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a! mnrwmntmwfnintnwwtnmw
£ ..Ladies Work
• •
There are many Odds and Ends for
That Ladies would like to make
themselves, but cannot for .want of
time or opportunity.
We support gentlewomen of birth
and education by selling just such
goods for them.
Won't you help us in this noble
work by buying of us.
THIS is hot a charity, it is business.
The goods we sell have the merit
of worth—first, exclusive design, good
materials, and perhaps it is a satis
faction to know that they are made
by Ladies in clean and congenial sur
roundings,instead of sweat shops, tene
ments and reformatory institutions.
You can help maintain LADIES
who need assistance by buying the
output of this establishment.
^aby Shoes, all styles and sizes
Crocheted Baby Socks, all prices
from 20c a pair to $1.00
Crocheted Baby Mittens,
from 15c a pair to $1.00
Crocheted Caps for Babies
from 30c a piece to $1.00
Crocheted Sacques for Babies,
from $1.00 a piece to $5.00
Other Sacques for Babies, flannel,
&c., embroidered, &c., 25c to $5-00
Dresses for Babies, 50c to
$5 - 00
If it is for a Baby send to us for it and it will be
Wilkes Barre Pa.
Trilby Scarfs—Just the tiling for
Trilby Scarfs—Just the thing for
Made of Icewool.in all colors. They
are the daintiest wrap ever offered and
designed especially for summer nights
rambles. Stylish beyond all doubt
and worthy in every respect.
Canvassers and Drummers
Need No Licenses.
Justice Bradley of the United States
Supreme Court decides that all State,
County, and Town Regulations Ex
acting Fees from Agents, Canvassers
and Distributors are Unconstitu
No decision of the United States
Supreme Court has attracted more
widespread interest than that deliv
ered by Justice Bradley exempting
agents, canvassers, distributors,
tentees, traveling salesman, etc.,
all special State, County and
This decision and
own taxes,
twenty-five other of like import will
be sent to any address for one Dime.
No. 2257 Van Pelt Street,
Philadelphia. U. S. A.
ny question relating to sporting
events, cards, coins, stamps, games,
history, mathematics or social cus
toms, will be decided by THE SUN
Bureau of Information for a Dime, and
every answer will be absolutely accurate.
This is guaranteed. Address,
Randolph Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
I | will putyonr name and address in
111 THE SUN Directory lor 10 cents •
You will probably receive a full re
turn for your money within a month in
samples, magazines, pamphlets, etc., etc.,
sent out by publishers, manufacturers and
jobbers who are ever nnxious to get in
touch with bona-fide agents. Address
Directory Department THB SUN, Ran
dolph Building, Philadelphia. U. S. A.
O to 15 days with l)r. Stratton's Gonorrhoea
ck Send prepaid 60 cents Scientific Form
an Company, 30 Green street, Albany. N. Y.
fTO I M I Do you want
WU ' 1 ' know what your
coins are worth ? They are
worth what they will bring—no
more. We will send you a
schedule telling the prices we
will pay for any United States
coins you may have thus giving
the actual value of all American
coins for a Dime. Address,
$5000 FOR A;
The Century Coin Company,
Box 87
Wilkes Barre, I'a
| One hundred and sixty lan
guages and dialects perfectly re
produced in a 64-page book. You
can secure a copy for a Dime. It
is a marvelous collection, of
rare historic and educational in
terest and importance. Address
B. C. Lee, Box 87, Wilkes-Barre,
Special Notice to Every Reader of This Paper—
1 want tc increase the circulation of Tlie Cheer
ful Home to 1500 copies in the next three monhts,
so by sending twenty-live cents in one
cent stamps, and vou will receive The Cheerful
Home for one half the regular price which is fifty
cents per year, Send fifty cents in one or two
cent stomps, and you will receive The Cheerful
Home two years and a Souvenir free, The Cheer
ful Home is composed of choice literature and
entertaining information of all classce. lie sure
and write your name and address very plainly
there will be no chance for a mistake. Address
—The Cheerful Home, 621 Massachusetts Ave
nue, Boston, Mass.
of Water Color Paints
with brushes, catapult
or pocket gun, i cameo finger ring,
i false moustache and your name in
our Directory one year, all for only
iSc. Address The Hindman Com
pany, Thompsonville, Ind.
