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VOL. 5.
NO. 24
Ju*t »a They Coma.
The democrats elected the entire
State and legislative tickets in Iowa.
Ralph Morgan l as lieeu appointed
crier for the Supreme Court this term
Our editor left Sunday afternoon
on a business trip to Boise Citv.
C. B. Wheeler has rente«! and will
occupy the brick residence lately va
cated by Attorney Reeves.
The rémi ins of Dutch John were
Interred in the Odd Fellows oetneten
Wednesday evening.
The first snow of the season in this
part of the country fell Wednesday
night and Thursday morning
Senator J. M Wells, of Kis>t«u d
county, spent several day« in Blu.-k
foot thi* week
. .
Deputy t b-fk IMftWl new re»i w.
decc« will la* read« foi iH-ciipanel in
•bout one »M'k.
Boise politician* are very pal with ■
going to «lo at the next election? '
Fred Vogler w«*«t down to Ogden 1
Saturday, Ui attend the Gilmore cm
L W'. Wi«t has redgned hi* posi
tion at De La mar aud can now lie ;
found behind the counter at W. II
As the matter now stand«, the men i
. . .
M German) who eat Auicm-aii p.*rk „
. , . . . ,
will pat the duties, unie** they Iwat I
.... .
the landlord out of llu-it board
Mr*. Holbrook received lid* week
a fine assortment of Christmas g<«*l*
St« her new ad calling attention to
The town ha* In-en full of «tr.-inger
thi* wo k attending the pi.-liuiitiary j
examination of the parties charged
The Baptist Sunday im-Ium.I will j
have public exercise* a week from
with the murder of --Dutch John
next Sunday evening. There will lie
some novel features.
Albert Watson who ha* la-en nek l
M iu !
•o long with typhoid fev.-r.
*ble to attend to his duties at the
We yield m<sit of our local spa««- j
this week to Ike proceeding* in lhe
ttial of the men implicated in vie
murder of Dutch John.
Arrangements sre iM-ing made for
• grand Th»nk*giviug ball and sup
per. In. dations for same wilt Is- out
io a few days.
Quite a numlier of Blackf.Mil |ieoph
went over .Sunday evening to •Ueno !
the soteriainmcul giv.m at the I'ara ti
•cbool house
W. C. Killingswortli returned Fri
day from the Arangee ranch, North j
Fore Snake river, whither he went to
deliver the 800 head of shevp sold by
Attorney Orr to Mr iiopf.
Now all look forward to the national
holiday, Thanksgi viug o 1 which .wen
•ion the turkey routs '-lie eagle a* the
fiatiomd bird, and peace mid g<Knl
will prevail among men.
Boise City lays claim to a female
faro dealer.
The Indie* ol Idaho wi I
b« shocked at this intelligence
greatly a* if H Japan earthquake wa*
00 duty.
Attorney Reeves has shipped his
household goods to Boise City, and
his family will leave Saturday for
the same pi
In the futur«.
ace, where they will reside
Ml»» Alice (lamill of Chicago, gave
so excellent entertainment of select
readings at the Hull, lust Tuesday
evening, nu.lcr the auspices of
l >'« Bl:.ok foot W. C. T. IJ. Mis*
Hamlll rendered a varied programme
*ith much
grace and elocutionary
skill, Tlie Glee Club has the thanks
of tho union for music furnished.
Police to StwkholderV of F.a»h rn
Idaho Water Company.
Assessment No. 11, is levied for
purpose of paying attorney's Ices
in the recent law suit and for salary
of water master both hills being long
past due, Stockholder* are positively
requested to make immediate pay
JottN Montgomery,
gec'j and Troas.
Semi-Annual Convention of the
Hinyham Co. H'. C. T. U.
The convention met Noy. 4 at the
M. K church, Black foot with a fair
attendance of ilelegates from Idaho
Fu.ls, Bluckfoot Flats and Bhiekfiait
Mrs. Reeves, the county
president, proved an able and ettb-ieu«
««Itieer Mrs (J. C Stull of Ula.-kf.M.t
gave a cordial welcome to tue visiting
delegates which was responded to hi
Mrs. Trego of Blockten Plats Uni
and Mrs. Mitchell of Idaho Fall*
Among the reports of Superintend
ent* of Dept*, the m:«»t interesting
was that of Mis« X. Duneau of Black. !
foot Flut» Union, Siqx-I ilitehdftil ol
Childn-u» Work,
She report* four I
*">'«! temperance legion* in Bliigh un
cMUttly with a memliersl.ip of ninety-1
'be following superiuteudeuis
w. re continued for the enduing siv
ui-utb* ami it ia etrneaUy hoped that j
jeach will I), „I time ami inclination b. j
do me « ff.et ive work iu her depart j
Snpt. of CTiililrcu » Work, Mis* X. ]
Duncan, Bln.-kbs t Flats.
