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L. II. NO. 375.
Is. /
Father Wakaliem l ocks a Young
Priest in His Room for Be
ing Dilatory.
Voung Priest Hus a Warrant
sued lor His Superior's Arrest,
and While Enroate to
Dover He is Spirited
^Special Dispatch to Thu Sun.
A Clayton, Del., Nov. 2.—Clayton has at
t, tst got a real, live sensation, and one
/hich is causing no end of talk through
ut the county and even tlie State it
. It is all about some unusual linppen
! jngs which have occurred within the
walls of St. Joseph's Industrial Home for
i Colored Boys, located just outside of this
twelve school buildings,
place. There
which are near the school.
It is a branch of St.Joseph s Industrial
Home at Wilmington. \
The school was founded by tlie late
'Mr,her Do Buy ter, and is now in charge
/Father Wakaliem.
/Among the parties who assist.Father
Wakaliem is a bright young priest. It
was the latter's duty to arise every morn
ing at tlie very early hour of 5 o'clock
and conduct mass for tlie boys.
Of late lie lias been growing dilatory.
It seemed a very,very early hour to him,
and he lias been getting later and later
until lie sometimes got
every morning
to be an hour late each morning,
went on all right for a time.
The other morning, however, he was
discovered by lather Wakaliem, who
got up at 0 o'clock and found his young
colleague still in a sound sleep in his
k*He did not rudely awaken him, but,
tinned the
going quietly up to his door,
key in tlie lock and made him a prit
oner. . , , . .
When the young priest awoke from Ins
sweet slumbers he attired himself in Ins
proper garments for holding the early
morning service and then started for the
chapel but only got as far as his door.
He gave the knob a quick jerk but the
tfoor remained closed, and for the first
i time he found that he was locked in. It
j took Him some time to think who had
done this on him.
He became very angry and when lie
was finally released by Father Wakaliem
he made his way to the office of a Justice
of the Peace and got out a warrant for
Father Wakaliem.
Father Wakaliem was taken to Dover,
where it was expected a hea.iing would
he held in the case.
Fattier Wakaliem, however, has not
beeq/een since and is said to have been
spirited away to Wilmington, and is snp
" - posed to he at the Industrial Home there
now. , .
The excitement over the case here has
been much increased by the illness nt
one of the bov inmates of the scfo ol.
This lias given rise to the rumor that
Father Wakaliem was arrested tor ill
treating the boy. This rumor, however,
lias not been verified.
!jL ; \ representative of The Si x called at
*Je parsonage connected with St.
fiseph's Church and Industrial Home
|| this city hist night, lie inquired for
Hdher Wakaliem, and was told that lie
lid been.there but had gone awav. No
|her information could be gleaned of his
jresent whereabouts.
Desperate Democrats Will do All In
Their Power to Again Steal
Kent County.
Staft Correspondent.
I Doveh, Pel., Nov. 2.—'The Sun's story
I of the manner in which the sorry gang,
m w ho had ruled the destinies of Kent's
■Democracy, are endeavoring to trump up
■charges against Republican voters, lias
■ been largely commented on here to-day.
■ It has also brought to light some
■ rather high handed work in other quart
| e 8 it is stared, on tlie best of author
9 ity' that the summons for the witnesses
who did tlie testifying in He Clarke
Melvin case, were issued by the Clerk oi
the Peace and placed in tlie hands ol
const allies for service, Sheriff Shaw be
ing entirely ignored in the matter.
when tlie attention of Attorney Gen
eral White was called to Clerk Dickson's
procedure, lie plainly stated tlia the
clerk hud no legal right to thus issue
summons. ,
In addition to t-he (.'lark case a rumor
wa» current last night that an effort
would be made to hatch up a charge of
attempt bribery against the Republican
shrievalty candidate, John B. Wlmrton.
The rumor could not be verified, and
the scheme may fall through, as some of
the more respectable Democrats have, it
is understood, called a halt on the
methods the "law building" gang are
trying to inaugurate.
