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Rapp & Keeler,
Blackfoot, : : : Idaho.
•Ul practlw ln »U »hf oyurta Special at
JuSsI »Ire» tu Land bualoeaa.
Blackfoot, Idaho.
j. W. EDEN,
Sill practice In all the State and Uni
ted States Court*.
Blackfoot, Idaho.
WU pt.rt»* •" ,k * e,,urM of u * *<»*•
igrSutan Publie in the office.
Attorney at Law,
E. P. Bugkensderfe*
Attorney at. Law.
Will Prsrtko» la aU Ik* Coon» of the »tat»
Jos. A. GlarK.
Itartrisr aa4 Civil Eagiae. r.
Aia.aTWr.nt» net* at the rtuort. tranaart n
(»•eral land uMoe bu»mr*»
iaoli am k
Hr oar. (jyra far buslaesa »wry day
ftrlntm, sit o|«. »stk*i. tw-rtatotn» p-the art
a Ihsiiiift Hos I'u«» «I A Harth rata
tm yaiBlrss »soartam Terras maOrratv
(mct~Ont Ih« Idaho Drue 6uw*.
AsstufAKT SiimEON U. P. Raii.wav.
HTTstrarsphlc sera munir» tiens proto pH.
Call* of BrapoasIMa partir. att*mS<-d «« 4a>
m atfkl
e A Trail.
a w rARi*.
kamst»« Purnt.hwt on all kinds of wort
„ Dlirh W«wk * B|>evl*l«y.
■*ps. rtat«. Tr.eina«. Blue Prints.
_ eutrd on short notice
OPrii E-Stl* Washington Avenue.
Etc IU
Attorney at low
PisdMee« la the Sut» an* Ü. 8. Churn
.Fkt \\m
Cloth inv\ ;
Q.W- i\5
JBoSToM.fAA^j o
Be Found Pfa 4
Insure Your Buildings
Against Fire with
F. W. V 06 LER,
Pioneer Insurance Agt
Of Binghum County. He
represent* Fivs of the best
Fire Companies, also the
Nqw York Life Ids. Co,
Indian Summer Harvest.
Idaho Falls ts shipping lots of grain
and potatoes.
Mr. T. J. Matthews has been quite
sick all the week.
Graiu is selliug st Idaho Falls at
•1 per hundred iu trade or 93 cents
A Willis Sweet republican club
bas beeu organised iu Kuotuai (Jo un
There has been 11,900 applications
of students to cuter the SUuford Uni
versity iu California.
Postmaster Fred À. Stevens is slow
ly improving from his attack of fe
The Good Templars will have
iuslalluiiiiu uf officers at their meet
ing, this Saluiduv evening.
Every school teacher in the enuuty
should lie present at the Institute
advertised iu this week's Stews.
A little Blackfoot wee tut wanting
to learn the sex of a lot of calves
asked a school mat«: How many of
them arc mare»?
Court matters will la* doubly inter
estiug at Boise City this mouth. The
Uuiled Stales Court aud the Supreme
Court of the State will be iu seasiou.
Major Daniisou ia fitting up his
store house in first das» si tie ami
will pot a first etas« stuck of goods '
iu it.
Somebody haa said tbe devil ta al
ways on hand to assist iu pultiug
dûau a carpet aud putting up a stove.
It is »aid that a number of Wood
River «o miry men are auxiou* to
step iu I>c Lamar's shoes for World'« :
Fair Commissioner.
Messrs Orr A Orr .end Stewart,
Blackfoot altorueys, will leave for
Boi*« this week to Ik- plcsciil at Ule
opening of the Supreme Court.
A rundlel of -ÿoitcli 'i.-key ta»
mil tie White ilo.i e ' and the pmhi
Free«, came down .Monday to see tbe
Couniy Oomiillaaloner» tu the matter
diptheri. epidemic at Lyman.
H» Ult
bitioiiirls ate taking a pun« li at the ,
President's expense.