8cl'-nti«e Temperance Iu.trucli.m, |
Mr*. Holbrook, Bla. kf.wt. I
Parlor work, Mis. Johnson, Idaho j
llvgiene, Mr* Given*. Rmckf.Mii.
s upt of Pres» Work, Mrs. Oliver,
„ „ . , ,, „
It 1. il r> «». I Work. Mr*. Vanderlieck,
„ ,
Pocatello. :
. ...
Motlier* Meeting*, Mr*. Clark. Ida
In the evening a large and appre
1.... ... 1 .
i.-iaMve audience aa»e.nbled lo listen
to lhe el.M-utbiliary contest. A Dein- 1
In. Falls.
on-sl medal contest had (men planned j
but ass impossible, only four contest
nutaU-ing present,
'It** Blanche Crawford, from the
Hope of Our Country, man effective
and telling manner.
Mi-s Belva Yarnell. of Idaho Fall*. 1
" .'»I Side, rendered "Prohibition Hie
r.-cibsl-The Huinscller's Legal Rein
l 'dv," iu a way that showed much
! natural ability and careful training,
Mi*s Blanche Jones was especially j
graceful in her recitation. «The Xa- j
Mi»a Gerta Fierce concluded
i erntest with "A Vole« From tin- Pisir
house," and was awarded the prix -, J
a pill'll case containing portrait* of
lion s Curse."
'li** " illt.nl and Mis* II *«l.
Mis* Il I. Hdbliell gave a tine de- '
; Iiu.-aliou of the "Death of Hyputia,
j b. the great enjoyment of all present,
j| u . m , w | v WH , |, v Messrs Stull, !
! V.ml.-r, Beale and Bti. V eiisou nod it la i
n .,,,11,.»« i„ HUV waH ,,f y H . i M -st.
(' ure „, MIU ,,f 5 was devot
ed to r«'porta from delegates und these
j showed that temperance work I» sure- j
ty progressing iu Bingham count v.
The' Union at Blackf.»t Flats,
though tlm youngest in the county, is
tin* largest, having, 57 m mitera.
The aflertiiMiii was occupied by the !

Corrruspoiiding Secretary's report, a
model meeting, an aceount by Mrs. \
f her work 1
Mitchell. State Organiser
during the past month, showing that
«he lias traveled newly 400 mile* and
n.-ld twelve meetings, doing much
missionary works, opening of ques
tion box and a very interesting moth
er's meeting led by Mrs. Holbrook.
In the evening the members and
friends met at Mrs. Reeves for a so
cit.l session, which was delightfully
«pent In "progressive conversation,"
charades, récitations and music.
C. Bunting, of thi* place was tend
ereil lhe position of World's Fair
Commissioner for Idaho, In Governor
Willey this week, Vice DeLumar re.
signed ; but owing to pres» of private
business w»s compelled to decline the
Mr. Bunting would have made
capital commissioner and it is I.m»
bud that he eould not accept the posi
The ladies of tho West Side union
gave a very pleasant entertainment
last Sunday owning at Parsons' school
house. ThiN union, though the young
est, is said to ho the largest organisa
t| on 0 f t he W. C. T. U. in Bingham
county aud perhaps iu tho slat*.
Arrest of "Tex" The Cowboy, ILF.Hake
and bis nephew Reed Hake, charged
with The Crime. Coroner's In
quest, Examination, Etc.
The news reached Bluckfoot last
wi-ck tliul'Jotiu Andrews, alias '-Dutch
John." u cuwlajy well kuowti in this
! about 40 miles east of Idaho Falls.
section , had beeu rnurdetvd by O. 8.
Hcrla-rt. alias "Tex," another cowboy, !
