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1*1 IK V JONK', Vitbliaker
lx an article on the -Industrial j
Condition in Mexico," published in
., (s . .. r . T ,
the Engineering Magazine. John
Birkinbine shows that the minimum
wages paid for common labor in the
republic are from nine to thirteen
cents per diem and the maximum
thirty-eight to fifty-sis. No wonder
labor-saving devils are bard to in
trodnee below the «io Grande.
D.e. Eowrix Pvxchox of Chicago
proposes to propel a new kind of air
ship by discharges of dynamite
through a tube. The dtictor is per
fectly welcome to put his theory into
practice, but ^iis proposed European
airship line will not be popular, for
no level-headed person would be
willing to take the chances of being
blown up when somw hundred miles
AKF.NTt.nr parson has just lost
a bet of »1U that his daughters did
not daticc. One of the girls admit
ted that she had -sehottisched once
across the parlor and back," where
upon the pai-son handed over the
money. The next time the parson
preaches a discourse on the damna
tion of dancing it is to be hoped that
hr- will put in a clause on the raiser
iev of betting.
Sf.w York now claims a population
oi 1,929,3d6. 'J he estimates are
made by the but-eauof vital statistics,
Carry the news to Chicago and so
bring more of the state of Illinois
into the corporate limits and so in
fluence anothercensus. If New York
has 1,900,000, Chicago will scare up
2,000,000 if she has to embrace with
in her f«>Id all the territory between
Milwaukee ami New Orleans.
It is now proposed to put the
w iialeback boat, t»a use other than
that of carrying grain. I he navy do
partment is casting covetous eyes at
these whalebacks and wondering
whether Or not it would be a good
Idea to stiffen up their backs and
arm them with big guns. i he latest
plans in naval warfare provide for
considerable submarine business ami
when submarine business is . on-j
sidered the whaleback may be ro
garded as considerably in it
ZjjTt.r drop» or pnaier s t-fi,
A little type «ifeplavcd
Make oar merchiot pr aces
Aud ail tbeir biff pjraic.
Little b5t^ of
D;j»c-rdin.* pr.Bter'* inîr.
Bur^t-. tbe min of batinesi
Aad ?ces bit credit sink
A police court shyster being threat- ;
jued with a bath, fled in dismay. He
need not fear that the threat will be
carried out ( 'rue! and unusual pun
ishment is unconstitutional.
The good people ol this cottnti-y
having read every Hue printed about j
the late fight, and expressed their
opinion of such brutal exhibitions, \
are now planning to secure the next
great fistic event.
Indianapolis was compelled to
suspend tbe free distribution of fo«jd
because of the large number of
■hoses of the privilege. Families j
that were known to possess means
and tramps that wouldn't work if '
given the opportunity were detected :
drawing rations from those who were
aiming to relieve the distressed only.
These are two reasons that ought
to check thc frivolous impulse~to say !
that Justice Brewer has beer, talking
through his haL One is that th«
black gown with which he associates ,
is entitled to respect not to be voiced ;
in slang. The ot'oer is, that at the
time Judge Brewer's tongue was tn
action the gentleman was bare
It appears that the man whom the ;
Chicago officials hanged twice was
dead at the time of the second oper- j
ation. It was considered necessary [
to have the fact of dissolution an
nounced while the body still swung.
It is a fair presumption that a corpse
not a corpse would have walked away :
and thus vindicated the grandeur of
the technicality.
The effort is again afoot to re
move New York's capital from
Albany to Syracuse. The latter is j
mere nearly in the center of the
state than any other town, while
Albany is on the extreme eastern
edge. Albany was New York's cap- j
itai wh«ju New York was a Dutch
colony. It was then on the west- j
ern side of civilization.
from land.
Russia continues to progress back
ward. Tbe latest imperial decree dis
penses with the tervices of ail wo
men clocks, telegraph, operator* and
ticket seller* on the railways of that
country, and gives their positions to
It is not protended
the women employes have not been
honest, capable and faithful to their
trusts. On the contrary, it is allowed
that they have been exceptionally so.
The indications are that it is a polit
ical movement, pure and simple.
It looks as if the Louisiana lottery
was scotched only and not killed.