There are those, however, who are in a
position to know, who openly state that
before the nol close in Kent county
ntxti Tuesday tin re will he trouble.
The failure of t he Allaband registra
tion hook robbery in North Murderkill,
the checkmatin' of the Duck .Creek
scheme, ami the f arless fairness of Ap
peal Judge Feline w ill lias made tlie gang
who stole the ele, I ion in '9(1 desperate,
and they are openiy boasting Hint no
matter how tlu- v- tes go the Republican
party shall be c- rated out of Kent
There are lending Republicans here
who openlv say rent if any chicanery
or trickerv is attempted by this gang m
ma'odoriotts returning board farce, there
"^».will he trouble rigid there and then, and
" " 'the mandamus tlmt will issue to slop it
and trytnp thi se w ho attempt it, will
court to set it in motion.
William M. Green, Jr., of Wyoming,
is tlie guest of Wilmington friends.
George Darlington 1ms returned home
from Pennsylvania, where tie has been
Mr. and Mrs. Mohr, of Philadelphia,
have been spending some time in Wil
A new water pipe lias been placed on
Adams street from Delaware avenue to
Lovering avenue.
Thomas F. Bayard Dunlap, aged two
years, son of Rev. M. B. Dunlap, died of
diphtheria Wednesday.
Mrs. W. T. Giles, who has been spend
ing some time with friends in this city,
lias returned to Elkton.
Jessie Bostic was kicked in the mouth
while shoeing a horse belonging to U.
W. Bush & Son's (fjnnapany.
Frederick R. Bartlett, of Easton, Md.,
who has been travelling in Venezuela,
is the guest of W. il. Cooper, J r.
The Rev. J. I). C. Hanna will give a
lecture- and phonograph concert this
evening at Olivet Presbyterian Church.
Charles Welsh,serving a three-months'
sentence at New Castle, is in the County
Hospital at Farnhurst ill with typhoid
The three-masted schooner E. C.
Knight is unloading scrap iron at the
wharves of the Diamond State Iron
The street markets on King and Madi
son streets were changed yesterday from
the easterly to the westerly side of the
The remains of Edward Hasson; of No,
lillO West Eighth street, were interred
yesterday afternoon in New Cathedral
Oriental Lodgf, No. 27, entertained
several members of Philadelphia and
Chester Masonic lodges last night, at the
Masonic Temple.
The circulation of the Free Library
was 12,01)1 during the month of October,
compared. with 13,413 for the same
period of last year.
A supper for the benefit of the Flor
ence Crittenden Home was given in the
Crosby & Hid Building last evening,
neat sum was realized.
Ti e eld boiler inis been removed from
the steamer Seaboard at the shipyards
of the Harlan A Hollingsworth Com
pany, and a new boiler put in.
The annual meeting of the Woman's
Home Missionary Society of Wilmington
district will be held in Elkton M. F.
Church at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
The regular diiils of the First Wilming"
ton Company, Boys' Brigade, will be re
sumed to-night ill the West End Reading
Room, with Captain Haley in command.
Building Inspector Caesidy has con
demned tlie stable owned by Hubert
Cassidy, at Banning and Broome streets
which was recently partially destroyed
by fire.
Bishop Foss will preside at Wilming
ton Methodist Conference at Cambridge.
Md., on March 22. Bishop Warren will
preside at the Colored Conference
April o.
Fossie Jones, 107 Walnut, is recover
ing from the effects of being bitten on
the lip and struck witli a pool ball, in a
fight ut Front and Market streets, Mon
day night.
Examine all goods closely before hiivj
ing. You will find those of the home
merchants as [line in grade and as cheap
if not. cheaper in price as those of any
other city.
The receipts of the Wilmington in
ternal revenue office for tlie month of
October amounted to $10,331.10, about
double the receipts for the same month
of last- year.
