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Sournal awB atatrarnsn
Tuesday Morning Jane 27, 1865.
It is with profound regret
the death of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis
DuPont of the United States Navy. He
left his home for a visit to the city of
Philadelphia about a week since, and
suddenly expired on Friday moruiug last,
about live o'clock, at the LaPierre Houbo
He had been indisposed for Bevoral weeks
past, but his family and intimate friends
did not view his illness as of a seri
..... . ,
a tnend, it cost a gloom
of Borrow 0T.r th. whole common»,.
Samuel Franc« DuPont was bornât
w, t, . . vt „ ,v , ,
Bergen Point, N. J., on the twenty
oua character and were totally unprepar
ed for the sad event. On the morning it
question his wife, who was with him
found him laboring ander great oppres
sion from
affection of the chest, and
immediately sent for a physician, but
before his arrival, all that,, was mortal of
a great aud good
had passed .away,
reached his
of his death
home and this city, and
▼ersally respected as a citizen and
seventh day of September A. D. 1803
the grandson of Pierre Samuel
DuPont de Nemours, a French econo
mist and statesman, who was born io
Paria, December 14, 1739, and died in
Delaware, August 6. 1817. DuPont de
Nemours was an adherent of Qnesnay and
expounder of his doctrines. He wsb
the assistant of Turgot daring his snort
tenure of the ministry of finance 1774 76.
Under the ministry of Vergennw he was
employed in framing the treaty of 1783,
in which the independence uf the United
States wae formally recognized by Eog
land. In the constituent assembly it
1789 he advocated liberal principles, but
opposed the harsh measures of the revolu
tionists. After the fall of tbo Girondists he
was Imprisoned, bnt was saved by the
revolution of the 9th Thermidor. In
1799 be repaired to the United States,
and returning to France in 1802, became
a contributor to several periodicals and
pnblbhed one or two pamphlets on im
portant public matters. On the first
overthrow of the empire he was appoint
ed Secratary or the provisional govern
ment. On the return of Napoleon from
Elba he left France forever, and passed
the remainder of his life on the Brandy
wine, where two of his sons, Irene and
Victor, hgd years before established their
Victor Da Pont made his first visit to
America in 1787 ae Secretary to the
French Ambassador, Count de Monstier.
He came a second time in 1795 as French
Consul at Charleston, S. C., where he re
ttided four years and where his elder child
were born. He
for many years a
promiuent man in the State of Delaware.
He took
active part in developing the
industry of the State, and perhaps the
best monument to his memory, and to
that of liis brother, may he found
banka of the Brandywine, where they have
left the mark of their well spent lives by
changing a wilderness into the scene
which it now presents.
The subject of this notice was the Bon
of Viotor DuPont. At twelve years of
age he
in the Navy, and sailed in 1817 ou his
first cruise in the frigate Franklin under
Commodore Stewart. He
commissioned a Midshipman
. . , . „ , „ ,
««nice» h» might be called upon to per
form- Iu 1845, being then a Comman
der, he was ordered to the Pacific, iu
command of the frigate Congres«, bearing
the broad pennant of Commodore Stock
ton, and during the Mexican war
mach active uervice
for many
years employed in the ordinary routino
duties of bis profession, but he neglected
no opportunity to fit himself for auy
th« California
coast. In Febraarj 1848, be landed at
San Jose with one hundred marinas and
sailors, and, defeating and dispersing &
Mexican force five times as numerous,
resened a small party under Lieut- Hay
wood, who had b«en beloagnred in the
mission house. In 1856 be attained the
rank of captain and in the succeeding
year was placed is command of the
steam.frigale Minnesota, which conveyed
the American Minister to Chin*. After
a croise of two years in the China waters
be returned home, aud on the first of
January A. D. 1861
mand of the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
After the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln he
was consulted by the Secretary of the
Navy with reference to the occupation of
a ceotral harbor or depot oa tho aouthern
ooast, and, haring recommended Port
Royal he wan put in' command of the
South Atlantic blockading squadron, and
charged with the special duty of attack
ing that point. Ho sailed from PortreseL.
the S9th of October, 1B6I, ic
his flag-ship the Wabash, accompanied
by a fleet of fifty sail, comprisiug vessels
r j a F
Ot war, and transports conveytog
yj « . « _ , _ .
On November 4 and 5 the fleet, after
having been scattered by a violent storm,
render,cased of Port Royal, aud on th
7th an attack was made npon two strong
Hilton Head and Bay Point,
which defended the harbor. After n
placed iu
laud force« under Gen. T. W. Sherman
MY»re engagement 0 f four tours, iu
the squadron led by the Wabaah «teamed
thrice iu an elliptic course between tbe
forts, delivering their fire at each in tore
♦tu» i »t. i . ,
tbe enemy evacuated their works, »ban
doning everything bnt their mittketêi®
Tho news of this victory
with great joy by the loyal north. F1»!
Officer DnPont followed up this advan
tagt with Vigor at different point» along
the 8oathern coast, the naval operations
against which
invariably attended
with success. He also succeeded in
forcing a more effective blockade. Ip
A ugust Î862 he was nominated by Presi
dent Lincoln one of the nine Rear
the active list He
m&nded the attack on the forts in Charles
ton harbor. It failed. We have no
disposition at this time to revive the con
troversy which soon after occurred be
tween the Admiral and the Navy Dé
partaient. It is enough to know that all
the subsequent history of naval opera
in Charleston harbor, clearly
proves that Admiral DnPont was in the
right and the Navy Department
sent to Charles
the wrong. Another
ton, and millions of dollars were wasted
in efforts to take Charleston In a way
pronounced impossible by Admiral
DuPont. His advice was rejected and
the Navy Department did not again
avail themselves of bis professional servi
. History has already justified him, and
what was meànt for disgrace has but
added to his brilliant reputation.
His sea service extends over a period
of twenty-five years. He has serred on
arioGB important naval boards, includ
ing the lighthouse board, the naval re
tiring board, and the boards for providing
a code of rules for the service, and for
the examination of midshipmen. He also
was prominent in organizing the naval
school located at Annapolis, until driven
from there to Newport, R. I., by the re
.... _ . * ' , ,
"lion. He is the author of a work on
?" u»e of floating batterie, for count de
fence, which has been republished and
.... , . . _ 1 , , ,
highly commended in England by Sir
Howard Douglas in his work on naval
K Q " n ® r J; _
Admiral DuPont was the beau a deal of
a naval officer. Devoted to his profession,
be labored assiduously to build up the
reputation of the navy, and was one of its
chief ornaments. The preparation of
that branch of the public service for the
work which devolved npon it in aonse r
quence of the rebellion, was due mpre to
m than to any other man in tbit de
partment of the government.
Possessing all those virtues which adorn
public character, he was in private life a
pure and Widest Christian gentleman.
Sam peur f turns reproche could be in
scribed as the- legend of his arms. In
his death, the Country has lost one of its
noblest patriots, and the State of Delà
ware, which claims him as her son, one
of her best and greatest citiiens.