Editor TemucMt, of the Ilexhurg
li comes from B »ise that Mr. De
leuu.ir named Joe Hawkln
moel suitable man L* suve-ed him a»
Worlds lair Commissioner. We
shouldn't wonder.
L M Cipp« left a 14 pound turnip
oo exhibition Bunting A (Vs. It
is s whopper mid is even too large to
fit in a bat of a man with liiu Mg
Tbe miners working in the coal
mines at Briceville. Tciitiesce, turned
liarae 300 convicts atnl burned tln
Nobody hurt.
are "agin" convict laimr.
Mr. J. Lavery bought a Itand of 90
Oregon horses for his R.-xbnrg ranch
this week. Ile dritte them fr un Boira;
Valiev sud pasted IJIackfool Monday.
The U. S Court at Boise has a nuin
ier of Bingham count v men docketed
foroflbnoes for which they are to be
tri.*«! this term.
One of the puzzling questions to
Can I make my last
many in these days of hard times and
little money is:
winter'» over wist do mu through th«
coming winter?
A subscription to Tut Blackfoot
News now would csrry you through
the next Presidential Campaign. Sub
scribe sml learn all about the Nation
al, State and County campaigns.
The Secret of Fine Pastry.
It wholly in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder.
The only pure Cream Tarter Powder sold on the market.
Other brands contain either ammonia, alum or some other
adulterant. Ammonia or alum powders dry out, make the
dongh too porouï, leaving a bitter taste, etc.
No agency lias assisted so much toward perfection in
cookery a* Price's Crdam Baking Powder. Its ingredients
simple and so blended as to exist in exact chemical pro
portions, so after use tHefe is never any excess of either left in
the food. Hence there can be no impurities whatever left in
the finished food. No bitter taste, no taint of ammonia, but
food raised with Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder partakes
of the natural sweet flavor of tho Hour and keeps moist and
fresh for days. This powder possesses qualities necttliar to
it alone. No other makes suçfc deliçiou# pas«y. No other
contains the whiffl pf egg*
Alonso Leland on© oj the oldest
newspaper men of Idaho died at his
home in Lewiston last week. Thus
it is; one by one, we cross the divide
and Join the majority encamped on
the flowery fields of the Better Land.
Mr. Hobbs and family, from Colo
rado arrived safe'y in Blnckfoot,
Monday morning and will henceforth
be knowu as an Idahoan. He has a
ranch on west side of Snake river.
For the present be is occupying the
Anson house at Snake river bridge.
Mr. C. Betlison Wilson, the big
cattle man of Fi»b Haven who was so
badly injured in a runaway of fright
ened horses last spring has so far re
covered as to move urouud easily by
the aid of his cane. He was in B a -k
f-Hit first of the week and was in ex
cellent health and spirits.
Blackfoot can furnish a capital
good man for World's Fair Commis
inner, but we don't know that the
Blackball man would accept the ap
pointment. The Governor haa uever
•»-uttered many appointments broad
cast from Bingham, but we can tell
him if he misses this opportunity,
lie will regret it in 1893 when the
Fair is in full operation.
Rev. J. Wesley Hill, of Ogden, got
liim«elf in trouble in Massachusetts
by meddling in politics. No matter
for him. If a preacher will attend
to religion and politics at home, be
will have his hands full. J. Wesley
will return westward with some new
thoughts about the eastern world and
the people therein.
Last spring The News published
a notice of a Sulphur mountain near
Asia Springs and U>l<l of tbe work be
iiig doue therein. Since then the no
lice has ls.*en going the rounds «if the
.•»tale press aud credited from our pa
per to another until it came back to
; u* last week, as fresh a« a blooming
j chrysanthemum, from a Vu e , Noth
Idaho, paper,
- I
«•„ h«vo wui'intr ,,n.l ..ill»,
BL natt iMN-n Wui Itig an«1 waiting )
these many days for tbe report of tbe
pril « >n l<lm mission investigating th.
mvnt aiw .,„ #un . 8 . H . lliu . n ,i ar .
