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The Society News.
ED8AR H. GOOK, Publishsr.
ry Sitin'
Tiik Society News is published
day morning, at r02 King street, and delivered to
subscribers for fire cents per month or sixty
cents per year, payable in advance,
partisan i < sentiment, giving a lair hearing to
all, bin reserving the right to oppose ami
demn all me sures «'alculatod to Injuriously affect
ill aim to he a
It is non
• "ii
the best 1uteres's of society
news, not a vlewfc-paper. Address
tiik society news,
Wilmington, Lx la ware.
The Societt NEWBCoines to you as a re
corder of society events, and iu order that
it may he fully understood, it will explain
its position and its mission. Realising that
very little is being done to advance 1lic In
ttrestsofour society, and seeing tlicneid
of its existence, it comes to you in the hot c
that it will receive your hearty support in
its endeavors to carry out its purpose,
articles will be short aud to the point, giv
ing only that which will interest and in
struct the reader. Nothing will he per
mitted to enter its columns but pure and
chaste reading matter; under no
stances will any person be treated with any
thing but respect. It will gladlv publish
all matter which will tend to elevate society
and to this cud all aro invited to contribute
auch articles as will best bring about tills
result. Very much cau be done iu this re
spect, and if the Society News can be the
of helping just a little, it will have
accomplished It« design. Special patiiB will
ba taken to secure society new» from Wash
isgton, Philadelphia, Chester, West Chester
an I the Peninsula.
It will be sold on the street and at news
•tanas oi served by carriers at 'two cents
per copy, live cints per month,or sixty ceLts
per year, in advance.
Overhaul your furs.
A healthy fall «-o far.
FaU house-cleaning Is now in order.
Almanacs Jor 1«S4 have already made
their appearance.
The word "dude" is fast becoming obso
lete iu society circles.
The watermelon crop will be an utter
failure by Christmas.
Buttermilk is now secommended as a sure
cure for dyspepsia. What next ?
Predictions are already being made that
we are to have a hard winter. Plenty of
Ice and snow.
Even Chicago experiences dull day» now
—4ad4hen. Oftl yftlT t y »IWwroc» were jpaU'd
last Saturday. _
Now that cooler weather Is on the march,
the number of people who attend church
will be larg ely Increased.
Immortal honor is awaiting the man who
Is willing to tell Uncle Sam what to do with
the surplus money in the U. S. Treasury.
Many of our good husbands contend that
this is an unusually early Autumn, as so
wives have already asked them for
new bonnets.
The managers of the Brandywine Park
eerlou«ly thinking of removing the signs
"Keep off the Grass;" during the .Christ
mas holidays.
We suspect that the President 6tayed away
from Washington so long on account of
bouse cleaning, which has been going on at
the White House for some time. We do not
blame him.
Fifty thousand people attended the open
ing of John Sullivan's saloon in Boston,
and now she is slurring Philadelphia because
she welcomed the Athletics on their return
from St. Louis.
The death claim of B. F. Appleby, of
Wilmington Lodge No, 1, A. O. U. W., was
paid within three days after it was filed In
the Grand Recorder's office, and in less than
fifteen days after it occurred.
If men were compelled t<* give a reason
for eye rythlug they professed to believe one
of two thiugs is certain—either reasons would
become more abundant than they are at
the present day or doctrines would bciewer.
It is said of Jay Gould that every year he
sends passes over all his roads to a tailor's
wife, who lives at Stroudsburg, Pa. When
Gould was a poor man she trusted him witli
a suit of clothes, and he takes this way of
remembering the act.
Attention is called to the advi rtisem' nts
to be foun 1 in the columns of The Societt
News. They represent many different
branches of trade, and, as It is a feature oi
the paper to secure only first-class advertls
, It will pay each reader to carefully read
what they say in each issue.
We are Informed of tho institution of
three new lodges of the U. S. B. F., as fol
lows: 3 ake Council No. 50, at Lake, Cook
county, 111.; Thomas Guard Council No. 52.
at Washington, D. C., and Peter Cooper
Council No. 51, at New York city. The in
dications are that this order will receive
many new lodges in a short time.