Atlantic Monthly.— Tho July
ber of the Atlantic haa been received and
usual full of interesting and readable
articles. Bayard Taylor gives an article
"Winter life in St. Petersburg," with
some of his experiences as a diplomat in
the court of Alexandria. The pathetic
history of tho poor Irish girl "Ellen,"
who went in search of her brother, a
soldier boy in Virginia, is well told, and
cannot fail to touch many sympathetic
hearts. The account of a Chicago
spiracy will excite
conduct of Col. Sweet —an unknown
soldier—saved Chicago from Gre and
desolation, and shonld receive substantial
recognition from the govern mert. The
facts attested by this article prove the
truth of the report of Judge Advocate
Holt, made public previous to the last
election. Dr. Johns, The Chimney
Corner And Needle and Garden are con
tinned, and many other articles of present
interest may be found in this number.
Ticknor & Fields, Publishers, Boston.
comment. The
London Quarterly Review.
last number of this Quarterly lias been
received from the American publishers,
Leonard Scott & Co., New York. It
contains articles
the following sub
jects :—Galleries of the Louvre ; Classi
cal Learning in Franco ; Sir Edward
Bulwer Lytton's Novels and Poems ;
French Education ; Oar Ships and Guns;
Bishop of London's Fnnd ; Clerical Sub
wri p tion . Tra „ le j
Central Asia ;
Libel »nd Freedom of tho Press and
Pnrlimentary Deform.
pei&onai, items.
A man in Hobt
, Canada West, committed
before the
he told his
offered him $160,000, and
concluded to acoept tho offer.
Cneriva Walsh, of Chicago, convicted by
I* M ilitary C >mmis»ioo at Cino nnaii of
a devi
tu- bail
« I
° f
«uv t
dooTfîj'd.nb.' .uTj'îh™« 1 SC'
lr.j* t '* uft " " m Ti * it E"S'»oi
The New York Observer, well koowu as a
W " J ■ 00QBer "»'™ ••ysi-Mr. Johnson
who is a pure negro, was admitted to the prac.
of law in tba Bupreme Court of tbiB State
.t Rockestar, ip June of last year, and bas de
—olded to remove to Liberia to practice hie pro
feei-ion. In a note of ooumepdation Judge
9' 8 " lth . Ba J B of him:— "By bis o»»d
squired a reputable knowitdg* of tbe law, and
what hB baa nodenakeo." Tkis
uepiraoy to release
from C*-mp Douglas, and
" tmprisounieiJt, bas been
l five y
pardoned by
Cept J. L. Fie
has commanded
Slates army, who
m of 1801. *62 aud
at the Aetor House, New York, preparing to
organise a four I h expedition to the gold field.
' e Yellowatuue, Montana, and will be se
amed by aboat 200 emigrants, starling
8! Faul ibont tbe 26th of Jqij, for the
purpos# of settling and devtlopiug the
■oaroea of that oountry.
tbo territories of Idaho aud M >u
Moseby, the gueiiua, went into Lyoobbuig
on the 18th to be paroled, but owing ta a mis
understanding of orders his parol« was refus, d,
and he was directed to leave town iujmkdiately
Mrr. Johnson, wife of Mr. Joseph Jobusou.
rasidins; in Springfield, Chester county, opposite
Royer « Ford, committed snioide lust Saturduy,
17th, by drowning bimself in the well
Mr. Sherman, of New York, toe manager
the Innd collecting for Mrs. Lincolo, announces
that about $10,000 has already been subscribed,
and says the plan will not be abandoned until
$100.000 bas been seoured.
Good authority says than General Grant will
make quite a tour in July.
that for the first
members of tbe bar or Ontario oounty!
Tbs cititens of Clay county, Illinois, have
fonna*- oomplaiat to the Governor that the
Bounty is overrun with rebel soldier» »gd dis
0,ÂÎ citi * enB » »fi® >®»®lt nnd
nssault tha
people j wear butternut ualforms, aud
y flaunting rebel badge«. The Governor
Tribute to III» Memory by tire
Rev. Mr Wlawell.
Major-General Meade and Staff Attends
On Friday morning last, a gloom was oast
city, by tho announcement that
Admiral Samuel F. DuPont, had died very
La Pierre House, in Philadelphia.
While iii the city bis health seemed to improve.
On Tuesday ho expressed himself in excellent
spirits, and on Wednesday evening he told a
friend that he Lad not been as buoyant in
spirite for several years. His wife was greatly
gratified by bia apparent vivacity, and on
Thursday they visited numerous acquaintances
in the city, the Admiral everywhere remarking
that he believed tho pleasant sommer wehther
irely removed all traces of his disease.
The interval of repose from pain and disease
brief. On Friday morning,
complained of suffocation in his throat and »•»
extreme difficolty in breathing. A servant was
bu, ' h « '" dd '" rwo, i°" d l""'
The suffocation beosms more fa '"» * Bd at *
quarter of five he expired. ,
... . ,,
somnanlssted through tho «i«. A<tal .
DuPont was extensively known in Philadelphia.
From 1069 to the commencement of the war he
ander of the Pblladilphl
Navy-yard, aud during his official connection
became generally acquainted
with all the oitisens. Hundreds called upon
his widow, and expressed their eympntb.« and
her and the oonntry's loss. The
officers of the Navy-yard and the pricoipal
military oommanders in the oity visited the
hotel and honored the dead.
His remains
he arosa, h
i he
ent of his death
with that station
brongbt to this oity io th*
in, and conveyed to his residence on
the Banks of the Brandywine.
Immediately on the reoeipt of the Bad Istelll
iience the fligs on the public buildings and the
shipping in the harbor, were displayed at half
io t> ken of respect for the deceased.
At the reqn»si of a-me of onr oitiaeei.
Saturday morning last, at eleven o'clock, the
City Coano 1 wa
*he City Hall, y Mayor Marls, to take mr
d at iheir Chamber in
our city
the loss
»aaiained hy the nation In the demise of Rear
Admiral S«muel F DuPont.
In the absence of the President of the CoanoU,
Mr. Achillea Hollingsworth.
C«nhy, of the Fi
chair The following message of Mayor Maria,
then rend by the Clerk :—
Maton's Office.
WiLMiNOTON, Jane 24tb, 1866.
7b the City Council of Wilmington :
Gentlemen : -I bave the honor to atals that
I have exeroleed the prerogadve of oonrenlng
yonr honorable body, for the purpose of
munioatiug the aad intelligence of the death of
Rear Admiral Samuel F. DuPont.
This distinguished naval officer died ibont 6
motion, Wm
xrd, was called
This distinguished naval officer died ibont 6
o'olook yesterday morning in the city of Phils
at hia late
His rrmains
residence near this city, and his funeral tervi
will take plaoe to-morrow—Sunday—afternoon.
In this act of Provideooe our nation as well as
his family will experience a great loss.
lees distinguished for private
virtues than publio eorviees ; and bis ioflaenoe
in the Navy, among his countrymen, cr ic the
private circle, was nsefol and important. A
great And good man has been numbered among
tbs Illustrious dead.
