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VOL. 7.
NO. 4
Happenings of the Week.
Blackfoot will be equal to the oc
casion and the day the Fourth. Come.
Let everybody come.
United States court begins at Mos
oow July 5th. The marshal is in the
field hunting jurors.
D. C. Lockwood, of Pocatello, reg
istered at the State building. World's
Fair grounds, Tuesday.
It is uncomfortably cool at nights
in Fremont county. Frosts are not
Mrs. Lena Gaumer has been ap
pointed postmistress at Lewisville,
»ice Lowder removed.
Bishop Talbot is expected to visit
Blackfoot between the 15th and 20tb
of July.
Salmon City has arranged for a big
Fourth of July celebration. It has a
splendid programme.
Complaints of grasshoppers and
crickets are iieing brought from Big
Lost River.
(5. G. Fisher, of Ross Fork, is bav
log lumber p!ftc«<i oo hi* ground» in
Blackfoot for a nice family residence
Idaho Fait. Iiand will make music
Frost, in Cassia county Wednesday
morning of last week, did much dam
age to fruits and vegetablea.
Pocatello is arranging for a big
celebration 4tb of July.
The cave in Ham a Fork tunnel on
the Oregon Short Line caught three
coal cars. No men were caught.
for the 4th of July celebration at
Register P. J. Anson went to Rex
burg Monday evening.
Senator Fred T. Dubois is expected
to reach bis Blackfoot borne about
the 10th of July.
The met wonderful vegetable in
tbe world is <be truffle; it bas net'hcr
roots, stem, leaves, flowers, nor seeds.
A frost along upper Blackfoot,
Wednesday morning, did considetable
damage to tender vegetables.
Colorado, the Chinaman, has contrib
uted liberally to lbe 4tb of July fund.
Pocatello bad a good payday on
the 20tb; tbe late reduction in hours
of work did not aflect the rolls for
this month.
Mrs. Fife, of Kansas, mother of
Mrs. R. V. Cozier, is expected to reach
Blackfoot within a few days. She will
mskc Blackfoot her home.
Blackfoot always does things by
high standard measure, therefore
Blackfoot'* Fourth of July isdebration
will be a grand nffiiir.
Oregon banks lmvc caught the fail
ure epidemic and are going down like
shooting pigeons, one at a time, and
about as fast.
Full programme for the Fourth of
July in Tux News next week. But
while wailing, tell your neighbors it
will be a big time.
An electrical clock liaa been invent
ed which is "set" to extinguish elec
tric lights at a certain hour.
Lazy Joe is wearing his linen dust
er every day that it may be at its
'best" for the Fourth of July celebra
Sheriff Woodin captured two birds
of prey on freight cars Monday night
and they will linger behind the bars
30 days and nights.
The .Mississippi river at New Or
leans is within one foot of tho highest
point ever reached by it at any time
of high water.
Bunting & Co. shipped two enr
loads of ore from their Lost River
mines this week. Shipments were
made from Dubois, the nearest rail
road station.
If you climb to any high place in
this world do not forget the point
•from which you started, nor the friends
that helped you on the way.
A Now Jersey preacher estimates
hell at 80 feet below the surface at
Chicago. If it lie that dose Isn't
some of it on the surface.
Assessor Keifer is making us care
ful and thorough assessment of the
county as was ever made. There can
be no complaints "of half-way doing
business" on his part
Mrs. Cleveland will summer at
Uuzzards Bay, The president will
spend as much of Juiv and August
with her as his official duties at. Wash
ington will permit
Victor Hugo once said: "All the
vagabondage in the world begins
with neglected children." What a
pity all parents do not believe the
same great truth.
Ladies of the M. Ë. Aid Society
will serve refreshments consisting of
ice cream, berries, cake and lemonade
on the grounds at the Fourth of July
Owing to a fight which is on be
tween the Great Northern and the
_ .,
Resiliences will be in demand iu
n , . , . . ,,
Blackfoot next fait aud winter. Het !
...... , . -
educational advantages will induce,
many pare,iu to seule here Place 1
this item of news on a peg in your !
memory i
• _ .
» a Spr ug* is tlie liveliest town
m South-easien, Idaho. Tourists are
going In every day, and the »umber |
»beepjnen around the town grie it j
UVit] ' % * ^ ^ * * a ,K>oa>in ^ |
Th * that be
tween 1859 and 1889 India bas ub
sorb«! 15*5,000.000 of gold. As not
adoIlarof lhitUincirculation.it is
.opposed that the vast sum is board
1 <Hl lbere
Hon. I rank \\. Beane secured the
appointment of Mrs. Gaumer, post
mistresa at Lewisville iu short order.,
His request for her appointment was
granted witliin less than U'n day after
his letter left Blackfoot.
Northern Pacific railways, the latter.
will, July 1st, sell 1,000 mile tickets ;
This is an ill >
at 2$ cents per mite,
wind that brings Ute traveler good.
Lyman, of Helena, Montana, lias been
in Idaho nil the week. His objective ,
point was Boise City. It is believed j
that he appointed his deputy for that i
district while there. !