, . # £ '
at »..tse mit ih. y are silent as
grave. Governor Willey. A. J. Pink
7 in , „ . ...
ham aud General Robert, owe it te
, Another Hc/mblicon lirard From.
t be people who placed them in their
present positions, mid to themselves.
to make a fair and clean statement of
the matter. Those who were in tbe
business should be discharged at once
and their places filled by responsible
men. If Messrs. Willev, Piukliain
amt Rotierte fail to do this, they will,
and should lie considered as guilty as
the li ilsnce, ami when they are before
tlie |Msiple ng. in for favors, they
should lie relegated to oblivion. Tin
republican party of Idaho will not be
dictated to by such men in the future.
—Post Fails Post.
M hat Manny Will Do.
It I* tnv intention to give the pett
p|,, „ telegraph service at half present
fi«ti*f>, including m-w*pH|>ers; to make
the free delivery of mail universal in
ull tbicklv |K>pu!ated communities,
country as well ns city, ami to see
newspaper* ami literary publications
go fret* through the mails. I want to
see till* the leading country of the
world in all that goes to make up in
telligctico, culture and enterprise, and.
do you believe me, 1 expect to see
this all in a comparatively short time,
—John Wanamaker.
Gesd Advice.
(Mutick- Herald.)
Some men think that if they can
only get into politics their future is
tully settled and that life for them
ever after will be one round of pleas
ure and coutcntment. Let no young
man, for a moment, think that such
is the easy way of the politician.
Political work is thankless work; not
one man in ten ever gets anything
like a fair recompense for his time
and labor spent. Many men spent
the best years of their life in chasing
political phantoms, with the fond hope
that by and by an official plum wit
drop at their feet. The politics
wrecks along the political higltwti
attest how fruitless the chase. Fr> n«
... ...... . .
calling, and that the same amount ol
industry and energr expended in
a ... ... , * . j
*ome Business calling will yielu 14
richer harvest both wbridly goods auO
. _. . o . ... . .1
II) peace of mind But this does no.
„ . . ...... . 4
mean that one should not be inters
ted in politics. Every good citizen
should be sufficiently alive to the
the lesson of the years let all youi g
men learn that office-seeking is a p*« i
welfare of bis country as to see that
good men are selected for office an.)
that all honorable means be employed j
to secure their election. But seek
■lave honest worth aud are p-culiarl\
r .
fitted fora public position, the peoph
rot tbe way to office yourself. If yon
wilt find you out andreward you with
a public trust.
We always did like to gnaw a ten
..... .
Hut It tut* lH*t?n is ;
good many years since we w, rkeO
•1er "spare rib.
with a --rib'' of Ibis kind, and even
t i, en W( . nt . V er heard a • crack: *
Alexandi ia physician was called lo
On exatui
u ttend
a young woman,
uation he found a rib fractured, and
that her sweetheart Iwd given her a
that she felt something enu-k, It t
the young woman blushingly admitted
tight squet-se a tew nights prior a> d
didn't know w hat it was. She is get
, . ,
tlllg along lllcely and the doctol
I . . , . . . . , .
tliliiks she will be readv in a few day.
) ' '
**' *noUier nb broken. Goshei
- —
The celebrate.! "B.m of the Road'
riveted Overalls, only 75 cents a pah
- -
It will cost you nothing and wil,
Si*w Try This.
surely do you good if you have n
cough, cold, or any trouble with thro.,
chest or lungs, Dr King's New Di
is »very for Consumption. Coughs an
Colds is guaranteed to give relief o.
money will be paid back.
from La Grippe found it just tbe
I hing and under iu use had a spec!
, t
8. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wie .
was troubled with Neuralgia an
I • c. « ,.
Rheumatism, his Stomach was d.-l
deled, his Liver was affecU-d to an
-tlaruiiug degree, appetite fell awav.
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles of Elec
tric Bitters cured him.
and perfect recovery.
