I terms with ,
i , .... Pna ,. tP a b v the Gen
i oheriox l. Be itenacteu py im ucn
e ral Assembly of the State of Ohio, That
, every woman born or naturalized in the
mted States, of-the|age of twenty-one |
I oP'the^'state one year* Mid*of '
\tSpg Zn"*S.ilp' i
i election district such time as the jaw ;
] provides for lnen, preceeding: any elec -1
tion held for the purpose of choosing
any school director, members of I
Board of Kducation or School Council;
under the general or special laws of the
Hta . te i/ ' . 1,6 . ent '. tle ,4 v " te *' r 5* !
v0 ! e( ' '" r at such election for any such '
officer or officers. !
re-, Sivriox 2. A separate box shallI he
provided tor the ballots of tliose voting j
a for any such ofhee mentioned in section
one of this act.
Section .). All laws relating to the
registration of voters shall apply to
women upon whom the right to vyte is
herein conferred, provided, that tne
namCB °* women may he placed
n, upon a separate list. .
As t,llB la ! v was ®[> acte d too late to be
lie operative in the spring election of
a ,' 4 ' ltB "! Bt tr J a wa8 ln April,l»uo.
large number of women took advantage
is of the right conferred by the above mea
j Bure at the spring election ol ]«.)■>, both
to vote and to hold oltice as members 01
boards of education ol the state.
Nincc that year I believe, though
have not the statistics at hand, that a
less number of women have voted each
year, speaking generally. In many com
mittees tlie measure has worked good,
sccunng t0 schools better board
members and a larger public interest; in
many more it lias been practically a dead
law. An endeavor was made ast winter
to repeal the law, but the bil failed sig
nal| y- , Speaking in general terms, I
wou d be inclined to belieye that tlie
law lias worked good rather than harm.
Courteously yours,
"an ait"
The Society of Natural History of Del
aware, held a meeting last night.
1 J.
Crowded to Doors Dockstaders
New Playhouse Starts
the Season.
The Lady Cornet let Played the
Reveille as a Soldier Boy Walked
Down the Aisle and the Au
dience Saw, Heard
and Appreciated.
Dockstadei's new theatre, the New \
Wonderland, opened its doors to hun- j
dreds of hnppy people last Bight.
The people were happy because ol the!
certainty which existed in their minds
that W. L. Dockstader had prepared a
creditable and highly interesting show
for them. .
This certainty was in no way impaired.
The show was indeed a good one and
highly entertaining and the opening
night of DockBtader's New Wonderland |
was a grand success. I
Long before the opening hour, 8
o'clock, standing room only could be
purchased and w hen the curtain rang up
over 1,200 persons were gathered together
within the walls of the pretty little play
house. Balcony and auditorium was
crowded and both boxes filled. j
Twelve hundred more orderly persons
never assembled in a theatre. Quiet wbb
absolute and every man, woman and
child in the house had a full opportunity
to enjoy the show.
The names of twenty-one artists ap
peared on the program and each one was
a star. Perhaps the greatest hit of the j
evening was the clever act of the Ladells,
the sensational acrobatic stars, introduc
ing the baby wonder Miss Annie Ladell.
The performances of this child constitutes
the worth of the popular admission
pricesof the theatre, and her cunning
matter-of-factness took immensely with
the large audience.
Miss Alice Raymond, the lady cornet
ist, evoked rounds of applause. She de- j
velops music of choice variety from her
several instruments. An incident oc
curred during the act which appealed to
the audience. She was producing the
soldiers reveille, taps and other orders
on a bugle, when down the main aisle
to a seat in front walked a soldier boy,
one of the members of the First Dela
ware just returned from Camp Meade,
; The audience took in the situation and
; the applause was loud and prolonged.
The complete manner in w^hich C. A.
Giovanni has his family of birds under*
control is indeed wonderful. Two birds i
a rescue another feathered denizen from a
burning house. The act is a good one.
The coon singers, Jones and Sutton,
con]e in fur well-merited applause. The
j originality of their sketch as singers,
; dancers and change artists is striking.
Wilmington's old favorite Edwin
Jacv, received a warm reception and
g ilvy return his specialty of the
! poetical tramp and the Prince of Wales,
x». The clearness and distinctiveness with
, which Miss Tiny Graeff the singing
soubrette executed her songs won the
admiration of the audience.
i The gallery gods were treated to the
King's taste by Miss Ida Howell. This
dainty soubrette has a charming manner
and scored n hit from the start.