RF A MAN I lh > 8ical vi s
LJ " IVl n 11 . an d mental ac
tivity restored perfectly by the use of
Talbot's Tonic. This purely vegetable
prepaiation corrects the errors of youth,
enlarges the organs, and postively bene
fits tne whole system. Sent securely
scaled in plain package for One Dollar.
87 Wilkes-Barre Pa.
Evema ; j red [
T A L OlNTMKNT ! <5ured
will do it.
Price, One Dollar.
Egyptian Pharmaceutical Company i
Box 87 Wilkes Barre Pa. |
Fur One Dime we
will send you a
sierliug monthly
for One Year and
S ut your name in our up-to-date Agents ,
•irectory for Twelve Mouths. You can't j
lose. No stamps accepted. Address
Universal Directory Company, Box 87 • [
Wilkes Barre. Pa |
take thbi in the
I The masses will have what
i they want, cost what it may.
High-priced medicines have had
J their day and the poor and af
flicted may now enjoy the bene
| fits of carefully prepared, pure
, remedies at practically nominal
I prices. The physicians con
nected with Louisiana Specific
Laboratory have prepared a num
ber of standard cures which are
offered to the public at the lowest
prices convenient with pure
These standard cures cannot
be bought of druggists. By send
ing your orders direct to the
Louisiana Specific Laboratory,
Lake Charles, Louisiana, you
are sure to receive pure, fresh
drugs properly compounded and
carefully packed.
In ordering the following
standard cures please give the
number of the remedy nedeed.
If taken in time one supply will
effect a permanent cure.
Nrine of Cure.
1 Headaches
2 Fevers, Congestion, Inflam
3 Coughs,Colds, Bronchitis. 12c
4 Dyspepsia, Heartburn,
Stomach Pains.
5 Diseases of the heart.
6 Hoarseness from colds,
singing, speaking.
7 Constipation, chronic or
8 Rheumatism or Rheu
matic Pain.
9 Catarih, cold in the head,
10 Colic
11 General Debility.
12 Nerve Diseases, requiring
Tonics and Stimulants. 18c
13 Worms, fever caused by
14 Neuralgia, Neuralgic
15 Malaria.
16 Diarrhoea—Dysentery. 10c
17 Female complaints (fully
state your case.).
18 Male complaints (fully state
your case).
.19 Scrofula, Blotches or Pim
20 Kidney Diseases.
21 Sore or Weak Eyes.
22 Dropsy.
23 Ulcerated or Sore Throat. 50c
24 Piles, Blind, Bleeding or
125 Croup fg?*'Use this and
call in a doctor instantly. 20c
to''26 Gonorrhoea, three-day
1 -. - 1
i 6 c
x6 c j
2 g c
! 9 C |
l6c j
27 Eczema.
28 Tonsilitis.
29 La Grippe, Influenza.
30 Hay Fever.
Address all orders and communi
cations to the
Lake Charles. Louisiana.
Hext to nothing
...TO HAVE...
For Ten Cents of any kind
of money we will send yon
You will never have a failure

Florist's Secret
with your plants if yon follow
the one simple direction
we send you for
T» c„ ts .
Do you want your plants to grow.
Send a Dime.
mi -f-,, ni
The FlOWef ShOW,
54 North River Street
Wilkes Barre, Pa.
H nil I Eli/
Albany. New York.
Confidential correspondents every
where. Male or female. Inclose
stamp. Capital Detective Bureau
Gleanings Gathered From Off (lie
4TIH prrtftt '
A 111 Ijli I ho
Gridiron and in the Pugilis
tic World.
Spicy Items Taken From the Latest
Happenings in the Roped Arena
and on the Field of Atli
letics-WiliiiingtoiTs In
teresting Budget.
The animal meeting of the National
League will be held in New Y'ork city
on December 115.