William O'Connor, Jr., has secured
his discharge from Company A, First
Delaware Voitliinteers, through the ef
fects of his father, Captain
Gilbert Barrett has re-purchased the
candy, confection and bakery business
which he Iihs carried on with increasing
success for fifteen years at Tenth and
Market streets.
During the months of November, De
cember, January, February, March and
April, meetings are held on the second
and fourth Tuesday nights in each month
by the Beard of Health.
"The Shanghai" will be presented at
the Opera House, Thursday, November
10 , by St. Anthony's Dramatic Club, of
Philadelphia, for Die benefit of St.
Joseph's Home for Colored Boys.
At the health office yesterday morning
record was made of the death of Mrs.
Margaret Brown, aged 35 years, of ty
phoid fever, which occurred Tuesday at
her residence, No. 827 Orange street.
T. .1. Moore, of Pleasant Hill, Del.,
who recently celebrated his 89th birth
day, went out with his gun on Tuesday
morning, returning before breakfast
wit li six rabbits. This is remarkable for
a man so well up in years.
The roll-call of the members of Second
Baptist Church, corner Ninth and Frank
lin streets, which was to have taken
place Iasi, Wednesday evening, was held
last evening. A full attendance of tlie
members ol the church was present.
Coroner Wright lias filed at the health
office n return of death in the case of
Alice Peo, setting forth that the death
as suicide by prisoning. The funeral
dll take to-day from the residence of
her parents, No. 205 Market street. In
terment- will lie made at Riverview Ceitte
In the chapel of the Visitation Con
vent in this eit v Tuesday, Sister Johanna
Maria, former I v Mins Loletta Dold, of
Philadelphia, made a profession of vows
as a member of the Sisterhood of the
Visitation. Ut. Rev. .lames Monaghan,
Bishop of Wilmington, officiated, and
assisted by Iter. Father Ling.
Thomas and Ernest Rornbrooks of this
citv, who have been in the draughting;
of the Harlan & llollimrsworth
number of years, have,
Company for u . ..
severed their connection with the firm
itions as draughtsmen
the Sparrow Point:
"1 assume
and accepted piiuii
in the service of
Shipbuilding Company, and will
their duties there at once.

On Tuesday next the first General Election will he held under the new C onsti
tution of Delaware.
At this early date definite schemes to corrupt voters and to steal and destroy
the ballots themselves are under consideration in certain districts.
Every good citizen of Delaware is deeply, personally and financially, concerned
Each and every one should co-operate with
in tlie result of the coming election,
the better element, and thus assist in protecting a franchise which should be
sacred to every mau—the right to vote, and the right to have his vote counted.
In 1890 Kent and
The Sun is unwilling to he a passive party to corruption.
Sussex counties were stolen hv an organized gang of political tricksters, shysti
f their kidney lament
In 1898 Bancroft, Bell and others
and common thieves,
the fact that wrong had been done.
These post-mortems are sickening.
The time for action was before and not after the election of 1899.
The Sun has employed a detail of Pinkertons, who will cover the State from
end to end on Tuesday next.
Woe betide the man who attempts to "rush'
a polling pjace or to make off
with a ballot box.
A part of the force of armed men now in the employ of The Sun is in ttie
The remainder of the men will report for duty
that the party
They cannot prevent tlie manipulation of ''floaters,
will be expected to care for that part of this move for an honest election, Rut
and ttiey will prevent any mau or set of men from stealing ballots or
they can
ballot boxes, which, it is understood, is one of the methods of fraud now unde 1
consideration. ■ _
If the election in Sussex county is honestly conducted Tim Sun will accept tiie
If the tactics of 189ti are
result, he what it may, with good humor and good faith
resorted to again The Sun will he obliged to deal with each and every election
oilicer individually, and with tlie person who appointed them.
