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dfc-ja- AuOiZWA
WV'O'W V'J '/ v W 'PWV *SPNS5
The Popular Family Resort.
• The Best Artists Only.
The Prices Within Reach of All.
The Most Liberal Management.
An [Elegant Coterie of Vaudeville Stars.
A Ncav Combination in a New Act.
S In the Charming Comedy Bit, "A Rural Courtship. ' '
# Premier Cake Walkers and Dancers. Note
■ Salina is Perfection in Acrobatic 1 oe Dancing.
Refined Entertainer.
Balancers, Acrobats and Comedians.
The Minstrel Comedian.
Refined Sketch Artists.
In au Amusing Interlude Entitled he Servant Girl.
Tuesday, election returns announced from the stage. __
Thursday and Friday, Salesmen's League Entertain- g
ments, with an extra list of local talent. ^
10, 20 AND 30 CENT
Where Can You Go and See As Much
For the Money-! ' -
■ PERFORMANCES, 2.30. & 8 P.'M-, Sharp
M|0|§|§|§|v IflSMUBf*11
9io t In W Worry "27 L I',
wood C. Pei ling 220, James 1
218, George AV Anderson 221, Joseph A.
Clark 219. RcP'^bRcan ticket. J. H.
Hoffecker, Regular 13,,Un on 231, lotai
214; John A. Inngo, Regular 14, Luion
231, total 245, L. II. Ball, Regular m,
Union 229, total 242; John B. Whartcm,
Reg ilar 9, Union 227, total 236; ttavia
H. Knotts, Regular 14, Union 231, total
245; Pennell Emerson, Regular 14 t nion
232, total 240; Robert S. Davis, ^egu
14, Union 2.'U, total 24o; o. Jonn ad ,
Union 231, total—>1; George i . e
Union 230, total 230; Asa G. ttngers,
Regular 15, Union 231, total
Bradley, Regular 14, Union-ow, *
244; John P>. Conner, Regular 14, uni r
231, total 2,450; G. Knight, Kegumr *,
,T. E. Grier, Regular lo, John u. uutton
3. L. W. Brosius ;.l, George r. Jones ,
Single Tax 1, straight tickets.
Kenton, 4.20 a. m. Tbe following are
tbe returns in Third Itepresentative dis
trict of Kent cdpnty: Democrat ticket,
L. Irving Handy received 348 votes, L.
A. H. Bishop 345, William M. Ross 345,
John W. Emory 348, Peter P. -Collins
347, William Dyer 348, William Virden
348, Robert H. Lewis 341,-'Samuel M 1
Taylor 343, A. Eugene MaybrjJ'
' ot° h" H-decker 311, John A. Lingo
', ?9 hn T^is Ilcisler 313, John B. Whar
J ' 311, David H. Knotts 313,
Pennell Emerson 312, Robert S. Downs
314, Gamaliel Garrison 324, John W.
Houston 306, Andrew H. Moore 31.8,
Elmer H. Walker 317, Thomas H. Gul
lett 318. Republican ticket, Isaac N.
Mills 18. Prohibition ticket, Lewis W.
Brasius 15, George F. Lones 15, John
Hutton 15. Single Tax ticket, Frank S.
Brand 4,Samuel Swam 4, Bradford Ennis
4, Peter F. Robinson 4, William A.
Willis 4, Daniel P. Nelson 4, William
Bothers 4, Gjorge W. Pugh 4, William
E. Hurd 4.
Dover, 4.30 a. m.—Second election
district Second Representative, Hoffeck
er 220, Handv 141, Collins 139, Knotts
212, Ross J40, Ball 218, Slaughter 146,
Moore 200, Bishop 141, Lingo 217, Oday
142, Smithers 206, Dyer 143, Emerson
218, Moore 147, Roe 217. Virden 137,
Lownes 225, Hartraft 141, Learned 221,
Emery 128, Wharton 230; Slaughter 141,
Penney 22).
Kent county yesterday repudiated the
ring of Democrats who have so long
ruled the county, and gave the Republi
can ticket a majority of over 625. Out
of eight ltepr; sjutativo districts heard
from the Republicans carried them
all in majorities ranging from
15 to 209. Complete returns
from two senatorial districts show the
election of .1. Frank; Allee, Republican,
in the Third and S. J. Abbott, Republi
can, in tbe Fifth. Partial returns from
the ?jj»t Senatorial District gives Dr. T.