U>ttle at our ex|>ens«; aud learn fm
yourself just how good a thing it i*.
Trial bottles free at \V. H. Behle &
Sod's Drug Store.
Trv a sa mol.
Specimen Cates.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, III.,
® j
Imd a running sore on Ins leg of etgli
years' standing. Used three bottle
of Electric Bittere ami seven boxes
, .
of Bucklen s Arnica Salve, and llis leg
is sound and well. John Speaker.
Qitavl», Ohio, had Av. U*, ,.v»
soies on his leg, doctors said hu was !
incurable. One bottle Electric Bi'
ters and one la*x Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured hint entirely. Sold by j
W. H. Bchle & Son Druggists. ' |
llsllard's Horehound Syrup.
We guarantee this U> be tbe best
Cough Syrup manufactured in the
, , , ,
whole wide world. This ts saying n ;
Th rout. Sure vuest. rtieumoma, Bron
chilis, Asthma, Croup, Whooping
,, . , ,, .. ...
Cough, and all diseases of the throat
, , ...
and Lungs we positively gun ante«
Bullards HorehouiHl SvruiJ to be
, , ,
without Hn}'equal on the whole nice !
of the globe. In support of tlli
. . ». . ,
fitatemeiit W6 refer to every lndivlil
, . , .
uhI who has ever used It* imltofim
Ira.sne ho aA*v«ra ö kiri u
druggist who has ever sold it. Such
evidence js indisputable. Sold by
n, ,, t
tt • "■ «»* ule « bon.
great great deal, but it is true.
Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Sore
Let the curtain fail
Over her pall
Tbat lealL
Bbe had so «lortmi« name;
Her» wae Ihr humider (aal
Tu lire lu eulltuile.
L a writ, and I here do auod.
Aa »(«neu do.
Wh«ee Uvee an- trwa.
Wbuee heurt» are wruns.
Whom- nerve« unelruua:
Who suffer every Uh
And yet are «Ult.
watered lh« year*
Her iuuMl« were ever «tretchM to bleat
Home our la greater wreUbed >.**■*,
If Miete there were. She did out
febeonl) knew tier took.
And did it; no! mm any man.
Oui) mm UoU und woman nan.
Let t tie t urt ain full
i Ti
. ,, , . . »
High Kicking it not SO popular in
danrinir ma it n*ed tit he hm th««* «r*. t
aanung a* it io oe, oui there are ,.
lota of girl* wbo can ontkick the heat
men in the business Women, yon know
a . t . J
are better dancer, than men anyway, of
«d they know how to encoura«© flexi
j bllity of the muscle* better. A girl
who practice* ©very day for two or three
jesra can elevate her feet a good deal
higher than her bead. Now. I am 5 feet
. . u . I n»n t«», U lam <*
4 inches inheight, yet 1 can tap a tarn- ,
bonne with my toes even if it ia held €
f«* « inches in the air. There was a
me wuo couiu iock au even f reel, uui l
Ovor her pall
TluU I» a!L
— W. J. Lain pi on la Detroll Free Proa
Ho» flirt* Kick High.
never did it
J* irU ki< * differently from men. Men j
j W upwàrf
while they are in the air. That isn't a
I kick at all Watch a girl, and yon will
aee her raise her skirts to her knee and
stand sansn-lv with both on th.
sianu squsreiy wiin ootn leet on tns
ground, ace will give just a little jump,
and her foot-nsnally the left one-goe.
; npin the air as she bend, her body down
ward and forward That is a real hiirh
u ,* . .* , r'*r
kick. Men almost invariably use their
"*jj*f**? jÄ , 1 *. 111 : ot ^* ct -.
women send their left foot np at It
; They use their atrungest lejr—tbe right— *
to bear the weight of tbe body and lend
force to the kick It's awfnl hard work,
this hiirh kicking, and if s girt did it
every any *he would socu be in a hoa
piud. -Interview in 8t Louis Globe
Wkal Bernhardt Haa Earned.
