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Local and State Items.
Presiding Elder, Milby will preach
in the Dover M. E. Church next
J. Boyce of Laurel owns a copy of
"Poetical llecreations," published by
Benjamin Crayle in 1GK8.
Dr. J. II. Parvis was elected presi-j
dent of the M iddletown Board of Con'- j
missioners on last Friday evening.
The masked ball at
Richardson Dover was a wry en
joyable occasion to those prissent.
.John Dana ofMilford/ias contract
ed for large quanti tics of tomatoes, and
expects to pack 350,(i(l()eans this year.
The mother jf E. 11. Bancroft, the
well-known fruit grower and stock
breeder of Hamden, died at her son's
home, March 3, aged about 70 years.
The funeral of the Rev. William D.
Mackey, Ph. I>., who died at Newark
on Thursday last, took place Monday,
in the cemetery of White Clay Creek
Mayor Rhoads of Wilmington who ,
was injured near Newport on Wed- j
nesday of last week by being thrown |
An election for members of the New
Ex-Sheriff William ,
Ferris were elected without opnosi
• •
The three sons of Robert 11 Carey 1
' i
Hr. John K ( urey is a
physician of Wyoming Territory . :
F - . . . J . » . - ,
Davis Carey is in business in Plula
delphia, and Joseph Carev resides at

Messrs. Stinson A ( o. are in need ot ,
a <r ents for several important, popular,
new publications, and offer induce
ments that should be heeded by those
in need of profitable work; those who ,
write to them will receive, free lull*
from his carriage is now
Castle Board of Education was held
there Saturday.
Herbert, E. L. Wilson and William
of Milton, Sussex county, visited him
last week.
iii ' ,i - :
tute belli its regular session in the ;
The Kent county touchers
public school building, Dover last
1 here was a tmr attend
anco and an interesting
The next meeting will >
Saturday the 201 li insl.
rctir oil
retired !
Mr. Thomas II. Deniioy a
fanner was found dead in his lied
, . , -, i
1 esU'l'day inoriiillg about teno dock.
The probable cause is apoplexy, lie
at bis lioine on State St. Dover.
has not been in good health for some
months hut his sudden deal It was
not expected.
Lew Court Commissioner Edward
Hainan and Joseph Chambers of
Stanton have formed a co-partner
ship under the firm name of Hanum
it Chambers.
They propose
establish a large grain depot on the i
I!. A P. railroad at the telegraph
road crossing near Stanton.
Putman Shew of Lincoln, Sussex
county, died last week of pneumonia,
aged 05 years, lie was a native of
New York, but lie came to Delaware
about twelve years ago.
sons is postmaster at Lincoln,
and four children survive him.
One of his
A wife
.. .—
N N Williams, superintendent of I
public schools, visited some of the 1
schools of Sussex county last week. '
... ... .
He usually holds public metings in
the evening at schoolhouses, when he j
addresses the patrons of the schools on
the necessity of longer terms, better
buildings and higher salaries for teach
Mrs. Lydia A. Dunning, the wife of
Postrfiaster Dunning of Middletown,
died on Saturday morning, aged 41)
She had been an invalid for
of the late John Johns of St. Georges
hundred, and she left two children, J.
Preston Dunning, Esq., of Dover, and
a daughter 10 years of age.
two years. She was a daughter
Michael McDoinell, a young man
who claims WVhnington as his home,
was arrested it Middletown February
27 and lodged in jail at, New Castle
upon thecharge of having robbed, the
evenin, before, Miss Sallie Turner of
that town of a bundle and satchel,
snivelling the articles from her hands
she was walking along Cass street.
As soon as the weather will permit
workmen will commence to relay the
track on the I). M. A V., road with
standard steel rails, 'flic old iron will
be used to extend the road from the
Bright House to Rehobotli bay, and
the building of.a V at that point. The
balance will go towards completing
the track on the new iron pier and the
laying of side tracks at the various
stations.— Milford < 7t ronMr.
Caleb Boggs in his catalogue of
Monton Fruit Garden tells of an agent
representing a Rochester, N.
nursery who wants to sell him Wilson's
Early "blackberry as a new variety at
$35. per 1,000. The agents shows
names of many in Delaware and on
the Eastern Shore of Maryland who
has bought heavily. There is only
, ,, , , ,, !
one Wnow's Early and no old \\ llow,
, am , the pricc is .inly about one fifth of i
j thollsiUU ,. '
The M. E. Conference at Klkton :
has adopted the following resolutions: !
earnestly deprecate and j
conscientiously admonish our people
, against the madness, folly and wicked- ;
! ness of the prevaliug party spirit, which
, sacrifices party, justice and the general i
welfare, to serve the exhibition of pub- I
lie men; and in the name of our Loul, j
and in the interests of home and country !
as well as of the church, we protest I
against any leadership of individuals or
parties not on the line of total absti
1 neue« for the individual, and prohibi- i
i tien as the duty ot'the state.