■e take the liberty to state that it has
That this may not he misunderstood,
been publicly declared thin tiie Governor of Delaware has appointed certain men
county who are mentally and morally unfit to serve as election officers,
in Sussex
and that there was a motive hack of these appointments.
i'liis verv grave anil very serious charge against tile Executive ol the t-tuti* is,
I he Bun disclaims any and all responsibil
probably, unjust, unkind and untrue,
ity for it, but, nevertheless, it has been
issue cannot be dodged or evaded by a newspaper pretending to lead a crusade for
publicly made jhat ti e
openly and si
an honest election.
If the election in Sussex county is honestly conducted and properly recorded
If there is fraud in Suisex county ,tlie Governor
no harm lias been or can be done,
of Delaware will have to answer for the men he lias appointed. The Governor of
Delaware is a servant of all tiie people, and not the servant of any party, clique or
The Governor and his appointees will be judged only by their actions o
November 8.
In Kent county there is n disreputable, dishonorable and altogether disgrace
ful gang to be handled,
with these worthies, and
they will prevent the holding of an election if possible,
they hope to "rush" a certain voting place and make off with the ballots. They
will not.
Bribery, theft and corruption are childish amusements
trick is too low for their adoption. In some distiicis
in one district at least.
; s a warning,
Kent county will have its first honest election on November 8, if human in
genuity can devise the ways and the means of securing it.
In New Castle county we will have "furniture men,'
and "alimony payers" to deal with, us well
'rent collect
1 'grocers, 1
as a miscellaneous mob of thugs,
The latter will be
thieves, gamblers and crooks imported for the occasion.
■ to tlie local police, provided they don't see them first.
promptly handed ovet
The former will have troubles of their
vii on baud, so that their activity will
be limited.
This is not a partisan move on
pure and simple.
if The Sun is instrumental in giving
the part of The Sun—- il is an advertising scheme,
Delaware its lirst honest election, it iB
for that- sort of
The Sun never bluffs and never threatens.

is working hard
bound to help The Sun, and Tin: Sun
Tliis is not a bluff or a threat.
War Department Decides to Leave
Delaware Unrepresented in the
United states Volunteers.
Horace Greeley Knowles received a dis
patch yesterday afternoon from tlie War
Department at Washington, which con
tained t-he glad tidings that the First
Battalion, First Delaware Regiment,
now ai Camp Meade, Middletown, Pa.,
would be mustered out of service.
As soon as Mr. Knowles was apprised
of this decision on the part of the War
Department tie informed a number of
persons and his office was soon thronged
with a number of joyful women who
have been wishing for the return of their
husbands for months.
As tlie matter now stands, Delaware
will not be represented in the United
.States Volunteers, as this order takes the
last battalion representing this State out
of service.
It also deprives Col. Walter H. Gordon
of the inajorship of the battalion, as he
had been commissioned to take command
of it while it was to be on garrison duty
in Cuba.
The news of the mustering out of this
battalion was received in divers ways,
some contending that it should have
been kept in service and others that the
order was a just one.
ft is expected that the First Battalion,
which comprises about 400 men, will re
turn to Wilmington on Monday of next
Under an order issued by Col. Walter
H. Gordon, tlie roll eall of the First and
Second Battalions of the First Delaware
Regiment will take place at the armory.
Thirteenth and Orange streets, at 11.30
o'clock next Monday morning, instead of
0 o'clock, as under the original order,
The purpose of the change in the time is
to give the Kent and Sussex mem hero
of the battalions an opportunity to come
up oil Monday morning and still he in
time for the roll call; whereas if 9 o'clock j
had continued the hour they would have
had to come to Wilmington on Saturday
night in order to be here in time.
After the roll has been called on Mon
day the physical examinations of the
men will be begun. The War Depart
ment will send one or two physicians!"
here to assist Dr. J. L. France, the rcgi
mental surgeon. The men will continue
on duty until November llith, by which
time it is expected everything will be
readv for their final payment and muster
A curious accident occurred at Fourth
and l'opiar streets late Tuesday after-i
noon while three horses attached to a
heavily loaded truck, belonging to
Conly Brothers, were going up Poplar
streets. As the team was crossing tlie
trolley car tracks at Fourth street, the
lioreeon the left side fell over just as it*
feet touched the down lrack. It had re-1
ceived a strong electric shuck and was
unable to rise for about five minutes.
