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NO. 5
VOL. 7.
Local Paragraphs.
Senator Shoup and family have re
turned from the World's Fair.
Grasshoppers are destroying the
grain crops in the vicinity of Arco.
Bar silver was quoted at G8: copper
at 810.65 and lead at 83 52} in Thurs
day's market reports.
Lemonade will be provided by the
commi'tee, on the Fourth, at two
glasses for five cents.
Cbaltis has bonded her school
district and will build a $5,000 school
house <
A number of Blackfoot citizens ox-,
pect to visit the World's Fuir tno lal
ter part of September.
Hear Dr. Dorchester, at the M. E.
church Sunday muruiug.
Confidence has been restored at Los
Angelos and the books which closed *
lilt week are re-opening. *
McCammoo, Marsh Valley and Ox
ford were represented in Blackfoot
Tuesday by citizens on land business.
Rel Mr. Smith, pastor of the M.
E church at Pocatello, speut Tuesday i
with Rev J. M. Wilder of Blackfoot ' a
The dog poisoner and the man who
«T°* " ■**"■ "
collections following June pay -day î5
than were made for two months be
Pocatello merchants report better
Hon II. O. darkness came up from
McCammon Tue*iay on land „rf !
other bnstness.
American hats cost 8300,000,000
Millions of crickets have made their
appealance in the Boise basiu. The
situation looks serious to the farmers.
The Northern Pacific railroad has
cut rates from San Francisco to St.
Paul to 845 first class and 840 second
G. W. Powell "the unterrified of
Lost River' came down to Blackfoot
freighting expedition this week
The government of India shut down
on the free coinage of silver last week
and the white metal took a big tumble
«• 'be American market,.
on a
Captain Van Orsdalc, the new army
Indian Agent, is expected to be in
charge at Fort Hall to-day.
Big Lost river is higher than ever
known. Parties coming to Blackfoot
have to swim it.
Tbc postmaster at Fish Haven,
Bear Lake county, has been holding
bis office continuously since 1864.
Senator Dubois of Blackfoot nnd
F. W. Ramsey of Idaho Falls, regis
tered at Idaho headquarters, World's
Fair, Monday.
The mill at the Era mines will be
put In operation today. A force of
70 men are at work In these mines.
Attorney D. D. Wright left Tues
day evening for St. Anthony where
he will engage In the practice of his
Sheriff Cuttbaw brought down a
female patient from Fremont county
to the Asylum Tuesday morning.
Miss Bello Benne entertained her
youog friends at an elegant lawn party
Mondsy evening in honor of her guest j
Miss Kate Keeney of Pocatello.
John Montgomery, land attorney
and iusurnnee agent, has moved his
office to the east side of town near the
The fast mall train on the U. P.
when out six miles from Portland,
Monday, collided with u cow standing
in a curve and was wrecked. One
passenger was killed and two Injured.*
William Douglass and wife of Lan
ark, Scotland, were born on the same
day and hour, married at 10, lived to
gether eighty years nnd died on the
same day.
Two Hailey lawyers, P. M. Bruner
and A. F. Montnndnn, tried the Sulli
van—Corbett act in settlement of a
case Iu Judge Stookslnger s court Mon
day. Montaodon enriched the treas
ury to the tuuu of 825 iu a Hue.
A number of Lout River parties
are coming over to participate in the
4th of July celebration.
Note this fact nest Tuesday at the
races: How wise so many people ure
before the races begio and how little
they know after they are over.
lion. Frank W. Beane has been of
ficially notified of the appointment of
Stephen Dempsey postmaster at Em
mett and of Mrs. Gaumer at Lewisville.
George E. Bumgarner, Steward of
llj e Insane Asylum, was registered at
tüe World s Pair Monday. Mr. Bum
< garuer is expected to reach homo to
aa J' ■
The delinquent tax list of Chicago
Ulls 1,087 columns of the daily Post.
