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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, June 17, 1893, Image 2

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Thoro was once on one of the thor- i
. , , ...
oogbfams winch grope into the maze !
of lanes and alleys surrounding
Seven Dials, in London, a shop as
odd and repulsive as its keeper
"Beriah Hargon." painted over the
door, dimly proclaimed through a
coat of grime the name by which he j
had long been known; but in the t
minds of the neighborhood gamins
the nickname "Gobelin" had come
through a mist of superstitious fear
and ignorance. He was as ugly a
man as one could see in all the
metropolis. His face was almost hid- I
den by agray. bristling beard, shaggy j
eyebrows, aud the long tangled curl's ;
of his dusty hair. His greasy and j
rudely-mended clothes had been
forced to serve him for a quarter of
his CO years. Though he shuffled
about, supporting his bent form upon
a huge, twisted cane- he held his
head stiffly erect, and two red-rimmed,
evil eye-3 glared with fierce watchful
ness at enerj- one he met.
The good* displayed in the one
dirty-gUsaeu window, and upon the
shelve* t imid e, «b owe d Hargon to be
a naturalist and morbid anatomist.
'lYi-vre were eases of impaled insects,
numerous skulls, and a number of
jars of makes, as well a* portions of
the hum*« frame, preserved in a'.co
Tho cracked be 1 hanging on a
spiral spring against the door seldom
aunotmeed the entrance of anyone but
Hargon himself, and this fact had
given rise to the belief that the
"Gobelin" had sold himself to the
devil and needed no customers.
I <ate one winter night this man
began a fateful task. He closed the
Shop, and satisfying hims if that no
curious one was lurking without, he
carried a candle into the back room.
Placing it upon a table, he drew a
broken chair into its brightest light
and sat down. An expression of
deadly intention rendered him hid
eous as ho pulled toward him a black
book and opened it. Upon the l ight
paga was a diagram of a monster, spi
der, which he carefully measured and
examined; then turning to the left
page he read in a hard, gruff voice:
"He who having solemnly compact
ed with the Power, essays to construct
and make live the Death Spider
must construct* two. It is written,
and let him heed; he must construct
Tha »wcetast music «Nat I ever heard
Wa* act the aoag of a beautiful bird.
Was not the laughter of a happy brook,
Wat not tho aileaoe of a shady nook.
Hay I muaio sweetest is this, that I choose,
A rolicksome (ad with little red shoes.
This Is tho rhymint that ever they make,
AM this I# the way that ever they take,
Clatter, clattdr.
Patter, palter.
Scatter, scatter
Did somebody guess that my Valenti
Mad velvety oheeks and lips of carmine?
This I» tho rhyming of heel and toe
This I« th*< Journey that ever they go,
■ Uattrr, clatter.
Patter, patter.
Faster, faster.
—Dedie Hayes Killian.
„ , , N o one has
Called rue for fifty years, and t was in |
sliunber. What is your wish?"
tie wad not taller than three feet.
and was dressed in a single tight-fit
ting garment much like a modern j
jersey, which covered his entire i
Jody, and revealed his singular form, j
«„."J'„"'elf, thl " f"* 1 , wlr . v> and
■tapered to little pointed feet, while j
»8 those of j
an athlete, Put his head, dispropor
were starfcHntf' "it w»* ^"7 ly- I
mlh Âinr fl T'ï 'Î 0 ? I
L.f "h^b^look -
ib"e HMgV.estion h of aw ar *" lnd , ,;f ' 1 ?' i
mouth *«„,7' in tl S ■ A POUnd b ! s
mm.th and in the wrinkle of his .
t0 a . 'reach- ;
was turned fromTiim Harg0, '" 81!,,ht
a >You v-oulT maire th î» tu
Snider eb»" he »^iu k th
oldmanl reou "Whlfu*» "* h ®
old man .» reply. What for:
n0W that? glOWerCd
V™ tm t . ... -
Verily. I must, retorted the imp,
impudently leaping to the table,
and. with tho burst of merriment
gon% brea»t aPe "Ho f00t Tl"** "o-i
I know^ot that»'? " m 1 WO,k lt !
rSÄ" 1 l0ük ' n? haPd I t
"twill tell you thon"
Grissikin caught his bent t n »„ u '
hiletesped hands and Zürnte ahi» i
head »idowavs with hi* tn.
thrust hard into his check and Ms
bright eves fixed on the ,,ih •
was prepared ^«Misten. ^ ° M m>n ' |
"in Kent there is a youth. Andrew !
