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NO. 7
YOL. 7.
The board of County Commissioners
was in session only one and half days.
Attorney T. M. Stewart will reach
home tbe latter part of next week.
The Insane Asylum directors meet
today Satuiday.
Fifteen thousand people visited the
Idaho building, World's Fair, duly 4.
Full county commissioners proceed
ings next week.
President Cleveland is better of bis
acute pains from rheumatism.
Tins weather in Idaho llila spring i
and summer would be counted Urst j
class for sailing vessels.
Secretary Hoke Smith will turn
back from Uia western tour after see- j
log the sights in the National Park, lie
Cooilrmation services may be ex
pected at St. Paul s next Monday
evening. !
Find news or make it, nut mostly!
make it, is the last resort of newspa
per reporters these dull days.
Editor Tempes*, came down from j
Rexburg Thursday rooming on busi
ness connected with the land office. j
Clerk Patrie has delivered the book*
Nine Block footers registered at
Idaho headquarter* World's Fair
' Z . ., ,
It t* no uncommon sight to sec the
small boy making bis afternoou visit w
to the river to enjoy a swim
Two new bu.itii.R to.«., r.„
kout iwl » b»nk, .n bdof arccla) «I
St Anthony.
of transcribed record* to the rcspec j
liye counties of Bannock and Fremont
K. K. Hopf, manager of the Amu
gee ranch, Fremont county was in ;
town Wednesday. ifl
Yearly examination of teachers of
Bingham county, at the Court House,
Blackfoot, August 3, 1993. See notice!
to teachers in another column.
Of dsys of tbe week visiting at Fort(
Hail Indian school
Rev. Dr. Skidmore spent a couple
Ihn 1 m,.p I« haillv In need of I
the section house, is badly in need of j
a dirt filling.
Tbe crossing over the railroad, near
Tbe Good Templars are arranging
to play "Ten nights in a bar room."
A. A. Crane, of Harrison. has been ;
appointed a State land commissioner j
* McC ° D ""
Secretary Hoke Smith and party
are in Montano. They spent yesterday
Senator Shonp is expected to visit
Rtackfoot this month, possibly during
the stay of Senator Dubois.
«t Great Fails.
Tbe News-Miner, of Hailey, has
raised tbc battlo flag : "Free silver or ;
Mr*. Fife, of Kansas, mother 0 f J
Mrs. Il V. Cozier, arrived in Black- !
a free fight."
foot Wednesday evening, aud will
make this place her home.
Two young men representing the
Salvation Army held religious ser
vices in the Opera House Sunday
The number of cattle and ahcep
men summering at Soda Spring*
makes it the liveliest town, at this sea
son, iu the state.
B. J. Briggs, of Idaho Fails, has
received the contract for building the
Market Lake bridge. The work must
be completed by the 15th of October.
Bishop Talbott is expected to ar
rive in Blackfoot Monday evening,
July 17th, and hold services at St.
Paul's the same evening. Thu public
is respectfully invited to hear him.
The times grow duller and duller
in the Cœur d' Alencs. Mine after
mine is being closed and scores of
men after scores of men arc sent]
adrift In the world of the unemployed.
Four of Bingham'a oonviuts in the
pen will apply for pardons at the next
meeting of the board. At least two
of them will meet with success.
An eminent physioiau has learned
that beer Is a preventive of cholera,
8t Louis and Milwaukee should pen
sion him foi life.
A placer gold saving machine by
the dry winnowing process, was re
ceived at the express office, Black foot,
Monday evening. It was consigned
to Newton A. Clark.
The Union Pacific has instructed
its ngcuts to collect all freight bills
in cash and to adhere strictly to the
rule. Checks on banks, however so
good, are not considered cash.
It is not definitely known, but the
supposition is that a large number of
South-eastern Idaho men are sufferers
by the wrecking of the Commercial
bauk at Ogden.
Chicago is claiming 400,000 more
in population than New York.
