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VOL. 7.
NO. 43
„ . „ ..I
Bev. J. M. Wilder, of the Methodist
. '
church, will preach from text-Christ
ian Knowledge, next Sunday morning.
B. T. Lloyd, an attorney and broker,
of Sait Lake City, was a business vis
itor in Black foot Wednesday.
Hemembcr I)r. llifTs lecture next
Friday, April 6th. under the auspices
of the Grand Army Post.
The Feather Cleaning Machine will
. , <it i
be here this week only. Leave orders
at any of the stores.
Gen'l. Frye's army of tramps, on
the march to Washington, is enjoying
the hospitality of the desert of Texas.
Six new members have been ad
mitted in Golden Rule Lodge No. 24,
I. O. 0. F. during the past two weeks.
The weather in Wyoming and Ne
braska has delay cl the mail trains
nearly every day this week.
The school house grounds ought to
The fruit crop in many of the mid
dle tier of states was killed by frosts
last week.
The United States court will begin
its spring term in Boise City next
Indiana, Illinois aud Ohio, look up
on their small fruit crops as totally
destroyed by the freeze of last week.
About 5,000 miners in the Kanawha
Valley, West Virginia, have been put
to work again.
Idaho Falls Democrats are sanguine
of victory, at uext Tuesday's munic
ipal election.
Miss A. E. Howard, an elocutionist,
gave a pleasing entertainment at the
opera house, Wednesday evening.
Rev. A. H. Lyons of Pocatello, has
been assisting Rev. Gage of the Bap
tist church iu his services this week.
The asylum bus reached its highest
water mark. It uow has 112 patients,
The Minstrels will give a complete
change of program for to-night's per
I* neatly enclosed ami planted in
shade trees. But where is the money
to come from, that's the question.
Orville Buck, one of the true and
tried of Willow Creek « un terri fled,
■pent a day in Biackfoot this week on
business with the land office.
Montana hotel men have organized
an association (or mutual protection,
Dead beats must keep their auto
graphs off their register.
W. H. Stuffiebeam left Tlmrsdaj
morning for Washington, D. C., where
he has been given a good paying po
sition in the Treasury department
Receiver Milton G. Cage, of the
Boise land office, is expected to enter
upon his duties about 5lh of April.
Tommie Johnson has opened a fruit,
and cigar store in the Idaho hotel
building. Bead his "ad" in to-day's
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
Hear the eloquent lecture by Dr.
Uiff, at the court bouse next Friday
Hon. Frank W. Beane was notified
yesterday of the establishment of a
new post office in Elmore county. The
name is Neal with W. B. Pryor, post
Blue stone at Fernisli drug store,
12 pounds for $1.00.
There will be an annular eclipse of
the sun on April 5th, which the Unit
ed States will not be able to see, a
partial eclipse of the moon on Septem
ber 14th and 15th, which we have a
chance to observe, and a total eclipse
of the sun on September 29th, which
will be out of tho field of view of the
United States.
Assistant Secretary of the Interior
Reynolds rendered a decision Tuesday
which will greatly enlarge the pension
rolls. It will admit to pension a large
number of insane, idiotic and per
manently helpless minor children of
deceased soldiers where the pensions
of the former had censed by the chil
dren attaining tho age of 16 years
prior to the act of June 27, 1890.
Not a long time ago we overheard
a member of a church complaining
about the lack of interest and spiritu
al ity in the services, and it seemed so
plain she was expecting of others
what did not exist in herself.
Hailey's Commercial store carrying
a stock of 116,000 was destoyed by
fire last week. Insurance $11,000.
An incendiary.
Five bundled samples wall, border
and ceiling paper. Chicago prices.
Call and see them Mrs. M. A. Killion.
Mrs. Prof. Paris, of Idaho Falls,
filed on a desert claim of 320 acres,
Tuesday. She makes the second lady
of that town who has taken up a farm
this month.
Charlie Haddock has reached Wash
ington and the Assistant Secretary of
the Treasury is so well pleased with
him that he immediately wired Mr.
I Beane to send him another man like
him. Good for Idaho.
Judge Anderson, a prominent min
j er and pioneer of Wood Hiver, died
j in London. England, on the 22d of
last month. He had gone to England
... , .. , ,
in the interest of a big mining deal,
I *'*0' l*' r cent saved by buying
1 >' our wft,! ™* r from rae ' Cal1 and
500 " d m - v _P n ® e8 -
Mr8 ' M A K,ll,on -
AcrP f,,r «'»*, 1,,n<i '» Rai,i yield
,nore wh « n Panted in bananas than j
1,1 "»>' other vsriety of food produe
,ion Thp ' ,r0,lu< ' t of " wrc of
bananas is 133 times as great as that
of an acre of wheat.
The Western senators are standing
solidly together for an increased ap- j
propriation for surveys lor public !
lands over the amount allowed in the
sundry civil bill passed in the House.
