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C. Bntiag, Jr, C.W.ljnaa, 6.Y.Wallace
8 . __
K E R S ,
*■ % '
Blaekfoot, Idaho.

\f( ) V EY TO m A \
On Approved Security.
Reduced Prices.
1 V
Window Shades,
Lunking blasses. Bed Spings, Etc.
We have a g*s>i line of Bed Hoorn
.Suits. Parlor Suits. Patent Rockers,
Cain anil Wiaxl ixittoin Chairs,
Oltice Chairs and Stool», Bed
Lounges. Kxien-ion Tables,
Cupboards and Desks. If
want anything in the
Furniture Line call on
J 6 Read, W. S Read, 0.1. Read.
Manufacturt r» of and Dealers in
Double and Singh Buggy Harne*
Leather and
Sîirlfllrirv TT'l rrlwo Tri
QftUUIciy IldlUVi alt,
StockSaddies a Specialty
g\lf£-u ti* I -r . K î! 1 a L iHttra llarm ns
2448 Was&ingtoa AuRoe.
jOGDEX, : ; : UTAH.
White House,
Location unsurpassed, being in prnxi
"mitv ti> leadïn<r wIi«>Ie«Ml««ftnd
h'^s a„d pi!;;«" Ä
f will» 1 "» Car ami Union Ticket offices
in tb<' hotel.
Rate- : $1 50 urn! 12 00 Per Dai.
'* '
Salt Lake City.
unAUlnit attorneys,
«14 V St. S. W. WASHINGTON, I). C.
Indian Déprédation Claim« pn?«ocut»*d b<*fi
the court of claim* and the Supreme Court of
the United Staton, for le«-al fee» under the act
of March îîd. lftH Vigorous anti effectiv?
work. No success, no ennpensation Kefer
Cnee« : *
Hon H M. Teller. Central City. Colo.
Hon P. B. Plumb, Emporia, K
Hook For
New in this
Space from
Next Week.
Job Printing
mrs. thaxteivs island home.
_ , . ... .
Today the Shoal« are given up to the
Lalghtooa and their summer guests,
They are the sole owners of the entire
group, and their great hotels and the
adjoining cottages represent a property
ofhalf • million dollars The Laighton
Mow She ■» Made tkc Rocks of Applo
family is closely identiiied with the isle«.
About half a century ago Thomas Bell
Laightoa was defeated in a New Hamp
shire election Hi* wounded pride and
thwarted ambition led him to eecbew
his kind. He removed from Portsmouth
to the islands, and he never returned to
the mainland. His grave marks the
heart of Appledore.
He was a man of stalwart form, great
intelligence and force of Chancier, and.
withal. "a good hater.' such as Dr
Johnson, would have loved. He was a
devoted father, aud gave daily lesson, to
his children. Oscar. Cedric and Celia
It was a strange inflation in which they
passeil their youth, but nature is by no
means the least desirable of inters. The
two sons bad shown great business saga
city in making the islands famous as a
summer resort.
The daughter says. "I came here when
five years old. and lived with no society.
no school, no church, tili I married at
sixteen and left the islands, only to re
turn with each succi-edtng summer.'
Her husband was Levi Thaxter, the
prophet of Bruwning to America When
a schoolgirl 1 heard him lecture on
Browning, and I have never forgotten
the nch thought which his deep insight
so ably set forth Mrs. Thaxter i. liest
known by her verses, and, if ber scope is
less wide than other songsters, surely the
sea has never found an interpreter more j
picturexjue or a colunst more subtle.
The puise of the tide throbs through all
her poems She has also written a
charming book
Among the cottage, grouped around
the bix Apple<iure hotel is an nnpreten*
tions but roomy one. before which is a
wonderful gartlen Such a glory of color
was never elsewhere coaxed out of New
England's unfriendly soil Indeed if.
a bit of tropical splendor that rewards
Mrs. Thaxters cure, for she is up with
the birds and devotes the early hours to
her Bowers One happy morning it was
yontTriw- vim^covered ^Dorch*ixMth* 1»^
rwan whereTshe'r^^ivre'^t^o'nce'stntU^
library and salon. The hard wood flU
is spread with soft green mgs. and the
dull green wall is lined, row upon row
with pictures, bits of Venice or Florence.
photographs of the paintings of old Ital
ian ma,<tbre - poftnùt* and sketches, and.
dominating all. a strong figure drawn in
charcoal by Wilburn M. Hunt.