Four banks, First Nstiooa), South- !
cm California. Broadway and East
Side, of Los Ange!:*, dosed doors
Wcdnesday. Following in tbe wake
of these troubles three of San Diego j
went down lieneath the waves and are
Internal Revenue Collector A. W.
still lost to sight
Lightning struck a circus tent at
River Falls, Wisconsin, Tuesday
afternoon during a crowded perform
ance and killed eight persons and in
jured more than twenty. Morkl: Don't
gonigli a circus when there's lightning
in the air.
A lady of Indiana entered tho stall j
of b favorite horse with a cape over
her head, which prevented the ani
mal from recognizing her. She was
crowded to the side of the stall until
she became unconscious and fell,
when the animal pawed her to death.
day morning. He reports a financial
depression in that state as weil as in
The taking off of one passenger train
a day each way from the U. N. road
and the "fewness" of local freights
make the hours grow long and weary
to one waiting for a ride of au hour
or two up or down tho road.
A,cave in the tunnel East of Mont
|iclicr makes n temporary change in
the running of trains on the Short
Line. They are running temporarily
by way of Ogden instead of from
Granger to Pocatello.
The ugliest thing said about the
silver statue of Montana on exhibition
at the World's Fair is that ii is bow
legged. At first, it was snid to be an
exact reproduction of the model.
Skirts, like charity, may cover a mul
titude of faults.
Herman Stufflcbenm came in from
his extended visit to New York Tues
the inter-inouutain region. His wife,
who is suffering from prostration over
the ruccut death of her mother, was
too unwell to accompany him West.
Another miners' trouble, similar to
the one of last year, is on in the Cœur
d' Aienea. The Gem, Frisco and Tiger
mines are closed because of a strike
for higher wages. The Union insists
on $3.50 per day for car-men instead
of $3.00. The sentiment of the busi
ness men is against the leaders of the
The tri-weekly run of trains on the
Hailey branch road causes a genuine
howl among the citizen of Allures,
Custer and Logan counties. They
want daily trains and mails continued,
and are getting up mammoth petitions
to the postoffice department and to
the railroad company' to restore the
trains to their daily run.
The Challis Graphic and Messenger
are talking hack one at the other,
That's naughty. The cultured reader
don't relish that kind of reading. If
there are personal troubles betweei:
the matter. Then all would be serene
and Cballis and Custer county would
! .u- -i_
- be the gamers.
„„ ... ...
1 Tbc Wa 8 on and -Machine
! Idaho Fa,,a ' G G ' ' Vri * bt
i ''* aoa 8 er > has ou hand the most com- i
pletc stock of haying tools and fix
turoa evw brought into Idaho. The
^ w . aMn is ^ , t htnd aad
| , Uould m(lUe a ^ of ^
j j n f orttl! ,tj ou aod p| acu their orders ac
| eordingly.
A Georgia farmer claims to have
ft txJW whoM milk wi |, produce butter
wjt | lout burning. Wbat a labor sav
ing machine that breed of cow» must
^ Wb at a blessing to little girls
„ bo „ Uie cLurn for bour8 toi , iap
away with the old up and down dasher
and singing so plaintively "Come but-!
«. r come."
; ,be ediU>r *' 8 ,itÜt ' P ritfate meeliD S
> oulaide lbe town limits with a chip
1 on the shoulder of each would settle
Senalor Leland Stanford, lbe mil- j
! lionaire Californian, died suddenly of
heart failure at his home at Menlo
Psrk Thursday morning at 1:30
; o'clock. Arrangements for the fu j
neral have been completed and it will j
, take place from his University Chapel
j a t Palo Alto to-day. Eight engineers
i „f t be longest service on the Southern
! Pacific will set as pall bearers. His
! great University lias been liberally
provided for, and it is believed that
much of bis $40.000,000 or $50,000,
000 will be placed iu trust for it.
Mrs. J. 51. Bennett, of Pocatello,
is enlisted in a good cause. Her let
ter in The News today explains itself.
South-eastern Idaho has but little on
exhibition at lbe World's Fair to tell
the home seeker of its grand possibil-1
itics and advantages. Thousands of
home seekers will visit the Fair to
learn of the advantages of localities.
South-eastern Idaho, and particularly
j < dd Bingham, the garden spot of all
the south-east, should present hers as
in an open book that "all who run and
seek may read.'' Mrs. Bennett's prop
osition to the business men and tax
payers is a good one and if accepted
aud carried out will bring fruit, pos
sibly, eighty and an hundred fold.
A Scotch clergyman, while going
through a village, was requested to
officiate at a marriage, in the absence
of a parish minister. Just as he had
told the bridegroom to love and honor
his wife, the man interjected the words
"and obey." The clergyman, surpris
ed, did not bced tbe proposed amend
ment, He was going on with the ser
vice, when the groom again interpos
ed with emphasis, "Ay, and obey, sir
—love, honor, and obey, ye ken!" A
few years aftetward the clergyman
met the hero of the wedding incident.
"D ye tniud, sir, yon day when ye
married me, and when I wad insist
upon vowing to obey my wife? Well,
ye may now see that I was in the right.