- J
The Wonderland's opening night was
agltccegs The season promises to be a
' r. fact tin, t licit re-Bneis liavp
"«*• k „'w tL with W. L I)oJk
, d a , ;, g ba ck 'mvthing may become
, a gHCCegg ' "
The Wonderland Theatre is an attrac
'* ve ^o^ncs* Vt" is one"gwd
fe at ure about the little theatre-a ?om
p | ete v { ew 0 f the stage can be had from
every part of the house,
The bouse has a reputation fur playing
only the bast people and this reputation
8 ,fits the theatre-going public,
„ ....
Superintendent of tlie Public Schools
j , )avid w Harlan has informed the
, j{ 0 ard of Kducation that more roomie
""ded for the school children in this
cl ty a nd suggests that in order to get the
]j t tle ones off the streets that the board
j. n( j a ju jtable building which can be i
| ren ( A ij ) conveniently located, two rooms
' wi ." i* 36 °P en ? d tl,crein for ,
0,1,.,!-JJS5 ftefl Oirs i
; warrant the oiiening of the rooms and ;
-1 employincnt of teachers.
,s uc h tt building to be of use to the
I board must be located somewhere.be-1
tWfcen No ,, 6chool whic)l ig a t Eighth
an d Wollaston streets, and No. 15,
5* ! which is at Fourth and Harrison streets,
' an( j j t j s jj r Harlan's desire that the
! location shall be about half way between
he the two gc i, 00 | 8 .
j From any who may liave a suitable
blli , din g Mr . JIar | an would like to
hear, as he is anxious to make provision
ag gaon ag possible for the children who
to canno t now b e accommodated.
is He hopes to he able to secure rooms
that will seat 50 children each, and in
(l ,. der t 0 ( ]o so each room should be at
least 20x30 feet, if it is not possible to
be- |inc [ two roolng an( i ont . call b e obtained
of l t)le one wi)1 be opened and another one
opened when an opnortunity is offered,
ft is estimated that there'are nearly
joq children now applying for adtnis
g j oni b ut the exact number will not be
01 known until today. Nome of the original
I applicants have been provided with seats
[ and an effort is now being made to as
a certa j n ; UB t j, ow m a ny would attend if;
su j tab | e rooms should be opened.
Some time ago Chief of Police Dolan
ca ,j ed tbe attention of the Board of lidu
ca t| on to the fact that there were too
in man ,, children running tlie streets dur-!
• ^booi hours.
Tbe board then oiiened rooms that had
sig- Heretofore been vacant in the public
I gcb0 o|g, but it appears now that thev
tlie were not enoug ], to meet the demand,
T j lg body H tiould take cognizance of the
situation as it now exists and provide
immediate facilities for those children
fg[ w | 10m there is no room.
Harlan Confirms
Slat moot That More Schools
Are Needed.
Mrs. Annie Bell of Wilmington, is the
guest of friends at Middletown.
The vote in The Sun's senatorial
contest at 12 midnight stood as fol
Benjamin A. Haxell.
Col. Henry A. du Pont.
Hon. George Gray.
John G. Gray.
1 J. Edward Aadicks.
William du Pont.
I William Michael Byrne-.-.
I Willard Saulsburv.
Gen. James H. Wilson.
J. Frank Allee.••••
Hen. Anthony Higgins.
Lewis C. Vandegntt....
! George W. Marshall M. D
. H. Ward.
I Caleb R. Layton, M. D—
! Horace Greeley Knowles
John P. Donahoe.
A. L. Ainscow.
. 5013
..... 5594
i Hugh C. Browne
. |jj ram K."Burton...
\ Andrew C. Gray.
j Victor H. Bacon.
Willie M. Ross.
J. William \V agner
Victor de Han, Jr...
william T. Records,
Howell S. England.
George J. Kloberg..
Rev. Leighton Coleman.
H. C. Moore, M. D.
Howard E. Staats.
| Rev. W. J. Birmingham.
I Anton Ilatiber.
j ob n T. Dickey.
j e ff Butler.
R ey . M. X. Fallon.
Henry ltidgely.
Robert Adair.