Quite a crowd collected and several
persons went to the rescue of the poor
animal and finally got it up. It appears
to be none for the worse for its ex
Park Commissioners' Alerting.
At tlie meeting of the Board of Park
Commissioners >n Tuesday afternoon,
Mr. Capelin remarked that in view of
the fact that the hoard lias a great deal
of hauling, for which teams are hircu, i
might he well to own one or two horses,!
whereupon President Canny stated that
the executive committee already had the
matter under consideration and that, one
or two horses might be purchased.
The financial report was as fol'
Balance at last report, $10,147.7'): re
ceipts from tents, $103.-Ml; interest ,$!0.44;
total expenditure during the mouth,
$1,30].54; balance, $8,870.10.
Industrial School Exhibit.
To-morrow afternoon there will be a
sale and exhibition of the articles made
in tlie manual training department of
the Ferris Industrial .School at the NVw
Ceutnry Club drawing room from 10 a.
in. till op. in. Arrangements have been
made to nave boys from their different
classes working lit their benches during
the exhibition, both enabling the public
and many friends of the institution to
see and better understand the method
of instruction in this department.
Horse Gets a Shock.
Cuiamount on Inhibition
The catamount which was recently
sent to Dr. James II. Morgan from the
South, has been placed on exhibition ut
the Fine,.ix engine house. H is in a
cage in |he second story of the building,
amt Visitors are expected to make cun
tribulimia to the ilomreopalhic llospi-1
till, a box having been placed t here for
.. h
' ^ P
Knrl.v Morning Fire.
About 4 o'clock yesterday morning fire
was discovered in the groc-ry store of
Charles Wells, Sixth and Adams streets.
\ n alarm was sent in from box No. 5, at
Fifth ami Adams streets, and the district
companies responded.
amount to about $100, smoke doing much
of the damage. The origin, of the fire
icoitid not- be ascertained.
The lost
Official Visit.
On Tuesday evening, November 15,
Suite ('oimeilor .1. ('. Oat k ami National
Councilor Frank \V. Pierson, of tlie Jf.
,<). P. A. M.. will vivit Kmvka Council
of this city, for ti e purpose of ti
in init iat ing a number of cainliduieH.
entertainment will algo be given by
members of tlu muneil in ilf? rooms
the fourth floor of Kcten Hall.
, 1
I lie I
^ma)I Award.
A commission to oh-ohs i he damages for j
the right of wav through the property ul' |
Thomas Young, above the Practical j
Farmer, for the Chester trolley exte
sion, has awarded Mr. Young $1.
commission comprised Joel Cloud
beet. S. Edwards, George K. Lloyd, :
William L. Hubbart and William U
A I- ;
Advertise in Tue Sin,
Asked lln Court Not to Hive a
Mau tlie Benelit of' a
Attoruey-General R. C. White, insuni
ming up the state's evidence and pre
sentiiig his argument before the Judges,
as the case was not tried by jury, made
some remarks which caused general sur
prise among the many who crowded the
court room.
Mr. White's speech was of the orde
usually heard from the political plat
The case against Collins was that lie
had given this man Henry $] with
winch Henry was lo get registered. Col
fins had been taken before a Justice of
t he Fc.r-e at Frederica and t,here ar
At that arraignment Henry swore that
Collins did not give Dim tlie dollar with
which to get registered. Later Henry
was told tlint lie must state on tlie wit
ness stand ni.at lie had been heard to
state on tlie streets, and, again, lie was
questioned by a Justice ot tlie i'eace.
ibis lime lie swore that Collins had
dropped the dollar where lie (Henry)
could hint it. From that tlie case was
tnought to warn, and to-day came up for
Much Interest Manifested in tlie
Trial of Kev. C. C. Collins,
who is Accused of Giving
A. Henry a Hollar
to Vote.