Whether ye wad or no, I have obeyed
her; and behold, I am the only man
, that has a twa-story house in the hale
Thu Scotchman went even
fartböl . tbaQ Frank ( iD| wkosaid: "The
man who would thrive must ask his
wife. '
Don't, forget to get your Fite Works
for the 4th at Fernish Drug Store.
Couldn't See How It Was.
An emigrant who had evidently
passed through Blackfoot in the prim
itive days of the town, retracing his
steps over his old line of travel
struck the town again Wednesday
morning. Stopping his wagon in the
street at the Curtis corner, he said to
his wife, "I'll get out and mail this
letter right here." Then going to
Curtis' window and peeping through,
then to Cozier's and then down to
Vogler A Horton's he returned aud
said to his wife: "I'll be gol darned
if this don't beat all natur; the office
was right here when we were here be
fore aud now it's gone and nobody
knows where."
plied the wife.
iu the Walla Walla paper last winter
that Blackfoot postoffice had been
promoted to a president's office, and
I expect they have moved it to some
new fangled place where they could
put on more style."
wonder a bit," said be. "Mavbe they
* ..
have moved it to the president s \
. .
house and we II not stop to bunt that ;
.. . . , r
I know what we can do; wc can mail
* * ***•*' I U ** the ta
i •*» the same place over there. If these
strange things keep on happening how
you reckon things will look when we
get back to Kansas." "Show pity i
Lo«I; don't talk about it," sighed tbe j
wife; "if things have come to that;
pass ia Kansas, we had better staid
wl,erc we ,n Washington than to
8° batk '® our 0,d bonH '- Tbe Lord i
forbid '' Remounting to bis seat tue
0,d man drov *- otr towards the rising
,u n wondering how postoffices could
be moved.
-- - --
Af ail Bobbery,
Well, maybe it's been moved," re
'Vou know we read
"I shouldn't
The mail cart running between Ar
j co and Houston was held up by twp
masked men several nights ago. Tbe
driver. Will Thompson, was ordered
to dismount by commanding and
j glistening revolvers and be quickly
j dismounted. The men took the cart !
and mail and drove toward Houston. 1
Thompson followed on foot When
be reached the town he found his cart
and horse and his mail sacks. Tbe
sacks were cut and all registered
packages stolen. Tbe amount taken
is not known but is believed to be
very smalt. No due has yet been
found that will lead to the arrest of
the robbers.
Mats! HsU!! Hate!!!
Tbe latest are the best Have you
noticed those elegant hats at Mrs.
Holbrooks? Why, they are beautiful.
Drop in and see them ; you will find
tbe very one you are looking for.
Drill steel, Buggy Shafts, Poles,
Double Trees, Single Trees etc. at
D. H. Biethan's.
C. Bunting <& Co. are selling goods
cheaper for cash than the same class
of goods can be bought anywhere else
in the county. Sec their 100 Pc. Deco
rated Dinner Set for only $15.50.
Keep your eye on the Fernish Drug
Store and see their display of Fire
C. Bunting & Co. will ship 1,500
tons of ore, this season, from their
Lost River mines.
Silk mitts snd gloves a specialty
Mrs. Holbrook.
Head quarters for sporting goods
at Fernish Drug Store; Base Ball
and Bats, Fishing Lines and Flies a
Carpets at 25 cts to $1.50 per yd.
at C. Bunting a Co's.
Fire Works at Fernish Drug Store.
Largest assortment of Paint Brushes,
in the city. Call at Fernish Drug j
! Store for prices.
Just received a new line of black j
lawns and black sateens.
Mrs. üolurook.
All next week a big reduction in '
ladies satin and calico waists, both j
hlack and colored. Mrs Hoi.rh.wk
Ail accounts on our books must be paid
or closed by approved notes by July 1st No
further credit will be extended unless these con
ditions are complied with. We trust our friends
and patrons will govern themselves accordingly.
C. Bunting & Co.
with yon, patronize it. You will always find in stock Stationery, Chemicals,
A SPECIALTY, COMPOUNDED Brushes, Cigars, Smoking and
NIGHT Chewma Tobacco All kinds of
DAY ° R NIGHT. Che mg Tobacco.
Winea " d tor Medicinal
Purposes only,
June 1st
We have Come to Stay.
Drugs at Living Price ».
The Fernish Drug Store,
k Fernieb, Proprietor..
Second Door South of the Reeve* Rotel.
Fresh Drugs and Patent Medicines.
Opposition is the life of trade, and if you want a good thing to stay
Drug Sundries, Toilet Articles, Per
fumes. Paints, Oils, Colors, Paint
\y. a. DODGE, M. D., office in Drug Store. Calls answered day or night
GALaLa and br gonvingrd.
A nice line of Carpets,
A nice line of Wall Paper
And Window Shades,
Car of r^unltŒce Scorn..
The following I am sell
ing at cost: A few
dozen boys shirts, three
dozen heavy shoes, two
dozen small boys can
vass shoes, fifteen dozen
good brooms, only 25
and 30 cents.
1 have the best Irrigating Rubber Boot and
Long Handle Shovel on the market You eau
get your money's worth when you buy these
His men's clothing,
His boys clothing,
His boots and shoes,
His furnishing goods,

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