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Ladies Wor
• •
• •
8 for /
There are many Odds and
That Ladies would like to nuke
themselves, but cannot for want of
time or opportunity.
We support gentlewomen of birth
and education by selling just such
goods for them. j
Won't you help us id this noble
work by buying of us. I
this is not a charity, it is business
The goods we sell have the merit
of worth—first, exclusive design, good
materials, and perhaps it is a satis
faction to know that they are made
by Ladies in clean and congenial sur
roundings, instead of sweat shops, tene
ments and reformatory institutions.
You can help maintain LADIES
who need assistance by buying the
output of this establishment.
Baby Shoes, all styles and sizes. $l.oo
Crocheted Baby Socks, alt prices
from 20c a pair to $i ,oo
Crocheted Baby Mittens,
from 15c a pair to #1.00
Crocheted Caps for Babies
.OO -
' am £t.oo a pkcl'to #5.00
(JtheySacv - l : * 1 <bies, flannel,'
- C 3e > c * t0
fDresses for ' $5.00 '" ; 'W
it irili •

CwfcUqSM'' fiSP
£ 2
, .T'jl
. i
If si t 4 Baby tfsn&P
&• riRfaptcry.' •
•WifcrtI po
*»• -
(ext to Nothing
...TO HAVE...
For Ten Cents of any kind
of money we will send you
. Florist's Secret
: -U never have a failure
Minority Stockho-.
its,if yon follow
Electric Compan.
Were JDeft-au.r.
:: Action
The murmur of discontent tV
minority stockholders of Wi -
Gity Electric Company has gr-tt«
life-sized growl.
They allege that the directc
sacrificed them and claim that *.
made in order that certain jIq grow.
\ Bilwb* n-jo-'V-tf "rice. -J
Send a Dime.
The Flower Show,
64 North River Street
Wilkes Barre. Pa.
Any question relating to sporting
U events, cards, coins, stamps, games,
I 1 history, mathematics or social cus
toms, will he decided by THE SUN
Bureau of Information for a Dime, and
every answer will be absolutely accurate.
This is guaranteed. Address,
Randolph Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
■WMT UpT For One Dime we
HIsX I IP I will send you *
ULU I I L I sterling monthly
^ for One Year and
newsparer .
put your name in onr up -to-dete Agents
Directory for Twelve Months. You can't
lose. No stamps accepted. Address
Universal Direotory Company, Box 87,
Wilkes Barre. Pa
$5000 FOR A
OO 1NI y° u want
know what your
coins are worth ? They are
worth what they will bring—no
We will send you a
schedule telling the prices we
will pay for any United States
coins you may have thus giving
the actual value of all American
coins for a Dime. Address,
The Ceitoiy idoln Company,
Box 87
Wilkes Barre, Pa
The only religious pastry.
Every iugredient is named in
the Bible. Even the direc
tions for mixing are found in
the word of God. Christians
everywhere should be inter
ested in this marvelous recipe
The verses in the Bible are
given, the symbols are absov
lutely correct. Holy cake is
a delicious pastry that should
be served in every Christian
family and at every religious
feast Verily it is taken
from the Book of God- A
printed copy costs a dime
Address: The Religious Ex
change, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Send 15a in eoin
and we will send
yon Thz Echo,
an 8-page, 4-ool.
monthly for one year and put your name
n the Agents Direotory for one time free,
Send Now. Address Thz Echo, Waunetae.
A Big Offer
The masses will have what
they want, cost what it may.
High-priced medicines have had
their day and the poor and af
flicted may now enjoy the bene
fits of carefully prepared, pure
remedies at practically nominal
prices. The physicians con
nected with Louisiana Specific
Laboratory have prepared a num
ber of standard cures which are
offered to the public at the lowest
prices convenient with pure
These standard
be bought of druggists. By send
ing your . orders direct to the
Louisiana Specific Laboratory,
Lake Charles, Louisiana, you
sure to receive pure, fresh
drugs properly compounded and
carefully packed.
In ordering the following
standard cures please give the
number of the remedy nedeed.
If taken in time one supply.will
effect a permanent cure.
cures cannot
Nme of Cure.
1 Headaches
2 Etvers, Congestion, Inflam
3 Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, iac
4 Dyspepsia, Heartburn,
Stomach Pains.
5 Diseases of the heart.
6 Hoarseness from colds,
singing, speaking.
7 Constipation, chronic or
8 Rheumatism or Rheu
matic Pain.
