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fc Ladies Work
• •
• 0
There are many Odds and Ends for
That Ladies would like to make
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Wilkes Barre Pa.
.. u
of x&s-n ed boos lliw bms badaqwtq
J snivig (SiiivfslsU lo qaK wod sr-vikt
So« svirisfaaswtqoH emt-lo ssrmBynt
odf.-fd bohivonj ss sfohisKI lent
mows lit* Of.fS .Boifn-JifanoO
jxvttTvtjlS statB sdl hits qsM sirianU:
;f>fi)iinil si -r-xirnim odT
ilby-fn'ricfhaechJB woM .soao )« odhosdjn
/'r/rt-r eifid lo sofiakd
,|y.t .wwVfis v.

1 -
Randolph Building,
Philadelphia, Pa
' . wmmifwwtwv
THE SUN is a sixt^n pafee
monthly magazine unlike any
other publication on eart|£ Every
successful novelty and tfddity is
first advqrtisetL.inuf %fr $ErJSUN.
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W w
1 H
Address 'J Uh
t .
if he W i 1 m i ngton -Bearcf of Trade.
. tetav/ yst lj li
? CUJ't 3 ®J 3 *fTOflf.toiT.S' 3 nd to M. P. Sa'.terthwaite, Chairman of M. ni
jpership Cotnmiifee, P. Ol'B?3'S*55S. if you desire to make application for'
membership in the Wilmington Board of Tradi Dues, $ 5.00 per year
Write for copy of By-laws. 10 ■
Application for ' Membership.
rifthe Wilmington Boatd of Trade :
hereby tm/ke tlj plication for active memhershii in the Wil
mSigton Board of Trade subject to its constitution ar.d by -laws.
7 -vA'i -■>.
. . . 1898 .
lYr.'i !•
. oAMf* 4 ":
M .
idi-Ssi lirf
K will put y»
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New and
port Co., 221 Prospect
Gleanings Gathered From Of the
Gridiron and in the Pugilis
tic World.
Spicy Items Take* From tbe Latest
Happenings in the Roped Arena
and on the Field of Ath
letics-Wiimington's In
teresting Budget.
The latest rumor anent Mercer is that
he is to be sold to Cincinnati for third
baseman Irwin and cash. Lave Cross is
to be purchased to take Irwin's place at
third base.
"Dusty" Miller, of the Cincinnati
team, made a record, Oct. 9, which will
undoubtedly be the record of the season.
In tbe two games against Cleveland,
Miller went to bat nine times and made
eight hits.
President Strobel, of the Interstate
League, sayB that if Cleveland and
Columbus are deserted by the National
and Western Leagues he stands ready to
locate clubs in both cities for his circuit.
The Boston players sav if they do rot
receive substantial recognition from the
club owners for the winning of this
year's pennant they will never again
break their hacks to give their employers
a champion team.
The Pittsburg and the Cincinnati teams
have the largest reserve lists, Pittsburg
witli 31 and the Reds witli 30, although
Cincinnati's includes most of the Indian
apolis players.
The latest yarn from Baltimore ia to
the effect that Jennings, Demont and
Keeler contemplate the Btudv of medi
cine, having been fired by the exampu
of Dr. Pond.
Pittsburg lias scooped in I-.ur more
players in outfielder Shannon, of Rich
mond; pitcher Wilhelm ami sh irt stop
Madison, of Lancaster, and pitcher
Pai ne, formerly of Brooklyn.
Talk about Dave Foutzl Great Scissors,
tie was never in Carr's class. The Wash
ington first baseman is narrower acros
the broa s than anything that ever
broke into the game.
On four occasions this year the Cin
cinnatie have beaten St. Louis at double
headed matinees. The Browns, by tin
way, have won but three gameB from
Cincinnati in tiiree years.
Tom Lynch is again murmuring his
farewell address, and is credited with
the declaration that this is his last sea
son on the diamond. "Umpire Tom" has
said the same thing before.
