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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, July 08, 1893, Image 3

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1 tPPTYI Q ri
V/X * M M fJi i I
____ t 9
VXfPl 1 Y\
k 3 V 1 LIKJ I
I am a farmer at Fiinm T*»o. T
have uü Germa. Sy" ip lor si*
Years successfullv for 4ore 'Tl.ro..
Coughs, Colds Hoarseness PainsYn
pu-?. .ml T _1 O b.' r !
me U . 8 av S tn r « P * 1,1 By ,in »' but * <l
me Uy to anyone wanting such a
ineaicine—German Syrup is the best
We are subject to so many sudden
changes from cold to hot, damp
weather here, but in families where
German Syrup is used there is little
trouble from colds. John F Jones x#
- . ■ i.- . - . —-—j
hr t sssa sytsi k fcsi usa «at t aan
•tot uitTBaSw 90 tssa tat n W.
mm kflMHi
a eiRktitn

A Pure Norwegian
Oil is the kind used
in the production X
of Scot tin Emul- (t
»ion—Ilypophos- gfl
phitesof Lime and ^4
Soda are added V _
for their vital ef
fect upon nerve
and brain. No
mystery surrounds this formula—
the only mystery is how quickly
it builds up flesh and brings back
strength to the weak of all ages.
Scott's Emulsion
will check Consumption and i*
indispensable in ail wasting dis
fwws4ty>»»i«S*iM T V All SisssWts.
Every Month
Ocaot Bfl«ri«tni*tion; they don t b(
thm'% eooAde la aoybo4y hot try
Female Regulator
a »»sc»* t*f nuitm. morvtf.
tCAsrv. lurniuio »»4 leeieuuui
Rook to " WOMAN" mol] »4 fro«.
stuomiD acsuuToa co . aiwsu, e*.
ne Best

In tho
M #■ a a Has _ '
I*amnm laa SSSrr*
XLtsLhELi? lüLrJISÄaSS— 1
kt.l* IWmjd.fr*. u*RriMA.TaAfV. M»?tr
Cures Constipation
1 ThompsM't Ey« Wahr.
. . 9
Tut riMH art a nd •LICKtl hi »«mwaNd
FTv^.r, «ud will k««p v»ti dry la tha b»rv>r«i stvtw. TIM
npw h>HWt L trniCUlltfihMfiwtWii« «walsand
«n'f r»th««auraOMidl*. a«w«r*af uaHstbaM. Uoa'«
bar • coat Ifuw" Ft#b Imml ' t* no «cm It. ITIaitra
I4M ( R(Rl«r«w A. J TOWRK. Itofftna, Mom.
ffRffiivtPfi wim
Mr* fjM
Don't bo deceived by Ignorant,
unscrupulous fakirs snd confi
dence men, assuming to offer
••Indian Hcmedles," snd who
pretend that their nostrums are
made by tbo Indians.
tkrtitiss and i*t,*«lyl*tm*ii*| «•** •( it*
iBÜ !
IsUs sit »bunt Ue Isdlsss.
Indian Sagwa
and other KIrkspoo Indian
R,in,(ill's srs TIIK OXI.T «kMI
Th* word•■ KIrkspoo" tscopjr
rlghtsd soil they tUrs not steal
It, stirs yon gri •• KIrkspoo R,Tn,dlss."
that ,v»vy ksttt* «r psrhsft hssrs this
fsr-tiisll, ilgastar* Ihsi 1
anti •+*
VXitrllmtI ijk Agent«. &2I Ortfid At«., Vww
Mavra, (X. Thaïe ftûMlM Italian |«m4I«*in ;
an pmldtuü Lui ara aold al alt «trug «tore«.
^.ldÆ tyrhr,r * OWla * dOW " " a ~ p
With tU*- inillH upon thy flu gem. und the ships
upouitoy imlfti!
Tail me why thou nevsr fallest, oevsr grown!
HotwhirïÂÂeurrem bringt „own 1 1
«ÂœhS'Sr»'™ r,, ^ Kt d °'"
Quickly then tha river an**wetwl: "Praia* the i
Mttl« Uiountatn »piiiut, 1
K '" ,or ,h ° l>r ~ lou *
'" ier * ,be m °*' !
There ihr nilll hum.In u crevice, aoU the ship
__ ' "
The netting aim cant ite last golden j
rays upon town, hill und hay. theu
^ank to rest behind the frost-fringed
peak* of the Sierra*.
