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3 W- i Q '
_ i-owecL.
The Executive Committee of the Regu
lar and Union Republicans, of New
Cattle county, will hold a meeting on
Wednesday or Thursday of this week for
the purpose of taking definite action
against the inspectors of elections and
other officers who perpetrated frauds at
the recent election.
The committee now has eight cases to
consider and the probabilities arc that
warrants will be sworn out for the arrest
of the Democratic inspectors who violat
ed the election laws, immediately after
the close of the meetiug.
„ ,. .. .
Encouraged by the result of the re
cent election m their district, th® Demo
crats of the Third Senatorial district of
New Castle countv, comprising Brandy
wine and a portion of Christiana hun
dreds, proposo to organize a Democratic
club. The normal Republican majority
in tins district was heavily cut into on
election day, and had Democrats in
other districts done as well, the election
would have resulted differently in county
and State.
. .
Tho interest in the United States
Senatorship continues to increase
and whilst no new developments
have come to light in the past twenty
four hours both Democrats and Republi
cans can be seen on almost every square
uiscussmg the outlo >k and offering bets
on 1 he probable outcome when the next
General Assembly convenes.
I he possible result, as stated in Tim
bex of yesterday, was freely discussed
and concensus of opinion amongst con
servatiye people was that it was in all
probability correct.

The coming session of the Legislature '
and its proposed work is the chief |
thought of the politicians. The session ,
of this Legislature will vary a great deal |
from those of past General Assemblies, :
inasmuch as the new Constitution pro- 1
vides that only sixty days alia I be con
sumed by the legislators in making and
revising tne Kate's law. Inia provision 1
has met with general approval. In
speaking of the coming session the Dover !
State Sentinel says:
* 'It will be well for every one having
a direct interest in the coining Legisla
tore, to take immediate steps toward
making due preparation for contein
plated business. Tt will be remembered
that the session wili not extend beyond
sixty days. At• least that.is tlie content- j
plation of tho Constitution, and, if ex- i
tended beyond that time, it must be at
the sacrifice of the members in time and :
The Democrats of this district propose
to keep up their work during the
interim between now and the next elec
tion, and as a means of doing this most
effectively will form themselves into a
Democratic club. Leading Democrats of
the district have expressed themselves as
heartily in favor of the movement, and a
meeting for preliminary organization
will be held in a short time.
money. , . .
''Hitherto there has been no limit as
to time, and the result has been that i
many, very many days were spent in ,
list'ess, profitless idleness. T lit? mem
bers seemed to consider that as there
was no limit as to time, there need be
none as to money. Those whose duty it
was, failed to prepare the business for
the session, and there was nothing to do
- but the pay went on. The session was
extended, the members bad a good easy
time, and tbe treasury of tbe State suf
fered; and very frequently it happened,
that very little was accomplished for the ;
general good. This course lias brought
the members tbe condemna
tion i'f the people. In large part, they
have deserved it. They had it in their
it to the session. If
the.business was not presented within
reasonable time, it was their dutv to ad
journ and gt
order of thin
down tq
home. Under the new
.this must be changed,
it nlaces the exnen* wfibln" realonaSle
ft places the expense within reasonable
limns, which is a long desired improve-:
Now ltd the neonh* not wnrl- ld ,
.now lot Hit people get to " oi k ,'>t
once and prepare the business for the
Legislature, so that afl Soon ns the two
hous-is are organized the work of the
session .nay begin. In such case tbe j
session will be one of business; active, !
industrious, hustling business. There |
will be no time for junketing tours and
other kill-time schemes, tbe expense of
which the people have heretofore been '
compelled to pay for. Sixty days fora
Delaware lA-gislature sounds oddly, to !
be sure; blit sixty days honestly devoted 1
to industrious work will probably be j
found ample, for the accomplishment of
all needed legislation But there will be 1
no time to waste."
Tbe. Dover correspondent of the Jlulli
more Sun laid the following in yesterday's
issue of that paper in reference to Hon.
George Gray's probable re-election:
A combination which has been talked
of is one between the Regular Republi
cans, led by Colonel do Pont, and the j
Dernocrats. Jly this coalition Mr. Gray
could be returned to the Senate. Such a
moviouent is on foot, and many persons
ray that the feeling of hatred is*so strong !
between the Addicksites and the liegu i
lars that the Regulars may prefer to see
Mr. Gray rc-Cicctod rather than stir
render to Mr.'Addicks.
lix all
power t<
Certain .'persons aic
troubled about the disposal of the few
offices which are within the gift of the
Republican party. One tiling isjeertain;
that the number and character of these
offices are not worth fighting about and
tlm great mass of Republicans care very
little about them. AU the great mass
desire is plenty of work and fair wages.