The Washington Post satirically re
marks: 'Hus Schmelz, Watkins and
other members of the signal corps in
base ball might gather some valuable
pointers in pantomirnks Atn'^upM^';
Those who had predicted a short and
disastrous life for Tom Burns, as mai*.
ce in
aver .pf, Qhjef«p v ,pjpw'seq : t,beir mistake.
His managership' of 1 the Spring fields
taught hiip ft number of /fhings about
the national game, arid, to ;his; leader
ship is due the Orphan's'. present' stand
ing. o:(i noun nw<■?> L-iiif w! fx.fi*
.Henry Chadwick -has tee*ived :Bn ur
gent invitation to attend the opening
games at Toronto - in: 1899; rind intends'
to he present;,.,.,He; is very ; mucb ; inter
ested in (lie development,of the national
game in the provinces of Canada. • .
n £ - '
among tne Baltimori
second place, but thp boys are dj
pointed in riot faking the'flag arid 're
ttivirig the $4;000, Which would havf
been theirs, iirid thev beat the Bostons
ft 'Jrurn lue.n .-jKOTtr
YfioMRiJaiauuoB btjfliSoai'iU -i<
Nearly every good, lightweight in the
country at the nresent time is anxious
to figtit Kid Lavigne, the recognized
light weight chantpiun of the world.
Ed Gross and Charley Stevenson will
box the aii-rouhd wind-up at the Nonpa
reil Club on Saturday evening..
. Joe- Gads',■'-'-rif lBaMitbdfeif and Jack
O'Bl'ieti 'WllI Yltjrir# iri the v/inij-lipsi the
Quaker eity'Athfetio Club'rirt' Sahlidav
me vedJ amd) '
"Al" Allen, of New 1 YiiFkl. dHii'i'H"
Johneiftfj'-' cfrmxmwtr fimihV fifteen
lortiids to k'^drriw at'Tfdyl W- T.. Thek
*i#tit.T K T »■«*•«■ " "*'
Jifrik Dal^'S^d 'Ghaji 1
figure in the Winu-rip at tlie Arena this
everiing, atid'a gutkl list' of pteiimiriaries
wflipreoedbtlie bisiirevaril.
"Jack" Hami'ldtillW
aad "Jaete'i-'O'BHthif hbf ! Neri York,
ffiilglit a t^eritWrAiititf drbfiv at tjie .Man
hattan Athletic Clrib, itl I Pt-fiy, N. Y.,
Tuesday biglifcy ■, ; erft >:i v.'iH anT
iAIrdidyi tnfcfy^Oxris^fiaW been Fold
fur the OorWtVShirkey-cAiitest'' atfi tW
Lend* Giute JThe prices fdr tliitKchaliii
lionship uuntest;..ib.i 8 triidtwiif he $3, $5,
$7, $10 aiKl $l5: . TIie (HU.of-n>wn Iih
qulrie*. aireadyTotii ehuioa seats is bm
paiMik>UMtoi<i adtniJ-iaq 0 ) fwii
If Mutti 'Mhtt 8 Fwk drifkats Teuimy
R-yuri at fnt# !i !tJerittjf' Alhleuc Ciub, to-'
igiitr/riesdllf cllalienge Jack 'Drily
glit af 138 phttridk , 1 h>r a siile 'bet •#
$l;dO0.'i .b- ,*<>M .ssniiMH) : la flt
TPill*-' caV*?! ft ! t^>Yrtr Tiitririeri 1 -
jlcPuitland, the crack New York light
W«igh^a#diJ(*:Gims, tfiwCumred light
weight, riivBttlWumrie. whtch ,is ito.be de*
cided ae tlie,LttB'»GAIihietio Qlub on No
veiaUtr4„pru|nises to be! one ,of the,great
est battles between lightweights ever
fought i,b ^(jWj Yqrfi oity. m !0
Gwrge MeFadden.ttie east side feather
weight, of New York, and. Martin El*
beWit.lftf wilk iA %!«
*F*MS, I* (nafeqedAf 1 . * few , days
: I <1
'flm?G.»„ v ,
0 ' take place waihiri Ufe next four
.w^*ts,;,. , |l .., , i ,..' :i '
Matty.Matthews and: Billy Smith
matohed,: ifoC: twenty. rounds f at: tl«e
Empire A. C.. of Syracuse. Oil Hite 30t'h
i'W.wpigb in,at(3 p,% 142pquild?.
