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.The Blackfoot Hews
/One Year
Six Months..
Three Months
Advertising sates famished on «opltoatioç.
Entered *t the po«toffice at Blackfoot. Idaho,
for trajumieaion as second class rcafl matter
With all the bank failures coming
so thick and fast, the people still have
confidence in the administration and
are looking for a return, in fullness of
time, of happv, prosperous dava.
One of the most striking eulogies
pronounced on Jefferson Davis was
that of one of bis former slaves. He
said : "He never failed to raise his
hat when I pulled off mine to him."
There is a big deal on in Iowa be
tween the Populists and Prohibition
ists, and, if it goes through as now j
planned, the fight for the control of
state affairs will be an interesting one.
The Populists are to indorse Prof, j
Aylcsworth, who was recently nomi
nated by the Prohibitionists. There
will be concessions on both sides, the
Prohibitionists giving indorsements
to the populists' money schemes in re
turn for the support the farmers will
lend the temperance people on the pro
hibition questiou. It is claimed that
there is but little doubt that the affair
will go through as now planned.
As. John P. Rae, ex-commander
in-chief of the G. A. R., approves of
the new pension roles laid down by
Secretary Hoke Smith. ' They are
all right, of course," he says; "no de
serving old soldier will be injured by
them, and the rolls will be cleared of
fraudulent pensioners."
The followers of Dr. Briggs
not agreed as whether they shall fol
low him out of the church, or stav
with it and continue the fight inside
the lines of the organization. Many
are strongly urging the latter course
in the conviction that they will win
in the end. They maintain that the
proportion of the general assemblv
composing the majority did not
rectly represent the proportion siding
with them in the church
at large.
They propose to carry on a campaign
of education until the church shall *
commit itself to their views. If any
body has flattered himself that he has
heard the last of the Briggs contro
versy, he was mistaken.—Standard.
A break in the levee of the Democ
racy of Idaho from
any pressure
growing out of federal patronage and
its distribution, as some believe, i
among the impossibilities of the day.
The administration
party organization aud no opposition
can gain volume and
recognizes the
enough to make a crevasse and
overflow from disappointments and
If there should happen to be
disappointed in their efforts to control
and distribute the patronage in the
state, they could not, if they would,
shake the people in their confidence
in the administration, nor in the party
organization because they recognize
the fact that the organization is back
ed up by the administration.
Yes, a diastrous break is impossi
ble, and there ought not to be friction
enough from any source to cause irri
tation. From the foundation of the
government there have been establish
ed rules for its guidance in ail matters
pertaining to the distribution of
tronage and no individuals have
been able to
vary or change these
rules to suit themselves.
Should the good times which the
people are longingly looking for
again this year or next year, no polit
ical party or organization can defeat
the Democratic party at the next elec
tion, and Idaho Democrats should be
in harmony and in ling to swell the
pumbers of the victors ang to enjoy
the fruits of the victory.
>ow in Effect.
- r, .- ;
?T. 9w«!
Our line of
Now Complete
j Grenada Cloth j Zephyr Ginghams | White Goods | Embroideries | Etc | Et c
Largest Une of LADIES and GENTS BOOTS and SHOES
in the West at very close prices for cash.
¥ \
Ingrain Hemp and
Body Brussels Carpets.
Misses and Boys
Straw Hats and Caps.
C. Bunting & Company.
Northern today cut Pacific coast
freight rates from the Twin cities,
Mississippi river common points and
Chicago and Milwaukee common
points. The Great Northern people
said that they had instructed their
agents to use the new classification
rates as a basis for a corresponding
Commodity tariff based on the re
dnction has not been issued but is iu
preparation and will 1* published
soon. The redaction is sweeping in
many respects. The first-class rate
from St. Paul and Minneapolis to
Seattle is reduced from $3 per 100 to
12.08, and fourth-class from to 11.60
to $1.40. To Spokane, the first-class
j rate is cut from $1.60 to $1, and the
fourth-class from $1.55 to $1.45. The
first-class rate to Helena and Butte
j City, Mont, was $2.35; it is now re
duced to $1.65, and the fourth-class
from $1.40 to $1.30. Other redactions
are in the same proportion. These
wholesale reductions are jastified by
the Great Northern officials on the
ground that P is necessary to protect
their interests from the competition
of rail and water rates from eastern
point«, which resulted from the war
of rates between the Canadian and
reduction to the same points on com
Southern Pacific routes.
The pension rolls show a number
of we!t 10 do law makers drawing pen
S ' 0DS f rom Uncle Sam's treasury.
Congressman Chas. H. Grosvenor,
of Ohio, gets $30 per month,
a famous criminal lawyer and one of
the most active politicians in his state.
He owns a comfortable fortune.
Congressmen Draw Pensions.
He is
Congressman Phillip S. Post, of
Illinois, ex-Consul to Vienna, receives
* per month. He has been in
S™ 3 several terms,
He ' 8 an active politician in his state.