On the floor, leaning against the grand
piano, were many spirited water ctilor
sketches just sent in by Childe Hassum.
On tables, windows, mantel, everywhere,
were flowers. Tall cylinders with grace
ful poppies, blue bowls heaped high with
red roses glasses filled with delicate
aweetbrier ami great masses of nastur
tiums or the yellow California poppies
made an indescribable wealth of color.
In the midst. Mrs Thaxter in a pale
gray gown, a silver star in her snow
white hair, tiie tan of the sea on her
cheeks anil the blue of the sky in her
Beside her on the deep sofa piled with
cool green enshions sat the widow of a
fniuona IUUHÎA ian. wbcxie violin wan loved
from the fiords of Norway to Massachu
*etta bay Opposite wn* u proftwior from
Catnbntlge. who reçue, 1 p-s-try in a
roice ,iee P bm *»ym pathetic, and near
r ? vtrïï »**'*■ wh,we fa
ther devoted hiM life to netting bnna to
moAic. A* the converoation drifteil on
Mrs. Thaxter gave us un interesting de
«--ription of her visit to Mary Cowden
Clarke and her meeting with Browning.
Afterward she read us some of his let
ter*, aud then, at the professor's re,, neat,
the epitaph Browning wrote for Mr
Thaxter'* grave.—Isles of Shoals Cor
Worcester (Mass. 1 Spy
"Women are certainly a queer lot."
said a man the other day
D<> You Know Her?
"Yon never
can tell what they iat*:tn by what they
aay Now. a young Imly invited me to
go to a musicale with her not ioug since.
and on the way confided to me that she
was going to England this summer to
tjxmd a few weeks with the Duchess of
Manchester and a few with the Duchess
of Marlborough Naturally, I was over
whelmed by this social disclosure, and
« __
when she begge.1 me to keep it a pro
found secret. I assured her no word of
so imtxjrtant an announcement should
ever cross my lips.
"Yon can fancy my surprise when
several times during that evening, above
the crash of piano«, the hnm of conver
sation and the tinkle of laughter. I beard
a ahrill little voit* repeating. 'A few
weeks wftb the Dncbess of Manchester
and a few weeks with the Duchess of
Marlborough. I don't fancy there was
a aonl ip that room to whom she did not
confide her secret Iwfore the evening
was over, and the fun of the thing ii
that she has not gone to England at nil
and I very lunch question whether she
ever intends«] to Now, what was her
Object iu telling that stuff?" Uuileless
«?*»*!• F r»n,<>nt'» Hnm».
! Jessie Benton Fremont and her daugh- 1
ter. Miss Elizalwth Benton Fremont,
have taken p'wsesmon of the beautlfnl
home at the corner of Hoover and Twen
ty-sightb streets, presented to them by a
committee of ladies. Lieutenant Fre
I mont, his wife and child are members of
the bonsehoid for the present There is
also a trusted servant, who baa faithful
ly followed the fortuoes of the family
j tor twenty-six year*.
! The location of the estate Is exceed
ingly pleasant, in the midst of an orange
grove, and the neigliliorbotx] is one ot
the most desirable in the city. Mrs. Fre
paont and her «Unghter are very happy
in their new surnmndluga The same
may be said of little Francis Townsend
Ber.ton Fremont, sou of the Uentenant
•boat three years of age. a handsome
and intelligent child- —Lq* Anjfele* Ex
prw* *
youth I— Exchange.
The Style la Hammocks.
On porche« and under tree« hangs tha I
*.'er popular hammock, but bow otten
doc* extreme heat, or even wet weather, i
p^y,^ ( tg being used ontdixtra. But
hung in the house in a cool ball or room
there is to be fouud comfort even when
the giddy thermometer scales the nine
ties. Hammocks are a'ways mnch cooler
tluui any lounge or ebsir could possibly
be. And they are so very pretty and
graceful this year that they could not
possibly detract from the appearauce of
any room—on the contrary adding to it
This year the fashionable hammock is
of pure white cord with wtde white
flouucee on the «idea The générons pile
of tnrkey red pillows render* these very
picturesque. Where there is a large
porch set with all manner of red chairs
. . .