9 Catarrh, coM in the head,
k etc.
. * nLat., imhiH
I're.''litatelMMUOr (Kn,
■ |
a, liK,
e .. c
T ~ . X ■ X3C
«3 Ulcerated «& a;; 'Pfiteat. 50c
24 Piles, Blind, Bleeding or
Itching. 22c
25 'Group larUse this and
call in a doctor instantly. 20c
26 Gonorrhoea, tfliT <e<e-d i
27 Eczema.
28 Tonsilitis.
29 La Grippe, Ia&uenea.
30 Hay Fever.
15 c
2 * if 'general Ddbility.
SC-*' 2 "erve Diseases, requiring
::Z ' Tonics and Stimulants. 18c
.T'jl 'Y •« t'. inns, 'fever caused by
■ im*- :«*
Izj lieuralgic
, pal*. '
eg -Molted a. %
>h D:ctrrhr^.!*-4"

v i-7
.e'-vu-.i.r -cSSf.

3 Ti .
'! tlS.
5 °c
Address all orders am 4 «ommuni
catious to the
Lak«<Chail«s* L*ulaana.
Have you a.husband, wife, lover,
sister, son or-brother who is a.alave to
Chloral,-Opium, Morphine, Whisky
or Tobacco?
MCI (MM hi
We will send you one month'*-treat
ment securely and plainly wrapped
for ten dollars. It will positively
cure any case of habitual drunkenness
or opiate poisoning. The medicines
can be administered with the food.
Trilby Scarfs—Just the I t , fot
Trilby Scarfs—Just the thing for
Made of Icewool.in ail colors. They
are the daintiest wrap ever offered and
designed especially for summer nights
rambles. Stylish beyond all doubt
and worthy in every respect.
. tiavnnm .m.iinmnn
commercial tourist handling sporting
"Cupid" Childa now admits that he is
to be married, but not until after the sea
eon of 1809.
Stealings Gathered From Off tbe
Gridiron and in the Pugilis
tic World.
Spicy Item* Taken From tbe Latest
Happening* In the Roped Arena
and on the Field of Ath
letlcs—'Wilmington'* In
teresting Budget.
Peter YVeckbecker is wintering in Ft.
Smith, Ark.
Barry McCormick's chief fail exercise
is rowing.
Wild Bill Everett has the inside track
for captain of tbe Orphans.
Tim O'Rourke, the "voiceless won
der," is farming at Aniret, Minn.
Bill Lange is writing tickets for Book
maker "Bob" Smith, at Oakland, Cal.
Gus Schmelz will go on the road as a
It iB intimated that the Cincinnati
Club will place catcher Vaughan on the
bargain counter.
Beaumont, the Pirates' new outfielder,
is a left-hand battier. He is about as large
as Hugh Duffy.
Fred Odweli will manage the Rome
team should it remain a member of the
New York League.
The Pittsburg team will probablygo to
Virginia for practice this spring instead
of Little Rock, Ark.
If OscaT Streit shows good speed with
Poston Fred Kiobedanz probably will be
dropped. Both are left-banders.
Jake Beckley lingers in San Antonio.
Things are so pleasant for him there that
he probably will remain all winter.
Cincinnati has waived claim to pitcher
Donovan of Washington, and the young i
Philadelphian will go hack to a minor
league next season.
Among the young pitchers who will Ibe
■given a trial by Buffalo next season is
John H. Doscber, a son of Herman
Doscher, tire old 'time empire.
Lange, Chance and Mertes, of the
Chicago team, are playing with Watson
ville in the California League. The
field of nine
In order :»« keep tfrora going to a minor!
league, George Decker played with the
fGLouisvillesiast season for $0#0 less than
be was paid by the' St. Louis Browns.
Date Gear has asked Pre in dent -Kerrdf
[Pittsburg, to allow him to remain in
| Kansas City next season, 'but wasne
ftxed. Gear has made arrang»inents«to
open npa law dflice in KznsasCity.-amd
c !«e(ers to .play in that -city 'for Ibis
w " on '
team ranks -eighth in a
Offers :for Joyce, Hartmaan ned Tiesnan
are lacking, -and it is predicted that
Freedman -will experience .eonsidesuble
difficulty 'in -disposing of -ms job lot.
Every one wants Rusie and Meekin, but
they ihesitate to quote a pniee. iPieed
man <will be compelled to tabe-the initia
tive if lie .really iutews to^et rid of his
pitdbipg -stars.