C Moore, Republican, a plurality of 30.
Partial returns from the Second Senator
id district gives Gamaliel Garri
Republican, a majority of 45.
I, is not thought that returns
fr nn lhe Second and Third Repretenla
ti a Distr.ets will change the pluralities
o; Moore and Garrison. As it stands
jiow, the Republicans have elected 10
s in
(out of 34 members of the legislature and j
. Rcmihli
Fel on, 4-o0 a.District,
can maiority in Second Ejection District
, lf Eighth District, Kent county,
"Hoffenker's majority m Kent county
is G24, w ith two Representative districts
yet (0 i :eal - from, the Second and the
Third. The voting place in the first
nanie d is at Leipstc and in the Second is
| at Kenton.
, The Republicans elected John K
.^ybarton, Sheriff, David K. Knotts,
^ oronei . llobeTt tS. Downs, Clerk of the i
Peace, and Pennell Emerson, County
Treasurer, besides a majority of the
^ gResgorb llll( j Representatives.
jRiection returns for voting booth at j
jj ran( jy w j Iie hundred, First district,Sixth |
, j x ,gi 8 i alure district.. |
j Congress, Handv 72, Hoffecker 102. j
State Treasurer, Ross 72, Ball 102. State
Auditor, Bishop 72, Li n go J 02 Recorder
of Deeds, Montgomery 12, Clark 102.
Sheriff, Moody 71. Taylor 102. Coroner,
Roth well id, A andever 10.. Senators, ;
^',1 iL no l( w, s Handy,
id^^SSaecklr^Srf. 4 ritate TraBurer.Ross.
101 ' Ball 181 State Auditor Bishop 161
IAnno 182 itoi Ser of feds Mont
r.ingo, io., liecoruer 01 jjtvus, iuuui
gomery, 163, Clark, 181, Sheriff, Moodv,
151 Tavlor 184 Coroner llothwell 160
Vandever 182 ftSSSi HeSw 17*
vanuevti, JOZ' reotwors, rieuicy, im,
Blakely, 1()9, ltepresentatives, Bird, 156,
Ewing, 180.
Third District—Congress Handy 75,
Hoffecker 82. State Treasurer, Ross 72,
Ball 81. State Auditor, Bishop 71,Lingo
82. Recorder of Deeds, Montgomery 71,
Clark 82. Sheriff, Moody 74, Taylor79.
Coroner, Rothwell 71, Vandever 82.
Senators, Heealy 71, Blakely 80. liepre
aentatives, Bird 71, Ewing 82.
Election returns for voting at Chrieti
ana hundred, First district, Legislature
Congress, Handy 102, Hoffecker 99.
State Treasure?, Ross 102, Ball 101. State
Auditor, Bishop 102, Lingo lOO.ltecorde*
of Deeds, Montgomery 102, Clark 100.
Sheriff, Moody 97, T a yl°r 104. C° r ° ner ,
Rothwell 102. Vandever 100 Represen
tatives, Melvin 109, Irizzel 92.
Second district. Congress, Handy 3..,
Hoffecker 127. State Treasurer, Ross 24,
Bad 134 State Auditor, Bishop 30,
Lingo 127. Recorder of Deeds, Mont
gomery 37, Clark 118. Sheriff, Moodyj
32. Clark 118. Coroner, Rothwell 20,
Yandever 128. Melvin 30, Frizzel 126.
Third District—Congress. Handy 44,
Hoffecker, 109. State Treasurer. Roes
43, Ball 109. State Auditor. Bishop 43,
Lingo 109. Recorder of Deeds. Mont
gomery 43, Clark 109. Sheriff. Moody
42, Taylor 110. Coroner. Rothwell 43,
Vandever 109. Senators. Healey 44,
Blakely 105. Representatives. Melvin
41, Frizzel 109.
Fourth District, Congress, Handy 137,
Hoffecker 149. State Treasurer, Ross 137,
Ball 150. State Auditor, Bishop 138,
Lingo 149. Recorder of Deeds, Mont
gomery 141, Clark 146. Sheriff, Moody
138, Taylor 149. Coroner, Rothwcil 138,
Vandevtr 149. Senators, Healy 140,
Blakely 139, Representatives, Melvin
138, Frizzell 149.