What are the earnings of a theatrical
star 'r a French contemporary asks, and
points ont in the case of Mme. Sarah ]
Bernhardt the "takings" of a quarter of I
a century hare amounted to 6.516.000
francs, to which, after her return from
Pre** 5 "} toQr in America, another ,
2,000.000 francs may confidently be
«.Id«,! When th* -divine s«ruh" iw-r.n
•"<««1 When t ne divine aarah began
her career at the Coinudie Française, in
I807 . VKrv modest salarv
iu dJ' M n ,^872 ^The <m£Z,
she only earned 200 francs a month.
years later she made 160.000 franc*
f"«jng. short tow te France, andin
« L 7 * uUr '.. f™
which she played "Frou-Frou" "Adn
enac Découvreur" and " Hernani,
brought her in 250.000 francs.
Then came the first American tour,
whence »be returned with a clear profit
of 600.000 francs, and henceforth the
flow of the bnndred thousands has never
ceased Considering that poor Corneille
in hia old aire has nut the wherewithal !
m m* oiu age nas not me wnerewunai ,
; to ony a pair of aboea. one may well be
■nrpriaed at tbe progrès* of civiligatioa
as expressed in the fort unes paid to a
great actress
To Protect Fancy Pillow Caass
It ia very much the custom of thrifty
honrekrepew when moving from the
town tnt«i the country home for the
season, to carry along a goodly supply of
silk covered divan pillows borrowed
from the lounge* of the town house.
When these pillows are incased in deli
cately tinted silk tbe bard, double wear
- of winter and summer is apt to shortly
render them unfit for use. This may be
prevented by buying a yard or two of
i variously colored and decorated pnn
gums, that can be made into loose shams
. and slipped over tbe round or square
P»Uows Snob shsms not only save the
wear and tear.m the pillows, and are
ridicnbmi|y but seem a
pleasant relief to the well known pat
**** uni * er case.—Chicago
B»bl»s May Tak. th. Placw or tiofi.
There is jnst a faint possibility that
i batiies may aapersede as fashionable peta
'»P* 10 « The Duchés, of
j rortiKOd tuu taken an jdd and perhapfi
unaccountable fancy to be very proud
of her baby daughter and to avail her
£!' -•' every .,pportunity of having the
little woman with her. When the dneh
re* opened the great Kensington ba
recently baby Lady Victoria was
! -goes." to aw tbe idiom, and how funny
perhaps pretty it would Ira to«i
white jeweled hands caressing the fair
faces and soft cnrls of little children and
j to behold a baby on a silken shoulder in
| P nbli y « f thr L,ir - V bul "
booed camue amtocrata of the mode.—
New York Sun.
Etkormnna Powder PnlVW.
Powder puffs are now being made of
•oormoustnie. as large as she top of an
ordinary sogar basin, the hnndle being
n ; modeled after the bnat of some célébrât
, ^ r . ,,
vd person. Bometime* the handle an
•crews and eonUins in its hidden space
.>«, . >_■
either a supply of powder orejebroYA
pctudla and other at*c*8*oriea for thfi
beauty'» toilet These puff* are most
convenient, especially for travel and for
wh»r> th» «ts. «f
«nniuier sojouruing. wnere tne ata* ot
beauty mn*t not be neglected.— Pitt»
hnnr Dianatrh
r * onap«u.u.
! It pays to have a specialty. Mist
Carrie Sumner, of Holyoke. Mss*, when
At dmith colltîjçt» made a aprriaJty of
-„a f- r nllrnMT1fll . f t * n
A J «L A L AM. * * . I
study ibat ohe quickly obtained a tine
* PvnDHvlvaDU «obool to !
tM4oh Uwsk ouJy ^ , hürt hoon ., j
good pay. and, from her thorough knowl- ,
edge of the branch, little weariness or I
A Great Liver Medicine.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Fill
are a sure cure for sick headache, bil
ious complains, dyspepsia, indiges
tion, costiveness, torpid liver, etc.