*. -•*? guoiio,
Milty wallfectAts pugilist, ;wlm waa
T.ondjiybri^htisMi South
ndy Dupont, of Kansas
Omaha by
City, bas not yet recovered conscious
ness, and surgeons say that death may
ensue at any moment. Dupont is under
Jack Bonner, of Summit Hill, Pa.,
who recently knocked out Dan Creedon,
and Tommy Ryan, the welterweight
champion, will box twenty-five rounds
before the Greater New York Athletic
Club, of Coney Island, on Monday night.
In order to avoid a repetition of the
O'Brien-Goiman fiasco and insure a con
test the club and principals have posted
A representative of the American
Cycle Racing Association sailed for
Europe Wednesday in quest of Euro
pean racing talent to take part in indoor
meets at Madison Square Garden during
the winter. Cordang, tbe famous Dutch
man, is one of the men he hopes to se
Owen Kimble, one of the professional
cyclists who bolted from the L. A. W.
recently, has followed Majah Taylor's
example and asked . for reinstatement.
Kimble wrote to Bess Mott, asking how
he can return to the L. A. W. fold. Like
Taylor, he must pay a fine of $100.
Eddie Bald has arrived in New York
and will confine his bicycle riding to a
stationary appliance arranged on tbe
stage in the future. Bald has no posi
tive ideas about next season, and is un
decided whether to retire on his laurels
or to try another season.
The report comes from Chicago that
Jimmy Michael has bought a race horse,
and al I questions as to his sii cerity when
lie announced several months ago that
he was going into the business are set at
rest. He has not given up the idea of be
coming a jockey, and he expects to take
hia first mount in a race within the next
two weeks.
Eddie C. Bald, president of the Ameri
can Racing Cyclists' Union, states, in an
intervie .v, that Alb-it Mott, chairman ui
tiie L. A. W. Racing Board, supplied
figure- that are incorrect in attempting
to show in liis interview sent out from
Baltim .re how insignificant is the re
lie-lion again si L. A. W. control of cycle
Charles Culver, who lias looked aftei
llie interests of "Eddie" McDuffee, the
middle distance cyclist, for the past year,
left, New York Wednesday night for
A lama, Gii. Oil Monday, in that city
the New England rider will go against
Frank Starbuck for fifteen miles behind
pacing machines. Alter that c ufest Me
Diiffee will pro-etdloSt. Louis, Omaha
onl Denver.
.1. W. Parker, a Chicago man, ha.
built a practical imic"cle. and defies the
mde comments of urchins by riding it
on the asphalt boulevards
Tile wheel can only fail sidewise, and,
apart from increased difficulty in man
aging it, is kept top side up on the same
principle as a bicycle, tbe speed balanc
ing it.
Eddie McDuffee. the great middle-dis
tance racer, strongly denies the story
sent out by the secretary of the Ameri
can Racing Cyclists' Union that he is to
join that organization. "1 have no such
intention," said McDuffee,, "I am well
satisfied as I am. The L- A. W, has
always treated me faiarly, and has man
aged racing affairs far better than any
oth«r organization could do until it has
h«d the experience of the L. A. W. Con-'
sequentia l see no reasoh why I should
thrpw over thik organization for some
thing flew." -
his town.
Tjie Wilmington High School will
meet the Ceritral Mrinual Training eleven,
of Philadelphia, at Union street grounds
this afferriririn.
The Brandywine Training School team
will go to Camden on Saturday, where
they Will line-up against the Emerson
01 ub of that city.
Pennsylvania will not play any more
mid-week games this year.
D. 0; Campbell, of Worcester, Mass.,
hak been elected captain of Harvard's
freshmen foot ball team. He plays right
endi-r -i I H ;
The arfjvlil of Smith at Princeton will
complete the list of coaches tor the sea
son. Balliett is coaching the centre men,
Codk the tackles, Brokaw the ends, Poe
arid Kelly the halves. Alex. Moffat is ex
pected to put the firiistiirig touches ou
the team.