Every base ball team in the big League,
except New York and Brooklyn, will go
South for practice next spring.
Charles Frisbee, left fielder of the Kan
sas City team, has been drafteJ by the
Boston Base Call Club.
Hugh Huffy, captain of the Boston
Base Ball Club, is taking a college course
this winter.
The boycott declared against the Cieve
land Base Ball Blub by the Central Labor
Union of that citv is off, President Rob
isou having signed the agreement pre
sented to him by the labor organization,
The boycott was declared because the
club employed non-union labor at its
grounds. It affected the attendance to
some extent.
Griffo, the Australian, was arrested
again in Chicago a few nights ago.
A San Francisco club has offered $10.
000 for a match between McCoy anil
Mike Leonard lias been matched to
box Jack Carrig before a Chicago club.
John L. Sullivan is now 10 years of
age. He weighs 200 pounds and mea
sures fifty-eight inches around the chest.
The twenty-five-round bout between
George Dixon and Oscar Gardner, the
Omaha Kid, will be decided at the
Lenox Athletic Club on Nov. 29.
Tommy Ryan has organized an ath
letic club iii Syracuse, which lie has
named (lie Monarch. Ityan, besides
being the sole owner of the club, is also
its matchmaker.
Jack Bennett and George Kerwin
boxed a twenty-round draw at Toronto,
Can., Saturday, and botli men were
badly punished.
Mike Leonard has given up lighting
and is trying for a place in .the New
York Fire Hepartment.
Jack Bonner and Tommy Ryan, of
Syracuse, N. Y., has been matched to
box six rounds at the Arenathisevening,
and Bonner will try to get even for bis
defeat at Coney Island.
That Jim Corbett is determined to best
Tom Sharkey when they meet in a
twenty-round bout at the Lenox Ath
letic Club on November 22. is evident by
the manner in which the former cham
pion is training at the Lenox Athletic
Club every day.
; Harry Elkes is training on a soul hern
I track for his one-hour contest with Ed
ouard l'aylore in Madison Square Garden
j on Thanksgiving night.
Tlie 1X98 six-day race in New York
| has attracted more attention from lung
| distance riders than ever before. Thirty
j six men entered last year, but this num-1
I ber has already been passed for the next
event, and it looks as if there will have
to he a weeding out before the contest!
Floyd McFarland, the cvclist, has gone
borne*to California, where he will a r
range to meet the circuit riders in the i
spring. A circuit has been arranged in
California for this fall, including eight i
nights and two afternoons of racing in-!
! doors, at San Francisco, and day meets .
at San Jose, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles I
and elsewhere on the coast.
r... i a- t. .i , ,■ .
Little Tom Butler, the Boston cyclist
who led then, all idi 1896; has again
i secured the services of Cunliff, Ins old
.trainer. Inter wi) train hard this
I winter and follow the circuit in the
spring, later on going to Australia. !
More records went by the board on ]
Saturday. The dusky rider, Major
Taylor, placed the one-quarter and the
two-mile, flying start, paced, marks to
his credit. Tlie quarter was lowered
from 22 4-5 seconds to 22 2-5 seconds,and
the two mile from 3.27to3.R>. This is
the third record the colored rider has
broken since he has been quartered at
the Woodside Bark track. The kilo
1 metre record was placed at 57 3-5 seconds
j on Friday last. Taylor easily follows
the fastest pace his teams can give him.
Many predictions are made by compe
tent critics that Taylor will place the one
mile figures below the 1.30 mark before
his work is finished here.
The game of foot ball between Dela
ware College scrubs and the High School
\ at Union street grounds to-day promises
to be a warm affair.
The Independent and Ariel foot ball
elevens will meet at Hiverview grounds
to-day. A large crowd is expected.
Pennsylvania had fully 2,000 followers
at the Harvard game on Saturday, but
[they were hike-warm arid showed a con
! trast to Harvard's admirers.