It seems a dauce was held some
I lime last week uear Menan, at which
Billy Ayes, of Market Lake, and Wil
liam Williams, of near Lewisville, j
wereamoug the participants. During
ihe evening Williams, having become re
j a little "mellow," intimaicd that he
j kuew something about -Dutch John," |
j having beeu killed aud where his '
Mr-.*•*— Ayr..K 0 ' wli.i
] information he could from Williams,
I «ml imparted it to Deputy Slier, d
| Walter Greeu Gr.-cu immediately in- ;
I f'*rmed Sheriff Smith of what he had !
Muiih advised Green to !
j ahead and ascertain what be could,
Ou Friday Greeu bad developed
enough to warraut the arrest of B. F.
learned, and asked for instructions,
! .Sheriff
. , . ...
Make, the Lewisville merchaut, and
. „ , „ . , ,__
: ill-, nephew It-îod Hake. A posse also
. ... „ 1
started out to arrest "TeX.
It was
ascertained that ' Tex" was last seen as
at tilt ran.-be of one Jarvis, about 25 l *
-i , a ■ : as
indes «or lb of Soda Springs, who i» i ^
1 a partner of Ilakc iu the cattle busi
j ness. Sheriff C 8. Smith immediately
instructed Constable Billy Cleraeus.
of S>«la Springs, to organize a party
there and start for the ranelte of
with Jim Smith aud trank Merrill, |0
Clemens started 011 Sunday afternoon,
1 and learning from John Swank, whom
Jarvis in que*t of --T.-x." In company
they met coming iu, that "Tex" was;
at the Jarvis ranch only a few hours
before «lid that they were on the
j move with the Jarvis cattle for the
j winter range, the party drove that
j night to within a short distance of
the'where they supposed "Tex'' would
camp, and Mopped for the night,
-, J About 9 ocloek Monday morning Jim 1
of Smith started on horseback to recoil
! muter and soon run across -Tex" on 1
' horseback.coming toward him. Siuitli I
divw down on -'Tex" and quietly in
formed him that he was
! "Tex" replied, "what for." Smith
la i answered, "murder." "Tex" was
.«»mpletelv surprised. He evidently
was not expecting anything of the w
kind, ami for several hours n >tu word
j e*c«|»ed hi* li|»s He was lodged in ,
j dl Tuesday morning.
Coroner Mitchell, of Idaho Falls.
is '» <*'«• meantime had gone out after
the body of "Dutch John," returning
The body wa* ;
! " n Sunday morning.
■ brought to Blackfoot, and a Coroner's
The priucipul wit
\ jury summoned.
1 1 1 '"*® before tin Coroner's inquest was
; Williams, who testified, sub-tantiallv,
| that about four weeks ago, Hake sent
for him to go with "Tex" and his
nephew, Reed Hake, to look after sc mu
lost cattle, aud to bring a "good horse
for a long ride." Williams reported
at Hake's store, and after some ill
StriK-tions from Hake, was finally in
formed by Hake thut they would find
a ImwIv up where they were going, to
mark the ground well, and to bring
back something which could Ih* iden
tified. Williams, "Tex" and young
Hake started out and on the second
day alamt noon, reached the corral of
Charley Plant, about 60 miles east of
Idaho Falls, when "Tex" stopned and
asked: "What understanding did
you have with flake?" Williams re
plied: "Hesaid we would Hilda body
up here." "All right," said "Tex,"
"you may see it, theu." After going
over a little ridge, they stepped, and
"Tex" went to a log and pulled out a
| look at it, if you want to."
coat and hut, then going about 75
yards further eust, he poiuted to a log
and said: "Tliure it is, get down and
got off his horse, aud fourni a body,
lying face downward which upon he
ilig turned over he recognized as that
of '-Dutch John." He examined the
body, and found a bullet hole through
the left side, and upon further search,
he found the bullet lodged ir lietween
the shirt and the body, which he put
in bis pocket, and then mounting
their horse« set out for home.
After reaching Lewisville they re
ported to flake what they had seen.
The clothing, Hake requested his
nephew to put into a sack, as he wanted
to show them to two other men, and
they were secreted in the attic of
Hake's store. Hake and "Tex" Isith
cautioned Williams to say nothing
alamt what he had seen: that -Dutch
Johu was an outlaw, and nolwnly
would ever say or care anything about
j |||m M|| afu , r Hake ha<1 ' given hinj
for |1(| u|] ||U ACCOUnt l „ f
re t,i rlle 4 home
Williams says, how
ever, that he told the matter to his
| m>tlter . jn .| aw lhe next <i a y t and to
' . fi n *lk he tohl it
! came out.