Fithingtrm whom I bate to the death, |
and he must die. His father meröl- :
lessly and iniqultously injured me
years ago. and I then consulted tho |
oooks-of torture for a death to send
ää-ä ;
Wrinkles of deep inquiry gullied
his black forehead and meshed his
eyes as lie exclaimed:
• Why two?"
b inding no satisfactory answe>' in
his own mind, he read on:
i "He who deaireth to créât- the
Ifcatfi Spider may call the helper,
who will render assistance, instruc
tion, and perform all necessa v ser
vice. Place Wie palm over the pictur
of the spider, call thrice aloiqj -Gris
sikir,' and tho helper will appea-. ''
'be goheliu obeyed these instruc
tions without delay, and instantly
there appeared beside him—not en
tering through a door or window, but
as if a portion of tho air had been
solidified and animated—a grotesque
being, who, rubbing his eyes and i
yawuing, said ill-humoredly:'
"I am here, but not beholden
you for waking me.
havo resolved to put him to tho
death of the spider."
••Truly,'' commented the dwarf,
changing h's hands to the other knee.
••To the death of the spider."
••With your help I will bring the
spider to life, make the man sick,
"Hold, hold!" Grissikin interrupt
ed, coolly. "You cannot make the
youth sick; you can on'y kill him
after sickness is upon him. I appro
he.,d there ia hope for you. X w.ll
see. wait*"
He vanished, and Hargon, bewll- |
dered.probablv.br the being he had
called into sight, though he himself !
was not less hideous and his heart !
j not less hardened by evU. sat calmly ■
. »p • « MO * * •
i . '. 5 , ' , " P?®' . ,. i
denly the dwarf appeared on the table ■
! j n t jj 0 j )0s t ure from which he ;
had vanished.
"I've seen the youth—a noble
youth, virtue and goodness wrought 1
into his countenance. A brave, good
heart, he hath, and you would stop !
j its beat. So be it. He is now court- j
t in? the maid who will become his j
wife when winter melts—a beauteous. ]
graceful maid, as good aud pure and :
«west as-as neither you nor I will
ever be. Hargon. Ha. ha' You would
break the maid's heart by killing her '
youth. So be it. We will make the
spider. [ see about the youth's eyes [
traces of com'ng disease. He will ,
sicken with fever ere the new year's \
a month gone. We mu,t have the !
spider rea ly. You will kill him. will
you: an 1 break the maid's heart?"
"Torture him: the ma d is naught
to me," growled the gobelin. "Death
to them both. But look you here,
imp. Why doth the record say I
must make two spiders?"
He reached for the book to find the
words, and the dwarf replied with
solemn insolence:
"There must be two. Hargon. be
cause—there must be two.
"You have not answered my ques
tion," growled Hargon.
••No. I have nit, have I?" taunted
Grissikin. But of that anon. Now to
work. It requires 417 grown spiders „
and nineteen young, with ninety-nine
cockroaches for each death spider.
These may be caught. Tue task will
not be herd. They are to your hand
here. These must lie pounded into
pulp. Out of this puip you must
fashion two spiders like that" reach
ing out his pointed toe aud tapping
the book. "They must then be dried,
and at the proper time my master
will give them life. Ho! ho! then
to the glorious task!"
the We D^b n0t S de r lb ?h th Vïf atl,n0f
he Death. bpider; the deftness of
the inn jn capturing the insects:
Hargon's disgu t at the loathsome
task, or Grissikin's jesting im »udence
in keeping his bloodthirstiness to
the working pitch. Nor can we stop
to teil how, when the spiders were at
last fashioned, the dwarf simply
struck the wall a sharp blow, and the
glowing mouth of a furnace opened,
into which the insects were thrust to
dry: nor how. in time, they came is
forth, terrible, grewsome objects,
lacking only the venomous lift- for
which Hargon had called them into
Neither can we detail Grissikin's
numerous visits of espial upon the !
doomed youth during the period of j
preparation, nor the gioatinor reports I
he brought back of FiihingPm 's !
beauty: how it would be dimmed and
his radiant prospects of a happy and !
prosperous life cut short; nor the I
leering delight with which he told
how he had heard the maid's sweet i
confessions of her happiness and her
precious hopes of the joy of their !
coming marriage: nor how he finally
brought back word to the triumphant
Hargon that the young man had been
stricken with a dangerous fever.