inch * drajied hammock would be ap>
bo l 1UB loVel >' aad ^ oo1 ,oak1n K h »™*
mo ? k * * IV 1,1 ***? whit«, and while in a
«"*• «■** bine are very restful I,«.king
*" th * l 'tty home for
children who cannot tie takeu to the
? oa , D } r J When winter ernes yon will
J**" lke * to Ivave it in place, only spread
| u ". ,n '* v T ar ' a * uol j IU K ro K- both for
*°o ks aad *» » then quite a
d *™rative feature of your rtsim. and
W1 j| eTea take uf * <*
j Th . SMll .
... , ,, .
. Wka * n>awm '" r . aU thu * »3»
tery al * ou . t H"* tü ** «"**''* ,n
a woman s dress? asketl one of a party
*£** dj « DS « n X * of
| nflin }f \ on k,mw - ®°°*
tl , DQ '' d ' t mt th *' r *' bwn a ^' KM * dtal
° f . m . jWer) ' ab,m * th *' iu a wo "- !
eVery fan " r man ,n th " n * w »l«P'' r b "«>
nee * ha8 * aken " at u J oat when
I'XY™ U '" nun,n l* tu know wh * ,,v ,0
j°°* f ur ' l - to. there comes another turn
£ '^t
"It is^aow locate,! in the middle of the
back of the sk.rt ami about midway the
an ' 1 ' he trait A w,,Iuau ha * *°
f* " t ~ luwl gymnast to get anything
,nto ) hu re "'P ta « 1 * or "> ^ anything
® nt of and *° do «-t Kracefully. ,
,aan eTer ^ , U,UIV "T for » ^ket |
than a woman, and yet. from the tim« i
of the first mtsdiste to the present, when- i
ever the time came to -put in the pocket' !
to a woman's gown the act has been ac
companied with a secretiveuess which
made Masonry an easy thing Why?
••Has any one ever explained whyï
*"* * ^ » I* w atill a mystery,
and it will always rema.n one nntil
There are many gay colored hammocks
also; these all have drapery and large
tassels. The elastic pillows which
for hot weather use are nice for ham
mocks. even if not very beuntifnL For
hammock pillows no cover* are more
suitable thau those of pongee, which
are mi cool and agreeable to the touch
and so easily laundered. —Housekeeper's
it haa been discussed, and
Wom, ' a u P "1- pr ° tw,t ,h *
tyranny of the modiste. As a matter of
cold fact, a woman haa no business with
a pocket in her skirt as long as she car
rie* her shopping bag. But if the edict
is that she is entitled to one, why not
get it where it ia accessible? What doe*
a woman carry in the ptxiket of her skirt
anyway?"—<'hicago Tribune
_ TU ' K »«' "* * -^rire.
M I*I take Vichy and lemon.**
The speaker was a young and lovely
f lr *: " er "l* 1 ** K^ay eye« peeped ont from
• '»ngled mass of brown hau
with a look of intim» admiration for tha
ïüâ ït? r r^r*
by her mcle. They h.ul enteral a b niton
Btr *^ t «tore in ««arch of wmie liqmd
refreshment, and the young man had
"^«0 his fair companion the question
Mn " ! l,n «' K 'h occadona. Iu something
like the following words "Well, Fl, ms. i
what are you going to drink?' The coy |
girl answered the question in the word*
with which this story opens j
The athletic young man tnrnrd pale |
He had spent every one of his twenty j
eight summers in Br«x,kiyti and bad had '
* different girl each season from the time
• 1
ke we bmrteen years of age. and bad ;
»pent many cold, hard earned dollar* in !
drug store* and ice (Team dens or "par ,
lor "-" "» they sre culled in Brooklyn j
Every one of these girls hud invariably I
replied to the query of "What are you I
8°' n S to drink?" with the stereotyjied
., . „ ... - .
Brooklyn girl reply of "I guesa 131 !
take vanilla cream "
,, . 1 ..
consequently, when this latest flame !
his broke the record by calling for the
extraordinary decocKon of 'vichy and
l«nion." the snrprise was t<x> mach, he ;
gasped, reeled and fell senseless to the '
1lnoT wa * taken home, and it is
thought that by carefnl nursing he will
he able to be ont again in a month or so
-Brooklyn Eagle,
However little she may realize It.
