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,)L. II. NO. 371
On Election Day the Party of Kent
County Will Repudiate
Figures of the Ring Admit Decreased
Majorities In Their Districts—The
Disgusted Element Will Aid
the Republicans to Vic
Pi kstalt Correspondent.
i® <:k, Del., Oct. 29.—Tiie Republi
tiu » Kent county claim that one
••oin next Tuesd'ay they will poll
/l jarge enough to carry Kent county
I 5>od majority.
fDemocrats, of Kent county, claim
| jiieir majorities in districts formerly
' ed bv the Democratic party will be
if aseti, but that they expect, neverr
/ess, to carry the county.
These are the two claiuiB made by tiie
great parties in this county. The
ly conclusion which it is possible to
ljw from this is that Republican suc
■t-ss will be the result of the election on
/November 8. If tiie usual Democratic
/majorities are to be lowered, and this is
(admitted iu all Democratic estimates,
(j then, necessarily. Republican majorities
/ in those hundreds usually giving Repnb
■/ lican majorities, will be increased,
In Duck Creek hundred tiie Demo
crats formerly received a majority rang
ing from 100 to 175. This week the
leaders of the Democratic party in that
hundred stated that they expected a
majority of 50. Little Creek, usually
giving 50 majority, is slated at 40. Ken
ton hundred is claimed by the Demo
crats by a reduced majority by 26, and
likewise runs the estimate throughout
■. the county. The Republicans outstriped
the Democrats on the last registration
day in the lower part of the county in
some hundreds as North Murderkill regis
tered two to the Democrats one. In the
upper part of the county tiie registration
was more even, the Democrats having a
especially in Duck
y ■
shade the better
Creek and Kenton hundreds.
The negro vote was nearly all regis
tered and will poll about the usual
strength, while the greater part of the
reduced registration is among the white
Added to tiie supremacy of tiie Kepub
lican party in the mailer of registration,
rand even in tiie Democratic estimates, is
tiie determination being manifested, and
especially showing itself during
The past week, of crushing out the Demo
cratic leaders of the county, Richard R.
Kennev, William 1'. Dickson, James R.
Lord and Robert J. Reynolds, thereby
ridding the Democratic party of unde
sirable leaders, men who during their
ilong copt.inuance in control having not
anwioeCItled in uniting all members of the
M party in this county; men who have
v among their number those who have
placed themselves in an unenviable posi
the face of the law and who
now in
bring harm to any political organization
tto which they belong.
Notwithstanding the
played by Senator, Kenney, Dickson,
Lord and Reynolds, in having a county
1 legislative lieket named of men who r
( were placed by themselves and who are
■pledged to free silver, Haridv, Kenney,
■Hawkins, et ah. that great stroke is the
lidentical one which is bringing defeat
ffio the banners of Kent comity Democ
great stroke
r racy.
5 The honest Democrats of Kent county
will not, und have t' is week in inter
views declared themselves to this effect,
stand any longer for such men for lead
as Kenney, Hawkins and the others
I named above.
I The honest Democrats of Kent have
I declared themselves, and', with the aid
1 of an increased Republican vote, their
I declarations will be made good. Demo
1 cratic success in Kent county looked
f/ promising just so long as the legislative
cuntlidifi'S declared their intention of
voting for George Gray for United States
Senator—that was a card which impelled
every Democrat to stand by the ticket.
Yet It could not successfully be played.
The legislative candidates are silver men;
they are Handv men; they are Hawkins
and Dickson men, and the Democracy of
Kent knows that now, and defeat is to
be the result. •
Men who have engineered such a glar
ing fraud us the Democratic crime of
1896, Ihe honest Democrats of Kent
county claim,shall he turned from power
and the party.
• • Jv lack of nerve exhibited by
fyrats who desire honestgovern
oo desire to rid tiie party of such
.id followers is that they have not
made public declaration that they
not longer connected with the Demo
1 in
it honest Democrat said yesterday
\ tint the nerve would he on hand in
jm, pleity on November 8, and the balloting
If'' of tei fair-minded, honest Democrats
I' wouludispiay that nerve.
| The Vople of Kent county want juries
I lionestlV and truthfully drawn, they
'*V want jmW at the hands of county ofli
'T' cials, andwntli Republicans and Demo
crats have Voided that Tuesday week is
the day aneftimo on Vhich a step in that
direction mint be tukjn.
