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BlacUfoot Nevas
13 00
One Year
Sis Months..
Three Months
..»red st the po»toflte* at fllackfmit. Idaho,
E uaa«a l»» l " n an ««worn, elans mall umtu-i
rates furnished on aupIleaUun
Hoffte Chimney »perk*
Travel eastward over the Oregon
gbort Line is not overly crowd« J.
Judge Britain, late of Boise, is go
law office iu Pocatello.
iug to open a
The W. C. T U. gospel services un
to be revived.
Hon. H O. Darkness, of MeCuin
nioo was in Blackfoot Tuesday.
Pocatello shop men's time lut» been
reduced from 10 to 8 hours per day.
Secretary of State Foster is soon
to reaigu and go abroad.
Mis* Lula Sill has so fur recovered
u to he able to sit up in her room
Three hundred famili.s at Ib-me
stead, Penn., are rejsirled on the ve r g> ;
! t
of starvation.
Peter Meiling, »n Idaho
I am lier, made u buaiueaa trip to
Blackfoot Saturday.
Washington county ha* a maguifi
ceut display of fruit* and cereal« ou
exhibition iu Boise City.
Jimmie Steven* i* well pleased with
bi* poaitiou tut supreme court stenog
The rolling mill men at Laramie,
WTouting, have bad their wages re
duced 50 |«T cent. If they do not
accept, new men wilt lie employed.
Delegate Cain, ha* introduced a
bill iu congre** foi no enabling act
for Utah whereby it tnaj lie admitted
into the union of »tute».
Operator Melton, of Blackfoot »ta
lion, ha* gone to Bed Ruck, Montana,
where he becomes Irolb station agent
and o|h rator.
There are three pronounced candi- j
date* t«*r surveyor general of the »late.
Two for attorney general anti four
for aaaayer.
An exchange nay* that the old
fashioned "kiaaing late" ta
YÎvud thi* winter Good enough, but
be careful which end of the bee }ou
to U: re
.... , fri .
Lobbyist, are numéro,,, and ^
quent iu Boise City Of course near y
m,y one think, he carrie. be legiv.
lalura iu bta pantaloon* watch pocket.
Sheriff Woodiu came in from Horse,
Prairie. Montana, Monday morning, ]
with Duncan Waddnm, charged with ;
When two men can trade horses
ami think Ju.t a. well of each other
m before, it i* not necessarily an evi
dence that they are lailh gmal men,
but the horaea were la>th gmal
Rich coal fields have lieen discover- j
ed 16 miles north-wvat of Boise Cuv.
Claim holder« are arranging to place ,
the coal on the city market Four- ;
teen nn-n^nre workiug in the pits.
borte stealing.
Uupl Billy Clemens, of the Clemens
Hou»c, Sovla Springs, is spending « !
few days at Boise. lie wu* iu Black- !
foot, Monday. He favor* the
division scheme.
The largest known diamond i* call
ed the Braganza, which is among the
crown jewels of Portugal It is uncut,
weighs 1,680 carats, ami 1» valued «•
over 128,000,000.
You will note that tMs was not
taken from the diamond field* of Idaho
The first term of the United State*
court for Blackfoot will begin fitst
Monday in May. It will follow close
Upon Judge Stnndrod's A pi il term. Ill
truth Judge Slntidrod may hurry up
to give way to Judge Beatty.
■ ■
1». „1, or Tartar l'o-ta.-», A—Ç ''" '''T .
Used iu Millions of Homcs-40 Yars the Standard.
The bill* in contemplation for the I one
division of liinghain county by the j hi*
prcseut legislature wdl make good ; in
patch work of the territory,
of the line* proposed divide men's !
rauche*, mining claims, separate his
dwelling from his stables, and make
I he roosting places of his chickens in
ouc county aud his ducks in another
, J- F. Pribyl, formerly editor of the
Corinne City, Utub, Caliope; William
D. Duncan, of the Ogden Dully Post,
and James P. gprunt, a prominent
real estate man and bunker of Ogden,
were in Bluckfoot Saturday ou busi
Some this
Not many people stop to think
about it, but the outside of a lemon is
anything but clean. If you will look
at it you will see some tiny spots, like
scales, ail over it These are the eggs
..r an inset:i, and if the lemon is not
washed they are likely to become au
ingredieul iu wliat ever dish the lemon
is used fur.
Cassia county Im a candidate for
United States marshal. They say ]
about Boise that his let'ers are as j
numerous an the sands by the seashore. !
A good looking,
popular young bachelor of an interior j
town was being leased by the young | j
ladies of a club for not getting mar j |
riet!. He said: -111 marry the girt.