Congressman Henry F. Thomas of
Michigan, gets $12 per month. ' He
is an active politician in his state.
Congressman N. Brosius, of Penn
sylvania, gets $36 per month,
was one of the committee to
pension frauds and voted to exculpate
Raum. He is in easy circumstances.
Congressman Wm. F. Draper of
Massachusetts, draws $25 per month
He is a well-Known and active figure!
in Massachusetts politics.
Congressman Wm. H. Enochs of
Ohio draws $30 per month He is
an active member of the Ohio delega
tion and is serving bis second term.
Congressman Wm. A. McKeighan
of Nebraska, draws $12 per month
Those who see him on the. floor of the
Congressman Wm. Cogswell, of,
Masschusetts, receives $15 per month.
house notice no debility in his consti
tu lion.
Congressman David B. Henderson,,.
of Iowa, $30 per month. He has been
in congress 12 years and is rich.
Senator George, of Mississippi
draws $8 per month as a suivivor of
the Mexican war.
Senator Pugh, of Alabama, draws
$8 per month for services in the Creek
Indian war of 1836.
Each one of the gentlemen named
above draws a salary of $5,000
year and mileage from the
ment for services in congress and
combined $2,832 for pensions.
There will be ten contests before
the house of representative? next win-
ter. In Alabama the seat q( James
McComb, reelected from the fifth
district as a dtunocni^ will be contest-
«1 by Martin vv. Wheatley, nonulist
I. Cdibre. », K« A TÙ»
burne, re-elected as a republican in
the Third district, is contested by W.
B. English, democrat, the ylurality
in his case being only thirty-three
In Georgia the seat of J. C. Black,
elected as a democrat in the Tenth
' district, is contested by Thomas E.
; In Illicois the seat of Robert A.
| Childs, elected as a republican in
the Eighth district is contested by
Lewis Stewart, the plurality being
j only thirty-seven votes. In Kansas
the seat of E. H. Funston. re-elected
as a republican in the Second district,
is contested by H. L. Moore, alliance
democrat, the difference being only
eighty-three votes. In Michigan is
the closest contest. G F. Richardson
holds the seat for the Fifth district by
just ten votes in a total poll of about
12,000. The contestant is the late
member Chas. E. Belknap. In Mis
souri, Charles J. Coy, republican holds
the seat for the Eleventh district, it
is contested by John J. O'Neil, late
! representative, who will have a plur
ality of 67 votes to overcome. In
North Carolina the Fifth district seat
ed Thomas Settle, republican, II. A
Williams, democrat contests the claim,
In Tennessee the seat of B. A. En
: Watson, populist, who had a seat in
the last congress.
loe. demociat, from the Eighth dis
trict, is contested by P. H. Thrasher,
populist- *
In Virginia the seat for the Fourth
district, held by James F. Epes, dem
ocrat, is contested by J • Thos. Goode,
Judge Morgan on the Fair.
From a private letter from Judge
Morgan to a citizen of Blackfoot, we
are permitted to clip the following
! items of information which will be
10 wr,te v ° u Bome thing concerning
the Fair ' and the "P"" of attend
in? it
south ot Fair 8 round *, and ha8a local
P 081 office ' Trains ruo ever )'
IDinUte8 *° a " d fr ° m the 8 rounds on
* llmois Ceatral - Ten r,de tickets,
65 Ce " tS - Admisaion to the Fair
; grounds, 50 cents. No checks given
toreuirn - vou c° me out. This ad
mit8 - vou t0 a * 1 State, National and
EXpO8Ui0D N ° **"»
ZlTJTuüZ Bwl WUd tv"st'
" U n 0,118 Wl,d West, |
Turkish village, Esquimo and others
° f HkC charaeter - are out#ide of thft !
! grounds on wbat is called the Midway
j Plaisance. If yon wish to enter these
j places a fee is charged. Perfect order
j read with interest by our Idaho read
j er9 '
! Park - ^ ,,ne 6—
Mrs. Morgan reminds me that 1 was
j We are located at Windsor Park,
I which is a suburb eight or nine miles
1 80utl1 °* Chicago, and about a mile
" kept everywherc ' 8 uards and P° lice
! ali parts ° f ,he 8 round8 '> a11 ot
i them P 01 ' 10 and read y t0 an8Wer al1
' que9tion8 ' Rollin « cbairs are furni8h -
ed for those wbo desire them, pushed
by young men who came here for the
I pUrp08e ' from ditf,:r ' i,lt colleges
j tbroU2ll ' nlt ttle Blatc -
j Rooms plainly aiW comfortably fur
! nished pan be had, for from 50c. to
j $1.00 for each person per day; each
j room to be occupied by two persons,
or same rate for one person. With
these rooms, without extra charges,
you have lights, hot and cold water,
and bathe wuen you wish, fire when
needed, within ten minutes ride of
The exhibition surpaase* all possi- j
ble description in every department. I
You can stay here two weeks, two
months, or more and See new, verv
, > -'J
interesting, very lieautifiil, and verv
wonderful things every hour.