An utter alienee of political meetings
and campaignWenchls is the order of
the campaign iV Kent Vounty. Neither
Republicans nofdtemoctats are partici
pating is politiul/enthusiasm of this
character. It is V solid work, plac
ing batteries to wW froil the field the
forces of the train schenV's who have
dominated Kent limity W H " many
ygars. \ \
Already one of ttese Itaslbeen rele
gated to the rear—.\ihn F NSanlsbnry.
His disgraceful actio s on lhe\last regis
tration day simply di^ueted a\l parties,
and he is counted u
After ail, the sum in iig up ofUlte. ,p« -
liticul situation in Ken\oounty\to-uay,
mem Her.
by which ten inspectors were tbls to de
feat the entlnient and vote of the
county's voters, and deliberately steal an
election. The fight against is a sure win
ner by reason of the fact that arrayed
against them are not onlv the Republi
can party but hundreds ot Democrats,
who low honesty in government.
Newark Tribe Presents the Lenspes
With a Handsomely Emboss ed
Resolution—Thoee Present,
Minnehaha Tribe, No. 23, Improved
Order of Rod Men, of Newark, paid a
fraternal visit to Lenape Tribe, No. 0, of
this city, last evening, and were royally
entertained at their wigwam, Fourth and
French streets.
The visiting Red Men arrived at 7.15,
and were met at the Fn nch street sta
tion of the P., W. 4 B. Railroad by a
committee composed of Carl Barber,
John Jackson, George Horn, Charles
Martin, George Byron, J. Cloud and F.
Nutz, who conducted them at once to
the wigwam, where the members of
Lenape Tribe were already assembled to
the number of about 150.
Sachem Harry Jacobs delivered a brief
address of welcome. Two candidates
were adopted into Lenape Tr.be as red
men ami one candidate adopted for an
other tribe.
The lodge was in session until about
11.30. A pleasant surprise wss prepared
for Lenape Tribe by the visitors. It was
in the shape of the presentation of what
is known as a resolution of tiie Improved
Order of Red Men, expressing the good
feeling and high regard that the tribe
has for the Wilmington tribe. It is in a
handsome gold frame 2x3 feet. The re
solution was suitably received bv Lenape
Tribe. Among the visiting red men was
Congressman Handy, who made an pci
dress on the affairs of the Order. Ad
dresses were also made by other mem
bers of both tribes.
Later the visitors were invited to the
third floor of the building, where
lunch was served.
The repast had been prepared under
tiie directum of the reception committee.
The menu included ham sandwiches,
celery, cheese, pickets, grapes, bananas,
apples, coffee and cigars. There was an
abundance of good things for all.
The visitors numbered about thirty
six, and included Sachem Nichols, Con
gressman Hand
David Rose, of
Aanon, Fisher, Powell, John Cunning
ham, F. M. Smith, K„gamore J. L Fyek
and Braves Laws, Grimes, Dailey, Hug
gins, Maxwell, Davis, Shibler, Allen
Montgomery, Jones, West,Miller, Wade
moo and Crosaan. The Newark Tribe
returned home greatly pleased with their
visit and reception.
ay, Past Grand Saclajm
TribeS, Past Sachems Dr.
Vessels Being Overhauled at the
Shipyards of Jackson & Sharp
Nearly all tiie vessels of the fleet car
rying kyrolite from ports in Greenland
have been or are now being repaired nt
the shipyards of the Jackson & Sharp
Tiie baiks are expected to make two
trips a year, but often, on account of ad
verse winds or enc mitering ice flues,
are prevented from making more than
The Fluorine, one of the latest to ar
r jve, wunaccounted for for two
months and it was leared might be lost,
She encountered ice fines five miles long
w h e re the water was thirty fathoms
dee p. She is now on the marine rail
vvay, being caulked up. General repairs
are also being made.
After cacti trip it is generally neces
sary to lay up tiie boats for repairs. This
is especially the case when many ice
floes are encountered.
Other boats of the same fleet iD tiie
yard are the Silvia and Iodine, which
are ufso being overhauled. Tiie repairs
ta the Corinne were completed and she
was sent uut. The barks are all square
rigged vessels.