; ,,f v ,, ur c lub. wlioui, on a secret volt*,
! t oil shall elect to la* tm wife." There j
j the
well-to-do, and ; U(
were nine mem Iters of the club. Each
girl went into a comer, and used
gicat caution in preparing her ballot
di»g'd«*l her handwritiug.
result of the vole was that there weie !
each girl receiving \
remains a,«»!}'
uine votes east,
The young
; bachelor; the club is broken up, and tr
lb« girl* are all mortal enemies, uni- of
ted iu the one determination that they I
■ I.
will never «peak to that nasty man
Future Days.
Masquerade ball, 27tb inst.
hpwortli L, '"K |,e ® oc *"* 1,1 ' ,r * i
Cherry'*, this. Friday, evening.
M K Sunday school entertainment, j
not fur away.
Go* pel service* 24th inst.
Murtliu Washington party, Feb 2
Prof. Andrew F Seymour, of
Ruckfurd, III, a mind reader. has be
for u feat he pro
PE It li t PS ! I 1
gun préparât tons
I »oses to accomplish next
He will, June 21, throw himself into |
su ni mer.
a »täte of in*en»ibility and lw buried. :
Tlie grave is to lie watched by a corn- j
milice, day ami night, while u crop
barley I. sowed, ripened and harvested |
overit Mr. Seunour will then be i
disinterred and will return to 1,fe j
Hi. feat, U is claimed, has been 1 t
formeilby the fakirs of India ui.de r !
.„mdiUons which prevent „„position
Mr. Seymour sais he has such ,
w . |lril , oVer Jlis mind and "«--vous ,
m that he i* confident he can i
syso m o,
perform the ueL
Hon. W. C. P Breckinridge, of
j Kentucky, concisely aud accurately
outlines the puqmsesof the incoming
, DetnocruUc cor gréa» aud executive as
; follow« :
'The readjust ment of the turiff.
i. The establishment of a sound cur
« ! rettcy upon
! "The revision of the enormous pen
a »table binds.
sum roll*.
"T<s these labors the party stands
portant mailers of policy or patron-,
, „„til these things shall have been
it should not halt by the
to iKitln r itself about less im
MeCwn lull's A pH n, ments.
The .North Idaho Star, published at
editorial on the Stale
the same with
Moscow, ,n an
University, concludes
the following :
'•Rumors are abroad that Governor
McConnell will not re-appoint any
one of the regent* who lia* not been
hi* personal or political friend. That
in the distribution of patronage in
stowed only upon those who are likely
this and other directions it will be be
to be aide and willing to help him in
his uspirations to succeed Seuator
Shoup iu the seuate.
It is said that the predilections of
parties iu the matter of the treasurer
of the University, who is appointed
by the board, will be considered.
We sincerely trust that this is un
true, and for ourselves do not credit
it iu the slightest. Governor McCon
nell is too wise ever to make such an
error—it would he disastrous to the
enterprise und the eutire blame would
be his. Indeed his political enemies
would want nothing better than a
bubble of this kind in order to attack
,,inl !iml ruin l,im P rj,i >'caHy iu his
own town aud county."
Yes. The News believes Governor
McConnell w ill do nothing of the
kind; indeed, we feel sure he wfll not.
Everybody knows that he cannot turn i of
the state into !
The governor won't do it. We be- i to
ieve i lttg t |ie ambition to make the is
(egl g„ veril0r u, e s tatc lias ever had,
lind |, c to attempt such a par-1
the institutions of
ixilitical machines without bringing ;
disastcr to himself, to his parly and
U( t | 1(; j n ,,t,unions themselves.
tisau move as that, iu two years' time, ;
his proclamations would be worth no j
proclamation of his prcdcce
more in the market than the election
A Historical Parallel.
There is an interesting paraliel-thc j
a,«»!}' one in the history of the eoun
iu the approaching retirement j
tr .v
of President Harrison and the exper- j
**nee of his grandfather. j
William II. Harrison, like his grand I
son Benjamin, was twice a candidate ;
tor President, and his opponent in ;
each election was the same man. Mar
lin Van Buren, us Grover Cleveland j
In the election of 1888 Benjamin '
Harrison received 233 of the electoral i
was of Benjamin Harrison. j
In tbe election of 183C Van Buren j
received 170 of the electoral votes
in 1840
llarrison received 234 of the votes
anil Vau Buren but 60.
cast and Harrison but 73.
votes and Grover Cleveland but 168,
and iu the elecliou of 1892 Cleveland
will reverse the result, receiving 276
of tue votes, against 144 for Harrison.
vat times ul-ivs Queer freaks
J .*! 1 -,
Atuericau |k> uns. . ew ot
Corfe ntk . nt u in f or med that!
hu||td >|r . Clovehm i ( i ie before the
8mim , MoiltUy in January next the
t . leclorml ©«„egc would have to elect
t ^r U to, he presidency.
* ^ d o that in
•* ^ ^ no ratrietIoll
^ ; . . in regard to '
P 1 .