There seems to be no doubt that the
same old concern, transformed into
the Honduras national lottery, i*
carrying on its business at Port T am
pa City, in Florida, in violation of the
laws of that state, in evasion of the
laws of the United States, and in de
fiance of the public sentiment of the
country. Here would seem to be a
chance for Governor Mitchell to
mako another and more successful
move to vindicate the law of that

Through the window «run?« that fragrance
Of asun>mer har*.«si*. morn.
, . ... .
Wto ?£? routen !
Where the blushinz ptums are turaln :
AU their red checks to the sky
SiiticT there within the suoshiii?, 1
\nfh sift im« n r ^n h'?"forêh«zd '
AxmI ibe silver m her hilr. **
Blird to sun *h ; ae-aead to frajrvncc
iVn that royzl harvest morn.
Thinkinv. anile her heart is weep aj.
Of her noole-broved Hrst bora i
H |Vi.htov«,\nr, S ffitme.
With hb* clêjir and noirm«r foot$u*p, |
with his lithe and supple frame.
How with tears his eye, were firiaala r ;
YiHhrKhilriÄ » IV I
' A«te SÂâÂïy/ 8 " Jjr j
... . ■ ■ _ _,
M«Mini trny >uoul»l w w Dm.Dj. *
He would H*« nam be felt >
And If wounded, killed, er prisoa*-.
Some one there would bs to teil
Missin?. Stm m bspe to cheer her f
With ths clamor of th» «tram.
15ÄÄ 31 '- j
• S taThe m"ttaî Slfte cim '
Orste will husk the hoœelMid. |
Thlnkin/mat"£ h^rThtm whi «Î "n,*. 1
Ia the pathway ihr>u,*h tae rye |
y'ar away thron .-h all tbs A at u»:i. j
t In ,. al ? oel5r - bx'fiy'dade j
j That the tuttle storm ht» mule.
With the rust upon h's masket
la thc eve anti in th<* morn—
m the rank-*touni of the fern ie,res,
Lies her noble broa-ed/Hrs^born.^ ^
-—-—— '
c .«i»r » reek.
Since the close of the war there has ■
occasionally appeared in the columns I
of the National Tribune more or U-s, !
West Virginia at CeJar Creek. Va., j
Oct. 19, 1M4.
This corps was commande d by Gen
eral (ex-President t Hayes, of the t irst j
division, and General George Cr«xik. «*f
the second devision. No corps had
any braver or better leaders, and no
military organization ever had Us valor
more seriously tested on many a bard
fought battlefield than this grand old
army of West Virginia.
Hrior to the battle of Cedar Creek
General lhtval had command of the
; Second division.and General Crook lia-1
command of the entire corps The
position of the entire army should not
j l>e lost sight of on this eventful morn
! ing, so big with the fate of the nation.
To use a military term, tic- army was
in echelon; i. e.. in successive steps,
! thus; Army of West Virginia, Nine- )
teenth corps. Sixth corps cavalry, thc |
army of West Virginia occupying the
southern or most advanced position, j
and the Valley turnpike passing be- ;
tween the army of West Virginia and I
i the Nineteenth eorp.-,. under General !
Emory. To approximate, the army of i
| West Virginia did not have 8,090 ef
î feetix-e men: the two corps on its right i
| had each near double that number. j
j Now the reader tnay have some eon- j
i eeptmn of the position and strength of j
| General Sheri«lan's army. an«t t«i which |
: may be added at least S.tXKJ cavalry on ,
j the right of the Sixth corps, under |
Torbert, Custer and Merritt. i
, Four miles south of this intrenuhed ;
, position was the rcb -1 army at Fisher's !
y, ; j I. under General Jubal A. Early, !
which had moved down from Brown's )
| Gap, reinforced by 1«.009 militia, and I
sat down in the stronghold from «vhudt i
thearmvof West Virginia had whipped *
! and „linked them out less
; m „ n th before
General Sheridan had left Wright in
command ami visited Washington city,
| a „d aftera «veek'sabsence had reached
'fr i.
! UL
• I
Not amosv the supertax vrouaJeJ:
Not aaionx Itir peaceful ue id
Not amont the prisoners ■-Mlssias.-'
That was all the me, sa -c said
Yet Ins mother read It over.