( With the Pennsylvania game gone;
down into history, the problem is now
I for Harvard to beat Yale. The condi
! tion of the players is not troubling the
; coaches, and Jack McMasters can have
anything lie wants to carry out liie
B '
What value are scores in comoaring
Ko LS. 1 !,.!;
teams . Here are the total points made
by the big teams and their opponents so
lar this season- Yale 14(> onDonents 11 •
iiLwSw 'YYLk!' i ■>.! vi nroinn
Harvard -2.5, opponents 1_, J rinccton
Ptnnf - V vania °P'
ponents-i. j
Princeton's team arrived home Sunday
night, disgusted with the performance j
against the West Point Cadets. The a
next live days will be put in at bard
work to prepare the men for the 5 ale
game on Saturday, and it is reported
that the Tigers will try some now forma-1 8
tions and plays.
Frank Hlnkey, Yale's silent man and
former captain, is expected to join the J
coaching squad to-day at New Haven, j
Conn., and by to-morrow there will be a
coach for every man. There is now not i
the slightest chance that Vale will be
able to send to Princeton even an eleven
! that is perfect physically or in point of
team play. '
Grval Hickok, Yale's famous foot ball
guard, will coach Xort.liwestern's line
during the coming week. Hickok, who |
isa warm friend of Coach Bannard, 1
came to Evanston to witness the North
' western-Miclligaii game, and lias been
induced to remain and impart some of
| his Eastern craft to Northwestern's cen
| traI formation. This is the first time in
its history that Northwestern's line has
had a special coach.
Princeton's followers are jubilant over
Harvard's defeat of Pennsylvania on
Saturday, many of them thinking that j
| it means a game between Princeton and
Harvard this season. A few of them also i
think that a triangular league will be
formed between Yale, Princeton and
Harvard, but Captain Outland's action 1
after SaP.rdav's game, when he went to
each member of the Harvard team and |
sliook hands with them, lias increased
the good feeling between the universi
ties, and may be the means of continu
ing the contests.
Hr. Paul Newman is going to arrange
a water polo match this winter between
tlie University of Pennsylvania and Chi
cago Athletic Association teams.
' Not all the crews for the interclass re
gatiaofthe University of Pennsylvania 1
have yet been selected, although it is but
four days before the trial Heats take ; '
place. There has not been the interest•
manifested in some of the crews which
is necessary to make them a success, and
some of the men have not been regular
in their attendance at practice, blit in
most cases the men have worked faith
All pool players who would like to
win that $25 which Tim Sun offers for a
tournament should send their names to
sporting editor The Sun.
The trial run of the University of
Pennsylvania cross-country team in
Fairiuount Park on Saturday morning
developed a new possibility for the team
in tiie person oi A. M. Sparks, 1901,
The Pennsylvania candidates are work
ing hard for the Cornell cross-country
run, and the trials will be held next
Saturday. A run w ill be taken into the
country over the West Philadelphia
course to-day.
Golf has become a popular sport at
Annapolis. The cadets at the Naval
Annapolis. The cadets at the Naval
Academy have an excellent nine-hole
course, measuring more than 2,000 yards
in playing length, on the grounds known
as the Government Farm, and a longer
and better course is soon to be laid out.
Paul J. Hashiel, so well known in the
foot ball world, is a prominent member
of the club.
... , , , , .. ..
the wrestling bout between Hall
Adali, the Turk, and Tom Jenkins, of
Cleveland, at Madison Square Garden,
New York, on Saturday night ended in a
draw, each man getting a fall. Jenkins
was given the first fall by Referee Tom!
O'Rourke because Adali left the ring to !
wipe his face, but the Turk gut the sec
ond fa" in sixty-seven minutes, lie lmd j
Jenkins on the floor and was unmerci
fully squeezing him with a body and
grapevine lock when the police inter- j
fered and Jenkins gave in.
Wants Legislators Fledged.
The following letter fullv explains it
se if: °
Wii.minutox, Del., Nov. 7, 1898. 1
\ Ein run The Sun.
Hear Sin: To-morrow the people of
this State will be called upon to vote fur
Senators and Legislators to represent i
| them in making the laws fur their bene
i fit.