The flood of golden light no longer
batlied the houiM*to|>H of Aimiinect&r
village* that lik« ru eagle** neat I
*•«»» on the aide of the rocky mount
aim*. 1
Butin the street* of the little
town light* ware gleaming and bon- j
Are. burning.
Troops of peasant* gsylv clad in
holiday attire tilled this narrow
thoroughfare* and the broad pla/a
that formed the center of the town.
It was the Eve of St. John and all
vouni* men. .
From their sober garb. It* fashion '
and the long hair that fueled down j
over their ear*, one would have pro- !
uounced them »luden!».
And so they were; scholars of, the j
dark convent that frowned u|tou the !
crest ol a neighboring hill.
i.» , ■
Lui» Amador, a
ith oUck
and hair; handsome, despite the look I
of sadness that clouded hi* f^e. !
Hi* friend wa* known ft* Enrique, j
a wild and thoughtless blade.
were preparing for the festival day.
On u »tone beuch close by the door
of the little inn that fronted on the
a rude
square and bore for its sign
picture of a golden goat.
»at two
"*» ctji)t*4
t me youut w
. y US.
, !!*'• , Hn - u r h ~*"~l
*ad? replied Lui*. Look upon
yonder castle." and lie pointed to a
lordiy tower that. |>erebed tt|»on a
spur of the Sierra, kept watch ami
ward over town und sea. "M» ]
months ago 1 wa*-the lord of that
place, the last heir of Amador's line,
Hut ou my father's death came a
stranger with many u parchment
proof of debt my father owed He
wrenched my estate front me. and to
day 1 am a beggar. My cousin, loo. ;
the fair Marina, once my plighted
wife, hut now w ith leas of fortune I
came leas of love."
• lf the blue-blooded belle forsake* }
you, the damsel of low degree Is |
more kind. Juanita, the maid of tbe ]
inn here, thinks all the world of you. "
"True, I have guessed her secret " j
replied Luis, sadly. "Enrique, this
night 1 determined to know my fate.
In some ancient book I have read a
strange old legend of the night of the j
Eve of St John If an anxious lover ;
stands within the churchyard at the ]
midnight hour and casts over hi*
»houldrr three slip* of olive that
have lolt the touch of »ater bles*ed I
and invokes the ;
semblance of J
his future wife will appear before
him To-night I will try If the legend j
i"' tvnth or falsehood. "
••Luck go with you comrade: but !
com... let's to wn,.per. for lb- night
•iraû *. muuN.
draw apac .
Ibe two friends departed.
Hardly were they out of sight ere
a man stepped from the shadow of the j
inn door, wlsere he had listened to
by the church,
maiden of hi* fate, the
The listener was Gabriel, the usurp- !
ing count Amador.
"Would that satan waited for him '
in the ehtirelivard!" cried the dark- ■
j orowed ermtlt. \ eng.'fully.
"A pious wish, truly," replied a i
j voice that carne from the side of the i
I inn where the shadow was dense.
Gabriel turned in amazement ; then, j
their conversation
front hi* resting-place or. the earth
%jü£!l 1 Sv cL T '"° " - ul * 1
wart fellow, roughly clad..
'Huy Ctuinart ««xolaiinoii Lanrial.
••The same; cx-brignml. ex-game
ster, ex-everything that Mother
«'huwat .condemns, and hobest people j
» vo " ■' , ,
"V\ tlRl (ÎO YOU WH»k here?
' ron,r, " le of
world has UH«d you well.
J"""' »■ M « 1 fortUDe ;
hav« certain pap^raio «m?1
I would (
I . , . . - . .
receipt# given by yonr flit her to the
old count of Amador for money paid; |
I The receipts stolen by a fain*, servant
11 yon. The i
and la Idle abstmcc of which you hnvi>
been able to sci*c the cslatc of Aina
dor. Will you buy them or shall 1 ;
seek tbe outcast heir that, left yot
just now?"
>'No. no!" cried Gabriel, hastily,
"1 will pay whatever you demand. !
But u word upon another subject,
Sit down.''
They did not notice that a girlish J
face whs peering through a lattice ;
window of the Inn upon thorn, or that ;
her cars were eagerly diinkiug in
. , „ ,,
••Thli I-Äi* |foe««n a fool s ermul ;
to the old eliureh yard .to-night,"
Gabriel said. |
"Yes; 1 heal'd.'' I
"He innsl «over Wave UVat spot !