Second—As a people we need to take j
warn hill' from the bloody paire of our
: national history. Only disloyality to the r
, claims of God and subserviency to po- j
ütical leaders is accountable lor frater
mil strife which Illicit our country with
• mourning in the past, and only fidelity
1 to right will exempt ns from a like ex- !
' perience in the future.
, 'riiird—It is not the part of God-fear
ing men to consider whether prohibition
1^11^Vuw 'to a tÄ !
which tills our almshouses with paupers
, ÄÄ 1? Urn .
power of an appetite which is a living
death as violent as the fiercest leprosy.
Fourth—Me are admonished by tlie. :
: resrsssratsrrass
; witbout respect to the religions and
moral traditions of our nation and
whose purpose it is to break down our
sabbaths ami sanctuaries, and whoseek
I to till the land with riot ami debauchery
i that they may till their pockets with
Fifth—II is the plain duty ol every
Methodist preacher to make liis pulpit
! ring with no uncertain sound on this
1 subject and no minister or iljember of
•bureli is loyal to it who does not
stand for total abstinence as the true
ground of personal temperance and eom
prohibition of the t rallie in
intoxicating drinks as the duly ot civil
Business Locals.
Subscribe for Kaum and Home.
Fidelity Mutual Life Association.
Farm and IIomi: three months. 2 ô
i cents.
\ isit the t ollar and Harness maim
factory of Frank Monetir Governor's
A venue Dover, Delaware
Dr. E. J. Brown,
and medicines.
A good meal for l-'i cents, at .1. C.
Layton's, 211 King street, Wilmington,
Graham A Bro, at Camden have a
I large stock of furniture, and try to suit
1 aU c,,stomei ' s ' (,lvu U,em " ch11 '
' ' '
<t„„,iri uni, want wnv work ilonc bv a
^ i photographe r; caU on West-i
j ^ & Cu | nniln ^ 8 Wilmington.
Addiess C. !.. Tompkins 914 Walnut
street, Philadelphia for circulars to i
learn all about the best plan of. life |
In answering any advertisement in
this paper you will confer a favor on
both advertiser and publisher to always
mention the paper.
Bring this " local " to me and I will
sell you a pound of coffee for Jten
G. E. Ford,
Loockerman St.,Dover, Del.
NV. II. Wallace has on hand a choice
lot of fruit canned goods and groceres.
lie has a good line of coffees from
Java down. Call and see them.
A prominent young man of Sussex >
county writes: "I am pleased to say |
that no farm paper giyes me more sat- j
isfaetion than the Fa um and Home. I
The Delaware Farm and Home is on ,
file at theofiice of Geo. P. Howell & Co. :
No. 10 Spruce St. N. V., and in Phila
delphia at the office of X. W. Ayer A;
We will give good wages to an active
intelligent man to canvass for subscrib
ers to tliis paper in Kent (Jo. Address ;
Kaum and Home,
Dover, Del.
All the people of Dover and vicinity
around that D.W. Carey has moved to
Philadelphia and that O. A. Dockham
can be found at the store recently occu
pied by bim at No <> l.oockermau St
If you receive a copy of this paper j
with this item marked your attention '
is directed to the Farm and Home
as an advertising medium. It has a j
large circulation on the Chesapeake i
\ on can get the I arm and Home
, ,, ,, , -
i ""' th " °
> per year.
The price of the I hum-holt! is $1 10.
The Farm and IIomk and (food 1
llmixtku'i>iii{i , price S-.öO, tor S'».00. ;
Now is the time tosuliseribe.
so examine the plan of the Mutual Life
Association of Philadelphia. Send to
tton this paper.
iug some changes in his incubator which j
j y uifi>
r st e *}" '' 1 "" ... !
j to have the best.
ing shade oui point, And the sloping
! "«" l -'l»i'ove„,e„.s
. Mw A
her many patrons and tile public that
s |„. | ms already selected a liner stock of
: goods than she iias ever before kept,
m •*-.i- »•*> « -r 1 "*
at her store on I.oockeiman st Dover.
ill lie pleased to see all lier old
Did you ever think of your duty to
your family after your] death ? Should
you not make provision for them ? If
914 Walnut street for circulars. Men
S. 11. Thomas, ot Wyoming
is mak
lie hopes will lie completed in a short
Uutil then none will be
large !
in tile *
.1. W. Hopkins lias just in a
stock of Oliver blows the best
market. Farmers cannot do better
than to call oil him. The self-sharpen
great advantage.
. X
tiers wishes to remind
■ •
It will soon lie time to do your plow
ing. Call and examine the light draft,
durable and easily handled Oliver plow
to lie seen al .1. 'V. Hopkins. The self
sharpening share and point is a valuable : ii*
feature. The sloping landside makes it
a'Ventre-draft plow you cannot, fail to
like it.