Until Thron b her tears
Fades the dear name she b is c.tlled him
For these two aad twenty years
Bound her all is peaee and plenty
Brixbt and clean the yetloe floor.
White tbe morale« none* ctnater
All around tbe kitchen door.
Soberly the sleek old hoase-cat
Drowses in bis pitch of sun:
Neatly shines the oaken dresser
All the morain.'s wo.-k is done
than a

Winchester, Va., -twenty miles away,"
thc night be fore the battle.
Whether or not General Early was :
apprised of his absence, on the night I
alluded to he moved the portion of his j
army which he designed using for the j
attack in front as near his skirmish
line as possible tinder cover of «lark
ne-H. ami that lie might not arouse
suspicion or alarm
in tim i-Vderal j
Besides this force five rebel divisions ,
tinder Wlmrt«»n. Eoinax, I'.-grani, Iver
! sliaiv and Rams cur, were dispatched
I to pass immediately under the base of
the Massanutten mountain and aronnd j
the left flank of tin- army of West Vir- 1
ginia. With such sserecy was this
movement made that the John
nies left their canteens in their camps
bust their clanking against tlie shanks
of their bayou *ts excite alarm in tlie
camp of thc t. nion forces. Indeed,
the outlying park *ts reported to head
quarters the muffl 'd murmur of a host j
of troops in their immediate front, but j
no disposition of troops was made to
meet the eonteinp'ated attack, and 1
the soldier.-; of the l nion »lumbered
on all unconscious of the fearful «laa
ger with which they were menaceii.
The five rebel division* continued
j their march until it enveloped the left
j wing of the army of West Virginia for
j fully two miles.
j Such was the position of the em
■ battled hosts at 4 o'eloek on the morn
; ing of November 19. '04. The first in
: timation that the rank and file hud of
: the foe was a fearful yell from thous
ands of rebel throats as they bore
down through an almost-impenetruble
fog, striking the «.-amp endways, sweep
ing it like an inundation, anti bayonet
ing hundreds of soldiers in their
tents. There was no alignment, no
disposition of forces to meet the
attack; it was like roliiug up a piece
j of parchment.
I Now. where is the general oftu-er.
i with a military training, a knowledge
' of strategy and a soldier's judgment,
but will concede the point that, all
! the above facts considered, the posi
tion. without the proper disposition j
„... „„«.„»kCi
! v Y , , 1
! No body of men who ever faced
; death on a battlefield could have held
the position. |
The details of this great ami san !
guinarv field have passed into history. |
j and "the rider who rode G *>"» Win, j
ehester down helped to save the day, i
turning the Johnnies upside down.
J inside ^out, and back a£in. -J. ...
Prather, Co. E, 91st Ohio.
! Th« Vnrârt~Bt»i.. Narr
!... .. " . '
Marvelous as it may seem. the story j
1 ° ^zards and achievements in the
' ar "". y has .^f e " to ' d by hundreds«!)
writers, while the ten-fold more peril- j
ous duties and grand victories of the
navy have hitherto been but briettv
, . , . , .. ' .. . -
sketched. But for the navy the I nion ,
i would luive be»n destrov«-«! bv t!*«* ai«i
wouitt nave oc-n uestroy««! by the ant
^ ^ ! mpathU f rs P 0 "«"*
| moue J • provisions and munitions <>f |
war to the Confederacy. The navy :
; '**'■»**? Orleans, the great city
I ? !s e T •' ^ n ' ro, . 1,n »f 'be entrance
j J? tbw Mississippi river, and Imt for j
e " av , J ' '"T*."? , sa - VS hc c,nld not
* iiavt* t&kpQ \ lcksburir nor oD-'iiitcii
> . . . , ,,, Dor .
successfully, as he did. against Etch
Inoni |
f Thc growth of our navy was o ne of
j the mar ' 7 ls of ' he »«"> il ,«»*"
power of no small magnitude in
crushing the rebellion, it was second i
j only to" the army itself, ami has a 1
' » lo ' Iou » record in the sa,r * tion »*
nation. !