"llave yon t Iw 1 papers with you.
"Ye* They were stolen by a
servant of the count after his death,
11a Intended to sell them to you."
•■I know, lie approached me on
the subject. 1 appointed a time and
place to see him. He never came,
Thinking that by some accident the
papers were Inst 1 presented ray
claims and seized the estate. I have
a friend at court, and by his aid 1 oh
tained the title um well as the castle. "
-The mau who approached you was!
killed in a street brawl. Mine was ,
tho bend that struck him. Of ourao,.
their woniis.
alive. M
••Good! I'm your man."
I naturally inherited all he had,"
Why have you delayed so long In
teckin# me?"
*<A alight difficulty with the (fen
tlemen of the black rolie— the police,
1 »•» oblig.-.i to take to the rock« of
the Merra for safety, like a hunted
, f w ( - . .» it
wo,ï * out tnat mue aiittii* naa Dioun ,
over, and who Will dare to HUKpect
«he friend of the noble count of Am
AnJ tbe rum " n buckled a« he
! «.IfW Mid IhMKhUülly.
"You »hall rent easy, noble count;
j »'Y dagger will remove him from
your path. The churchyard Is far up
OM h *de of the hill. At midnight
all the village will lie hurled in slum
her. We can crush out hi* life a* ea«y
us drown a blind kitten.
I "We had better not be seen Uj
«ft»« <*' present ''Gabriel said. -At
1 11 1 11 meet you, then we il post our
selvas In the road that lead* to the
churchyard; wait till this buis passes. !
then follow him and in the church
>'"'<1 remove him from the world. '
"The plan la a* simple a* the
washing of hands.'' and the brigand I
r °se *** ** e B P°ke. -'Jill II, then.
Gabriel watched him fora moment
In »Hence.
"When a man meditates evil. .Satan j
. himself sends the tools to bis hands.
' My mind i* fixed- Lui* must per
j ** n
! ••»*•• (
'I he moon, in crçsenf forjp, shed its j
j faint light over hill and dale, danced
! in shining ripple* on the sea aud •
bathed the forest-crowned crest* of
■ {,, ..
jt|»0 rocky range with Us silvery j
I Up the steep and rugged path that
! led to the churchyard the true heir :
j of Amador tolled.
Huy »talked off with a swaggering
j Closely clasped within hi* hand
».MS .... ,l.„- „I oil,..
HI. br... .Mil«™,« —I
strange thought* were in hi* mind.
"If tbe legend is true." he mur
mured, "1 shall see my future bride
What form will float, vision-like, be
] fore mo? Shall I sec the pretty face j
of the village beauty who love* the
outcast aud the friendless wanderer?"
Absorbed In thought, Luis did not
heed the two dark figures that, like
grim phantoms, tracked his path.
Little recked the young man of the
; danger that lurked so nigh.
He gained the cburchvard.
I The moonlight gleamed fitfully and
coldlv on the headstones that marked
} the graves.
| The soft wind sighed with a mourn
] ful sound a* it stirred tbe leaves
the trees that shaded the resting
j place for the dead,
The gloom and silence fell like a
shroud upon the soul of the young
mat. os he stood within the church
j yard and waited for the convent bell
; to tell that the midnight hour had
] come
Clear on the night air came the
silver tone* of the monitor.
I «Maiden of rnv late, from niv hand
; ] oa> t the leave*.of the blessed olive:
J here, on the eve of gt««l St John. !
summon thee te appear betöre me!"
j Thus spoke the young man.
Itespite himself, his voice trembletl
! as he deliveuvtd the invocation.
I'hen. fr,«n the shelter of one of
„ , . ,
the large gt-avestone*, rose a female
form, the hand extended as if in
j The face and form were in the
I-shade thrown by a neighboring tree,
yet the strained eyes of Luis clearly
! recognised Juanita, the maid of the
' With r wild laugh that rang shrilly
■ through the churchyard, be threw
i vision from his sight; advanced a few
i steps and then fell senseless to the
j The
Up hi» hand» a» though to *hut tho
i inn.
, . , . ,9
overwrought brain sought
refuge in the semblance ol death
1 Vr u r u - "t ,u rr' rod -,
Then from the shadows of the
chaarchyanl wall, cam«? the dark
fotrn.s that had tracked the young
man up the mountain steep.
j Like wolves, the twoadv «need with
skro ! thy trend,
■fl tlu*ir hands gleamed the bright
tfV*el of the nshAHRinV dainr« Y r.