We wish 8galn to emphasize the'fact that
the object of this pa| cr Is to do ail the good
that U possib'e for a paper of Its kiud to do,
and that we will gladly publish any
munlcation which will serve this purpose.
The reader Is invited to take a part in the
work. A well Informed man oi this city
consented to answer any query which
be asked through The Society News
may __
columns, providing the information is ol
reneral interest.
Success and Self lltilp.
Success comes to those « hoearnestly seek ,
it, and is never to be called luck. We often
hear the remark, "That man is very lucky,
"every thing he touches seems to turn into 1
now, tf the reader will be careful !
, .. . ... . . . .
make the man, and without trying by actua,
^experimenMo fobt the trut h of tliOMisaertionl pi
'take it fbrgrautcd and spcndlhelr existence ;
in bemoan! u^lluftr lot auVAenvying others | is
who have made their lives worth living. | * 8
_ . , , .
were to compel him to be kept down when 1 Bt
prominence was within his reach, how he |
would bewail his lot and pine for a chance
to assert himself; yet he is keeping himuclf
in bondage in waiting for "something to |
t„rn nn" in order to secure his liberty It
turnup ill order to secure his liberty. n
is the aggressive people who succeed as will
be seen by calling to mind our self-made ;
to note by whom such a remark as the
above was tpoken, he w ill almost invariably
find that, it came lrom one who .ha6 always
been waiting for "something to turn up."
A certain class maintain that circumstances
Such a position is not worthy of any one, !
and he who occupies it not only belittles i
himself, but is his worst enemy. If n power i
men. Docs the reader find them stirting in J
life with a lucrative business thrust upon
them, or placed at the bca«l of Immense ;
business Interests directing aud controlling , l *
, . . . ,. . . . , .
mea and capital, or immediately blazing
_ ; . e ,
firth as a statesman or an orator of great
ability? In all instances, have they not
served a long and laborious apprenticeship
before they have become noted 1 It has j
always been so and in tlieuatuial order oi
things, must continue lo be so. I
A man may obtain anything he wishes if j b
' , , ' . . , I
he goes to work resolutely to acquire it. | o)
Ho can uotget what ho wishes in a day or a
year. It msy take many years of patient
toil to eecure it, but this fact does not des
troy th: truth of the assertion.
Success aud Self Help go hand in hand.
You do not find the oue without finding the
other, hot they were never kuowu to fling
themselves in the lap of any one who was
silting by the wayside waiting for "souie
" thing to turn up." "Heaven helps him
"who helps himself," has been proven by
every successful man who ever lived, yet
there are thousands of our young men to
day waiting anxiously for "sometlilug to
"turn up," that they may be placed in
affluent circumstances without belug
obliged to go through the toil necessary to
reach such aposltion. It is surprising to
see with what vim our young men will work
in trying to acquire an accomplishment
which \vi)| never result in auy material
beneflt to them whatever. If they could be
brought to see the folly of such a course and
then led to abandon it and exert themselves
with just as much enthusiasm to the de
velopment of llieir talents, how much they
would accomplish and what a power they
would yield.
Ohio has become a separate A O. U. W.
beneficiary jurisdiction if the mandate of
the Supreme Lodge, passed at the last ses
sion, U-ts been carried into effect. The
prospect is that the condition of the juris
diction will lie very taueh improved, as
there has been a large inercaje in member
ship oriatê.
We desire that the Secretary of each lodge
and society in the city send us his address
and the name and place of meeting of his
lodge, together with such other Information
as he may think will be of use to us. We
hope to hear from all the societies without
having to rend a personal letter to each
oue. _
The Grand Lodge of Nevada lias also be
come a separate jurisdiction with a member
ship of 2,100. This leaves the supreme
jurisdiction with about 5,000 members.
Texas will soon apply to lie set apart as she
has nearly 2,000 memhers.
Alleged pearls are found iu the bay at
Grand Traverse, Mich.
Bills of long standing and trousers of long
sitting are better receipted.