The transfer of the Baltimore 'Olub to
Breaklyc-does not meet with favor in
Baltimore. Interviews with prominent
men and base ball '"rooters" have
-bneughtiforth storms of
-can 'be -safely said that
-never may again in ttiis oity-so-long as
-either .Hanlon or Voodenhorst-has any
thing »to • do with Che ihamdling of the
protests, and it
ibase ball will
RatlBaedy and Joe Sweenov-will box
■at Washington, D. CL, tomorrow njght.
Youtsfa, -science and generalship told
•against'Goddard in hie bout iwith Mc
Bomer-Selby, Kid MioOoy'>e -'brother, ue
-out witfca-ckalleiige to box-airy welter
Frank lErne states that be is-going;to
Ban Francisco- to try to induoe Kidla
vigae to-meet-him there.
To*n -Broderick and Charley McKeever
have been-matched to box six rounds in
Philadelphia-on next Friday night.
Dick-Caae,-thechampion lightweight.of
the Northwest, iis dying of coseomption
at Seattle.
DanCreedon -will meet George-Green
in a 20-round bout at 158 pounds at Bail
Franciaoo on UDecember 28. Dan, win or
will sail irom New York for
in March next to box the
Cooler" at London.
Johnny Lavaek and Fred Green will
box at Baodusky, December 26.
Tom Moriarity, of Holyoke, Mass., is
at Chicago. He will box Jim O'Leary
there December 2S.
Jim Judge, who was knocked out by
Billy Smith a couple-of months ago', con
siders that lie was defeated by a fluke,
and has challenged Smith to box for
-$1,000 a side.
Joe Cain, of Brooklyn, and Billy
Whistler, of Baltimore, are to meet in
a 20-round go at Fort Wayne, Ind., on
January 26. „
Ed. Morris, of San Francisco, lias been
substituted in place of Harry Fisher,
to box Dan Murphy, at the Clover A.
C., Bridgeport, Conn., on December 24.
Bob ("Stonewall") Allen, the colored
Boston light-weight, who recently
fought Walter Burgo a draw at Boston is
out with a sweeping defi to all in his
Ally King is anxious to match Solly
Smith, of San Francisco, whose arm has
fully recovered its old-time usefulness,
against either Dave Sullivan, Oscar Gard
ner or George Dixon, and Dave Sullivan
says that he has signed to meet Gardner
at the Lenox in January at catch-weights
and there you are.
The Lenox A. C. is trying to arrange
a twenty-five round meeting between
Kid Lavinge and Dick Burge, to be de
cided next February.
The Rienzi A. C., of Rochester, has ar
ranged a twenty-round go between Dan
Murphy, of Waterbury, and Tom Mc
Carthy! of Rochester.
To referee a boxing match successfully
w Eng
a referee should at all times have the
courage cf bis convictions. He should
never at any stage of the contest allow
himself, in rendering a decision, to be
influenced by the applause or remarks of
the spectators says Tim Hurst.
Charley Harney has matched Martin
Flaherty to meet Danny McBride in
Bridgeport the latter part of this month
in a twenty-round bout.
Mike Bears, the Boeton boxer, and Alt
Wright have been matched to box
twenty rounds before the Olympia A.
C., Birmingham, England, on next
Thursday night.
Negotiations have been almost com
pleted for a twenty-round ' go" between
"Mysterious" Billy Smith and Owen
Zeigler. The contest will probably take
place in Brooklyn within three weeks.
It is said that Jim Jeffries has decided
not to wait for Jim Corbett to meet him
in 'Frisco, but is coming East. It is Jef
fries' intention to issue a challenge to
box the winner of the McCoy-Sharkey
Spike Sullivan Saturday sent word to
Fred Taral, the jockey, who is the backer
of Dal Hawkins, that if the latter whips
Kid McPartland at the Lenox A. C. on
Tuesday night, he will meet Hawkins
Frank Craig, the "Harlem Coffee
Cooler," and G. L. Townsend, the Eng
lish heavyweight, have been matched to
box a limited number of rounds at the
National Spotting Club, London, to
Charley White, who placed $500 the
other day with Jimmy Yvakely to match
Tom Broderick, of Yonkers, against
Spike Sullivan, said Saturday that the
money would remain up and that Bro
derick would agree to box the winner of
the Gans-Daly meeting, now that Sulli
van is matched
Lesna, the French crack who was in
this country a couple oi seasons ago on a
racing tour, has gone to Australia, with
two petroleum tandems where he will go
for paced records, and will compete in
paced matebes.