David Dangel.
j Carmen Di Mare.
(;. H. Behringer.
Thomas Fay.
Mark I'edrick.
frank Canzzo..
John G. Reed, Jr.
Thomas L. Scott.
Edward Gipp.
j Thomas F. Holland.
]> e l. Maloney.S...
Albert W. Cummins.
frank H. Day.
George Farnan.
f. Meiler.
f re d Eden Bach.
Andrew B. Jones.
frauds McD. Quinn.
Edward Mulvey.
j John F. Campbell.
fritz Elser.
J. Albert Curry.
Win. H. Hill.
]>, Charles Bogan.
Edwin R. Cochran, Jr.
William S. Hilles.
Joseph H. Evans.
E. (i. Shortlidge, M. D
william W. Draper
|'. M. Hoopes.
W. Scott Vernon.
Daniel O'Nci'l.
Edward Giff.
i Horace Weldin..
a Stephen Boyer.
W. 11. Thornton.
J. Nulsbauch.
. 286
i a
„ j
8 t
4 J
• |
| __
I held a meeting last night at No 612
Shipley street and effected permanent;
The following officers were elected: |
resident Howard
1 ^ent, George Armor, treasurer, W illiam
—— !
. ,, « ., ._.i .
as follows: Committee to wait upon the g
retail clerks; committee to secure perma- j
nent quarters fertile association and
committee to draft a set of by-laws and a
constitution for the government of the
Vrmancnt Organization Effectetl
LaM Night and Merchant**
Were Present.
. . I
The Retail Grocer ClerkH Association

----- , , i
There were several merchants present;
and as is usual with the employers aid
the employes on all occasionsaand are!
interesting themselves in the jiermancnt
organization of the Clerks' Association. ,
Tiicre will be another meeting of tlie
organization next VIonday evening and
a large attendance iB expected for ttie
new laws will be adopted and oilier
bnsinesB of equal importance will be con- j
The meeting last night was full of en
tliiiBiasm and was well attended and
every chair in the house was filled.
This banding together of the clerks is
hot for tlie detriment of 'the merchants
but for tlie advancement of both em
ployer and employe and will work ad
vantageously to both in many ways,
After tlie full and complete organiza
tion is affected the evenings of the as
Uociation will be spent in tlie discussion
0 f improved systems of clerking and
i views of the members will be exchanged
and tlie tendency will be to improve the
nresent system of clerking to a wonder
i T&bk, .1,1
; decide on Monday evening at their
regular meet ing night, as that night
seems to be popular with the charter
members of the organization.
On or about October 15, 1898, tlie
characteristic of the fixed red light at
the station, on East Point, easterly side
of Maurice river cove and off the mouth
of Maurice river, easterly side of Dela
ware bay, will be changed to make the
: light show fixed white in the narrow sec
tor between northeast by nortli and
northeast three-quarters east (bearings
l from a vessel) covering tlie entrance to
at | tlie river from the bay.
. , T ,,
An ,mmense Typewriter,
j Postmaster Browne has had placed ini
the postoffice an immense typewriter
capable of working across a sheet two!
be feet wide.
The machine is intended for making:
out money order statements to be Hub
mittod to the auditors and will give the
if; clerks an opportunity to have plain
copies, so that matters may be traced lip
more readily than from written copies,
Several policemen of Wilmington went I
1 to Delaware City yesterday on a fishing ,
trip and came home last night. The
blue coats have been on a still hunt for
fishing worms and shrimp for .several I
days with which to tempt the finny 1
tribe. They liave never told anyone
what they caught and their names will
not be made public as officer Frank
Kane was the instigator of the trip and
doesn't wish any particulars made
Maurice River Light.
Doubtful Fishing Trip.
City Court Cmm.
Judge Ball in City Court yeaterday,
disposed of the following cases: John
and Rachael Saunders, colored, disorder
ly conduct, John dismissed,' Rachael
fined 15 and costs; William Fitzpatrick,
drunk and disorderly, $3 and costs;
"Faddy" Dougherty, drunk, $3 and
costs; Nathaniel Turk and Edward Car
son, drunk, |1 and costs each; Edward
Butcher, drunk, took pledge for a year;
Maxwell Dixon, drunk, Bent to Farn
liurst; Matthew Kennedy, disorderly
conduct, dismissed; James Dec, runaway
boy, committed to Agent Stout, of S. 1.
c. c. • '
M Recorder of Deeds Edwin A.
leave on Thursday for Denver
Charles E. White lias returned from
Andrew C. Gray went down the state
The Water Witch Fire Cotnpauy held
a meeting last night.