The tiest society in China never eat with a
knife. They usé chop-sticks.
In 1830 there were 75 female and 61,072
male lawye rs in the United States.
The American Bible Society will issue
200,000 Bibles and Testaments this year.
Pr: sident Arthur's bedroom in the Execu
tive Mansion is furnished in pigeon egg blue.
The last mean fling at Rhode Island is that
a locomotive whistle is heard all over the
Three young men arc at Salt Lake city en
roule to the Yellowstone 1'ark on their
The first woman's medical school to be
established iu Canada will soon be opened
in Toronto.
Philadelphia ladies aro learning base ball;
one of them bas caught btr hu-.band out
several times already.
Baltimore's Oriole pageant is to be re
peated next month. The next display will
be in Druid Hill Park.
The proverb: "Beauty unadorned is best"
was invented by a Frenchman at his first
sight of a lady in low neck and short sleeves.
There are 2,000,000 widows In Germany,
it is said. Some of: the Lusbands are in
Heaven, but the majority are in this
"My dear," said a fond wife, "when we
were engaged I always slept with your last
letter under my pillow." "And I," mur
mured her husband, "I often went to sleep
over your letter."
Brown8on: "Well, I always make it a rule
to tell my wife everything that happeus."
Smitbkins: "Oh, my dear fellow, that's
nothing. I tell my wife lots of things that
uever happen at all."
An abundant chestnut crop is a great
blessing. Thus far this year seventeen boys
have fallen from trees and for several weeks
will have to stay in the house instead of
going out and making nuisances of them
selves as usual. ,
"Why do the oarsmen 'claim fowl' so
often, Mr. Spicer 1" said Ml6s Sugarlips,who
was reading an account of a boat race. "I
suppose they getchickcu-hearted and feather
their oars," said Seth, as he scratched his
own scull thoughtfully.
It has been found that out of every ten
American girls who marry titles only about
three can be said to lie truly happy. This is
deplorable, very deplorable; but, on second
thoughts, the proportion is about the same
among those who do n-1 marry titles, and
these don't oven have the title to comfort
themselves with.
Ml . Jnl|att ,, owthorne is go!u „ t0 llvo ; n
58,000 copies.
Life in Nature" is the title of No. 48 of
the Library of Science.
Jeff Davis has made $100,000 out of his
History of the Rebellion.
Captain Mayue Held has written a new
serial ftory lor St. Nicholas. ~ "
"Little Loo" is the title of a new novel
Mr. Clark Russell bus just com
pi e ted.
Mr. Richard Hengist Horne, the poet,who
is in his S'.ld year, has been seriously ill but
* 8 now recovering.
A novellctte entitled "Only an Incident,"
by Grace 1). Litchfield, will shortly l»o pub
lished by the Putnams.
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps has written a
Bt ory « ailed "Beyond the Gates." It will ap.
pear during the month,
has had a large sale hi England.
Mr - Maur,ce Thompson is the author of
the novel "HD Second Campai gn," published
anonyln0U sly by .1. R. Osgood & Co.
"Rab and HU Friends," has bad tale of
Mr. Bret Uartc's new novel is appearing
iu a new translation in St. Petersburg. It
ivau Tourcuenetf had com
The Harpers will shortly republish Miss
Thackeray's series of essays on literary
women, entitled "A Book of Sibyls.**
Messrs. Roberts Brothers are preparing
, l * lc £ ri ?S{J sa « ,^ ee ! e pf s new
work, "The Expansion of England."
,„ nnf Q , , * „ . ..
"The Folk Lore of Shakespeare,*' is the
6ubjccl of a uc . w book by thl .' Uev / T F- T
Dyer, which the Harpers have in press,
j published serially in Harper'» Weekly. The
first installment will appear in November,
I Princess Beatrice of Britain, becoming
j b °"* ? u f rln g a lesson .made »sketch
I which is to be published In the next number
| o) rj()0(l
Mr. Wilkie Collins' new novel will be
A beautiful commemorative edition of
Luther's hymns is to bo published by the
Scribners. It will present the original text
with the bi/st versions aud with the music
composed lor them.