-t.«ulimtslv they looked around
them.ns they advanced.
3.0 sound, save the night breeze
stirring the wind; no Immun shadows
| ou the ground, save their own.
A ni inn to more and they beat over
ilw senseless form of young Amador.
The hand of the assassin was raised
; togive the blow,
human blood.
Another second and the bright steel
would have been dyeo crimson with
But the tlaggei- never descended to j
pienuo the white throat of Amndor. !
Forth from the concealment of
J the grave-stone sprang the female l
; form which the frenzied brain of the \
; young man had taken for the spirit ,
of the Millage beautv.
lhtaklng they looked upon a phan
; tom form from tho other world, the
two -tnaster and hireling—would
| have sought safety In Right, but from
I the shelter of the .tomb-stones came
! half-a-dosen black-robed shadows
that burned their way.
.. No r 1 * 1 "» 8 ,h . u . ti, r: but al * u " ll * >
the Ulfllistors of justice.
Slowly tiko young irnin oamo liaek ,
to conseioutgieRS, and when he opened
his eyes he gazed into the face of
Juanita, the maid of the Jun; tho girl i
who hud not ouly saved his life, but
given him back his fortune and title,
It was Juanita who stood by his
side when a holy father of the church
road |he marriage rite* and called
down a blessing upon the heads of .
the count bhd countess of Amador. i
The eve .of gootl St. John had
, brought joy t.i the good and evil to I
the wicked.-Ohum*. ,
X Car« Constipation anil tlyspopsin.
f» r Bboop'ff Restorative Nerve Pill* »ent free
with lUMlMftl Book to prove merit, lor ft* stamp.
L>rugtfl»t«,2?>c. I>r. Shoop, Box W.,8«clnt Win.
KpHrptlc Infamy of tirent Men.
Sir Andrew Clark 1* quoted a* baying
at a meeting recently held In London
'"Promote the founding of a colony for
naft been proved by fcpe<.'ialifitfi, that a
, Jar^e proportion of our great men. from
Newton 1o('ha/les Darwin were Kielclv
Är inf a^ în f a^ theTh.d ^^
epileptics-and yet when they had at
mined to manhood they were capable
°* great tillage.
''".n" 1 ,''"' tbi"«,**"?"™
one way u> cure deafur,«. and ilitt is by con
"" gjg f» "g*!«- Deal;«» to eaated by
of the EusuckUn 1 ut*. wuei.tbi* tut* *
in flamed you have & rumbling t-ouud or im
prefect hearing, and when ills entirely closed,
2S« £$ «!Tîhu*tube re
tiored to it* norm*! condition, hearing will
be dutroyed forever; nine ca*e» out of ten
« "ÿ "ÄaÄ 2Ä ££
We will give One HundreS Dollar, for any
! «*" <* J*"*»«* fe'ï* ed c l J jr ii"î
% Xïtaî ?r£ HaJI ' C, ' urrt ' Curfc ^
y. j, CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
|ySold by Druggists, 75c.
DciftiHi Cannot Ba Cured
Worklu» Hi* FitksitKc.
.Tay Gould once told a story about au
Irishmah. It was when there were
packet-boats on the Erie canal Tbe
Irishman offered to work his passage
to Buffalo, and they set him leading
j worked faithfully for two daj-s. doing
« great deal of thinking. On the third
hè "l'nmight a^'w-elî l*v\k
as work me pa-sage.'' And walk he
( did, without even thanking his empioy
j er».

__ , .. ,
employes of the treasure department
j were coming out of the big building,
t wo ne\v»Loyfi siooi waiting lor the
clerks Both boy
: was stout, the oth
the horses that lowed the boat. He
*'4ilt m Holler on Tf."
One aftornoon about 4 o.clock, as the
s were small. One
er pale and delicate.
The larger boy cried bis papers in a
strong bass voice, while the little fel
!" V.r. a *. sä se
Û,, w„h tl„ (.as. roil , , U r E .d roi:D„.
and, with a look of disgust and con
tempt, said to his companion in the
news business: "Oh. cum off; w-y don'
ye git a holler on ve?"