I regret to state that the papers of our
citv have not requested these would-be
lawmakers to pledge themselves in the ,
r- ,nterest of the following laws, which I
i "quid be a benefit to all our people:
U rst .' Ac' abolish the pillory and
i whipping-post, which is a.standing dis- 1
t0 1** 10 cause ol Christianity, mo
. ranty and freei government. It is bar
I harous and idiotic, in fact, to try tore-:
fljr ! n , a man with torture, rotten eggs
. and lashes undsr the plea of a free re
blic or Ie>s g l o Vernnient . T his
.^i|ory and whipping-post can only be
' bv Spanish Inquisition, I
^ liC h has lost Spain her standing as a!
liat j 0|1 *
! g^; They ought to be pledged to
] build three new workhouses, one in each
county, a? the present jails are nothing i
better than pestholes from which a loath
irig smell cornea that is sickening to
endure. From a moral standpoint, to put 1
prisoners in jail witlioutany work toper
form, especially the unlettered is a liv- j
ing tomb, and in contradistinction to
Christ's teachings, "Blessed are the titer-!
ciful for they shall obtain mercy." I j
read a report in one of our city papers
from Mrs. N. B. Smithers, State super- 1
intendent, and in my opinion |
a more concise, truthful state-:
ment ot tacts could not be given bv any
person. Indeed, she has stated all the ■
facts in the case so minutely that I am j
at a loss to find words to augment on the
prospective workhouses which is de
manded by a great majority of our pco
pie. I shall say in the interest of this !
workhouse movement if this (>enign
lady, Mrs. N. B. Smithers, would get her,
article printed in pamphlet form and
distributed all over the State it would
have a good effect on tlie people of our
State, who would demand the erection of
workhouses. Just think of paying the
Sheriff $2,(551.28 for boarding prisoners
when the actual cost to him was $4,217,
28 which give him on the deal $8,434.79
in eccess of cost. ...
Y ls , P lec0 ? financiering is only
eqmfied by paying the Mayor of our city
$bt00 per year for endorsing his own
check let. The people demand this
reform and the Legislator who won t
pledge himself to vote for it, why, don't
vnt,p for him mrl will irnt n wnrV
volc ,0 .' Bltn anu ac will get a work ce
house in every county in a short time,
Third. The next reform w e want is of
j u . it |. „n „ tn ii
u '.' Wltuailllie toll gates coin- :
,n g into our city, for they are a menace
to the publics welfare. lit a good super
visor be appointed who understands
j making roads. All it requires is to pre
pare the road to the proper grade, put
j large stone in bottom for foundation and
a layer of small stone on top, together
with a binder, roll it down with a steam
roller and yon will have a road that will
last for all time bv keeping a man on it.,
8 ay every 40 miles, which will be much I
cheaper to the traveller and farmer who !
has to pay toll. :
J Fourth. Wo want a law passed pro_ j
j hibiting City Council from advocating
the rale of our streets to individuate or
i corporations under any circumstances;
also sidings and crossings at grade. The
streets, sidewalks, lanes, alleys and
wharves belong to the people, and the
Legislator has no constitutional right to
' akl! from tl)e l<eople of the city street that
were blocked out and made at great ex
| pense by taxation and form a compo
1 nent part of th* city charter, without
putting it to a vote of the people ot
° ,ir c, ty* The P. co P^ 111 the localitv
where the street 18 to be cut oft should
allowed to assemble in mass meeting
and give their approval by a signed
petition for the sale of the same,
The sale of Reed street to Blumenthal
{ ° r advocated by our present Sen
ator, Jot.n Pyle, who had it enacted into
j bun ?jL 'Hl'S
..... d
i *', h . e °, f ^„ d i S
1 c "? 8 ? 18 n " 1 on 'j on *- of "
? re ates blunders of modern times to
1 ' , 5H .' KJ0 ,, ■ i
t T ' J*'
| the )Penmsylvama Senator of
\v^nit I'o fit.
n™?,'™"* ^
Sn""I,/ aV Th»ri^o .nnr.'^aihi'rii' 1
? a ' lr ] oad -. - The 1 "- l " n ° , dl ? P "
dated looking place in our city than
Front and Walnut since the street was
cut off. In fact, all the down-town por
tion of our city is getting vacated for
want of system in our Municipal Govern
Action Not lleconsidered.