Stall Correspondent,
Doveh, Nov. 2.—Chief Justice Lore
and Judges Pennewill and Grub sat in
me Court House to-day to hear the ease
of Rev. diaries C. Collins, colored, who
is charged with giving Allred Henry,
also colored, $1, on which' Henry was to
gel registered.
The case was heard and decision re
served. Jt is thought that a decision
will he handed down some time to
Aside from tlie fact that tlie arraign
ment of Collins is tlie first case under the
new law in regard to the punishment of
persons bribing or offering to bribe voters
or giving or offering lo give men money
witli which to register, the trial of
reverend Collins had its sensational I'eat
tonu and his arraignment ot' the man
Collins seemed to lead him into an ar
raignment of the entire Republican
Alfred Henry is an aged colored man,
weak-minded and apparently irresponsi
He was placed on the stand to-day
by Attorney-General White, and notified
Iliat lie found a Hollar on the last regis
tration dav, and used it toget registered.
He stated tlmt Rev. Charles C. Collins,
the defendant,indicated w here the dollar
was, and that it was from his indica
tion that Henry wen. and found the dol
Tiie other witnesses for the State wers
immaterial, and all their testimony was
lather negative.
C llius went up on tlie stand and de
nied the statement of Henry by stating
that lie did not give Henry a dollar, or
indicate in any way that Henry could
find a dollar at any certain place Jwith
which to gut registered.
The defence culled l)r. I'aris T. Car
lisle on the stand, and Dr. Carlisle testi
fied that he would not believe Alfred
Ilenry on his oath.
Atiurney-Genera! White, in his argu
ment to the Court, delivered along dis
course «n bribery in Delaware politics.
linn, and intuit; the remarkable request
that the defendant, Rev. Charted 0. Col
lins, should not be given the benelit of a
reasonable doubt. Such a request is un
known in legal circles.
Mr. White was bitter in the prosecu
tion of tlie case and went on to say that
better ten innocent men be convicted of
such a clime than for one guilty man to
be acquitted. He finished by asking for
a verdict of guilty.
William T. Sinithers, lu-q., who repre
sented Collins, did not argue the case at
mty length, hut tueridy stated that it had
been proven mi the witness-sta.hat
" ll! " in 111 ' "uaK-iniiided 111111 11 '
responsible mail. Mr. Sun hers asked
lllllt l, it* ( oii.t give no heed to he
"'quest ot Hie alturney.ge.ior.il that ( ol
elioiild not be given the benefit of a
•^nn.ime doubt.
Mr. 8muliers contended that the case
was simply a question as to whether the
lest iniony of (Joilins should be believed
or whether that of Henry should over
•igii it.
-Mr. Sinithers was satisfied that the
Court would do tlie defendant justice.
The Court reserved ils decision. It istlie
impression here to-night among Demo
crats mid Republicans and also in legal
circles that Rev. Collins will be acquitted,
as il is mil thought that the ease against
him is in any way strong.
iK'hl of Xmcmh' i M, THK
every hour lu>
'ulock. The elect ion re*
entire country will l»e
Apccital edit ions a*
< omprrhensive
tt i njl piu at O
,urnH °* ,hl
On the
hl'N will issue extras
published in the
well ai complete and
reports IVoin every voting place in
tide for this nee vice, and
•eadem of Til K SUN run depend upon
have ben
. , ....
I'cc'lvlnif, <>'"» <h>' Ili-sl returns.
but the
Kxtras. Over 1 . 1,000 copies ol' THU
SUN were mdKI Ih»i election night
when seven edit lima ol'llie paper were
.• t complete ntuiii*.
dealer* and iirw«l>oy*s will do well to*
make at range men:»
v lor Election

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