Railroad Inspected.
The Wilmington 4 Northern Railroad,
recently purchased by the Reading Rail
road, was inspected by a party of
twenty-five Reading Railroad officials
They arrived over the P., W. 4 B.
Railroad from Philadelphia yesterday
morning and were met at the French
street station by Col. H. A. du Pont,
Superintendent, A. G. McCausland and
General Passenger Agent, (.'owners
Briggs. Engine No. 1, of the Reading
Railroad Company, with a house extend
ing over the boiler forward of tiie engi
neet's cab and Pullman cur "Philadel
phia" were waiting for the; party at the
W. 4 N. depot. The party got aboard
and begun the inspection.
A short time was spent in inspecting
the tracks, etc., on tiie south side.
Employes Discharged.
Fifty of the employes of the American
Morocco Factory at Third and Madison
streets, were discharged on Friday for
ignoring ihe orders of the firm by attend
ing Hie l'eace Jubilee at Pltiladeli
On Thursday about thirty girls who
are employed as glazers, and about twen
ty men who are finishers, employed at
the aboved named shop, attended the
Peuce Jubilee in Philadelphia, and upon
going to work they found their places
had been filled, and that they had been
discharged. The discharged employes
immediately demanded their pay,which,
after some little time, was given to them.
Industrial Exposition.
Du Pont Post, G. A. R., will hold an
industrial exposition at the Auditorium,
commencing tomorrow night and con
tinuing throughout next month.
The chief object is to obtain funds for
the relief of veterans and their families.
Colonel Peter B. Avars, Joseph Wheeler.
Joseph E. Miller, John Ripperger and C.
L. Pttsey are the committee on arrange
Held on a Charge Which if
Proved Sends Him to the
Additional Offences Found Against
Him When Certain Witnesses
Had Given In Their Evidence.
Committed Without Ball
for Court.
Charged with committing a capital of
fence Joseph Russell, colored, of No. 218
Woodlawn avenue, this city, was
manded without bail tor tiie Court of
Oterand Terminer, by Judge Ball, in
Municipal Court yesterday morning.
The only charge against Russell when
lie was first called Lelore the court, was
that of assault and battery with intent
to kill his wife Rachael Russell, on Tues
ly evening last.
Mrs. Russell
...... . .. ,
loaded, and a box of caps open, indicat- >
ing that the negro had been preparing to
use one.
The officer also said that Russell ad
mitted breaking into Mrs. Gunnell's
Imnse where the unman had lie»n liinnir
n use,wneie tiie woman had been living,
Russell denied loading the gun, saving it
was already loaded.
James Carmichael, a young man who
was in the vicinity at the time, saw Rus
seli maltreating his wife at Mrs. Con
nelTs house and heard him threaten io
kill his wife.
Russell said lie was under the infill
once of liquor and did not know what
had happened; lie had been drinking
and was crazy.
The evidence brought out new facts,
and at the r. qnest of Assistant Solicitor
Cahoon, Russell was held without bail
on the charge of breaking .no. the house,
with intent to commit a felony, which
is a capital offence.
, tiie first witness called,
stated that she had not been living will,
her husband for some time, because he
abused her, threatened to shoot her and
did not provide her witli clothing. She
then obtained a place as a servant in the
house of Mrs. Sarah 8. Connell, No. 218
Woodlawn avenue and was living there.
Since being in Mrs. Connell's employ
Juseph had come there for her and asked
her if she was coming home, and upon
her refusal to do so had said that when
he was ready fie would make her go.
Tuesday evening last she said she went
to Russell's house to take s >me things
that belonged there, but, being unable to
get in, had retimed to Mrs. Russell's
and gone to tier room and retired. Her
husband then called at the house,and she
refused to let him in.
He departed, and in about, live min
utes lie returned and pounded the door
again, but, failing to get in, broke it
open and came up to her room. 8he
lighted tiie gas, and he si ruck her with a
stone hammer lie carried once on tiie
shoulder and once upon the head. He
then drugged tier out of the room and
made her accompany him to his residence
at Third and Webb streets.
Here he again assaulted her am! had a
gun, loaded it and wiis preparing to
•hoot her when Officer J. T. Scott ar
rived and arrested him.