Tuese pills insure perfect digestion,
correct the liver and enrich the blood
and make töe skin clear. They als«
produce a good appetite, and invigor
ate and strengthen the entire system
by their tonic action. Sold at 25 cent*
a box by Behle &. Son.
Joint Notice For Publication.
TTsjtet» State* LiroOmcit. »
Bf,Ackr*w*T. Idaho. October 20.1 HSU <
OrMdatnt harinjr been entered at thiaOHloa
j bv flario* H Moon mrainst Thomas Wilson
Kollanti for failure toreomply with law as to
i Ti m Lcr-f tilt uru Entry %o 455dated April HHth,
» upon the <*outh Eaat \ Suction 15. Town
-flip 7 North Kanjrc 4»» Rast. In Binprham Coun
t ' i ,{ÎMh « with a view to ea^eeliuHofi of said
,. ntrv . r «, : n^tAnt Hiiojrto* that said Holland
h«.» not t muon 5 acres at said laad ap to the
I>r-«'nt time the ««Id parties are heret^eyn
iiKiif d l- apjiear at this Office on thf* 4th dar
of r>'>> •;-«-r isn. at lfto'cloec a m . to ret
tseOmm, mommtm em
( \ till plaint ha Einer alao been entered at this
office or rarlo*H Moon ajnun*tJ*me*8 Hoi
»""'i V/tin re Bntrr*No ^"d.tid'Anrfl Mtk
upon the North Eabt Section 22 . Towiv
<* h, P * North Hamre 4*) gut in Binirham ooun*
, y . Idaho, with a vk-w to the «„«-nation of
*aid ^ntry: contestant aiu-irinv that said Hoi
p,, nd Hnd ftirnifih testimony concern!t* eaid
alleged failure.
j ' Pekrv J. Aaaoj^
bestn * Kcsaax. Atu,™ y . PorfVnu.i.nt.
am re of the Blackfoot I rri ration Company :
principal pl.ee of boeinc*« Blarkfott. loabo.
«3 per share upon the Capital .P»ck of the
Blackfoot Inrlgatkn Company, levied on the
4thday of August, ]S91. tV several amount«
Delinquent Assessment Kotier.
ppoftfte the names of tbe respective
'^^""''EiclV.iii-rerr. i «hares. » J B Cut
»h«»l»hare» A H. Lyon» 1 .hare S3, and
* n accord*nee with law and the order of the
e»«»ry will be sold at public suction at the
von»her. liwi. to pay th«* deiin«
^"«^Se'of «ie. h B^orttrl.f the Board of
uent hhw-MA
Jobs Kantiosm,
Blackfoot. Idaho. October Sind, 1 ** 1 .
\oiics for Publication..
Lanp Omet at Black toot, Idaho, I
October 3,18S1. f
Notice Is hereby (riven that the toliowinjr
, «ttler has Bled notice of hi* Intention
to maae final proof in support of hi* claim,
and that said proof will be made bef «re the
mrK i fcwiver at HUcKi.«>t, Idaho, oo
Monday November l«th. iw«, vit : Lewis D.
Wilson, cm Homestead Entry No. 1SH. for Um
|j i.-fownship a «.uth.
hl ?rx,n B ,muou b .'ÄmreuS^d^uiuÄ^S
of. »aiU land vi* : ^
county. Idaho,
Fnuir J. Amok, Realster.
Desert Lands.—Natire of Intention te
Make Preef.
Ukited States L < s d Orncw. i
Blackfoot. Idaho. September SS, 18B1. (
I. Rb B. York, of Blackfoot. Idaho, who
nade desert land application No. S57 on the
! a day of February. Is*, for swU section »,
, owos hip ï south, ramn-35 east, hereby give
notice of my intention to make final proof to
stnblish my claim to the land above deaertb
.-d before the Register aud Receiver, at Black
uwt ou Saturday the 7 day of November. 1SM1.
and that 1 expect to prove that said has been
properly irr «rated and reclaimed in the man
ner required by law, by two ot the following
Eugen T. Hose, Charles Bumgarner. Bert
Trego, Peter York, all of Blackfoot, Idaho,
PERRY J. ANSON, Regiater.