1 would respeotfully invite your attention to
tho eminent services rendered the Government
by Rear Admiral DuPont, the nnsullied glory,
honor and renown refleoted upon our city and
8tate, repeated manifestations of prids and
tmerest in our city, and Da Institutions, as well
as bis repatation for being one of the greatest

and most successful Naval Commanders.
Very Respectfully your ob't servant,
J. Mabis. Mayor.
After the reading of the meeiage, Mr Pleree,
of the First Ward, moved the appointment of a
committee to draft resolutions expressive of the
of the Connoil, on the sad event. The
motion was carried, and tha chair appointed the
following named gentlemen said committee :_
W. II. Pieros, Wm 8. Hayes, Thomas Titus,
John A. Duncan, Philip MoDowell.
On motion, the chairman, Wm. Canby,
added to the oommittee.
On motion, the Connoil adjourned.
On Friday last the Seoretsry of the Navy
nonnoed the death of Rear Admiral 8. F. Du
Pont in the following offloial order :—
Navt Dbfartmnnt,
Washington, Jane 28, 1806
Central Ordert Ho 60.
The Department announce«
tbs Navy aad
to the Marine Corps, the death, this morning, at
Philadelphia, of Hear Admiral Bamnel F. Du
Pont, United States Navy, after
career of nearly fifty years iu the service of his
This officer was distinguished fer ability aud
acquirements in his profession, and filled with
credit many impor
and afloat. He
MS M »bl«
positions, both ashore
especially distinguished for
bis deoieive and splendid victory achieved at
Port Royal, 8. C.. on the 7th November, 1Ç01,
for whioh be reoeived the thanks of G
■ .
•ce of the
. .. .
triharâ 0 «!?t, ,'îw T*x îJ eMrTed
luLdd •. P l«i.nnft«.t,if ,8h ^ d be 7i!
d ' J[oMwotgivs this notic« Without
'„ZÎ °/k T e r e 01 thB
loss we -nsteiu in the death of auch n, man as
Admiral DuPont. He whose mortal rengaine
As a recognition cf his distinguished etrvioea
and a mark of respeot to hie memory, it is hors
by directed that at the Navy-yard, Philadel
phia, the flags will be hoisted
. and continue so until sunset of the day
of hie burial, ou whioh day, at noon, thirteen
guns will be fired, and at alt oth»r navy
yards, tbs flags will be hoisted half-mast
throughout the day after tha reoeipt of this
order, and thirteen minute guoe fired at
Gidson Wblles,
Secretary of the Navy.
Rev. Mr. Wi we'l. In giving
ral eervloee of Rear Admiral DnPont. laat 8ab
this day
common man. He was, in the
be commiited
the dust,
and beet
of tbe words, a distinguished oltisco of
bese United Butes. Amoog all lbs illustrious
names ibat adorn our national annals, few stood
so high as Samuel Franois DuPont. I do not
speak of him broanse of distinguished birth
Thoogh one of a large and honorable family*
knowD throughout nur oountry with respeot, ye'l
it was not this that made him illustrious It w.«B
rather the true nobility ol obaraoter whioh aï
ways ebons so oonspiooously in him. He was a
good man, and great as he wae good. I do net
apeak from intimate personal acqnainUnce ;
though to some extent 1 had that acquaintance ;
but I epeak of bim as he h&a so long been known
and of tbo reputation be baa so well established
throughout our oountry and the world. He was
a noble sped men of a Christian and a gentleman.
1 apeak of this with all the
pleasure, be
lamentably lnfiequent that those
who render distinguished servioes to their
governed by the principles of the gos
pel. Admiral DuPont's obaraoter in thin respeot
rt. I have repeatedly beard
clergymen and others engaged in vtrioua Chu»
tiau efforts in behalf of the army and nn*y, say,
that wherever they met the loflqenee of thi'e
consistent Christian commander, tjUj were en
couraged and took new strength from hie exam
ple He wee one pf tho few noble Chriatlan
men occupying high publio and offieiol stations.
whose obaraoter and example may be cemmend
the At
th! ^ hu was
' h V m " k ® d Dame am ° B 6 naval oemmanders.
.nd nraong rann, „hn „srs (.i*U.„ hs .ioo",
.( is
r I
country appreciated bis services apd honored
him as he deserved, and to all futur« time bis
will adoro the pages
sudden death is a publie loss, aud
country is all th« rioher
bequeathed it''
history His
for tbe legfcoy he has
at st. andbrw'« oguaoa.
oohlDg alluiion to the high ohriatian character
d distinguished patriotism of the deoeascJ.
The Bishop stated that he had administered the
holy rite of confirmation to Admiral DuPontoars,
sixteen veers ago, and during all that period, up 4
to the hour of hie death, he had been a devoted, A
oonslstent, praotioal, working Christian ; takingfand
eepecial pleasure in every effort tending to the!
advancement of the Church and the glory of Us
divine Head and Master.
a^sT. John's church, beandtwinb.
The Rev. Mr. Coleman, Reotor of 8t. John's
church, io announcing the death of the Admiral,
referred to the greet loss whioh hai befallen the
Ohnrob and State io the death of one who, by
his teal and devotion to the interests of each,
bad made bis ounneel nod services of great
He enjoined his example of unaffected, and ye
undisguised religion,
ought to bs imitated by all in posts of public
danger and responsibility. In conclusion, Mr.
Coleman urged his or agrégation to joio heartily
in prayers to God for the giving or his comfort
to the efflioted family, and of grace to thvtn
eelves, that they alfimight
that could and
that when
die their death might be that of
the illustrious Admiral, the death of the right
* , ... ,
ha f r 3 .«.rel o'eLkluZ 1 hlP
P*»« 1>J M»|or Me.d° .nd M?jor Bs.h'., of hi,
»'•&; Colonel 0. H. Cnaau, Cora
modore Hull, Commodore Engle, Commodon
'-irduer. Commodore Turner. Commodore Ad
amB » Captain Farnley, Captain Burrows, Corn
ra.odorFr.llo,, Comm.odirCorhlo. Comi.nd.
Harrison Lieute
The remains of the lamented Admiral we
five o'olook, from the family resi
dence, abont four miles from This city.
Although the family desired that there should
extraordinary display ou the oooasion, «till
tho obsequies were of a deoidedly impressive,
solemn and Interesting obaraoter, and every way
worthy of tba illustrious name and brilliant oa
of the departed naval hero.
> >
Commander Nickels, Lieu
tenant Commander Wells,Lieutenant Commander
MePauley, Paymaster Melaoh, Paymaster Good
win, Paymaster Lardner, Paymaster Pettit,
Surgeon Quinn, Surgson Coates, 8orgeon
"00111, Acting Volunteer Lieaten
nant Smalley, of the Marine Corps ; Gen.
Ward B. Buraett, Captain James Wait, and a
number of civilians.