| j t cost the government in round I
1 numbers. »»SO.UUO.ltOI, or »190,090.000
| f or eao h year of the war, or »10.000.000 '
per month, or nearly a third of a j
j rnilli«»n of dollars for every <l'i v of the <
j „- ar ' ;
it employed over «99 vessels of u ar
UD ' > ' or men. tvhieh força
irreatlv exceeded that ofanv other na* *
f; . .'i . '
It Warded over - ooa miles ,r „ ,
' iniiudin^ïlvs ^ rive^eL-' cff-tu^K
.including ba. ». roer*. et...« ff « tua. ly
■ preventing the importation of urms
I and munitions of war and s> comp-II- !
! «^e -^ier exhaustion of the r.m- ;
i imm-nsr nnmVr of
j M*». Joekadc runners, many «»f which .
fine »tamers, a ratio of nearly
300 captures per annum or aim,art on j
j each day during the entuv war. The j
money value of its captures «vas at
least »60,090,000 or .«.««.«» worth
for each year of the war, and » 1 .-.T .0 - ,
000 in value for each month of the
war. from first to last.
it co-operated with the army where
ever there was water enough to Hoat
a gunb .at. while on the high * -as. «rar
navy covered itself with glory. The j
river work of the navy on the I'otomac. !
the York, the James, and the Mis-.is
sippi, with it* branches; the coastline i
work, from the Chesapeake to thc
Mississippi. an«l its work on the high !
seas, totally eclipse in martial valor j
and brilliant successes all other nnval
) achievements of tin- world. While
| history records the names of Fort
Henry. Fort Doneiwtn. Island No. 10,
j Vicksburg. Port Hui-oti. Port Jack „in.
; Fort SL Phillip. Mobile Bay, Huttera» !
I inlet Port Royal. Fort Fisher, and a !
! score more of sneh famous names, the I
i American navy will l,e universally j
honored: while sueh deeds as the sink- j
i ing «>f the —Alabama'* in srpiart* naval i
j battle will ever bs named among the
j most brilliant victories of any age. |
j It <>pene«l the harbors by the peril
| ous work of rem«>ving obstructions. |
, torpedoes, etc., and toy utterly »de
| »troying hostile batteries which com
i manded them. It held in cheek the I
; treasonable elements of many a eitv :
! and rural section while a dreaded gun |
! boat quietly lay before it. in short, it
) displayed heroism of the noblest typs
I and maiie our reputation on the .-.eus
i equal that of any nation,
Such was thc value of tile
navy in
the great struggle that General Grant
j acknowledged the immense import
ance of its cooperation in the follow
ing memorable words:
•'Without the help of the navy I
could not have succeeded at Vicks
! burg with three times the number of

: men; iu fact, without thc navy I could
I no ' have, succeeded at all. American
Italy dear,
Mlllfik«-le.» I'(iwd»r.
Tlie adoption of smokeless powder
in the Italian army is likely to cost
According to the France
j Militaire the smokeless powder used
: by the Italian urtillery lias irrepa
, bly «lamagcil a large number of guns,
The powder has produced such anef
feet upon thc Iwjres «>f the guns that
: .1 •
509 have already lx- en con
j dctuned and orders liuvc. been issuerl
1 to considerably reduce the amount of
amount required,
guns being rendered practically
j l«-ss through smokeless powder being
j used be correct it will probably have
an important effect on the develop
1 ment of these powder*, which has re
ceived such a stimulus late y curs.
gun practice. Enormous expense will
in consequence be necessary to restore
tho Italian field artillery to its former
state of efficiency, no less a sum titan
being mentioned as the
I f the report as to
DOW Curl»*
Phjaiclaa» Every «ah»,» »r«
this Meretofor* Fatal Disc»»» and d*
Nlvdlcal World la Coetinrad.
Enthusiastic reports from once hope
less consumptives all over the lam!
make it certain the cure discovered by
a Cincinnati scientist is all that «as
«*laiui«*d for it a year or so ago « heu
The New York l.ecnrder avxardetl him
the diploma ami Sliaio prize it had of
fered for a treatment winch would stay
the ravages of consumption.