Dr. Charles Drum Funk lias now
been in Wilmington four years, during
which lime he lias secured the natron
, .... , ,, . i
age ot malty ot the best citizens ot that 1
city. He challenges the world'to pro- 1
duee better artificial teeth than those of
The show sets at the
his manufacture,
recent World's Expositions were made
by him.
Mr. W. A. Iteilly is now making aline
lot of light and heavy wagons so as to
be realty to meet all the wants of his
customers. The new Duplex gear
is just the thing. He also has all the
new gears, book at the champion the
Johnson and tlie Barry platform gears.
He keeps a first class carriage painter.
('jin iages manufactured for the trade,
We call attention to the advertise
ment of Warren Harper A Bro., in
which they announce their intention to
continue the business of selling agrieul
tural implements, seeds, pumps, etc.
After the 25th of March they w.ll be
found in one ol the best locations m
Wilmington, the large and centrally lo
cated ware-house at No. 10 East Fourth
McCall A Ekings have discovered
i that the time is past when people are
| satisfied when good goods are made up
in a serviceable manner with even a
smooth lit; for people of good judg
ment in dress, demand that indefinable
something, call it style if you will, re
quired to give the finishing touch and
make the garment perfect. Mention I
this paper and they tire bound to give
satisfaction in quality, style and price.
Wilmington, Del.
121 Market St..
1 have in stock a good assortment of
Fire-Hoard and Fire-Place Latrobe Heaters,
Plumbing, Tin Roofing, and Spoil tin
And will contract for Heating Dwellings. Churches. School Houses. :
kinds of public buildings, witli hot air brick set or portable furnaces
aid all
Formerly Harper A Hr»», and
id Warren Harper A: ( '<».
Produce Commission Merchants
Licensed Game Dealers,
if all kinds of l'eninsnlar 1'rodncts. such as
Solicit i onsigunienis
Live and Dressed Poultry, Green and Dried
Fruits, Eggs, Potatoes, Game of all kinds,
Fish, Oysters, Grain, Hay, Flour, &c.
* We sell consigned goods
markets at more
better here.
Why ship your Produce to the larger
expense, when you can do as well <u
liefer to any Wholesale House in this city.
:ii 'lau <>l editors, who, lunuleu
the front fort went y-li voyeurs.
We propo'*»' to iVflfl tl
!' Know Ye All ! Men. women ami eliildre
oitfe Tlmrhei. have kept the Ameiiean Agiirnltu mlb
'hester I*. l-Miwey. Seth G
s. in pit ich the
ihat tin
Know Y
i other w
i ici u lotted by
tile hundreds nf tlems
l' of h.
American Agriculturist
ieml .ind I'otmsnloi. We an
the A i Initie
eil. from
rdinglv enlarging the
id .mil rev
HK A Kill. IH »I SKIIOI.D. and 11 A' EN I I.K. DKI'A HIM ENTS.
: ii*
•li!iaM> :i II<
who iiuuiediutely semis
all, will roocivo th*
Rook, just published,—;
•ii. Manufacturers, etc., en
-ighiiig one pound and ;• half, am
d that it is to lie,from tim
ing devoted to Agrh nit ore and Horticulture,
•uihseription price, and lô cents for posting I'
for 18W5. and th
!l. It
tl in ('loth and Gold. The Ameri
vard. o*
and adding other feature-.
. well as bei
tin* >
u Agrieultiifi
t 'ompendium of ev
us si
. Mccliaiti
lie hi>
.\ grid il t uris
elegantly 1
v»-m WsiKur returnsny
Uh'm« «imaiiliai in the wm-k Gm
i vein-. Semi ti>r Lon tnU-iit io I li'iiii' Ivv wwk
1 tion price Skill a .vein-; Hingt,* numiM-rs. toe,
We ttistrilmtetl HD,ODD presents to
e loo.ooo present« to
»rkers this
• subscription. Siibscrijc
are planning b
Send ö cents for mailing you grand double ntmiber of the American Agriculturist
j list out, and sample pages with table of contents of Law Hook.
ttf:X A N V A SS F. HS W A N T K I ) K V K1 ! Y W HERE
Address l'tiblisliers A ineriean Agrieult m ist. Töl l'.roadvvay, New York.
Sam'i. Hr it n ii am, See'v.
David W. Judd. President.
Stove and Heater Co.,
ISFo. i> East 1A mvtfi Street,
Stoves, Heaters, Ranges,
Tinware, &c.
if all goods usually kept in
a Stove Store.
A full line
And are ^prepared to make contracts for
Hooting;and; Spouting, and to manu
facture all kindsjof Metal work,
Brass, Copper, Zinc, Iron and Tin,
Promptly and of tlie best Material ;
and Workmanship.
notice and at reasonable rates.
ZACKARIAH PICKELS, Superintendant.
They respectfully solicit a portion of your patronage. Orders
by mail carefully attended to, correspondence solicited.

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