The Jackson & Sharp Company lias
completed several cars for a London
underground railway.
The clearings in the local banks last
week were $704,238.
Orphans' Court and Court of Chancery
.will be in session here tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward have been visiting
Mrs. El wood Wilson of New Castle.
Stamp Clerk Mark L. Garrett is spend
ing his vacation at Atlantic City.
Jacob Lienberger, of Smyrna, is the
guest of friends m this city.
Miss Jessie Lungren is entertaining
Miss Marie Watkins, of Beaver Valley,
The Hilles W. C. T. U. will hold a
meeting at 7.45 o'clock this evening, at
I the residence of Mrs. Benjamin Smedley
on Sixteenth street, in the Highlands.
j Robert Wardell has been elected cap
t tain of the high school second football
The Rev. J. D. C. Hanna, D. D.,
preached at the revival services at First
J M. P. Church last night.
Miss Estella Macklin and Fred Mack
| lin Bpent Sunday with Mrs. Jacob Saun
ders of New Castle.
Edgar and Ernest Haynes of this city
visited their parents at Smyrna on Sun
George W. Dame, rector of St. Peter's
P. E. Church, Smyrna, will probably
become head of St. Andrew's parish in
this city.
l'eter L. Cooper, Jr., is in Georgetown.
The old officers were re-elected last
Saturday at the annual meefing of those
interested in the Home for Aged
| __!
WANTED—Energetic agents, either sex. Char- |
must bear tJtricU'st Investigation. Addrew
. —
every house. Call at Lafayette Hotel, 508 Mar
g e t street. JOHN D. wileher.
j -
it, Tvefiiirc
tor ill private family by a young lady of line
morals and spiritual training and excellent cdu- !
cation, and a former school teacher of reputation.
Salary wanted is small. Address this oftice.
WANTED— A position on a Seamstreaa or any
thing that! can do, andf*till maintain my home,
Address Emma K.Hmith,
1212 Heald St., City.
I WANTED—by a young lady, position
Good references, Address
H. A. G. this office.
manufacturing business—large profits
J'. O. Box L
■ _____ . !
MAY W KTH *KT r k (Ml T( l 1YY T EMT TY
i ^ j i i |
manufacturing business—JOOper cent.^profit, ]
L, this office.
VTm ~~
AGENTS WANTED combination !
j Ac "'i'3 " bl *Xf- r i ,
money. Esr^Doitrh
S'*Itraunth. (ioa.K-- -
^7£t b J , «o W M7imf£4u7«L"BUTLE d |« , oftlie
ini '
Jl^ BooK of r^ts'
Write for descriptive circulat.
Agents wanted. Sells on sight. Every
man warts a copy, start in while
the field is clear. Fortunes in it for
liveagents. Address R. Lusby, Nov- i
elty Dealer, Vinton, la. (Mention ]
this paper.)
_ i
7THE follow'ng is a reproauetion of a postal |
Vi' recently received from a down east hustler. I
Mr. Lord was formerly legated in Philadelphia j
and knows the agency business from A to Z
Parties who are interested In agency work will I
do well to immediately corre*iioiid with Mr.
Lord.— Editor.
Cumberland Mii.i.f, Me.
Dear Friend:
Ave you o|>en to nn agency offer?
agent in your locality to work on
I went
ill give you a $.)0 ajs
pointment, and forfeit 8 r t() if you do not clear
flnO a month, if you are Interested, enclose 20
centr o cover mailing expense, for full ]»articu*
lure, contract and two samples, the regular price
of which is 50 cents. All sent fully prepaid.
As to my responsibility, I refer you to the
Mayor, Postmaster, Express Agent, or any business
horn*. If we do not hear from you at once, I shall
cot hold the position open to you.
Yours truly,
-—- !
V M ■til
nft.nAV SALARYOR*.;.
|DO you want honorable, steady employ
ment the year round, at good wages, at
your own home or to travel? If bo, send
andpartlcularj? WefuraihbMfof Unk
references. r
'DetvoUt AHotUKian,
For our New Book.
