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I ..Ladies Work =»
• •
There are many Odds and Ends for
Y r !
That Ladies would like to make
themselves, but*'cannot for want of
time or opportunity.
We support gentlewomen of birth
and education by selling just such
goods for them.
Won't you help us in this noble
work by buying of us.
this is hot a charity, it is business
The goods we sell have the merit
of worth—first, exclusive design, good
materials, and perhaps it is a satis
faction to know that they are made
by Ladies in clean and congenial sur
roundings,instead of sweat shops, tene
ments and reformatory institutions.
You can help maintain LADIES
who need assistance by buying the
output of this establishment.
Baby Shoes, all styles and sizes $1.00
Crocheted Baby Socks, all prices
from 20c a pair to $i .00
Crocheted Baby Mittens,
from 15c a pair to #1.00
Crocheted Caps for Babies
from 30c a piece to $1.00
Crocheted Sacques for Babies,
from $1.00 a piece to $5.00
Other Sacques for Babies, flannel,
&c., embroidered, &c., 25c to $5.00
Dresses for Babies, 50c to
#5. (X)
If it is for a Baby send to us for it and it will be
Wilkes Barre Pa.
7i immmmmummimi k
The Wilmington Board of Trade.
CUT THIS OUT and smd to M. P. Satterthwaite, Chairman of Mtm
■ make application for
Dins, $5 oo per year.
, -bef'ship Committee, P. O. Box .405, if you desire to
membership in the Wilmington Board of Trade.
Write for copy of By-laws.
Application for Membership.
Wilmington, Del.
To the Wilmington Board of Trade :
-hereby make application for active membership in Hie Wil
mington Board of Trade, subject to its constitution and by-laws.
Signature ..
. . . 1898.
A Benefit
For the
Salesmen's League
Will take place at
, «
Thursday aqd Friday
Aft«srioori f'iOV., 10 af|d 11 . EveynS
5 ^
Any other information call on
Mgr. DOCKSTADER, at his office,
the Theatre, at Seventh and
Shipley streets.
: -: > ..
Distributors SGpplies.
Every Distributer needs a kit. No
other concern in the country can
SSSSStTt ; 1
where for $5. It consists oi the fol
lowing necessary articles:
( official schedule of charges
1 strap 8 feet long, 1 yi inches wide,
thick, heavy webb and strong pat
ent buckle. Made expressly for Dis
[ Sign Tacktrs Hammer, very finest
quality and superfine finish
1 Paste Brush, seven inch, all clear,
white bristles, set very full, patent
fastening, wax finish head and
1 Canvas Bag, regulation size, with
stout strap for -shoulder carrire.
Best made. Rivited througout at
points and well stitched
r Bone Folding Knife. Best selec
1 set of 5 inch Stencils for lettering
You can order any of the above ar
ticles at the price quoted. We have
no catalouges; we do no printing. We
handle no goods, other than those
mentioned above.
The Distributors' Supply Company
River and Union Streets,
$ 10
• 50
Sparks. South Warehani, Mass. |
Distributed *11.50 to $2 per 1000
Any other advertising cheap.
Reference furnished :
Sweet Gum, Tenn.
i Quickest, Cheapest, Best. All work done with
; neatness and Despatch. Corresponce Solicited
Trilby Scarfs—Just the thing Lot
Trilby Scarfs—Just the thing for
Made o' Icewool.in all colors. They
the daintiest wrap ever offered and
j designed especially for summer nights
rambles. Stylish beyond a'l doubt
and worthy in every respect.
i arc
Just to introduce our popular
SPARKS, into 5000
1 magazine,
new homes, this month, we will
send it a whole year for only 20
Now then, if you send
the names and addresses oi
five friends also, we will send
von 12 books free.
. .
iperatora are lit constant
Salaries from $40 to $100
You can seeute a chart j
• , ail inf irmation and !
giving f l nect J •
corre't alphabet tor 1U cts. Ainitees
I the N«w Jersey School of 1 elegrapby, |
I River and Union Sts., Wilkes-Barre, I
j p a
EARN fUjlUt' t :
a month.