Even tlie most conservative medical
journals now admit the marvelous re
sults reported by the thirty thousand
physicians prescribing Amiek s medi
cines arc not exaggerated.
The Doctor oflivgene of "hich Pr.
tvrus IrtlsoD, chief of the Ne\% \ ork
State Hoard of Health, i* the editor.
savsin it* last issue: -We have de
layed for something over a year giving
notice to the Amide treatment for con
sumption because as the formula was
not given to the profession, time alone
j would demonstrate w hether it mented
oomlemiuuon or eadurwmeut " »tn |
1 the evidence which month after month
has ae cem,ilated we are obliged to ad- :
m i t the t>repomlcrance of testimony
| favors Dr. Amick's claims and in the
! fa«*e of results report«*! from physicians 1
| who if anything were rather disposes! j
j against the treatment at the ieginning |
i «hown 'to^'hav«* 11 '"!wcti* \v«tn the i
7 " .11 _ ' ... 11 . I
Kw th? ttSXZS'SJto I
sincere desire t«> have crucial am*, im- •
partial tests made ..f the treatment by
' alt physicians and to this end be stilt
j distributes broadcast free let packages
Q f ^ medieineft. each of which moat
represent quite a little money. All j
j conscientious physicians admit them
selves powerless to «-ope with th:» de- j
»trover of life except with the Amiek
»réarment .ml therefore feel bound to
, treatment amt tiieretore to, i uouna to
»* to patients under their care, and
lhp a person with lung
ttouble can obtain surticlent of the me«l-i
| icines to show just w hat they will do :
: f or each sufferer without cost proves j
conclusively that Dr. Amiek knows the
result* w.H be favorable.
j — - -

A sareeaaloa «I H.» of Fear aa.l H»|M
ou 111. rir.t t.v>» !.. Armor.
. , , . , .
The great brass breas.piate ,
Put on my shonldens and the upper
bilds of the India rubber «mllar were -
i drawn through it and screwed up
1 with small sc«tv, to make a water
HnU* evefSrt nj^wïd
! onils*ey 6 giasn in iront unsere w 00 ,
I w »* 'heu put upon the breastplate.
K»veu an eighth of a turn and secured.
' 1 st '- ,,xl 1! P »» full diver's dress. Iaoc
j ing only the bulls-eye to shut me off
< completely from the air which is Site.
; He who lield the glass then put it in i
| s Pjace and give it a turn, screvviag
I comnlete'v boxed un sr«l as
* 4 u<>.\p<i up. snii a« :
well as mv heavy boot* w«»-.t!d all«>w i
me I stepped on the latltler. and the
he " v > »«l»bts on my chest and back
, ÏL ... e adiiisted The lifedin«- looued
r0 und mv waist was brought un in
! > b«sl. u. l , aught a -ain
; ^"my u ™Änd I Z Lo my
^ ^
. {fn . dewnU the 4horl ladder.
anU , he|| |ho , in Je lct ,
lo the gand down twlj^ the North !
j So)L
you wonder what I felt like
aa^T.'Jended grïïuaUv
, [ w[11 try and te u «ou 1 felt Ilk«- »
man who. after having started .n a
rash ami hazardous exploit, must
,. a ,. r y i tout to the bitter end. I also felt
a „ r ^ at difficulty in breathing, and re
membering the advice given to roe. 1
j »topped when I had descended a few
! feet and came up a »tep coughin '
freely to clear my lung*. * "
i The result was good for I could
breathe freer, and thus encouraged
! I descended again, and clutching the
j rope at the end of the Ia«lder I slid
down it and was on the sand in the
very bottom. Then an overwhelm
ing sense of inability to help iny«-lf
and of fear came on mo. and I stood
for some moments helpless as a child :
! This silly fear soon passed, and I at |
! tempted to walk, but with the mint
I ridiculous results, for I rollcil about
j liko an intoxicated man and could
j 'm' keep mv balance, do what I
i would.
This was so marked, and I found
| al i progress so diffleult, that I spoke
"P '^ e ttiiie anil asked what I should
| **°* says a writer in Chums. 'I hey
'°'d me to turn the cock on my right
l lanf I an| I to let some of the air in
I ' ke keimet escape I did so and with
: immediate and happy result«, for 1
| re L ,u ined my balance, and. despl to
'* 1,: ®ij»kty pounds of lead on my
s k«"ilders and thirty pound« on my
boots, I could walk freely and cadly.