Tbo News-Miner says the mail ,i
j coach on tiie Hailey branch road will j
lie taken off tliis week and daily mail ! 0
^ taken from Shoshone by stage, j
Everybody who has seen Idaho's
! exhibit at llio World's Fair ia pleased
with it but the reporter for the Boise jet
Four States, Iowa, Massachusetts, j
j Ohio and Virginia, elect governors in
November. The iuudest fight will be
j u Ohio against McKinley and Me- 1
Kinleyism. I
j Lewisville parties are organizing a j
company to build a flour mill at
Grand Rapids, a point on Snake river !
between Idaho Fall, and Market Lake !
A P iBUO hou " iu Montana
fal | wl veiterday f ur gag,000. And
w n v , lena ba# buog up tbe fiddle and
lbe | }0W ;
Alt0 „„ wlll elwl
H . 0 |„. ti o,
in Boise by the largest majority given
any can , iidaU . on tb c ticket Mr. Hays
; rpla | n( b | 8 Blaokfuot popularity
ifl Boiic City .
even :
Bober! McCracken returned home ;
Thursday from a successful business
trip to tbc Rexburg country. He says j
mosquitoes are ' just awful" in that j
country. Stage drivers wear mos
qujto IM . uiog over tbeir bearis wbcn
I Bl11 ' U, ° ' , '' fau,lio 8 0,,llicr of The
j cmnneidal bank, Ogden, Utah, is]
undergoing a preliminary exarntn ]
„lion. The amount embezzled is sup
posed to run up to |80,0(Kl. He Is
; held under bonds of »15,000 fur the
j grand Jury.
Tn» Mi. MIonblp M«M| :
at Rev. Mr. Wilder's Tuesday eyen
ing when Revs. Dr. Skidmore and 0
A. Smith, Methodists, Rev. Mr. Gage
Baptist and Rev. John Dawson Epis
copaiicn partook of a collation spread
; by the family of the Blackfoot pastor, j
Blackfoot'a champion nine of base
; ball players have been playing of late
under an unlucky star. Tuesday they
f J vtsiUxl Idaho Falls, mid Tuesday night
! «"* home again. They don t talk,
but at Idaho Falls ' they" do say :
'Our nine were not in it.'
Cnpt Monroe Daggett has been
elected super intendant of tbc Soldiers'
Home. The selection is a good one.
But the thought of n superintendent
of a Home that has "a local habitation
and a inline" only on paper is a re
roindet of a mortgage on n crop be
fore a furrow is run for seeding the
crop. Both are a little previous but
they will stick all the same.
Less than fifty years ago there was
no postnl system in this country.
Previous to 1847 the mails were carri
ed by private firms, and rates varied
according to distance. Carriers often
traveled on foot or horseback, and the
progreas was slow. In 1846 some of
the postoffices issued stamps of their
own, called "provisional issues."
The adhesive stamp was first used in
of this country in 1847, and prepayment
was made compulsory In 1856. ln
1863 the stamp containing the head
of Andrew Jackson was issued, and
from then until 1885 the stylo adopt
ed, contained the profiles of Presidents
of the United States.
Carpets at 25 ct* to $1.50 per yd.
at C. Bunting * Co s.
Lawns, Mulls and all summer good*
at cost at Mrs, Holbrook's.
Senator Dubolx at Home.
Senator Fred T. Dubois arrived at
his Ü luck foot home Tuesday evening.
His visit to Idaho this summer will be
short. After a week or ten days in
Blackfoot, most of which time he will
be engaged in looking after his pri
vate business interests, he will visit
Boise and thence go on a visit to his
brother in Portland for a few days.
The Senator always enjoys tbe pleas
ures of the summers uud falls in Idaho
and it is safe to say nothing but
grave matters like the great national
question to lie brought up in the ex
tra session of congress could induce
I him to tear himself away from Idaho
j and return to Washington in the dog
,i ay » 0 f August He is in excllent
j h,. u ith and in good trim for tbe siege
! 0 f the session which will, in all proba
j bility, be extended through a year.
The holocaust on the Fair grounds
jet Chicago, this week, in which so
many firemen perished, was one of the
i most heartrending scenes ever wit.