, „„ v so , "lood" territory still'
s.. Aluminum No vo lry Co., Mon |
Nothing to Do «,- s t
liKCllts. The everlasting W ater Filter i
Itll Hll
W 1 iti
jj c \y 0 p| ( |
Spicy Items Taken From the Latent
Happenings in the Rotted Arena
and on the Field of Atli
leiics-Wiliiiiiigton's In
tereslinir Rndger.
Father Chadwick celebrated his 75tli
birthday on tlie 5th inst.
Joe Kelley does not believe that the
Orioles will he split up tins winter.
The barnstorming trip of the Bostons
was made unprofitable by cold weather.
The Pirates closed their barnstorming
jaunt without filling nil the engagements
There have been fewer changes in the
Boston team since 1890 than in any
League team.
Only three of the Indian recruits wili
be retained—Sclireckengost, Heidrick
and Bates.
The Dayton Club has signed a pitcher
named Allcmange, hailing from Mason
City, W. Ya.
Botli last season and this year it w as
the Senators who really put the OtioleB
out of the race.
Con Lucid, the former league pitcher,
has returned to St. Louis, where he w ill
spend the w inter.
Josh Reilly, once tried by Anson, is
now holding (low nl he second hug for t he
San Francisco team.
"Hannas" Wagner, of the Lonisvilles,
has gilded the hall used in his record
breaking throw on October 16.
Frank Bancroft thinks that old hail
players make poor umpires. They ignore
ratiiur than enforce rules.
Manager Oliver Tebeau has made the
prophecy that the Wanderers will return
to Cleveland intact in '99.
Umpire McDonald says the new Pitts
burg pitcher, Lever, has the best curve
of any pitcher in the League,
j [(Louisville opinion is to_tlie effect that
the clever little third baseman, Leach, is
too light for the league.
Groitndkeeper Murphy of the Balti
more Club, lias quit, to accept a similar
position with the Cincinnati Club.
St. Louis refuses to enthuse over the
acquisition of Still Bill Hill, lie will
have to fight his way to favor.
Connie Mack s».ve that the Pittsburg
Club got a couple of stare in third base
man Williams and outfielder Slagle.
llarrv Pulliam will accompany Jim
Hart on that trip to Mexico. Ban John
son may also he a member of the party.
Jack Sliearon, the greatest dresser of
the minor league, is wintering in Buffalo,
and is u familiar sight on the Rialto.
The Reading Club has signed for trial
Philip Bonner, a clever young pitcher
and general player hailing from Phila
The total attendance at National
League games for 1898 was 5,126,750.
Chicago led with 424,852 at home, and
Baltimore with 285,080 abroad. Total
attendance lor 1807 was 5,Sol,2(L\
, ,, , ,, ,. 1 j
Billy O'Donnell, of Memphis, would:
like to meet Oscat Gatdinei .
Jim Corbett started training. yesterday
at tl,e I ' ellox lor ,I1H 8° with Shaike).
Joe Gans will box Kid McPartland
twenty-five rounds at the Lenox A. C.
on yvkiay.
Ki ,[ McCoy thinks he will accept an
offer to meet Jim Jeffries after lie tights'
Peter Walter. That will be nice!
Billy Katchford, who is a long distance
from a leading man in his boxing class,
has defeated Oscar Gardner,
O'Rourke expects a record-break
g attendance at the Dave Sullivan
■urge Dixon go.
Black Griffo has also been matched to
tight Ed Morris, of San Francisco, at.
Bridgeport on November 29.
, , 1 ,, , , ,,
Jack paly anil George Ret urn, the
"Mysterious, w ill meet at one of thei
Chicago clubs 111 the near Inline.
Joe Walcott and "Mysterious" Billy
Smith will meet at catch weights fot
twenty-five rounds on December'-.
Charley White on Saturday signed
articles for a twenty-round bout between
Jem Curran, of England, and Tom Bro
derick, of Yonkers.