They wish to see improvement in every
department, factories and mills running
on full time, rivers and harbors im
proved, new railroads being built, and
everything moving forward. Then the
great mass will be happy and contented,
and will not care a fig about the offices
or those who are so fortunate as to get
them. —Daily Republican.
How would it do for the Regular Re
publicans to show their independence of
Addicks by combining with the Demo
crats to organize the House? We be
lieve that unless they do something of
that kind the recognition which they
rece ; ve f rom t i, e Addicksites will be in
ac jequate and unsatisfactory. The com
biri " tion betwcen tbc Regulars and the
j) eniocra t 8 j n the organization of the
(■ onat jtutional Convention worked satie
ac torily and was mutually beneficial.—
Evening Journal.
The ballot of Delaware should be sim
lified so that no voter should or could
y any manner of means of dishonest
election officers be deprived of bis vote
(on the day of election). The simpler
the ballot the better. The Australian
ballot has been tried and found deficient
in Delaware. The Democratic party,
which invented it, when it was put into
force thought they had adopte
that would disfranchise hundreds of
Republicans and keep the State solid
Democratic for all time to come. But
they have awakened to the fact that they
have been fooled even worse than the
party they had for years been counting
out at the polls, election after election,
The new Constitution was one step
towards an honest count even if a dis
dishonest ballot was used. The marking
of the ballot was another one of the
schemes whereby dishonest election
officers could refuse to count the ballots
after they had been honestly and proper
y voted. But even in this game which
worked in some instances to the gain ol
the Democratic party failed, they then
found fault with the judges opening the
ballot boxes in cases of dispute and re
counting the votes and passing judgment
upon the validity of the ballots which
had been thrown out by the election
officers selected for that purpose. It
looks now as if several of these rascally
inspectors and election officers would be
punished for the part they took in try-,
ing to overcome Repubbean majornies
in several districts and thereby count in
the Democratic candidates. The day of
reckoning lias corue at last for the men
who have polluted the ballot boxes and
turned our elections into mere farces. All
the Republicans of Delaware ask for is
an honest ballot and a fair count .—Daily
The Young Men's Democratic Club,
where the plans were made to defeat the
Democratic party, was the scene of con
solution party
a ballot
I Ins was the liienti:
o- o .
MGk Den ocats.
v "t iv B> '
Sore Politicians.
lurkey a la bcarci*.
Broino Seltzer.
V not her Kind of Hum.
■m nants of the Democratic Part v, Sac-!
)ii Friday night, when
turkey supper was given in honor of the
party's defeat by Senator-elect Charles
jj Salmons and Kepresentative-elect
ame9 T. Shallcross. All of the other
"leaders." who were read out of the
pa rtv on Tuesdav, November S, were
|, esd
rificed by Its Would-be Leader for
the interest ot George Gray.
More Rum.
Pudding With Single Tu
r , , - , „ .
oliticians I ast_and Present.
TI'c: V , « 'a' 0 !r;,i v ,
' ° ,ng i inocracy bluffed With ' "te."
< ana low ei.
™ saiabyall'bmids and the
bl ) eu(]ed , vitb „ „, agt as follows
^'o new SSS'oo^y wRli
new leaders.''-/or llooney'e "Coimlalion
v , ; ,
• •'
Men may give reasons and reasons for
tlie defeat of the Democratic party
Delaware this fall but the floating and
purchasable voter is chiefly responsible
for tbe somersault. For more than
year the Republican leaders and heneb
men have eeen circulating the lie that
the last Democratic Ixigislaluro enacted
the present registration and anti-bribery
laws. All this fall the Republican finis
saries went from house to house in the
two lower counties telling tbe pnrclias
able voter that be bad been robbed
his vote selling fee by legislation enacted
by Democrats and the blame should
laid at tbe feet of Democrats. This was
done solely to prejudice the purchasable
vote against the Democratic party and
win it for the Republican. They went
further and.tonl these same purchasable
voters that if the Republican party wits
successful in carrying the election and
electing a R -puhlican Legislature this
fall, the Republicans would repeal all the
present (obnoxious?) registration and
anti-bribery laws, and give the voter
chance to sell his vote as was his wont
under the old regime.
This last promise is the knife that will
cut the throats of the Republican party
two years hence. These Republicans
lied, but what did tbe henchmen of Ad
dicks care so long as t hey were coining
votes by tbe deception ?
The fact of the matter is, tbe present
registration and anti-bri ery laws were
enacted by the late bi-partisan Constitu
tional Convention, the Democratic Legis
lature being in no way responsible for
the enactment. They will not and can-j
They are poking fun at Billy.