The tale must leap all these to a
bitter January night, when a furious
wind roared over tho great city and
whirled snow-flakes down into the
streets, seeming in wilfulness to drive
[them in densest clouds into Seven
Dials« as if to render more bewilder
ing and awful its surrounding neigh
borhood. In his filthv apartment
Hargon sat at his table, with the odi
ous insects before him, their black.
polished backs fitfully reflecting the
rays of the fluttering candle—a pic
ture of a griszly, murderous human
A . nei ff hI >prIng clock struck eight, j
f? d / n " tant| y Grissikin appeared in
his favorite place and posture upon
thf ! '»We. leering at Hargon and
wriggling his taper foot forward as if
to prod the ogre. Then, picking up
* PideV * and a T>' a '4 at
it, he said:
" Thc ni 8 h 'is here. We must call of
"ynaster to make these beautiful
creatures crawl and one or them spin
It8 /?? th 8 I web ' »'ithington lies ill
and his maid will bo heart-broke ere
thcdawn - in
"Yes." Hargon assented, deep in
his heartless chest.
"Ho, then, master, eemj life to our
spiders," cried the imo i, , tbte 1
pipinff volue - in which now rang iub- !
* ,e iln P udence toward the demon be- I
t the-eame a pulsating of j
the thick, redolent air of the room, n
* wa y in K the house as if tho earth
wcp f. Bi , nkln f, The candle-flame flick
oied into a tiny blue point, and from j
two tin!""f ) direc ' tl : v »hove the table I
, f fflobes, spinning rapidly and i
ŸTT ^'V ' W8 !
after a few moments oTrotation' Z' i
sank into the bodies of the inserts.
Then the candlelight burst to its or '
dinary (lame, and ti.o s dors crook" i
ing their long legs, were seen to te !
crawling upon the table
rts? :
SjL™S , "' r
• —"
the exquisite mockery of feigned sur
"les; 1 a>ked which one.
| "Either," replied the dwarf.
"Either." routed Hargon. "1 asked
! which "
! "And 1 answered either." answered I
■ Grissikin. "Time passes. It is over |
• x. ** 1 !
i .,.! ., . , , , |
■ The old man s eyes flashed rage at
; the dwarf's insolence. He clutched j
(wildly at the dwarf, who nimbly !
eluded him by leaping to the table j
1 and thonce to the top of a chest.
where sticking his tongue fast into !
! his check, he grinned diabolically I
j down at Hargon. his eyes glowing j
j like coals, and said:
] "Delay only a moment, and the;
: youth escapes you. Choose!"
"Hist. Hargon!" cried the imp.
' "Hark."
"This is (he crisis," said the physi- j
[ cian, softly. "At midnight we shall 1
, know all." .
\ "Behold how the maid sorrows." j
! urged Grissikin. "Doth the Spider !
"Too slowly," snarled the "Gob- j
elin." "When it finishes and settles
quiet in the center. Flthington's tor- ■
ture will begin, and he will die. Ha!
ha! Wor< Spider, work." ;
Silence crept into the murky room
—dead silence, save for the hiss of !
the wind over the roofs, and amon*« !
the chimney-pots high above
. lia
lie sank from sight, but reappeared
in a few moments.
"You must be about the task," he
said. "Fithington's fever will reach
its erisis ere midnight. Set the
Spider spinning."
••Whieh oue? ' asketl Hargon.
"Which one?"echoed the imp, with
the chimney-pots high above. Hat
gon kept his impatient gaze fixed j
upon the rapid movements of the '
- pider. while GrUs kin. perched upon
the back of a chailr, held his lustrous. .
mocking eyes to the vision of the
sick roon» turning, however, swift 1
glances of devilt.-h mirth at the gob
_ _____ Hargon I
turned* questioningly to the vision.
The physician was bending over the
sufferer, who, sighing gontlv, ojieued
hin eV6S. * '
"He will live," he said.
"Live," echoed Hargon.
"Ho! ho!" grinned Grissikin.
"You've tricked me,"

threw 12 solemn tones into
rapidly across the huge web and set
tied quiet in its center,
»u**c.c«, "™, »«guiug genuy, opened
his eyes.
"He will live." he said.
:,'{i7{ 1 "^ h0?dH ?7 0n 'l t .
Ho! ho! grinned Grissikin.