Iu Riga, Russia' the peasants have the
following proverb: "The devil was born a
menced a humorous novel with this title,
but bis illness did not permit him to finish
Howells, who settled down in his Boston
residence at once on his return from Europe,
lias begun another novel. In denying the
authorship of "The Bread Winners" he
generously remarked: "I wl6h I had writ
ten It."
Caroline Hadley has composed, for the
delectation of young children, 100 stories
taken from the i dd aud New Testament, in
equal measure. They are simple and graphic.
(Une vol., 423 pp.; 12 woodcuts; cloth.
Philadelphia. J. B. Lippincott & Co.)
The literary event of the year in Germany
will I e the publication of the complete
works ef Luther by the Government. The
series will he completed probably iu 12 vol
umes, of which the first two are about ready.
The remaining volumes will be issued at
the rate of three a year.
Mr. Howard Conkling, grandson of the
Hon. Alfred Conkling, Minister to Mexico,
has just completed a book ou "Mexico and
the Mexicans." It is a record of recent
travels Iu the country, and will be illustrated
with many original wood-engravings. Tain
tor Brothers & Merrill arc to publish the
"How to Writo English." A Practical
Trea Ise on Euglish Composition. By A.
Arthur Read, author of "Study and StinuuJ
louts," etc. Third bdttlon. ltimo. Flexlbl™
cloth cover. Ö0 cents. A clearly written,
instructive, simple, straightforward and en
couraging guidé. J. B. Lippincott & Co.,
The American editions of probably the
two most important biographies of the year
will lie published by the Messrs. Harper.
One is Lord Bulwer Lyttou's life written by
bis sou, containing much autobiographical
matter, aud tho other a biography of An
thony Trollope, which will consist almost
entirely of the author's autobiography.
Several Important new thcologioal books
are announced by Messrs. Phillips & Hunt
as follows: ''BiblicalHermeneutics," a trea
tise on the interpretation of the Old and
New Testaments, by Milton L. Terry, "Out
lines of tho Doctriue of Resurrection," by
the Rev. R. J. .Crooke; "Ironies," by Dr.
James Strong, and "Doomed Beligions," by
Dr. J. M. lieid.
"Bilde Stories for Young Children.
Caroline Hadley. Price, $1. J. B. Lippin
cott & Co. Tills is a work of 423 pages, in
bright, clear priut, and containing a number
of full-page iliustrations. The stories are
told in a pleasing, progressive sort of man
ner, frequently suggestive and of en terse,
and never, iu language, above the compre
hension oi those 'or whom they were pre
pared. *
Famous Points of Standard Authors. This
elegant, and handsomely illustrated volume
Iroin the press of J. B. Lippincott A Co., of
Philadelphia, contains Gray's "Elegy,"
Goldsmith's "The Traveler," "The Deserted
Villlgc," Cowpcr's "Task," Book I, and
Scott's "Lady of the Lake," First Canto.
Edited by Rev. E. T. Stevens, M. A., and
Rev. D. Morris, B. A. Illustrated. One
volume. Bound in extra cloth, gilt edges,
Landsdowne style, $1.25; full morocco, $2:
tree call, gilt extra, $4.
J. B. Lippincott & Co., of Philadelphia,
have in press (and now nearly ready) Pul
grave's Golden Treasury of the best songs
and lyric poems in the English language.
Selected and arranged, with notes, liy
Francis Turner Pulgrave, Fellow of Exeter
College, Oxford. With a continuation, em
bracing selections from the works of recent
and living English poets. Edited by John
Foster Kirk. One volume. 8vo. Illus
trated. Bed line. Extra cloth, gilt edges.
$3.50. Full smooth morocco, extra. $3.00
Tree calf. $800.