0u |be trip over Uj 8ee the ( H)<iv ,,f
; Joh|| Williams says "Tex"
! U>u , him atorie( , (>f h „ w j„ lltl
j met his death. One of which was
! that he and John were looking after
some lost horses aud they got into a
qtiarrell; that John pulled his gun, but
f ex got the "drop and shot first
This story is improbable, as the testi
! moiiv shows Jolm was shot in the
1 Kk
Reed Hake, the nephew, test i
fled substantially to the same thing
as William*, in regard to the trip, but
l * lat 'fes told him a different story
: as to how -Dutch John" came to his
i ^ j
After hearing the testimony
of several other unimportant witnes*
eg, the Coroner's jury returned the
following verdict:
We find that the deceased
named John Andrews, was a native of
; Germany, aged about 45 years, that
j lie came to Ills death on the 28th dav
|0 f September. 1891 in this countv
by wounds caused by pistol shots.
fired from the hand of O. S. Herbert,
; alias -Tex" with criminal intent.
It will he remembered ihat • Dutch
John" was one of the parties arrested
along with Frye, Bruhne and other
last spring for alleged wholesale cat
tle stealing, and that after a b ird fight,
they were all acquitted. It was ru
mored then that John knew a great
1 u,or, ' l * mn * ,e * ,a< * hild, and that
certain cattle men had defrayed the
expenses of his tiial. Since that tune
I * la8 * K ' en * n l * ,e e "tploy °f Hakc
Järvi«, so we are told.
al*o implicated in the troubles last
"Tex" was
spring. All sorts of rumors are afloat
reganllng the death of John, and it is
not probable the true facts in thecase
w >ll lie known unless "Tex" concludes
to "talk. It is Said that if he doe*
, make a clean breast of the affair a
-lirge-sixed sensation will be no
where compared to the one his story
will create.
The preliminary examination of
; Hake is in progress as we go to press
/I Gift From America To France.
Every sctioolhor knows the obliga
tion America owes to France for gen
erous aid at a critieal time of our na
tional life; and iu New York harbor
stands the splendid statue that France
gave us. Now it is proposed that
the women of America add courtesy
to courtesy and present to France a
brome of Washington, our noblest
man It is intended to ra..k<' this an
offering from the many and only
twenty-five cents is asked of each con
tributor. It is hoped that forty wom
en can lie found in Blackfoot who
will give to this object. The names
1 are to be printed with the amount
given by each town. Subscription
lists will be open at several business
places and it is hoped no urging will
be needed for the accomplishment of
an object which appeals so strongly
to the patriotic pride of all.
The subscription list for the statue
I to France will be closed on the even
ing of November 14.
K. F. Givens
Ladies trimmed hats, the model of
fashion both iu style aud color at
Mrs. Barnhart's.
M ew good S
Our Fall Ski is Now Complete
consisting of
Dry Goods, latest styles, Notions,
Underwear, Boots , Shoes, Clothin
Hats, Rubber Goods, Etc.
We call your special atten
tion to our line of Dress
Goods and Clothing,
Newly Built and Newly Equipped and Fur
nished from Top to Bottom.
Meals Served At All Hours.
Centrally Located ^ ^ Charges Moderate
Share of the Public Patronage Solicited.
PoWijiijg A Sirjiipoijs Proprietor*.
Ma e a mistake once, and bought a Cheap
Stove for the sole reason that it was cheaper
than some other stove. Now if you contem
plate buying a stove do not make the same
mistake again. Remember that I'm selling
the very best stoves on earth, both for cook
ing and heating.
A Car
Is what I
|1 Load
W Just re
" ceived
want to 1
Show you
I can and will sell you stoves, (quality con
sidered) cheaper than any one in Idaho.
Five or even ten dollars is no consideration
when you are buying a stove, for the differ
ence in the fuel bill or poor baking for three
months will make the difference to you.
+ Grarland Stoves *
are no experience in Blackfoot and Vicinity
but 50 people will speak well of them. If you
want to know who uses them I can give you
50 references in and around Blackfoot But if
you must have a
I also have a few of them which I sell cheaper
than anyone. I also have a large stock of
Stove Boards, Coal Hods, Pipe Elbows, Shov
els, Tinware, Hardware, Crockery, Lamps,
Woodenware, Etc. Please call and get prices
before purchasing elsewhere.
Yours Truly,
33. H. BIETIIAlVr,
Blackfoot, Idaho.

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