The officer said lie heard Russell
threaten to kill the woman. After ar
resting the man and taking care of the J
woman tie found the gnu, wiiieli was,
The New Castle county Regular Re
publican committee met vesterUuy after
noon at No. 810 King street, and re
ferred the question of the appointment
of peace officers to their Executive Coin
Tiie three members comprising this
committee afterwards held a conference
with the Union Republican Executive
Committee, and it was decided to wait!
on the Democratic Executive Committee
und gain their views in the matter before
taking decisive action.
It was not generally known that any
provision was in existence for the ap
pointment ol such officers, but the pro
vision of section 6 of chupter 396 of the
acts passed at Dover, May 20, 1897, reads
as follows:
"That the Democrats and Republican
County Committees may each select and
designate one suitable, reputable and
sober peisuti as a special officer to stand
at the entrance of the polling place, to
be not less than 30 feet away from the
entrance to ttie voting room us now pro
vided by law, to reginale tiie admission
of persons to the (silling place, and
while so stationed and performing their'
duties as herein provided, the persons so
Republican and Democratic Execu
tive Committees Will Decide on
Appointing Peace Officers.
, , . , ....
designated shall be clothed with all the
powers of officers of the peace us'those
given bv the .aw to inspectors ol elec
tion, and any person resisting such spe
cful officer snail be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof by indictment shall be fined nut
more than $100, and may, at the ditcre
Holt of the Court, he imprisoned for a
term not exceeding one year."
Thu Republicans are not in favor of
tile appointment of such officers, und it
is more than probable lltut the Demo
crats llolik likewise.
The conference will be held some time
this week.
No Iats.es For the Year.
Tiie New Castle County Farmers'As
sociation for the Recovery of Stolen
Lorses aud Mules, its annual meeting
iu the parlors uf the Fame Fire Company
yesterday morning. No loHses of horses
or mules were sustained Inst )ear. Tiie
officers elected were: President, Robert L.
Armstrong; Vice President, I. P. For
man; Secretary und 'Treasurer, Calvin W.
Croatian. /
John Zimmerman Brntally At
tacked at Seventh and Mon
roe Streets Last Night.
One of the Rascals Captured by
Patrolman Prank Kane After
They Had Committed • Second
Assault—An Attempted
Highway Robbery.
John Zimmerman, aged 22 years, le
ading on Monroe street, about Seventh,
was brutally assaulted while on his way
home between 10 and 11 o'clock last
Zimmerman had reached the corner of
8eventh and Monroe streets, when three
young roughs surrounded him and de
manded his money.
He indignantly refused, when the trio
started to beat him. He took refuge iu
flight, but was chased to a grocery store,
which he- entered for safety.
Fearing another attack from the young
rascals he asked assistance of the police,
and in response to a telephonic message
Patrolman Frank Kane was sent to the
soene to accompany hint home.
Officer Kane sent young Zimmerman
iu the advance and when ne reached tiie
intersection of the same streets he was
again attacked.
The officer immediately went to his
assistance and succeeded in capturing
one of the trio, but not before the t wo
others had succeeded in felling Zimmer
man to the ground with a brickbat.
He was rendered unconscious by the
force of the blow and a severe wound
was also made <tn the left side of the
They then ran away and so far liave
succeeded in eluding arrest. They are
not known, but it is thought they may
yet be captured.
Zitnmei man was taken to his home
and a physician dressed the wounds.
At trie police station the one caught
by Officer Kane gave tiie name of Sam
uel Cloud but refused to divulge tiie
names of ins companions. He will be
given a hearing before Judge Ball to
morrow morning on tiie charge of at
tempted highway robbery anil assault
and buttery.
> A Baltimorean Shot and Killed l>y
to lhe colored Cook on an Oyster
«ne vuioreu u«oa on an uyswr
Tiie remains of a man who had been
• ■ bp remains ot a man who had been
murdered on an oyster bout in the
it f , h L i, ., r . ,i irnllah , 1 ,:.
3d a
m id'nicht. ' ' '
The Itodv is heimr taken t<, the man's
i flh . home at Fxninre Vn Iw his
io brother. The unfortunate man was
Harry Franks who was killed bv a col
ored conk on an ovster boat with whom
^s'said, IS MS a misundersUnd-'
in ~ whjch however was thought to
have blown over.