And be eo young. To fool him i* a
Turnon the light! Would John ob
ject? "Aak me."
Will you vote for the new Ctty Charter
bil 'J ^ , . . .
Eddie Cochran i* going to drop
"gurg le*" for a spectacle.
Judge Bradford yesterday morning
naturalized one foreigner.
Chairman Edward Houston i* the
"Silent Man" of Sussex county.
Chairman Pat is turning green with
"ffiS2 i rhS?!3. i, £ ,, ih.
Levy Court of Sussex county is slow to
not be repealed by the next Legislature
which it a Republican Legislature.
But the voter that has been in the
habit of selling his vote will btf satisfied
with no Republican explanation. He
will hold them to their promiee and
when the promise has not been fulfilled,
he will go back to the paity of hia natu
ral choice, and vote the Democratic
Tli. same class of men who made the
Republican majority possible this year,
will elect the Democratic ticket in 1900.
It never pays to lie and deceive. The
Republican ticket of 1900 will be defeat
ed by tiio campaign lies of 1899 .—Sutser
From Gray to Hillea? God forbid.
Who will succeed Hon. George Gray is
the query in Sussex county? Ask the
Hon. Anthony Higgins is gunning in
Sussex county for bigger game than the
land will ufford.
Sir Anthony Hig is said to bo playing
a waiting gaiue. It won't be the first
time, and lie lost at that loo.
Under tlm new constitution Sheriff
elect Taylor and Coroner-elect Vaudever
will go imo office January 1 .
Court tried to explain how it happened
on the Court House "green" yesterday
afternoon and failed ignominiuusly.
The Administration demanded that
Hon. George Gray succeed himself in the
United Slates Senate, and there you are.
It is denied that Walter Bacon is a
candidate for the United States Senate,
but there is no dcubt about Citizen the
onct. '
( ' apt . Calquohoun has published a
boijK ivl * culupletu llsl 0 , tbe candi .
: datt . 8 j or ii uiu f d stuu . a Stllute . Tlle
j,, iwr ntr/un .u nn
| ai uUtH l g " 1
1 * ' . . . „ . j
j The Executive Committee otthe Union ;
j a,u * Regular Kepuolicans have settled j
!^, 1 e business ol the last campaign. ,
Did settle i hut Timed ..tales ISenutor
"Yes 1 gave her that diamond."
They say that "Joe" Hearn. Recorder 1
| of Deeds and a prominent Democrat
voted and used Ins influence to elect
John Fahey says some politicions are
so afraid of him that they are afraid to
go to work for fear he will capture some
You see Browne was not far off his
equilibrium when lie claimed Newcastle
county would go Republican by 1,500
Frank P. Ewing, ex-Postmaster Daniel
F. Stewart and James \V. Green have
gone to Piedmont, Va., to gun for
Will you vote fur a Jury Commission?
T. A. D. Hutson, foreman of the
Passenger Department ot the P., W. & |
B. Kalinnet is mentioned for Police Coin-!
There is no good reason for turning i
down W. Scott Vernon. Ilis occupation
ought to qualify him for the office tie 1
now seeks.
Editor Joe'n boomlet for James C. Mc
Combs lor United Kates {Senator Hus
exploded and "Jim" says that no such
bee ever entered his head. Who next,
., . ,
Hubert Kiurt, bheritf <»t hussex cunnty. i
They are relatives.
/m ** 1 rt
ttiairinan Scutt and Commissioner!
Wliite, ol the Levy Court, were at the !
Court House yesleiday going over the
bills of tlie election officers which will :
be paid off today, 1
,, , .1 . i,i , i
Pyle must have stopped tbe payments, j
j State Senator-elect J. Frank Alee of
; Doyer, chairman of the Union Republi
can State Central Committee aim Dr. I
Caleb R. Layton of Georgetown paid a
visit to tins city yesterday.
J J *
Sheriff-elect John E. iaylor of New
Castle county atiended the Court of Gen
eral ^iuns yestei clay and was an in-;
terented spectator of tne proceedings. Mr.
Taylor will bond some time next week.
Did Dill give John tbe bogus stamps?
borne mean man has named Levi C.
Bird as tlie father of Willie's boom. We
i suspect Willie but Levi is entitled to the
| benefit of the doubt. It flatters the old
ones to be caled the father of anything.