Write for terms. R. Lusby, Vinton,
JORDAN.—Relatives of William H. Jordan, de
ceased, late of the State of Indiana, may learn
something to their lntercet by addressing ATTOR
NEYS, Box 24 J, Herald Downtown, New York
MRS. GEORGE F. GORREN, formerly of 83
West 1 'ith St, will hear something to her advan
tage in communicating with J. F. Q., lMg,
Broadway, New York.
INFORMATION wanted of Mary Norris, that,
lived with % . De Lacy. 747 East 6th St Measr/
call at 247 West 12(1 St., N. Y„ and she will hear j
ol something to her advantage, or write.
INFORMATION wank'd ol one Mary t'olfclt I
who resided In Schenectady, N. Y.. .previous to I
1884, ill the family of Dr. Edward H.. wheeler,I
ami went under the name of Mary Wheelcdl
while residing In Schenectady; by commOnicat *
ing with the undersigned she will hear of souse
tiling to her interest. . . „ „
J: 8. JUNO. Box 615, Schenectady, N. Y.
MRH. ROBERT gCALES.-Wanted, lnformatioiJ
regarding Mrs. Robert Seales, whose busl»nc|
died in New York about eight years ago- Afte*
her husband's death she was Bupposwf to havil
gone to California. If she should see this or anyl
Iterson knowing where she Is, please write to r.l
LlNDSAY, Parkhill, Ont., Canada._■
INFORMATION wanted —Daniel E. Dave
| and 6o„ co:
tractors, or his heirs, will please communica
UBEItAI. reward will lie paid for any IntoM
matlmn as to whereabout# of W* E. Browster wnc|
left Ills home 2U1 President St, Brooklyn. nlehAoJ
August 31, and has not been heard of iliioe|
height 5 feet 0 inches, weight 160 . brown hair and
mustache, partially bald on top head, blue eyej
and fair complexion: gray worsted »uit of clothe*
straw hat and black laced shoes. - Addrew 1
Mrs. J. W. BKEW8TER, 201 President fit!
Brooklyn, N. Y.j
^HOWARD s7H0D80Nrfpnnerly■ of BrooUrjJ
please send address to ACQUAINTANCE, 167 Her-j
mid Downtown. New York Cltv.
tance. Any one knowing her > address notify J,j
876 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y. _I
INFORMATION wanted of Ellen Pyne, mat
led John Burke in North America 60 yean: llvo.
last li^i Bowery street. New York. _j
^INFORMATION wanted el the whereabouts 0
John Collins, last employed as stevedore. Ad
dress MARY PHILLIPS, flO North 8th St., Read
Ing, Pa.
INFORMATION 1b wanted as to the wncMN
about, ol Marla Theis, wife ol Charles Thels fl
their children. Address E. W. SPANQLKZi
; York, 1'a,
IF Frederick H. Deene will send his addrei
the undersigned, he will hear something to
advantage. GERMANY, 218 Herald, 23d 8t., Ke
York Citv.
ANY information from Dontery Margaret Knud]
ten Fllndt, wife ol C. J. H. Knudsen Fllndtl
would gladly be received. Please addreas U|
3d avenue N. Y.
INFORMATION wanted concerning Matthe
Christie, last heard of December S; will he than!
hilly received by his brother, DAVID, box 48
White Plains
N. Y.
KNIGHT—Information wanted ol children o
J „ treeti jeniey City, N. J.
INFORMATION wanted of Lillian De Mar
and heirs or Frank and John De Mure. Addras
EXECUTOR, 226 West 136th 8t., New York Cit]
Syracuse and Trov. Papers please copy.
WANTED—Robert Bruce Davidson, a son rl
the late David Davidson, Writer, Coupar, Angel
Scotland, or any ol his children, Address DAVIll
BUNCAN Si SON. Solicitors, Dundee. Scotland. I
IF Frederic Richardson, late pro. cricketer]
Woodliorough, Notts, England, and Montreal!
Canada, will apply to H. O. s., 702 Lafayette av.]