Fifth District—Congress: Handy, 44;
lloffecker, 81. State Treasurer: Ross, 40;
Ball, 80. State Auditor: Bishop, 40;
favlor, 80. Recorder of Deeds: Mont
gomerv, 45; Clark, 76. Sheriff: Moody,
39; Taylor, 81. Coroner: Roth well, 40;
Vandever, 80. Senators: llealev, 41;
Blakely, 82. Representatives: Melvin,
34; Frizzell, 85.
e u n *
Tzmldat re district
(Wcss Handv 136 Hoflecker 112.
Congress, lianuy mo, no ccku iiz.
' dcordel
;V re ds MoXomery n9 Clark127'
Sheriff Moodv 136, Taylor 110. Coroner,
Rothwell 135 ' Vandever 112. Senators,
Salem KIT Willis 111. Representatives,
Rose 130 Walton 116 "
r^mrress Handv 127
Treasurer Ross 11 1 6
Rallon stoie Aiidimr Bisiion' 116
linL iu t?„nnrder of Deeds Montanmi
ervm Clark KK Sherfff 1 Mood?11"
Tavlor 97 Coroner Rothwcil 115 van
dever94 / ' ' 6
distr-et fWress Handv 03
Wn«»P^r ru Warn T^nsiirerltnss
Off BaR 184 134 State l AudUor^BishoD *04
n'nffn 133 Recorderof* lied e Mont
gomery H Clark 132. Sheriff!' Moody
83, Taylor 145. Coroner, Roth well 93,
Vandever 133
c 1f r , , . %
tnet, ot First Representative district,
of Kent county, gives 01 Republican
majority as follows:
SMt?> ng T™L.,rif ld pnf« 0 '^n(I Ttan r ' 068
r ST'iS om ' f i
Sheriff-mn'rton ' 264'
^untv V Trmurer—Dyer' 2W ri Emerwvn'
EH " '^^ce-Virden, 207',
Downs, 2b(i.
Farmirgton, 10-G, Average Republi
can majority fifty in the second district
ofMispilhon hundred.
Felton, 11.30 p.m. In the First dis
Ken t trnnn i tv tl i.^ pre8eatative d, * tn0t '
Kent county is 50.
Felton, 11.30 p. m. Republican 111a
jority in First Election district of Eighth ,
Renresentativft distrirt in Kent eountv is
Representative distnet county
Dover 9 n m The Democrats in this
jiover, j p. in. rue democrats in tnis
county admit the election has gone Re
the vote'in mteCiwk hundred 10 Slier
Iff Shaw left this town to night for Little
Creek to take care of the interests of the
Republicans and protect the ballot boxes.
j This attempt by the Democrats is^to save
majority in the Seventh Representative
according to a conservative esti
mate at t j,j s i 10ur) j 8 jijq
Dover, 9.50 p. m.-The Fifth Repre
sentative District has elected John Sat
terfield Republican by a majority of 26. !
Vote inst counted. In"the Fifth district I
an d in all the election districts in the
tovul , lf DovL , r j 0 j in jj. Hoffecker ran
away ahead of his ticket. Handy was
cut bv all gold Democrats and runs be
hind his ticket, ,
Frederica, 8.20. Conservative esti
i mates gives the Republicans a majority
of 48 in this town in the Eighth Repre
sentative district.
Smyrna, 9 p. iu.—C onservative esti
j mate at tins hour, as far as the vote has
| been counted, shows a Republican [
| jority of 35. Great st?roiiehr>/kJ 'n' Dem-j
j ocracy, Dwcfif. C'.*w>k hundred, has fallen.;
Dover, 9 f- m- -L Frank Allee, cliair
man oft^Efiioultepublican State Coin
mntee, states at this hour that Kent
c-aintyhasgone Republtcau by 500 or :
; <G00 n.ajontj.
county by John D. Hawkins, chairamn
of Democratic County Committee, con- j
cedes the election of the Republican en-j
tire county committee Chairman Haw
tire county committee, v.iiairman naw
kins concedes the election of Republican
ticket in Kent countv
Cve? 91. in Chairman Alice says
mover, up. m. mnairman Aiiec says
lus predictions as to the result in Kent
county have been far exceeded. The
countv has been swept by the Republi
cans.' Mispillion hundred, which usual
lv gives a Democratic majority of 200,
has gone Republican by 49 majority.