! nessed on this continent The spects
I cle of men on a platform of a tower
j high up in the air with every escape
i of descent cut off by climbing, seeth
ing flames, will never be forgotten by
j tlw thousands who witnessed it on the
p air grounds. Tbe lesson from this |
! „ se lcss loss of life ought to impress
! M wilh lbc importance of better j
"»cans for protecting firemen. It !
ought to speed Hie inventive genius
t<> Ami an escape from any position in
; which a fire-fighter is caught The j
,;™.lrMio.„r. I. t,»p like lb,
one burned and which caused such a
needless loss of life lookB like a crime
rather than a calamity.
: Ex-Special Land Agent Smith, of
; Detroit, Michigan is muking a tour of
Rauchers in the vicinity of Black
the inter mountain and coast regions
with a view of learning of the land
: offerings and advantages in these re
gions. He spent sei oral days in ;
Blackfoot and was surprised at the !
j great possibilities of tbc Snake river
valley. He will make a valuable re-i
I port to his friends who are looking
we8lwar( | f or new bo mes on his return
ore ln «** c m '^ sl l ^ e harvest
« r «heir first .Haifa crop. General
j reports say the crop will be light |
: Jb« «.Ikçr ot ,b, Ni,^ |
wll ' "c t !o8Pfl baturday, July -lUii.
Fhotographs Id a dozen.
The sultan of Johore, who will visit ;
the World's Fair shortly, wears *10,
000 worth of diamonds on state
occa - 1
j mous.
It was Miss Laura Nelson, the little
daughter of the editor of the Kansas
City Star, who recently gave expres
sion to a timely and discriminating
truth. "Tell me, my dear," asked
her mother, upon their return from a
day at the World's Fair, "what did
you most enjoy at the Fair today?"
"The chairs," said little Miss Laura.
—Chicago Record.
Tbc Chicago & Nashville railroad
runs a special car every Monday for
the benefit of its employes who are
taken to the Fair free of charge. Men
of families are allowed to take their
families with them at the same free
Bots* Citt Democrats join») with
the Republicans and voted for a citi
zens' ticket at Monday's municipal
election. Had a similar thing been
done at Blackfoot a cry of "Dubois
Democrats, Dubois Democrats" would
have been raised by our Boise friends
and shouted until they had made it
heard from Sandy Hook to the Aleu
tian Isles, aud from the Everglades
of Florida to Bonner's Ferry near
British Columbia.
C. Bunting & Co. are selling goods
cheaper for cash than the same class
of good* can he bought anywhere else
in the county. See their 100 Pc. Deco
rated Dinner Set for only $15.50.
Ladies and childrens' shoes a spet
ialty, aud as cheap as can be bought
Mrs S. E Holbrook
People are dying by tbe hundreds
from yellow fever at Santos, South
America. Business is at a complete
standstill and 45 vessels are lying in
the Santos river without crews.
The use of Hall's Hair Kenewer pro
motes the growth of tbe hair, and re
stores its natural color and beauty,
frees the scalp of dandruff, tetter, and
all impurities.
The people of Bridgeport, Con
necticut, have erected a magnificent
bronze statue in their public park to
the memory of P. T. Baruurn, the
great showman.
In order to reduce my stock of sum
mer milliner}'. I am offering bargains
in straw hats, flowers, frames, ribbons,
laces and pattern hats.
Mrs. Holbrook.
Notice to Taxpayers.
If any taxpayer, after demand by
tbe assessor, neglects or refuses to
give under oath, a statement of bis
taxable property by August 1st, he
will be taxed for his neglect as the
law directs. The assessor would re
gret to enforce the law against any
one but he will do so against any party
violating it.
j Dime08ioB8 200 by 400 feet . Co6t
! $140 000 Evcrv ladv should visit it
|> ou t forget tbat tbo Chicago, Union
p#dfic M( , Xonhwestcro Line offers
Just south of the 59th St. entrance. !
the liest service and rates as cheap as
any Hue to Chicago. No change.
For additional information call on
the Union Pacific agent, Mr. H. M.
Eye. Ear and Deformities.