ItsiKly to Win If.
Wandering on some land belonging
to Earl Derby, a collier chanced to
meet tho owner of Knowsloy face to
fiwe, says an English journal. His
lordship asked the collier if he know
he was walking on his land. "Thy
land? Well. I've got no land inysel',"
was tho reply, -and I'm like to walk
on somebody's. Wheer did lha' got
it fro'?" -Oh." exclaimed his lorn-
itbip. -I got it from my ancestors."
"An' wheer did they get it fro'?"
queried tho collier. "They got it
from their ancestors." was the reply.
-And wheer did their ancestors get
it fro'?"
-Well, begad,
squaring up to the noble earl, "Til
felght thco for it!"
A Trmle *#»cr*t.
••Why does your father shoot the
cats when it is so much easier to
drown them?" asked the new boarder
of the landlord's little son.
-Yes; but then the customet# don't
find any shot tn the stowed rabbit
unless ho shoots the cats."—Texas
-They fought for it."
said tho collier.
Miss Capron- I'd like to have you
do mo up an empty five-pound box.
Put this gentleman's card in it and
send it to mo to-night at 9 o'clock.
I want to make Mr. Long joalous.
EVIt. omens of the sea.
riiius* that «all«»« Ur.ail to *«•
tVkil« m II«»ar«l a VMUt
About Vineyard sound there
numerous legend» «I a famous Indian
It is sahl that the rock* at
the remains of his
,. Uf
tast j UJ , t„e ,, ar th brought up souml
lug. One «lay Un» i.-aJ «a» di|>|>od in
soule «. arlh brought on iroard ship
«mi th» .•nntHln »if
from the Island, and the aptaln. af
ter lasting, leaped from his berth iu
great excitement, exclaiming: ••Nun
tucket's sunk, amt here ive are right
over old Alarm lla-ketl's gurdeu."
x at urally he would recognize the
UsU) of tobaccoashes
| \ ( i . ,, ,. r i. .1 i mischief.
u.tL „fù,., famous
: » nether n the shaia, of the 'a™""*
Eorelei of the Uhme <ir as frequently
seen by sailors, and are «orne times •
1 regarded as the sign of coining dis
j *»ter. Naturally, many torrible dis- :
| jAwt«s r a have followed the discovery I
i these beautiful creature«, ami a« j
I people are always watting to put
I '<***" *• "»■" !
• bas been this belief, late« about ,
the sen sorpent are growing too
common, but together with every- ,
thing else of a kindred nature the
appearance of thia moo «ter la a**o
j ci|it< , a wlth impending disaster in
, h jBd , M u or
j Ho _ .j, , h ^
* . V pr ,
cnee of a shark about a »hip a most
l„ w .r«l
fatal omen to U» »t> < on b«taru.
Iho highest exultation «tier wit
nessed on a man of war was .tee.
: «ionud by hnrpoonin« a shark that
j hanging about w hile a favorite
» kk , btlt thc a(>t amm U e* „
»hark is often fatal to the life of a
bather in the ocean a- welt a, a
! sailor upon It and ills
, . ', . . .
much to be dreaded.
«n<>sl» uj alt son and k.tiU* prêt.
traveling by waUjr to almost air.
, othcr m0 ,„ an ,i uur ,, w „ (oltoa
te , u 1>f . apect „ that vi „
- ... .. , _ .
... 1 ' ; *
gj. 1 ily canote« *»f ^the ci-cw ^t a
wh ° h « v - ' ltml •' have ia-i-u .eon
: . . , . . ,
i 00 l ' r,d *J f «"d , »'» r «' r w^hetl her d
'l»a'lon. but »pts ar.-,! as „arrat
" ,ter » ' l,,nn th "' »«»«» 'bree day.