The colored unan shot him ill the atom
ac |, ]t is reported that otiier members
of tiie crew placed the captain's revolver
in trte wounded man's hand to shoot the
c „ ok b . lt |, e expired before he could ac
nnmr>li»h tlm nm-m.su
complish the purpose.
Closes Services To-day.
Miss Jennie Smith, the railroad evan
gelist, closes tier services in this cilv to
day. She will hold a testimony meeting
in ihe audience room of St. Paul's M. E
Church at 9 this morning, which will
precede the preaching service. She will
speak to railroad men tins afternoon. At
her closing service to-night she will tell
how she was miraculously raised from
an invalid's couch and become an evan
j gelist. She lias met with great success
| here and many people will be sorry to
i see her leave. She held a special service
I in the church at 7.30 last evening which
was largely attended,
Day of Reformat Ion.
Reformation Day will be observed in
(lie Lutheran and several Protestant
churches to-day.
On the 31st of October, 1517, Martin
Luther nailed to Ihe door of the Castle
Church at Wittenberg, Saxony, ninety
five theses against indulgences. Every
year the Lutheran church signalized this
event bv special services. The Rev.
Frederick Duerr, pastor of St. Stephen's,
will preach both morning and evening
on ttie life and work of the great re
former, Mariiti Luther.
Oliver Twist in Three Acts.
"Oliver Twist'' will be presented in
, the First Methodist Protestant Church,
j .Seventh, near Walnut, Tuesday evening,
Xtie story of the novel will "be told in
j |( lr ee acts bv Frederick W. Truman, who
j„ highly recommended as an enter
Repali lag the Roofs.
The roof of .the City Hall and other
public buildings have been ordered re
paired and repainted by the Public
Building Committee. Work was com
menced yesterday. George B. Stewart,
203 West Second street, has Die contract
for the tin wont.
Taken Suddenly Ilf.
James Mcllngh, of Silverbrook, was
seized with cramps at Kighth and Wnl
nnl streets early this morning. He was
taken to the Homeopathic Hospital in
the Phoenix Ambulance and is in a
critical condition.
Complimentary Ball.
Tiie Delaware Stengerbund will give a
complimentary Itad at German Hall < n
Thursday eveuittg.
Dr. Jacob Todd will fill the pulpit at
Grace Church to-day.
Wallace and Josie Herman are visiting
relatives at New Castle,
j Voorhees Anderson, of Camden, is the
I guest of friends in this city.
| Dr. Lewie Barrett and wife, of Milford,
| are visiting friends in this city.
Mrs. George Carter is entertaining her
mother, Mrs. Mary Feard, of Iron Hill.
Register of Wills Charles Harrington,
of Kent county, is visiting in Wilming
Miss Annie T. Emory, of Germantown,
Pa., is the guest of Miss Eleanor G. Wal
Mrs. W. B. Hi I yard, of Georgetown, is
e guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank Bon
Miss Gheen, of West Chester, is tiie
guest of Miss Minnie Carpenter, of this
A camp fire will be held in the assein
bly room of the High School, on Novern
her 17, by the various posts of the (LA.
R., of this city.
Tiie clearings ill the local hanks for (lie
week ending at noon yesterday amounts.
ed to $922,705. against $021,052 for the
same period oiatBk^MBtr- toS
George A. Messiek, assistant sui*rim
tendent of Posey & Jones Company
will leave on a business trip to Somh v
America in a few davs
n , . '
,i i n i'""T, ^aite tune to examine
the labels und trademarks of goods von ,.
buv and vou will oroteet yourself from
myoo »iii prattet juiuwn trom
cheap and worthless substitutes.
Mrs. Frank Pyle has issued cards to
t,ie weddin s " f l,er daughter, Mi-s
Aniedl * t( > William G. Penny
• )ac * cer Wednesday, November II.
Mrs. Haddock lias returned from
Christiana, where she has been visiting
Robert Ferguson, a Goldey College
graduate, lias accepted a position at Glen
Mills, Pa.