, 1 K . oiialiticutions laid down iu the
constitution. Should Mr. Cleveland !
college in January, and Mr. Stevenson j
vice-president, and the former should j
die between that time and the first of
be elected president by the electoral

March, Mr. Stevenson would lie the
president. This contingency is pro
vided for in the 12tli amendment ,«>
the constitution, which declares that
in case of a failure to elect a presi
dent, or in case of n vacancy in the
office from any other cause, tlie vice
president shall act.
Article 2, section 1, of the consti
tution, confers u|M)ti the congress the
right to declare what officer shall r.ct
as president in case of vacancy in
iHiiii the offices of president and vice
president. This was done by tbe net
of congress approved February 3.
1887, and the succession is in the
following order: Secretary of State,
Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary
of War, Attorney General, Secretary
of the Navy, and Secretary of the
Interior.—Baltimore Sun.
The St. Louis Globe Democrat, pre
tends to say that Mr. Cleveland has a
black list of those who opposed his
nomination at Chicago, and they may
look for nothing at his hands in the
way of appointments,
the GIobe-Dcniocrut has to say in
part, :
This black-list includes some very
prominent names, along with many
others of smaller importance. The
This is what
country can easily recall the bittir
things that were said by certain lead
ing Democrats concerning the man
who now has them at his mercy.
Some of the observations were more
disparaging than anv ever made by
Republican critics,
members them all, we may sure, and
will take particular delight in resent
ing them. The offices will be given
to those who stood by him from the
start. No man whose name is on the
black-list can bring sufficient influence
to bear for the removal of said dis
qualification. The new president will
coolly dismiss all applicants ot that
sort with the information that they
have no claims which he is bound to
regard. It will be useless for them
to talk about wbat they did for the
party during the campaign,
will not be recognized as a test of
fitness where a man stands convicted
Cleveland re
of participation in the anti-Cleveland
conspiracy before tbe Chicago Con
vention. Tims a considerable number
of persons who might otherwise ex
peet to be handsomely provided for
i to lake tbe consequences. Cleveland
is a boss with a big opinion of his
own personality, and with ample fa
cilities for gratifying his private
; will be cold-shouldered in a most em
pliatic and humiliating fashion. They
j took the chances, and they will have
Tbe blac-K-list he has pre
; grudges.
j pared is a long one, but there is no
probability '.bat be will consent to rub
ont a single name on any account;
and thereby hangs a tale of coming
disappointment and retaliation that
will make very interesting reading."
j We desire to say to our citizens,
j that for tears we have been selling
I Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
; sumption. Dr. King's New Life Pills,
; Bucklen's Arnica Salve and Electric
Bittet*, and have never handled rem
j edies that sell as well, or that have
Deserving Praise.
; These remedies have won their great
' popularity purely on their mente. W.
i 11 Behle & Son Druggists.
j given such universal satisfaction. We
j do not hesitate to guarantee them
every time, and we stand ready to re
fund the purchase price, if satisfac
tory results do not follow their use.
A Million Friends.
A rriend in n " d ~ a <rk . n d indeed.
, . „ ...
"" d '**» thau «" u *"" ou P* 0 ^
have found just such a friend in Dr.
King's Discovery for Cousutnp
| tion. Coughs, and Colds.-If you have
I ,,ever used Hiis Great Cough Medicine,
j oue trial will convince you that it has
wonderful curative powers In all dis
of Tlir ' ,at - Chest aud Lungs,
Fach bottle is guaranteed to do all;
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funded - Trial bottles free at Behle
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50c. and »1.00.
A Great Liver Mediriue.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills
are a sure cure for a sick headache,
bilious complaints, dyspepsia, indi
j jr t .stic,n. costiveness, torpid liver, etc.
j These pills secure perfect digestion,
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aud make the *km clear. They also
produce a good appetite, and invig
orate and strengthen the entire sys
tem by thoii tonic action.
■ 25 cents a box by Behle & Son.
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Bucklin'» Arnica Salve.
The oest Salve in tbe world for
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Eruptions, and positively cures Files,
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refunded, Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Behle & Son,
Principal place of *, usines*. nMsalt. Idaho.
Notick—T here 1* delinquent upon the
followliur described stock nn account of «s«p*«
i'^: , « N n , i ^ÎÂI-nt' pnwir.
^r-uv" , ^mrehX^; , V^ΠmC ' 0f 0,6
Name. Shares. Amount,
juId" 8nn'p»!m ,0n !« Jis.no
Î! "onran» Orr in tin Î ji
( im« *i«*nghenr«t u». tuuM
w. Rhopnrd is #K
j7(">Rflwiek n ïi> îhUïi
HiniïïioSr ü> Stört!
