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■If /
»U 7.
NO. 1
ifewB of the Week.
I he VII, No. I.
I '
I iSotice of "Warrant Call" in
I " column.
I liar services at the Episcopal
'Sunday morning and evening,
.alitor of Tue News made a
»I trip to Boise this week.
intendant Gregory, of Fort
lian school, has resigned. A
ir will be appointed this month
aale quartette will conduct the
irvioe at the M. E. church, Buo
uing. ,
aor Keifer is paying his re
is the taxpayers on the west
Snake river.
* 11 it-than bought 300 bushel»
Oea at auction Wednesday at
U Indian schoüS.
Johu G. Brown, the newly ap
Register for the land office,
■e up to Blackfoot n«xt week,
lay term of District court is
« at Hailey. Hon. C. 0. Stock
i 25 or 30 persons visited
•tils Decoration Day to wit
base ball game.
■arnea G. Blame, Jr., was mar
ly W. T. Bull at New York
Dineen, late of Blackfoot, is
igcd in the hotel business in
d a Fair city.
kl Beach has lieen opened for
*». When you go to Zion
as one of llioae exbilerating
t Garfield.
weuieuts are already being
I many town* in the State for
iog the grand old Fourth,
attention ia called to the new
eraenu of C. Bunting A Co.
I. Hiethan, which appear in
{ A Co. will soon begin sbip
eom the Lost River minea.
t ot teams left Blsckfoot
(or the mines,
kins of Jeff Davis were in
Richmond. Virginia, Wed
I pi I* from Blackfoot who
I attending school at l<ogan
I ted home today or tomorrow.
Pan»« at the World's Fair
F ,'nutnlxuvd 176,474.
cannon, formerly of Black
now of Pbillipsburg, Mon
ved in town Thursday after
the new diseases which
•a are called upon to prescribe
for are telephone earache,
ten lockjaw, typewriters'
Ud cigarette smokers' in
it i* at the beginning of
m boom. Several largo
df'going up, among them
Jvnnd hank building.
Igniter named Jacob Uouilcr
II* five «tory building to the
Sin Ogden Monday. Death
i" itaneouH, hla limb« were dis
■mie broken and his chest
H a pulp.
wir McConnell has appointed
l*r, Dr Maxey and D. 8. Ma
pecs of the Soldier's Home
||ended. The next business
Bices is U> locate the Home,
ip" ta Wright was given
■ iirprise by a party of young
I'doMdiy evening before
Il ike charge of#her school
H county.
|t<dates for membership
ih the lodge of Good
Saturday evening. A
rill be the program for
B imbibers at next meeting.
Atfiuit agency in Salt
2 Been sending railroad
ia*' w i<h promise of per
J Tiie poor fellows paid
•" l»ut on reaching Bojse
jr \
Menutrial Day.
Blackfoot wan true to the observ
ant* of Decoration Day. May it ever
be true to the day as long aa grati
tude endures and flower»» bloom. The
touchiug service in commemoration of
dead aoidiera had its birth at Rich
mond Virginia. It was taken up by
the North, the East and the Weet and
to »lay, everywhere in our broad land
it ia a day of like observance to ail.
The dead who sleep in the National
cemeteries at Gettysburg, Arlington,
Winchester, Fredicksburg and Holly
wood Richmond, where a monument
built after the style of the pyramids
of Egypt, from whose heights centu
ries look down on the valley of the
Nile and dedicated to the "Unknown
Dead" are all remembered and their
graves are strewn with roses, lilies
and heliotropes.
The Grand Army post of Blackfoot
held appropriate services in the opera
bouse and after patriotic speeches
ami songs a procession led by a band
of veterans visited the cemetery and
strewed the graves with flowers
Every year the graves grow
numerous, every year the number of
old soldiers grows less and less, but
may the last one, the last survivor,
have the satisfaction of seeing the day
as patriotically observed as when the
ranks were fall and hosts fell into
line at beat of drum.
An Cgly Kick.
Tuesday morning when Ed Watson
was hitching up his wagon team, a
team that he had l»een driving for
yeaia and years, and which he con
sidered as gentle as old dog Tray, one
of the horses began kicking him most
viciously and before Mr. Watson could
get out of danger he was kicked on
the leg fracturing the bone, and also
on the head, causing an ugly wound
ovei the eye No reason can be
signed for the kicking, the horse has
always been considered one of the gen
tlest in town.
Big Failure at Pocatello.
The Pocatello Furniture and Hard
ware Co., L. A. West, manager, was
attached for about $14,000 Monday
afternoon. The liabilities of the firm
are placed at over $20.000; assets
about $25,000. The friends of the
company regret that after so many
years business at Pocatello, they
should have been force»! to the wall
under the squeeze of tight money mat
Beturnett Kith Yidorions Eagles.