Jack Prince has arranged
bicycle raoe meets for the Atls
a circuit of
for the Atlanta, Savan
nah and Jacksonville- covered tracks.
The raoes will be run under the auspices
of the National Cycling Association and
wi>U continue alt winter.
The possibility of artificial pacemak
ing for bicycle racing will be demon
strated for the first time in America on
Christmas night at Madison Square
Charles W. Miller, winner of the re
cent six days' race, will probably enter
in -on more such Contests, He is going
after the world's paced records and will
make most of the trials in Europe, where
be can compete against the fast men of
All of tbe prominent six-day riders
who appeared recently ir, the great race
Madison Square Garden, New York,
and who are to appear for the second
time in the Metropolis in the 24-heur
race of January 6 and 7, will make a
round trip to San Francisco at the close
of tbe "twioe-arouod-t he-clock" grind.
Here's a record; Out -of the sixty
three races which BourriMon, the great
French crack, rode -this year, he won
sixty-t wo first prices and one second.
IPr. and Mrs. Mel truth, who have com
pleted a bicycle trip around the world
aire planning for another foreign tour.
Within a few months they expect to go
to China by rail and boat and ride to the
Fred Titus says he lie convinced that
all of the milk has been squeezed from
itbe racing -oooeanut and he intends to
■devote aili bis attention to a legitimate
'business. Pursuit caoing, hie favorite
branch of ittie sport, does not have
ough devotees to keep him busy, and
sides the public i* not attracted by
that style of-racing. IFrom now on he
intends to-dewotehistime to the stage
and is studying hard to -become an actor.
At the present time heiis singing in the
chorus of the •"Belle of New York."
A motor tandem has just been con
structed for the English rider, Chase,
which line showed a speed of 39 miles an
hour. The -rider named wilt use the
tandem for pacing purposes, his inten
tion being; to try for reeozds.
Human paae is -to be pitied against pe
troleum phee; riders with-blood in their
veins are to demonstrate if -they can that
theinferual machine is their inferior as
apaeieg contrivance, and thus save to
the riders the positions open -to them.
Jack Hazleton, -one of Philadelphia's
champions in the days of the solid tire
wheel, is now playing on a polo team at
the Casino de Paris, France, where he
has been making a great
Kelly, another champion of those same
good old wheeling days, is also in Paris
doing a tramp cycle act, which is spoken
of as excruciatingly funny.
hit. V. J.
Late advices from England are to the
effect that the London Truth told an un
truth when it stated that all foreign oars
men would be barred from competition
in future Henley regattas, and that the
-conditions regarding entries remain the
came as heretofore.
Captain P. G. Webb, a well-known
swimmer, is living in destitute circum
stances and sick at 57 West Twelfth
street, New York. The fact lias just
eome to light through a suit for wages
which he brought in the West Tenth
Street Municipal Court.
No announcement will be made at
Yale of the crew policy for the coming
season until after the Christmas vaca
tion. The officials ol the navy are busy
with negotiations looking toward another
Yale-Harvard-Cornell race.
Fred Plaisted, the sculler, sailed on
the Umbria yesterday for New Castle,
England, to engage in u series of contests
in a peculiar sport, for which English
men have a fondness. It is land scull
ing, in which Wallace Ross, Plaisted and
others engaged in New York several
years ago.
A bill is now before the House Judic
iary Committee at Washington which is
of great interest to race track followers.
That is the Gillett bill, which prohibits
the use of tiie telegraph and telephone
lines for the purpose of lottery and horse
race gambling.
As a jockey's season, 1898 will go on
record as having established the suprem
acy of the lightweight and the super
iority of the style that will always be
known as the Sloane seat. That either
of these will be lastin
still doubt, but it may
nany experts
asserted most
positively that the happenings of the
past season will leave an indelible im
press on the school of American jockey
Senators and Congressmen and even
Vice-President Hobart are this year de
voted members of tbe Washington Golf
Crow-country running has been de
servedly popular this winter among tbe
leading colleges of tbe Eaat. It is now
aed that they supply tbe best kind
preliminary .training for the annual
May intercollegiate track champion
Tbe six-day walking match which was
have taken place next week, will be
held at Madison Square Garden during
week beginning on June II. So,
least, it is announced by the pro
Harry N. Pillsbury, the chess cham
pion, left New York last night for Chi
cago, on his way to Davenport, Iowa,
where be Will begin a Western exhibi
tion tour. He will play at St. Louis,
o, Macomb, 111., Urbana, O., and
Lincoln, Neb.
