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J-Ols/SI L .
The allegation has been made that the
reason the Union Republican county
committee so readily acquiesced in drop
ping that caucus circular letter was that
the legislative candidates in this county
had as quietly and verbally pledged
themselves to the chairman of the com
mittee, S. Frank Ewart, prior to the
meeting of that body on Wednesday
afternoon last.
A number of prominent Regulars and
Unionists were seen in reference to this
"verbal pledge" but they denied the
allegation in toto.
Tiiey also asserted that this smacked
State Chairman John Biggs and Coun
ty Chairman Patrick Neary with their
lieutenants are engaged at the present
time in the pleasant passtime of watch
ing ex-Judge David T. Marvel and ex
Congressmen John W. Causey, the latter
of whom it is said has a longing for the
United States Senatorship two years
It is claimed that the "Man of Many
Residences." also has cast his eyes in
the same direction and might not be
averse to making a "trv" for the honor
this time, providing a bemocratic Legis
lature is elected ana he sees that the
chances of Senator George Gray, w hom
he supported in Sussex county, lias a
small ctiance of securing the highest
political honor within the gift of the
people of this state.
It is said that Senator Gray is not as
strong amongst a certain faction as he
was three months ago and with Willard
Saulsbury steadily bucking the line
against liim his chances of re-election are
grow ing a little slim,
Another important factor in this light
and one that should not be lost sight of
is Hon. L. Irving Handy. What will lie
do if he is defeated at the polls in No
vember next for Congress and a Demo
cratic Assembly is elected ? That gentle
man would naturally look for his ene
mies and he wouldn't have to go far
either, for there is every indication that
lie would find them in the persons ot
Senator Gray, Chairman Biggs and the
"silent man," better known as Chair
man Neary.
It is not considered probable that Mr.
Handy and his free silver friends would
quietly fold their hands and submit to
the "crucifixation" for which lie is un
doubtedly marked, hut that lie would
instead jump into the breach and do all
in his power to defeat George Gray,
goldite, who lias so endeared himself to
President McKinley that he was sent to
Paris as one of the Peace Commissioners.
very strongly of another scheme put up
by those "Harmony Kings," Fretl Eden
Bach, Anthony Higgins and Mayor
Henry C. McLe'ar.
These disruptionists, together with
their henchmen, liave been unusually
quiet during the past week and as Mr.
Bach it is said was in this city on Wed
nesday the claim is made that the rumor
of "verbal pledges" was given out by
him as soon as he and his friends became
cognizant that the Unionists and Regu
lars were once again united.
Sheriff William R. Flinn is having the
ballot boxes prepared and printed mat
ter and other paraphernalia secured to
be sent to the respective polling places
in the city and rural part of the county
between October
eral election in November 8.
The sheriff's attorney, Philip Q.
Churchman, was in conference with him
yesterday morning advising him with
regard to the requirements of the law.
Among the papers which are to be sent
to each polling place ia one containing
copies of sections 22 and 23 of the elec
tion law, referring to the making out of
the certificates of election and their de
livery to the prothonotary on the (lay
after the election and to the court on the
day following that.
Another sets forth the oaths for the
election officers. Still another is the in
spector's certificate of election containing
blank spaceH for the insertion of all the
candidates voted for. .
Sheriff Flinn lias also preparedGiis
proclamation announcing the election
and the positions for which officers are
to be chosen. The polls are to be open
from between 8 and 9 o'clock in the
morning until 0 o'clock in the afternoon.
and 27 for the gen
. . .
But for recognition by the National
Republican party and the McKinley ad
ministration the Regular Republican
party of Delaware, which was at the
mercy of the Addicksites, would have
been annihilated. Federal recognition
and Federal patronage saved it, and
afforded it substantial footing for a re
newal of the struggle for existence, and
that is wliat is keeping it alive today,
Withdraw from it the light of the cotin
tenances of Murk A. Hanna and \\ llliam
McKinley, and let the favors rest on.
the Addicks organization, and hundreds
of Regular Republicans will floe.(over to
the favored faction and cheerfully sup
port it; many for what there is in it, and
many because, good or bad, they wisli to
be on the winning side.