Blackfoot'* base ball boys returned
from Idaho Falla Tuesday evening
with victorious eagles. They met the
Idaho Falls nine upon their own
grounds and conquered them. They
wont, they played, they won. The
Saturday before, the Pocatello nine
came np to Blackfoot and played our
boys. They returned home as
sengers ot the tidings : "We were uot
in It."
The two victories make the Black
foot boys the champions in the great
Snake river valley. Hurrah for our
victorious nine! Long may they wear
the honors won; long may they be
tho champions of the field!
Deputy Sheriff Dcvlnnoy captured
tbreo freight car robbers Saturday
and landed them safe in jail. They
had entered the car at Ogden and
during their ride Vo Blackflmt had
opened boxes and selected such goods
as tbelr fonoy led them to take. On
reaching Blackfoot they began ped
dling teas. Khoriil Woodiu placed
his do|Mity on their track and they
were soou captured and taken lu. Mon
day they had a preliminary hearing
before Judge Stevens and pleaded
guilty to the charges made. They will
remain in jail unl.il the fall term of
the district court and then go
the road to the pen.
All next week a big reduction in
ladies satin and calico waists, both
black and colored. Mrs Holbrook.
Excitement in Boite.
Special to BuxcarooT News.
Boise City, June 1 _There was
great excitement here this afternoon.
A fisticuff between General Pride and
Cobb of the Statesman, and later be
tween Pride and Balderston of same
paper. Pride was victor. Public
sentiment seems to be with Pride.
Difficulty grew out of an article in
Statesman reflecting on Pride as ora
tor Decoration Day.
The Election of School Trustees.
The election for school trustees for
the Blackfoot district next Monday
is a most important one. There are
several reasons which make it so.
The first duty ot the board to be elect
ed will be to superintend the building
of the new brick school house now
under contract This building if con
structed in accordance with the plans
and specifications, will be the pride
of every citizen of the district Great
care should then be takeu in the build
ing and if possible, it should be made
ready for the opening of the fall term
of school September 1st
Upon the new board will devolve
the election of teachers for the next
scholastic year. An extra good corps
should be employed for this term.
Blackfoot bas some apt sprightly
children, quick to learn and eager to
learn. With the advantages and com
fort« of the new building and with a
good corps of teachers the advanced
pupils particularly can accomplish
much in the next year or two of the
school life allotted to them.
Blackfoot must be made an educa
tional center. It mast be made the
beat educational point in the great
Snake river valley and along the line
of railroad from Ogden to Montana.
Let our poople then who arc voters,
freeholders and beads of families'
have an eye to this and turn out next
Monday and vote for a number one
board of trustees.
Personal Paragraphs.
*W. J. M. Wilder sod family visited Rom
York Monday.
W. A. Davidson, formerly of Om« la County
Time«. «Ill ïwjftn publication of Fremont
County Democrat at St. Anthony about l&tb of
Mr*. Wm. Kirkpatrick ha* been quite sick
fur the past week but ha« «ytnptom» of im
provement and recover}.
Mr». Mart Patrie 1* tmprovlns nicety and
voll «oon be well ayaln.
Dt Miller, of Ho«« Pork, ni called to render
•urrical aid u> Mr. Watann when hurt by hla
Contractor ouantrcll will push the work on
the new »cbool hnuec.
A Big Omtract.
Fred W. Vogler, of Blsckfoot, has
lust been swarded the oontract for
supplying Fort Hall Indian agency
and Port Hall Indian school with beef
for the next year. The contract calls
for 378,000 pounds. We congratulate
Mr. Vogler and boj>c he may realize
a handsome little pile of golden shek
els for his trouble.
Want of money with which to
force the Geary Chinese exclusion law
has left that act in a state of suspend
ed animation. At the same time an
effort will be made by the Treasury
Dcpartiucut to eu force some of the
provisions of tho law. This is indi
cated in a letter addressed to tho Col
lector of Customs at New York by
Secretary Carlisle this week. In this
letter the Secretary recalling the pro
visions of his late circular instructing
officers ot tho department to refrain
from making arrests under the pro
visions of the exclusion law until
otherwise directed, declares that that
order remains in force as far as it ap
plies to Chinese persons who have
failed to obtain certificates of resi
diurne under the provisions of the
sixth suction of the act., but who other
wise would have a right to remain in
tho United States.—Brudatrcct's.
Tho aucess of some farmers is
made up by avoiding the mislakasof
others, and one advantage* in reading
good farm papers is in seeing the mis
t.'|<os pf them and avoiding thetu.
Advice to Young Men .
President Porter, of Vale, gave the
following advice to the students of
that institution:
"Young men, you are the architects
of your own fortunes. Rely upon
your own strength of body and soul.