Mrs. Fannie K. Armstrong, of near
Christiana, visited friends in this city
A special meeting will be field to-mor
row evening by the Young Men's Re
publican Club.
On Sunday, November 0, a Red"mp
torist Mission will be opened in Si,
Joseph's Church, on the Brandywine.
Miss Clay, of Philadelphia, is the
guest of Mrs. Alfred I. du Pont,in whose
honor Mrs. do Pont gave a dinner last
The British steamship Arias cleared
from this port yesterday morning, with a
cargo of 1,581,200 gallons of oil, valued at
Professor .1. B. Randall, of Lincoln
University, will preach this morning and
evening nt Hanover Presbyterian
Church. -
An army order, issued on Friday, de
tails First Lieutenant Charles H. Caban
nis for service as professor at Delaware
Five permits have been issued during
the week by Building Inspector Cassidy.
The total cost of the new buildings will
be $16,080.
was • )ac * cer ' Wednesday, November II.
col- The eight-inch rifles and ten-inch guns
which have been placed in position ai
the Delaware Battery, below Delaware
to City, were tested on Friday afternoon.
Dr. lid ward D. Shurtlidge will return
this week, from Philadelphia, where lie
lias been resident physician at Wills'
Eye and Ear Hospital tor the past year.
the The Park A C Jr forfeited the game
ac- to tl e Union AV yes eX a tenmun
io me o mini «. a. yisreiuat artel noon
bv n .n-appcara.it*. The Union A. A.
claimed tiie game by the score of 11 to 0.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Vernon were
tendered a masquerade surprise party on
Friday evening, by a number of their
friends, which proved a very enjoy able
Mrs. T. A. McCurdy and Mrs. W. K.
Crosby wiil make addresses on Novern
her 4 at a missionary social which will
be field in the Elkton Presbyteriau
miring toe weex eutiing at noon yes
terday Building Inspector Cassidy is
sued five permits, some for several
houses, the new work being valued ai
Mary Greiner, of No. 14 Cedar street,
who has been suffering with diphtheria,
was reported recover."! yesterday morn
ing, and the house was fumigated by the
Board of Health.
The body of Mrs. Ltiemma Pyle, wile
of Charles E. Pyle, of No. 91(1 West Sev
emit street, will he buried this afternoon
to Riverview cemetery. Services will be
held at the house.
The contract for driving 300 piling for
strengthening wavs No I at the shin
yard of the Holland & Hollingsworth
Company, has been awarded to Hpn .
Inieffer k Vaughan.
,, , , , , . ,
Cards have been issued lor the wed-1
ding of Miss Grace Reese and Horace If.
Harrison .The ceremony will take place
on Njiye.n s-c 9,at the home of the bride,
No. i !•) Adams street..
The Wilmington Whist, Club will give
a ainoker on Saturday evening, Novern
bero. The committee in charge of ar
ningementH are George Tutnall, W. U.
Mendinhali and F. C. Carpenter.
At the city registration bureau yeater
day morning record wan made of ihe
tranyfer of a property on Ninth street,
between Foplar and Wilni n, by .Joel V.
(ireemmm I o Km mu V. Gillenpie.
Secretary Wqgleswnrth, of the Board
of Health, reports that during the weekl
william (,. Kelt ttard died at Middle-:
town, Pa., aged seventy-two years on !
Thursday night. He was a native of
Wilmington. Ills third wife, who was
Miss Eleanor Kllit
and his son, Daniel
other children survive him.
ger. of Philadelphia,
C. Kennard, and
He was the i
foimdei and president of the Rescue
iose Company, of Middletown, and for
twenty years a justice of the peace.
Democratic Plot in Sussex County
to Rob the Republicans
of Victory.
Desperate Efforts May Yet be Made
to Accomplish Their Object.
The Sample Ballot Re
sulted in Disclosing
the Plot.
special Dispatch to Tux Son.
Georgetown, Del., Oct. 29.— It is em
phatically asserted by certain leaders of
the Republican party in .Sussex county
that a scheme to juggle with the official
ballot of the party in the county lias
been on foot but fallen through, owing
to the objection of the honest and
honorable Democrats.
The plot was for Clerk of the Peace
John B. I) rman to iBsue as the official
ballot of the Republican j arty the
original Union and Republican tickets,
completely ignoring the suplimeutal
nominations which were filed after hav
ing certain nominees on tiie original
ticket resign from the ticket in a legal
manner before a notary public.