John II. Hoffecker, the harmony can
didate for congressman, was never a
Higgins man; nor tves lie always an
Addicks man. In his original form he
was a Massey man of Massey men, and
bitterly opposed to Higgins' domination,
bonds of sympathy binding the Mas
sey faction and the old Bird faction
closely together against tiie encroach
ments of lligginsism. But Masseyism
gave way to Addicksism in Kent and
Sussex, and Birdism fell before Hig
ginsism in New Castle,and John II.Hof
fecker was compelled to go some place
for warmth and comfort. The Higgins
people did not want him. The Addicks
ites, who had the rag-and-tag of the two
lower counties, and who were sadly in
need of men of respectability, bid high
for his affiliation. They told him that if
he would cast his fortunes with theirs
they would nominate him for governor,
He consented. The fact of his affiliation
was sent out to the world with a loud
hurrah; the state convention met, and
he was placed at the head of the ticket.
The Regular Republicans, or Higginsites,
Fohn 6 C HiS for tile so"e purpose of
JotinU Higgins tor tne sole purpose oi
ptt" g Ete W. h Xrr 'Democrat"
was elected eovernor bv a large major
itv and the ftegular Republicans gloried
inti le discomfitnreo f John 11 3 II offeckerj
and his running mate Rev Jonathan S
Willis Ts a reward 'for ids services in
that campaign, John C. Higgins was
given the honorable and lucrative post
of United States consul at Dundee, Scot
land, and John H. Hoffeckev retired
once more to the shades of private life, a
disappointed, soured and embittered
man -
This year the old Higgins faction,Bach
excluded, took up Mr. Hoffecker, for
Congress, not because they loved him
any better, but because tliey loved Rev.
Jonathan S. W illis less on account of his
attitude towards Colonel Henry A. du
ont, the Higgins senatorial claimant,
and various other sins of commission
and omission. They knew that it must
be an Addicks man most probably Mr.
HofleckerorMr. Mills and they fore
stalled the action of t ie Addicks state
convention by nominating the former,
to whom the Addicksites could not ex
cent he being one of the chief orna
men 1 9 of A da i c k «is in lie stands before
;rpeople today J ns ; a " candi
date What will be the result if he is
Anyone who knows John II. Hof
fecker recognizes in him a man of post
tive character and great stubbornness.'
lie neither forgives nor forgets what
considers a wrong; and, certainly,
the action of the Regular Republicans i
two years ago does not. linger in his
memory as a benefit. He lias some
thing in his past political career winch
demands satisfaction, and, if lie is
elected, lie will get it. As soon as lie
ets t° Washington lie will demand
that lie made the dispenser of Federal
patronage, replacing Colonel Henry A.
du Pont and Henry (>. Morse in that ca
parity. He will appear before President
McKinley as a man representing a liar
monized and reformed Republican party
in the State of Delaware. He will pro
duce indubitable proofs that he was nom
inated by the Regular Republicans, en
dorsed by the Addicksites, and rightfully
demand that he be made t lit: judge of the
distribution of political favors coming to
his congressional district. McKinley has
behaved handsomely towards the Regu
lar Republicans of Delaware since lie he
came president, but he cannot ignore the
claims of John H. Hoffecker for recogni
tion and for the displacement of Colonel
dvr Pont and Mr. .Morse. The demand
will be so reasonable that lie, as a reason
able man, must grant it. ^ What follows?
Federal patronage and Federal recogni-!
tion shift from the Regular Republicans
to the Addicksites through Mr. Ilof
fecker, and the strength which the Regu
lar Republicans have derived from Fed
eral support leaves them and they be-;
come impotent.
Tiie election of John II. Hoffecker will
be the greatest victory for J. Edward
Addicks since he forced Washington'
Hastings and his defeated band of Regu-;
lar Republican delegates to bolt the
Dover convention. Addicks knows it,
and that is why ho regards with such a
degree of complacency all that the Regu
lar Republicans are doing for the limn
whom lie secured to himself at the cost
of a gubernatorial nomination. Should
Mr. Hoffecker go to Washington,Colonel
du Pont and Mr. Morse become things
of the past, the connecting link between
McKinley and Addicks will be estab
lished and then Mr. Hoffecker will do
all that he can to punish the perpe
trators of wliat he regards as the crime
of 1890 .—Keening Journal.
As a matter of fact tiie people of Dela
ware never acquiesced in the Kent
county crime of 189li. The majority was
Helpless and could not secure their rights
by virtue of tiie Democratic machine be
ing in control of the Genera! Assembly
and elsewhere. It was simply a case of
' take what you can get." The crime
was committed and men who were not
elected to otfice were permitted to exer
c j se the functions of those offices and to
draw the salaries. It was a question for
the court to determine, but by reason of
a mistaken method of legal precedure
the first action taken was nullified. Then
the change in the construction ot the
courts made it imperative to delay final
action. At last, however, the case lias
b eell settled by the court, which clearly
d id not acquiesce "in this one act of po
hjtical fraud."