And the World's Fair is at Chicago
to °
n °'* c Ci 'V bu * in< '** men are 00,1
* idcrin 8 lhc advisability of making the |
* n ' on Pacific an offer to build a part
of the main line, if the company will
make the divcrgancc at Bisuka and
run the main liM by Boise. ^
By the closing of India's mines
silver has been hammered out so thin !
' a * ,JC wortb on,v 08 w ' n,a in
< market, a decline of 15 cents in one
Tw Mormon Islmroaclc oboir, 250
strong, will take part in the World's 1
Fair musical contest at Chicago i n
î5 ^ pU . lllbcr uodt . r tbc direttjou of
P|pfcwor Evan StPplleD of Sall 1 * 1 « I
Cabinets, 83 a dozen
After the Fourth, Thursdays, Fridays
and Saturdays as usual.
There are 3,000,000 bachelors in i
G. W. Powell took out 6,000 pounds '
! of quicksilver and three barrels of j
whiskey to tbc Era mines Thursday
The gallery of the Misses Mudge !
will lie open every day the week of ;
' the Fourth."
the United States. What a magnifi
cent opportunity for old maids to pay
their money and take their choice.
The public school at Pocatello clos :
«1 Thursday evening with a splendid <
programme of public exercises at the |
p I
1 ' , , , !
Tbc «'c in I-omiI tunnel has been
"*P air * > a " d "> c runn.n K of passenger
trains over the Short Lino from,
; „ .
Granger to Pocatello has occn restini ;
Three Surveyor Generals were op-'
pointed Wednesday. One for Idaho,
one for Utah and one for New Mexi
Joseph e. Strauglian, who filled |
the office dunug Mr Cleveland's first
term, has been re appointed for Idaho
,, , . »t . .
Crop reports from Minnesota nnd i
,, , . . I
the Dakotas are very discouraging.
Dry weather and hot winds arc wilt
ing the ripening grain. An estimate
places the yield at 40 per cent of the
crops two years ago.
Irl R. Hicks, the weather prophet,
says : Almut lhc 3d a good "Fourth
of July warm III" will begin to spread
eastward, resulting in high winds,
sonic rain, and maty thunder-guns
about 4th to 6th,
Rev. Dr. Daniel Dorchester, general
superintendent of Indiun school?, vis
iting at Fort Hall, will occupy the pul
pit at the M. E. church Sunday morn*
ing nt II o'clock. Everybody invit
j cd to hear him.
A rumor lias reached Blackfoot
that a freighter's outfit loaded with
flour wont down into Lost river a few
days ago. The supports of the bridge
were washed out by high water and
tbc bridge, outfit and flour all went
in the swollen, raging waters.
A St. Louis ex-Union soldier who
is drawing a pension divides his pen
sion money equally between the
Union soldiers home and the Confed
erate soldiers home. This is odd, and
is perhaps the only ease of the kind
in the United States.
Keep your eye on tlu> Fcrnish Drug
Store and sec their display of Fire
Carpets at 25 cts to 81.50 per yd.
at C. Bunting * Co's.
Silk mitts and gloves a specialty
Mrs. Holbrook.
Children'» Day Obiter red by the
JiaptUt Sunday School.
Sunday evening was a happy even
ing for the children of the Baptist
Sunday school. It was the occasion
of the celebration of Children's Day.
A large crowd of interested people
from town and country greeted the
little folks. The church was beauti
ful with floral decorations and the \
bright liappy faces of the little ones
with their surroundings of blooming, :
frngiant flowers and singing birds:
made it an occasion to be remembered. ;
The programme was one prepared i
, , ..... ,
by the geoeral publishing house
ali schools of the church observing
lLc day and wat appropriately and ! t
pleaiiD g| y relHle red Some of the
, ltllc onc , üid admirably, among them ^
the classes of "wee tots ' in their little
songs and recitations. Little Susie )
| Ujethau deserves special mention for old
ringing and her representation of the
c |, arac ter of "Grandmother" in one of
lbc presentations. The whispers of: ly
^ "She is too cute for anything" were of
heard iu many parts of the audience, j
! An entertainment gotten up by the j
for to
. ...