Notice for Publication.
Land Omci at Bi.ACKrooT, Idaho. »
Ocu»ber Tth, l*Wl. (
Notice is hereby ri^en that the following
lAimnJ fK tiK r has filed notice of hi* inU'titioo
to make fiual pixMif in support of hla claim
.''.nu that eald proof will be made before tbe
Uetnt-ter ami Heoeirer at Blackfoot. Idaho, oa
November 16th. lnwi. vU: Edward F Mutin ...
.m T l> S. No. 28M0, for the Iota 1 and 2, 8ec fi;
L«U amt NE', NW*» Sec. 5, Tp. 6
K.oik 1 ' -- EasL B M
He names the lollowin* witnesses to prev*
ms eentimious residence upon and cultivation
. 1 , -aid :und. vi* :
Cornell!«» Reagan, Hugh denning, Joseph
Waus, William fresh, all of Bliighaiu county,
Pebrt J. Aksok. Register.
t'siTCD Statfs Land Omni.
BLACkrouT, Idaho, October ». l«fl.
I. WlUtem J Hawlina, of Uruffh CYcek, Hinjr
bau> county. State* o! Itlalio, who itiado doM- rt
land application No. lobl on the 18th day of IV
cuuiber, for uuaurveyetl, hr per descrip
tion, cmuaiutnif ki acn*s hereby give notice of
m> munition to make final proul to eatabiish
mf cluiai u> the land aoove deacrUaxI lietorc
the Keg-iMcr and Heoeivcr of the V lilted States
l*and Office at ltlackto »t, Idaho. Saiuniay the
21»t day oi November, IMU, aud that I expect
to prove tbul said land has been properly irr*
aftu d and reclaimed in the manner re^nired
by tbe law. by taro of the follow iu*r vritnesaea;
Guorjre Heaton and Frederick Baird v.i
Brush i'reek. Idaho, and John Lyons and
George Munro of Cedar Creek, Idaho.
PoHKir J. Awsor,
Application for Patent.
yotice So. SI.
„ R _
BLACErocT^fDAHo 8 irÎr!im! f
'M'ottce ts hereby xiven that Presley B, Fox,
Av whose residence and poet ofik-r address
I. Btaokfoot. Rln«hain County. M*ho.
hs, made a| plication lor s l nlted f>t«U*s
Patent for the - Bmins" Y>l»ovr Mini»* Halm,
rtthatefi In an unomnlsed inl..tn* Ststriet,
BknKbam county. Idaho, conbiKtinir ol the tol
lowing-denurltx'd niacur tnlninK *rn»und anil
»ur faoe ground >hown on tbu plat poau»d on
and plat of the official survey on file iu tbi*
office. *ltli mairtictio variation at Ki de*ree*
m minute» e*«»* follow» ;
The lot three |3I of *e«lt.n utne (»' in town
»htn two 1 X 1 south of rsnsethtrty-aix chhe«*»
ot Ule Boise meridian, oontatotn* eteveu and
nlitetr one hundredth* ttl Bl-tOU« »er. -a, more
or lea*. ae<H>iOln* to U. S.-tiovernmentS'iri-ey.
*Phh «W minln» tooution twin* of reoonl in
trict at Blaokloot. in liiiurhain county, Idaho.
Ilf nctrvt»known looaKTm beina the **Ku*
terpritu" FUour Mining Claim, udjoinlnf.
I I dliwt that this notice be pubiiahudin th«
Idaho Nkwo, the newapapar puMished near
! wt the said tnioteir olf»»«. tor the period of
j .IeV dsy. orten week*.
, u J R*e*i»tcr,
I Be is* A Kr.ttt,
Aturie.y» fur AppUcstjt.

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