A large number of
at the depot, anxious to get a glance .
military and naval gentlemen expected. Gen
Meade came in for a large ehare of
j|od a crowd followed close after him during his
walk from the train to the passenger oars in
waiting to oonvey the party to the Rising Son
depot. The excursion party took their
a large and airy car especially provided for
them, and drove through the oity to the termi
of the railroad, where oarritgee were in
: to convey them
i tirai
mméI i 1

anted on the DuPont e
mills, and about
the deceased.
Christ Cburob, sit.
, near the powd>r
mile from the residence ot
It w&AsiraDged that the remains of the deocased
Should b* brought without display from the
residence, and the obsequies proper take place
from the church. Accordingly that eacrcd edi
floe beoame the oentre of iutereat. Somo time
before the arrival of the remains, an immcuse
crowd of ladies and gentlemen were gathered on
the greeu surrounding the oburcb, and every
road leading to it displayed n 8
bound for the common oentre, inte
'he interesting
of the churoh was completely filled with vehicles
of all descriptions,
speotatora from a long distance.
of people
i viewing
monies. The lawn in front
of whioh conveyed
Tba churoh belle commenced dolling at 1
quarter to five o'clock, which heralded the ap
proaeb of the Admival's remains. The r'
aud military officers in waiting then arranged
'hemseives on either aide of the vestibule wbeo
taken from the hearse, carried
past them and deposited in frout of tho obaucel.
The coffin
fully mounted with ailv
rioh Americ
the church and took the seats assigned them
followed by ladies and citiaens.
covered with blaok cloth', beami
er and oovered with s
flag. The offioere then filed into
The churoh
densely orowded, and every
window was filled with spectators endeavoring
to oatch a glimpse- of the solemn proceedings.
Amid a breathless stillness the service
oeadkd with
Services as far as the Lesson 1
Rev. C Breck, of Trinity Church.
Lesson and concluding prayers were read by
Rev. Wm. A. Newbold, Reotor of Christ Churoh.
Funeral Address, delivered by Rt. Rev. Dishop
read by
Service at the grove by Bishop Lee and Rev
Mr. Newbold.
Rev. Wm. Marshall, Reotor of 8t. James
uhureb, Stanton,
»iso present in the ohaooel
Rev. Mr. Coleman, of 8t. John's Churoh,
with the family.
r» Bid
The reverend gentleman said it
to oougregate here fer the purpose of paying a
last tribute of respeot to departed worth. Words
oould do but little jftlce to the occasion, and hs
felt incapable of advertiug in proper ter
tbs sad and sadden loss that had befell not only
this community, bnt the nation at large. We
only bow In reverence
He said a nation monrns with ns to to-day,
aud the great heart of the American people beat»
with feelings of respect and sorrow for the illus
♦rloos departed. The name of Admiral Dupont
is repeated with affection all over the land. He
was widely known as one of the greatest naval
lights in the oountry. He was true and faithful
to the flag of his country while many around
him were falso to it, and he defended it with de
votion aud oourage.
the will of the
the honored instrument of aohievlng
a great and glorioue.victory, which eiootrified
the nation. History, and history only, 01
full justice to Admiral Dupont, and his
will be reoorded among those who are
ed for herolo deede. The speaker alluded _
bright, oheerfal nature of tbs deceased, and said
hie friends (and who
true not only to his oountry, his rela
tione and bis friends, bul also to the churoh.—
While he was engaged in such responsible ser
vloes to his country, receiving the plaudits of
th" nation, he utlll bowed with humility before
fone-Mchriet. He bad no oelentation in religion, but
wee n candid, fair, outepokeo Christian.
Th- «P® ak «r «iwolt at considerable length on
ibe Christian virtue» of The deceaaad. He said,
weigh him in any balança, cither sacred or .ecu
lBr « aod hB wonld b8 to be amanin ever
respect. He rejoiced that he net only eo well
areifoaght the battle, of hi.oouotry, but «bra of
his religion nlso. His name will live with thoso
of Farragut, toots, Porter, aud a host of other
his friende?) oi
the etrong magnetism with which he a
trusted himself to everybody with whom he
in oonteot.
.... LOOK ._
Appropriate musio was then given by the choir,
when the lid of the coffin was removed, and eve
r Jbody present viewed tbe face of the dec seed,
to *ke obancel by one isle of the
ohuroh and by tbe other,
The body
then replaoed in the hearse
and the cortege took up its line of maroh for tbe
barisi ground in the following order :
Battalion of United States Marines, from the
Philadelphia Navy Yard, two hundred strong.
Bishop Lee and officiating Clergymen.
Hearse containing body, with the following
genUemen acting as pall-bearers : Major-Gene
ral Meade, Colonel Q. H. Croeman, Commodore
Hull, Commodore Engle, Commodore HariUon
Commodore Adams, Commodore Larduer, C.Dt!
Farnley, and others. v
Relatives And Friends
Naval and Army Officers.
Carriages containing friends.
Citisens generally,
ge proceeded to the burial ground ot
the Dupont family, about half a mile from the
ohureb, and
TUN burial oround.
The bor, ' 1 K«-ound is ».mall Snolosnre, about
oat acre in extent, romantloilly sitnated oo a
rising piece of woodland, and aurronnded with a
rnwll wood.o
and oontains a number of trees. It is a short
distance from the different Dupont reeideuces,
and looks down on Brandywine oreek.
8hott religious ex-roiaes were gone through
ith at the grave, when the battalion of marines
were drawn up in front of tbe burial ground
and t|ja cérémonie» ended with the
tary salut«. Directly after the lntsrment, Qen.
Meade and a number of the naval officers pro
!" ||
thero deposited In tbe family
ceedcd to the residence of Admiral Dupont's
family, and extended their sympathies in their
severe affliction, after which tboy drove
and reaobed Philadelphia during
4 log.
A The marines
in t
the even
this city in a steam tug,
*i eyed to the terminus of the road
of the City Railway Company. Thfy
oily again about eight o'olook, and
left immediately In the tug for Philadelphia.
- At the time of the burial of Admiral Dupont,
Sunday, minute guns were fired at tho Navy
Yard, and the Union Refreshment SbIood, Pni
Upon the arrival of the special train from
Philadelphia, with Gen. Meade and other military
Celebrities ou board, so
in tho
proposed three cheers fsr Gen. Meade, up
hearing whioh the Hero of Gettysburg rain
his hand in token of dissent at any suoh demo
stration upon the ßabbath day, and,
was silent and no outburst of popular appla
After the distinguished military party had
been seated in the four-horse
them, at Front and Frenoh streets,
prominent Justices of the Peace Btepped
into the oar, and accosting a venerable looking
adore who wae eeated with the oompany,
the following colloquy took place :—
"la this Admiral Farragutf"
"No sir."
"Is the Admiral in this
"No sir."
"It is reported that a steam tug is coming
down the river, is Gen. Grant on board of her T"
said sir."
provided for
of our
disappointed Justice left the
and mingling again in the crowd,
in bringing into the "aorape" from whioh he
bad just
who seemed
o enjoy
•coroner of this county
Joke hugely.