"You ve tricked me, ' roared the
He took one vicious step toward
'be imp. but stopping suddenly, 1
clutched wildly at his heart whi'le
pangs of agony began'convulsing his
"Tricked me, you devil," he mut- ;
'ered. :
"You chose," mocked the imp "It 1
is the danger all run who dare to
make the Death Spider. That is
why there must be two. fool, fool.
You chose your own." ;
But Hargon hea d him not He wa*
reeling about, tugging wildly at hi»
! breast, and anon grasping for sup
j Port, unspeakable torture cording his :
I fa< ' e * until, with a terrible cry he
! fell to the floor just under the "»able
web. where after many minutes of in
! describable torment, he la, quiet
I The vision of the sick-room faded.
Uttering a triumphant cry. Grissikin
i leaped to the tabic and crunched the
remaining spider under his heel. He
! snuffed out the candle with hi* long. I
bony finger and thumb, and black
ness fell into the room, in one dread ;
corner of which something more hor
rible than it had ever held before lav
terribly still—National Tribune '
—-— j
Brightening influence or »'»mm. !
A gentleman who recently went far ;
into the Maine woods to look after '
bis lands, on coming to a lumber* i
mans carnp thirty miles from no^ Î
where wa» struck with astonishment
and held up his team involuntarily at
'he edge of the opening. The cause I
wa ' i the strains of a parlor organ"
played in an artlstlq manner, which
came from the camp. His surprise
was not lessened on meeting at th«> l
camp door the organist and cook a
j handsome young lady, as neat and ;
tidy as a new pin. who looked after j
the house for her father and his I
crew. She had taken her organ into
'bo woods to "beguile tho drowsy I
hours" and make things more home
«He. As might be exacted the Z- .
tleman found that camp "way ahead"
of those not enlivened by woman's
<'",1 cheery presence, and ho l ,
thought he never knew before how ll
much music there is In an organ. It's
'he new order of things in camn life
in the Maine woods- -KnZeSeo
„ -
1 A tra ' eI °' who ha8 been down
! s^sayt thaTthehT ntnal
I greeetfng and ntérest on m?",' 5 "
j ft î
tion of curiosity is perfectly frank !*
and no disrespect is intended 3 !» k :
^ * lg lntende d * |
j Why H« c mi, i at •
I Man, rising wearily to let late'
i comer pass to hi* scat in th,.-,i
! ^ ÎX «Ï ^taily" !
i TT"* 'Know It d '■
"rt th f- T* m 1 . nev,!p come in
' the CUrtain 1h , ' al »-' d —
i SlftlnffB '
! n
T ni „ " ' w Z*
Minutes dragged until the dock
tho ;
storm, and the Death Spider, gluing
the last of the concentric threads, ran
Brightening Influence of Womm.
A gentleman who recently went far
into the Maine woods to look after !
his lands, on coming to a lumber! I
man's camp thirty miles from
£vw , lnce that dav when mul ,
flsh wt . w for food he
. , . , „ „„ . .
ba8 so,lpbt wav * a,ul mt ' an * l ' atch
,om - ..... , ...
linn >' ' ri *\ hat exped u,»o « the
I raar . ket 8t ? ,la saU '* havo the faiut ',
| " st ldt * a ° h .° en ° r ~ am °" n , of
! work needed to catch these wily in
| habitants of the doep, sav» the Balti
, , 1 •
j ra ?£? American,
! The matching, of course, call# for
j eXp ti" ■ op ' judgment, and proper
«OHditions *»• weather and wa or, iu
! :!**' raaau /? t!l, ' P0 *"* . ' lo
I ,be , , < un ? ro< l ul,vs " ' a>!
j mort ' labw ' i^gmenk experience and
capital.■ ......
Any of »e dcsciples or Isaak «al
ton. who are disposed tt) "kick about
the eost of their nets, should step in
° ' '-«rtuoiied structure on
t ratt, near Eight street, m tins ,
j , ort ' ' be J make them, and note the
1 1 °"and pro* ision and patience cal ted
. for in their manufacture,
j : . uot: ' Used - "*hermon from
! , tlmopo ,f ou , *® , *' r " ' b '' ,,l '"
stream strikes the Atlantic are made
j "* l *ns(place. The same firm sentis
''V 1 * 1 , uot .!• * ^ n, ' t ' i usod in
■ , ® ato,, 8 *be groat
a . 1 . * * « t ' oas '
; The twine in all its various grade*,
!,s *° , alu * thickness or
! , m , ? in the Carolina*.