Camden, 6.2-5 p. in.—Polls closed after
wild scenes. More disorder around the
polls here to-day than there was on the
last registration day. Jabez. Jenkins can- 1
d * dat ® f" r ^PTf^P^ttve, tInnks from
ref" 't it tl..» town thitube Repub -
cans will carry the Third Senatorial dis
icans vvere °' el
, n ®, ' J lfll
. ; "P ,
''' e 1 ^Kfinan ma'rrire a 6 40
is 200. No money used. ^Election
^s g ed offpeacefully. 9. J. Abbatt's ma
foritv for tiTc Senate will probably reach
joo. ' D. II. Frazier elected ltepresenta
t jve from Tenth Representative district
by the above majority of 200.
Harrington, 0.30 p. m.—AA'ord is re
ceivcd j )ere tliat lighting occurred at
Webster's Corner the new uolline nlace
inKent county ' A'ccnicnform^on
fails to come 1 information
Smyrna 6 50 o in-Frank lieiman
Smyrna, o.oup. in rranKieeimaji,
Democrats 8 cmrTed with offering a Lite
Democrats, ci argea witn onering a Dru* f
late tliis'afterno()n SScSr!
Kr 1 ' Keiman gaV ° bail and
Dover, i)el„ 610 p. m.— Polls closed al
here after an exciting election day. In
Third Senatorial District it looks as P
though J. Frank Alice has been elected. -
At 3 o'clock Alice's majority was 50.
John Ik Wharton claims two Repre- a
sentative Districts, the Fourth and the
Harrington, 6.05 p. in.—Robert' 8.
Downs had polled up U 5 o'clock the
largest vote ever given one man in the .
Ninth Representative District. His ma-1 J°
Milford, 11.30 p. m. official. Tenth
District in Kent 225 Republican. Eighth
District in Kent 33 Republican. Ninth
Dislrict in Kent 55 Republican. Every
district in Kent county is Republican
except the Sixth district.
Milford, 12 p. m. Tenth representative
district, Kent county, Hoffecker 248
plurality; Frazier, Representative, 209
plurality. Abbott for senator 185 plurality.
Smyrna, 11.30 p. m. Second election
district of Duck Creek hundred gives Re
publican majoritv of 15, which is un
precenled in the history of Duck Creek
hundred. The vote is as follows:
Congress. Handy 219, Hoffecker, 234.
State Treasurer. Itoss £20, Ball 230.
State Auditor. Bishop 226, Lingo 226;
Sheriff. Emory 227, AVharton 226.
Coroner. Collins 234, Knotts 219. Sen
re sentative?.
County Treasurer. Dyer 228. Emerson
223. Clerk of the Peace. A'irden 227,
Downs 224.
Slaughter 220, Moore 206. Rep
Pierce 223, Faries 206.
i, 9 p. in.
majority in the Seventh Representative
District, according to a conservative esti
jority will be at least 15 more than any
other candidate. The polls just closed,
No trouble here to-day.
Leipsic, 0.15 p. m.—"An honest elec
tion," said every one when the polls
closed here at 6 p. m. No money used
here to-day. Some Regular Republicans
refused to join Union Republicans in
aiinnnrt nf pnnHidnfpa nn thp two ticket®
Vote'wdh h^cmlnted 8 Imd "finished bj' 8
o'clock. At 2 o'clock the Democrats*
were 18 in the majority. A strong fight i
, . St j siausbter forSena
tor in'tt F^Sel^St
Kenton, 0.20 p.m.-Regular and Union
Republicans voted together here to-day.
Some Regulars cut Mr. Iioffeckcr, but
this amounted to only about 3 or 5 votes,
The scenes around the polls were lively
all through the day. The polls closed at
6 P- m - Ko information seems to be
av#ilabl, '- The challenges and book men
are at sea - At noon the Democrats were
13 votes atleadl
Smyrna, 6.20 p. in.—Polls closed at
6 o'clock. Never was there such a warm
and personal fight at an election in this
,own - The P ersonal f| g bt was against.
T. C. Moore by the Democrats. Efforts !
were made early in the day by two col
"***£ 1
ticket. It did not.succeed and the col .
ored \ote v\as solid for Hoffcckcr and j
M Tm Willard G. Fierce, Democmt, !s j
probably elected, but his majority re-:
duced from the usual Democratic ma-!
jority. At noon the Democrats were 23 :
J2. te8 J! lea £ {J 1 the tw .° ^ection districts. I
Th e <* c <»? d Representative district will I
haV |. t0 P® ^ M ?,? re " 'T" 1 ?