«very girl who rides her steel horse is a
vivid illustration of one of the greatest
wave* of progress of this century, the
advancement of women in freedom and ,
opportunity Here, as well as every- j
where else, she is » little belated in
claiming her rights: only a little, for it |
l* but twenty-one years since the bicycle, !
as we know it. was invented, while the i
safety styles, which women affect, are
very recent improvements.
1 It is a curious historical fart that the
first women lecturers npop physiology
were women a rights women, und viewed
by the majority of people as dangerous !
to female modesty, while the Ladies
Physiological instttnte in Utwton was at j
first much disapproved of by the clergy.
Bo long, too, as old fashioned "stays' i
(laoed up sometimes by the aid of equally i
old fashioned bedposts) remained
vogue, neither physiology nor athletics
stood much chance with women
But the often derided dress reformer
has bad her way. to n great extent.
Bathing dresses, gymnastic and tetinie
suits, which would have frighten«! an '
Eighteenth century dame into one,>1 het
favorite fainting rtfs, have reconciled th*
public taste to the fact that women, afrei
all. are wotneu, not angels, nor footless
birds of jsiradise,—Mrs Adelaide A.
Plagi» j«tk«ton.<Jhds»
Th» CyelhiB «Irl.
A POPULAR familt.
JE»«* : " How is it, Kate, that you alwar* I
teem to 'ontcU on'to the last now tiling Do |
wh.tt I may, you always seem to got ahead
of me."
Kttli "I don't know: I oertalnlT do not
make auy exertion in that direction."
Jenmk: " Well, durlrurth* last few months, '
for example, you have taken up painting.

it any t«acn*r ; you mmfrotnr rrmrur
tellln« Tommy Earn« last evening how
dub made mistake, in playing I ««-tad;
t on see n t»i be up on all the luttai ' fan»,' and
uu w just w hat to 0< ■ uuuer all circumstance» :
you entertain beautifully : and in the last
month you have tin proved so iu health, owing,
« ou tell me, to your physical culture exercises.
Caere do you act all of your iulormatii n
tills little i ut.of the way place I—for
you never go to the city."
Kate: "Why, Jen me, you will make me
vain. 1 bare ouiy one source of ln formst Ion,
but it is surprising bow it meets all wsuts. I
eery seldom hear of anything new but what
the next few days bring tue full information
subject. Magic? No! Magazine!
a great treasure it is to us all. for it
really furnishes the reading for the whole
household ; father has given up his magasine
that he has takeu fur years, as he says this
one gives more and better Information on
the subjects of tho day : and mother says
that it Is that that makes ber such s famous
housekeeper- In fact, wo all agree thut it Is
the only really r tulLV magazine published,
ft. we have sent for «triples of ail of them,
and Ond that one Is all for men. another ail
for Women, and another for children only,
while Itusono suits every one of us: so we
onlv need to take one instead of several, and
that Is where the economy comes in. for It I#
ÄSS.S STp-fiftKf-ms
oura, or. better »tili, »end 10 rent« to the p»;b- j
lbher, 'V. Jennings Demorest, IS Fast H:b
nn«l I
favorlle ,lurm K lhe w,,,l '- r «*
account of its great success in the
cure of colds. There i' nothing that
will loosen a severe cold so quicklr
or as piomptlv relieve the lungs!
Then it counteracts ant tend, net In
ward pneumonia. It is pleasant a ml
8aIt ' \° !" ke ' ^"V U^n "n
popularity, tor sale by W II BebU
& Son Druggists,
t,!,m or a * : 'inc hack, hind i>n over tin
«cat of pain a piece of tlannel dump
You will he surprised at the pr.-.up
re -«:f it affords. 50 wnfhoUle* f,„
^ |>y u „ Beh,e & Sim Druggie.» ;
Application for Patent.
fr >.u m
• bfl
4a !
Street, New York, for a «ample cop-,
■hull always consider that I hare done you
11 irrent furor; ami may bayou will be cutting
u* out. ns you gay we h»r# the reputation r(
being the best informed family Iu P>
that lie so. it it Demurest'» »amity Mitgaxi n »
that does it."
. I!
A Faveritf Remedy.