=» old a J,.r , t or,
îovorw of S°mush-'will remem^r
!?* e " **" ro< "' k ' " Tem«mher
! Dutclunun " »P®'» " 1 ho Hy ing
n. Î" ; .... ... ,
" * u P*' r '"tion that a-tup j
'Zl'L ^
, 'I I <>f
»-"iu br ? n ,.^ no ' rn to
_ f ,, th > ,, ng l< " und * llka moan 1
',« ,' , .** , ! or "* nn "' for
„„JV a " d ^ , «*
*h "I , ,, , " 1 11 Î thc
,w '• J, ; * ''°t;;'*'d by
f H ( r « n nod Motor, -.rh'-i-«
°*A ahn ÄKTT iÄ ?*
V ,* ' 1 '* '•'>'>1 lo « ; n V.
inmenUtions jn*t lik« any
' K,,cr * ,,in,an
Jna.r A«lvariia.<w.»i.
, "
* n » N«jw \ ork pap *r hy Mrs
,. Yu- 11 young widow of
: • ° ., B v' inth street, that city,
| ' "h«« on.-red for adoption hci
! ' ,l1 ' birth. In explanation of
. ,!V 'raordinary prii|M.»iUon Mrs.
An "'. r "" n ^ -Shortly after I
raan *od. about a
Seaeonnet are
wife, whom he throw into th« sea
He turne«i hi* children into
ilshes. and emptying out hi* pip« one
j «lay. formed Nantueket out of it*
litis latter story of Nan
tucket'# source must account like
wise for tho well-kuowu story of that
old Nantucket «-apiain who was ac
tomed to make hi* reckonings by
i asiics.

within ti «lay of thoirtl^uth by frir-ml
at ho r i!g- ** A* lit« a« t
: century they tell a «tory of a «hip
about to «ail for England that nad a*
passengers a „rang«« man ami a girl
: of great beauty. n«j mysterious were
their action« thuttbey were » opposed
i to bo demon*, ami many f»-ar«-d !o
j »ait in the »hip The re«*el «ailed
i- »ml m'!rr t
hip c -,m' o«T
hat i» i>U in '.oiM
h itl'krwl at oi tfc« »
miad «he »Met
With all U#*;
« h«*r paih
st* watfri -«
For A.ainu the i
year ago. my lius
barnl went South,where n good po»|
tion had been offered Mm. I intended -
to join him ns soon a« he had become
established in hi* buslnes*. He «t< i
killed in a railroad accident on tho
journey down, and I was left almost. !
ru> « hlld at itM birth. I nm tinnbfo
that it would Iki liottor for um to
Wore tv#» buoomo attachai to
other. "
S t 1 *- '!»• t" It* (-.irafiil.
' You don't.
•nm to think tho story
I just told you is funny," said tho
"Oh- .vu-a a«. I do." replied Willie
\ y i bille». -Woally, I think It 's
verwy funny, indood. I'm going to
tell it to my fwiends. "
--But you didn't laugh.''
-No,I'm afwaid to lawf. if I lawfTnd
dont you know, it would disturo me
so that, I might fohget the st.orwy,
ami thon I couldn't toll it
to tny
They Wer. Fraalln.l
( loot-go
sclent lata.
Now, for
■ every falling
alar to-night I shall exact a kiss.
Ethel—But, George, Its so cloudy
to night we can't see them
'Vo don't need
culciilato that 10,000,(MJ
odd stars fall every night, and it.
would 1 » a waste of valuable time
for us to watch for th
don't. )—Judge.
to. As
era. (And they
>r r .i
Auch a lovely parrot.
Birdie McGinnis—('an ho talk?
"1 should »ay :«o. lie says. Oh,
'»hilt, ii fool! uj) (]ay lonjf."
-Well, doesn't, that
u little when there 1«
embarrass you
company proa- j
Texas .siftings.
Appeared on my lip. tbtacreatfc:« *n^ :ai
eau» oa nf sack. Aftar takla* 4 hut:«,;
Hood'* Harsaparlila. alt the tnm of
have disappeared sad the MdKtee hM|b«
». wa.wcd vl«w aad ««arE Immi;
u*>«'* year* ®# a*», sad war* IU« .