" P 1
^ #
Jlriageville, Del., 4to a. m. second
Election District of Second Representa
t.ve District of Sus«-x county gives
Hpndy l0.i, Ffoffecker 443, Bishop 164,
Lingo 419, Ross 164, Ball 419 Holland
398- SSShTttekrt^ itepubhean Is^oa
, county ucser, ivepuouuui, -oj ma
ro D i 4 9() Lower din
, .^ a§ n f 0 ^'_ Hnf*
°* Dagsboro gives Handy 197, Hof
^s lOB Lingo 177. Bishop
w !i; 1 r «L? 97- '
William K. bhort U,.
4.21 a. m.—Vote in Seaford hundred,
Handy 371, Hoffecker 286, .Bishop 371,
Lingo 285, Ross 374, Ball 278, Wilson
M^abe°ri 27 s;iclr r o86 UoRinlhim 379
^ t 1
Pretty man £78, Reynolds 373, backett
284, looks 374, Tvnaall 283. Willey 327,
373 d Rogem 56 e "la"ings r0 228 Pettvjolm
373 R1 if yard 983 8t K ' l5J
W t™ n»i m and
Rehobothiu eiectcd"the wiToteRepubl -
can ticket. Hoffecker received 313,
Handy 287, Ball 307, Ross 291, Lingo
307, Bishop 292, Dr. II. R. Burton 302
against l'.) 4 for I. C. Maull for State
Senatot; David IIazzard. Republican to
Legislature by hi majority. Thomas It.
Ingram was elected assessor and Thomas
B. Scliellcnger, Inspector.
Georgetown, 11.oo p. m. — County
Chairman of Sussex county Dr. Caleb It.
Layton claims Sussex county for the Re
publicans by 400 majority and also
claims ten Legislative votes in the next
General Assembly.
Georgetown 12 50 a mt—Little Creek
>'undrefl, on which the Democrats have
been claiming 300 majority, gives but 176
The First Itepresentaliye district will
a SwSS&L hv
a majority of G00 and the Democrats
Georgetown, lO.oo p. m.—Broad Creek
has gone Republican, and it is the first ]
tune in its history
Broadkilm hundred, generally Demo
cratic by about 80, has gone Republican
! and insures the election of Dr. Hiram R.!
I Burton to the Senate. |
Coder Creek complete lias given .300
Republican plurality. The Republicans
are jubilant.
Georgetown, 10.30 p. rti.—The vote in
Cedar Creek hundred, First ltepresenta
tive district, was Union Kepnbiican 282,
Regular Republicans 29, Democrat 107.
The Democrats at Georgetown, claim
that they are receiving no news.
Georgetown, 12.35 p. m.—The first I
election district uf the Sixth ltepresenta^ !
[ tiue district has given a Republican ma-1
joritv of 61. j
Lewes and Uchobath hundred on the!
count of unseratebed tickets the Re-!
publicans have a majority of 13 votes. i
Selbyville, 2.06 p. in.—J. J Brasure is
: ]ect J\ t f, e >Se S ate from the Fourth ,
.Senatorial district, despite the fact that!
" ^ 8
j s 8 1
! ,
Bridgeville, 1 a. m-The Second ltep
rcsentative district of the First e ection
.i:—;.., ,, f 17
district gives a majority of 17, limning
heelectmn of two Representatives sure
m the district. .
Georgetown, 1.25 a. ,n. - leading
Democrats now concede the countv Re
publican by 500 or 600 majority. The
Republicans claim three Senators and
seven Representatives and are jubilant,
vvhile the Democrats are just the oppo
Bridgeville, 1.48 p. m.—Simeon E.
1 v ennewi | 1 was cut t0 the extent of about
one hundred in the First Senatorial dis
triot _
Robert Short, candidate for sheriff
was cut worse than any man on the
ticket throughout the country.
Sussex county lias gone Democratic by
400 majority and maybe more.
K®P u Wicans claim on good
groudds to have elected theState and
the ten Rep-!
, ,
the Democrats Tiid'a'fi'vv'for tlfi" Hemib'
he Democrats and a fi vv foi the Kepub- |a
Neither nartv exnected «uch an nn i
X? nn :
us, ' al Republican success.