' John O' Hare is getting over the Npvem
bpr s 61 « kn es8 or the blow that almost
k«led father. The boys around Fourth)
" nd . 9 ll " r ? h . streets say that they
I Jack's finish during the period of June
t, ,i„, n„ . T) _
i.- oar( j ln . lv wbce ! cinders in "an bon
ound r v n ter the exniraUon of bis term
if 0 m C n This might Sve Toff i h, m
„ ™ 1 1„'t J L g
Jhp nrespn, tflno a P 1s esee9 at
I he Kepnblicans.of the LiRlitb ward
state that Jonathan and Walter Groves
should have been paid for the efficient
services rendered by them on election
The men want no compensation
' or U' elr labors,
Attorney-General It. C. White and A.
J. Lynch of Georgetown, have come to
the conclusion that tbe citizens of Sus
i sex county did not believe tbe story
j about crooked work on the part of the
) bevy Court of that county.
I State Senator John Pyle, of this city.
, who aspires to the speakership of the
, ISonate, ia to ascertain that lie is not the
only one with aspirations, and Senutor
I elect Stephen D. Slaughter, of Kent, is
guin" to fi-lit him for the place,
T -u . i- 1 i
„ MM- I '."J°u U " P !S ny boys
•!'»» wTm. 188 clreaui ' ll 8 a "d
that Michael Cannon vvill succeed lum
uoinl'" w
'.A ),i': Wallace,
o, 8 n r l?nm Bectlon of:
l,, ®P rt = ,am '
It is stated that \V. Scott Vernon of the
Drub/ Republican, who is a candidate for
GJerk of the House, will receive the vote
®- tae entire New Cnstle delegation. Mr,
\ e ™ on has been an earnest worker for
^he Republican party and certainly de
8erve * some recognition,
If F,ditor Saulsbury really wants to
kaow who killed the K«nt eoantr fang
and defeated the Democratic candidate*
on November 8, we will tell him in etrict
confidence—The decent Democrat* of
There are certain persons who want to
know how ex Captain of Police Keraey
came to be a "grate-weight" and what
he baa done forthe Republican patty the
laat campaign. They claim that the
doughty ex captain ha* not been wairo
•ince laet August, and say it i* no dream
at that.
Sheriff-elect John B. Wharton, of Kent
county, ha* announced that he will ap
poiut John W. Fomker, of Dover, as hi*
deputy. The appointee i* a well-known
Republican, a prominent member of the
A .«i. U. W„ and nerved with distinction
during the Civil War. lie collated when
ly 16 year* of age and wa* wounded
during the battle of the Wilderness.
-:—— . .
"TllO Flirnitra Bank at
Georgetown is holding
worthless paper,upon which
._. . ._
UlOtlPy Wft8 raised to DUy
Democratic Votes for the
last ten jeiirs."*■•Jerome B,
Bell,in the Sunday Star.
To the advertiser:—Have you in your
place of business that which you are
advertising? Be sura of this, as advertia
ing will most certainly lead to an inspec
rzzrzn 1 --- —-—- i
Situations op help ad- i
veutisements in THB|
SUN mill be Pun fop 25
. ... . ;
eents until eitneP nave
been seeuned and order
ed out.
A 5 ^~ r ,', nn i e( \l* te 1 K• 40 1o f > (
JgJ* /ally Klun.i. Jr.,
WANTED—operators on shirts and
rosby& Hill Building, third floor,
h strouir young man of 23. Address,
H K. 406 West Front 8t.. Wilmineton, Del.,
WANTED— A Koort farm han't, one who__
milk. Anply at N. E. corner of Taylor and Pop
lar si reels.
WANTED—Agents to sell well advertised
article. T. B. Cartmell, Sixth and Madison
JL wanted, also two handy men for iiiBidc work
Call after 10 o'clock.
X legrily desires position ill a business firm
Address L. M., SON OFFICE.
WANTED-A half grown girl, ncu and clean,
!lt 13u8 Banning street.
WANTED—A girl for general housework at
Eamottc street,
WAN TED-A white gi
Apply Mrs. W<
'l l fill' general house- j
'otters, f. West Second 1
WANTED—An* experienced Rboc saleslady. 1
Apply between 7 and 8 at Economy Shoe House,
200 Market street.
WANTED—Four business gfris to work
city. Gan make from 82 50to83.00 a day
between 9and Ha. m., today at No.
Thirteenth street.
. Apply
1117 East
' i|imrla hi
E ast Fourth
latest novelty. Entirely new. Immense
sales. Agents wanted.
1AOX 92,
Wilmington, Del
ergetic agents, either sex. Char*
strictest investigation. Address
(cter must beai
3UN office.