It is now reported that instead of;
studying medicine, Rid McCov is going
to make the saloon business his calling,
Hint lie will
and Buffalo is the cit}
"You may quote mens saving that I
think Sharkey will win sure, unless the
police interfered, which mav lie verv
likely," says John L. Sullivan.
Manager Charles Smith, of Toledo, ().,
Goulette "oVi umds at'Vamlusk^ t> , on
December i. Hie 8 ptresels $500. ' "
Tom O'Kottke is sour on "SpiKe" hu!
Hvan, and, judging by the wav lie speaks,
it is doubtful it "Spike will ever get a
chance to fight at the Lenox Athletic
Club again.
lhe Lenox Club, of New \ ork, will is
sue only 50 complimentary tickets for
tkirhett-Sharkey light on Novembei
22. 1 lie club claims to he $,000 loser on
the season. 1 lie prices ot admission
range from $3 to $20.
George Dixon, who is training at Buy
Ridge with Tom Sharkey, seems to he
retaining some of his lost speed, liaving
awakened to tile fact that, his recent per-,
fon nances were far from the standard lie
C. C. Smith, the "Black Thunderbolt"
and Edward Dnnkhorst have been
matched to box at Rochester on Novem
her 14 |for |fifty per cent, of the receipts
and a guarantee of $500.
Jimmy Barry Sunday Bent $250 to A1
Smith as a forfeit to8>iml n match with
Terry McGovern. Smith lias decided to
hold no more stakes, and he was forced
to return the deposit with a note of re
Joe Choynski, the California heavy
weight, who is to box Gus Rithlin next
Friday night, at the Arena, arrived in
established several years ago.
,, ... „ . .
Philadelphia, as well as New 5 oik, is,
to have a cycle show this winter.
polo league of six Pittsburg
be formed.
Philadelphia at noon from Chicago,
where he has been Maying since his bout
six weeks ago with .foe Goddard. In this
bout he injured his hand during the first
round and boxed the other five rounds
in a whiilwiud style, although suffering
great pain. He has been doing light ex
ercise for over a week, but will start his
heavy work bh soon as tie arrives.
A water
clubs is to
Tire-makers experience lunch trouble
in manufacturing suitable tires for heavy
Boston is said to have a majority of
i votes pledged to secure the 189!) L. A.
j \V. national meet.
A quarter mile bicycle track will be
built by the Atlantic City Athletic Asso
ciation at the Inlet Ball Park, and will
be of cinders and clay.
For the first five months of 1898 the
shipments of American bicycles to Brit
ish India reached a total of $00,000, as
against lees than $10,000 for the same
period last year.
Chainless wheels at $75 should deter
mine next season whether this style of
wheel is popular or not. They were veri
table curiosities this season, so few were
seen on the streets.
Lucien Lesna, remembered in America
last year, has won the title of "Cham
pion of Europe" hv capturing the fifty
kilometer race ut Mayence. Lesna had
no distinguished opponents, however, a
fact which detracts from his victory.
Charles River Park at Boston is mak
ing arrangements to import several first
class bicycle riders next year. The idea
of tlie management is to get the assist
ance of two or three other tracks, and
between them engage the services of the
best Frencli and the best English riders.
Linton and Stocks may be selected.
This time last year the racing men
: were traveling in special Pullman cars,
racing in all the prominent Southern
cities and under L. A. W. sanction.
Now they are practically doing nothing,
depending on what will turn up this win
ter in the way of indoor races.
Ninety-four thousand four hundred
and twenty dollars is the sum total of the
money purses it is claimed to have been
offered in 888 professional cycling con
tests ridden in the United States this
season, not including those run on the
Pacific coast, which would bring the fig
ures up to tiie even $100,000. This is far
below the sum won in past years.
An aged widow lady near Duiumow is
probably the oldest living cyclist, says
the U'culuiiiisln Uatettf. She was born
ninety-three years ago, and recently
bought a bicycle, on which she jonrnevs
frequently to and from the village for
her shopping and visiting. She informs
inquirers that she feels better for the ex
ercise, and regrets that Air. Gladstone
had not taken to cycling.