Dr. T. Eaton, an occulist and sur- j
gcon of 25 years' practice, will visit
Blackfoot professionally Wednesday, j
July 19th and Idaho Falls. Friday. Î
July 21st, rooms at hotels. Impaired]
j hearing and discharges from ears j
promptly relieved. All sore and in- j
flamed eyes can be cured unless disor- i
gauization has takeu place. Cross j
; eyes straightened without paiu, artifi- ■
cial eyes inserted, and braces for club
feet, spin&l diseases, etc.
| ^ ^ ^ ^
XKNDKD TO address
W. R. JONES, Manager,
; Prerto, Idauo.
cr* for Bingham County. Idaho, will tie
held at tha Court Hoti*c In
commencing at 9 o'clock, a. m.
Fred S Sticks*.
County Supt. Schools.
been filed with the Board of County Com
missioners or Bingham county. Idaho, by John
Garrett, preying fortho appointment of three
appraise in to ascertain the compensation
be made to the parties Interested in the lands
to be crossed by a contemplated water ditch,
as will more fully appear by reference to said
petition. Said petition will be heard on the
2*th day of August. INH. al the Commissioners'
Ourt Hoorn, in Blackfoot; and said apnrals
ers appointed, unless good cause be shown
by tbe parties adversely Interested, why the
said petition should lie denied.
Given July 13,1*93.
M. Patbib,
Mettre for Publication.
Land Ornca at lli.AcierooT, Idaho, i
June ISth, 1*9*. I
Notice I* hereby riven that the followin*
named «eitler ha« flint notice of hi* Intention
to make final proof ln «apport of hl« claim,
and that «aid proor will be made before Riyt«
ter and Receiver al Blackfoot. Idaho, on Ju
ly 23ml, ISMS, via : Edward T. Oloer OO H K.
No. 2251 for the W* NIVU and N', SW'a.
84, Twp. 11 South, Ranee 81 Kn»t.
He name« the followlna
hl« contlnuou« realdenee upon and cultivation
of. «aid land, vl« : Janie« Sherman. Sam Cot
terell. Ilrlelmrn Hartley and Jamee Hartley,
all of Oneida county, Idaho.
Pkhrt J. Ansox,
Refft« ter
wltn««re to prove
Desert Lands—Notice or Intention to
Make Proof.
V scran Statb* Ltxn Omca, l
Blackfoot, Idaho, July Olh, l*08. i
1, .Tames Hostler, of Soda Spring*. Idaho,
whomadede«i'rt ;«nd application No.HMon the
Hand day of July, ISS», for ihe whole of Seotion
one. Twp. 5 South. Range 40 K««l, hereby rl
notice of my Intention to make final proof
e*tabll«h my claim to the land »hove deuvrtbod
before the Realster and Receiver at Black foot
on Saiurdav, the tlth day of Augiut, 1*08. and
that 1 expect to prove that ««Id land has been
properly it rliraled and reclaimed In Ihe man
lier required by law, by two of the following
tttaetmi „ , „ _ . _
C. A. MeCrao, Fiank S. Brereton. Oh«». B.
Wilton and George S. Keay. all of Bannock
Co.. Idaho
John G Bkowb,
All accounts on our books must be paid
or closed by approved notes by July 1st.
further credit will be extended unless these con
ditions are complied with. We trust our friends
and patrons will govern themselves accordingly.
C. Bunting & Co.
June 1st
Drags at Living Trice*.
We have Come to Stay.
The Fernish Drug Store
with , oa patroniae it Yon will always find in stock Stationery, Chemicals
' P _
Dr " g Sttndnes ' Tollet Artl ' Per '
Second Door South of the Heere« Holet.
Dodge a Fernisb, Proprietors.
Fresh Drugs and Patent Medicines
, ■ :
Opposition is the life of trade, and if yon want a good thing to stay
fumes. Paints, Oils, Colors, Pain,
A SPECIALTY, COMPOUNDED Brushes, Cigars, Smoking and
Chewing Tobacco. All kinds of
Wines and Liquors for Medicinal
Purposes only.
w A DODGE, M. D., office in Drug Store. Calls answered day or night

GALaLa and be convinced
Haying: Tools.
The Celebrated
Jackson Fork,
Harpoon Forks,
Hay Carriers,
Rope Hitches,
Hay Net Trips,
Wire Rope,
Grass Rope, all sizes.
Mower Knife Sections,
Rivets Etc.
The Best Carts,
Buggy Poles,
Shafts, Etc,
Giant Powder,
Drill Steel Etc.

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