, , _ . .
"J® annual meeting of the Board of
' dot Commissioners yesterday afternoon
at "ie Clayton House John r V iraen
was elected president and John N. Care
well secretary.
Lewis C. \ andegrift ana H. li. Ward
appeared before the board and asked
that the action of a former meeting, re
fusing a pilots' license to W.S. F.divards,
Jr., be reconsidered. The board declined
to reconsider its former action.
J). Lemon.
Rabbits Plentiful.
G. H. Groves, J. H. Groves and J. S.
Groves returned home yesterday from a
successful week's gunning expedition in
Kent county, Md. All three gentlemen
say that labbits are plentiful and they
succeeded in bagging 105 of the cotton
A Government Order.
Morris & Co., electricians, No. 11 East
Eightli street, have received an order for
two Crocker-Wheeler motors, to be used
for government work at the Mare Island
Navy Yard, California.
.Distributors Supplies.
Every Distributer needs a kit. No
other concern in the country can
compete with us in the manufacture
of the goods; no other house makes a
specialty of furnishing Ihese supplies.
.. The complete outfit will be sent any
. r r - T . „ ■. .
of "' h ^ re for *5- 11 consists ol the fol
' ow '!'q necessary articles:
a t official schedule of charges $ 10
I strap 8 feet long, 1 % inches wide,
thick, heavy webb and strong pat
to ! e nt buckle. Made expressly for Dis
rtibutors " -c
j sign Tuckers Hammer, very finest
**,•*. , c c. • /
quality and superfine finish
j 1 P as ^ e Brush, seven inch, all clear,
white bristles, set very full, patent
fastening, wax finish head and
it- [ Canvas Bag, regulation size, with
stout strap for shoulder carrire.
1 Best made. Rivited througout at
points and well stitched
of i Bone Folding
i , set 0 f . j nc j, stencils for lettering
„;, rns '
b.'' _ _ „ ,., .
You can Older any of the above ar
tides at the price quoted. We have
, no catalouges; we do no printing We
I handle no goods, other than those
mentioned above,
1 The Distributors Supply Company
River and Union Streets
Knife. Best selec
*"*"• * n ■* "
1 Have you a husband, wife, lover,
sister, son or brother who is aslave
j Chloral, Opium, Morphine, Whisky
or Tobaccof
| We will send you one month's treat
tneat securely and plainly wrapped
i„,_ t. ,„jn .1.,
■ for ten dollars f , " w " P^'t^ely
j cure an Y cas ? 0 habitual drunkenness
or °P la ^ e poisoning. The medicines
can be administered-with the food,
DKA A " N ^. n toanaaeneyolter?
i want ail agent in your^iocaiity to work on
salary nr commission. 1 win give y«m u re ap
polntment, and forfeit too if you do not clear
*150 a month, if you are Interested, enclose 28
ce nt» m cover nmllinir exKnse, for full parttcu
lare, contract and two samples, the regulirprice
of which is so cents. All sent fnHypreimi<i.
As to my responsibility, 1 refer you to the
: Ma y or , Postmaster, Express Agent, or any business
house. Ifwedonothearfromyouotom'e.Ishall
aot hold the position open to you.
Published at Belmont, N. J, Subjects
mutually advantageous to Publisher
and Advertiser expertly expounded,
Guaranteed circulation 1250(1 copies
I monthly.
! Rates four cents per line fiat. No d s
: count. Name in Directory and year's
j subscription, ten cents.
fTIIE followiiiK is a reproduction or a jiostal
w recently received from a down east hustler.
Sir. Lord was formerly located in Philadelphia
ana knows the agency business from A to Z
work will
with Mr.
Parties who are interested in agency
do well to immediately correspond
Lord.— Editor.
CUMBIilll-AND Mill.-, Mu.

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