! , , n reo f' v, ' < '* * s * n huge
* "" 1
All the Nets l**d la Tbl» fouHtry rum*
From On* Knrtory-Bi(t Loom«
That ****** Thr**«ts or
K**pe* Into
Those who see only the
an ^ t^om them unwound upon
j bobbm ® or bl » »pools,
' ^ aa fl e r<>ra a ' 1 almost impereeptible
. . .....
lM 'P a for " sh, W °" ! hu *«•» iak ' »
1 "5° w ® van '.
theso bob . b,r, '' th ''i' I >a '» to ,h " weav
ing or knitting department.
It is a wonderful sight to watch
the deftness, the rapidity «if the great
knaried fingers of a fisherman white
weaving his net upon the »anils
before the humble cottage he calls
I bom ''' but here are a tmutsand
I' 1 "'-T e r s flicking like an «dec
trlt ' du-d* lly back and fortli. up and
<l ' , ' ¥n - kn '" t '' *» perfectly ami
InmiBAht! t.tni<*a nine.* imniHli' *1»
These twines
,, -. -, - .- «■ —- -
thousand time* more rapidly than
ov « r human « U «W «'"»ve.
»ndÄ fingc'.Ufe.ddXerca^^
Ôuickly Uk.? U p a sti eh re droo *
',u k • . 1 , p
stitch ini order that a different form
7 " , 7 '^°'. ( rab n " lH ' minnow nets.
1 m . lnn " w •®j|» e »* «" 1 ».
b d Det ,"' gill net*, salmon
tra } M ' 8alm on seines, fykt: net*, mack
-rel and porgy netting, drag »eine»,
; br ' ,oa f .' kt '»- an< l trammel nets are
: but a few of the forms.
1 Jj*"d , h'» these the net maker i*
«««d *ip°n to make nets fortrapping
f , " r ' rlti 8". quad and other bird*.
f° U "f 0 ' "" ,M f,,r ,ra ' , °*» I»**
; formers, horse uet*. l*,rret ,-ovcrs.
vat m!t ' 4, I' it kl0 f,,r btlt, 'b
T " n<1 lauhdr - v men. netting for
'heater scenery, netting for fruit dry
: '"f and a bundred other purpose*.
° mesh woven on these
bl 8 loon »'is a forty-two mesh, and it
""J weaTe a '. hi 8 b a * ***> meshes.
. A P^ ,p8 *' Beine machine will knit
a W ten ponnds of linen netting a
da y-while the loom upon which the
saimon nets are woven will make
tw "nt>-fivc or thirty pound*. As the
I ach « n *s weave the netting it passes
<loW " °' T< T th ® u "' 1 'brough an
; ?P f!rturc in 'bo «"or upon which tho
^« ,Un d» to the floor below, where
nj ' B aws are quickly detected and
r ' : P a 'red by the examiner*, who are
j all girls and young women, bw auso
! fominino oyo and finger ha« tw*<*n
; fouml m,,rc < l ulclc and accurate in the
' work of "»nmination.
i After this the netting which is to
Î *'barke«T''is passed over a
ree * an< * through a tube of thin hark
mixtur0, gives It a slight
I brownish hue.
The nets that are ordered "tarred"
ar ?*î alceo to tho top floor of tho es
'»bHshment and are passed over rolls
l ? the tubs of hot tar Through
!'bese they are literally saturated
w '* ha re8l 4 >,tant to tho r ' ,ui "tf action
of 1 lake 7 at e r , a ">' fresh water
6 watep ■ is a preservative -and
th f n P aHI *Ç d through a double set of
w bich squeezes any surplus
ter from th,; meshoA
. Jhe netting now passes to the
"hanging ro<im," where the different
forr . n , H of netting are shaped or hung
l , n ' ho fanner of shape they were
ll « s, 8neU for. (forks and lead* are
»'"fhed, lines fixed .and the nets are
ready for shipment.
AU " ot * being woven are
subjected to a severe stretching
strain, whieh hauls tight all the
Hunts and insures uulfornity in the
meshes. y
Th ° ,!, '' ia '' ,wkH or «re made
" P in Canada '>* the north
süs âï . zz *
î ha t " in " T " wl " Hght *"'re fn K
!* Ct ° ry ' arul 41 arc cast upon a groat
7 '" pre!,M t,lat fornm 'he various
sizes, from the tiniest to tho heaviest
"«big. iho cork floats are also
ho T c ' and ", ro «'»mp,*! from the
at cork sheets oy a powerful press,
^ ^
a ,.„„«. ..