, , J ïv'*,* 30 8n * p '
when J J- '» tcliam, generally known
TO wsbe sold a pacing horse to a farmer
f„r *!». He then bought him back for
8#0 and then sold him again in another
town for (100. At Ile t amp's the other
night the question came up;
much did he make in the trade? After
a good deal of "ligeriu by the audi
c f, te ho i?* d ~*? ed th * t . he ""*«•»» an< ;
Lcn scUled. How do v" figurait/'
The CTgsrrtt« llablt In Germany.
I am pleased to think that as yet
there are no sign* that smoking will
become a public vice with women, bow
, . . . ...
f" rit ,"I bcta private in this conn
îî^_ Jf
for separate smoking «.mpartment* for
women has been made to the railway
authorities. The reply was rather cu
rions, yet very much to the point; "Wo
,ncn who smoke are men: consequently,
'hey n»y go a»d smoke with the othir
* Narrow Escape,
A farmer in Camden county, last
week, fell asleep under a tree. ' While
slumbering, with his head against the
Miuirrei wnich in its haste to rea<*h a
p l aC e of safety, jumped in the farmer s
mouth, taking it for a knot-hole. The
farmer, not being used to raw game,
disgorged the squirrel with an effort,
and it fs said lias not yet fully reoee
; ered.
Art T
TIwimd or woman wbo la profitably Mfliej«l 1*
rentra'.]? happy. If yon »re not happy 1% may he
heoanao yon have not foun4 yonr proper work W#
«••»»•aily ur§o all *uch ptraoM to wiitetefl F
1 *>ta*on à Co.. Richmond. Va and thoy can «how
rasa work In akncli rou can bs L*j^-.r aadssoet
No kind of ventiler is unfavorable forsow
tag wild oats
j "
TV* at too tonen and tak* too tittle out
Tea, n simple herb remedy, helps Natura to
firciwme thaï bIméii,
Ht* who will not Bfiftwtw to tbe rudder
auust answer to the rfidtt.
If «ha Iftahv I« CiiMlnt Tpefil.
; tr.r» and uf* that old and w«U triad remedy, Muta.
ai»*wt ifoonnito Pntrr fw cwijim Twthini.
, Th* msnlv jiart is to do with «tight and
«sin what j-ou can do.
'-"j7—^ „
oAom. ^ketu^i Bslsam will stop the cough
«tones. Go to vour druggist tod»v and g*t
« sampis bottls irse L«rg» bouiw Waus
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Envions men grow lean at the success of
ttalr "fbjhbors._
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' Rni> - mean it.
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l \S^\rv
\ proof of ttaisisensy The
, Vk only gunmnfsed rsms^
( V. for 'j*? > ! l,w ! tl i* of T. 0 ™?"'
^ ^rimion " If it ever fails
to bonrtu or cur»», tn mak
fia* (,\ in S women strong
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Äiir" b<s " ,d would **• * ,ld in
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, woman's needs mid perfectly boriulos* in any
«mdition of her system.
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i - _
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that's known ns a •• female complaint?' it's a
remndy that's safe, osrtain, and proved,
. , *
At * HflCP
. "• 4 * * '*'•
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I # 7 c nn ln *,r n nn * ~ „.mm, :
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farw Teela. HafT». r»r. IM nifit.
Pure water can al wavs be told from ,
impure bv a few very simple tests. To
judge of the color fill a colorless gloss
bottle with the water, look through it
at some black object, and the distinc-,
ness with which this can be seen
gives an idea as to the proportion of
clay and sand it conUins. 'then pour
out one-half of the water, cork thebot
tie tightly, and set it in a warm place
for a a day. Bemove the cork and smell
the air in the bottle. If there Is an
offensive odor, however slight, the wa
ter is unfit for domestic use and should
be rejected. It often happens that
well water, no matter how bright and
sparkling, contains large quantities of
putrescent matter. When this is the
case decomposition is sure to take place
ln a few hours when the bottle is put in
a warm plat«, and decomposition is al
ways attended by an unpleasant odor. !
T«at« of ih# Furt y of Water*
The Nertou» speaker.
At a Massachusetts town the other
night, there wa* a temperance lecture
in the chapii of the churches. The
gentleman who was to preside did not
show up. and a man known to have a
ueep interest in the temperance course .
was called upon to act in his place. ;
Mr. S is a very nervous man who
easily gets ratt.cd He struggled to i
his feet, and this is what he said; "i.s
die* and gentlemen: Since Brother
-is not here to ask the blessing of j
God to rest upon this meeting, we will |
proceed with the business anil do the !
best we can without it. Amen."