^(children draws ciowded houses in
Blackfoot, and the little folks of the
u> WD ought always to be mindful to
«* -PP™ "'<» •>< *l»>
1 ^ or them by their prettiest behavior
whenever they are permitted to attend
a meeting of their parents and friends. ;
I -.
The new postmaster at Dundee,
Michigan, basa moustache 32J inches »"
from tip to tip. If girls like to kiss
a moustache man then the new post
. ;
H° n - F- Mill* bas l** 0 appoint-!
ed chairman of the County Rcpublt- j n
van Central committee for Bannock fn
i °° unl i'- Mr. Mills may gel all the
i comfort be can from the honors of the :
j ;
master at Dundee is the mau they
would like most to kiss.
tbat Wl11 "'*• Bannock
county will go Democratic at next
I election as sure as a nickle will buy a
: •
< .
| A Mitchell, Indiana, couple have !
I recently found that their first love:
! was tbs best Two years ago a couple
town raarrie a an(1 SOO n thercaf
u , f (ilVurc(H , Thcv cacb foood
, , , I
a new love and were married again.,
; _. ...... .
: Divorce followed tbc new marriages
as rapidly as it did tbc first. Last
wvck lbc TOUp , e mPt for lhc Brst
j cigar.
i time since their divorce aud were:
, married again, this time with promise
| of Uiu , r or „ orM (or , jfc tjmc
Tbc Boi9c » suffering I
from an optical illusion. It imagines
i . r ,
I that it secs what it does not sec. The
i blackeyc to tbc party organization j
from the appointment of Joseph C. |
Straughan to be surveyor general
only a shadow thrown over the brow
by the eye made bright at the rc -.
morals going on. The appointment
of Gcn'l Straughan is not a surprise 1
iu itself; the surprise comes only iu
the time. That's all. Mr. Beane
had not endorsed Gen'l Straughan nor,
filed an application for any onc for;
that office because it was given out in !
Washington that Gen'l Petit would
serve his full term, aud that would
not expire until next February. The
fact is, and it will be so found out,
that the pressure of eastern friends i
like Vice President Stevenson, Sena-j
tors Pulmer, Voorhces Turpie and
others hastened his appointment and
it was due to them mainly that the,
appointment was made at the time it
was made.
Fire Works at Fcrnish Drug Store.
Old womeu in the mountain fast
nesses of East Tennessee have a say
ing:—"When money am skasest, dems
dc times when folks marries most,'
hut the rule does not hold good in the
west. The matrimonial market is as
dull to-day a» the money market. A
marriage and a dollar are hard to get
a peep at .
Now is the time to Paint your
house. Just received a full liue of
Mixed Paints of extra quality and
Pure White. Cheaper than ever.
Ben Furnish.
The officers of the editorial associa
tion are now preparing the program
for the meeting here in August. The
meeting will last three or four days,
: and we can safely say that many sub
jects of interest and importance will ;
be discussed. The programme fur
nished by the citizens of Ketchum I
will be devoted to recreation and
pleasure. The railroads will furnish
; free transportation to the members of
i the press and their families, the en
! tertainment at Ketchum wilt also be
! t ,laDt beln * erected tbere D0W E ' er J
editor in U,c slale sbould make il a
^ ia \ * ** ' ,reseDl at tbis meetin *—
ctcbum eystone.
) Parse Jones tells this story of an j
old missionary and Dakota Indians i
The old man in his daily talks tiad
gottcu them interested in the heaven
ly kingdom. Oue day he told them
of the glories and beauties of the
j kingdom. He spoke of the New j
j Jerusalem with its lofty spires and j
golden streets. He told them of the
River whose waters make glad the
City of the Living God. He told them ■
that there was no night there and ;
sickness and sorrow were unknown, i
complimentary, and the meeting will
probably conclude with an excursion
to the City of the Saints and an ex- j
amination of the immense copper;
; tion of his theme, and when he was
bis clitua * of glories and beauties
He grew eloquent from the inspira
and «pectirg a general response
»" acceptance of bis truths, he was
6lartled b >' an «"'n-uption from an old
chicf - a most alteutive Iistener - wbo
; asked : 'Ts there any big eat'm up
I there; tcll'm heap about big eat'm,'
and all the tribe grunted assent.