Aad I *~«• that Hood. EmMU
Kuck lo Ju „uh my view ud «mp« ,
wct ,» m .oded It to my mitt, a ho tu ,
• ^ mucb wl ,g rbtaatsito timhin. a
alo «na feu»»:« wa*V
h ., a Ahoet 3 bottiM of Rood • V*
! S-SÄS .. *££$££
, .*.««»« Ilk. a a*« Mu " Ho 0 Ik
a». *e» U«#«»»*f »•«•*. Chi«»«». IM**,.
, —
JT-W-ad-. k-A-Xa »
tiurntm.* -rT--rn tttmum •«
j »r«.n«. a«»-K M-.iIi.«, liVPIUt lie
_ _
1 »» « —■ - "fSTÏ** * 9 ' **—
« A'
9K SmOKt YuUR MEA T rrff lf
*°Tii f rtl'HTf I *"* "
w will»«»»,
|JC.VMc>IUra \»»ahla«i<>n. Pi
Bw jÿt^ ea n|f t|ily Froygycs
- n.ivjill ir-*-*-'— ---■«»
At > PriPp
«»I 4 ï IIWW ÜKieittllt* , «waiff
G 1
■ /.
Jtev. O. H. I'owrr
Symptoms of Cane«
•» '•> fact
Hood's Cures
mwm wm
COCO* mil
High«it Awards
V ' < "[ 1 coi 1 'mT ! *'
MLUritt (MH
I PD III ■ k. I («-»lift
«cun mn (Mftun.
uiiiu t»*»un,
am unit.
' ret -'tatay af aunt*
'ami u«m * bi -4
solo «v osoetai iviirwMtit
Ely's Cream Balm
ql It hl V (I I it «
Cold in Head
r . r
M C»aB>
r- y''
r ■
Ht* a «ID*» w sr
u4 p* >'«
•be l *.. ««filth# Artft
MB« MWt 10
« I
It ||H| L.r
IcM tk.
mmasx n
rn «nr « mia#«, nan* o<
»>« V*
_ Til,15 l*f*AMT. !»••
• i , l> W ix»I» W«»RTII.
CDAIM ■"'»«'•t •»•« «"Wt <» »«»wtef
- OnÄlH j N»**v^r»*uf» 1 >»*''*
nnill mu
Huiff-r r.aw Wi!«1 **
to IlnN Ptltll CMMlOt** mgb
chant im lUmc? «««•<*
Hotel Dellone
Be»» hv.oo a A»r hon«# ;n th« *uw. un
Ml »'. |> A « % a » ¥ . ! r i • >»

CWtunfH j*«
A IMI K*rr>Mi
„ »«-r* •'
Sllt«.ntb *«•* Ksriis®
i ■
l-.ii-.n UK«-«
U.s »'■*•»
. miMlon xo-io'"
'Horn JOHN T> iiai.isH «'s^'"vr«rfrs | '
woof» Mans«««.. Market reparte t>r a* 1 ; *"
wire cheerfully turn «heil upon ep|»ilc«ll»n
Omaii* Telephon» list
Wall Paper 4c Roll
Only «M.oo required topaper w '
room IfixlA, In-'hiding bordnr. fft .**-•
poMtBinnnd mock, 100 boutlful
plm. und ffiild« bow io MMf« Afoul*
nnriiDln ln>ok MI.OO; rMACK with »
order« Writ« quirk.
IOZO-iaa4Danxla.NI., - OMAHA. >*»•
DR * iii:v a i.i er - a FKMAI.B
a«.lnt. safeguard a».:nai an, form of aopp. s ,,t
If »on «offer from motithl, itmorea t
aeo.| II 00 «o imr a»enl« SMSSNAK A « '
I.'.l i Derlei atmet, uaiba. N.b . who will! »*" J.a,
i»i. hos of .he lennlna nr « h»»all,f * , ..
Female ,-llla Don t he Oecelrd aaff c.hw
*. ; ah prt.e.i pilla an* llqulila. Oet our p»" »■"
salit he happy. No danpar In ua<a|. _
I* TBS ON*.r
•rn» TRMAT* AM
Wpb'h"" an-M**" * 1
ikiurder* *»» .
r.»»f, rut« CîîîïiB »
1 a yesrs s«l* r Ä l W
yesrstnOn,**,* "U'*
Look for full
utb sn.t Fa.#»»";"

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