The court has branded every man who
took part in tiie Kent county affair, and
by tiie court was the only method of de
ciding tiie merits of the ease. The Kent
county board of election officers has be
clared over the signatures of all its mem
bers that the Republican candidates of
1890 were elected. On November 5,1890,
the Democratic members of that board,
who were in the majority, declared that
the Democratic candidates were elected.
The first declaration was made during a
scene of confusion and excitement. There
were threats of violence and there was
an outspoken declaration that the Re
publicans were to be counted out. It
was the act of a political mob. The
meeting on Tuesday last was field under
different circumatanoee. There «u no
crowd oi Democratic politicians, and
there were no threats of violence. The
ajesty of the law prevai s and the very
man who had declared the Democratic
candidates elected made a different
declaration and one that will go upon
record. When the Democratic members
of the board of election officers signed
the correct returns on Tuesday last and
put their names to the certificates of elec
tions—now null and void, however, by
reason of lapse of time—they wrote
their own confessions of the crime thev
liad committed. There is some satisfac
tion in that.
In the meantime, however, not a single
charge of fraud has been filed against
any Republican who took part in the
election of 189U. And it was upon such
charges of alleged crime that the Demo
cratic election officers based their war
rant for the crime of November 5, 1898.
The people did not acquiesce 111 that
crime. They simply awaited the action
of the court as law-abiding citizens. Had
the charges of fraud made by the Demo
crats been based upon fact the same court
would have taken action looking to the
punishment of the offenders. Men who
attempt to apologize for the Kent county
outrage have no respect for law and no
respect for the rights of the voters to de
termine who shall serve them in public
The final declaration of the Kent;
county election officers is in itself an un
answerable argument for the election of
every Republican candidate in the state.
—Morning News.
when a political party allies itself!
w j t j, t | le f 0 fges of evil politics it justly
makeg an object of suspicion and
dUtru f J his , tLe Regular Republican
parfcy i, aa done in two of the three conn
w ,
• ' Castle county^the Regulars
0lned with the moiiRepublicaiifi m
U i trueThaT Ute
°> a county ticket. It is tr ie that tin.
whTsecuredTnlv twoleg.
j , ,j d , _ nd t iJL . wo in
, democratic ' districts But the
f - f alliance remains together
["R 4 . , 1 , ' can
^id^tes nominal^yIhXguIara 'Z
liave no chance of election unless sup-1.l'
ncriPfl hv the votes of the Unions Will
t P lle latter give their votes unless they
j iaye aggurances tj ia t thev will be well-1
treated, in the event of Republican sue
ce8S at the election? It is said bv prarni
nent leaderg of the Union Republicans
t | mfc t j j, ave reCe i ve d "verbal state
j,nm(g,, from these Regular Republican
can jidates, and it is intimated that the
gtatemcnts are of a satisfactory char
Can it be that they secretly con
veye d the caucus pledges demanded by
^ (' n i on Republican committee in a
„ n v,|ie letter?
P , t the Retmhir ltennhli
In Kent county the Regular Kepubli
ca,lf! liave . n,,mlnated a Jefiislative ticket
" e^tMi^e hav "Sited
n^h ^o^sh
xxr u\ n u Q n nniusnai divan
tttee is given to t he Unions! * "
These conditions make it a matter of
speculation what the Regular Republican
nominees for representatives in Now Cas-;
tie county would do in the event of the
election of'a Republican Legislature.
Would they go into caucus for United
States Senator, and thus open the way to
the election of Mr. Addicks wlio would
surely control such a caucus?
of Delaware to consider. A Republican
Legislature would place Mr. Addicks
close to the senate. He would control
ihe caucus, and the caucus might make
the selection.
The surest method of defeating Mr.