Take for your stars self-defence faith,
honesty and industry. Inscribe on
your banner, 'Luck is a fool, Pluck is
a hero.' Don't take too much advice
—keep at your helm and steer your
own ship, and remember that the
great art of commanding is to take a
fair share of the work. Don't prac
tice too much humanity. Think well
of yourself. Strike out Assume your
own position. Put potatoes in a
cart, over a rough read, and the small
ones go to the bottom. Rise above
the envious and jealous. Fire above
the mark you intend to hit Energy,
invincible determination with a mo
tive, are the levers that move the
world. Don't drink. Don't chew.
Don't smoke. Don't swear. Don't
deceive. Don't read novels. Don't,
marry until you can support a wife.
Be earnest Be self-reliant Be gen
erous. Be civil. Read the papers.
Advertise your business. Make mon
ey and do good with it Love your
God and fellow men. Love your
country and obey its laws."
Silk mitts and gloves a specialty.
Mrs. Holbrook.
Hero is one of the biggest old fools
we have yet heard of. We are told,
however, that hit children have inter
fered to prevent him from carrying
out his idiotic whim. Jonathan Stan
hope, a wealthy and eccentric, widow
er 84 years old in Wayne county, ap
plied to the postmaster at Richmond
last week, for $3,800 worth of one,
two and five cent Columbian postage
stamps, to paper his parlor with. He
was determined to have them and de
posited the money for their purchase.
Hay: Hay!!
When you are getting ready for
haying remember that I have the cel
ebrated Jackson Fork, also Double
Harpoou Fork, the liest hand Forks,
Wire Cable, Rope, ail sizes, Pulleys
Carriers, Lubricating Oil, etc., at
right prices.
D. H. Biethan.
Garden rakes, hoes, shovels, spades,
forks, churns and complete line of tin
ware, galvanized and granite ware,
just received, at lowest cash prices.
C. Bunting A Co.
Mrs. F -was a happy mother,
who had been blest with a half-dozen
boys, more or less, of whom she was
justly, very proud; but there was no
daughter in the house. On one oc-
casion, when the minister called to
sec lier, he praised her thriving fami-
ly, but added : "It's a pity, Mrs.
-, that oue of them wasn't a
girl." Little Lute, one of the younger
ones, sitting by in his little rocking
chair, looked up with a frown, and
surprised the clergyman bj saying :
"I don't know who'd 'a' been her.
Frank wouldn't 'a' been her, and
George wouldn't 'a' been her, and I
wouldn't 'a' been her, and I don't
know who would a" been her."
Just received a new line of black
lawus aud black sateens.
Mrs. Holbrook.
Mamma, may we play at keeping a
store here?
Yes, but you must be very, very
Well, said wise Tommy, we'll pre
tend we don't advertise,and you know
people that don't advertise don't do
any luisincss.
Black rooT, liuno, June Snl, ism.
N OTICE t« hereby ftveti th«l the foltowimr
llltitthitm County Warrants w ill lie I-M11 i
ui' 1 '" p raua utlon w ith litteredt thereon to
Unto if |ire«ente<l within dirty (00) Uays from 1
(lute of till« notice, luteren will cease from i
and allot* lhid date.
general fund I
A» warranta wal.terad to January tat. ISM.
All warrant« registered to date.
All warrant« reift stored to date.
it. w. Contis, !
Treusurer of liititfbara Cour*— y\
All accounts on our books must be paid]
or closed by approved notes by July 1st
further credit will be extended unless these con
ditions are complied with. We trust our friends
and patrons will govern themselves accordingly,
C. Bunting & Co,
June 1st
We are here and have come to stay.
is the Place to Buy Your
Opposition is the life of trade, and
If you want a good thing to stay
With yon, patronize it
You will always find in stock
Stationer} 7 ,
Pure Drugs,
Drug Sundries,
Toilet Articles,
Patent Medicines.
Paints, Oils, Colors, Paint Brushes,
Choice Cigars, Smoking and Chewing Tobacco
All Kinds of WINES and LIQUORS for Medicinal Purposes Only.
Compounded Day or Night Cali and be Convinced.
W. A. DODGE, M. D., office in Drug Store. Calls answered day or night.
W. A. DODGE, M. D., office in Drug Store. Calls answered day or night.
A nice line of Carpets,
A nice line of Wall Paper
And Window Shades.
A car of Furniture soon.
His Men's Clothing,
His Boys Clothing,
His Boots and Shoes,
His Furnishing Goods.
The following I am selling
at cost : A few dozen boys
shirts, 3 dozen heavy shoes,
2 dozen small boys canvass
shoes, 15 dozen good brooms Agf
only 25 cents and 30 cents.
I have the best Irrigating Rubber Boot ~
I ' Atoau*. ta* )
Lqu«« fJ an( Me ShO VC I Oil tllC market. Yl
vMt!.-.. If»
i get your money's worth when ypyu.iltSEjKu.ro**«.

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