Epitome or Business
to give tho brave
; Pkrbonal Matths
being made by the citiien
Ceoil County
on on the return of the Sixth Maryland Regi
iqnt, Col. Hill, or that portion of it belonging
• that oounty. Dinner will be served in a grove
near the town, a band of musio to enliven the
û a oivio escort is proposed, com
'ous Orders in the oounty—Odd
Fellows, MasooB, and Amerioan Meohanios,
dressed in the regalia of their Orders.
The prospect for peaobes, this season, in the
lower part of Ceoil County, is
ing. The yield will not be eo
last year, although the fruit may be or a be
The farmers have been engaged;
t, in the hurrying business of haying *u
vesting for the past
week has fairly inaugurated
whioh is unuBnally early this
of the patent reaper hav enlivened the graii
fields for t-everal days, in this vioinliy, aud Tur
ther down tho Shore the wheat barrent is about
finished, while iu the upper districts of Cecil
the grain harvest is only fairly commenced
How the wheat crop promises to yield, wo have
not yet ascertained.
Lieut. Haxtard, with
ofl lain,
used of the
very flatter- 1
that of

eks. The past
i# 1 I> « « 1.
on. Tho
_ . . twelve men of the
First Delaware Cavalry, reached this city lust
ek, for the purpose of being paid off and got
stered out of the eervioe. Several of the
cavalry have enlisted in the regol
it io thought by
that the balance may be
of the eervioe in a short time.
• Robert Stewart, who resides
properly near Philips Mill, in Chrieiiaua Uu
dred, met with a eerious accident last Frida
afternoon. He had ridden
of hay, and
the Sawdjo
a lo H
attempting to get off,
of the horses took fright, commenced to
and wheeling suddenly around, upset the wage
whioh fell on Mr. 8. crushing bis left
left leg very seriously. There
preeeut, and he had
get a man to relieve Mr. 8. from his pai
fui position. Dr. White
ed the 'wounds.
!.. k
only a boy
the field in or
M t
sent for and dres
Jesse Bharpe has sold his dwelling house and
adjoining lot In King street, to Frederick Hen
ing, for $7.600.
Achillea Hollingsworth, President of the City
Council, has been somewhat indisposed during
tho past few weeks, suffering from ar affection
of the heart. Ho was something better
advices, and we trust will soon be restored
a meeting of the City Counoil, on Thure
day last, Dr. D. W. Mnull was eieoied Vaccin
rbysioian for the western district of this city
A little boy named Michael Clinoh, engaged
in fishing on the bridge at the fo
street, last Friday, fell i
and was drowned. Several persons witnessed
the aocldent, bat were uuable to afford him ar
assistance. His body was recoveicd soon after
ward, and Coro
. . Curr y held an inquest,
beju/y returned a verdict in accordance withl
the above facts. The lad was only about slxffï
years of age. and resided with his father in 80-B
oond street, between Orange and Tatuall.
The Babhath School of Mount Salem, and tbeB
Uuion Sabbath School on the Brandvwiue willB?
hold a pio-nio in Riddle's woodi, on the FourIbBMn
of Jul ^
of Murk
the Christiana rifp
the meetiug of the City Council, on 7
day evening, Mr. Chandler, chairman of com
mittee on public buildings, reported that th
city cells, although in a cleanly condition, were
unfit for the oonfiement of perdons who break
? nd «commended tha introduction of
additional ventilation for tho present, and the
ereotion of a pew building on King street, as
n »B material falls in value, and the fioanoes
of 'J e ® U J wil1 worrant the expenditure.
_ rj e ö - Ciroult Court for Delà a are district
-ln Ihn oil, ob Tn.id.j I,it. Chi.r Jn.lioe
Ui»«« „«» absent. Cbna. Kiefe and Dr. J P
Trenn, „ere naturalized. The Ctrar! appointed
Hanson Harman, of this city, aoo! Henry W.
Draper, of Dover, U. 8. Commissioners. There
Oeo. 8. F. Cere,, of Obio, delirored n len
lerap.r.noe, et tue Inetllnte Hell, on Frida,
e.enlngl.et, tn n large end reepeouble .udi
enee The O.eber.1 ia one of Iba moat elnnuen
epeekere to whom „e here peer listened.
600 TT M. £. Sabbath
80Ü001,.— The Scott M. E. Bebbatb School,
ïave an exhibition 1
Seventh and Bprnoe
last. A iarge audience
ocoasion. The Church
with flags and
the Church, ooroor of
Friday eveniug
tastefully deoorated
ergreens, aud presouted a neat
.,.1.- A -tage „ao erected on either sill
( ,'] h r P " " h .° h *" °""P led bj the chililre
uf the Infant nohoot. The Netiomil 3»«. ar
fully festooned, was suspended on the wait i
of the snored desk. Beneath if,
b»lf enveloped in its folds was a banner, bearing
the Jn»cription "Soott M. E. 8abbath School
-' Feed Lambs.'" Oa the front of ifcè
ata g«. a " erch was erected, which w»0 beautiful v
wreathed with evergreens and deoorated with
small flogs, adding much to the beauty of the
scene. The performers, ae well as ihn Inf...
Mboo >. were clad in white. The exerois* a oou
«»«ted of singing, recitations, dialogues & 0
B ia ««Idom that we have iver atradèd
« ^ibltioa, where »11 performed heVr ïart. 7o
well. The performers eeemed To ha.a „n
conception of th. spirit of th. Diras
«»«'»ciated their words in a clear and distinct
""»■«*. and could be heard iu all parts of the
bouts, whioh ia seldom the
School exhibitions. * The cbildi t
I '
in Sabbath
of beautiful eonga and hymns,^ ^n^oreïlîabîe
manner. Mgoh credit is due to the Pastor
Rev. Mr. O'Neil, the Superintendent, Mr Wm
H. Fonlk, Mr. J. D. Aldred, the instructor"
the children in vooal musio, and Prof Wells 1
who presided at the Melodeon, for the complete
ucoess whioh attended the exhibition, and ,be
fine moral entertainment afforded our oititens
the oonolusioQ of tbe exeroisea, the Rev Mr
Tull, Chaplain of tbe Fourth Pelawa.e Volun
leers, made a few appropriate remarks.
banquet was given to the returned Delaware
•Old.»!!, st Newport, on Thnr.d., ls,i. T be
fwti.itlM took plioo ,t (h. hou«« forme'rlv
occupied bp Mr. Booldm. • «hon distance trou
Ih. town. The tables
substantial food
that the
soldiers and their friends
who partook of tbe bounteous
for them by the loyal people of
vioinity. Addr
patriotlo character
U filled with
_ choioe delicacies
in attendance,
repast prepared
the village and
of a spirit-stirring and
PVR . made by the Rev
George Quigley, of this oity, R oy . Mr. Strioa'
of Newark, fay. Mr. fries, of Newport, Col
A. H. Grimsbaw, Thomas Roberts and others
Their remarks drew forth outbursts of anplau««'
After the festival was over, a stage nusZVcZ
and suoh of fhe partieipants as were fond of
such amusement, epeut a few hours in danoigg.