Addicks for senator is to defeat the Re
publican nominees for the General As-[
The Republicans of this State are law
abiding, or they would have resorted to
violence in order to have obtained the
offices to which they were entitled bv
the election in Kent county in 1890. A
more high handed outrage was never
perpetrated in any other state, and an
attempt of this kind would most likelv
have led to blood shed. Good citizens
cannot condone or excuse outrages of
this nature. If there were outrages coin
mitted by the Republicans, why do not
the officers of the law proceed against
the offenders ? The truth is, there ia no
evidence of offence and the charges are
only made to excuse and justify greater
outrages. Honest men, law-abiding and
fair minded men, will never stultify
themselves in this way. The offenders
should all be punished in order to deter
others from the commission of a similar
outrage. The men who planned and
profited by it, should also be punished
and made to give up their ill gotten
gains .—Dailg Republican.
the.IJnion Republican committee in a;
in blv.— I'
il Keening.
When t'ne "crucifixation" of Hon. L.
frying Handy takes place on that "cross
of gold" on November 8 next that gentle
man will not quietly submit as his politi
cal friends (?) think. He will show them
instead that he still has a few tricks up
liis sleeve, to their sorrow.
A Democratic mass meeeting will be
held in Smyrna this afternoon and even
ing The speakers will he ex-Congress
mun Charles H. Turner of New York;
Congressman L. I. Handy of Newark;
John Richardson, Esq., of Georgetown;
John G. Gray, Esq.,of Wilmington; John
D. Hawkins,' Esq., and A. M. Daly, Esq.,
of Dover.
The "verbal pledge" scheme of the
"Harmony Kings" will pan out, like all
their others in the downing of the kings.
The terms of the real estate assessors
expire this year and there may he many
Send in your political gossip to Tire
Keep one eye on Li Hung Chang Bach
and the other on the Kings of Disrup
tionists Sir Anthony Higand High Priest
Postmaster Hugh took himself Quaker
Citywards yesterday. Did you see him,
Colonel Ilenry A. du Pont lias snagged
a number of Federal appointments and
now the people want to know why in
the demnition lie don't snug that
district attorney's office for William
Michael Byrne.
You don't know wliat yon miss by not
securing Tire Sun. Subscribe for it and
vote for United States Senator.
Those want-to-be fusionists in Kent
county, it is said, had a lot of "long
green." "Whither cometh it?" she said.
And there was silence.
The candidates for the county offices in
New Castle county are one and all good
men. Taylor, Yandever and Clark make
a good combination. They are men well
fitted to perform the duties of the offices
for which they have been nominated.
They should be elected.—Morning News.
There are others,
c< )Urti wan ts a life-job as recorder of
deedg) #nd the chan0 J, are that he wi | t
. j t jn the nec |, through Delaware,
8 . . . . 8 . . .
Yon must register in order to retain
)'°' lr citizenship. Do so and defeat the
end8 of the rich men s constitutional
Oh, Citizen Willie! you're not ill the
Oh, Citizen Williel isn't it hard to eat
your mush;
For you're not wanted any more,
So yank your feetlets off the floor;
For, Citizen Willie, you can't carry the
Of Harmony's state again,
Eighth verse of the second song for the
|.-j rBt citizen.
, Iunrv c|ftyt0 „ white was defeated at
the primaries' for recorder of deeds on
September 25 and two days later Ml his
,£ vevard or Silverbrook cemetery, the
ji rgt C o rpS e was interred '
, ,, „ ,.
fearouel M. I-^ox wull make a str ig
*'ght for State nt ^ jj , I 1 "'
f 'ct, but bam will be knifed and An
drew L. Johnson will get there with both
Shortly after the election the Union
Republicans and Regular Republicans ot
Sussex county will get tr.eir ticket in
shape to suit the voters who have already
voted .—Evening Journal. I
Would-be Recorder of Deeds William
jr Robinson no longer liiea himself to the
Union Republican headquarters but
stands on the corner gazing longingly at
the building that used to shelter him
f rum die cold, cold world.
Eddie Cochran will soon be a man
with a past for the reason that no ballot
boxes will be left lying around loose.
Regulars and Uni.nists of Sussex have
agreed on Mark II. Davis, Unionist, for
legislative candidate in the First repre
Wt "S?- ^
| ar , m the Fourth district. The Sixth
wi " &?, "M. ! 1,et "' 0
count Y c°rniiiitt ee s, aifcting jointly.
,. Tlie 1Jrnon Hepublican Committee on
Meetin g 8 comprises Dr. George M.
Marshal!, of Milford; I)r. Caleb R. Lay
ton, ^town, S. Frank Ewart of
1 w»W , H J 'H a ve« ofHds'rhv '
and Walter H. Hayes, of this city.