Yesterday, our first day, we were
principally in the Horticulteral build
ing. The display of fruit is unquest
ionably more varied and more excel
lent than the people of this country
or of the world probably, have ever
; These fruits are of course princi
1 pally from the United States and
Mexico and 1 am glad to be able to
'say that Idaho is scarcely excelled by
1 any. We visited the Idaho buildiDg
j and found Capt Wells, our cornmis
j sioner, full of work. The building is
: a curiosity, being built of lava rock
, and logs of native fir and pine in the
form of a hunter's cabin with several
large and small rooms, fire places,
and ornamented with animals and
birds, set up by the taxidermist and
skins of animal^ all killed in Idaho.
The building is so unique and so dif
feront from any others, that crowds
of people are pouring in and out all
the time, and Capt. Wells bas had two
it or three propositions for ils purchase,
; In this, among other curious aud deli
j cate work, we saw some of the work
of the Blackfoot Asylum patienta. 1
should have said rolling chairs with
man, are charged for at 75 cents per
hour. If you run them yourself 40
cents. Comfortable seats are abund
ant throughout the grounds, and free,
There is one arrangomeut of which
much complaint is made, private par
ties have been permitted to put toilet
rooms and closets in public buildings
for the use of which 5 cents is
cbaiged, while the free toilet
in the same buildings are convenient
ly out of order.
Free toilet rooms are in all state
It is said, and I presume truthfully,
that the world has
^ e ^' ond an - v dewr, P tion and ,llould
8eel1 '
LA!,D ^ 1uaho '\
Notice (« hereby given that tho following
^ •upp'*r° f or l "h l i« , '"«i t 'it"
wr Ao^faweivérju niLcïf™*! 1 r<iSh f ^ , ?n H jîÿ
| of. «aid land, yi* : wuiiam a. Woodin. f.harie.
Beane,ah of'iiiLckfooi.'biu" o* nd * ran * W '
! P ' BRT J ' «Sr.
never seen
1 ai '. vtll ' n S approaching this exhibition
j in magnificance. Two weeks or n
.. , .. .
j "° nth ° attCDf,aDCC arc c, l ual
tjln a decade of education.
j The works of the sculptor and artist
Yonrs Truly,
J. T. Moro ax
C. Bunting * Co. are selling goods
away down low for spot cash.
Satire for Publication.
Delinquent .Notice.
A corporation : Location of principal place
Ini,Inc»». lllaokfoog lllnirham Oo.,Tdaho.
Notice—There Is delinquent upon the follow
'"<f deacrlhed stock on account of a*»e»«rnent
No. 13, levied on the £>th day of April. isos
the amount act opposite the name of below
mentioned stockholder :
Blackfoot Towtite Co. No. use.
And In accordance with law and the order of
the B<>arr! of TnifttoeKnf th»? corporation iniHc
April, lWtt, the above de
scribed »haro of stpek will u» «.old at public
auction at the office of the company. Black
foot. Idaho, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Saturday
the third dlrdi day of July. I«tti, to nay .lelln
quent aaaeaainent. coat« of advertising and
ri perinea of «ale. Hy order Hoard of Trustee«
„ Joui» Momtooukrt,
Secretary Eaatern Idaho Water Company.
Blackfoot, Idaho, June 16th. laia. 1 7
Certificate, «hare. amt.
1. I .60
Mntire for i'ubl irai Ion.
La!*j> Orrics at HiMCKrnoT, Idaho i
June 16th. I «WJ. f
Notice 1« hereby riven that the following
named «etiler hi. Did notice of hi, Inlentlon
U> make Anal proof In eupport or hl» claim'
j Ä
I a4 iH,'n»rr!Lf?h. t on s, T m
"■fi 0 ' 1 «n<J<'uitiv»iiuo
«. land. vl/. : Jams« Sherman, flan Cot
,,r1 | rh '< a, Hartley and Jamr, Hartley
all qf Oneida county, Idaho,
Pkbbv j. As«os,
Kogl» 1er.
It is an Acknowledged Fact that
Bull's Grange Store, Blackfoot,
♦♦♦»♦< » I MM
Is the Cheapest Store in the
Snake River Valley.
Why, those Ladies and Children s
and Piece Goods, the latest
and prettiest
Nothing like them ever in Blackfoot before.
JVdCaræ. S- B.Holbrook. , s,
Co-op Wagon & Machine Company
John Deere and Moline Plows, Harvesters und
Gilpin and Cassady's Sulky Plows. Full line ol
Hand and Press Drills, Planet «Jr. Goods, Kain
Lever Harrow, also large assortment ol*
Garden and Grass Seed and Harness
Get our Prices before
purchasing elsewhere.

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