Chamberlniu's Cough Remedy is a
Worthy af a Trial.
If you are troubled with rheums
piled with Chamberlain'» Pain Balm
Notice No. 'JO.
t'snan8 t*tss LtvpOrru r.
BbACKrixir. In* ho, Skpt. 1*r 1-91
■NJotice i» hereby given that Prc»l*-y U V
■*■* whose residence uml post offie- a>l*lr »<
, '* blai kfi».!. Hinalmrn cmnir. liials* urn
Ä^lsB^lÄ UinXm '^s'îs&TÏ.VÏÏh?:
kav« nma« appiientlon for » UnltiMt Put-»
fireatU'in a'^nnoAram^ mSlnir"" lïî?ic
Blnaham c«*tioty. I«lali«>. e«m»i«tina **f the f« .
ïiTrïré'Ï^ÎÎÂltïîmme pfa »*511«"«.:
th*- ir round »nd bed in iu* 0« i«i not#-*,
54 minute* east, as follow« : The lot two*
*nn^\hln\^ #M ? , « h ,i of
wntslnlnK thirty-elaht and fùur^ hundredths '
scoonlln* t., r
cation heinirof rilèonT | n T !'t-*""mct- l 'or' tllr
i Keginiçror said ininluirdistrictst lliackfi.d
| L"«» !"!Ïm "ft* 'the " Bnoma'piawV ÄK
Llalm. adjoining
j Ir.'.mT ttSîTnewiS^r ÇIÂ nre
| est the seid mining claim, for the period at
j »IxtyttaysorteiTweek*
B*ase a Kcskkl.
1 Attorney* for Applicant.
K* «inter
Lasn Oftice at Hezr-xrooT. Iimiio i !
October Sri, 1MU. < j
I. Norman Jones, of niackbKil. Hinuham
counijr. Iriaho who marie Desert apnlleatlon
. No «ST, on the Sth. day of March IW». for the
! *'t *«■* section 23. Ir. township t south, range
. "■* t n '* • hereby give notice of in, Inten
Mon to make Anal proof to estahllsh my claim
! to the land ahov ■ rieacrlbcri before, the Heizl*
^^"^In'thÔ «îi, d.JlirÄmKÄL
and I expect to prove that said land has been
; ESJWlJX.SlKfJlS 8l 3 rt "«lalmed In the man
' witnesses ; JlamM >> ?lri7ér, or flMniel > ^Loyl'
Kjlshu E Bingham, c;a*«lus K Smith, xll or
uu * 0,l,o, ' t ' Norman Jones,
Mrs Benjamin win take pleasure to mine
m the mtem^nt'lidllTsTBlickfirt and"
rounding country.
! __ .... . °- V BENJAMIN
Sûtes of iriaho and Monlan* CtUrK *° n
j Blaekfoot, Idaho. August nth. !M.
_ _
' ]
— AND —
' îhnamaVar'* Tssl. I a*«h. r ..J ci»ji.„,
• >n08in8! ' 8r 8 • 0018, L821ll8r 81)0 Findings
Notlcu of intention to mule« proof
will U» published once a week for »ix com« cn
tive week» in the Idaho Nkwh. printed at
HlackfrKjt. IdutK), which I hereby deMi^nHie a- ;
the newpaper publUhed ii«mrc»t the land in
•aid application.
Pihbt J. Anson. Hefflsier.
uccess At Last j
Has Come
By Using the
Scientific Washer
Wholesale and Retail
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
f A . y
riie Order of the Age.
v;tWV X
Smith Premier Typewriter
__ . - _ as, I
Hern*;an A. Mondschein,
j 9 '
Wotphmglgr £
fïaiblIlHOROI ® Jutt.M- ,
All Tjpenrilers Supplies Aiwa)» an
Halimi T. Morgan,
Blaekfoot, Idaho.
StiBDgripliir for 5tb Judicial District
Agent for Idaho.
IV Write fur lnforinatHm and l ata »rue
'Ä 1
• V Y
■t :
fr< ^


Bst», Pisa,«. ijrnCTz
*eM»z»«u. tm/CXUrwit.
immrj.ét. Mr HI
• M»a«r»O«0.VfNr
tfim rum n ob. »
•ana MM
t—it «nmm mult,'
Dot-« All Kind* of It*
OtBte in the Pioneer Ibii'- »
Lass of a.