A dispatch from Dover says: "The
other night several speakers addressed a
Democratic meeting at Sandtown. There
were thirty-seven men upon whom the
orators expended their eloquence. They
called on the audience to remain after
ward and it was learned that tw T enty-nine
them were not registered and did not
propose to register,
for reDresentative in the Tenth district
lot represemamt 111 me amuiiwu
wJ*. * iave everything his own way in de
f ea ting Henry W. Husbebeck. The
Whistler always did want a cinch.
The attention of the Street and Sewer
lament is called to the condition of |
801110 01 Ihe city s streets, lhey are
worse than hog pens and yet they make
no move to remedy the evil.
Charles S. Horn is becoming billions
because no one pays any attention to Ins;
having only delivered half the goods.
It is probable that Dr. L. H. Ball will
not keep the Ball a rolling for John A.
Lingo or lion. John II. Hoffecker, but
will look after his own sweet (7) self,
What a waste of breath.
Lewis E. Eliason, Democratic nominee
for representative in the Tenth district,
will liave everything his own way in de
W. Husbebeck. The
It is said that Bayley's "best" will
win the assessor fight in the Fifth dis
The Regulars and Unionists of Sussex
certainly got together, but will they stick
on November 8 ? Not if Anthony :
knows himself they- won't,and lie thinks
he do.
The W. C. T. U. in Convention Names
Its Leaders for the Coming Year.
The State Women's Christian Temper- 1
ance Union in convention assembled at
Camden yesterday, elected the following
state officers for the coining year: Presi
dent, Mrs. E. Elina Pyle; corresponding
secretary, Miss Carrie Hance; recording
secretary, Mrs. Annie Wharton; delegate
to the National Convention, Mrs. R. II.
Matlack; alternate, Mrs. E. Kempt!
Prominent among the National tem
perance workers attending the state con
vention in Camdem is Mrs. Carrie E.
Hoffman, National Secretary of the W.
C. T. U.
Mrs. Hoffman has just attended tv
meeting of the National directors and
she says that the National Women's
Christian Temperance Union has decided
to entirely abandon the Woman's
Temple at Chicago. Site stated that the I
debt of $1)00,000 was more than the j
women of America could carrv and con
duct a warfare with the saloon. Beside
the interest on this immense sum and
the liquidation of the principal, there is
a ground rent of $41,000 to raise every
City Court Cases.
In City Court yesterday, Herman Tur
pin, colored, was charged witg the lar
ceny of a bicycle, the property of B. F.
McDaniel. This is the young fellew that
was arrested at Middletown by officers
Pierce and Ward. The lad was given a
good character and the case was held up.
He is employed on a farm at Farnliurst.
Thomas Campbell, wlm accused Frank
Connor of highway robbery, committed
sometime ago in the old Beadenkopf mo
rocco factory, on Fourth street, was ar
raigned for not answering to a summons
to appear against the defendant, who lias
been discharged owing to a lack of evi
dence. Campbell claimed lie had never
received a summons. Tiie case was con
tinued until today.
Richard Roe and John Dougherty
were fined $1 and costs each for drunk
Sermons on Heroes.
A series of special sermons has been
inaugurated by Rev. W. Frederick Lewis
of Rodney Street Presbyterian Church on
the Christian Heroes of Different Lands
and Ages.
The sermons yvill commence on Oct' -
her 23 and, and the subjects dealt with
will be as follows: October 23, "John
Wycliffe, Scholar, Writer, Preacher and
Reformer;" October 30, "John Httss,
the Bohemian Hero of the Faith;" No
vember 0, "Jerome Savonarola, the As
cetic Patriot and Preacher of Florence;"
November 13, "Martin Luther, the
Lighted Torch;" November 20, "John
Calvin, the Genevan Theologian, States
man and Author;" November 27, "John
Knox, the Scotch Reformer
Preacher;" December 4, "Oliver Crom
well, the Puritan, as Soldier and States
Harvey Smith, of Clayton, visited
friends in this city yesterday.
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"Secret Guide" pri«e $1,00, free a klondyke for
advertisers. Saves at least four-fifths of the cost
of advertising. Address 8, P, SEA WELL, P. M.
Bensalem, N. C.
3000 ,
In one ofthe dozens of business had
we can find foryo.i than in anything
else. Genteel, for either sex, at home
or traveling. Particulars FREE.
BfiTWe will insert your name and
address in our SALARIED POSI
TION Manual, for to cts. a full year.
May be worth hundreds of dollars to
you Write at once. Address
5. M. BOWLES ,
Woodford City, Vermont

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