Julian W. Curtiss has been asked to
take charged the side lines and press
accoairnpaatiohs for the Yale-Princeton
game fit Princeton, N. J., on November
12. He will also attend to that part
of the management in the Yale-Harvard
match at New Hayen, Conn., Novein
ber 19. , * jii3 . .
The Tricoliegiate League, composed of
Dartmouth, Williams and Amherst, is
getting ready for the coming champion
stiip series. The first game will be
played by Amherst and Duruuorith on
November 5.
Now that professionalism in foot ball
is attracting attention toot bail coaches
shod Id not be overlooked, for they figure
quite as promirieutly as the players.
Is'Harvard wronger than Y'ale on the
foot ball field this season? At this lime
the question cannot be definitely an
Hwejed. Harvarit's admirers believe the
Crimson eleven easily surpasses Eli's,
taking Wednesday's game against the
Newton Athletic Club as a criterion.
Tfiiree days ago, says Coach Woodruff,
(Jutland could not buck the line success
fully. He would advance with rapidity,
and, like Osgood of old, hesitated just at
the critical moment. Yesterday was in
illustration that the ability as a line
bucker has come lo him suddenly.
The athletic relations between Penn
sylvania and Princeton are still strained,
and a football gamu between the two
universities isos far off as it lias ever
been since ail agreements were declared
off ip 1894.
Coach Warner was not satisfied witli
he work of the Cornell ham yesterday,
play being slow and listless. Reed,,
the left gtritru, is sun weak and will
hardly be able to go into the Princeton
ame let lalune finish. It is likely that
Young, Jr., will play in Reed's place,
and will be used to substitute at full
back. ! >11
George Lathrope, Princeton's halfback.
Ijoys the distinction of being the hand
S nest man on the gridiron in face and
ufe. He is also a good player, being
quick sta'te'- and a fast Funner. He
weighs 171 porinds.
Coach Courtney and Captain Fiaher,
if tlie Cornell 'Varsity crew are kept
H>uaji:'. registering candidates for next
year a freshmen crew. In answer to last
week's call the youngsters of the class of
1902 have turned out'to the number of
fifty or sixty.
The backers of Lynch Brothers have
decided to accept the challenge of Bubear
and Barry, the English champions, for a
double scull race for $2,600, to take place
during the last week in July at Halifax.
The Lvnches will allow the Englishmen
£50 for expenses.
According to ail accounts Tod Sloan is
to return home next week.
William Hendrie'a stable, including
Martimas, Laverock and Harvey, have
arrived at the Hamilton track.
Sydney Paget Wednesday purchased
Poetess from William Laimbeer for $3,
000 .
Ornament will be shipped to Kentucky
to-day, and will be placed in tbe stud
owned by H. P. Headlev and W. P.
E. Dallett Hemphill, Jr., has resigned
as senior editor of the "Red and Blue,"
the monthly literary magazine of the
University. H. W. Jones, '99 was
elected in bis place.
Bartow 8 . Weeks, of New York Ath
letic Cinb, is to be the next president of
the Amateur Athletic Union and tbe
third that body has had since it was or
Edward Mechling has been elected
captain of the University of Pennsyl
vania cross-country team. There is
somewhat ol a dearth of candidates for
the team, but there will be ^almost a
dozen speedy runners to choose from.
The Yale Field corporation's annual
report shows that the receipts were $29,
930.67, and tbe expenditures $26,063.38.
The expense of constructing new foot
ball grand stands is stated to be $19,
692.12. Moving from New York was
lather expensive.
"It is to be hoped," says the Sports
man's Magazine, 'that all sportsmen in
going into the woods, will makeasolemn
determination that they will not dis
charge a rifle at any kind of game until
hey can see enough of the object to tell
whether it is man or beast.
Peter W. Latham, of Manchester, won
1 he court tennis championship at
Brighton, England, deleating Thomas
Pettit, of Boston, Mass. The match,
which was begun on Monday, was for
#>.000 a side. Latham won three sets to
love, thus winning the championship by
even sets to love. Latham won the
first set by 6 2, the second by 6-5 and
the third by 6 2 .