•B crasi nmm »Ca.
•T.LOUI«, * MO.
lAfntl PmUJrqrHt of *4
»anUgv r»y,l v KMKil<nJ 41^*
•A4 Eportio« ftwds La tlM> 1
W tUt MUE^lM, to. r.ilMMf
1». V
A A T| 4It ! 1 te ke'mf
r tolfiy «•••»!?#
•. •»4 ek
r* tw- u.«,
• bw allBM.setear»»- v.WwtHv« I *tll
fta* lNib«<
Uan»«4 i «*sif» ixti «„fki« ftwn MrkifiMriii >r»„«a,y i i
y *"0.1 *"**
«f^jî/îVit 11 Jr -,,u*,, I,-Hi: $:,.
fc- 1, A la !.».*, H«g 4««, AwgiMU. Mai«« ,
m, «* Asm* fmme a '♦«•H.
•4 «mm?«»» »m.ml
■ k. »s,k ,n.i iw.
yn»tm tr.membm j
■*'»* Will# A*ois*»* Lie» K oeN t«4*•(
AH «'••»m» !«««••
09 «II *be
w 1.11
m U L T
[ w'ÆrXiJÂ/wîÏMÊÂI'srÂ. tî;',U"£!2,
> 1
- ■ - N F.W a,.d ». fartl»wiwv« «w»
Il.llMlIevtiel' ( e„ll«l »*« f*wrUMW4. U mim*
«•«wra. 1KUI..W
tlrwijr ..ew l»«4. mi MngE -ovM.rfui_
Begin"." *" •««••»* from III to •« ,„, »
*, mnfm • (n * r • U »"- •*l4»i#«r« W« ran f.rwUH t...
t.b.yiw.«i and tea*-!, y a 1l*»k. 5. •txtesia aanuie. h
la<WaiM l *a FMK». TMt t-' It A. « O.. Al&Vta.
an»i utwstm,
1 iMds hr John «
, ..
ekiy H« »*
lb* ••»ri.
• f*
•»»*»•• reit I«.
Ml M B»
l'Altl D l I.AH» KM««. Addrew it ••?..
*li*»ux a a«., loftiukti. a AUK.
»A, f«rnMK<(
«V.ltlLY leufnevT
1. A 811.) , «r
k c REE to EXIHiNE.
Qrmwwk, IWU toa.M. •.*• wwre.«,/!!,
-«5 'KarSorta
j «
•tnt fa* f? Ml.
*4*rim0 «m kawwtly
I«. Our «8W le
['"■•M t. the , 4 ,**
mnnoi »»plar» Um«
•»? Owns to yaw
< ' t
•**. awd we *1*1 or >4 Ire «.
^ 0 fl , 1*8 «flw maiik*,
'«• »« »?
r WII.r.fAXr Ai ro.
tas n. nsuisd H, cuicugo
Lt v tr
CO Conn?,. Coidn. irflnsris, Ironahltls.
.»ti a Morn,oii.ss, Whsarlnr. Coucli.c.-ut a.
» JSkHi S'thm«, anJ .very aStKt-on el Hi.
fti »«to » ,
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
These foods arc sold by all the wholesale
tinners in Utah, bend In your orders.
27 K. Third St SALT LAKE, UTAR
Seit Leie City.
I asw w w ■—> w-« w w
Conducted by the
Sisters of the Holy Cross.
The HHirw <>r »only U lh»touvh, embravlnc
all the I rwnehi » IH-Mtainir to • ftvst eias*
v.tmii 1'huin.ent|.hy.Type-» rltm« .tut H<»,k.
k> • pliiv Wukht laiiv».ge. Or»witis. sna
Vee»l h »»..h» In ola»* t teins liic-lmltMi Ta ta»
fl (NiiirM* rt-ni» no citr» Youm
w Mh'iiK to ponoif ib« Hljrwr Art <v
oounM»«rt* nffor*t«>«| factu
iti< « in fr-ueb Tbt* ttvuai nuMttfldKtbtn of u-tim
mua« wti« ti 'tut:*- tUoti **u«*or tb« •«um family
Mtu uU «ch* - I «I tbc* »«iiir ttiu« 9
The pu| id A All HmIIowb iff Mf.
mliUfl 11 » vthHr *i»i* f* nt tb« AcMdibv
Huit rut» • t un be »cvurHl for |jupihi on tb*
ruid» not «muta« lb<* T«rrtti»rjr
Stmli« n f
tor iM*anh-r» ami day pupil* will ha
Tuewtav September 1*1. Ml.