--"icniiwsworth St sa„w
Amt ,11 accordance with law. so many «haros
or each paiwl of such stock as may tw
necessary, will tic sold at ttin school-house,
at Uasalt. Idaho, on tlie 1 th day ot February,
I««, at the hour of 2 o'clock p m , ot such day
to pay delinquent assessment thereon, to
aether with the cost ot adverttsl«« and ex
penses Of the sale.
Dec. 27th. IStO.
M. D. ANPac*. Scc'y.
Basalt, Idaho.
Important Local Mew».
Two Hammock Carts for sale cheap.
Apply at Pioneer Drug Store.
Go to Dippel's for confectioneries,
10c to 40c per pound.
Choice Eastern apples by the bar
rel or box at Dippel's.
Old papers for sale at this office at j
Call and
50 cents per hundred,
your winter's supply.
An elegant line of Ladies and Civil- j
dren's shoes at Mrs. Holbrook's which ,
are being sold at a bargain,
get a pair Itcfore they are all gone. !
New Millinery just arrived on in
Winter Hats. Feathers, Rib
boDS, etc. Call and get what you
want in this line at Mrs. Holbrooks.
Call and i
Cloaks ! Cloaks ! Cloaks !
Why will you go cold when you can
get cloaks of any description at Mrs.
Crow Bar and Royal baking pow
ders 35c lb. at Dippel's.
D. II. Biethan has juft received aj
car of furniture.
Choice Japan tea 30c lb. at Dippel's |
Idaho Fall3.
Can furnish money on improved
farms at as low a rate as can be had j
in Bingham county.
Mrs. S. E. Holbrook has an elegant
line of Ladies. Misses and Boys un
derwear, scarlet and natural wool. ;
: (j e i your suits early, the prophets are '
predicting a cold winter.
T. J. Smith,
For Ote I At die*.
1 Eye Glasses and Soectacles.
, Do - vou ™ nt C : Ve gloses «r specta
cles, somethmg that will fit the eye,
comx-Uy? Then call and see these
j at h a. Mondschein s in Curtis'hard-!
ware store. They are going at a bar
Came to my ranch on West Sidej
alxiut three weeks ago, one Pinto
mare, red and white, branded
: left shoulder. Owner must pay ex
jienses and take her away or she will
be sold as the law directs.
Dec. 27, 1892.
on j
11. LaI.IBERTY. 1
Came to my ranch about 1st, of:
September, 1S92, one spotted eow, j
red and white, branded —R on left i
hip. Owner will pay expenses and :
take, her away or she will be sold as j
the law directs.
Blackfoot, Idaho, G. W. Benjamin.
Dec. 24, 1S92.
Est ray.
1 have in my possession one 4 year
oid steer. Branded D G in large let
ters on both ribs. Slit in each ear.
Spotted, red and white. Has been j
with my cattle about two years. Own- :
er must pay expenses and take hun
away or he will be sold as the law :
James Bumgarner.
Blackfoot. Idaho, January 4, 1893.
Portland lads For Sale.
Just Stop and think, Onh $.>0 per.
, . i n _. n „„ i *, no n „_ mon th
lot , S-IUU Mown ami Sl.uv per mouui
»» '»tere-vt, no taxes. My lots are all,
Clear and level and not ton minutes
walk from the motor. You can get
water within 20 feet There are
houses going up right along. Church,
school and store close by. Don't for
get that you buy right from the owner.
II« Kill send you maps and informa
tion and give names of Portland bus-
incss men who have bought.
i . iliinir r> lot* for *5 00 Her
Jusl U1,US > 0 10ls lür P* r
[ ., ■
tuouiu i
W. Reidt,
49J First St., Bet. I'iuo and Ash,
Hats £» Caps,
Boots and Shoes,
Winter Gloves,
Blankets, etc.
J3ed J^ock Prices for
We Will Not Be Undersold.
'i 17
H. C. Dippel the Green
Grocer, keeps constant
ly on hand F ruits, Vege
tables, Piekles,Fish,Sour
Krout, Honey, Confec
tj one rieS, NlltS, DreSSed
■„ t*, tv
; I OUllFV, UiggS, XhtC. JtjtC. #
All such Goods as fami
lies need in their Daily
Bill of Fare.
; Leave orders with him
a n d the Goods will be de
a1UJ '
W Here in me town.
(b. a. jenne. manager.)
Everythin? NCW Rlld
Commercial Trade a Specialty.
Good Sample Rooms.
Rates Moderate
Idaho Falls,
The Sower
Haa no second chance. Tbe
first supplies his need* — It be
— •-** w i*»e prtveuUoo of
Ferry's Seed&
k Ferry'» Seed Annual« fcr
► contains iUI tb«r ImrtPl and beat }
' Information about hardens and
_ Hardening. It is a recognised
f am homy. Every planter should
f have it. Sent treoon req jMC .
DM. FF U K y At CO.. Iketroll. Mick.
Une Of \\\
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Pioneer Insurance AgL
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