Jake Schaefer, the billiardist, is con
fined to his home in Chicago with an at
tack of the grip. He has been forced to
stop playing in tbe games for which he
haB been scheduled. His condition is
not regarded as serious, though physi
cians yesterday feared pneumonia.
Will Reorganize the Warren Club on
Wednesday Night if Those At
tending so Desire.
Don't forget that all those interested
in the reoganization oi the Warren Ath
letic Club should meet at The Sun Build
ing, 103 East Sixth street, at 8 o'clock
Wednesday evening.
Don't think that because you have
signified your willingness to join that is
enough, because it isn't. If you want a
Warren Club you have to attend the
If the crowd warrants it those present
will elect officers and Wilmington wilt
have a first-class athletic club.
Wilmington for a town of its size is
the deadest sporting town on earth. To
have an athletic club here would change
these things.
After a club is formed it is no trouble
get members. The thing is it requires
members to Btart one. So don't fail
show up at the meeting on Wednesday
English Cycling Mystery.
An incident which has an air of mys
tery about it occurred near London sev
eral days ago, says the Scottish Cyclist. A
cyclist fell from Mb machine one even
ing between 9 and 10 o'clock, oil the
Cambridge main road, and, on being as
sisted and attended by a policeman who
was near, said that he was suffering from
a wound in the region of the heart,
which had been inflicted by a man who
rushed out on him from the roadside and
fired a revolver at him.
He, the cyclist, fearing a farther at
tack, had ridden on furiously after being
injured, and had covered nearly two \
miles before he fell. \
Since the affair the police have made
every effort to obtain a clue to the young
man's assailant, but without avail. Thfl
cyclist, who was taken to the hospital,
where a bullet was extracted from his
left breast, is now reported to be pro>
grossing favorably.
Money to Bet on Joe Gan*.
Hearing that the Wilmington sports
weie betting 2 to 1 that Jack Daly would
best Joe Gans on December 27, R. E.
Mose*, of Chester, came here yester
day looking for some of it.
tip to leaving here he failed to get
any. Mr. Moseley called at this office
and stated that he didn't want any such
odds as that but that he would bet any
where from one to five hundred dollar!
at odds of 75 to 100 that Joe Gans would
best Jack Daly.
Mr.Moseley said that all anybody who
wanted any of his money had to do was
to send their names and stale the amount
they wanted to bet to this office and he
would accommodate all comere.
Eloped From a Prison.
Thomaston, Me., Dec. 18.—Warden
Smith's men are searching the adjacent
counties of Knox and Lincoln for
Charles A. Plummer, who escaped from
the State Penitentiary here last Saturday
with Rose Carson White. Rose was cap
tured Wednesday. She was almost
starved, her feet were frostbitten and her
limbs torn and bleeding from beating
through the underbrush. Plummer is of
a consumptive nature, and as he was
thinly clad at the time of his escape, it is
not expected that he has survived the in
tense cold of the past week. The search
now being prosecuted with the idea
that his body will be found hidden in
the woods near Cushing.
Ambassador to England.
Washington, Dec.
18.—Joseph H.
Choate's appointment as Ambassador to
England will surely be made as soon as
the President returns and the Senate is
ready to confirm the nomination. It is
settled that the most coveted place in
American diplomacy goes to the bril
liant New York lawyer. The irienas of
the other candidates, all of whom are
also from New York, and who have had
most numerous and zealous backing,
have given up the fight for their favor
ites, and are sending congratulations to
Mr. Choate.
All Stock Records Broken.
Nzw York, Dec. 18.—The aggregate
sales of stocks and bonds this week break
all previous records. Stock transactions
for five days ending yesterday reached
4,056,127 shares, and the value of the
bonds sold in the same period amounted
to $38,475,000.
New N aval Magazine.
Washington, Dec. 18.—The Naval
Board appointed some time ago to select
site fora naval magazine near the port
of New York has reported in favor of
land lying between the Palisades and the
river "at Edgewater, N. J., just below
Fort Lee landing, and opposite One
Hundred and Thirtieth street, New
Hon. L. Irving Handy delivered a lec
ture recently at Delaware College,
taking for hiB subject "The Road to Vic
tory." The Congressman has evidently
forgotten the recent campaign and the
important part the "cross of gold" played
that occasion.

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