The victory in Cedar Creek, Lewes and
Ke l o bnthi North West Fork, Dagsboro
alld Lumboro were foreseen as well as
seve ral other minor Republican victories
. whe " Broad <*** and Br ® adkiln
f e || lnt0 j mcon 110 Republican side it
^ «* d ^ ^ a " 1
of the hundreds of the county
al 'e too far from a telegraph office to get
* ilS
P ort ed to assure Republican success be- j
- a „ P eraav 1 e "™ re -
,'n ! t j 0 , rgCt | l "J'' P- , The election
a 1 through Sussex county has passed off
quietly. Knowing men have been send- is
"ig in estimates since the polls closed.
.-4 dispatch from North AAest 1-ork f
givesi Republican 210 majority.
. Indian River gives 110Republican ma-; c
J° rl ty- ,
. . ,
has gone Republican, and it is the first I
time in its history. j
The election of Dr. Hiraiu Burton in
the Fifth Senatorial District is attributed
to the cutting between the gold and sil
ver Democrats.
... „ . . . ., ..
Bridgevi e, i.4.. p. m —It is thought
t' at the Republican majority in toe
bccond Uepresentativc District will be
about 200, making a majority in the
Uitst Senatorial District of 500. for the
Republicans and electing Simeon S.
Pennewill fatal? Senator over Joseph E.
Holland and insuring two Republican
Itepresentives as well as swelling the ma
l ont - v of tbe co,lntv and htate nominees,
Fraukford, 7.43 p: m.—The Republic
cans are certain of victory in Baltimore; 1 1
bundled, both East and West, and aid- 1
positive that they will have a majority of
of 200. Neither side used money and the
people of this portion of Sussex are
proud of the election and are able to say
that they have at least seen one election ;
in Delaware in which money was not the |
most potent factor.
Georgetown. 7.45 p. in.—'The Regular j
Republicans, true to the pledges made
by their chairman, R. G. ffouston, did
did their work nobly and stood by Mr.
Houston to the dissatisfaction of a few of
tha Mas6 ^ " enalld the Democrats.
The Democratic newspapers through
0|1 ^ counfc y an( i state have tried to
t[)0 Regular Repub
H c an c h a i?man stood alone m the fusion
. T , , ,, , . Georgetown
t0 . dav wi jj reveal an en ti r ely°new state
of a£fairs
Lewes, 8.25 p. m.-If the reports from \
Broa kiln of a Republican are true and
Lewes and Rehoboth hundred gives its !
elecUo^o* Burti""" ''''j
.«««? SjfiS*
ou t en-maBse at the election to-day and
j n dj an River hundred will give a ma
ity of j 50 for (he 1{<>public g n8 .
.. , m t. : 8 no i
Republicans under William A. ^umm
hflR F pffoptpd t * hp rpRnltR in th : R hundred
lo any great extent and old campaigners
sav that the hundred will pile up her
* . T^ T v, 1 K]i rRn maiorirv Renubli
vote fiockep to thm and more than made
up for the number who followed the
Massey men.
Seaford, 7.10 p. m.—The friends of
nominee for State Treasurer Willie M.
^ forgot Willie and have gone over to
tbe Republicans, tor if appearances stand
for anything the usual Democratic ma
joritv of 150 in Seaford hundred has
taken wingS and there wil1 have t0 be
good counting done to enable the Demo
crats to find a majority. The Democrats
can '' », aH » " the curtain has
dropped oa the last act of the party in
Sussex county.
Milford, 6.50 p. in.—First Representa
tive District oi Sussex county 300 Repub
lican majorit v. The election passed off
pcacefullv and no money was used.
Chairman Marshall believes the lle
publican ticket elected in Sussex countv.
. , .
Milton, 7.25 p. m.—Never in the his
t° r .V of "Old Broadkiln" hundred have
the people witnessed a stiffer fight than
was put up by the Republican and Dem
ocratic parties to-day and this hundred,
which has been conceded to the Demo
crats by the Republicans ever since the
"°smu n Zfartt v ^
Republican b) a small majority.
Laurel, 7.45 p. m.-The indications
point to a Democratic majority in this
jSSSwb * 55
There will be little cutting of the State
] lick et, and it is claimed by conservative
Republicans that thev will defeat L.
Irv ^ ng IIal)dv and the whole Democratic !
state ticket with a majority ranging i
f rora 300 to 500
| The fight between Simon S Pennewill 1
an d Joseph E. Holland, Senatorial can-!
didates in the First District will be a
hot one and will result in a victory for:
Mr. Pennewill by a small majority.