Why does not a man weigh a pound •
morii bnmediatcly after eating 1
P««" d weight of food? A little reflec
tlon wiU »«"»F «xpUin this apparent
mysftry. During the process of
—.. ..- ~
but wonderfuliy strong iim-n thread
to the giant cord, with which the big
After being wound ujion
*°und more quick and accurate in the
! wo . rk of examination,
. PL
In an
a temporal-, v waste of Its
tissues, and a certain amount of car
bon is eliminated and passed off dur
ing tiie course of the meal. Tills loss,

! tion both of which are increased :
during the various operation* of mak- j
ing a meal. The length of time one
may take to consume a pound of food
make* but little difference to these
losses, for if it Is oaten leisurely there
is but slight increase of respiration
or iierspiration, whereas if it is
hurried through both are abnormally
accelerated. Hence, by the time tin*
pound is eateu, the consumer has lost
appreciably in moisture ami carbonic
A dirt Who Find« tho Indiwtrluu* In
sert» y«l*t t uinpsiilun*.
■a -ore is a girl in Staten island who
1ms kept a hive of bees in her bed
room during the winter. >he recent
ly told an Evening .'•un man that they
were the most unobjectionable of
companions. They are quiet ordert* ,
and attend strictly to tlieir own af- j
fairs. When the warm w> nth*'
comes they arc sent out «d doors,
where there arc beds of mignonette
aud other sweet-scented Mower«, which
the bees fully understand are planted i
ror their «portal use. This hive , (f !
bees U the nucleus for her rontetu- :
1>1 üUh! be© farm- La*t »ttmnwr ther
supplied her weekly with thirty-six !
(Miutuls of honey Fur eacit pound of ;
honey she received thirty cents. The j
profils of keeping Iw-es are great, the !
cost small The labor «»I honey rais- |
ing has been materially lessened for
tho bet?h by modorn Improveneoti,
and they seem proportionately grate- j
fuL The bees no longer make their !
own eel is. which are produced by
These arti* !
machinery out of wax.
fleiai cells are placed in the hlv
and the bees wc«'ut to lie glati to get
rid «>f the labor of making them. Im- I
mediately they get to honey .making.
This business they conduct along
When tho relis are full the hlv«* must
be watched from without,lest the !»-e* ;
begin sealing them up, .tvhieh they
do in order to lay up their t* intet's
food, to guard against this, addition
al cells are put on top of the hive.
cajled su|a<rs. in the»«' the tic«-» de—j
p«>»it their ex Ira store, and this is re
served for their winter outfit. When
the bee* begin to seal th.- ceil* the;
box is removed, a »mall mnrhlne 1»
put inside which is set vibrating, ami
this empties tho cells of their honey,
whii-h is drawn off, and the cell*
ha* ing be«m drained, are put back to
The «s-
w, n ,siR Th!» «dm* ., .
!, 7 , ,; ' * ' " , •
,b " 1 h ® r ^ kl » w bt ' r - " wl ar " .**
cupuli'.n of l!'?«"'v makbw 'has prov.-d
pleasurable and profitable. '
— -- -
'•"■««■' t •<* «
Miss Bonde Upper Do you smoke
cigarette*. Mr. Dudely?
Mr Dudely—Not at present. Ml**
Bondclipper i have» pwlmple on my
,-hin. d.mteher know, ami If I ,!!„(.
pat*- U may turn into a bwoil. Tux
as sifting*. «
- - .—
o#- Th*ir u#ar*
I a*»«:»igrr. arising Ho* anyone in
b, ' r '' " i ,bM '" of court plaster? All Um |
Wnger, ,Vx I Wnger
M 1 ***** here the finest court
ptn-ter. .mly tm rent* » paekage.an.l
you can t »ay you are fully supplied
, l ' k
i»r.*vn in cirramfiUnrM.
"When you ran after th- burglar
and told him to halt, what did he do?" 1
"He halt«*! and l ran." Ciiicagr 1
r ~
RA " E ano READABLE. j
ft I» said the city of I'itUbnrg new
.tends on ground one* given in «■*.
change for a violin.
\n average w.irkman , i„ .
q0 ard hsm, can weave Hftv yards of
»russels carnet in a dav
a Imil.ltna 1 11 v
^l*?. r L, N ° r '
, <r !? * in * ,n w «*igh«rd thirty
" «"««, 'he largest on record
I he musical horse* are the latest
aUra, 'ti°n in Paris They play several i
® tta,rslk 1 na ^ r »bi» with their f««*t
Masaaehnjwtta ban one lihrnry to .