A Beggar * Journal.
The Paris papers very numerous and
miseiianeons in character, 1 know, but
I was not aware until very recently ;
that the list includes one entitled Li
Journal des Mendicants. J his is a
daily, each article being signed with I
the name of its w riter, w ho is supposed j
to be a professional beggar!
U. S. Government
Baking Powder Tests.
The report of the analyses of Baking Powders, made
by the 0. S. Government (Chemical Division, Ag'l
Dep't), shows the Royal superior to all other powders,
and gives its leavening strength and the strength of each
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Per «wt
ROYAL, Absolutely Pure, . 13.06 - . 160.6
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10.26 . . . 123.2
9.53 ... 114.
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8.03 .. . 96.5
7.28 .. . 87.4
4.98 .. . 65.5
Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure, and of
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Cubic ift. per m.
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tain both lime end sulphuric
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etipation, Sick-Headache f etc.
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Jo Popalist Pre ss and People.
I take pleasure In announcing
that ! have made arrangements on
behalf off the National Reform Press
Association, whereby plates and
ready-sprints containing Populist j
matter officially approved and rec
ommended by the National Reform
Prers Association and Chairman '
_ . , . ... _ »
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will be furnished by

Write to the Western Newspaper )
Union for Samples and prices. No
other house furnishes authorized |
matter. W. S. MORGAN, Sec. Ns- '
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The • Western • Newspaper • Union
— !
No tools required. Only s hssuner needed
to drive snd clinch tberu mwilv and quickly: I
lesvins tbe clinch shsolutcly smooth. Requiring!
an hole to be nutde in the leather sor bacc for th*
Rivet*. They sre SI KONG, TOUGH snd DtmtlLE.
Millions now in u*c All length, uniform or
"ï.irVïï.v^rv.r.Me« or .cud ^
h, ttsini» for . NiXOfl*,«.c | odkS*'
Waltham. Mai«.

I EWIS» 98 %
I rewimr ato rumor
mm u'AT*xrmv) j
ïïtpoÂnÆjd- lé î *35
with vrmoTfiltlfi IM. the cununta
•tr always ready fbr nsf. WUI 1
roakr lhe bm limned Hard Soap
iu SX) mi mi lo* %n:ho*f 1« la
«h*» be«« forrlransma waste piped,
diMnfrding mikb. clow't*, wa«Liuf
LottU'!*, mTntj*. irw, etc
WIFEWu ff fiWff!'MR
* if) Ray a a »04. M
VUMOI auaas,
•arty toasrit aOa»«^ t# Uf%< mm harry
Vtkl i—«Ht» Wt.flssIsNss'hsWVwft«»*
IlFfHU» IN. I», «kam. A 8. OtCAM 1U»
Sobd ft*r b*x»k of par
_ __... _ _ Uculam.
I. B. NKI IsKV A 00a Xù ». 1 Ith FU., Fhllada.
W N U Omaha, 19 1893
Phyafrlana Hava Fonod Oat
, • eonta»lnaiiiig and fmiirn elamcntfa
»en.iu.c »uteeotsoeoB* cov.rlwt of the
rle* *nB li*»jne*ui ot the joinu, Mustng
•uUor*» tod Sl.tortlon^orthe toiiAs. So (ml
JNNÿipe hà» ûe«K>*otr»t»<i ta r*r*rd
this mMiclac of Mniarebeast*« use* cbecks
>h* foriiila»ble u, atrocious disease, nor 1* It
u , £îlÂyiftffS££?5ÏS
medlclte costales only salutary leered
14 ** •!•<>» »Ifoal remedy lor malarial f
Lumenté' de'n';ift* l> îSd*'ou!er >
that you get nit (enutne.
Potting a Little of It In Motion,
-Talk about air being 'freer " said
tbe young man in knickerbockers, hand
ing S150 over to the bicycle dealer and
taking tbe machine. "It's the most
! expensive thing on earth. You're mak
ing a clean profit of <7.50 on the air in
those pneumatic tires, by gum, and I
know it."
u mm
no u
mw tad Wtffcr
world's COI.IMHIAX exposition
Will be of value to the world by illus
trat ing the improvements in the toe
. hanical arts and eminent physicians
; « ill tell you that the progress in mesli
<. a ] agents, has been of equal importance,
i an< j as a strengthening laxative that!