The Republicans also claim that Sena
torial candidate in the Fourth District, J. '
J. Brazure, will be elected in spite of the !
fact that the Regulars and Unionists !
have failed to agree on the same candi-;
I date for State Senator. It is expected 1
! that many Regular Republicans will
support Mr. Brazure and cut their own
candidate, Dinnard W. Campbell, for the !
district is a stronghold of Republican
Robert short, candidate for Sheriff, j
has also a fieht on his hands but will he I
elected over Thomas It! Wilson bv a faR !
majority. The balance of the county
There w. 11 be 0 Republican Repre-,
* e . ct . e ^» ^ vvo ? rom Jj 16
Drst Senatorial District, two nom the
Fourth and one from he Thnd, also one
from the l ifth District.
This will uive thp ih-nnhliems three
iins will give the iccpupncans three
of the five Sussex county Senators and
six of the ten Representatives, and if the
same work is done in the other counties
^",10 State w»l ha"
the Legislature
' Tim Representatives who will be elect
e d are Mark L Davis cf the First Iten
resentative Distriet, and George S. Buell,
of the Second Representative District
George,II. West and Joseph AV. Hunter,
of the Seventh and Eighth ltepresenta
tive Districts.
William P. Short, of the Sixth, and
John Barr, of the Ninth District, will
also be elected.
It'the First Senatorial District there
will be 1,876 votes polled, of which there
will be probably 1,157 Republican, 699
Democratic and 20 Prohibition.
In the Second Senatorial District 1,495
votes wi n pro h ab ly be poUed and 863 of
them win be Democratic, 613 Republi
can and 20Prohibition.
The Third Senatorial District will poll
|a yo|e of , 67n of which « J72 wi J| b e
Democrats, 687 Republican and 20 Pro
. , .
Inthekomth Senatorial District there
will be m all probability a little heavier
Prohibition vote than in the other dis
tncts; the vote polled will be probably .
of wh |? h 383 tatobHcan'
400 Democratic and30 Prohibition.
M Republican and 25 ProhiL" C '
Gborgetowx, 0.15 p. m.-The polls are ;
closed and nearly a full vote was polled |
n this hundred. There is much specu
lation as to the result and the Republi
cans claim to have reduced the usual
Democratic majority to about 40, which |
is only about half the usual Democratic i
majority in the hundred.
Reports from other hundreds in the
county are indicative of Republican stic
, sa> and ]itt | 0 doub , j s f e i t - bv tbe part y
ljadcrs that the county has gone Repub-1
____ __ __
I ticket, and it is claimed by conservative
j Republicans that they will defeat L.
lican by fully 300 majoritv.
Schemes of intimidation were tried on
all sides bv the Democrats,
Milford, 6.30 p m.—The friends of
-imeon 8. Iennewill rallied to his sup
port at the polls to-day and though the
contest was a warm one between him and
Joseph E Holland for State Senator, but
the Republicans think they have slightly
the better of the situation. The/ feel
confident that they have also elee ed
their State, county and legislative ticket •
n the First Senatorial District of Sussex.
Lewes, 6.30 p m.-The Republicans
eel satisfied that t hey have earned
Lewes and Rehobotli hundred by o( ma
1 1 ™?; , , _. ..
Partv leaders clann a sweeping victory
on the face of the large vote that was
P olled - ' , ,
Lincoln City, 0.45 p. m.—The who e
first Senatorial District has gone Repub
lican by probably 375 majority. Reports
from North West Fork lmndred speak of
great Republican gains and the leaders
of the Union Republican party are jubi
.. , .
Election returns for voting booth at
Eighth and Kirkwood streets, Forty
fourth district, Second legislature dis
mised to vote. This is taken with a
grain of salt as there are politicians who
think that the majority will not exceed
175, which is in all probabili etter
point to election of Perrie over Poppen
berger by increased majority,
Princess Arne-Returns coming in
slow. Indications now at hand show
Willis, Free Silver Democrat, to have
polled larger vote than anticipated,while
Jackson seems to hold hie own.
r)- 9 ! 2 ? a^ronffre^Sudd^^Dub
^ lcan » 221, Cummings, Democrat, 13-,
Witherall Prohibition, 5; Palmer, Inde
pendent.il. .
Havre de Grace. The count in the dis
trict. Six shows Baker, 385; Tippett, 285;
probable, 19. Small vote, only 695 votes
polled out of total registration of 936.