And Idaho ueeds a good share to her
Judge Stockslager will bold the
next term of I lucid» county court for
Judge Standrod. This change comes
j of the murder triai of Hurst for the
ki|hng of Morgan u bu9 j nc88 parltlcr
j {)f j Ul| Slandrod .
J. W. Badger, the Boise City dis
I barred lawyer, is on trial for petty
larceny, being accused of stealing a
, stay chain from a wagon. Poor Badg
; er, he ought to crawl in his hole and
hibernate until the earth, the great
purifier, purifies him of his ugly traits.
The boys of News office were present
ed Wednesday with an elegant assort
ment of candies by Miss Esther Behle,
who presides over the candy depart
ment at the Pioneer drug store, for
which she will please accept thanks.
Attorney Whittier when district
attorney, was accustomed, oftentimes
in his arguments, to say : "The court
agrees with roe on that point."
Now. Judge Stevens can adopt Mr.
Whittier's language and say : "The
court agrees with me." A number of
cases went up from his court ou ap
peal to the district court at this term
and in every case, his decisions were
Blue vitriol 12 pounds for $1.00 at
Famish drug store.
Col. H. C. Lett, a member of the
Utah Commission, died at Los
Angeles, California, lost Tuesday. He
Imd been quite ill at home in Salt
Lake and bad loft the Saturday before
for the Pacific coast hoping to find
relief. He was vety prominent in
Utah politics and was a candidate for
governor last year.
One the most important cases to
come up at Fremont county court will
be the trial of Hammond, charged
with burning his home and 13 horses
to gel the insurance. Judges Zone
ami Power ol Salt Lake City, will aid
iu the prosecution.
A Cincinnati woman was notified by
her bank the other day that, she had
overdrawn her account by $100. She
sut down, wrote a check for $100 on
the same bank and promptly forward
ed it to make up the deficiency. That
was au original idea, ami, no man
would have ever thought of tho happy
The following attorneys were in at
tendance upon the district court this
week : Hawley of Boise, Stewart of
Los Angeles, Whipple of Ogden, Ter
rell, Eden, Reeves, Winters and Warn
er Pocatello, Glenn and Chalmers of
Montpelier, J. Ed Smith, W. T. Smith,
Hasbrouck and Liuger of Idaho Falls
and Orr A Orr, Dietrich and Cozier,
of Biackfoot.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Lewisville Minstrels.
The Lewisville minstrels appeared
before the foot lights at the opera
house for the first time Thursday even
ing. The night was stormy and the
attendance rather slim. But those
who were present speak favorably of
the performance and a larger house is
expected for them to-night.
First Grand Juror.
Colorado has taken an adyance
position in favor of Woman's rights.
Tuesday Mrs. Perrin, of Denver, reg
istered as a voter and straightway she
was drawn on the grand jury. "The
boys" had better leave town and visit
their country cousins, until the clouds
roll by, Jennie.
All the town lots in Biackfoot be
longing to Watson N. Shilling, of
Ogden, were attached Tuesday by
Fred J. Keisei & Co.
This was a startling surprise to many
of Mr. Shilling's old time acquaint
ances, for it was generally believed,
outside of financial circles, that be
bad enough stored away for the long
rainy season and many dreary win
tore. But it seems, "you can t just
always tell."
District. Court In Session.
District court began its spring term
last Monday and is in session to-day.
Judge Staudrod and all the officers
of his court were in excellent health
and good trim for their work, and
business lias been disposed of care
fully but with a dispatch pleasiug to
all interesting parties.
The triai of E. T. Rose, charged
with manslaughter m the killing of
D. I). Wright which was looked for
with some interest, was continued for
the term. One prisoner, charged with
horse stealing, will go over the road
to the pen. By this, Saturday, even
ing, or next Monday at the farthest,
the docket will have been passed up
on and the court will adjourn.
At Court Mouse Biackfoot, Friday
Evening, April fit It.
Dr. T. C. Ilifl, of Salt Lake City,
will repeat his lecture, "Ohio Cavalry
Boy, 1861-65," (including Sherman's
March to the Sea,) at the court house,
April 6th. The lecture is a recital of
the doctor's own experience as a
soldier boy at the age of 15 to 19,
during our cival war.
A program of recitations, bugle
calls and patriotic songs will lie ren
dered. The entertainment will begin
at 8 o'clock. Admission 50 and 25c.
East of the Rodde». - Lowest Mercu
ry Known to the Service,
Washington, March 26.—The fol
lowing special bulletin has been issued
by the weather bureau. The period
of extremely warm weather noted by
the special bulletin of the 23rd iust,
has been followed Sunday and this
morning by one of extreme cold,
which extends over almost the entire
country east of the ltoeky Mountains,
minimum temperature of freezing and
below reported over all that region,
except on the immediate coast of tho
South Atlantic and Gulf states and
Florida. Throughout Northern Min
nesota aud the Dakotas the tempera
ture this morning is below zero. In
Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas,
Arkansas and Southern Missouri, the
weather is the coldest of which the
service has a record for this season of
tho year. General frosts occurred on
Monday morning throughout the Gulf
states and middle aud northern por
tions of the South Atlantic states,
and the temperature, probably, will
fall still further Tuesday mornlDg in
the middle and South Atlantic states
with frosts as far south as Northern
Administration to Blame Again.