Semi refer*no*, »or catakiguea. etc.. *4
■Iri-** a* aUive.
S20- 11 buy the ODELL TYPE
WRITER with 78 charac
ters. and $16 for the SINGLE
CASE ODELL, warranted to do
netter work ihuu uu machine made.
It tsimbinea »iMCLirirr with dcia
mt.iTv, »prrn, ka*k oy opkhation,
»ear* longer without tsmi of repair*
ihuu ant oilier machine. Haa no ink
riblniu to ladher tlie operator. It is
skat. «I HSTANTLIL. nickel plated,
IM-rfect ami atiaptetl to all
kiml* of type writing. Like a
printing press. It pnaluce* sharp,
clean, legible inanuacripl*. Two or
I ten copies can la? raaili* at ime writing.
, Any intelligent person can twcome a
o|H-mtor in two day*. M e oder tv
000 l" •*»» operator who can equal
w " rk ,,f u, *' DOUBLE CASE
H. li-il.l,,
Agent» and Hal«*««»
>|x*i iul indui-emenU to
I Dealer*
F**r Pamphlet giving Indorsement«,
i'' C
I sr ' * «7 5'h Avp CHICAGO, ILL.
Idaho Staire Co.
n»« rhr«^«t, fh«* nn4 mmt dlrict
rmiif* (•«< «t«m (hr North. Ibuit bo4
*V#«§t 4tul th« i* Un ta n«mf*d.
i i ' __ m n _ ■ —»
nrr > n * I'ÄAL^rnicrT« «nit Kijhvm,
UftVt* HlurMf*»»! Daily «|«|. m for th« IH«
, H:v«-r Mino«, l|mi«ton. MuilU«. llon«nt«.
♦ »>D.n. I tiaior illy. .f!fii« «nd tfaiy Vtorw*.
I*«4«* nicor* «ro t «rr<*il lit Br«t < Im« csnirho«,
hy «Wföl «ud drlrtw.
Kutmar H-iii*'« on tho lino *ro nn«iirpaMM«4
»««tit« who «rr ro««1y «t «1.
tlmo« U» fiiroUh patron* with full fufortnallo»
n ir»r»llti|i piwna, *urrtM»t»4Jn$ o»»u»
j rry. K«»r furihor in for mat Ion apply to
' KltF.D VfXilsKK. Airont atlllacliroot. Idaho
The Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul
«""w») is tbeoniy line running solid
Klw '* r,< ' LiRhuxi *id
st, ' ani H«»t«l trnin.H betweeu Chicago.
> 1 Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minnea|iolii.
The Chiengo, Milwaukee & 8t. Paul
R iilway i* the only line running Solid
Ycotiliiilcd, Eh'ctric Lighted and
Steam llcnted trains between ('hicago,
Council Bluffs amt Omaha.
The Iterth rending hntip feature ia
the Pullman Sleeping Curs
these lines is patented, and cannot b*
used by nnv other Rnilwiiy Company.
It is the great improvement of tb*
age. Try it and he convinced.
For further particular» apply to the
nearest coupon ticket agent, or ad
dress J. \V Casey. Trav. Puss r Agent,
No. 33 Stark St., Portland, Ore.
run on
Oild Fellows Cemetery' in now iu
Hie lmn<l* of the Trustees of Golden
Rule Lodge No. 24 and all parties
holding receipts for lots present them
•<> L. W. West, and get a deed for
• he Name. Ity order of Trustee«
R. J. Unborn, \
H. W. Curtis, [ Trustee«
Oïo. E. IIayer. )
All applicHtions for lots must be pre
sented to M. Muster, Financial Sec
retary, who has the pints in charge.
Merchant Tailor,
A complete assortment of line Cloth»,
Suitings, etc., constantly on Li«a<i
A first class line of Fall and
Winter gfxsd* on baud.
Good workmanship and perfect
Fit gunranieed. All orders from
, *»■,« ,-u |t.t iU

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