Sudden Death.— Frederick Wagner, a caraU
age trimmer, diod very suddenly at the corner
of Front and 8|ilp!ey streets, op Saturday last
between 12 and 1 o'clock. He was employed
at the coach faotory of Jones Guthrie, on the
somberly aide of Christiana creek, and went
borne on Saturday, as usual, without making
any complaint of being unwell. As he 8
his labor, he fell at tbe
on oould afford
Front and Shipley streets, and instantly expired
His death was caused by au affection of the
heart. His remains were interred on Sunday
aftornoon, and were followed to the grava hv
Delaware Tribe No. L Q. £. M., and à U..JJ
concoure of sorrowing friends,
of a h
OH.—We Lavo receivad the prospectus j
. wcskly paper to be established in New
ork City, under the title of "Tho Nation." Itf
S 3 Zt'TîùrZTiï Li,mu r
umioal and constitutional questions, with
greater aoouraoy and moderation than the daily
press. It will maintain tho true democratic
principles in society and government. It will
urge the consideration or tbô oondition of
laboring class at the South, as a matter of vital
linierest to the nntion at large, with a view to
|the removal of all artificial distinctions betweon
and the rest of the population, and the
lug to them, as far as education and justice
can do it, of an equal chance
it will advocate the enforcement und illustration
of tho doctrine that the whole
strongest in
material, in their elevation, and
be no real stability for tho reptiblio so long as
they are left in ignorance and degradation.
The publisher has engaged a special corres
pondent, who will make a journey through tho
•Sopth. His le
he is charged with
what he secs and hears, leaving the public as
far as possible to draw i
Among the list of persons who have been seoured
columns, wo find the
e of life
, both moi al, political and
will appear every week, and
duty of simply reporting
II.I- I .-lie.
of Longfellow, Whittier, Edmund Quincy,
Dr. Moflintock, Dr. Bellows, Wm Lloyd
Garrison, Dr. Franois Lieber, Judge Wayland
and Bayard Taylor. The first
issued on tho 0th of July, nnd will bo furnished
to subscribers at three dollars per year, in
advauco, or two dollars for aix months. Address,
street, Non
Ull In
Joseph H. Richarde, 180 Nas
York city.
Singular Coinoidnhois.—O n the 8th lost.
Admiral Dupont was sunk between
Fortress Monroe and New York, by a collision,
with the British ship Stadacona,
e lost. On Friday morning, t
Admiral died, nnd
net twenty-four ho
e named in his honor,
tho stun
and two lives
t five o'clock,
Saturday morning,
afterwards, the locomo
k near the Almshouse, Phtladel
plua. By this accident the conductor, Mr. J.
Barnard was Highly bruised ; nnd the engineer,
Mr. Win. Clifford, was badly scalded and had
one of bis legs broken. Mr. Clifford died about
seven o'clock on Saturday evening. On Sun
at fivo o'clock, while minute-guns
1 at the Union Refreshment Si
funeral of Admi
Dauiely was shookingly
ojured by the premature explosion of the gun.
Buth arms of Mr. Dauiely were injured. He
aken to the hospital, and it is thought that
it will bo necessary to amputate the right
The gunuerdon this occasion
Admiral DuPi
day afternoon, 1
being fired
I00D, Philadelphia, during
ed by
. In 1861. then commandant at
Philadelphia Navy Yard, to Mr. Brown, of
the Union Volunteer Rcfro*
fire signal g
s to assemble the Committee who
riving in tho city.
»as ordered
The Na
tiro thirteen gUDS
'clock, on Sunday, In honor of till
I's death, nnd Mr. Brown, of the Baloon
ok to fire tbo Ha
olnck in
•al's funeral
number of guns
nfteruoou, the hour of I
Thu first gua
precisely at fivo o'clock. Tae gun wn
attor an imperfect spongiug
discharged ensued.
A i
a fired
Charles Beuoless.—T he West
Chester Record of Friday, gives the following
additional particulars, iu referouco to the sai
accident whioh resulted in the drowning or
Charles Beugless
Charles Beuglera, was
Charles Beuglera, was „
night last. He had been to
attend the eale of government horses, and
oompany with auoihvr person, Walter Cnrpenso.,
was on his way home. The latter had probably
been indulging a little too freely and drovo ofl
tho direct road. As they were crossing Baker's
Run, about a quarter of a mile from the Street
Rond, and five from West Chester, they
off tho end of the bridge, and both wero
into the stream—Beuglesa under the vehicle.
Carpenson, with great difficulty, succeeded in
getting to the shore, and commenced hallooing
for help, which drew tu his
gentlemen who were near by fishing. The
horse plunging and jerking the carriage about
kept Beugles» under it, and by the time aid
arrived and he was taken on ahore, life was
exuuct. He was taken to the Street Road
station, where nn inquest was held by Coro_..
Ruraard, of West Chester, and a verdict rendered
years old.
West Chebtcr,
the above facto. The deceased
Wilmington, and
AcoiptNT.—?n Sunday afternoon last, Edward
Mclnall aud his sod left this city i
H^uggy for tho purpose of
thenljJ.^Jjijj} £ UP ° „
„ C n e n ro1 ov . cr the *
slxffï Î The rc,ns lying on
,ho bUß ^' A * Mr. Moluall Htooped
B 1 . 1 *®" u |'» 11 ,ü 1 ° ,,orBü Blar " S( * «nd threw
r .1 f< î ) ,eB,r V ck bl ® '''Bk* «W« »gainst one
willB?- l wbce,B ' bru, »lng it badly, and also cutting
haD; rt '" , IIü " a8 1 ,,lken » b ®'el near where
Bibo accident took plnoo, when his son drove to
this city and convoyed Dr. White
whin the Doctor attended
sufferer. He
eveuiug, aud is
nl' n:t i' 1 '
ding the funeral
the Braudywino. After
III'- ll Mir
the place,
of the
9 o'olook
ached bU homo about
doing well.
A New Feature—M rs. Sophia Bliss bnB
opened an •Btahlishment at 110 Market street,
Wilmington, Del., which is calculated to obviate
a defect which has long been felt in our city.
The ladies have heretofore been compelled to
visit hair dressing suloons of whioh gentlemeu
were the principal putronsrand wore thus forced
to submit
delay as welt
a notoriety that
rhther uopU.n.nt, We therein, ■» predict
that Mrs. Bliss will be extensively patronised,
as the advantage of a Indies hair dressing estab
ishment,exclusively for ladies, must be acknow
ledged by every one. She has also opened a
K*- neral assortment of fancy aud useful artiolca
for ladies. See advertisement.