4 *°* w l,H inhabitants, and •
bo «k and a half to each one
P"' 1 !' 1 "
Three thousand four hundred aud
«ov.-nty ne*v buildings were crccti-.l in
Pittsburg during the year «•tiding .Ian
nary ;u.
Drivers of heavHs-hmd«^ vehicle, in
Washington and Baltimore are com
peiled by offleersof the humane ,o« ictv
to walk upste.-p hills in or.lcr to lighten !
the load for their poor beast*
Sam Dod.l age,I * v »« « r
tacky Ä rerrtng a Ws rent rn're
in the renltenilarv ft.* i i
lie is r^rted p. bn the youngre* ron'
vlet ever recorded in thafstete I
Two .,, cnt . .
ly , lrr icd '• »„ , | 7 U!"? 1 '" '
,,, . .. P*' «age from (.ran
£ ^'th*' Tn ^
** ?'.? nostoffle,.,
an *>y. Ha lley and Boston unnoticed.
A 'hicago shoe manufactory make,
20JKK) pair, of "dead men's shoes" a
Tbe pasteboard,
covered with grained paper, ... :
b > «-/-*• ,
H eo#t« th.« propd,, aimut ns mueh to
P°y f,, f 'be printing of the oulogi«-* of
'' dc «f a "" d «Bgrewman as it doc, to
I my 111 " salary of a lire one for a full !
f,?" " f two yejM-s. Ono weok lately i
enbarh-» were delivered on six dead
ZlT\ *'1 ^ T' " f ..'' i
not ter from vn nun ^ kH bo 1
The rer,.<i* <■» ,>n *' .
' of
■ f it*
PL „ «ppor In the !
United State, 1 , isii.l |, est.liimlci at
iso,ooo pounds, of which 1 (W,300,000
pounda were from the l*«ke Superior
region, and Hi 4 ,!MW ,000 from Montana
mine. The total !» an increase «,(
a boni thirteen per cent, over 1801 , j-' ^.
r«irt, diminished slightly, but there
«va» a largo Increase In the home con
sumption, ho that the ntocks oil hand
at the close of the year were consider
ably less than ut the end of 1801 ,
F T JÎ1^° p ' 0 ""»
: a Bwtou Hwkra*« far wham tu« mim«
Ils«« Taken a Mro*« Uhlui.
One of the pmttlMt sight# in Bos
ton U to be -wm?» everyday about
noon in Bos worth street when Corne
lius Bresnahan, a haek driver, feeds
hl* pet pigeon», say* the Bos tart
(Bobo. ••Con.'' as his friend# rail
him, is a One. tail fellow, wtth a
pleasing manner and a pleasant face,
lie is not by any mean# talkative
about himself, and doe# not appear
to regard iti# feeding of the dove# as
anything very extraordinär y . But H
is a pretty sight to #0« him a great,
big, burly man »landing in the road
way surrounded by fifty or »Uly tine,
healthy, well-fed dove#, wane Hying
around him. other* at itis feet pink
ing up the corn. while five
or six of the more iaioitiar bird#
perch on his shoulder# or on Iti* hand,
eating their food with the utmost
Kt ei-y d»v t'ue birds eotne on time,
w hether Con i- them or not
pigeon« roost in the eaves pf the
tempi«- or in tint isdfry of the «>ld
ehureli on Brimstone ••«truer, Imt «-s
! æt:y at th«-y leave th-ir n*-t
: and fly down t«. tkmworth »treet ami
* WÄ ^ i on
! *• *•*"• 1h *' * h " . bird '* wult , '*"•
; * n '^ °B*>n when he get* to tin- f,-,,ling
j 1 '**'^' ** u or * 1 "
! ®f do*«* cooing and fluttering In readl
| ""*» *« "»» their etwa at lit* hainls
1 on drive# back No. Ml. and t«a*
Jj**® wiving for m arly twenty y^4r#.
j ** Wl '" known all over the city,
! b *'« an ,hi< * **"^«°* *d the d«»ve#
»l*>ut three month* ago. He had no
! W«t of going on with it when he be
gan But be saw that th« bird# soon
Ifat used to him, aud that th«*y w««oid
I °°"»« »* hu whistle, ami after a whiia
M 1 # found he eould eall them by name
^*e birds are simply wild pigeons,
without an owner, and no otto to feed
; them but Con.