To speak of riding a bicycle a mile in
one minute may seem preposterous. But
it is not. I am" confident it can be done,
and I think my fellow countryman,
Edouard Taylore, is the man to do it.
Moreover, before this rear is over I hope
to toake the trial and demonstrate that
my theory of accomplishing this feat is a
practical one, says Fournier, the auto
mobile builder.
William Hale Thompson and the Chi
cago Athletic Association foot ball eleven,
arrived in New York yesterday morn
Pennsylvania's admirers are elated
> over the magnificent showing made by
the Quakers in the second half of the
Chicago game on Saturday, and feel t hat
they now have more than an even chance
against Harvard next Saturday.
The Yale team returned from West I
p H j nti x. Y., Sunday, and all the men
| were in good condition. This week will
t be one of hard practice, although Cap
tain Chamberlain is suffering from a
severe muscle bruise, and i)e Similes is
] laid up with his sprained ankle.
The University of Pennsylvania foot
ball team will leave for Boston to-tnor- j
■ and spend Thursday and Friday in
small country town about fourteen
miles from Boston, resting and pract ic-;
1 row
I a
'"8 Harvard game on Saturday,
Captain Chamberlain has sent outfaii
1 urgent appeal to the Yale's famous
1 eoachers t o goto New Haven and put the
Imishmg touches on the earn. As a re
'»'«, wi11 haVB 11 »xy of stars to
instruct the men, word having been re
ce j v -d from ex-Captains Murphv, Rodg
( Frank Hinkev and Brink Thorne
' that they will arrive this week and stay :
m tll the season closes,
^ noticeable feature about the big
games on Saturday was the compare
j tivelv small number of men injured. All I
(j, e 'princeton-Brown players finished
out the game; in the Yale-West Point
game one player from each side was
hurt; three Chicagoans dropped out of ■
Hie Pennsylvania game through injuries;
; there were two changes in the Harvard
1 Indian game and two in the Cornell
! Oberlin contest.
| Cambridge, Mass.,
1 Harvard's game with the Indians, and
j tiie eoachers are a bit dubious over the
]^ , 1 , ) 1 | l ) t HV J\! an , j^ t ' One'" o? *1 li^Harvard
I coaches—who was on the winning team
i8!«- P «t the trouble mw near y j
j , m(i t0 get , t j ie y a | e H pint or it could i
> J, r expect
Three eights are now training for the j
fal , tihe Harvard Boat Club. Two
U1V . rowing from the Yarsitv boat liotist
nml , he ,|® ird „, e W eld Boat Club.
, r ... reiVTITW i
Marcus Duly,Hie American millionaire,
j will be represented on the English turf!
next season. He has already entered a
\ number of 2-year-olds in important stake
events and from present indications will
I he an important factor in the next racing
i season,
There is not an overplus of joy at
-er tiie result of
If report s]ieaks truly, Ormonde, for
which IV. O. B. 'McDonough, of San
Francisco, paid $150,000 a few years ago,
lie on liis wav hnckto England.
It is said the Duke of Westminister, his
former owner, lias offered $50,000 for the
famous thoroughbred stallion, and that
Mr. McDonough is likely to accept.
It now seems certain that athletic
sport*, M far a* this country is con
cerned. will be well represented »t the
Peril Exposition in 1900 .
Swarthiuore lias decided not to join
the Intercollegiate Lacrosse League, but
she will be represented by lacrosse and
track athletic teams. Base ball will be
A challenge has been received by the
University of Pennsylvania from the
Harvard Gtln Club to shoot a match on
Novembers. As yet. no answer has been
M;n , DHt j n a |j probability Pennsylvania
w j|| nmd a team to com|iete on that date
at Cambridge.
David Janowski, the Franco-Polish
chess expert, was a passenger on the
steamship La Touraine, which arrived
Sunday. He has come to this country to
plav a match of seven games with Bhn
The entire University of Pennsylvania
cross-country team has been invited to
compete in the race for the crosB-country
championship, to be held in New York
on Thanksgiving Day. it is probable
that Grant, Parry and Little will
sent Pennsylvania on that date.