Partner Wastsd.—I t will be
by refer
mce 10 a notice in tbo "City Matters," that a
partner is wanted with a small cash ospital, in
» store ou Market Btieot. It ia o good cstab
mhmeut, and ia worthy of tbo attention of a
gentleman wishing to embark in a business
whioh will remunerate him well for the oapital
U uion bays
On Tuesday, the 18th inst., the ho
Geo. Gr
Liohtninq —T bo Georgetown
. „ , of Col
, in Couoord, was struck by light
mug. The lightning struck the gable end, va
*ing in the end and knocking down the cbimne?
t eeeerely mooned ee.eret colored .ervent. „h„
were in tho kitchen, the eleotrio fluid then
ed directly through the hall oï the house
grossing the sner-t, entered tho house ol Dr
bllegood, State Auditor, and etruok his wife
Btuouiog ber for several hours. Strau
fatally injured,
•n i
anything a
Tni, Cblebration at G»titsburo.— An in
vitation has been extended to tbe Mayor and
council of this city, to take part in tbe oe
ui.* or layiug the corner etuuc of the nationul
monument ut Gettysburg, on tbe 4ih day of
July. Tbe Couuoil bus aooepted tbe invitation,
aud will bo represented on that oooaeioq by
Mayor Maris aud a oommittco of that body,
cousisting of Dr. J. F. Wilson, Wm. 8. Ilayes,
Wm. Canby, Philip Phinkett, Thomas Titus,
' tho chair
of Council pro.
Dam tn
Tnn Fourtii of Jult.—W e see by tho pro
ceedings of the Council, that wo are to have a
national salute fired on the Fourth of July, and
a display of fire wogks. 4 hand of musio is to
be engaged by the üounoii, and tho ii dioationa
are that we will havo a lively day. The Couuoil
has appointed Gregg Chandler, Edward Mclnall,
Wm II Pierce, E. J. Horner and Philip
MoDowell a oommiltoe to make arrangement*
for the occasion.
Deserter MiLt* D .-On Monday night week
Henry Ristine, who was being conveyed from
Philadelphia to Washington,
desortion, attempted to jump from the_
Elkton. He fell between tho bumpers, and t
so badly injurod that ho died in a few minut
a charge of
Cheap Farms rop Sal».—W e
for sale near Oreton, at the
s. to be a Depot on the Rail Road
already graded, and expected to be finished
this summer, between Milford and Georgotow n
Prioes from $10 to $20 per acre. For descrip
tion, address, L. C. Lockwood,
informed of
several cheap far
Iron Ore
June 27-tf.
A First-Class Tea Store
, who baa Lad a very
_ • ha8 opened a store for the sale of
O, C .°F C . e f and B P' oeB . a * No. 982 Arch..
Philadelphia. Mr. Chapman has a stook of the
finest quality of tho artioles named, and be ex
cludes everything like adulteration from bis
goods. His facilities for producing the best
-oods, upon the most favorable terms, in this
and offier countries, enable him to furnish bis
"fi 'fi* b*«t possible gdvauiags to
b.—M r. Henry Chap
large experience in
the busi
the latter.
SpNDowN Hats,—A
Jon« 27-tf.

lot at reduoed
j Wanted.—A partner with a small oash cnnital t
a store on Market street with a good business
already built up Oot who oin ke^n .hn h«nk.
*° d uZ£S£jZL b °" k '
Wo also wish
P. 0 Box 648.
June 27-tf.
Important Notion.—W ishing
o dispose of a stock of Zephyr, fro
lbs., before removal, I offet^h
>ng low rates : ~
Blaok and White, 26 cents.
Plain Colored, 28
High Colored, 80
These prioes are lower than
Imported, at the present low
persons in need of the article
600 to 000
the follow
— of Zeybyr
of gold, and
20 per cent.
Oar assortment of Cloth _
Chesterfields is oomplete, and is of
fered at low rates, as we wish to dispose of
whole stook before removal.
Our stook of Trimmings la very large, com
prising the leading styles of Gimps. Buglegimp*
Brussels Laces, Honiton Laces, Buttons, se
for Chesterfields.
Wishing to disposo of these goods,
them at such prioes
M.-K ClH.l
will be agreeable
- dispose of a few pieoes ol
blaok Drees and Mantilla 811k at very reasonable
P" 0 * 8 ; M. L. LtCHTRNITNIN,
J e0 ' 3w Sixth and Market Sts.
Th. Philadelphia Lmlger
"The indications now are
the 7 80 loan will grow iu favor
that this series ol
as the. amount
h - *° Be ** gradually diminishes,
M lhe ,,P r ® Ti ° U8 * ori »» of this loan." No doubt
this will be found the esse, and mauy who in
subscribe, but postpone doing so, will
notes all sold before they are prepared.
John McLear & Son, No. 007 Market Street,
delivering them to subseribers at the time
subscription. Messrs J. MoLcar & Son buy
and soli all kinds of Govern
i . h. I
find the
ut Seourlties.
Twn Annual Distribution of Premiums a*
St. Mary's College, will take plaoe
Thureday, the ?9th Inst. The
mence at 10 o'clock A. M. The public
apeotfully invited to attend.
Summ> r Hats—A small line of wide ri
very suitable for
low prioes
711 Market Street.
jane 0 tf
Ladibs deelrous of inaklog their
an obtain all the materials at
1 bonnets,
711 Market Street.
Sundowns.—O akford's Mackinaw Suudown
at manufacturer'a prices.
Will be fouud at the. establishment of J
C. P.-ckels, No. 213 Market street, Wil
niington, Delaware, a large and fine assort
ment of China, Glass and QueenBware, con
sistiug of Tea, Dinner aud Toilet Sets, of
the very best quality, which will be sold
separately or by the set. Everything in his
ltuo of business will be kept constantly
hand. Coal Oil Lamps, Wicks, Chimneys ;
to all of which be invites the attention of
purchasers. Goods delivered to all parts of
the city free of charge.
April 14-2m.
II irkal
a few days siuoe,
attraoted by a window, id
whioh was a fine display of flowers, ribbons,
bntB, so. As it was apparently a
we looked around to see whose It
_. The
the gas lights revealed the fact that it
« « ... Wabrinqtôn's.
N. B. We wonld advise the ladies to call
and make their selections from his large stock.
Removal. —John C. Cole, Agent, has removed
to No. 617 Market Street, opposite the City Hall,
wbero be will coDtiooe the Gentlemen's Furnish
ing busiuess, the manufacture of8hlrt8, Collars,
, Wristbands, &o. Also, Maohine Stitoh
mg generally. Thankful for the liberal patronage
enjoyed in the old stand and determined to de
serve a continnanoe of favor in the new. Publio
attention is respectfully oallcd to tho chango of
location. may-2, tf
T111 Newport.—A very suitable hat for
5 in white and blaok.

711 Market Street.
juns 6—tf
\ Bathing
V a,hlD 8 Ca PS
BtAfoN—Oil Silk for LadlcB
No. II.—Proverbs for the People.
Success, and you shall command it."
been the
„ , _ ot the proprietors u»
Romaine s Crimean Bitters, an artiole whioh
has been approved by the celebrated Chemists
\" d .ÆT D ï' , P / ofe8BO « Chilton and. Pohio.
of the Meohanios Institute, New York, many
army surgeons, and by Physicians everywhere
who have become acquainted with their merits
We renir to oiroalar around saoh bottle
many testimonials for the cure of Dyspepsia
N.ar»H i.^ Fever M d Age., aiok llJdLL
Nausea, Rheumatism, aud
? l ÎÏK d, î?° t,0 V f0r UBe - 8e * advertisement.