New York, he will be gladly received. Cubanl
! iiapers please copy. J

FUEKfcTNER, ROBERT—If Robert Fueratnd
son of Zacharias L. Fueretner, will communlcaj
with Flat7.dc, Btrook and Herzog, 320 Broad wax
New York city, he will hear of Mjruething to hi
advantage. |
EUGENE SMITH, formerly of Arena, Wi*., 1*
beard from in New York, employed in a re*te
rant, will hear something to his interest by coi
munientiug with KEEtiE Al CARTER, Attornej
Dodgeville, Wis.
JOSEPH HUNNI8—A native of Russia, known
as Joseph Ennis, is required to commun
date with liia brother, Major F. Hunnls, 8
' Petersburg, Russia, or the Consulate General <
j Russia 24 state street. New York.
! IF John Martin, who left the English navy!
*hip Beilerophon about 30 years ago, is still lly
| ing, his mother, Jane Martin (nee Bransell)*
] would like to hear from him. Communicate iff
tetter with L.-A., Rycrson tit., Brooklyn, New
^° rk '
! ,,
INFORMATION wanted concerning
wlimaliouts of James Hardy, of Donegal, lre
! land, Who left home in 1891 lor Australia; any
' information will be gratefully received by hfs
sister, Kale Hardy, 1268 Locust street. Philadel
phia, Fa.
SHOULD this meet the eye ol any of the rela
Benjamin Hough, formerly
of SUx'klxtrt, Englana, MR. FREDERICK
BEARD will be pleased to see or hear from them.
Address British Steamship Energia, Market St.
wharf New York.
lives of Catherine or
DANIEL MULLIGAN or Cornelius C*rl»n.<
! charged (mm Co. H, 9th U. 8. infantry, March
1881, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; entitled to n
erty; liberal reward for proof of death. Addi
GEO. A. 8MYTHE, Counsellor at Law, 110 Ai
Build'ng, Boston, Maw.
lr MichaelcTWalls, bom lnltolllntm,ooun
Donegal, Ireland, now »bout40years ol age, su
for ffilvUh'hl.^u.l^Mtoh^ FU&'rSSSL
i street, Londouberry, Ireland, he would hea
] something to hlB advantage. __
_ i HENRY 8. GRAY.—Information wanted about
| Stmondj
I "ft w"™-? d "atv And Uvlne at Effl
j * GrMnnoint 5 ^' Address' CARTI
Z ^liw'l(iIlY^°96 Broadway New Y<
will I SV^ HE8 & ' 8 *
TO the Baron Von Alvensletien, late of Flj
Avenue Hotel, corner of 23rd Bt. f and 5th ai
New Yorkl—You are particularly reauestedl
communicate with J. D. B. Lewis, BolicltorJ
Bucklerebury, London, Eng. Anyone knowl
the address and communicating the same will
Theodore Hummel, ol Entigen, Oberam
Borb, Wurtemberg, who left his home ln Mm
Ingen In February, 1890. will communicate w
Post Office l>ox 183, New York, he will h
ol something to his advantage. Information
regard to him will he thankfully recelv
Western papers please copy.
! INFORMATION wanted of Cornelius Sheeh
son of Patrick F., born av 838 East 47th St. f c.
left home, 735 East 143d St., in 1892. for Denv
Col.; last heardfrom him in April, 1892, fr<
Denver; was going to Stockton, Cal.; father a
mother dead; come home to John. Send any..
formation to JOHN J. SHEEHAN, 786 .East la
at sticct. New York. Western papers please copy,
____, .
INFORMATION wanted of thediscendantt of
Henry Caldwell O'Neil, who, in 1845 (It »• he
lieved) resided at 37 Centre street, and alao ol
the descendenta of Alexander McClure, who, ln
1896 resided at 134 Henry street, both of whom
owned or had some Interest ln premises Nos. 90,
12,94, and 96 Mulberry street, In the city of New
York. FREDERIOk BELTZ, Counsellor at Law,
111 Broadway. New York eltv.
WANTED-John Jackson, formerly a butcher
in Great Hampton Row, Birmingnam, Englana,
who many years ago went to America under tbe
- name of James Johnson, and traded for some
years as cattle dealer In Kansas Cltr. Jackson
, iif alive). Is now entitled to property In F
—roformation to WILLIAM JACKSON (L_
Shakesnear Villa, Sparkhl 1, Blrminfbai
bury, England.
" are helra to some property, I will par
for their P. O. address or Proof of thetfi
You re truly. HENRY MALINGRUN, Bo

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