TlrANTEI)—A man in every tovn In Dela
ware. Legitimate, i»ying luainess with
co *i, ccrn - Apply at once, box 8,
l hll ftde lllhla lft '
XITANTED-Women to sell Dnuulne. Liberal I
TT contract. A sale at every door. Brassine
Manufacturing Cumfiaity, 54 Nortli River street 1
Wllkeabarre. Pa. street,
, rr , n ,. ST .i
ment , t ? P° Bt and close books, pre-j
P®re trial balances, balance sheets and
statements ; books written up period !-1
cally, and temporary services offered at
small cost. I) SUN OPFirur.
__ __ Eighth
Elition of "NO TAX ON AGENTS." This book
contains thirty decisions of the highest courts In
the land, all proving that agents, rieddlers, can
vassers, fakirs, auctioneers and others are exempt
from the payment of all special tmvn taxes and
local license fees. The Into It sells to every lawyet
and c ty omcial, as well as to agents, drummers
and others interested, over 50,1)00 copies of the
old editions have lieen sold each year. The
Eight Edition will be issued Dicember 1, istw.
Send twenty-live cents now fur a complete copy
of the Ijoo k and terms to agents. The Sun, No. 5
Randolph Building, Philadelphia.
Studio 702 West Fifth Street
F,,th Street '
Violinist and Teacher,
Music Furnished for Balls, Reception v etc.
Pupil of 13 . A. BRILTj.
. :»•?!
\ M ■
' m
-SJx -if**
We install complete electric
light plants.
No. 11 East 8 th St.
. j
Should be mode here.
It will fit you. It will look well. It
will last you twice as long as the ready
made coat that costs almost as much.
For Example We Hake Ton
an elegant satin lined overcoat at (18.00
120.00,125.00,130.00 up to (75,00 forthe
finest money can buy.
W. H. Lockyer,
Flue Custom Tailoring:,
Sixth and French Streets.
fl08t Pleasant Place Town
a system of electric calls has been placed
throughout the building and every convenience
made for patrons. Special attention Is paid to
the dining department. Bar attarhed.
Fourth and Orange St.
The finest of wet goods and cigars al
ways on hand.
Permanent Hoarders
@itg §tean? ©auradpg
Fine Work, Low Prices, Prompt Delivery.
Clean Towel Supply for places of Business.
Both 'Phones 682.
The Wilmington BoardJ of Trade
CUT THIS OUT and send to M. P. Sitterthwaite, Chairman of Mem
bersbip Committee, P. O. Box 305, if you desire to make application for
membership in the Wilmington Board of Trade. Dues, (5.00 per year.
Write for copy of By-laws.
Application for Membership.
Wilmington, Del.
To the Wilmington Board of Trade :
-hereby make application for active membership in the Wil
mington Board of Trade, subject to its constitution and by-laws.
Office .
tmmmnmm wmmmmm vt
l youi* ppfntins
• 3
your Business
Successful business men who have
Goods to Sell 3
have found it profitable to enclose a well
printed slip advertising some specialty in
every letter mailed from their offices.
Why don't you try this plan ?
We Print
the slips well and design them for you.
The Cost |s Little ^
I00i East Sixth Street,
mm mat
bcuiwmtc. 3
Executors 9 Sale of
of James L. Carpenter, Deceased
At i o'clock, p. tn.
At his late residence, Kennett Pike near
Four Valuable Farms and Country
No. 1—The Home Farm, Cont*ining\
94 acres, Urge atone mansion and othsr *
buildings. Large lawn of full growth *
ornamental trees. The highest and mod
commanding residence site in Delaware.
No. 2—Farm containing 60 acres, 8
roods and 14 perches, opposite No. 1,
now occupied djt Harry F. Carpenter.
The improvements consist of a two-story
and mansard roof, double frame man
sion and other farm buildings in good
No. 3—The Malt House Farm at the
7th mile atone on Kennett turnpike, con
taining 81 acres, 1 mod and 29 perches,
now occupied by William Carpenter.
The improvements consist of a double
stone mansion and all other necessary
farm buildings, in good condition.
No.4—The Bush Farm, containing
180 acres, adjoning No. 3 on the north,
and is reached by lane leading from
Kennett turnpike near the 7th mile
stone. Good farm buildings and a quaa
tity of heavy timber.
At the same time and place will be
sold a quantity of personal property,
consisting of boushola and kitchen fur
The above farms are all located ia
the most desirbie section of New Castle
County, Delaware, and on the fined
road leading out of the City of Wilming
ton. All under a good state of cultivation
and of easy access to Markets. Waterefi
by springs' that riso upon the premise*,
and nave ample timber on each for fenc
ing, etc.
Attendance will be given and terms
made known on day of sale, by
Joseph I,. Carpenter,
Harry F. Carpenter,

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