T. F. Keane, the American professional
sprinter, defeated A. K. Downer, the
British champion, in their match race at
the Kockdale Athletic Grounds, in Lon
don, on October 22. The distance was
200 yards, and Downer conceded a start
of two yards and a half to Keane. The
stakes were $500 a side. Keane has re
cently won two Sheffield handicaps, in
which hu defeated the best professional
runners of England on handicap terms.
Tigers Not Vet Scored Against.
The football season is iu its infancy
yet, and until the first dashes of the big
learns no line can be obtained on' the re
spective merits of Yale, Princeton, Har
vard, Pennsylvania and Cornell. Many
who follow the game closely, taking the
contests thus far played as a means of
comparison, ate beginning to make pre
dictions as to the outcome of the cham
pionship season.
According to records and figures made
this season Princeton is the only one of
the big aggregations that lias not been
scored against by minor forces. Taking
tliis as a criterion, not a few football en
thusiasts are singing the praises of old
Naesau, as the foremost eleven of the
The fact that the Tigers have not had
their goal crossed once this season is an
indcation that their defense lias been
superior t« that of the other big teams.
This, however, is not a sufficient excuse
for proclaiming the Tigers champions at
this stage. It is admitted that tints far
Princeton lias shown the best defense.
Aggressiveness or offensive play is an
important factor iu gridir n contests,
and Princeton lias yet to prove her
superiority at that important part of the
game of punts and passes.
Agents Herald
The Public Herald
We will give One year's subseffp
tion to THE SUN and* Ten cents cash
for one copy of either THE AGENTS
bearing »uy of the following dates:—
1876—January, February, March,
April, May, June, July, August, Sep
tember, October, November, Decem
1877— January, February, March.
April, May, June,July, August, Sep
tember, November, December.
1878— February, March, April.
1879— -February, March,April, May
c . -
22 57ran Pfit St.. Philadelphia, Pe.
Tf District MflD
of Delaware
June, July, September,
1880—'August, November, Decent
Donot semi any date* nut, named <t> >
r. Ad
The STATE SENTINEL of Dover is hav
ing prepared and will soon be ready to
deliver a New Map of Delaware, giving
the boundaries of the Representative and
Senatorial Districts as provided by the
New Constitution. $ 1.10 will secure
this valuable Map and the State Sentinii,
for one year. The number is limited;
subscribe at once. New subscribers will
receive tiie paper the balance of this year
free. Address, with remittance,
Tmk Stati Sbntjnjcl, Dover, Del.
A New Field for Advertisers !
is an page 4
col. monthly.
J Guaranteed
circulation of
1,009 copies monthly. It reaches people
who you have been unable to reach. Low
rares "given advertisers during the months
of Oct., Nov. and Dec. Send for rates.
Address The Echo, Wauneta, Neb.
The Echo
LADIES do you want a cactus
from the prairies of Neb. It is a
slna „ rou £ d Cactus with a hand
some bright red blossom.
grows wild on the Neb. prairies,
5 ,,, , . -. $
I will send Olie postpaid for 15c,
2 for 25c. Address J. W. HANN,
Wauneta, Neb.
NAMF Rnsiness
and Address neatly printed on 125 each,
<Q, higlt cut envelopes and note heads to
match; also one pint of best black Ink.
All the above sent prepaid for only $1.00,
cash or postage stamps,
Full line of samples for 6 cts. in stamps
S. I*. Seatvell, I'. M., Bensalem, N. C.
>.«pondente every
• female. Incloee
Confidential e
where. Male
fJtami*. Capftnl fvtectlve Hurt*
Albany, New York.
and stamps bought at a pre
mium. Yestpncket list 10c.
Albt. Scott, Cohoes N. Y.
r\ merican and Cuban Flag Stick Fins
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/ by mail. Quick Sellers, Big Profit*,
stage Stamps taken. B. FOX,
Wholesale Jeweller. 184 — 55 , St.
Brooklyn, N, Y,

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