Srrup of Figs is far in advance of alt
The man who say* be is ready to die, fat a
liar or a lunatic:
nt tftj r
v«lou* cure* TreUtae *»d •£ ut trial boni« fro« to «•
Wbe n* bislev get* a grip on a man, some
; thing breaks when it lets go
«h..«,»'. m.,i. t on Sal™.-'
w*r-*»M-i to -*,<■. or moor; ntu*M. s*s ytw
The more some men owe, the more they
want to buv on credit.
I Unlike the Dutch Process
So Alkalies
— OR —
Other Chemicals
are oeed in the
preparation of
H itAtrA is
« j,«*« an d tolublt.
[V 1 i tia, over-f A-.n f timer
PB (At »o -mirth ut Cocoa mixed
_*■ with starch, Arrosrroot or
• Sugar. is far mors eco
nomical, ooSisg lets (Aon os* cent a eup.
It L< delicious, nourishing, sad easily
mgxstkd. _
Sold hj Grocors ewrjwlwr*.
W. BAKER & CO , Dorchester, ÜSM.
[ tmmÊÊKÊÊÊÊÊÊBÊÊÊÊKM u " T on * u»«u
A SPECIALTY. I "" ,= "* u
^ Mru[> hiu or Bet »„nur- lut. -»
' rniruiietâcm» — «ad wir Ma.*ic typbtiw»« i* th«oa
thin» ih«l will enre pem»«aenUy. PmüiIt« prvcf »ent
our rwllab Ut? Our
im «m vurV
!.. .4.
— »lort. fron. Coos KutvoT CO.. C»l«>so, lit.
■araioi/MliotiA wsokkis
Sit nf olvJIM w «.bloat...,, d. <7
W Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
R lAlrPrinclpnt Exkminer c S. Pension Bti
) IijoIuIrum. iiMj.«i*c»uu«cWm^ni.*j,
Lbe Famon* Little Pill* fur l\»n«tl étalon. 9Irk Head*
Mb«. l»uj«i»na.No NauMMa.No Fain. Ver? Muall
ng Sigg Sggl&ft
" L Mfcw—^ \ \U U
o. vv. r. sxvntit. m. it. Mali n»pi. i*.
! McVlt'Urr*«. T'hontor, C'hlrngNi. 111.
YO uia MEN
and Railroad
! Laaru IV
,__I AfMiti' Su _ .
ytKwi gitUBtlous umttl, P. BROWN, »vdatla. a*.
313 Si
or* ami aocura
Pvr.iso and Oi.kamno of every Description,
I 1M1 Ksruani St.,Omsk*. Cor Ave.A.A SStliSt..
Council Bluffs Bend for circular A price list,
— _ - - - —
Tl V I O I Ilm
! P I il \ f 11 ni S 1 . , ^
I lAHO LHHUs.ä?ä
'£ 'C
Hf. h as sins*.
Wboat ft »I Htrit
nnyo Blcrcl*« B»h* Ban IVnntN ami .41 ».'.«•« c
hllllA NUuip for ratait« ('K<*KH
UUIVU ttüîi eu , lilï Uuofilaa Bi., Uuialia. NaD.
all kind« Mat hint* r y Orlmllng. 1'aitrrviN. « tc*
iWhoknstci, * «oniHV h»iu>
mu c. u. Hinitaos i'H
A to, Ul* Esnisw. »t-, o».»tu*
RRKl.L m OO., Haiti« »a«o r aad fiyiwpa.
FrNwvnrc«. Jama ARRia fi««<ar, Eie hope Om^ha
C^aa Mitaafar U»». 0»..Uaaa aa.t locurgimi Tmwarw
Cmoha'a Lar«.
nmm Bllltam Tab!«*. Bar «OIWH»
warr. Bwr Tump«, rte. 6AT1C «'ITT
Bll.1,1 AHO TA 111.K CO Omaha Neb»
ConiumpUvrN and |
wbubme w«»a luugaor Aalt».
bi. «nuuid un» f*UH>'aCur« for
OoanunipUoa. !t Ihm rar«4
ILaautad* Uhu noUnjur
it it nut bod to fake
Im*«'. ON-utfh »?rup.
Su Id c»ar^wi»t>r'* B.7«.
•d «M
H U U»«

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