Clark W. Bryan & Co., of Holyoke,
Mass., have published "The Paper Mill
Directory of the World," containing a com
plete catalogue of ail the paper and pulp
mills on the globe. A summary of its con
tents shows that in the United States there
are 1,010; Canada, 56; Central America, 8;
England, 289; Scotland, 67; Ireland, 15;
Italy, 205; Australia, 4; France, 555; Ger
man Empire, 1,108; Austro-Hungary, 438;
the Netherlands, 75; Spain, 118; Russia,
189; Sweden, 80; Algiers and Japan, 6 each;
and New Zealand, South America and the
Isle of Mun, 2 each. The total number in
the world is 4,463. (One vol.; 186 pp.;
cloth, $1.00. )
Good Work.
One of the moat reliable places to get
good tin work done is Wm. F. Robinson's,
at 211 Shipley street. He l:a9 done many
large jobs recently and has given the best
of satisfaction. Get his estimates for your
Get Ready for Cold Weather.
If you want to save money, como
507 Market 6treet. We have a lar^e and
well selected stock of underwear of every
deecrlpMon, which we are Belling at
lowest possible priera. W. H. Sincock.
You will see many adver
tisements about large stocks of
Fall and Winter Goods, and
.each one will claim to be
ahead of their competitors, but
we will be content to let the
readers of The News know
we have a larger stock than
usual because our trade de
mands it, and this is an evi
deiice that our goods are sold
at as low prices as elsewhere,
or a little lower for same

Our Children's Stock is com
plete. We do not mean by
that to tell you we keep the
low-price shoddy goods, but
we do have a good quality at
a very low price, and yet we
sell more of our suits from five
to ten dollars.
In our Boys' Department we
have some very stylish gar
ments to show you, while the
young men cannot help being
pleased by making a selection
from our nobby styles.
We have over Forty Styles
to show you in our Men's Dev
partment, and now, kind
reader, just visit us at your
earliest convenience and let us
show you our goods, and see
if it will not be to our mutual
interests to deal with each
This does not give you much
of an idea of our stock, but if
you will stop in at
Fourth & Market Sts.
it will give us great pleasure to
show you our goods and
prices. Yours,
Jno. W. Diefendorf & Co
We will give a written guarantee that our Crown Ready M xed Paints are composed of
Puro Lead and Linseed Oil. We arc prepared to prove that the majority ol so-called paints
m this city are made Iroin Caolin, China and Ceary, mixed with Water, Benzine, Rosin
and üilieato of Soda. We leave the public to judge of the relative merits of the Lead and
Clay paints.
Our Roof Paint is pure Oxide ol Iron, ground in pure Boiled Linseed Oil, it is Fireproof
and Waterproof and is the best chemical composition known to science for the purpose.
We have sole agency lor Charles C. Phillips' Philadelphia Varnishes, Japans, aud Hard
O.l Fini.hcs, eic., comprising eoacli tiniahinu, eoacli miming, carriage gear varnishes etc.
Gramer» iusiue and Outside Varnishes. On Finishes lor Walnut, AsU aud all white
w.hjUb. Many houses iu Ibis city are uow being finished with the oïl Uuishes, also two
publie buildings--we ulalin to liavu the liest assorted stock of varnish iu this ci:y, aud can
sell at lac lory prices. Samples cheerfully furnished to the trade, architects, etc.
Car'and carriage tilliug, from practical tests made by one of our best mechanics,
to hr the best composition as yet ottered the trade, price $3.30 per gallon.
Wc have ton grades. Five galls of our Valve Oil in a recent test made in this city
performed 29 hours more service aud ol equal quality,than an equal quantity of the highest
price Cylli.der Oil sold in thie market. We have all grades ol heavv aud light machinery
oils. * '
• Is a specialty with us. We keep Prime ou draft, which we retail in any quantities tosuit
the trade aud solicit your orders lor oue, two aud live gallon lots. Empty cans kept iu
stock. r
Quoted at lowest market rates. Highest prii.es paid for empty oil barrels.
Artists materials. Barbotlne supplies modeling tools, Wlusor A Newtons tube colon»,
artists brushes, Russell's canvas boards, artists canvas, stretchers,
type supplies, etc.
Window glass furnished in any quantities and cut to order while you wait.
convex glasses, Ivory
5 East Fourth Street, (bet. Market and King,)
-TO G El'

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