Professional Bookies Make Things
Lively at the Gentlemen's Track.
The Contests Were Very Poor.
The laws of this State prohibit rape
track gambling, yet in spite of this fact,
two well-known Philadelphia bookmakr
openly pried their, profession at the
Wawaset Driving Association traejt yes
No attempt to disguise the fact was
made. The "hookies" had- their, stand
just below tbe grand stand and made
their bookB openly.
The usual result of gambling In con
nection with the Bport was very appa
n?ut, , . ,, . , '. .
Several of the raceB had that painfully
fixed look, which is tbe inevitable ac
companiment of plenty of suckers and a
big book. Nobody of any judgment ab-:
jects to betting. As long as a man enjoys,
competition in any sport, he will form
bis opinions of which is the winner. His
opinion is always strong, and it is per-:
fectly natural tiiat he should back his
judgment against that of some other fel
low with an equally strong opiuion, by
putting up cold cash.
The objection lies in putting in pro
fessional race traok gamblers, men whose
business it is to win and whose methods
are al ways open to question.
They bring with them an unenviable
following of disreputable people, who
prey upon tboee whose familiarity with
crooked racing is less than their awn.
The work' of Starter Joseph Davidson
was unusually poor. He seemed to have
something the matter with his head pr
his eye sight. As,, a result, all sorts of
funny breaks occurred. The attendance
was (airly good in point of size.
Among those noticed were William
Bush, Ada Winters, Milton Solomon,
Dr. Brown, Sadie Martin, Harry Lodge,
Samuel White, Al Fountain, William
Simmons, Mike Donohue, Bert Falmer,
Henry Grant, John Kelly, William Mar-,
tin, Elsie De Vere, Dr. Eves, Joseph
Davis, Cube M atfhews,: Dr. Hammond,
Mazie Jones, Janies Fox, lone Hudson,
Captain Hossinger, Milton Carey, Mamie
Gray. Jauies F. Winchester, Tody Jones,
Gertrude Schultz, George Garrett, Ned
Krause, William Holt, May Gordon,
Helen Lange and many others.
Ill speaking of the races several people
said: 'You talk about the running races
011 the outlaw tracks being cruokvd
Well, they ain't in it when compared
with one of the races yesterday, Why.
ever a horse was pulled, that animai
was Starlight Fatclieu, owned by
Ueorge li. Haber and driven by Billy
biggs. lu the last heat Biggs made him
break all oyer the track to prevent him
neai mg Excel.
Mr. Huber bad his money down on
Before the second heat of this raoc,
H'Uier wanted to bet $11X) on the field
ugamst Tiger Tom, the winner of the
first heat, but the bookmakers would
nut tak : it. Tiger loin was beaten and
by Excel.
Belure the third heat of the same race,
Mr. Huber bet $10 on Excel to Win $ 6 .
Just where the"huolive comes in is
hard to see. Mr. Huber onlv stood to
win $6 on Excel, while if his own horse,
Starlight Patchen, had won the heats he
stood to win a large purse. The whole
affair is one of those mysteries which
will occur on a track where professional
gamblers are permitted.
If any body else but Joseph Davidsori
lmd been starter the race would have'
been declared off, but Mr. Huber ta a
member of the association, consequently
the crooked work was winked at.
The following is the summary:
Othello, Baltimore, Md.
Prince A.! Wilmington, Del
Mary C., Massey's, Md.
Lady bum:, Smyrna, bet... -.
Time— 2 . 28 )i, 2.26 %, 2-27'
Excel, Smyrna, Del . ' : •. a 1 1 1 .
Tiger Tom, Baltimore, Md,,i 2 S a
Starlight Patchen, Wilmington, Del.. 2 4 2 2
J., Chester, Pa .
Avalanche, KoadstoWn.
Time—2-80K, 2.29%, 2.29%, 2 . 2 %.
1 1 1
4 2 2
2 6 8
5 a 5

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