Sold-by Druggists and Family Grocers.
Quibnswahb 8tobn.—
John MoMakih. dealer in China, Glass and
QuKRNfWARE, N. W. Corner or Thirh and
oiilPLBY Streets, Wilmington, .Delaware
only one square west of Market afreet, invites
ention to bis stook of English and Frenoh
'tf iïî "' l , °™" 0 " j. « !>■»»•«,
îî.V. . S.. «»eii. pi...; Km,,, .„a
o u , et °.* aDd »ubitanlial „bite
Granite Ware, suitable for Hotels, 8tea
Vessels. Call and
Ladiks —You
a powerful tonio
China, Gla
«mine, before purchaulng
June 23, 8
find a full supply of IlatR
Bonnets, Hoods, Ribbons, Flowers, Laoes & 0
a Warrington's, 711 Marker at.
The death at Washington yesterday of Mrs
Seward, wife or the Hon. Wm. If.
d "" d ;."' i ;• .cd .in..,.!, moul . " e -
c.mr.1 Ne„ Fork, SÄÄ 5 £T.I,iV
•"•""'"I!* J fti *" d , »cd „Uhout ..or œ J„°'
one who had either the power or ttra wlah
.p«ok 111 ot ber. IeielULl? 'Xa
cultivated far beyond the averaira not „„„1 ,
>5 »* bet ol lier K?
.ed .boe.Ll l„ pehlio wilhout „ .
or alighting any of the dutiea of a beloved :
exemplary wife and mothof ; * De *ovetl,|
of her heart beat strongly fr
aud Freedom to All.
for several
Elijah Miller,
» , raanity,
l Year. » t U . in T Ä,1(i *0*1 sufferer
t years pa-t, she had necessirily with
for several
l Year. » t . T sufferer
t years pa-t, she had necessirily with
odmiriDglore ol > dorotoil Vsd'illk''
oheerfully hoorenword io ih. light of oo
uosbadowed Ghriotion faith. She hoc romoiaed
hör ÄS5
10, and the orortaxlng of her impaired
Shortened'her«.'^ ïhi" 1 *' probably
tb™ .7nï.Vd ,'T; AU herQhildroo
(tkroo eons and a danghtcr) aur.iro her. Hor
mortal remaiua „ill doubtioca rosi fa the
or . A " b "'". *ko oily of hor birds,
"hioh, thoogh not always her reaideooo, was
aiaaja hor homo. N. r. Tribun, of Thur.da,
Political Items.
Tho Union State Convention ot New Jersey
nominate a candidate for Governor, is to
eet at Trenton, July 20. The party will make a
mvaiB before the people on the constitutional
amendment to abolish slavery,
A spicy correspondence between Hon. Wm
D. Kelley, of Philadelphia, and
Miohael Hahn, of Louisiana, not yet Dubllahed
shows that President Lincoln wrote to Governor
Hahn iq earnest advocacy of universal suffrage.
The colored people of Tennessee have petition
ed the Legislature for the privilege of voting
presenting as .argument in behalf of their re
quest, «heir unswerving devotion to the Unffin
m every capacity and under all oiroamstanoes.
broughout the terriblostruggle of the Rebellion.
De Pf r,ment *• preparing to
op,n hid. for .r.n.porting ih. m.,l.oT„.aodr,
or tho old poolsl rontoo In tbo oooth Thooobo
dbleo „ill ho advertised «« ooon so oompletoii.
COLEMAN.—On the 26th inst., Joke P.
Coleman, in tbe 37th year of his age. His
relatives and friends are respeotfully invited
to attend hie Ornerai from the residence of hia
mother, 109 Weet Sixth st., on Thursday
farther°notioe ^ k*"*' "* 4 ° ,0l0Qk ' wUhout
NICHOL8.—In this oity, i
_jtarg&rat Niehols, aged Y2
ou the 16th Inst
i years.
• W * S - torr»*tkm°to^ OU * U *^** ^
bald heads fu six we«
i a
• in
or ohlu, or hair oa
—S package« to
. «Mi.Ä
wh *T, closely
_ T *K00. Bant b»
•eeled, on receipt of price.
Address, WAiNNff * C
•» ®° x Brooklyn, N. T,
t w-v
»vat we offer ,
la tbsy «an b* beujhtin New Terk or
Bugle Qlmp 0 4
Brussels and Honiton Laoes,
Mohair Mitts,
Sun Umbrellas.
Preparing I
1 further Uov
1 order to effect i
Sixth and Market Streets,
7 - 30 .
7 - 30 .
5 - 20 . 1881 . 10 - 40 .
Highest Market Prioe fPaid for Barne
Solicited for tha POPULAR LOAM
Special Agent»,
Cor. of Fourth and Market Sta.
COMMISSIONS allowed to those
influencing subscription« through us.
onr, Feed and drain Store to
Tatuall and Wttt Streets,
Second Street, betwt
isr* wilt be kept constantly on hand all
brands of flonr and no id at tha lowoai n
i. Having been augagad In basin«« |. this «1,
obar of years ba feels confident that by stri.t .
Is Flour will bt kept constantly on
Offioe Wilmington Institute, oorner of 8th
and Market Streets, Wilmington. DeL
mH» prtns^lpU^of^
U bett*w«4 ta u
, haa proved It to b«th*
12 yoara la ex»
favoraLljr with
Uat tt»c
e lOiM« by fir* during
■t of inf« rltka, rathar than to awi
aiod without ragari to hasard«; thaï laa
Molng the liability of linking tba eaah «apttnX In com of
* d,U xft B^OTOR».
lllUm Caaby, 0«urr« RUh«rd»SD
U. Snurtb, John Cochran, Kdward T. Ballah Bam
by, Chaa^W. Howland.
CRauTuu IIodiu—J amea Riddle
Niw Caetlb Bwiub.-J ohn .uyar.
AVarra Out Oaaax Inna.-Abram P. Shannon
W i LLI AMI CAN BY, PrealdanL
' Pmith, Sacratary and Tvwunrar. vm
Offlca hoars tram 0 ta I and trom u to «
—BAw. Brlnghaist, J. OU««
At D. 8. R. Butler't Book and Nexeepaptr Store
. 420 Market Street,
maps, a story of Amsrlsan
» Orotaad Path by Wilkie
Harry Harson, by John T. Irving.
The Attorney, by John T. Irvine.
Tbe ConsUtntloa of the United States
Wild Life, by Capt. May ne
by Q. W. OaxtU.
Moral Hit tory of Women.
Mlea Gilbert'! Career.
The tint Pale. Step, by Bey a ol de.
In White, by WUkie C
different kind« of Hor
11 itths
Uo5r 7 e."/ W u'* # ** ,
gailnea Dolly a
415 Market Street,
Out-door Flews attended to.

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