Ba | timore> 6.50,-The vote throughout
the State wil j ^ light. A loss of fully
inner cent, to both Darties
Baltimore 7 40 n m —Weather flue.
Election quiet and orderly. Returns
coming in slowly. .Generally conceeded
Republicans will elect 4 of 6 Congress
mcn .
v^W?'k 4^0*
Van Wyck 4001.
B.nghampton gives Roosevet 4,619,
if" wnpan vote" '
t° alter the aspect of probab.e Roosc
''. elt v ' cto , r >'; arreted in my last special
NewYorkbulletin appearstobede
! ''doping, as Republicans are losing
i fro> lnd throughout the upper counties.
However, Van AV vek has but a majority
1 ot in >-554 Greater New York
districts. T. erc are 362 districts to hear
f|1 om,and these should swell the majority
t0 100 > 0U ° to l ' nabIt ' b,nl 10 boat the
abw iouk aov. 8.—■"Colonel Roose
' ve *M e ' ect,on and the election ot his
! associates on the State tjeket is assured
! P^y° nd the shadow of doubt. The Leg
jslature wul be Republican on a joint
1 b* a ]- () t by a good majority, and a great
delegatmn ot Republican Congressman is
t( l 3 e !?e " t tc ! " asmngton from the State
! . ^ ew e 111 l] ie fity-sixth ses
the House of Reprosentative.
Roosevelt, will have 100,000 plurality or
n,oro ' T]10M .. \.._
x- x- v- Thomas L. IVaii.
ra fit?\d'Tw 0^''for lio^t X
S. f OJ'OOO for ltoo8evi.lt upNtJit,,
Heve the vote „ iNg , v York city will
disappoint the Democratic leaders.
Local district leaders'reports indicate a
8t ,. 0I tide for Eoosev ' P , L j do not
think the TiomncrntiV mninritv- in this
t nK Democratic majoritv in tins
city will be more than 55,000."
Benjamin B. Odki.l.
Chnirmnn \'pw Ynrb Stnte Rennhliran
Giiairmau -New v ork state uepuDiican
Co ^ ,n /tf 1
Rochester complete Roosevelt, 14.1.J;
v " lb ,J09; plurality, R„ 4.0.
Districts out of twenty-three in Elmira
g've Reese, 1,445; Van Vyek, 1,505.
<.30p. m.—Watertown, N. Y„ Jeffer
son county will give Roose 4,000 plural
v .. v T1 . „
New Aoiik, Nov. 8,-The following
are the latest arrests at the poll bv Mc
Cnllough's deputies.
Robert J. Berry, of No. 125 Bowerv,
Brre sted on complaint of Deputy George
. s; flc i l0 ,, s a . m fl.rvetie ttreel
Hfild&n dUttic^of sXnsSv
"ff'' 1 *»'T l* ft ? fT"
SLVrT.f Chrllt^CLl'Third
Election District of Sixth Assembly
William Kelly of No. 7.. Bowery al
rested on complaint of Deputy Andrew
Biser at at No,,03 Ghrystie street., Third
Election District of Sixth Assembly Dis
Box 15 8.
Delmar, 0.55 p. m.—The Democrats
have probably carried Little Creek hun
dred bv their usual majorit of 250 if the
floaters voted the way they had pro
8 p. in., city of Rochester. Compute
returns gives Roosevelt 14,129, 5 an
Wyck, 13,709. McKinley's plurality in
'90, 0,238.
7.45 p. in.—Homellsville, N. Y., gives
.Van Wyck 83 plurality.
7.45 p. m.—310 districts out of 3,222
election districts outside of Greater News
York, Roosevelt, 51,409, Van Wyck, 42,
Dunkirk gives Van Wyck majority
Roosevelt 3,026,
8.25 p. ill. Syracuse. Roosevelt 500 in •
Onondago county.
8.25 p.m. Buffalo; Van Wyck's plur
ality in Erie county is prohably 3,500.
New York, Nov. 8.—"The Republican
ticket will go down to Spuyten Duyvil
creek with a majority not to exceed 40,
OtX). This will be met by an overwhelm
Democratic vote in Greater New York.
"To-night I expect to hear that the Demo
cratic ticket has been elected by a ma
jority of from 50,000 to 60,000.''
Kuwaiti) Muaiuiv,
United States Senator from New York.
der the tun, for 5 eonts. for onstage, otc.
Philadelphia, Pa

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