Tbp old maü saw bj , pearls crushed
j n t j,e twinkling of an eye. and left for
fn , &h fiel(Jg aml pastures g^,, where
raçn do not W!lllt t0 [j ye by bread
See Here!
I sell
! The celebrated Jackson Fork,
Harpoon Forks,
Hay Carriers,
Rope Hitches,
Hay Net Trips,
Wire Rope.
Grass Rope, all sizes.
Mower Knife sections. Rivets, etc.
I sell
I ««II
The Best Carts,
Buggy Poles,
Shafts, etc.
Giant Powder,
Drill Steel, etc.
D. II. Bist HAN.
Life is what you mane it Tbc
Imzd times are likewise as you make
thorn. The cry, cry, cry of -hard
1 times and worse coming will shut up,;
money vaults and help to make hard
The Idaho Hotter.
I The best hotel in the city. Strictly
1 first class, located centrally. Term» 81.
50 per day.
A full lino of staple aud fancy gro
ceries. G reçu groceries a specialty.
Choice fruits, berries and oysters in
Candies, uuts aud confectionery
fresh each week.
I Complete line of cigars and tobaccos
constantly on hand. Come aud be
convinced. Goods delivered to any
part Of the city. Don't forget the
pla c H ( Diiiki ,
Idaho House, Blackfoot, Idaho.
Largest assortment of Paint Brushes
in the city. Call at Feruish Drug
Store for prices.
Just received a new line of black:
lawns and black sateens.
Headquarters for sporting goodsi
at Fcrnish Drug Store; Base Ball
Mas. Holbrook.
aud Bats, Fishing Lines and Flies a
Don't forget to get your File Works
for the 4th at Fcrnish Drug Store.
Blackfoot Celebrates The
j g unr i se
10:15 CL.
March to Court House, led by the Idaho Falls Band.
Line will form in Main Street.
10:30 a.

i 2.
Firing Salute
m .
1. Music .
Music .
4- Reading ■ ■ •
5. Music .
Music .
Music .
10. Address
Declaration of Independence
. Band
11. Music
The a fternoon exercises will begin promptly at 1:30.
The ball game will be called at 3 o'clock sharp.
Good prizes for each of the following :
Base Ball .
Horse Racing
Sprinting Match
• Idaho Falls vs. Blackfoot
Quarter Mile and Repeat
. 600 Yards Dash
. Pony Race
Trotting, 600 yards, two out of three.
. Free For All
10 Years and Under
. 11 to 15 Years
10 Years and Under
. 11 to 15 Years
. ■■15 Years and Over
Boys Race
• t
\ Girls
Young Ladies Race •
Married Ladies Race
Old Man's Race .
r t \f '* Tfnri
a . an S t
Sack Race .
Running High Jump
...50 Years and Over
. Above 215 pounds
Boys Under 12 Years
.••• Free for AU
Standing High Jump
Fat Man's Running High Jump, 200 pounds
Running High Kick, Men's
• graNp pall
At the Court House in the evening, under auspices
of the Blackfoot base ball club,
prompter. Music by the Idaho Falls orchestra.
Th« Idaho Falla Band vtiill Furnish Musio
Throughout the Day.
J. Ed Smith,
Thf g ates to the shady Court House grounds will
opened to the public all day. Lemonade will
be provided by the committee at two glasses for
5 cents .
Rtt)tac«tl rat«« aijti special Irait)*, ijotlce of
which Will he glveiy by railroad agaql*.
Tlie CÎtizeUS OI Blllghaill ailU SUITOimUing COUI1
ties are most cordially invited. Come every
body and have a good time with us.

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