Leaders of the Democratic party in
Sussex, so it is claimed bv tiie leaders of
the Republicans, met in the Court House
at Georgetown and the proposition was
made to them by the radicals to play
this dastardly trick on the Republicans.
Tiie conservative and honorable Demo
crats would nut countenance nor Btoop
to the trick, but remained firm and true
to the principles of fair play and justice.
They prevailed, it is thought, aud
since the priming of the sample of ifai
official ballot for the First Election <|E
trict it seems hardly likely that file
scheme will be worked in the other dis
Toe sample ballot is correct and in
cludes the supplemental nominees.
If the change is made non it would he
high-handed villainy, the Republicans
say, as the fact that the nature of the of
lieial ballot will not be known by the
citizens until the day of eleciioti, has
caused considerable worriment as to its
Should this scheme, however, b.t ear
ried out aud the party unprepared for it
with printed stickers of the various sttp
jd^mynuil nominee*, the result wilt be
alld Utt,m, 8 | »K 1,1 'heir present
Hawing prospects tor a victoiv in No
v "' ... . . . ■ ,
Local politicians in ihe Republican
party have been worked up and greatly
incensed over 1 1
,. r „| g
Clerk of the I*.ace D.>rimin could
be seen to-day in order to get his suite.
ment on the subject, as lie was out of
town, but the chairman of the liemu
eratic Comity Committee savs it is utler
ly Jplse, and the sample ticket fin the
Election District of tlie
Representative District and ihe olticial
badot will correspond exactly,
lhe Republicans say that it is in Mr.
" P^( v<, r ts phiy this'U.-o
but toey think Hint lie alone is
b'" honest to perpetrate such a dastardly
P 1 * 1 '® 1,1 rascality on the citizens ol Nis
? ,'"T-Y u '* lt ' sa 1 n
^7 g lV°, ^tLe rat.ipjtut
ami radical taction ol the Democratic
party in the county ami State.
Should this alleged plot fie carried into
execution it w ill greatly harass and
handicap the Republican party in Sussex
and former records of tiie tricks of the
Democrats make the situation appreciated
ed by the Republican leaders.
They declare that Mr. Dorman must
act honestly by them, for they are aware
of the existing scheme, and will en
deavor in every way to ascertain tiie
exact truth in the matter abd take such
steps as will be necessary to secure fair
play and honest treat
an inn of me liemn
j wa rd Democratic candidate for Repre
sentative from the Second district, enter
I ed a suit for libel in the Supreme Court
I . U' t'.'tn.g and
(Pubhshing Company, claiming to.OOO
i ''Th'ffollowfn^wffi'rhi! 3 * ull " ra c < f- r -
i The follow mg edit .rta appeared in the
J "' « % <•" * ^ ''voting and
is the ground for complaint:
"If Webster Blakelv is so objectionable
j i„ n, e sight of the / Very /
j should „„i T. ,\ herns," the Demo
| eratic candidate for Representative in
ihe Second higtriut, ho more olijectio;.
able. Mr. Blakely never yet had hi*
name before the grand jury charged with
the crime of altering the election
turns, riifortuimiely for Mr. AhreiiH,
hi* name wan one ol thune presented be
b»re the grand jury mi 18%, and for
|.. ,c " J 10 . tr,u ' VVJlH found against
1,1,14 be Nvas "'rt indicted, but
a *J ll, e same he hum> d charged with the
offense ol altering i lie election returns,
mlLl'/n'I' /.n U| t! , to
. . ■ . ' '} !' 11 scored the
Mr. Ahrens was never an inspector,
and was never mein iotied in connection
with falsifying returns.
It was asserted last evening ilmttho
gait Itad been withdrawn, but ibis is de
Cantlitlule for Represent alive Enters
Suit Attulnst It -publican Print
init and Publishing Company.J
Through his attorneys
Knowles, Jolm T. Ahrens,
Harmon 4
of the Ninth
Mrs. W. O. Coverdule is entertaining
Miss Isom Reed, of Ellettdale.
Dr. Bradford, of Marehallfon,
this city yesterday.
was in

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