Two attendants upon the court were
seated od beer kegs in front of the
Gem saloon, Wednesday when No. 1
said :
'Courts in Biackfoot is no more
like they use to be than to-day is like
a picnic."
"You bet," replied No. 2.
No. 1.
'Them was the best court
times I ever seed. Never expect to
see sich times agin."
No. 2 "Thev was daisies."
No. 1.
'Yes, you bet they was,
when them fellows rolled in from
Cassia, and Malad and Gentile Valley,
and one or two from Chesterfield and
Moody Creek, you bet there was fun,
aud the driuks was as free as water."
No. 2. "Yes, and Joe Rich and Jim
Kimball and Willard Crawford and
then other lawyers, they was birds 1
tell you.'
No. 1.
'Yes, and the old Commer
cial hotel was headquarters. I've sot
up a many night and never shet my
eyes over thar, and had all the drinks
I wanted and neyer paid a cent."
No. 2.
And the old Mormon cohabs
had a sweet time didn't they?"
No. 1.
away from them fellows,
need no witnesses for them. Let the
prosecuting attorney say to them
jurors : 'He's a co-hab' and they'd go
for him like a hungry trout for a
No. 2. "Yes, them poor Mormon
devils had no show under the sun.
You bet, one never got
It didn't
But there was lots of money in them
days and times was flush. We will
never see the like agin.'
No. 1.
'No the plaguey adminis
tration is ruinin' everything. They
have done away with Mormon courts,
given the Mormons the right to vote
and see where we are at, what we are
coming to. I want to leave the country.'
No. 2.
'That's so, we aint making
expenses and haye to pay for every
drink we get. If I could get away
I'd go loo."
No. 1. "Say, do you reckon the
Mormons will remember us and vote
for any of us old fellows, if we should
want office?"
No. 2.
'Oh no, they are glad
enough to get out of their troubles,
and we can pull the wool over their
eyes when the election comes. We
will be all right. See how they rallied
around the governor when be traveled
among them, uothiug like him, but
we must be going to the court house.
The judge will jump on us with both
feet if we are not there on time."
And No. 1 and No. 2 walked away
in silence apparently reflecting on the
troubles of the administration and
the forgetfulness of the Mormons.
Notice! Wanted.
I am desirous of getting listed a
number of Improved Farms and
Ranches to Exchange for Salt Lake
Property. I have real estate for cattle
aud sheep; city property for farms.
B. T. Lloyd, Broker.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Room 514, McCoruick Block.
Notice of Assessment.
Location principal place of business
Biackfoot, Idaho.
Notice is hereby given that at a
meeting of the Board of Directors,
held ou Saturday, March 24th, 1S94.
Assessment No. 20, of 20 cento (20c.)
per share was levied upon the capital
stock of this corporation, payable to
Geo. Ilouek, treasurer, Biackfoot, Ida.
Any stock upon which this assess
ment shall be unpaid on Monday the
30th day of April, 1894. will be delin
quent and advertised for salo ut public
auction at the Secretary's office.
By order of Board of Directors.
Geoboe L. Wall,
Biackfoot, Idaho, March 28, 1894.
15 lbs. Granulated Sugar
20 •< Rolled Oats.
20 " Beaus.
12 « Raisins.
12 " Dried Peaches....
4 " Good Tea.
8 " Ground Gberries..
8 Cans Tomatoes.
7 Cans Salmon.
5 Cans Table Fruit.
Good Syrup, per keg_
Good Syrup, in gal. cans.
Climax and Horse shoe Tobacco .45
IS^Other goods in proportion.
Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur,
Calls of All Responsible Persons Promptly Attended to Day or Night.
Office in rear of Pioneer Drug Store J
Residence one block east of Depot, f
We have Come to Stay
Drugs at Living Brices.
The Fernish Drug Store
Dodge A Fernisb, Proprietors.
Second Door South of the Reeves Hotel
Fresh Drugs and Patent Medicines.
Opposition is the life of trade, and if you want a good thing to stay
with you, patronize it You will always find in stock Stationery, Chemicals
Drug Sundries, Toilet'Arlieles, Per
fumes. Paints, Oils, Colors, Paint
A SPECIALTY, COMPOUNDED Brushes, Cigars, Smoking and
Chewing Tobacco. All kinds of
Wines and Liquors for Medicinal
Purposes only.
GALaLx and be convinced
• •
I expect March 19 a line of
I invite all the ladies of Biackfoot
and vicinity to call and see the
goods and compare prices.
Just Received Big Stock of
at prices' never seen in Idaho before.

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