j long line of birds will be found wait
1 ri K on the ledge* of the Horticultural
j *«jlldmg on Bosworth »irret, but they
w l'l l 1 '# »* ho turn- into Bo»
worth street with hi* hark and down
; they fly, settling in the road, anxiou*
,or tht *l r »«I'fly <d com
The major general, as (Vn call* a
, er«#>k>*d bill bird.i- quit«' a Js t Co»
*"- v * the major general can hefc any
of the other birds, and he show# his
Hlfbtlng qualiti« « wh- n am of tip m
! occupy too much room on Con's bamt.
The major seems to think that he ha*
a first right to Con's hand, an«! ho
j wtil perch i*n hi# thumb ami «-at
D-.rtUjr white the others »re cm
p«dled to l«*dc on.
Th«-n there are the two •"tidtres "
? «oiemn-look ng fellow* aml Kit and
i> a „ M«^iuinnis all «,/ whom
siamial pets with Con But the* n'l
know his whistle and eoiue «o him
« „„ j la , „ „ocullar whistle which
„ £ W *"^,'* U ' "' Ch ' "
i a >h» »o them
would to her ret d.rlina.
„«'.»me he«*« nm .•
h m » '^'i Ti'
, '' .f! ' •«
| ^
^ 2 , * n I rl Jt
' aU J" perfrei ««mU-ntment
"J kl ** ,'"'.77'" a ?"' b, ' r
.»tisflml I hm. ( ..1, -m * H ro li
, # n * m t m
cùfLê.V . ! "' y i T' k
1 A m .0. 5-v h* ull J *"* ' T ,
1 . *V'V « 4 y ' *" ■ «
h U .T. McV'S«"'#? * 7 " d « hU
a '-. a idtheyfly.»fftor,K™ta#h«p
j py--well, a* ^«p^as well-M Mrda
ni ,. n . n i Lami- f , J**! . T'T 4 ".^* 1
i..,, '", * LnT " * b ."
,1, „ « , ' ' L" ' ,r ' ,W ' 1 "
' ,r , * b,rJ *;, ,h 'V r **»
ktirt "riim.î J.-ro'lf. thnlf
. , . 1
1 A numb " r of saury sparrow*, »00.
have just hvigmn coming to partake
**f ( on w hfmpttality. and h*' i* aorl
ou«ly considering whether ho .halt
tnko them In hand also They are,
i hos-crer. a little scary at pn>*.nt,
though one or two nro bolâ oHm»gh
to «Phnmeh oU»w to the «- warm of
**•"<!•># rind, ts.i
,>r -
tic had been driving » cab for four
UU '° Wl
7 'l"?' ,
1 'a* 1 1 ' tan '*'no longi-r." he »»hi
1' "t 1 al "'»»«'»ff b* have any
"ore women «mill, g fauit and vlai.n
* t *"" ,IMn ' have courteous
tr ^ M * »**
1 here was a woman .Unding at the
! ,P,, ' copn r r »""'•■«I of the cn,ti«mary
J* *' ma amï hr %u> PPhi* her*,«.
dlsmounlci fron, 1 . 1 » t *-rch and going
'"'Vr' c,irb*t„„.., lift..., i,u h., t
and inquired:
"Do von wish to *l«W î» .n. ,,
so. I will gholly Lort von *
«»'â-î-î ä
.riding ,n your".'Ib but /".tin
!''••rt«inly wait for tte-next «me. And
.Vou may exp,-ct a romplain,' from n .„
a 'the js.llc,- »tali,a.
conduct, sir "
H« remounted hi, seat ai«l p.uiml
his hat down uv«sr hi, cv,**
l*,™".. was all ho
who» (!on is la'«- a
much a* a mother
more weary
■Uo y iu propose making use of this
•Sir!" she »ah I in Pines of astonish
I aim to
>%« An«*t»itr ft*
The most Interesting sight in
Prague i* the old I|„h r ,
It Is in tho c
Tlwo are
Isuirlng inscription» of
great antiquity which only flebr
scholars r an decipher. The oemetery
is unused, hut mi other Hebrew lm,t
ini ground ir. Eni-ope can compare
with it for age or general iutoront to
'ho nutlquarlan.
enter of tho «•Hy.
rounded by thick wall*. .
thousands of ancient mo»
slab*, some

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